Live blog: Combine day four workouts — CB, S

Today is the final day of combine workouts. These are the cornerbacks to keep an eye on (because they all have +32 inch arms):

Chris Campbell — 33 4/8 (79)
Carlton Davis — 32 6/8 (79 3/8)
Brandon Facyson — 32 5/8 (78 4/8)
Holton Hill — 32 (77 2/8)
Chris Jones — 32 6/8 (78 2/8)
Jamarcus King — 32 7/8 (78 3/8)
Tarvarus McFadden — 32 4/8 (78)
Isaiah Oliver — 33 4/8 (80 5/8)
Chandon Sullivan — 32 3/8 (76 6/8)
Jordan Thomas — 32 (77 6/8)
D’Montre Wade — 32 3/8 (76 7/8)
Levi Wallace — 32 6/8 (77 3/8)
Isaac Yiadom — 32 3/8 (75 6/8)

It’s also worth keeping an eye on three safety’s in particular — Jessie Bates III from Wake Forest, Justin Reid from Stanford and Kameron Kelly from San Diego State.

(Players with 32 inch arms in bold)

Jaire Alexander — 4.43 & 4.38
Anthony Averett — 4.40 & 4.36
Tony Brown — 4.37 & 4.35
Chris Campbell — DNP
Andre Chachere — 4.61 & 4.50
Carlton Davis — 4.53 & 4.55
Duke Dawson — 4.49 & 4.46
Dee Delaney — 4.47 & 4.50
Brandon Facyson — 4.55 & 4.54
Rashard Fant — DNP
Rashaan Gaulden — 4.64 & 4.61
Grant Haley — 4.49 & 4.44
Davontae Harris — 4.44 & 4.47
Holton Hill — 4.50 & 4.54
Mike Hughes — 4.53 & 4.54
Donte Jackson — 4.32 & 4.37
J.C. Jackson — 4.49 & 4.47
Joshua Jackson — 4.49 & 4.60
Danny Johnson — 4.49 & 4.44
Taron Johnson — 4.51 & 4.52
Chris Jones — 4.58 & 4.63
Michael Joseph — DNP
Jamarcus King — 4.70 & DNP
Avonte Maddox — 4.40 & 4.42
Tavarus McFadden — 4.67 & 4.76
Quenton Meeks — DNP
Kamren Moore — DNP
Nick Nelson — 4.52 & 4.56
Parry Nickerson — 4.32 & dnp
Isaiah Oliver — 4.51 & 4.59
Darius Phillips — 4.60 & 4.55
D.J. Reed — 4.51 & 4.53
M.J. Stewart — 4.54 & 4.55
Greg Stroman — 4.52 & 4.49
Chandon Sullivan — 4.61 & 4.61
Jordan Thomas — 4.66 & 4.65
Henre Toliver — 4.64 & 4.65
Kevin Toliver — DNP
D’Montre Wade — 4.58 & 4.62
Levi Wallace — 4.48 & 4.68

Denzel Ward — 4.32 & 4.36
Isaac Yiadom — 4.53 & 4.54

Another day, another hamstring injury. Parry Nickerson pulled up after running a 4.32. Donte Jackson cramped up too after his run. This has been a major problem over the four days.

Pete Carroll here, looking like your dad trying to work a Microsoft Surface:

Overall that was a forty yard dash session lacking in headlines. Denzel Ward ran well but had to given his size. There aren’t many first round options here.

Deion Sanders just called Mike Hughes’ backpedal ‘horrible’ during the first set of drills and then went over to ‘coach him up’. He trotted back over after and said, amusingly, ‘it won’t happen again’.

Levi Wallace is light (179lbs) but looked quite polished and smooth in his backpedal. Louisville’s Jaire Alexander hasn’t got 32 inch arms but he’s arguably been the most impressive looking corner in the early drills. Quick, loose hips, good transition and he ran a good forty earlier.

Tarvarus McFadden hasn’t looked good. He ran poorly in the forty and just doesn’t look quick in transition or backpedal. ‘Laboured’ is the best way to describe his workout.

