Live blog: Combine day three workouts — DL, LB

Welcome to our coverage of the 2019 NFL combine. Every day we’ll be updating events as they happen in Indianapolis, posting workout numbers and information.

This post will be updated constantly so keep hitting refresh.

We’ll end each day with a separate ‘review’ piece and a podcast. Today is a special day. A potentially legendary defensive line class works out with as many as 10-12 possible first round picks involved and depth deep into the later rounds. The Seahawks need pass rushers and they’ll likely need help at linebacker — so this is a big one not to be missed.

Yesterday was a fantastic day for the TE’s and WR’s (if you missed our review piece click here). Today could be even better for the defensive tackles, ends and EDGE rushers.

Here are a few things to remember:

— The Seahawks haven’t drafted a defensive lineman with sub-33 inch arms.

— They seem to really value the short shuttle for defensive tackles and inside/out rushers.

— 10-yard splits are important. Look for the EDGE rushers running in the 1.5’s and the inside/out types who run in the 1.6’s.

— The defensive linemen always test better than the offensive linemen in terms of explosive traits. After today’s session we’ll put the D-line class through TEF and see how they compare with previous drafts.

— Seattle is likely on the look out for a linebacker. They love top-level, SPARQ’d up athletes. Forty times, explosive testing and the short shuttle/three cone — it all matters at linebacker.

— Tony Pauline is predicting Oregon’s Justin Hollins and Montez Sweat will have fantastic workouts. I think Dexter Lawrence will also impress.

Kim Jones reported on the NFL Network that Ed Oliver is only going to do the broad and vertical jump. He’s choosing not to run or do any drills. Gerald Willis III isn’t working out due to a groin injury.

Defensive tackle forty yard dash times

10-yard splits in brackets

Terry Beckner Jr — 5.19 & 5.30 (1.86)
Isaiah Buggs — 5.15 & 5.18 (1.82)
Demarcus Christmas — 5.09 & 5.14 (1.77)
Greg Gaines — 5.17 & 5.17 (1.80)
Kevin Givens — 5.09 & 4.87 (1.59)
Trysten Hill — 5.05 & 5.07 (1.74)
Albert Huggins — 5.13 & 5.13 (1.81)
Dre’Mont Jones — 5.13 & 5.19 (1.77)
Kingsley Keke — 4.95 & 4.96 (1.77)
Dexter Lawrence — 5.05 & DNP (1.76)
Daylon Mack — 5.14 & 5.11 (1.74)
Dontavius Russell — 5.19 & 5.16 (1.82)
Khalen Saunders — 5.01 & 5.04 (1.73)
Chris Slayton — 5.13 & 5.16 (1.81)
Jerry Tillery — 4.94 & 4.97 (1.71)
Armon Watts — 5.24 & 5.26 (1.81)
Christian Wilkins — 5.10 & 5.05 (1.76)
Quinnen Williams — 4.87 & 4.84 (1.67)
Daniel Wise — 5.31 & 5.29 (1.80)
Renell Wren — 5.02 & 5.03 (1.75)

Right on cue… Daniel Jeremiah mentions he was in Baltimore when they drafted Haloti Ngata. We’ve only heard that story in every single interview or broadcast he’s ever done. Might as well have it again.

Dexter Lawrence injured himself during his forty yard dash (an impressive 5.05 at +340lbs). For context — Lawrence ran a faster time than 281lbs Dre’Mont Jones. He’ll sit out the rest of the day with a quad injury.

Pete and John, again, were observing intently. Unlike a lot of coaches, Carroll is constantly making notes and paying close attention to the forty yard dash times.

Carroll looked perturbed by something. It was when Ed Oliver was supposed to run (he’s sitting out). My speculative guess is they were wondering why he isn’t running a forty (aren’t we all?).

Khalen Saunders ran a superb forty yard dash. What a fantastic athlete. Major potential and he’ll just keep rising after a superb Senior Bowl.

