LIVE BLOG: Combine day six (DB workouts)


— Byron Jones records best broad jump since 2003 (12’3″)
— UConn’s Jones also posts a 44.5 inch vertical, but won’t run
— Jalen Collins runs an official 4.48
— Trae Waynes runs an official 4.31

We’re live blogging throughout the combine. Keep refreshing this page for the latest Seahawks news, data and notes on the DB workouts as they take place today (beginning 6AM PST).

Seattle hasn’t drafted a cornerback with sub-32 inch arms. Here’s a list of all the DB’s today with +32-inch arms:

Adrian Amos
Alex Carter
Jalen Collins
Kurtis Drummond
Durrell Eskridge
Gerod Holliman
Byron Jones
Cody Prewitt
Jordan Richards
James Sample
Tye Smith
Jaquiski Tartt
Julian Wilson

Mike Mayock begins the NFL Network broadcast by stating it’s a poor safety class. He name-checks Richard Sherman and says the entire league is looking for length and speed. The secret’s been out for a while.

Mayock says the key will be hitting in the middle rounds. It’s like he’s speaking directly to us.

Time for the first set of forty’s. The first two prospects are on the length list.

To compare, Richard Sherman at the 2011 combine was 6-3 and 195lbs. He has 32 inch arms. He ran a 4.56.

The guys in bold have +32 inch arms:

Adrian Amos — 4.56
Alex Carter — 4.52
Donald Celiscar — 4.62
Justin Coleman — 4.53
Jalen Collins — 4.48
Landon Collins — 4.54
Justin Cox — 4.37
Ronald Darby — 4.37
Quandre Diggs — 4.57
Lorenzo Doss — 4.50
Kurtis Drummond — 4.65
Durrell Eskridge — 4.57
Charles Gaines — 4.45
Clayton Gaethers — 4.55
Jacoby Glenn — 4.58
Senquez Golson — 4.46
Doran Grant — 4.44
Ladarius Gunter — 4.69
Chris Hackett — 4.83
Troy Hill — 4.56
Gerod Holliman — DNP
Kyshoen Jarrett — 4.58
Anthony Jefferson — 4.72

Alex Carter is a guy I’m focusing on here. He looked really smooth and fluid and ran a 4.52 first up. He’s in fantastic shape, has good length (6-0, 196lbs, 32 1/8 inch arms). Another Stanford corner.

Jalen Collins ran a 4.48 with his first attempt. That’ll do.

Pete Carroll and John Schneider watched Kurtis Drummond closely, one of the players with 32 inch arms. He is a safty though.


Durrell Eskridge ran in the Richard Sherman range. He’s also 6-3 and 208lbs with 32 3/8 inch arms. I believe he also had a 1.52 ten yard split, they’re not showing them in the broadcast for some reason.

NFl Network crew talking about the Super Bowl play. Ouch.

Jalen Collins having fun today:


Mayock: “I’ve seen more 4.7’s and 4.8’s this morning then I think we’ve seen in the last five years.”

Time for the second runs:

Adrian Amos — 4.49
Alex Carter — 4.54
Donald Celiscar — 4.63
Justin Coleman — 4.50
Jalen Collins — 4.43
Landon Collins — 4.53
Justin Cox — 4.40
Ronald Darby — 4.32
Quandre Diggs — 4.56
Lorenzo Doss — 4.56
Kurtis Drummond — 4.70
Durrell Eskridge — 4.56
Charles Gaines — 4.45
Clayton Gaethers — 4.52
Jacoby Glenn — 4.67
Senquez Golson — 4.46
Doran Grant — 4.46
Ladarius Gunter — 4.65
Chris Hackett — 4.81
Troy Hill — 4.55
Gerod Holliman — DNP
Kyshoen Jarrett — 4.58
Anthony Jefferson — 4.76

Jalen Collins’ second attempt is a 4.43. I’m convinced he’s going to go in the top-20.

Daniel Jeremiah says ‘defensive back’ is the hardest group to evaluate these days and find good players. Just to make you that little bit more concerned.

Mayock: “I’m struggling finding safety’s”. He again points out it’s the slowest group he’s seen in a long time.

Syracuse’s Durrell Eskridge just ran a 4.56 on his second attempt., identical to Richard Sherman’s 2011 time. He’s 13lbs heavier than Sherman but has longer arms and they’re both 6-3. There’s a candidate for Seattle. Mayock says he’s best friends with Devonta Freeman (running back in Atlanta).

Onto the drills. This combine has lurched between explosive and mediocre. A rotten group of TE’s followed by the impressive receivers. The average looking running backs before the brilliant defensive linemen. Then the frankly miserable linebackers and this.

If you’re in the second group of DB’s — you’ve got a real opportunity to stand out.

Here’s some running back news:

Jalen Collins’ backpedal is pretty good in the first drill. Not spectacular. Landon Collins is moving well at 228lbs. The average time for this first group of DB’s in the forty yard dash was a 4.55. Kurtis Drummond moves like a safety but could be of interest to Seattle. Durrell Eskridge has a thick lower body. He’s not as lean as a Sherman. That impacts his movement and his backpedal is a little stiff. Senquez Golson is slow to break after his backpedal. Doran Grant is a lot smoother. It’s astonishing that Chris Hackett ran a 4.8 at 195lbs. He looks small and heavy legged.