Isaiah Oliver is a little bit tight hipped but his transition was really good. He looks big too and ran a decent 4.51. Shame but he’ll probably rise a little bit in this underwhelming corner class. Would be a good option for Seattle albeit from round three onwards. Not early.

According to Tony Pauline, Roquan Smith and Lorenzo Carter have been medically red flagged by some teams:

Lorenzo Carter and Roquan Smith of Georgia both had terrific combine workouts. Carter, who I’ve always believed was a first-round talent, ran under 4.5 in the 40, bested everyone in his group with a broad jump of 10-feet-10-inches and posted a vertical jump of 39.5 inches. Roquan Smith ran 4.51 and will do the rest of the drills at his pro day. I have been informed both players were red-flagged medically by a number of teams due to past injury history. While I don’t expect the medical evaluations to be a drag on the draft stock of Carter and Smith, it is something likely to be part of the debate on draft day when each player is being considered.

Josh Jackson gets a few words for a sloppy start to a backpedal and find the ball drill. He was quite lethargic. The coaches also remind the DB’s they want them to high point the football. Chris Jones and Quenton Meeks just mistimed their jumps trying to go up and get the football.

Tarvarus McFadden didn’t even try to high point the ball, just ran under it and caught it in his arms. For all the hype McFadden had after the 2016 season for all the picks, there’s very little to get excited about here (and it was the same for his 2017 season in general).

Levi Wallace is putting on a bit of a show. Lovely backpedal, high pointed the football better than any of the other DB’s. Of all the players here so far that fit the Seahawks, he’s the one who stands out. He just needs to add some weight.

The NFL Network has now switched to an interview with Bill Belichick who is standing in the booth, telling Rich Eisen and Mike Mayock that they do an amazing job. Which is great for them. Not so entertaining for those wanting to watch the drills. Fair play to Belichick though, he just handed what appeared to be a substantial cheque to Eisen for his charity. And to be honest, Belichick is as relaxed as he ever is here. The mask has come off, he’s positively engaging and telling anecdotes. It was enjoyable to see him in a different light.

For the second time, the coaches aren’t happy with Josh Jackson. He had to re-start a drill twice because they wanted to see him working faster. It’s a backpedal, change of direction, flip-your-hips and run downfield drill.

Here are some of the official forty yard dashes:

Anthony Averett was forced to re-start his ‘W’ drill twice. A bit like yesterday, some of the execution on the drills has been off.

Mike Hughes hasn’t looked much like a first round prospect. Holton Hill was good moving through the motion of the ‘W’ drill but lacked explosion at the end.

Unbelievably, for a third time Josh Jackson was stopped by the coaches because they weren’t happy with the way he was conducting the drill. Jackson has been absolutely atrocious.

Deion Sanders summed up this cornerback session well: “We’re missing the energy givers, the guys who know, man, I am the guy. I’m not seeing that yet in the corners.”

Some of the safety jump results are coming in. Minkah Fitzpatrick had a 10-1 broad and Derwin James a 40-inch vertical.

Mike Mayock: “I think I’ve seen more guys get stopped in these drills than I’ve ever seen. Which is not a good thing.”

Denzel Ward didn’t do any of the drills after running the forty.

This has been nearly a three hour session. Similar to the QB/WR drills on Saturday, it’s just too long. We’ve had a long series of gauntlet drills and it all feels a bit unnecessary.

Safety broad jumps:

Minkah Fitzpatrick — 10-1
Joshua Kalu — 11-2
Derwin James — 11
Terrell Edmunds — 11-2

Safety vertical jumps:

Minkah Fitzpatrick — 33
Joshua Kalu — 41.5
Derwin James — 40
Terrell Edmunds — 41.5

Terrell Edmunds with an incredibly explosive performance there.

