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Forty yard dash times (cornerbacks)

Jalyn Armour-Davis — 4.44 & 4.45
Kalon Barnes — 4.33 & 4.29
Andrew Booth — DNP
Montaric Brown — 4.62 & 4.60
Coby Bryant — 4.56 & 4.55
Tariq Castro-Fields — 4.47 & 4.48
Decobie Durant — 4.41 & 4.46
Kaiir Elam — 4.47 & 4.54
MJ Emerson — 4.58 & 4.61
Akayleb Evans — 4.54 & 4.51
DeMarcus Fields — 4.52 & 4.56
Cordale Flott — DNP
Sauce Gardner — 4.52 & 4.47
Mario Goodrich — 4.61 & 4.65
Kyler Gordon — 4.57 & 4.60
Vincent Gray — 4.61 & 4.57
Joshua Jobe — DNP
Jack Jones — 4.54 & 4.48
Marcus Jones — DNP
Derion Kendrick — DNP
Chase Lucas — 4.56 & 4.55
Damarri Mathis — 4.40 & 4.44
Zyon McCollum — 4.40 & 4.45
Roger McCreary — 4.55 & 4.58
Trent McDuffie — 4.46 & 4.53
Chris Steele — 4.50 & 4.50
Derek Stingley — DNP
Alontae Taylor — 4.41 & 4.44
Cam Taylor-Britt — 4.45 & 4.45
Isaac Taylor-Stuart — 4.50 & 4.49
Josh Thompson — 4.43 & 4.48
Jermaine Waller — 4.72 & 4.68
Jaylen Watson — 4.51 & 4.53
Sam Webb — 4.54 & 4.49
Joshua Williams — 4.57 & 4.61
Pepe Williams — DNP
Tariq Woolen — 4.31 & 4.30
Mykael Wright — 4.58 & 4.64

A reminder that the Seahawks are expected to play more man coverage in 2022. That might mean they drift away from the typical long and lean cornerbacks and look for pure speed and quickness.

Tre Brown ran a 4.42 at his pro-day a year ago.

I like Sauce Gardner but some of the hype is a bit OTT. His forty runs were extremely strained. He will be a first round pick but some people have been calling him the top player in the draft. That’s going way too far.

Cam Taylor-Britt running a 4.45 keeps him on our radar. He is tremendously competitive. I was really impressed with Jalyn Armour-Davis when I watched him. He ran a 4.44.

Kyler Gordon’s forty times are really surprising. He ran much slower than anyone expected.

Akayleb Evans looked really useful in his back-pedal, staying low with good, quick movements. Roger McCreary didn’t run a good forty but I thought his backpedal looked smooth.

Multiple reps in the first drill have been sluggish or stiff so far. Players are labouring, not playing with quickness and being too deliberate in their movements.

My early impressions are this isn’t a class that screams ‘man cover corners the Seahawks are going to love’.

Several players are jogging at the end of these backpedal drills. Someone needs to light a fire among this group.

Jalyn Armour-Davis looks really lean and smooth though. That’s a frame and player you can buy into. I suspect he’ll rise ahead of many of the cornerbacks in this class after today.

Again, McCreary didn’t run an amazing forty but he transitions well, his hips and body turn effortlessly and he was one of the few players to high-point the football downfield.

Tariq Woolen, on the other hand, ran a lightning forty but is extremely stiff in his transition.

Here are some safety jumps…


JT Woords — 39.5
Kerby Joseph — 38.5 👀
Kyle Hamilton — 38
Nick Cross — 37
Lewis Cine — 36.5
Jalen Pitre — 35
Jaquan Brisker — 34.5
Daxton Hill — 33.5

I’m stunned by Daxton Hill’s vertical. He jumped a 43 inch vertical at SPARQ.


Lewis Cine — 11-3
Kyle Hamilton — 10-11
Nick Cross — 10-10
JT Woods 10-8
Jaquan Brisker — 10-4
Kerby Joseph — 10-3
Daxton Hill 10-1

As the drills have gone on, Cam Taylor-Britt has started to shine. He’s moving a lot more freely and high-pointing well.

McCreary and Jalyn Armour-Davis are the standouts for me. McCreary ran a 4.50 officially which isn’t too bad. Armour-Davis a 4.39. They are the two players here that I’m focusing on from a Seahawks perspective.

Cam Taylor Britt’s official 40 ended up being a 4.38. Which is miles better than the unofficial time.