This is also troubling:

Jalen Collins moved his hips nicely and showed good ball skills downfield. He transitions well enough to be a starting corner in the league — size, length, backpedal, recovery speed. He’s only going to get better with the right coaching. Jacoby Glenn appeared really tight running downfield and did a poor job tracking the football. Chris Hackett looked even worse. Alex Carter struggles to open up and looked stiff. I’m not sure what happened on his deep throw, it’s like the ball slipped out of the quarterbacks hands and went to the wrong end of the field. Adrian Amos also looked a bit stiff.

Wow — UConn’s Byron Jones (who was a doubt to participate as he recovers from a torn labrum) just recorded a 12’3″ in the broad jump. It’s the best jump by any player at any position since 2003. And yes, he has 32 inch arms.

Jones just added a 44.5 inch vertical jump. In a bad class of cornerbacks, he might be flying up the boards here. The tape wins the day, but you can’t teach that kind of explosion. He’s 6-1, 199lbs and has 32 inch arms — and he has the best broad jump for 12 years and a 44.5 inch vertical (among the best ever). That’s incredible.

It’s not unfair to say he’s already one of the most explosive players in combine history. And he’s not 100%.

Oregon’s Troy Hill showing good footwork and ball tracking skills. Sub-32 inch arms though.

Pete Carroll on the phone during the first group of DB drills:

pc phone

Here’s some Byron Jones tape:


According to Ian Rapoport, Byron Jones won’t run a forty yard dash because he isn’t 100%. This is unfortunate. After what he showed in the jumps, you want to see him run.

Troy Hill continues to impress during drills. Moves well laterally. Anthony Jefferson ends the latest drill with a wonderful diving catch.

The DB’s are running the gauntlet for the first time this year. It’s a mess. They all struggled. None of them have any technique catching the ball as you’d expect. It’s just a bunch of football’s pinging around. None of them can catch over the middle. It’s a total waste of time. What a way to end a disappointing workout for most of these DB’s.

Onto the second group. They start with the forty. The guys with 32 inch arms are in bold again (Seattle’s apparent cut off):

Kevin Johnson — 4.52
Byron Jones — DNP
Craig Mager — 4.44
Dean Marlowe — 4.58
Bobby McCain — 4.54
Tevin McDonald — 4.65
Steven Nelson — 4.49
Garry Peters — 4.67
Marcus Peters — 4.57
Cody Prewitt — 4.61
Damarious Randall — 4.47
Jordan Richards — 4.67
Quinten Rollins — 4.67
Eric Rowe — 4.45
James Sample — 4.62
Josh Shaw — 4.44
D’Joun Smith — 4.46
Tye Smith — 4.60
Damian Swann — 4.55
Jaquiski Tartt — 4.54
Trae Waynes — 4.35
Kevin White — 4.64
Jermain Whitehead — 4.65
P.J. Williams — 4.62
Julian Wilson — 4.59

Tartt, Prewitt and Richards have +32 inch arms but play safety. Eric Rowe ran a nice time but he has 31 1/2 inch arms. Josh Shaw ran a nice time but has 30 3/4 inch arms.

Trae Waynes just put himself at the top of the cornerback rankings with a 4.35. He and Collins can expect to go early because the depth at the position isn’t there. Waynes is physical and fast — he’s quite grabby and will need to watch that at the next level. He’s a good player.

Second attempts:

Kevin Johnson — 4.56
Byron Jones — DNP
Craig Mager — 4.57
Dean Marlowe — 4.59
Bobby McCain — 4.52
Tevin McDonald — 4.64
Steven Nelson — 4.52
Garry Peters — 4.62
Marcus Peters — 4.54
Cody Prewitt — 4.70
Damarious Randall — 4.47
Jordan Richards — 4.66
Quinten Rollins — 4.58
Eric Rowe — 4.48
James Sample — 4.56
Josh Shaw — 4.44
D’Joun Smith — 4.48
Tye Smith — 4.70
Damian Swann — 4.51
Jaquiski Tartt — 4.60
Trae Waynes — 4.32
Kevin White — DNP
Jermain Whitehead — 4.59
P.J. Williams — 4.57
Julian Wilson — 4.58

Marcus Peters runs a 4.57 and a 4.54. It’s not bad but it’s not great, even for a press corner. Waynes betters his first attempt with a 4.32. Kevin White didn’t run his second forty due to a hamstring injury.

Onto the drills.

Prewitt’s backpedal looking smooth for his size. Randall a big looking DB and a bit stiffer in transition.

Steve Nelson is one of my favorite corner prospects in this class — he stays low in his backpedal, shows great balance and transition and explodes. He doesn’t have the length Seattle looks for but he’s very competitive on the field and a playmaker. He’s looking good in the early drills.