Quinnen Williams had a fantastic forty and 10-yard split. He was a top-five lock anyway. This simply confirms it.

Kevin Givens ran a 1.59 10-yard split at 6-1 and 285lbs. If that’s accurate, it’s incredible.

The defensive tackles are onto the drills. First up is the ‘wave’ (change of direction). Most of the defensive tackles performed well. For me, Trysten Hill, Kingsley Keke and Christian Wilkins were the best. Very sudden shifts in direction. Jerry Tillery looks very athletic but stalled on his rep trying to guess the direction he had to run. Surprisingly, Quinnen Williams wasn’t great in this test. He probably had the worst rep. He slipped, was guessing way too much and it fell apart.

Now onto the agility drills. Demarcus Christmas has had a good start to his workout — moving quickly and showing off some athleticism. Trysten Hill had a good rep here, moving quickly in-and-out of the bags with good pad level.

Dre’Mont Jones had a good rep here looking really quick and athletic. Jerry Tillery looks to be on a different level though in terms of movement. He has incredible feet for his size, great hip-flexion and he’s moving incredibly well. Christian Wilkins also looked very good.

Daniel Wise’s short area movement in these drills is a lot better than the straight-line speed he showed in the forty.

Onto the bag/pad drills. Kingsley Keke had a violent rep, slamming the bags and showing tremendous quickness and power. His Senior Bowl and combine performances (so far) are absolutely miles better than his somewhat average tape.

Next it’s the stack and shed. Keke’s motor continues to rev. Jerry Tillery again had a good rep and has been one of the standout performers in this group. Christian Wilkins also had a good rep. Renell Wren and Daniel Wise finished things off nicely.

Ben Banogu just jumped an 11-2 broad — a record for defensive linemen.

The coaches had Dre’Mont Jones run linebacker drills which was interesting.

Here are the official forty times:

That concludes the defensive tackle drills. The EDGE rushers are up next.

Kyler Murray to Arizona at #1?

EDGE rusher forty yard times

10-yard splits in brackets

Zach Allen — 4.95 & 5.01 (1.65)
Ben Banogu — 4.58 & 4.62 (1.56)
Nick Bosa — 4.84 & 4.79 (1.60)
Jordan Brailford — 4.72 & 4.66 (1.62)
Brian Burns — 4.56 & 4.64 (1.57)
Malik Carney — 4.70 & 4.76 (1.60)
L.J. Collier — 4.85 & 4.96 (1.75)
John Cominsky — 4.66 & 4.71 (1.62)
Byron Cowert — 5.15 & 5.23 (?)
Maxx Crosby — 4.64 & 4.67 (1.60)
Jamal Davis — 4.66 & 4.65 (1.58)
Rashan Gary — 4.61 & 4.59 (1.62)
Carl Granderson — 4.81 & 4.80 (1.71)
Gerri Green — 4.66 & 4.64 (1.66)
CeCe Jefferson — 5.03 & 4.95 (1.73)
Jalen Jelks — 4.93 & 4.95 (1.70)
Jonathan Ledbetter — 5.15 & 5.21 (1.81)
Shareef Miller — 4.71 & 4.70 (1.67)
Anthony Nelson — 4.83 & 4.83 (1.65)
Charles Omenihu — 4.97 & 4.93 (1.71)
Jachai Polite — 4.84 & DNR (1.71)
Wyatt Ray — 4.84 & 4.87 (1.68)
Sutton Smith — 4.70 & 4.70 (1.72)
Montez Sweat — 4.42 & 4.46 (1.55)
Chase Winovich — 4.60 & 4.69 (1.57)
Oshane Ximines — 4.86 & 4.79 (1.72)

The NFL Network is now indulging itself in a Mike Mayock interview during the EDGE rusher forty times, splitting the screen and completely ruining one of the big moments of the combine this year. Furthermore, their TV timer stopped working meaning we’re not getting any 10-yard splits.