Official 40’s:

Kalon Barnes — 4.23
Tariq Woolen — 4.26
Zyon McCollum — 4.33
Alontae Taylor — 4.36
Cobie Durant — 4.38
Tariq Castro-Fields — 4.38
Cam Taylor-Britt — 4.38
Jalyn Armour-Davis — 4.39
Damarri Mathis — 4.39
Kaiir Elam — 4.39
Josh Thompson — 4.40
Sauce Gardner — 4.41
Isaac Taylor-Stuart — 4.42
Trent McDuffie — 4.44
Akayleb Evans — 4.46
Roger McCreary — 4.50
Kyler Gordon — 4.50
Joshua Williams — 4.53
MJ Emerson — 4.53
Coby Bryant — 4.54
Montaric Brown — 4.55

Overall the coaches could’ve done a far better job firing up the players for the cornerback drills. There’s a lot of speed and dynamism among the group but everyone looked like they were in second gear. It was a low-energy session.

Forty yard dash times (safety)

Tycen Anderson — 4.45 & 4.41
Markquese Bell — 4.45 & 4.46
Dane Belton — 4.49 & 4.49
Bubba Bolden — 4.58 & 4.53
Jaquan Brisker — 4.53 & DNP
Percy Butler — 4.39 & 4.43
Lewis Cine — 4.40 & 4.38
Qwynnterrio Cole — DNP
Bryan Cook — DNP
Yusuf Corker — DNP
Nick Cross — 4.40 & 4.41
Kyle Hamilton — 4.59 & 4.61
Kolby Harvell-Peel — DNP
Daxton Hill — 4.43 & 4.41
Kerby Joseph — DNP
Quentin Lake — 4.64 & DNP
Verone McKinley — DNP
Smoke Monday — 4.58 & 4.59
Leon O’Neal — DNP
Jalen Pitre — DNP
Juanyeh Thomas — 4.67 & 4.62
Delarrin Turner-Yell — 4.51 & 4.50
JT Woods — 4.38 & 4.36

Lewis Cine has a shot at the first round with his physical profile. He ran a 4.38 forty, a 36.5 inch vertical and an 11-3 broad. He hits like a hammer too. He would be a great option if, you know, Seattle hadn’t already brought someone else in.

Kyle Hamilton only ran a 4.59 in his first forty which isn’t great. Then he ran a 4.61. The official forty’s have been a lot faster than the timed ones. However, that’s not the kind of time you expect from a top-ten pick at safety.

The safety drills are always overly long and a little pointless for most. They have them run the same drills as the cornerbacks and it’s just a different skill-set.

We’re seeing very little of the safety drills due to a combination of highlights clips and commercials.

Percy Butler moves very well, after running a great forty. I’ll watch more of him this week. Nick Cross is really well put together. Solid frame, he’s a bulldog on film and he ran well.

Daxton Hill is clearly athletic but given there were so many expectations, his overall display has been underwhelming.

As with the cornerbacks, the drills have a distinct lack of energy. Lewis Cine and Kerby Joseph are coasting. Someone light a fire.

I’m ending the live blog for today. A big combine review will be posted shortly.


  1. Seahawkwalt

    I encourage everyone to become a patreon. Committing 20$ month (or more) to support this website goes a long way. Rob works his arse off to provide top of the line, professional content on the team we love.
    God Bless

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

    • Paul

      Best money I’ve ever spent.

  2. Denver Hawker

    Saw a tweet saying McDuffie measure 29.75” arms. Ouch.

    • Denver Hawker

      I suppose he can offset that with quickness and agility, but hard to see him as an outside corner in the NFL with that length.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Stingley too only 30 5/8″

  3. Dan Nicksic

    Don’t let those numbers fool you. Both of those players will be high level NFL players. Tape over measurements in this case imho

    • Rob Staton

      Which players?

      • Hawk Finn

        I think he’s referring to McDuffie and Stingley. Probably intended as a reply to the above rather than new post.

  4. Leo

    The Seahawks have a number of holes to fill on their roster (running back, offensive line-pretty much every position on defense) and I just don’t see any way they can fill all of their holes through the draft and free agency. At best, I think they could build a team capable of getting back into the playoffs and maybe winning one game in the postseason unless they do something dramatic. It sounds like there will be a lot of quality players available in the second and third rounds of this draft, and possibly later. There is no way I would trade Russell Wilson under any conditions, but I do believe they would benefit tremendously if they could trade one marquee player to get more draft picks this year. The player I would trade is DK Metcalf. Metcalf is a phenomenal receiver, but he’s up for a huge contract extension and I also think he’s the only player the Seahawks could trade who would get them the picks they need. It also looks like there is a lot of quality in this receiver class, so they could also possibly draft a reasonable replacement for Metcalf. The Seahawks need help at both right and left tackle, center, running back (who believes for a second that Penny and Carson will make it through the year? I sure don’t), linebacker, defensive tackle, defensive end and cornerback. Trading DK Metcalf would get them the picks they need (along with cutting Bobby Wagner and free agency) to fill those holes, and a receiver to replace Metcalf, while also saving them from having to break the bank with Mecalf. If the Seahawks don’t add to their draft picks, it’s just going to be more of the same-a team that can win games, but has no chance of getting to a super bowl. I wish they could trade Jamaal Adams, but I can’t imagine they could even get a third round pick for him now. Worst trade ever!!!

