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Before we get started, check out the podcast below I recorded this week with Brandan Schulze from the Seahawkers podcast:

Injury news

It has been revealed that Tyler Linderbaum will not be doing any testing as he recovers from an injury. It’s already been announced that Derek Stingley won’t be doing any drills either.

I’ve since discovered several other key names will not test:

Jeremy Ruckert (TE)
Malik Willis (QB)
Matt Corral (QB)
Nakobe Dean (LB)
Hassan Haskins (RB)
Drake London (WR)
Carson Strong (QB)
Andrew Booth (CB)
Sam Howell (QB)

Hopefully there won’t be many more names added to the list.

Horizontal board

I’ve made slight tweaks before the start of the combine.

Click the image to make it bigger:

More Russell Wilson talk

A quick digression from the combine talk. Mike Florio raises an interesting point:

Neither John Schneider nor Pete Carroll dismissed outright a Wilson trade when they spoke yesterday. Their language was very carefully considered.


“At this time of year, there are conversations about everybody. We talk about everybody. It’s commonplace to have conversations with other teams about all of the players, particularly marquee players, and that’s not changed. It’s been the same every year we have been here, so it’s the same as it’s been. We have no intention of making a move there.”


“I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t listen to it, if I just blew people off. When it’s out there in the media and all that, of course if I was with another team I’d call and be like, ‘Hey, what’s up with Russell Wilson?’. Just because you field those calls and questions doesn’t mean we are out there actively shopping him.”

I don’t think any of this is going to mean anything. I don’t imagine any scenario where they trade Wilson because ultimately, there are not alternatives and the Seahawks can’t afford another bad season. Neither are they in a position, with Carroll approaching 71-years-old, to launch a long-term rebuild.

Trading Wilson to enter the Mitchell Trubisky market isn’t realistic. Thus, no deal is going to happen this year.

However, I think both men were keeping their options open. You could even say they encouraged people to get in touch by not squashing the whole thing.

After all, Andy Reid would slam the phone down if someone called about Patrick Mahomes. I doubt he’d be telling the media ‘it’s commonplace to have those talks’.

Perhaps if the Seahawks are blown away by an offer, they’ll consider it? Wilson would still have to agree to a trade but we all know by now that he too is keeping his options open. Is there still an offer that could tempt Seattle, somewhere?

They keep talking about ‘difficult decisions’, after all.

Florio raises a good point. Wilson and the Seahawks will need to talk contract next year. Those talks will happen a year after Aaron Rodgers signs a deal worth +$45m a year. If the Seahawks have no intention of matching or topping that contract, then trading him in 12 months is very realistic anyway. So if a great offer comes in now, you might as well weigh up your options.

Of course, I still think they’ll determine ‘going for it’ with Wilson in 2022 will be better and they’ll kick the can down the road.

Eventually, they’ll have to pick that can up though. So they might as well see what Denver, Washington and others are willing to spend now.

Wilson is due a $5m roster bonus on March 20th so this is likely a 16-day window for talks. I get the sense Seattle’s top brass are on a fact-finding mission this weekend, even if they ultimately rebuff any offers.

The NFL is ruining the combine

The move to prime-time was asinine and counterproductive. A lot of prospects won’t do the short shuttle or three cone because they’ll be asked to do it at 10pm.

This year they’ve decided to move the bench press to the same day as on-field drills.

It’s the dumbest thing they could do.

Just one wide receiver did the bench press today. The rest skipped it. Why? Because why the heck would you want DOMS from benching right before you do drills, when you’re a speed/skill player?

There’s nowhere near enough recovery time. These receivers are being asked to bench 225lbs when they weigh about 200lbs. It’s a lot easier for offensive linemen who weigh +300lbs (although the test ends up being cardio for them, not a true test of power). It’s about time they switch to the powerball throw (which can easily be done on the same day as drills).

These days we’ve got a prime-time combine with loads of key players not testing, or not doing a complete test, and several position groups likely to skip certain workouts.

Great job, NFL.

They are destroying this event. For teams and fans.

Forty yard dash times (tight ends)

Austin Allen — 4.79 & 4.84
Daniel Bellinger — 4.63 & 4.68
Grant Calcaterra — 4.63 & 4.63
Greg Dulcich — 4.61 & 4.73
Jake Ferguson — 4.77 & 4.82
Jeremiah Hall — 4.79 & 4.98
Peyton Hendershot — 4.80 & 4.83
Connor Heyward — 4.73 & 4.77
Curtis Hodges — 4.83 & 4.86
Chigoziem Okonkwo — 4.54 & 4.52
Cole Turner — 4.76 & 4.77
Jelani Woods — 4.61 & 4.62

The following players did not run a forty:

Trey McBride
Jalen Wydermyer
Isaiah Likely
Charlie Kolar

All four are doing field workouts but didn’t run a forty.

We also know Jeremy Ruckert isn’t doing anything.

My list of ‘combine complaints’ are starting early.

The music they are playing at Lucas Oil Field is incredibly irritating. It’s so faint in the distance and echoing around the empty stadium. Rich Eisen compared it to elevator music because it’s just the type of standard ‘NFL music’ you hear on commercials for the league.

I do not care about Peter Schrager’s opinion when the tight ends are running their forty yard dashes. Nobody watching this wants to hear his overall assessment of the draft class. If you are watching this you are a NFL geek. You don’t want this to be ‘Good Morning Football’.

The sled is back and several are the tight ends struggled with it. Unsurprisingly, Tre McBride had the best rep. He’s the best blocking tight end and combines power with leverage. Many of the other TE’s were stood up by the sled. Jelani Woods also had a good rep, after running well in the 40.

McBride looked really good in the gauntlet too. He’s making his case to be the top-TE. Chigoziem Okonkwo was incredibly hesitant during his rep. Isaiah Likely’s catching looked sharp — he had a really nice catch away from his body.

Jalen Wydermyer caught a lot of balls close to his body but arguably looked the smoothest athlete running his gauntlet. Greg Dulcich’s second rep was also impressive and Jake Ferguson caught a very difficult pass well over his head, showing great hands.

Isaiah Likely just looks the part. So does Tre McBride.

Dulcich is an incredibly quick, smooth athlete as everyone should’ve expected. He’s running with purpose and suddenness. This is why I’ve had him as a second round pick since early in the college football season. With his profile he will challenge opponents with his athleticism.