Marcus Peters not doing anything that screams first round cornerback so far. Average change of direction. Bit stiff in the backpedal. Quinten Rollins just nearly fell over during his latest transition. Eric Rowe showing good hip movement and change of direction. This is a good day for Rowe so far. Damian Swann a little bit stiff.

Trae Waynes stays really low in his backpedal — love that. Can snap his hips better and explode but we know he was the speed after a 4.32 today.

This group overall performing better than the first collection.

Daniel Jeremiah says he thinks Waynes will go in the top ten after today’s performance. I’m going to post a mock draft tomorrow.

The NFL Network isn’t showing drills for the second group and hasn’t been for the last ten minutes.

Here are the top-10 official forty times for the DB’s. Trae Waynes has been given an incredible 4.31:

official db

Jalen Collins ran an official 4.48.

Kurtis Drummond managed an impressive 39.5 inch vertical. He’s one to monitor. Eric Rowe had a 39 inch vertical and a 10’5″ broad jump. Impressive day for Rowe.

Josh Shaw’s back story is very weird, but he runs an official 4.44, records a 37.5 inch vertical and jumps a 10’10” in the broad. You can see all the data from today by clicking here.

The NFL Network continue to keep their camera’s away from the drills so I’m going to end the final combine live blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed the coverage over the last few days. I’ll have a new post on the blog later today so stay tuned.


  1. Omar Padilla

    Amos might be my favorite guy, I watched Carter and I wasn’t impressed. It might be time to look at Carter one more time.

    • Rob Staton

      Eskridge at Syracuse one to monitor too. Similar size and length to Sherman. Similar speed.

      • Omar Padilla

        Was a safety at Syracuse, do you think they keep him as a S/CB combo or will he play exclusively at CB. I know SEA likes to draft guys that can play more than one position.

        • Rob Staton

          We need to see his hips in the drills. He has the size/speed/length to be considered.

  2. peter

    I almost wish you had not reposted that list! It’s pretty slim pickings as for DB’s to be excited about it if they stick with their policy again, which why would they not?

    Rob, I almost get the feeling that it might be even harder to prognosticate Seattle’s first -third pick after this combine. The results are less illuminating for me at least and although I think its great for a guy like Beasley or Dupree to post excellent results I never thought they would be in Seattle’s wheelhouse in the first place.

    Now it’s starting look like I’m going to have to get pumped on a utility OLinemen which will make it what 3 out 5 years running that the first pick is an offensive line men? yeesh. Sure Erving will probably be good but what does that serve we in that scenario have lost Carpenter who was finally getting it all together, “kick Britt inside (whatever that means since he played tackle in college and never played guard except for scout purposes,” and/or have YET another period of adjustment and acclimation for the line that every one loves to hate? Got to say I’m not feeling it, it’ll probably happen, but I’m not stoked on it.

    Looking past that position it seems that we are all staring down this fairly impressive array of players to be selected in the fourth round, it’s like a safety blanket. You can reach a bit with out getting mocked and if it doesn’t pan out no biggie. Nick Marshall, Chris Conley, Tyler Lockette, Trey Flowers, etc. It’s kind of worrisome to me honestly. But with that in mind it even seems like a lot of players who may good fits for Seattle will be gone around 40-45.

    I wish you luck in future prognosticating for this team, because when I got home yesterday and fired up the old computer to check combine results I was frankly like everyday more confused as to what direction they would go then the day before!

  3. peter

    On a guick aside this is how out of the DB loop I am I forgot that some of these guys are safeties, and in the case of Doss sure he has 32 inch arms but he’s WAYYYY to small for seattle’s scheme. SO basically Alex Carter needs to be quietly good or there needs to be a massive run on DE/DL/OLB and Olinemen to keep Jalen Collins in range!

    • Rob Staton

      Keep an eye on Eskridge too.

  4. Drew

    Eskridge is a very intriquing player.

    I can see why PCJS would be interested in Drummond. We’ve talked a lot about the need for a corner in the draft, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see us draft a safety as well. I would expect that Dion Bailey or Pinkins or even both make the roster this year as back up safeties, but if a guy they like fell enough for value, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them grab someone in the mid rounds, especially with a comp pick.

    I like Shead, but we are going to lose Jeron Johnson and we need some more talent for safety depth.

    • Drew

      With the lack of size, length and speed in this draft, I wonder if that’s going to push Eskridge’s stock some. What range do you think he’ll go? I originally thought he’d be a 4th rounder, but the lack of CBs with length will definitely boost his stock. So maybe now he’s a late day 2 guy?

    • Martin

      I agree Drew, I do think they need another safety for competition. I like Jaquiski Tartt to play behind Kam Chancellor and possibly a big nickel look.

      I hope to see something out of E. Pinkins next year. As far as corner I want someone built more like Lane. I think Lane will start the year on PUP So we need someone to challenge M. Burley at nickel. Another one would be Eric Rowe. Byron Jones looked amazing in the underwear olympics, was a 4 year starter too. Problem is most of these guys are second round picks. I cant see seattle taking a DB that early for depth purposes. But seattle will do what they do, and thats fine with me.