Here are the safety forty yard dash times:

Troy Apke — 4.35 & 4.39
Jessie Bates III — 4.51 & 4.56
Quin Blanding — 4.64 & 4.65
Sean Chandler — 4.67 & 4.66
Dane Cruikshank — 4.44 & 4.42
Terrell Edmunds — 4.48 & 4.50
Deshon Elliott — 4.58 & 4.62
Minkah Fitzpatrick — 4.47 & 4.51
Tre Flowers — 4.45 & 4.50
Marcell Harris — DNP
Ronnie Harrison — DNP
Godwin Idwebuike — 4.45 & 4.47
Natrell Jamerson — 4.40 & 4.46
Derwin James — 4.48 & 4.48
Joshua Kalu — 4.59 & 4.58
Kameron Kelly — 4.66 & 4.67
Siran Neal — 4.57 & 4.60
Max Redfield — 4.69 & 4.74
Justin Reid — 4.44 & 4.40
Stephen Roberts — 4.54 & 4.58
Dominick Sanders — DNP
Van Smith — 4.61 & 4.63
Trey Walker — 4.52 & 4.54
Armani Watts — DNP
Damon Webb — 4.63 & 4.69
Kyzir White — DNP
Jordan Whitehead — DNP

Troy Apke from Penn State is 6-1 and 200lbs with 32 2/8 inch arms. He just ran a 4.35. Trey Flowers is 6-3 and 202lbs with 33 7/8 inch arms. He ran a 4.45. Two very interesting guys there.

The safety times have been a lot more impressive than the cornerback times. It’s not even close. There’s a few guys here we’ll need to go back and look at.

Justin Reid’s 4.40 could easily push him into first round range.

Terrell Edmunds is the latest player to hurt himself running the forty.

That was a very impressive group. Troy Akpe, Terrell Edmunds, Dane Cruikshank, Tre Flowers, Justin Reid, Natrell Jamerson. There’s some tape to watch after the combine.

Derwin James looked really good with his backpedal and transition. Very smooth for a player of his size. Tre Flowers is long, athletic and lean. He looks like a Seahawks corner. There’s a name to keep an eye on.

Justin Reid is built like a tank. He looks incredible. Troy Akpe has really good hips. The guy can move. Loved seeing his range in the deep drop. Interesting prospect. Akpe’s official forty time is a 4.34 and he managed a 41 inch vertical.

Tre Flowers looks so much like a corner. Great big, long, lean guy.

Here are some of the official DB forty times:

The NFL Network has now cut away from the drills in order to show ‘Run Rich Run’ — Rich Eisen’s forty yard dash attempt. They might’ve had time for this and the drills had the cornerback session not dragged on for three hours.

He ran a 5.97.

I’m going to finish the live blog for now. The Network is finishing up with the Rich Eisen simulcam clips. Thanks to anyone who stuck with the live blogs over the last few days, really appreciate it. Review piece on the way shortly looking at the day and the combine overall.


  1. Zakk Stevens

    Hi Rob,

    What are your thoughts on DeShon Elliott?

    • Rob Staton

      Not a big fan. Think he’s generally quite overrated.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He benefitted from a resurgent Texas team.

      He’s a smart player, but lacks the violence of play and obvious athleticism to fit on our defense.

      He’s kind of similar to Desean Shead to me without the versatility and pro experience. And Shead was udfa.

      I liked him early on, but I really like a lot of that Texas defense

  2. Trevor

    Looking forward to seeing if there is another mid round gem for the Hawks at CB.

    I think Derwin James is going to be amazing today and prove the injury is behind him once and for all. The difference between his tape from beginning to end of year was dramatic.

    • Coleslaw

      Kevin Toliver

      • TTownHawk

        Bummed he didn’t run. Do we know if he participated in drills? I haven’t heard.

  3. Trevor

    Yiamdom, McFadden, Hill, Kelly and Facyson are 5 guys I could definitely see as targets for the Hawks.

    • Kyle B

      Carlton Davis as well. If he finds a way to sneak out of R2

    • peter

      I like all those guys and Ha v smh early hope on Holton hill. for a corner he’s a big time tackler and I think Seattle values that.