Okonkwo is running his reps far too carefully. He’s way too tentative.

Official forty times (tight ends)

Chigoziem Okonkwo — 4.52
Jelani Woods — 4.61
Grant Calcaterra — 4.62
Daniel Bellinger — 4.63
Greg Dulcich — 4.70
Connor Heyward — 4.72
Cole Turner — 4.76
Peyton Hendershot — 4.80
Jake Ferguson — 4.81
Austin Allen — 4.83

A quick reminder — the most important testing result for this group is the short shuttle and three cone.

Some of the passes on these tight end drills have been horrendous. Give the guys a chance.

Dulcich again on the comeback drill. He just looks fantastic out there. Fluid movements, good hands, everything just connected and natural. Jake Ferguson is fighting things a bit and doesn’t look as good as hoped.

Charlie Kolar has a quick change of direction but is a bit of a coaster on his routes. McBride and Likely continue to look terrific. They, along with Dulcich, have impressed the most with their movement skills.

Ferguson has a better rep on the corner route drill and looked quicker than he has done so far. I’m really, really impressed with Likely. More than I expected to be. Smooth again from McBride. It’s the same names popping up on every drill. When they switched the drills to the other side — Dulcich sprinted into his route with great speed and then adjusted, without losing any momentum. Superb.

They’ve turned the music off. Hallelujah.

Another fantastic route from Likely, tracking the ball brilliantly. Serious crush based on what he’s showing here.

Dulcich shows a really quick release off the snap and gets into his routes far quicker than any other tight end is showing. Curtis Hodges just had a really nice high-pointed catch. Likely got his body twisted on his but still came up with it. McBride had a really nice grab, as did Cole Turner. Jalen Wydermyer went for a nice one-hander.

That concludes the tight end drills.

I’m really hoping with the tight ends finishing first today, most will do the shuttle drills and three cone. Keep your fingers crossed.

Some of the receiver jumps are coming in.

Treylon Burks jumped a 33 inch vertical with a 10-3 broad. That’s only a so-so result.

Calvin Austin, who I’ve been grading in round three, had a 39 inch vertical and an 11-3 broad.

Jahan Dotson managed a 36 inch vertical and a 10-1 broad.

Forty yard dash times (quarterbacks)

Jack Coan — 4.87 & 4.93
Dustin Crum — 4.79 & 4.74

That’s it. Two quarterbacks are running from this group. There are two quarterback groups.

Forty yard dash times (receiver)

Calvin Austin — 4.32 & DNP
Kevin Austin — 4.37 & 4.43
David Bell — 4.64 & 4.62
Slade Bolden — 4.63 & 4.62
Treylon Burks — 4.55 & 4.50
Dai’Jean Dixon — 4.66 & 4.58
Jahan Dotson — 4.41 & 4.47
Dontario Drummond — 4.65 & 4.61
Ty Fryfogle — 4.55 & 4.49
Danny Gray — 4.33 & DNP
Johnny Johnson III — 4.62 & 4.51
Velus Jones Jr — 4.34 & 4.32
Bo Melton — 4.39 & 4.34
Skyy Moore — 4.39 & 4.41
Jalen Nailor — 4.47 & 4.46

Not great times for Treylon Burks. Yes, he’s a bigger receiver. But I’m not sure you can justify an unofficial 4.50 and a 33 inch vertical in the first round — let alone the early first round.

Calvin Austin and Velus Jones — two players I had rated in round three, both ran superbly. I will need to adjust my grade on David Bell after two disappointing runs in the 4.6’s.

Jahan Dotson looked terrific running the gauntlet. So smooth, so confident.

The receiver jumps have been published.

Vertical jumps:

Alec Pierce — 40.5
Calvin Austin — 39
Ty Fryfogle — 39
Kevin Austin — 39
Christian Watson — 38.5
Bo Melton — 38
Jalen Nailor — 38
Erik Ezukanma — 36.5
Jahan Dotson — 36
Wan’Dale Robinson — 34.5
Braylon Sanders — 34.5
Skyy Moore — 34.5
Dontario Drummond — 34
Da’Jean Dixon — 34
Danny Gray — 34
Kyle Phillips — 33.5
Charleston Rambo — 33.5
George Pickens — 33
Velus Jones — 33
David Bell — 33
Treylon Burks — 33
Slade Bolden — 32
Chris Olave — 32
Johnny Johnson — 32
Makai Polk — 31
Reggie Robinson — 29

Broad jumps:

Christian Watson — 11-4
Calvin Austin — 11-3
Isaiah Weston — 11-3
Devon Williams — 11-1
Kevin Austin — 11
Tyquan Thornton — 10-10
Jalen Nailor — 10-8
Ty Fryfogle — 10-7
Erik Ezukanma — 10-6
Danny Gray — 10-6
Skyy Moore — 10-5
Mike Woods — 10-5
Dai’Jean Dixon — 10-5
Khalil Shakir — 10-4
Garrett Wilson — 10-3
Jalen Tolbert — 10-3
Dontario Drummond — 10-2
Treylon Burks — 10-2
Velus Jones — 10-1
Jahan Dotson — 10-1
Bo Melton — 10-1
Braylon Sanders — 10-1
Johnny Johnson — 10-1
David Bell — 9-10
Wan’Dale Robinson — 9-10
Charleston Rambo — 9-10
Slade Bolden — 9-8
Tre Turner — 9-5

Here are the jumps from the tight ends…

Vertical jump:

Isaiah Likely — 36
Chig Okonkwo — 35.5
Curtis Hodges — 34.5
Daniel Bellinger — 34.5
Austin Allen — 34
Greg Dulcich — 34
Chase Allen 33.5
Trey McBride — 33
Connor Heyward — 32.5
Peyton Hendershot — 32.5
Jake Ferguson — 31.5
Jeremiah Hall — 29
Cole Turner — 27

Broad jump:

Daniel Bellinger — 10-5
Greg Dulcich — 10-2
Austin Allen — 10-1
Cole Turner — 10
Jake Ferguson — 9-10
Curtis Hodges — 9-9
Chase Allen — 9-9
Peyton Hendershot — 9-9
Trey McBride — 9-9
Jeremiah Hall — 9-3

Not a great set of jumps from the TE’s.