  5. John_s

    LaDarius Gunter with a disappointing 40. Looks like he’s a safety

  6. bobbyk

    Wish I didn’t have to go to work in a bit!

    I’ll be interested to see the arm length of Rollins (CB) later… I really like him.

    • Rob Staton

      Rollins has 30 1/4 arms. Unlikely for SEA.

  7. Trevor

    Seems like the focus on offence in pros and college has resulted in all the outside talent going to WR not DB. I know this has always been the case but seems more so now than ever. Still have to see the drills but outside of Collins and possible Carter and Eskbridge I just don’t see anyone the Hawks would even consider. The conversion guys like Nick Marshall and Tony Lippett are looking more interesting.

    After seeing this group there is no chance Collins will be there at 31. There are 3-4 teams with a big need at corner so the thought of a kid this long and fluid slipping to us is a pipe dream.

    Ron you were on Collins really early so props to you.

    Any chance the Hawks consider a nickel corner like the kid out of TCU? Loved him at the Senior Bowl. Seems like the slot receivers gave us the biggest problem last year when Lane was out of the lineup. Maybe we could use a smaller nickel guy that is not in our normal body type. What do you think? One thing PCJS have shown is they are willing to think outside the box and adapt.

  8. Drew

    As for the clause in Schneider’s contract, Ted Thompson signed an extnesion last off season to keep him in GB until 2018. I wouldn’t start getting worried for another 3 years, and I’d hope by then they’d have Schneider’s success up and running.

    • Drew

      *Sorry….his successor.

    • bigDhawk

      Paul Allen will money whip any attempt to exercise that clause.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, and I draft contracts for a living.

      You don’t need a clause in a contract that “allows” you to take another job. All you have to do is quit.

      Talk about off-season fluff to fill sports columns.

      • TatupuTime

        Actually you do. You can quit anytime you want if you are a coach or a GM and work in another league,but you aren’t permitted under NFL rules to take a contract with another NFL team. The NFL has rules on this (as do all professional sports leagues – the Blue Jays tried to poach Baltimore’s GM this off season for example and Baltimore said no). It’s why when NFL coaches switch teams mid-contract there is compensation from one team to another. So yes, there is a reason why Schneider put this in his contract. Not really worried about it in the foreseeable future given relationship of PCJS. When PC retires and Thomson regime ends? Sure, maybe JS makes a move then.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Not sure I explained my point well enough.

          Obviously, if JS wants to leave while still under contract to SEA, either they would have to release him from it or he would have to exercise a termination clause.

          I’m sure his contract is complicated, with many such clauses in favor of both sides.

          Maybe one of them is the clause at issue here. If it is, I can say that would be highly unusual because there are numerous ways to terminate an employment contract that don’t tell your employer you’d rather work for someone else.

    • JeffC

      If Schneider decides to leave seattle for the packers, it will be in a time period near the end of Rodgers career. Not sure if that is as desirable as seattle’s situation.

  9. bigDhawk

    Byron Jones – 6-1, 199, 32 inch arms…oh, and a 12-3 BROAD JUMP!!!!

    • bigDhawk

      …and just a 44.5 vert. Where’s this guy’s tape?

      • Omar Padilla

        If you do a search on youtube, you can find one game. I also watched Bortles tape vs UCONN in 2013 for some additional film.

        • bigDhawk

          It was a bit of a rhetorical question , but the Bortles video is a good idea.

      • John_s

        Here’s scouting report from Daniel Jeremiah. Also no 40 for Jones today.

        • Matt

          He stays on the WR’s hip pocket very well in man coverage. Had a pick in this video too. Looks like Jones could slide into Maxwell’s vacancy on day 1 to me. There’ll be growing pains for sure, but man he looks like a great fit for the LOB! The only issues are that he’s a top 50 player now and how does that shoulder check out? A torn labrum is a major injury. I find it strange that Jones didn’t run the 40. Dude straight killed every athletic test he participated in.

  10. hawkfaninMT

    Going under the radar a bit…

    Is Ifo Ekpre-Olomu participating or interviewing? I realize he is undersized for what the Hawks look for, but when you get that many turn overs I imagine it turns some heads (tilts the field). He is slightly bigger than Tyrann Mathieu was coming into the draft with similar injury problems. Mathieu went at pick 69… Where does Ifo go?

    Could he compete with a FA and Simon for the outside job then kick inside for Nickle and Dime work?

    • hawkfaninMT

      Also interested in Peters possibly falling to 31, Nick Marshall (at what round?), Rowe from Utah, among the unforeseen Jones explosion!

      • Drew

        I wouldn’t take Peters at 31. Nick Marshall I would in the 6th, and Rowe in the 5th.

    • MJ

      Great little player, but I don’t think he’s transcendent enough for SEA to break the mold on CB length requirements.

      I could see them bending the rule for Marcus Peters, but I think that’s the only guy.

    • bigDhawk

      Ifo actually reminds me a little of ET3 – high football IQ, lightning quick and a level of physicality that belies his smallish size. I think he would make a great free safety.

    • Rob Staton

      Ifo still recovering from a torn ACL. 30 7/8 inch arms probably rules him out.