  5. cha

    I enjoyed this snip from the Fowler piece

    “I was having a nice conversation with one Packers official this week, but once I asked a Rodgers-specific question, this individual turned his back and walked away without uttering another syllable.

    That is not an exaggeration.”

    Tensions are probably so high right now Packers management has issued a permanent gag order on anything Aaron Rodgers.

    • Peter

      Maybe they should all just r-e-l-a-x.

      Just get a big old tub of ghee and let the healing begin.

  6. Peter

    Grwat podcast this morning. Kind of looking to get into Corral tape. Going to start with Auburn. Looks like his worst game of the year. Probably going to skip Austin Peay.

    Very much on the crap or get off the pot side of the fence. New restructure contract abd but up players. Sure. Or do the deed and trade Wilson.

    From a money ball end I’m less convinced drafting him at 41 will be anything but a net neutral. No money to spend on FA. Plus kicking the can while potentially reducing a trade of Wilson who could just play out his contract and go to whomever in two years. I’m of the mind of pull the lever and roll with a cheap rookie for three years. If he’s great, great. If not hopefully there’s some decent talent for a new owner and regime to get off to the right foot.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I’d bet money Corral is drafted before 41

      • Peter

        Same. That’s why I think they go out swinging or not at all.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          FWIW I think Willis and Corral go 1-2 at QB (though I’m not sure of the order)

          Also, I think the Saints at 18 is where the first QB might go.

          After them, Pittsburgh at 21, then maybe Tennessee at 26, Tampa Bay at 27, Detroit at 34, and finally Denver at 40.

          Obviously not all of them would take a QB with their first pick (Detroit would be their second pick), but it only takes one team.

          If Seattle are set on Corral in this draft, they’ll have to find a way to move at least ahead of Tampa Bay.

          • Peter

            Looks like a very good prognostication of teams picking qb.

            • bmseattle

              I wonder if teams will be content to let the QBs fall to them, or trade up to ensure they get their guy?

  7. Peter

    Really hoping Cam taylor britt tests well. One of my favorites that Rob has highlighted.

    • Mick

      Ouch, Montaric Brown didn’t start too great.

  8. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice run by McDuffie

    • Mick

      Tariq Woolen is my target. And Leon O’Neal at safety.

  9. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice run by Alontae Taylor, who has the measureables Seattle covet.

    I know little about him. Is he on the radar?

    • Seattle Person

      I was just watching his highlights. He has a lot to work with. A lot of speed and attitude. I am interested to see what he becomes once he gets with NFL coaching. Things that stands out to me is his attitude and his ability to drive on the ball. I suspect he needs to refine his press technique and overall ability to stick with a WR. Tons to work with and his speed and attitude would be great for a gunner role.

      He’s someone that is perfect for the middle rounds for coaches to mold and shape.

  10. Blitzy the Clown

    Holysh*t Tariq Wooolen 🔥🔥

    • Peter

      Very nice run. Worried about him a bit as a sort of lackadaisical tackler.

    • Henry Taylor

      He could be a cool blend of what they used to like and what they look for now.

  11. Peter

    Will be interesting to go back over some of the guys with the fastest times.

  12. Seattle Person

    If we are going to play more man then getting D.J Reed back will be important. Speed and quickness is what he has. Good coverage skills.

    I am intrigued about Cam Taylor-Britt but in man coverage, he looks pretty stiff. He has speed but I’m not sure he has the quickness. I know you like him at CB Rob but he looks like a safety to me. He has a very attack minded play style and likes to move forward rather than backwards. Thoughts?

  13. cha

    Speaking of corners…

    Tre Brown
    Crazy that I have never played healthy, & this will be the first time since freshman year or highschool

    Tre Brown@T_Brown25·
    Knee been a problem for that long & now I’m free😈.

    • Seattle Person

      I’m really hoping he shows to be a foundational type of player like Darrell Taylor. This is good news!

    • bmseattle

      Fingers crossed he retains his speed and quickness.
      That injury tends to sap athleticism permanently.