I like the way Jack Coan is throwing. Kaleb Eleby is throwing a little too hard at times.

It’s very difficult to track who is catching the football during these drills. The camera angles are poor and they keep splitting the screen to do interviews. Thus, the presenters are not talking about the players.

Bring back Mayock next year, please.

Treylon Burks looks like he’s carrying too much bad weight. He looks heavy and sluggish.

Sam Howell isn’t doing anything to convince me he’s little more than a fourth rounder. Cole Kelley looks better. Even on the deep-out he threw out of bounds, then short and incomplete. Just poor.

Skyy Moore had a really nice grab on his deep route, completing the catch with his fingertips at full stretch on the run. I think Coan has done the best job throwing deep so far. He just had a superb fade pass, perfectly placed.

That ends the first group session of quarterbacks and receivers. The NFL Network coverage has been unimpressive. Too much time interviewing a child about his podcast and taking the piss out of Michael Irvin’s polo-shirt. Not enough time assessing what we’re actually seeing on the field and — given the camera angles — who we’re seeing.

Here are the quarterback jumps:

Vertical jumps:

Desmond Ridder — 36
EJ Perry — 34.5
Kenny Pickett — 33.5
Jack Coan — 33
Bailey Zappe — 30
Brock Purdy — 27
Kaleb Eleby — 25.5

Broad jumps:

Desmond Ridder — 10-7
EJ Perry — 10-3
Kenny Pickett — 10-1
Jack Coan — 9-7
Skylar Thompson — 9-4
Kaleb Eleby — 9-3
Bailey Zappe — 9-1

Fair play to Jack Coan. Not only did he throw the best from group one, he’s a better athlete than anyone expected.

Forty yard dash times (quarterbacks)

EJ Perry — 4.60 & 4.68
Kenny Pickett — 4.67 & 4.69
Brock Purdy — 4.81 & 4.76
Desmond Ridder — 4.50 & 4.49
Skylar Thompson — 4.89 & 4.86
Bailey Zappe — 4.83 & 4.78

Desmond Ridder looks in fantastic shape and is having a big-time day in terms of testing. That will make a difference in a class with no clear QB1.

Forty yard dash times (receivers)

Chris Olave — 4.26 & DNP
Kyle Phillips — 4.50 & 4.53
George Pickens — 4.43 & 4.40
Alec Pierce — 4.33 & DNP
Makai Polk — 4.50 & 4.59
Charleston Rambo — 4.53 & 4.51
Wan’Dale Robinson — 4.38 & DNP
Braylon Sanders — 4.42 & 4.47
Khalil Shakir — 4.35 & 4.40
Tyquan Thornton — 4.21 & DNP
Jalen Tolbert — 4.50 & 4.44
Tre Turner — 4.44 & 4.50
Christian Watson — 4.28 & 4.31
Isaiah Weston — 4.39 & 4.43
Devon Williams — 4.63 & DNP
Garrett Wilson — 4.37 & DNP
Michael Woods II — 4.55 & 4.50

Didn’t expect that from Chris Olave. Wow. He’ll be a first round pick with that time. He might as well go home now. Ditto Garrett Wilson.

Alec Pierce and Wan’Dale Robinson are two players I’ve been rating higher than most. They both ran superbly too.

Tyquan Thornton’s 4.21 — if it stands — is a new combine record.

The tight end agility testing results are coming in…

Three cone:

Austin Allen — 7.00
Chase Allen — 7.03
Jake Ferguson — 7.03
Greg Dulcich — 7.05
Daniel Bellinger — 7.05
Cole Turner — 7.06
Curtis Hodges — 7.14
Jeremiah Hall — 7.43

Those times under 7.10 are the ones to focus on. They will be the players on Seattle’s radar.

It’s very disappointing how few players did the three cone.

More did the short shuttle:

Peyton Hendershot — 4.25
Austin Allen — 4.26
Curtis Hodges — 4.28
Greg Dulcich — 4.37
Cole Turner — 4.41
Chase Allen — 4.43
Daniel Bellinger — 4.47
Jake Ferguson — 4.48
Isaiah Likely — 4.57
Jeremiah Hall — 4.62

Back to the WR/QB drills — I like the way Alec Pierce cupped his hands to the ball during the gauntlet. Garrett Wilson’s technique was a bit odd. He jumped to catch every gauntlet pass.

Wan’Dale Robinson’s body type reminds me a bit of Golden Tate. Very thick, sturdy. He just made a fantastic low catch on a bad, low throw from Carson Strong (who, for some reason, keeps throwing low).

Kenny Pickett has started well in this throwing session.

Malik Willis and Carson Strong both showed off strong arms in the deep-passing drills. Kenny Pickett’s were a bit flatter. Not bad just nothing special. Ridder’s second deep throw was a lot better than his first, that was too inside and fluttered.

Strong and Willis threw the last two passes and launched them downfield. Strong needed to show off a bit after a mediocre Senior Bowl. Willis matched his deepest throw in terms of distance.

On the second set of deep-balls, Pickett looked a bit stronger. Ridder ripped it downfield on his second rep. Strong underthrew his first and then overthrew his second on the throws to the right hand side of the field. Willis was the star on the deep throws overall — he was the most consistently strong in this areas. He appears to be separating from the group due to his physical upside.

Daniel Jeremiah treats the broadcast like the boys are having beers and tries to crack too many jokes.

I wish we’d seen more of the drills during this second session. It felt like there were more commercials.

That concludes day one of the combine. I’ll end the live blog for today. Stay tuned for my reaction article (posted soon) and don’t forget to join us tomorrow for live coverage of the running back and O-line drills (TEF day).

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  1. Hawk Finn

    Seems like a very athletic and deep TE class. I’m particularly intrigued by Deese as a later round talent. Curious to see how he tests.

    • Rob Staton

      Deese wasn’t invited to the combine. One of several bizarre decisions.

  2. ShowMeYourHawk

    For the first time in a while, I really don’t care about the WR class. I’m all about TE today.

    Ruckert, Deese, Calcaterra, Turner, Likely and Wydermyer are all guys I’m eager to see do their thing. We so badly need to improve our TE situation….

    • TCHawk

      Plus Otton and Kolar!