      • hawkfaninMT

        Right, I agree that he is very undersized for what the Hawks would normally look for in a corner, although I do not believe Burley has exceptionally long arms and they traded for him.

        So maybe his penchant for turnovers makes Pete thing twice? Mark Legree had 30 1/4″ in arms and they took a shot on him based on turn over production. Albeit he was a Safety and did not pan out. But Pete understands the importance of turn overs and field tilting ability, and I don’t think he would scratch him from the board strictly due to arm length. I do believe Ifo returned punts/kicks as well. That added dimension could also make him more agreeable to Pete despite the arm length.

        Just some thoughts as things progress. If he were to be around in the 4th I feel like he could be a steal. JMHO

        • Rob Staton

          Legree was a safety though. Think this is mainly about outside corner (not even slot). And they need an outside guy to replace BM.

  11. JaviOsullivan

    Byron Jones pick 63?

  12. JC

    Doran Grant gauntlet was pretty nice… caught everything.

    • Rob Staton

      I seem to remember a couple of drops on the second go. Nobody ran it very well. Kind of a wasted drill.

  13. GeoffU

    Byon Jones looks very interesting. Richard Shermanesque interception along the sidelines. A few of the incompletions looked like errant throws by the QB though. An NFL QB probably hits those, hard to say if he’d break them up or not. He looks good against the run, not the greatest tackler, but he attacks the ball and blockers without hesitation. Very small sample size though…

    Jones was considered a 3-5 rounder? This probably moves him up a round. Eskridge would have to convert to corner. Might be able to get him in rounds 4-5? I doubt he’d play much this year.

    I think Jalen Collins is top 15. Might be the first corner to leave the board now that his physique is all the vogue. If he’s there at 31 it’d be a miracle.

  14. Cameron

    FWIW Eric Rowe arms measured 32.5″ at the Senior Bowl to go along with a 77 1/2″ (source: Zach Whitman).

    He’s Seahawky.

    • Cameron

      Meant to say 77 1/2″ wing span.

    • Rob Staton

      At the combine Eric Rowe’s arms were measured at 31.5 inches. Someone at the Senior Bowl needs a new measuring stick.

  15. Trevor

    Rob what do you think of Josh Shaw as a backup FS in the mold of an Earl Thomas. Has 4.44 speed, the best bench of any DB and good ball skills. His arms won’t let him play outside for the Hawks but might be a good FS convert. Got to check his tape to see how he plays the run.

    If Hawks want some depth at Safety with the probable loss of Jeron Johnson would love to see Hawks take a guy like this to back up Earl and Tarrt out of Samford to back up Cam. Bring these guys in to compete with Pinkins and Shead and I think you would have some good depth.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d consider it. The backstory is pretty horrible of course. I would consider it in the later rounds or UDFA.

      • Trevor

        Agreed that whole faked story thing was a mess. He was a captain going into the season where there any other red flags or issues you are aware of?

        What do you think of Tarrt out of Samford. Have you seen any tape? Mayock seems to really like him as an enforcer type Safety.

        • Rob Staton

          Not seen the tape. Charles Davis also talked him up earlier. One to look at moving forward.

  16. bigDhawk

    Julian Wilson, OU CB I’ve been watching all season – 6-2, 205, 32 3/8 arms, 4.59. The wrap on him is “he can’t play”, indicative of the underachieving OU squad as a whole he played on, but he sure is a specimen. Apparently scouts hate his tape, so he might be available as a UDFA steal, and a mouldable prospect in our system that he wouldn’t be in others.

    • Rob Staton


  17. Omar Padilla

    Not sure if anyone has already mentioned it but yes there isn’t a whole lot of prospects at the combine that fit the SEA mold but don’t forget about all the pro day gems PC/JS are going to find!

  18. JC

    Rob, I’m guessing arm length is a factor, but not to where they significantly differentiate a guy with 31 inch arms vs 32, let alone filter out all sub 32″ arm CBs.

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve made that point quite publicly JC, there was a quote not that long ago (I will try to find it) about not drafting CB’s with sub-32 inch arms.

      • hawkfaninMT

        In this article QUuinn discusses arm length and what he looks for in a corner. He goes onto say” you want 32 or 33 inch arms. you do not have to be tall to have length.”

        I have a couple perspectives. One could be this Quinn and you can almost directly relate anything Quinn says about DBs to what Pete would say about DBs. But I would also point out the word choice. He said you WANT, not you NEED. Which would mean maybe he is flexible given the other attributes he looks for being: Physicality, ball skills, and vision. I also find it interesting he did not references study habits and competitiveness.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve seen another quote by someone on the staff saying they avoid sub-32 arms. I will try and find it.

          • Dawgma

            Yeah, but it’s kind of like being in the market for a used car. You want less than qppk miles, and as long as your current ride is I fine working order you can be picky.

            But if it gets totalled out, to u still have to make it to work in the morning even if that means biting on a car with 120k miles because that’s all there is.

            Now I’m not saying they’ll pick a 5’8 guy with T-rex arms. But given the variability in arm length measurements, maybe they open it up to guys with 31.5 inch arms at the right value (ie, low).