  14. Rob Staton

    The ‘seize the awkward’ commercial makes me want to go on a murderous rampage every time I see it

    • GoHawks5151

      Oh damn! Hahaha. Nah we are all there after this weekend

    • Peter

      Getting stressed yet about how many conversations you need to go have with your doctor according to American ads?

      • Rob Staton

        No but I’m really pleased that woman’s so happy she adopted that kid.

        WTF is going on with the husband’s appearance though? Or the cringey speech that undoubtedly made the poor child long for an orphanage?

  15. Rob Staton

    Not feeling this corner class

    • Seattle Person

      There seems to be more projects here than ready to go guys. I am liking what I see from Alontae Taylor. He has a lot of attitude and speed. He does need to work on his man coverage skills.

    • Mick

      And I was hoping we can draft a starter with one of our 4th round picks.

  16. bmseattle

    Honey Badger to be a free agent, apparently.

    Could possibly help the Seahawks in retaining Diggs, if they desire.

  17. Crosljam

    Rob, just wanted to echo previous comments around a big thanks for the effort you’ve put in this week, its an amazing amount of content. Its been my first time watching the combine and its been an education – great having your big board to check off the names i’m watching, and help give me an idea of their potential level and the kind of things to look for.

    A question on what gives you the most satisfaction

    1) Identifying a player the Seahawks go on to draft when you say they will

    2) Identifying a player early, and then watching the rest of the league/media catch up as they shoot up draft boards

    3) Identifying a player early, the media/league never buy in, but then they go on to have to be the player you predicted.

    • Rob Staton

      4) Beating my friends in our annual mock draft competition (why they invite the guy who runs a draft blog every year I’ve no idea)

      • Crosljam

        For the 1 yr they win the lottery, and then spend the next decade reminding you about it.

      • Mick

        Would be pretty fun to have one here.

  18. Robbie

    Weird draft for corners. Been very underwhelming experience today. The DTs stole the show yesterday. Hard to top their performance

  19. Seattle Person

    It is really weird how the official times are constantly faster than the unofficial times. It was always the other way around.

    • Hawkdawg

      Agreed. The difference can matter for several of them. Gordon is now a 4.50 guy, not a 4.60 guy. Big difference for a corner….

  20. Rob Staton

    The comedy sketches the NFL Network are trying to do are so cringe.

    • Sea Mode

      Dr. Seuss book… really? 🤮

      Someone start a petition or whatever to get Mayock back in there. Hopefully he just needed a break after the Raiders experience and will be brought back next year.

      And not just because we want him back, but because hopefully that means DJ is out…

  21. swedenhawk

    Just watched Ole Miss vs. Arkansas. I can see why Pete would be ‘fired up’ about Corral. Looking forward to your article Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Fantastic competitor.

    • Cawww

      I just watched Ole Miss vs Tennessee, and came away more impressed than I expected. Here’s my quick observations from watching one game

      The guy seems to have the “it” factor. His competitiveness, effort, and leadership stand out.
      He doesn’t have a cannon, but he appears to have above average arm strength, and throws a fairly accurate deep ball.
      He’s a lot better runner than I expected

      He is quite willing to get hit as a runner, and I’m worried about his frame holding up with NFL hits.
      I didn’t really see him go through any progressions. He seemed to want to take off running if his first (and occasionally second) read wasn’t open.
      Why do his WRs seem to have so many drops? (Are they just bad? Does Corral put too much velocity on shorter throws? Does his ball have a weird spin?)

      Looking forward to seeing your analysis Rob!

  22. WallaSean

    If Corral is their guy, and he could be, I think you would have to wait until draft day to do the trade. I would want to wait and see if someone else drafts him before picking at 11 or 15. With this QB class you wouldn’t want to miss on “your guy” and settle for your 3rd choice.

    • Rob Staton

      You can’t wait until draft day though. You can’t wait through FA.

      Trades like that never happen on draft day.

      You have to prepare and plan accordingly and get the right intel on Corral to know where he’ll go.

      After all, they clearly loved Wilson. But couldn’t guarantee they’d get him.

      • WallaSean

        If that was your plan, you would have to say you didn’t have the intention of trading Wilson but always listen. Then on draft day say Corral was your guy, like Mahomes and Allen, and someone upped the ante and your guy was still there. WA and PHI would still have to be in need. I think this is a plausible but unlikely scenario, depending upon how free agency goes.

        • Rob Staton

          I think you’re overthinking this a bit.