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        For sure. I’m thinking more mid/late round value. Otton is more a morbid curiosity to me, due to the injury history.

    • Ashish

      Drafting good TE and then utilizing them in game time – two challenges

  3. no frickin clue


    If everyone sees how poor this QB class is, and does their level-best to hang on to their existing QBs, do you see a case for teams to say “well, if I can’t upgrade at QB, maybe I can upgrade our QB protection”. Which maybe means bidding wars on offensive linemen in free agency?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure they’d do that. I think what is more likely is we see a better than expected market for the Bridgewater and Trubisky types and then teams reaching for QB’s in the draft.

      • Simo

        Seems like this happens every year, no? Teams often severely overpay for mediocre QB’s like Bridgewater and Trubisky. Why? Because they have nobody better! Teams also reach for QB’s in the draft every year, since the teams without one of the 8-10 franchise QB types are always trying to find one.

        I suppose no frickin clue’s point has some merit though. If teams can’t obtain a top 10 QB, then perhaps they provide their middling QB with better protection and/or better weapons in hopes this raises the bar.

        Not sure this is a great substitute for having a Russell Wilson!

    • Peter

      Honestly a pretty interesting idea I haven’t thought of but makes sense.

  4. ShowMeYourHawk

    Kenny Pickett’s official hand measurement is 8.5 inches. Whoa. That’s a great measurement in association with the adult film industry, but not for your starting QB….

    • Palatypus

      That’s some Deadpool hands right there.

      • CaptainJack


        Amazing comment.

        Maybe he can make a career pivot?

      • Thomas Wells

        Carny hands. Probably smells of cabbage

    • Happy Hawk

      Very small hands plus he had 26 fumbles while at Pitt = oh boy

  5. JJ

    Are the guys not testing due to injury or choosing not to test?

    • Rob Staton

      Well, Sam Howell said he’s going to throw but not test. Drake London says he’s waiting until pro-dat. Stingley isn’t 100% after injury, ditto Linderbaum. So a mix.

    • TomLPDX

      Seems strange so many of the QBs are opting out of testing. What’s the point of being there then other than the interviews and medicals.

      • briangri

        To be fair, most experts say that the order of importance is medicals > interviews > field workouts / testing, so there is still a real reason to be there. Just isn’t as enjoyable for us fans.

    • Cdalt0

      Drake London is about 4 months out from a very similar leg injury to Quandre Diggs. Makes sense for him to wait as long as possible before doing any explosive testing.

  6. cha


    Adam Schefter
    Seahawks’ free-agent-to-be safety Quandre Diggs is expected to be fully cleared from his ankle injury for all football activities in June, per sources. Diggs broke his ankle in week 17 of the NFL season but his doctors say he is recovering well.

  7. V

    Kentucky WR Wan’Dale Robinson:

    178 pounds
    27 5/8″ arms
    9″ hands

    • TCHawk

      Bummer! T-Rex 2.0

    • HawkFan907

      Those might be the shortest arms ever recorded at the combine

    • Big Mike

      Yet bigger hands than Kenny Pickett

  8. Gaux Hawks

    Thoughts on Tindall (41) vs Reddick (FA)? Are they even comparable?

    For example, if Lucas/Mafe/Wyatt/Winfrey/Tindall/etc were still on the board at 41 (assuming we cut Wagner)… would we be a more complete team with Brooks/Tindall or Brooks/Reddick + 41?

    Easy to plug in C. Jones and C. Campbell. And Rob sold me on Tindall, but can we replace him in FA?

    • Rob Staton

      Tindall and Reddick are different players

      Tindall for me is a Mike or Will. Reddick more of a SAM in Seattle.

      They could try him at OLB but he would be smaller and shorter in length than they’ve had before.

    • Mick

      I’d take him at 41 if we had a first round pick. I’m not saying Tindall isn’t a great player, but I doubt we’ll fix DE, DT, OT, CB, RB and C through free agency and I consider those a bigger need than LB. We had Bobby and KJ who were both great and that didn’t make us a top D. I hope one of the top DT or DE slips this year to 41. There’s some depth at LB in later rounds that would be just enough for us.

    • WallaSean

      I like the idea of Reddick, I think they will be interested. They love that SAM role and are always trying to fill it.

  9. Ace

    Thoughts on Isaiah Spiller? Bob Condotta reporting the Seahawks met with him.

    • TomLPDX

      He can explode through a hole as long as it is huge, otherwise he gets stopped in his tracks. Saw it happen too many times last year. Just like I saw TE Wydermyer drop too many passes that hit his hands.

    • Rob Staton

      Not a huge Spiller fan.

      And people — meeting with players isn’t going to mean anything. Teams meet with a ton of guys

      • Rob4q

        What about Kennedy Brooks, RB from Oklahoma? He has some pretty good tape…

        And yeah, I just don’t get the lack of interest in Ty Davis-Price – he looks legit!

        • Rob Staton

          Wasn’t blown away by Brooks

  10. Bmseattle

    If the thought is that Russ might be traded *next* year, perhaps this is the draft JS picks a true developmental QB?

    • Peter

      If they are going to trase him next year than do it this year and get as good as possible everywhere else. Fans can argue about his value all they want but a two year control salary is more enticing than one. And if I am wrong and Wilson is really regressing another down year isn’t going to make him more valuable.

      Thought experiment? Besides Jimmy G and his relative success are there any other qb’s that are being developed anymore? I honestly can’t think if one.

    • Denver Hawker

      I don’t see it, they need picks and investments at other positions with such a thin roster. As much as I don’t like it, I saw a quote from JS or Pete yesterday that they want to resign Geno. I’m also not sure any of these QBs are worth holding a roster spot for developing. I can see other QB needy teams rolling the dice though.

      • Bmseattle

        Corbin and Rang (on their podcast) talked up Sam Howell as a guy who wouldnt be ready right away, but could develop.
        They also made the argument that drafting a QB could push Russ into a career year (as per Aaron Rodgers a couple years back).

        I could see them trading a 2023 pick to move into a spot to draft a guy…if there is someone they think has potential.
        Im not sayimg there is, or.that Howell.would be that guy, tho.

        • Rob Staton

          Howell 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

          They won’t waste a pick on a poor man’s Baker

        • Peter

          Or it could push Wilson from happy go lucky dork into self created victim hood and we can hear his thoughts on a variety of topics such as: is a guy who makes a quarter billion throwing a ball the real victim in todays world?