      • peter

        Dear tablet…you are blowing it. Sincerely, me

      • peter

        Meant to say my early hope has been on Holton hill but I’m not bought in on any one player yet.

  4. Mike L

    Nick Nelson…first team All-Big 10 corner out of Wisconsin might be an interesting mid-round selection for the Hawks (not sure what his arm length is)..

    • Rob Staton

      30 3/4 inch arms

      • Mike L

        set the school record last year in pass break-ups (21 – led the nation)..great special teams player too (punt returner)..maybe it’s time for the Hawks to make an exception to their rule

        • Rob Staton

          In fairness 100% of multiple all-pro voted cornerbacks have had +32 inch arms.

        • peter

          I think this as well but Seattle has year to year proven that they can still find value sticking with their parameters and by drafting late. I don’t remember the total for arm length but it seems to me that there are a good deal of long corners this year.

          • peter

            Ha! of course Rob you posted in the piece.

          • Mike L

            well..hopefully the decision is a combination of game tape, character analysis and physical “parameters”..because otherwise you don’t draft 5’10” Russell Wilson.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Well Russ actually had the biggest hands in that draft.

              We’re very specific about what we require from our players by position it seems.

              We’ll make concessions for LB speed in exchange for length and agility (KJ)

              • peter

                Also they haven’t drafted any other and so we really don’t know what their preference would be.

                • JimQ

                  IIRC, a few years back, Rob discussed an additional threshold for potential Seahawk CB’s that didn’t quite measure up with 32″ arms, again, IIRC a wingspan of 76″ (or 77″-?) was mentioned. This kind of makes sense in terms of overall length. Anyone remember what that wingspan number was? Maybe there is a valid wingspan exception or two in this draft?

  5. peter

    I’m not. a sports scientist. But why are these guys running all out before the jumping exercises?

    It seems that you would be better off doing short explosive movements plus your warmups before sprinting?

    In eugene Oregon I’ve had the chance to watch a ton of high end track and field competitions and often you need the athletes doing some sort of high knees, or big air squats as they pace getting ready to sprint.

    I really don’t know the answer but there’s been a handful of players I wanted to see do drills this year that got injured in the morning. You see some guys warming up but at its core it’s a track event at least half off the day, is there time to properly prepare?

    • Rob Staton

      Some great points Peter

    • mishima

      Agree. Hamstring injuries caused by stretch and/or sudden load. Combine needs to take warming up and sequencing as serious as the spectacle.

    • Drew

      These are cream of the crop athletes. They have had access to elite training through CFB. Most of them then train at prestigious pre-draft facilities as they get ready for the combine. They know how to get their bodies properly ready to perform. I wonder how many injuries are related to the relative small window that the athletes are given to prepare for the combine for tests that they will likely not perform ever again once they reach the pros.

      Most CFB programs provide elite weight training for their student-athletes during their time there. A lot of these workouts are designed to maximize football performance, not explosive-agility testing performance. The explosiveness is a byproduct of the training. It seems like a lot of these injuries are related to the types of tests that are performed.

      The athletes for 3-4 years are training a certain way. Not only is a football game physical but the season is grueling. Training for a football season is about maximizing movement, strength and longevity for a season. Here is an example of the USC workout program (even has quotes from Pete):

      After they declare for the draft are only given a month or so for the combine. Training for the combine is not the same as training for a football season. If you read the program above, they don’t do much of the tests that they perform at the combine. As they prepare for the combine, their sole training focus is maximizing these tests.

      Often times, guys go through quick physcial transformations (ie putting on weight) to try and meet a draft critertia. For example, if a RB is going to put on 10 lbs for an upcoming season, he has an entire 6-7 months or so to do that. If a RB is going to do that for the combine, he only has the time from the bowl game to the season. Making large physical changes like that takes time for your body to be able to handle, especially with how explosive and athletic these guys are.