          You make the trade with a plan in mind. But the only thing guaranteed in the draft is picking #1. You can’t execute a Wilson trade on the clock. So if you do it, you have a proper tiered plan with several branches. Starting with a veteran stopgap you believe in and possibly more than one rookie target when the draft comes around.

          Then you go after your guy.

          It would never be trade Wilson then Corral or bust.

          But if your intel says he’s a round two type pick you can work around that. Most teams generally know where guys will go come draft day.

          • Peter

            The veteran stopgap ala Matt flynn is also why this deal needs to happen basically the minute Free agency opens. Or very close to it. And this team needs to do intel on a handful of other qbs in case corral goes way earlier than Seattle can control.

          • WallaSean

            Overthinking more than a bit. Is there a rule about drafting a pick and then trading the rights to the player during the draft, or is it just logistics of doing a trade while on the clock? I can’t recall guys switching hats on draft day since rivers. I think you a right about a veteran or a fallback prospect to try to execute any plan to go after Corral, maybe we will see a tell in FA or pre-draft visits. Going after Corral seems like high risk all around to me.

        • Peter

          This is why this is a big swing. Wilson “just,” a player. He has big cap ramifications along with possible player trade impacts. Any team giving us picks and a player will beed time to try to replace that player along with have a deep board since tgey eill be working with late round picks for this year and beyond.

          Wish Rodgers would cut bait and get traded or stay so the next dominoe if it falls, woud just fall.

  23. Rob Staton

    Lewis Cine.


  24. jianfu

    In case it wasn’t obvious before this combine, Georgia REALLY had some dudes on defense this year.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s remarkable.

  25. Sea Mode

    Kerby Joseph looked great flipping his hips, but then appeared to almost just stop and not finish the drill?

    I’m just tuning in. Is that what you mentioned kind of happened with all the CBs? No energy in drills.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s not been any energy at drills today

  26. Sea Mode

    Quentin Lake not bad there. Slow runner though.

  27. steele

    Thank you for everything you do, Rob. You are an absolute maniac.

    • Sea Mode


    • Rob Staton

      Thanks steele

  28. Sea Mode

    Once again, Kerby Joseph and Quentin Lake also seem to have pretty natural hands.

    • Sea Mode

      Confirmed. Two incredible gauntlets. I personally think Joseph’s was better than any of the WRs this year.

  29. Sea Mode

    The worst commercials for me are the Combine (“Next”, or whatever) ones where they flash shots of TJ Watt and Jonathan Taylor at the Combine and then in their NFL unis. PTSD-inducing…

  30. Sea Mode

    Let’s get to the “W” drill already and call it a night…

    • Sea Mode

      Oh, apparently they already did it and I/we missed it.

  31. Sea Mode

    Kerby Joseph plant and go. ✔️

  32. Sea Mode

    They mentioned this on broadcast too.

    Jim Nagy

    Heard from multiple teams that Georgia’s Lewis Cine blew them away in interviews. Is he first safety off the board now after running 4.37 and jumping 11-1? There were some teams that had first round grades on him before doing all that.

  33. Sea Mode

    On the one hand:

    Matt Miller

    Just talked to a scout who said he wouldn’t be surprised if Derek Stingley dropped “closer to 20” due to injury concerns and lack of “impact play” last two years.

    Just something to file away.

    On the other hand:

    • GoHawks5151

      This is crazy. Injury concerns I get but I don’t understand a drop this big. Watch that clip and think about what Chase did this year. He is suffering from recency bias big time.

  34. Sea Mode

    PFF Draft
    · 3h

    Kerby Joseph led all P5 Safeties in:

    🥇 PFF Grade (90.4)
    🥇 Coverage Grade (90.6)

    Also, I found that he in particular may have actually had a good reason to go easy in drills today:

    Bobby Belt

    Illinois’ Safety Kerby Joseph isn’t running the 40 today. He’s rehabbing a hamstring injury.

  35. Sea Mode

    And that’s a wrap. Thanks so much for doing the live blogs and the recaps, Rob. It’s been fun! (and tiring for those of us on this side of the pond…)

  36. Denver Hawker

    I used to hate it then, but I long for the days of trading back our R1 pick to scoop R2s and R3s.

    Pick 10 could really be worth 2 fantastic players in this draft. That 20-60 pick range this year looks so good.

  37. GoHawks5151

    A little OT but Charles Barkley called Aaron Rodgers, ” The girl you got to tell her she is pretty everyday”. I respect Aaron but dammit if it’s not true.

    • Rob Staton

      I get it.

      But the Packers basically stuck two fingers up at him two years ago by spending their R1 pick on Jordan Love.

      That started this whole thing off.

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