          Jokes aside though “could develop?” This is what I am getting at qb’s start today they don’t sit and get better. Certainly not now when coaches and whole systems change so much more rapidly than ever before. Say they draft a guy to develop and then get canned in two years? Would a new regime want that player?

  11. Palatypus

    “So, you don’t want to do the bench press today? That’s alright. We already know you’re the weakest one.”

    • Rob Staton

      That’s not it though

      The whole exercise is dumb. It is ridiculous to do before on-field drills due to the DOMS

      Plus a 225lbs bench press is not that impressive if you are 300lbs. It is insane if you are doing multiple reps at 190lbs.

      It is not a sign of strength for the bigger guys. It is cardio.

      Just get rid of it. Do the powerball that they use for SPARQ

      • Peter

        Powerball. Or like I said get cheap and just have the big boys do pullups. Way harder for a 300lber to pull themselves up then less than bodyweight bench presses.

      • Palatypus

        Just take off your shirt and flex for Pete Carrol,

        Win the staring contest with JS.

        You’re done. No need to do anything else.

        • Peter

          Seahawks with a cardboard cut out of a bus. Just go ahead and walk out like ut’s game day.

          • Palatypus

            I suppose you could just use. a cardboard cutout of yourself doing the bench press.

            Or maybe play battleship with Death.

    • WallaSean

      They should just pay them, all or nothing, If you are injured show up and take the 0. They would also get the benefit of some of the knuckleheads getting arrested, or riding new ATV’s before the draft.

  12. cha

    On the RW talk, compare the Seahawks brass answers with how Josh McDaniel answered about Derek Carr

    Some of the ‘Russ isn’t being traded’ banged a bit about the comments yesterday, and apparently refused to see that nobody absolutely shut down Russ trade talk.

    They don’t “intend” to trade Russell Wilson? Great.

    JS joked that he has to keep his relationship up with these GMs, almost as if he’s obligated to NOT shut down the talk. There’s an easy way to say Russ is not available and still be polite.

  13. Blitzy the Clown

    Humans first, athletes second. Good on you Mailk Willis.

    • Peter

      Blitzy wrong link i think? This is coverage of the war in ukraine not if willis handing out his gear to a homeless person.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Oops my bad. Stupid twitter auto scroll.

        Here’s the correct one. Thanks Peter

        • Palatypus

          One of the weird things about the Senior Bowl is that it is like a convention for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. You know, those guys that always pray together after a game is over. They have LOTS of events featuring players and Malick’s face was plastered everywhere.

          I guess that’s what happens when you go to Jerry Fallwell’s university. Despite his son’s behavior.

  14. Big Mike

    I know it’s unlikely but I still feel there’s an outside chance the Seahawks and Raiders make a deal involving Carr and Wilson. It’s the only scenario that makes sense for Seattle and a trade partner.

  15. Cover2

    I’m interested in seeing how Norte Dame QB Jack Coan preforms. I know he looked good in the East/West Shrine game. His teammate, Kyle Hamilton, compared him to Patriots QB Mac Jones. Coan should be a decent athlete, considering he had a scholarship offer to play lacrosse when he was in high school. He is a QB that I would like to possibly take a flier on in the 4th or 5th round.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Coan. He is what he is. Limited physically. He isn’t exciting. He probably doesn’t have the tools to succeed at the next level.

      But at Notre Dame he generally did a good job running the offense and getting the ball to where it needed to go. So it’s worth a day three pick to see if he can do that at the next level.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Coan reminds me a bit of Alex Smith.

      • KennyBadger

        Definitely the mold of ex Wisconsin qbs (ND not withstanding) in terms of backups- sorgi, bollinger, Samuel. Capable, smart, but low skill. Darrell Bevell as a coordinator..

    • Sea Mode

      Saw Lance tweeting about him earlier as his “sleeper” in this class. Then he added this:

      Lance Zierlein

      People ask why I see Jack Coan as a potential sleeper and it’s because he profiles as one:
      * NFL size/arm strength
      * Slides & climbs in the pocket
      * 43 TDs/12 INTs his last 2 years
      * 58% 8 TDs/2 INTs on intermediate throws
      * 68% 13TDs/3INTs last 5 games

      He is getting better.

  16. HawkFan907

    Two RBs I could see the Seahawks begin interested in are Tyler Allgeier and Abram Smith.

    Both are violent runners that posted great numbers this last year.

    Both are former LBs and can provide immediate ST value.

    Both break a lot of tackles.

    Allgeier runs like Rashaad Penny and Smith runs like Chris Carson.

    Pass protection isn’t an issue for either.

    Both should be available at the top of Rd. 4 if they run as expected. If either touches the 4.4s, then they’ll likely need to be snatched up in Rd. 3.

    • Rob Staton

      The only RB I’ve seen in this class who runs like Chris Carson is Dameon Pierce

      • HawkFan907

        Let’s just hope he is smarter in the weight room, amiright?

  17. Blitzy the Clown

    Ya know, all things being equal, I think I’d rather roll with Malik Willis than Trey Lance.

    That’s probably more criticism of the 49er FO than praise of Willis, but nonetheless I think Willis > Lance as a pro QB prospect.

  18. Sea Mode

    Finally, common sense prevails and the league gave in.


    Effective immediately, the NFL and NFLPA have suspended all COVID-19 protocols.

    • TomLPDX

      Common sense? C’mon Seamode.

  19. Sea Mode

    Let’s get the action going on the field! First 40 going down! Who’s hanging out here watching…?

  20. Rob Staton

    Updating the blog as the results come in.

    Keep refreshing & commenting

    • Sea Mode


  21. Blitzy the Clown

    Dulcich with a decent 40 for a guy his size

    I’m lovin this TE class

    • HawkFan907

      I feel like the Jets are grabbing a TE at the top of Rd. 2. Dulcich would be a great fit.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Him or McBride will be the first TE off the board and early R2 sounds reasonable for either.

  22. Sea Mode

    Nice time for Dulcich at 6-4, 243, who by the way also has 33 3/8″ arms.