      The most common injury is the hamstring pull on the 40 yard dash.By defnition (–conditions/hamstring-muscle-injuries), a hamstring pull occurs when ‘Muscle overload is the main cause of hamstring muscle strain. This can happen when the muscle is stretched beyond its capacity or challenged with a sudden load.’ Perhaps, a lot of these injuries are correlated to their bodies not having an adequete amount of time to handle the physical transformation they went through right through to prepare for the combine.

      I have no finite data to back any of this up but this is my observation. It would be interesting to see how many injuries are related to those who have rapidly changed physically as they prepare for the combine.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Drew, excellent Analitical observation. That all made since to me and explains probably the majority of these injuries. Man the NFL and Player’s Union really need to make some compromised changes for these Kid’s who are going all out. If I was a player I wouldn’t even go to the combine. I’d just do my school pro-day and if a team was telling me that they really wanted to draft me. Showing off in front of your peers who you are not as comfortable with as your friends and teamates would make most nervous and sloppy.

        Anyway, something needs to change! Unfortunately doesn’t mean it will anytime soon. I choose to believe it will, For the Kid’s !!!

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          I know it’s Sense not since, I want an edit button!

  6. HawksBill

    The Seahawks seem to like value and a good story with their DB picks. I can see them using a late pick on Levi Wallace.
    The good story is him being a walk-on starter at Alabama and his big 40 split might make him drop, providing draft value.

  7. Trevor

    I had hopes for McFadden as a developmental prospect but he really looks awful out there.

    • HawksBill

      Agreed, kind of surprising.

    • Volume12

      IDK what happened to him this past year. Maybe his 2016 season was a fluke?

      • Trevor

        That team was a mess last year and Jimbo knew he was on the way out.

  8. Volume12

    I’m here to annoy everyone once again!

    What have I missed? Over reaction to the backpedal yet?

    • HawksBill

      Yeah, and a lot of “tight hips” comments.

      • Volume12

        LOL. That makes no sense. Its one or the other. Although coming from the talking heads I’m not surprised.

        Teams either preach/emphasise the backpedal or the much more effective less wasted motion half turn.

        • Mark Souza

          Does it really matter? The hip flip is the thing. If your in a back pedal system, you’ll need to hip flip when the receiver draws even. If your not, then you’ll need to hip flip at the line of scrimmage when the receiver decides to go inside or outside. Can you do it quickly and smoothly, and can you quickly do it again if you’re covering a shifty bastard?

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Vol! God Damnit don’t take annoying everyone from me! We’ll actually I’m a team player we can share. The difference is most like me see you as the most knowledgeable person after Robbie and then with me…..

      We’ll y’all know I want Dante Pettis and Shaquem Griffen!

      I don’t know what angle we should go with. Wynn or Hernandez with our first pick seems very Logical however.

      Go Draft!

      • Volume12

        Thank you, thank you. Your far too kind.

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Vol, there is no such thing as being too kind. I deal with massive depression alot of the time. Some of you will give me a lil shite about my comments sometime. I want you all to know that if I’m posting especially alot I’m in a happy manic mood, I’m not always like this and you should be Glad for me.

          That’s the reason I Iike to build people up and compliment so much, which is always sincere, For I don’t say things I don’t mean, unless I’m being a jerk which is rare, but hey I’m ….

          Only Human

  9. HawksBill

    Meeks looks good as a big corner, wish he had run the 40.

  10. Coleslaw

    I’m glad Toliver didn’t run the 40. Let him slip, I’ll take him in the first half of day 3

    • Rob Staton

      Arms too short — 30 1/8 inches.

      • Coleslaw

        Wow that’s really surprising.. at 6’3″?! Does his height factor into that at all? He still has the same length as a guy who’s 6’1″ with 32 1/8 in arms

        • Comfect

          Only vertically. If he’s next to someone those arms are still short.

  11. Volume12

    L’ville’s Jaire Alexander is my #1 rated corner.

    • Trevor

      He certainly has looked the best today IMO.