            I actually think that’s kind of a big deal for them. What they like was undervalued, so they got guys like Maxwell and Sherman for a song in draft capital. Now that they’ve re-written the model at the position, they may juts have to accept they aren’t getting their perfect CB archetype in Rd 5 anymore.

            • Volume 12

              Don’t get your hopes up guys. You can try to justify it all you want, fact is, if they don’t have 32′ arms, Seattle isn’t taking them

  19. Ulsterman

    Agree with jc, you would hope they’re not so rigid about 32-inch arms that they’d rule somebody out because theirs are 31 or 31.5.
    If we lose Maxwell as expected and lane is out for a while cb is our biggest need.
    Great coverage as always btw Rob.

  20. bigDhawk

    Interrupting the DB drills on both the TV and internet feed with a vanilla top-5 CB segment is really obnoxious. We missed the entire back half of the group 2 safety drill.

  21. bigDhawk

    I don’t see anything I hate on the Byron Jones game tape, and some stuff I like. Their was a DPI penalty, but it was a good DPI resulting from aggressiveness, not getting beat. He seems like an eager tackler and the closing speed on the interception was right in line with his Combine explosiveness. If we could get this guy and Nick Marshall on Day 3, it will be another late round DB coup for us.

  22. Volume 12

    This group of guys is why Auburn’s Nick Marshall is so appealing.

    Other than Marshall, possibly Durrell Eskridge, Kurtis Drummond, and maybe Byron Jones, there’s not anybody appealing here at the combine. Although I’d expect Byron Jones to gone. Just for reference, here’s Sherm’s combine numbers compared to Marshall’s. Eerily similar aren’t they?

    Richard Sherman: 4.54 40, 1.57 10 yard split, 16 reps, 37.5′ vertical jump, 4.33 short shuttle, 6.82 3 cone, 10’5 broad jump

    Nick Marshall: 4.54 40, 1.60 10 yard split, ?? reps, 37.5′ vertical jump, 4.15 short shuttle, 6.96 3 cone, 10’4 broad jump

    • hawkfaninMT

      Couldn’t agree more… If they scored 2 of Marshall, Jones, Rowe or Ifo in rounds 4-5 I would come away pretty pleased. Especially if the Hawks were able to bring a low priced FA to compete with rookie and Simon for that #2 CB spot

      • Volume 12

        I disagree about Rowe and IEO. I know, sooner or later, they’ll have to budge on the 32′ inch arm length, but only if their unique or insanely talented. I just don’t think Eric Rowe or Ifo Ekpre-Ulomu are that.

        UConn’s CB Byron Jones is probably a top 50 pick and out of Seahawks range now.

        • Matt

          You’re right Volume 12 Jones most likely is a top 50 pick, assuming his shoulder checks out. How is that out of the Seahawks range though? We’ve been discussing a small trade down into early round 2 and targeting a WR, Olineman or DT. Seattle could use a CB just as much as those positions.

          • Volume 12

            They need a CB, but I’m not sold on the idea that Maxwell is the most dire position to upgrade. Simon IMO will be just fine with an off-season of working with and being a presumed starter, and I really think Nick Marshall could be Seattle’s next ‘diamond in the rough.’

            The offense is much a bigger area of concern then the defense.

            I agree with Rob, and think the first two selections will be OL, WR.

            This Ereck Flowers kid is a mauler. He’s raw, but only going to get better. Has the up-bringing/adversity early in his life Seattle seems to favor. Kind of reminds me of an O-line version of Red Bryant.

            • Matt

              I’m a Flowers fan too! He’s looking like he’s going in the first though…might be worth it.

              To me our top draft needs in order are WR, CB, OT/OG, DT. I could get behind selecting a player from any one of these TE could use an influx of talent, but the talent pool is thin.

            • Martin

              Totally on the same page. Except for Flowers more on the fence with him. I really liked Ali Marpet, looking at Hastings athletic page he played left tackle for them and didnt give up a sack. Was a team captain both Jr and Sr years. Was voted Co-offensive player of the year as a linemen! I would like him inside next to Max.

  23. Volume 12

    Rob, appealing and as much as I Ike Florida St OL Cameron Erving, along with you and others, is he a nasty run blocker? Tough guy temperament? Living here in the PNW, I don’t get to see Florida St a whole lot.

    In your opinion out of these 4 who’s the best fit and most realistic option for Seattle if they do go O-line with their first overall selection?

    LSU’s La’ el Collins
    Miami’s Ereck Flowers
    Florida St’s Cameron Erving
    Oregon’s Jake Fisher

    • hawkfaninMT

      If I could throw my two cents in on this position of concern assuming Carp leaves….

      We are projecting Carp will get 4+M per year, otherwise it would make sense to keep him, right? Stefen Wisniewski is reported to be looking for 3M annually ( I would consider him an upgrade to Carp, slightly more expensive than Erving would be, and a better version of what Erving is projected to be. Makes too much sense in my opinion.