    BTW, measurements here for reference:

  23. Blitzy the Clown

    “Peter, tell us what you mean by ‘inline’ TE”

    Seriously? GMAFB 🙄

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Wait I think that was Jeremiah Risen asked

    • Rob Staton


    • Sea Mode

      I’ve just got it muted.

    • cha

      GMFB is unwatchable. I don’t get it.

      I get about 15 minutes in the AM to watch while I’m eating my cereal and I can’t get a single thing about actual football. It’s interviewing a movie star about their fandom or ‘the Rams haven’t been to the super bowl since 1985 – which movie won the Best Picture Oscar in 1985?’


      • icb12

        You’re doing it wrong. One does not watch GMFB with the sound on, and one does not watch GMFB with the intention of receiving anything useful about the game of football. One watches GMFB for one reason and one reason only; to view the goddess that is Kay Adams.

  24. Blitzy the Clown

    Bellinger is an interesting Day 3 option at TE.

  25. Sea Mode

    Wow, Jelani moving at that size!

    Wow, there are 3 really tall TEs this year:

    Jelani Woods: 6-7, 259, 34 1/8 arm

    Austin Allen: 6-8, 253, 33 5/8 arm

    Curtis Hodges: 6-8, 257, 34 1/2 arm

  26. Blitzy the Clown

    Hey Petey Petey!

  27. Sea Mode

    Who is the QB underthrowing all these TEs here…? Come on!

  28. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice catch by Jelani Woods to go with a fast 40

  29. Sea Mode

    Welp, the sleds are back. 🙄

    Likely has a nice-looking build.

  30. Sea Mode

    Hodges did well in the first run of the gauntlet to my eye. Very in control.

    Excellent from Jelani and good from Wydermyer as well.

    • Sea Mode

      Dulcich much better on the 2nd gauntlet. Caught the last ball behind his head without slowing down. Well done. (He missed a low pass at his thighs on the first run.)

      Jake Ferguson and Heyward nice hands.

      Hodges again with the best body control (running straight line), but I thought I saw his hands a bit labored on a couple grabs. Not sure yet.

  31. uptop

    Dulcich looked soooo smooth and nice

  32. Sea Mode

    Looks like Dulcich got bumped down to a 4.70 fwiw…

  33. Sea Mode

    Yeah, he’s a real standout athlete.

    Josh Norris

    11’3″ broad jump by Memphis WR Calvin Austin

    At 5’8/170 lbs

    That ties him for 9th best among all WRs at the NFL Combine since 2008

    • Peter

      Really enjoying everyone’s comments and always stoked to see someone with great numbers but it’s hard for me to pay too much attention to today.

      WR seems really off the board. And TE the way Seattle uses them seems like a 4th or 5th round pick at best. And there’s some really good ones too.

  34. Sea Mode

    Hodges, Heyward, McBride, Wydermyer moved great in that drill.

    Dulcich and Jelani Woods outstanding.

    I didn’t really like the way Likely moved in that one.

    • Rob Staton

      Really? I loved the way Likely attacked his route

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Same. So far Likely passes the eye test nicely

        • JimQ

          If y’all watch any game tape of TE-likely & *you should*, he’s a keeper – but be sure to also watch Grayson McCall, his uber efficient QB. (2021 Season: #1 in FBS in QBR (207.65), with a 73% completion rate) at Costal Carolina (an ascending top-20 program) McCall will be in the draft next year. He reminds me of a Mac Jones with a much stronger arm (#1 in FBS in 2021 in passing yards –per attempt– with 11.9.)
          McCall is also pretty mobile (4 rushing TD’s) and elusive.

      • Sea Mode

        Seemed to me like he took a lot of extra steps and kind of hunched over and flails/scoots his body when he runs. Didn’t seem particularly explosive out of his break to me either.

        But I can’t argue with his production this past season. I guess if he gets it done, who cares what he looks like when he runs.

  35. Blitzy the Clown

    So far for me I like these TEs in this order


    Ferguson and Hendershot are ok too.

  36. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice catch by Wydermyer

  37. Sea Mode

    For me it’s Dulcich, Woods, McBride, Wydermyer, and Likely.

    McBride with only 32 1/2″ arms, but if he’s the best blocker of the bunch (and probably the smoothest catcher too), then maybe that can be forgiven?

    Heyward looks great catching the ball, but I’m just not sure he’ll have much to offer at the next level with his limited profile.

    Hodges has also done well, but doesn’t have as much college production. Was he underused? Is there more there? Can he run at all?

  38. Sea Mode

    Finally, some speed!

  39. Sea Mode

    Gray looked like he stumbled or pulled up a bit but could run even faster. 4.2s reachable.

  40. TCHawk

    Gray is testing every bit as fast as his tape shows. I like him in the late rounds.

  41. HawkFan907

    DJ says there is no way Skyy Moore gets out of Rd. 2. I’ll have to watch some more tape. Great times, and great measurements. He has opened some eyes today.

    • HawkFan907

      Skyy with a great snag away from his body.

    • Rob Staton

      DJ says a lot of things

      • Sea Mode

        And, perhaps worse still, thinks he is funny…

        • Rob Staton

          My god, the “jokes” from both of them have been dreadful today.

  42. Sea Mode

    Get on with the drills already. What’s the holdup?

  43. Shibu

    This is likely a pretty ignorant comparison on my part because I’m not super familiar with the play styles of either much, but how much does Treylon Burks compare to Tee Higgins? On his comparison is to A.J. Brown, but at least just looking at the numbers from today and Higgins pro day:

    Treylon Burks
    Height: 6’2″
    Weight: 225 lbs
    40 time: 4.5
    Vertical: 33″
    Broad: 122″

    Tee Higgins
    Height: 6’4″
    Weight: 216 lbs
    40 time: 4.59
    Vertical: 31″
    Broad: 123″

    Do who remember Higgins at Clemson and are familiar with Burks see some potential similarities and athleticism and play style, and could Higgins be used as a fair comparison on what Burks could be at the next level?

    • Shibu

      Do those who remember*

      potential similarities in athleticism and play style*

    • Henry Taylor

      Completely different players, Higgins is a classic outside possession reciever, Burks fits the Deebo Samuel/AJ Brown ‘power slot’ type.

  44. Sea Mode

    Wow. Jahan Dotson impressive. I will be watching a lot more of him.