  12. Volume12

    I hope Goodell slips and busts his head.

    • HawksBill

      5.41 my ass. I think there were some kiss-ass workers on the stop watch.

      • Volume12


      • Volume12

        What do you think about the Bennett trade rumors to Atlanta Bill?

        • Trevor

          God I hope not. Any team in AFC would be better.

          Still don’t get the rush to get rid of a guy who played 90% of snaps while hurt last year and was still productive for $2mil in cap Savings. Make no sense unless something happened in locker room or off field we don’t know about.

          • Volume12

            Could be that or desperate for picks.

        • HawksBill

          He doesn’t seem happy here anymore, might as well get what you can for him. Seems to me he has fallen off as a run stopper. Maybe he doesn’t wan’t to take on those big backs anymore with those little pads he wears.

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            Yeah I think Michael Bennett is and has been an amazing player, Dude does (Ravishing Rick Rude) move that gives him super powers! He already said he d4oesn’t think he’s going to be here, and everyone always listen to your Heart!

            Sometimes things get stagnant for when “Life is hard you have to change” to quote Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon).

            What I personally don’t like is all the hate for him sitting for Black equality. Human Rights is way more important then a silly game to me. However everyone is an individual and has a right to how they feel, I believe.

            Everybody needs something to believe in and fight for!

            Let’s respect our differences, things are getting ridiculous lately!

            • Mark Souza

              “Human Rights is way more important then a silly game to me.”


  13. Volume12

    Dying over here with half these corners getting hit in the mouthpiece on these drills.

  14. EP

    Maurice Jones Drew with his top 5 teams in need of secondary help. Seahawks number 2. I have a problem with this manner of prediction. To my mind Seattle actually have some of the best depth in regards to the secondary. While I am aware that there is uncertainty regarding the future of the Seahawks defence, I think our current status does not merit this prediction. Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor, Griffin, Maxwell, Lane, Shead, Coleman, McDougall, Hill, Thompson. It’s true that some of these guys are out of contract/might be traded, but you cannot tell me that Seattle are in desperate need of secondary help. Am easy cop out IMO. Some of these guys really annoy me.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Sherman and Chancellor aren’t playing. Shead and Lane have both had injury issues. Maxwell is strictly a face guarder, not all bad, but unlikely to get an interception. One of the others has been knocked out for a season. I’m a glass half full type of guy = but there are a lot of unknowns about next season.

      The biggest positive, Pete really shines at finding and training linebackers and secondary.

  15. Volume12

    With Stanford being one of the schools that Seattle scouted the most this year, EDGE Peter Kalambayi had a great performance yesterday. What a great back story too.

    • Volume12

      Who had Cal D-lineman James Looney posting eerily similar scores to Florida’s Taven Bryan?

      Gonna dig into him and Vandy LB Oren Burke (former SS).

  16. Volume12

    Seahawk scout down on the field here.

    • Volume12

      These safeties are flying man!

      Seattle needs to take one of these cats.

      • Nick

        I don’t disagree, but it’s a little frustrating after we drafted two safeties last year.

        • Volume12

          They’re far from a sure thing though.

        • Trevor

          If they don’t view them as starters then it doesn’t matter.

      • Volume12

        This is lit! My goodness.

      • Trevor

        +1 Agree Vol there are some nice looking options

        • Mark Souza

          Earl ran 4.43 at his combine. There are three safeties in this group who run faster (Apke, Cruikshank, Jamerson, and Reid). Hopefully one of these guys has the fluidity and tracking skills you like to see in a starting safety.

  17. BobbyK

    This is absolutely NOT a fair comparison, but I can’t help but think of Griffin along the likes of Derrick Brooks. A blazing fast outside linebacker who can make plays in space and attack when needed. The obvious difference, aside from Brooks turned out to be a 11-time Pro Bowler and HOFer, is that Brooks had two hands and Griffin only has one. In the right system, I totally see Griffin as a WILL in a 4-3 (like Brooks was in TB). If we can at least acquire one third round pick, I’d love to see Griffin add speed to our LB unit.