      This also frees the team up to focus on other positions with regards to the first 2 picks

      • Rob Staton

        Never been blown away with Wisniewski personally. Oakland has a ton of cap room so if he let him walk for $3m per that’s telling.

        • Turp

          Not that Oakland is known for making smart decisions with FA and the salary cap-IE, their LT debacle last offseason, etc.

          Plus, Wis is pretty decent in Madden, so…;)

    • Rob Staton

      Erving struggled at LT in 2014. Looked like a very accomplished, intelligent blocker inside. Finishes blocks — got him shoving people over on tape and finishing. Can play with an edge. Also has a few whiffs too. Limited offensive experience though — he’s a DL convert.

      I think he’s an option for LG in Seattle. Ditto Flowers — who has kind of strange technique but gets the job done and seems to put a lot of DE’s on their back on tape. Fisher the most athletic but also the least exciting on tape. Lot of upside but how good is he? Collins solid but all-22 put me off a bit.

      • Volume 12

        Thanks man, Do you think all 4 will be sitting there when Seattle makes their 1st selection anywhere from 31-40?

        I agree on Flowers. Love this quote from a scout, which IMO sums up his game nicely-” mean & highly competitive. Wants to dominate and gets surly when beaten on a snap.’

        I’m looking at these 4 as LGs too. Have Flowers drop 4-5 pounds, and dude could be special/elite at that spot.

        • Rob Staton

          Mock draft tomorrow 🙂

          • Volume 12

            Sweeeeet! Looking forward to this one perhaps more than the others.

  24. Volume 12

    I could be totally wrong, but has Seattle ever taken a CB that runs a 4.6 40 yard dash? Drummond’s and Eskridge’s official times are 4.63 and 4.65 respectively. Ouch!

    • Rob Staton

      Sherman 4.56, Maxwell 4.46

      • Volume 12

        Simon 4.51, Lane 4.52, Thurmond 4.53, Burley 4.43 (didn’t draft him, but did spend a draft pick on him), Browner 4.63 (again didn’t draft him).

        After looking at these guys/numbers, only 1 it would appear.

  25. SunPathPaul

    Does anyone think maybe that PC/JS might reconsider cutting players like Mebane $5.5mill, Zach Miller $3 mill, etc. just to resign Byron Maxwell???

    This DB group is unexceptional. We know what Maxi can do…do we go all in on Maxi, and thus lessen the pressure of DB in the draft, so we can focus on WR/TE/OL??? (offense)

  26. Ehurd1021

    When I pointed out Alex Carter to you Rob a few weeks ago this is why. I was surprised to find out he does have 32 inch arms and he looks pysicaly bigger at the combine and his tape is underrated.
    Kid is a very solid player, has that Stanford connection and I think he helps the Seahawks in nickel right now but has the mesurables to flip outside in the future just like Maxwell depending on what happens with Simon.

  27. James

    We are slowly waking up to the notion that the Seahawks must come out of the draft with a starting CB, and we have to seriously re-do our own draft boards.

    The following CBs will not be able to practice: Sherman (elbow), Maxwell (long gone), Simon (shoulder), and Lane (now probably out for the season with an ACL). We darn well better sign Walter Thurmond, because he and Burley are our starting CBs probably through training camp (with no viable backups on the roster). It is reasonable to hope that Sherman and Simon will be ready to go by the preseason games, but Simon can hardly afford to miss the work.

    What this means to me is that we can forget our past discussions about going WR, OL or DT in R1. CB is now a desperate need and Seattle is basically forced to pick one at #31. Add at least one more from the mid-rounds as well. I would like to hope for another Sherm or Kam mid-round miracle, but the season is now highly dependent on landing a CB who has immediate starting ability, so that means round one. Dare we speculate that John might have to trade one of his prized R4 picks to move up a few slots from #31 to get the guy? Thank goodness a CB is right in Pete and John’s wheel-house.

    • Trevor

      I think so as well and think the Browns second pick in the 1st at 19 is the sweet spot. Would be totally out of character for PCJS but with 11 picks now might be the time to trade up in both the 1st and 2nd to get the CB and WR we need.

    • Bryan C

      Why won’t Sherman be playing? He didn’t have surgery and already played through the injury, doing well in the Super Bowl. No reason to think that he wouldn’t play in the offseason.

      WT3 will not likely be back in Seattle. There was a reason that they let him go and there is a reason that the Giants only offered him a 1 year deal. I also wouldn’t want to put WT3 on the outside as CB2, which is where we likely need help.

      I have a lot of confidence in Simon long term, I think his injury late in the season significantly affected him. When Sherman goes out and says that Simon is ahead of where he was at a similar point in his career, you have to take notice. Now, if Simon can get healthy, study hard and put in the work he will be a great option.

      • Ehurd1021

        You bring Walter back for experience, to play nickel and for depth. Unless you know about more issues I don’t Walter came back after the suspension (just weed) and played fantastic in the super bowl.
        He played outside in 2013 as well, the one game I remember was the game vs. Tennessee were he was matched up outside which shows he has the ability to do it. I think letting him go was more of not having the CAP space to keep the band together and not so much the FA letting him walk for reasons other than football. With the need at Corner I really don’t see how the Sehawks don’t go after Walter.