  45. Sea Mode

    Josh Norris

    North Dakota State WR Christian Watson’s 11’4″ broad jump is tied for 6th best among all WRs at the NFL Combine since 2006

    At 6’4/208 lbs

    • Sea Mode

    • Sea Mode

      Marcus Mosher
      · 15m

      38.5 inch vertical for WR Christian Watson.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        He must be using the ATG method by Ben Patrick, aka Kneesovertoesguy on YouTube. I have no affiliation, but truly believe in his work and think many athletes would be a lot better in terms of lower body health and explosive traits if implementing some of his routine.

  46. Sea Mode

    Meh from the Ohio St. duo.

    Dan Hope

    Early workout numbers for Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson at the NFL Scouting Combine:

    Vertical Jump:
    Wilson – 36”
    Olave – 32”

    Broad Jump:
    Olave – 10’4”
    Wilson – 10‘3”

    • Rob Staton

      Never bought the hype, personally

      • Sea Mode

        Ridder jumped further than them…10’7”

        • Peter

          Ridder doesn’t het the love because he played for Cincy and then they looked terrible against Alabama. Terrible QB class but he seems like the least likely to make a mess of himself at the next level.

          • Rob Staton

            Well, he’s also very patchy when it comes to accuracy. Very erratic.

    • uptop

      Olave 4.26

  47. Sea Mode

    Again, Dotson instant 0-60 acceleration. Effortless.

  48. Sea Mode

    Man, that Kevin Austin is chiseled.

  49. Mike

    Treylon burks looks like a bust waiting to happen

    • Rob Staton

      He looks like he’s carrying bad weight

      • Mike

        Yeah he looks chubby… and the nfl network analyst are comparing him to deebo sanders?!?! That seems like a terrible comp

        • Rob Staton

          NFL Network needs Mayock back pronto

          • Mike

            I agree, it would be nice to hear something besides over the top positives. Treylon burks looks more like a faster hunter bryant and I don’t think that’s a first round pick.

            • Rob Staton

              He looked more R3 today

              • Mike

                👍 totally agree, wish someone on NFL network would say that.
                Volume off is the way to go

      • Cover2

        I heard a draft analyst say that Treylon’s teammates would give him a hard time about being chubby.

        For me, a skill position player with chubby or undefined arms is a bit of a red flag. Former big body wide receivers that ate themselves out of the NFL… Mike Williams and Kelvin Benjamin.

  50. Sea Mode

    Just a heads up, Velus Jones turns 25 in May. Probably going to knock him down a round or two from what his pure grade might be.

    And I don’t think he has very good hands. Probably ends up a day 3 return specialist IMO.

  51. Rob Staton

    I measured my hand size today.

    9 inches. Same as Joe Burrow.

    Get me in the league…

    • Sea Mode

      😂 I just checked mine. Same.

      And I’ve got 32 inch arm length! 6-2, 215. Seattle CB room, here I come…

      • Peter

        Just to pile on kenny “hand exercises,” pickett….i’m giving a half foot in height on him and have a fraction under 9 inch hands.

    • Sea Mode

      I am also super curious if I could run a sub 5 second 40. I would think I could match the average Joe QB, but then again, these are NFL athletes.

      • Rob Staton

        When I was 16, I could run a fantastic 100m. I was a really fast, powerful sprinter.

        Now I’d probably fall over half-way through a forty.

  52. uptop

    Desmond Ridder 4.5 flat

    Wow, hes gonna be a starter in the nfl.

    • Peter


  53. Sea Mode

    Ok, that’s special from Olave.

    IIRC, Reggie Robertson coming up can really run too.

    • Sea Mode

      Albert Breer

      I’ve been a little hesitant to say this … but the guy Olave has reminded me of all along is Terry Glenn. And he’ll blow teams away in his meetings, and his OSU coaches LOVE him.

      Maybe he lasts into the 20s. But he shouldn’t. 📈📈📈

  54. uptop

    Pierce 4.33

    Blog favorite coming up. Really like the guy.

    • Rob Staton

      Excellent player

      Probably goes too early for Seattle now

      • uptop

        Some dumb team is going to draft him too early because of Cooper Kupp. Copy cat league

        • Peter

          Probably so. Though there’s pretty much thing that they have in common. And it’s not explosive testing. Or college production.

          • uptop

            I would take pierce at 41 if we miss out on the DLs

            • Peter

              Rob has some really interesting olinemen i’m starting to covet there. But..

              I could see it. And if they traded metcalf for an extra one and a 4? I’d do it and I love metcalf.

  55. Rob Staton

    I’ve updated the live blog with TE three cone times

    Some very good numbers from the disappointingly few players who did the test

    • upton

      Jake Ferguson will be a seahawk

  56. Sea Mode

    Anyone know what’s up with the bumps on the shoulders of the shirts? Sensors? Padding?

  57. cha

    Commanders are thirsty

    according to a source, Washington has reached out to every team to inquire about a quarterback’s availability and the cost. The team started its search with a list of 42 quarterbacks.

    • Peter

      That’s strange. With a draft of Willis, Corral, pickett in it.

  58. Peter


    Very excited to see Eze test. You’ve spoke higly of a few linemen but after lustening to your great conversation you posted I’m not sure if you knew how evident it sounded in your excitement for him. Vines for arms….

    I’m all defense primed this draft but him at 41?…i think I’d take that.

  59. Sea Mode

    Dulcich with the 80 3/4 wingspan too.
    Jelani 82
    Wydermyer 81
    Hodges 83 1/4 !

  60. uptop

    Khalil Shakir is fun. Nice hands and fast. I’m going to take a deeper look but could be a D2-3 target.

    Just gotta say, I love the sound of the Gauntlet drill, of the balls hitting the hands. So satisfying

  61. Sea Mode

    Garrett Wilson jumping for each catch in the gauntlet was surprising. Didn’t he train for this…?

  62. Sea Mode

    So far three guys from this 2nd WR group have caught my eye so far, will continue to watch in the deep throws:

    Michael Woods: fast get off
    Reggie Robertson: fast, great low catch
    Christian Watson: beast athlete

    • Sea Mode

      Woods again with a great deep snag.

    • Sea Mode

      Watson with the deep drop.

    • Sea Mode

      Roberson had trouble tracking a catchable deep ball over his shoulder.

  63. cha

    Your proposal is bad and you should feel bad.