    The Seahawks never seem to require great speed from either starting CB or SS. That means if they are going to be a fast defense, the speed needs to come from somewhere. ET is a bullet shot out of a cannon. Wagz is fast. KJ is good, but he’s not a speed demon (his length really helps him).

    Essentially, there isn’t an abundance of speed on our back seven aside from the two superstars (and ET may not even be on the team). If they are going to get truly faster so they don’t look slow like they did against the Rams in meeting number two, they need more speed at SS or LB.

    With having drafted Hill in the third last year or signing Shead to play SS this year – I don’t see a significant improvement in secondary speed from where they were last year, but Griffin would provide that gigantic boost at LB.

    • BobbyK

      I’m not suggesting they draft Griffin and put him at WILL in ’18. KJ plays there. But if they are going to get younger and faster on defense, they need someone like Griffin. Remember how terrible the defense looked without KJ and a hobbled Wagz in Rams game #2? There could still be a role for Griffin to contribute in ’18 even if he didn’t start at WILL. And for wanting to get younger and cheaper and all the criticism with the Chancellor contract, how many people here would want to give KJ a rich contract extension on his third contract after next season? You can’t go into ’18 with only two quality LBs on your roster like they have been doing for a number of years now.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Looking at those safety and cornerback 40 times, makes me think Griffin is the guy I want. I haven’t seen weights posted for them, but I imagine Griffin is running a faster time while carrying more weight, and that should translate into some big hits!

      • Coleslaw

        Well if you consider earl Thomas at 4.40 is enough to break Gronk, then I’d say 237 at 4.38 would certainly pack a punch.

  18. john_s

    These safeties are running fast!

    • Sea Mode

      That they are.

  19. Sea Mode

    Can’t believe he called back Tony Brown after that amazing get off. Come on! They’ve got two attempts anyway. Unless they clearly stumble, let ’em run!

  20. Trevor

    Derwin James is a top 10 pick IMO.

    I know he is not well liked here on the blog but he is an aggressive, fast explosive safety who by all accounts is a true leader. If the Hawks trade Earl for a 1st then he should be #1 on the list IMO if available.

    • Trevor

      Justin Reid is another guy. Faster than I expected.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I believe James will be gone before 18, not that we will be picking there anyways.

    • EBurgz

      I’m a big fan. I’m surprised there isn’t more love for him here considering how much Obi was liked last year.

  21. john_s

    Justin Reid 4.44.

    Sherm called him the best safety in college football. It could be the Stanford bias, but Sherm loves him

    • Trevor

      He is a good player and faster than I expected.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        So here’s Justin Reid’s NFL Profile. It’s says he plays deeper then deep as a safety which of course reminds me of Earl Thomas. I believe he could be the guy to replace Earl only if he’s Thomas is traded.

        Tedric Thompson ran a 4.60 forty compared to 4.44 by Reid. Having both come be a great Idea.

        I was thinking if we sign Eric Reid and draft Justin. Then draft Shaquem two sets of brother on the team that started the “Love Our Brothers” expression. Feels like destiny!

  22. Trevor

    The Edmunds brother, Reid Brother and Griffins are 6 athletic freaks!

    • Coleslaw

      Edmunds brothers? Tremaine and who?

    • Coleslaw

      Nevermind. Lol the NFL is about to have 3 Edmunds brothers!

  23. Trevor

    Maybe JS does see Earl’s replacement in this Safety class after all. That was a fast group.

    • Volume12

      Good looking group. When I was watching Wisconsin LB Leon Jacobs the other day, their S Natrell Jameson caught my eye a couple times as well.

      Changing the subject, I’m digging Cal D-lineman James Looney. Real fluid, good quickness, and times the snap so well. I could see Seattle liking him.

      • Trevor

        I was just checking him out after your post. Definitely a guy to watch. I could see him as a VMAC visit.