        • bobbyk

          I like Walt and would like him back but he got worked over pretty well in the SB because he was going against Welker.

          • Ehurd1021

            Wouldn’t say he got worked over at all. The only catch I remember on him was actually Welkers only catch. And if Manning doesn’t under throw a ball to the sideline he more than likely gets a pick six as well.

      • James

        Sherm played injured because it was the Super Bowl, and as you say, he played very well, though his tackling (and ET and Kam’s also) seemed impaired by injury more than anything. But his elbow tendon injury is significant and it was being reported that he will need several months to rest and heal, now that tommy john surgery has been ruled out.

    • j

      We have that notion – does the FO?

      We have three CB – Burley, Sherman and Simon. Add a vet like Thurmond or the elderly Tilman. Have competition for the last two corner slots – draft a mid-rounds guy or two, bring in some street FA.

      We should bring back AJ Jefferson – flashed in last years preseason, seems to have the length and athleticism we require, and has special teams value.

      • Volume 12

        Walter hurt his teammates. They were very patient with him and made him who he is, and then he goes and makes a dumb move that hurt his team. They had a deal in place for him, but he thought for some reason he was more than. Nickel corner.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Well there is one CB who appears to check all the Seattle boxes for length, speed and athletic ability and who projects as an immediate starter in a press defense and who is currently projected to be there when Seattle drafts at 31: Byron Jones.

      But, he will require some homework. Was it just injuries that led to his lack of production? Is he healthy? He didn’t run the 40 at the combine.

      I agree with your need assessment. Now that we have the news about Tharold Simon needing surgery to repair a shoulder injury, I think Seattle has to come away from the draft with probably 2 corners. Burley can cover the slot but we need a clear starter outside, depth and competition.

      I like Tony Lippett and Nick Marshall as conversion projects. But, unless we trade up for Waynes or Jalen Collins, I think Byron Jones is the most intriguing potential rookie starter.

    • Rob Staton

      I disagree there James. I think it’s a dangerous approach to have — feeling you need to fill a position in R1 like that and potentially fighting the board to do it (or even moving up). There are only two cornerbacks to consider and both are likely to be top-20 picks. Is Byron Jones worth a first rounder based on today? Maybe, but we need to do more tape research. Rest assured if it’s positive, based on his combine display, he isn’t going to be available at #31.

      You can’t fight a draft and you need to find the value in each round. For me it’s heading one way — a veteran stopgap and camp competition. Let a couple of day three rookies fight with Simon and Lane (if healthy), Eric Pinkins and a vet. You accept the situation. Maybe one of the younger guys steps up and you have your answer? If not, you push the problem into 2016. This to me is ultimately a wiser approach than feeling like you have to go all-in to get a corner in round one.

  28. rowdy

    Justin Colman from Tennessee ran a 1.42 10 yard split with a 20 bench and a 3.66 short shuttle? Wow, anyone know the fastest 10 yard slit in history?

    • rowdy

      Sorry 6.61 3 cone 3.98 short shuttle

    • Rob Staton

      I think that might be a typo.

  29. CC

    Anyone know what Burley’s arm length and combine was? We traded for him, so they must have seen something. Maybe with a training camp he can get better.

  30. Matt

    Kevin Johnson only has 31″ arms and ran a 4.52 40, so he’s likely not a target for us. KJ tested fantastically in all the other drills though! Comparing him to the 2014 and 2015 draft classes at CB: Vert:Tied 2nd Broad:tied 4th 3-cone:9th Shuttle: 2nd. That’s outstanding athleticism right there! I think he solidified his prospects at going in round 1.

  31. redzone086

    Rob great coverage of the combine. I know it takes a lot to put together these blogs and you even have it tailored towards the hawks which makes it the best place to follow the combine besides Pete and johns press box.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks redzone — it’s been 8-9 hours each day on the live blog and a few after writing a summary. It’s honestly been harder work than my day job — and today I had my one-year old to look after to. So I’m glad people got some use out of them and thanks for following along!

  32. Steve Nelsen

    Shaq Thompson’s disappointing 40 time has me wondering if he is most suited for the safety position in the pros.

    He could be a core ST guy as a rookie and come in as a big nickel for Seattle. He would also be a nice insurance policy if Kam’s body is starting to break down.

    Does He look like a 3rd-round pick now to you Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he goes in the second personally.

  33. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Eric Rowe FS Utah. 6’1″ / 205 lbs. He had an outstanding combine. He could play S or CB at the next level. He has good size, but “short” arms (31.5″). His SPARQ should be outstanding and we know Seattle loves Utah players.

    “He’s a long-strider with limited deep speed, so I see him as a Tampa-2 guy or maybe fitting with a defense similar to Seattle’s where he has a good free safety helping over the top.” — AFC directer of college scouting (via

    I guess Atlanta, Jacksonville, Patriots and a few others could have their eyes on this guy… Rd 2 or 3.

  34. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I’m not sure who CB Byron Jones is from Connecticut, but 147.0″ long jump is impressive, no check that… very impressive.

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