    • bmseattle

      the definition of paying for past performance.

      • Mike

        But why? You can pay other players. Bryan fails to take into account the opportunity cost of missing out on another player you can do a similar deal with.

  64. Palatypus

    I remember standing there in the pouring rain at the Senior Bowl watching Calvin Austin doing razor sharp cuts in it and thinking “If this guy runs well at the combine, he’ll be a first-round draft pick.

    Well, he’s done everything well so far and with that forty time I don’t think he lasts past the Raiders 22 who need a replacement for Ruggs.

  65. Sea Mode

    My favorite players from today that I want to study further:


    Greg Dulcich, UCLA: worth our first pick? Cause that’s what it would likely take to get him. Probably not, but he’s really good.

    Trey McBride, Colorado St.: silky smooth pass catcher and knows how to block. I also think he goes too early for us to someone looking for a move TE. 32 1/2 inch arms might deter them anyways?

    Jelani Woods, Virginia: I could see PC falling in love with him as a unique player. There are not a lot of 6-7 guys that move and catch the ball like he can.

    Curtis Hodges, Arizona State: speaking of unique, this guy has size and length you can’t teach. Outstanding short area agility for his size and caught the ball well. Was he underutilized or is he just not good enough? I am intrigued to find out.

    Jalen Wydermyer, Texas A&M: If I had to guess right now which TE they like the most, I think it’s probably him. How long does he last into the middle rounds of this draft might be the only question as to whether or not he ends up a Seahawk.


    Jahan Dotson, Penn St.: I think he’s the real deal. Unfortunately, hard to see the Seahawks spending a pick on him as early as I think he will go after spending their first pick last year on a WR.

    Christian Watson, ND St.: upside through the roof. If he lasts long enough, there could come a point where he has simply too much potential to pass on, especially if they decide to play the waiting game with extending DK.

    Mike Woods, Oklahoma: ran 4.50, but looked much faster in drills, at least in his get off, and had at least two spectacular grabs in the drills. Doesn’t have the production they love either, probably wont become your #1, but there’s just something about him maybe as a #2 or #3. Aggressive blocker. I could see them spending a R5-R7 pick on him and him contributing on ST.

  66. Sea Mode

    Thanks for the live coverage, Rob. Enjoyed comparing notes in real time. Can’t believe you’re doing a reaction piece as well right away.

    Any word from Robbie, btw?

    Excited for TEF day tomorrow, although I fear if many opt out of the bench or jumps then we won’t be able to calculate their scores until pro day. Here’s to hoping most of them participate.

  67. Nano

    Re: Russ–

    He’s signed extensions ahead of the final year of his current deal. And that’s kind of the expectation nowadays with marquee players.

    If you think there’s any chance you can’t ink him next offseason, don’t you have to trade him–at least, if you’re keeping in mind a mid-range plan for the organization?

    The “no viable option at QB” seems a bit myopic. There’s no rule that says the trade that sends Russ somewhere is where you have to get the heir apparent.

    I personally think he won’t sign an extension, unless the Hawks make it to the super bowl or something this season. Which is highly doubtful.

    Plus, I think the Hawks would be foolish to not consider 3 firsts, a second or two, and Jalen Hurts. Hurts is better than Tarvaris was by a long shot, and probably better than Hasselbeck in his last year here. He’s only 23, and he accounted for like 4,000 yards and 26 touchdowns on an Eagles team that wasn’t exactly stacked with weapons. At least, not polished ones.

    • Rob Staton

      Hurts isn’t good.

      If the Eagles give up that for Wilson, it tells you all you need to know.

      A deal I would be interested in is two firsts, two seconds and Chase Young from Washington.

      But then you’re one of the teams without a QB.

      • Nano

        Russ was as old as a rookie as Hurts is now. It seems a little harsh to make such a declaration this early. But fair enough. This is worth watching, a strong case is made for the Eagles to go after Russ:

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not harsh though, is it?

          Hurts hasn’t shown anything to make me believe he is a future franchise QB. Not at Alabama, Oklahoma or Philadelphia.

          Is he completely useless? No. Is he ever going to lead you to the promise land? Again, no.

          And that’s the crux of the matter.

          I’ll say again. If Philly trade what you suggested, that tells you everything you need to know about Jalen Hurts.

          You’re accepting a player the Eagles think they need to deal a kings ransom to replace.

          • Nano

            To be completely intellectually honest, your argument automatically nullifies the value of any QB that could be part of a trade package, does it not?

            Yah, Russ is a lot, lot better. Several first round draft picks better. I’m talking about a hedge with some potential. I’d rather go with Hurts for a year or so than David Carr or anyone in the draft class.

            Though, I do like the UNC guy, Howell, more than anyone else, it seems.

            • Rob Staton

              Of course it doesn’t.

              There are players you could potentially acquire who are superior to Hurts, and yet are worse than Wilson. Carr is one for sure. I’m not a big fan of Derek Carr but I can appreciate he is a lot better than Hurts.

              Like I said in my last reply, at no point in his career has he looked like a QB who can lead you to the promise land. For me it’d be Tarvaris Jackson mark II. He was a second round pick as well, back in the day.

              I’d prefer to shoot a shot with Willis or Ridder. Maybe even Pickett.

              Howell is bang average IMO. Fourth round type.

              • Nano

                Cool. Ya, I’d rather roll with any of those rookies than Hurts. But it felt like anathema to make a case for any of the rookies. I’m 5’9″, and I have bigger hands than Pickett. 🙂

                The line of reason about Russ being unlikely to sign an extension is still in the back of my mind, though. Time value of money, or, in this case, draft picks, matters.

                My worst case scenario is another (at best) mediocre season in 2022 with Russ, and then he actually forces his way out next year, when there’s no guarantee that so many teams will be desperate for a vet QB.

                But your thoughts about waiting to see how free agency pans out are wise, I think. We’ll know a lot in a few weeks.

                Thanks for your responses. You’re the best Seahawks journalist, by a fuggin’ lot.

  68. Sea Mode

    Were they perhaps deliberately being generous with the on-screen stopwatch in order to generate more excitement for faster times?

    · 3m

    OFFICIAL 40 times:

    Baylor WR Tyquan Thornton: 4.28
    Ohio State WR Chris Olave: 4.39

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