    • HawksBill

      Might be able to trade down to the bottom 1st/top 2nd and still get Justin Reid.
      But PC’s Seahawks tend to take big guys with 1st round pick, Earl being the exception.

  24. GerryG

    I enjoy Rob’s facepalmy digs at the NFL Network almost as much as his analysis

  25. HawksBill

    That replay of the Rich Eisen 40 vs the Simulcast Guy was hilarious.

    • HawksBill

      Vita Vea off the screen at the finish line was great too.

  26. Trevor

    Thanks Rob for the live combine blogs they were great!

    • Sea Mode


      • Mark Souza


        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Thumbs Up, YouTube style!

  27. Thy Hawk is Howling

    So I’m thinking let’s get Hernandez or Wynn with our first pick. Then make sure to get WILL DISSLY UW best blocking Tight End, should, Should massively improve our run game. In between, Kerryon Johnson, Nick Chubb, Guice, Michel with second pick for Running back.

    Draft Justin Reid only if we trade Earl. Someho

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Sent accidentally – Somehow someway get Shaquem and Dante Pettis in the 3rd. Use a 5th on Azeem Victor he could be one of the Steals of the draft. Yes I am a UDub fan and it’s only fair we get a Coug also. Someone help me with a day 3 Cougar pick. What’s “the continent’s” name he’s a guard from Wenatchee I should know I have read from some of you that he’s lacking in certain area’s. Hey you never can tell.

      Get the Kelly kid for 2nd running back alot of you want.
      Maybe the Carson kicker from Auburn? Or is he too inconsistent you think?

      2 Guards
      2 Running Backs
      2 LB
      1 WR / greatest punt returner ever
      1 TE
      1 Kicker or Punter
      1 free safety only if we trade Thomas

      Okay I’m going to send that list to my Cousin GM John. I never told you guy’s did I?

  28. Greg Haugsven

    Not super big news but the Seahawks expected to move on from Jimmy Graham. Something we all basically knew anyways.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Hey Greg is that a Swedish or Norse name, your Surname that is?

      • Greg Haugsven

        Norwegian, even though I cant speak a lick.

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Cool! Thanks for answering me I Love culture and you have a good one! Music is my first Love and Norway and Sweden have some excellent band’s especially the Melodic Metal variety!

  29. Greg Haugsven

    I like Wynn or Hernandez withe the first pick and one of those running backs with the second (could add Penney in there as well). The problem is then you dont get a good front 7 player on defense. Im still hoping for Justin Pugh on a one year deal from free agency that way you could use your first pick for defense. My gut tells me they wont use there first pick on a RB but for sure could with the second pick.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Sorry that was supposed to be a reply to Hawk is Howling.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I knew that, thanks for the reply Greg! I’m Craig

  30. Mark Souza

    Some safety highlights:

    Troy Apke – super fast and a big hitter –

    Natrell Jamerson

    Dane Cruikshank

    Justin Reid – can really highpoint the ball and not afraid to hit –


  31. East Side Stevie

    I went and checked out some Troy Apke after the combine today and I tell you what, he really looks like he would step in immediately and be one of the best players on Special Teams. If he’s there in the 5th that’s going to be really good value. Great closing speed and a very reliable tackler, were my impressions watching him on Youitube.

  32. H

    Just thought i’d repeat whats already been said.
    Live blogs have been exceptional Rob, superb coverage throughout. Cant believe there was once a time a followed the draft without this blog.

    • Coleslaw

      Right lol I still have coworkers talking to me about what how Mayock said we’re getting a corner and I just facepalm haha

  33. Jason

    Hawks had a formal interview at the combine with Derwin James

    • Mark Souza

      And why not? Half the mocks have us taking him in light of Kam’s injury. Why not feed into that for a little smoke screen so someone who’s interested in him wants to trade up. At this point, half the interviews are misdirection and mean nothing – but which half. That’s where the fun is.

  34. icb12


    I was really Hoping Rich would beat Orlando Brown in the 40 this year.

    • Mark Souza

      Couldn’t have missed it by much.

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