The coverage has been massively frustrating. It’s also meaning we don’t get ANY 10-yard splits at the start. Then just as they got the system working, what did we get? Mike Mayock intercepting Dan Marino, adverts and then a Mayock montage of him on TV at the combine. Come on guys.

Josh Allen didn’t run — unless he’s working with the linebackers. Clelin Ferrell didn’t run.

Rashan Gary’s 4.61 and 1.63 split is fantastic for a 277lbs defensive lineman. Brian Burns posted an elite 1.5 split and a fantastic forty time. Jachai Polite ran a disappointing time.

The NFL Network just went its 156th advert break today. On return, Rich Eisen said, ‘welcome back… you’ve missed… a lot’. Exactly Rich. So have a word and tell them some of us actually want to watch these drills.

Montez Sweat ran a blistering 4.42 at 260lbs. That will be a combine record if it’s official for a pass rusher. Wow. That’s the kind of performance that gets you into the top-10. Every screamed about D.K. Metcalf’s 4.33 at 228lbs. Sweat is carrying an extra 40lbs.

Charles Omenihu and Jachai Polite were both slower than expected. Polite didn’t run his second forty because he’s been struggling with a hamstring injury. He won’t do drills.

Rich Eisen most common phrase during the combine:

“And we’re back…” (after an advert break)

Daniel Jeremiah most common phrase during the combine:

“That was a great rep…”

Now onto the drills after yet another advert break. It’s the wave/change of direction drill. Clelin Ferrell is working out despite not running a forty (which is pretty lame). Ditto Joe Jackson. He didn’t run but is doing the drills.

Rashan Gary has incredible movement and change of direction skills for such a big lineman.

In the agility drill, Ben Banogu and Nick Bosa had a good rep. L.J. Collier didn’t run fast and has looked a bit stiff. It seems he’s a better football player than tester.

Clelin Ferrell had a good rep but he’s spent both of the first drills pulling his pants up. Rashan Gary is putting on a show. Charles Omenihu had a good rep in the agility drill.

Montez Sweat struggled. He was tight in his step and struggled to get in and out of the bags without looking at his feet. He clipped a bag and tripped up a little.

Now onto the club/rip. Joe Jackson had a nice rep, slamming into the pads with power. Charles Omenihu had the coaches leading the drill barking in delight for his rep — he looked incredibly violent and quick.

Montez Sweat’s official forty yard dash is a 4.41. That’s incredible.

L.J. Collier had a great strike on the bag, kept his frame protected and belted the second bag before finishing. Nice rep.

The coach halted the drill to remind the players to finish with a sprint not a jog.

Rashan Gary is getting a lot of praise from the coaches on the field.

CeCe Jefferson is struggling badly. He ran poorly and he drew the ire of the coach leading the club/rip drill twice. He almost ran between the pads on the first attempt and on the second — his strike was tame and he didn’t finish. “That’s not good enough” shouted the coach. After Jalen Jelks’ rep another coach was heard saying, “this is sloppy”. The lead coach added again, “it’s not violent enough on these reps. Violent.” Charles Omenihu came along just in time to provide another rep that drew high praise. They seemed to like Chase Winovich’s effort too.

I’m not seeing Brian Burns out there for these drills.

The stack and shed was pretty straight forward. Montez Sweat’s stance looked good and I like the patience Omenihu showed to do the drill properly rather than race through. You want to see the guys punch with power and progress with a wide stance, balance and show an ability to stay clean.

Here’s confirmation of Sweat’s blistering forty time:

Nick Bosa looks in great shape and moves very quickly just look his brother. Brian Burns is carrying the new weight well and he’s fluid running in space and changing direction. L.J. Collier moved well in the drill that calls for the player to double-back, round a cone and sprint/finish.

Sweat obviously ran an amazing forty but in fairness during the drills he’s shown hip tightness changing direction.

They’re now onto the outside linebacker drills. Ben Banogu looked very smooth in coverage. Brian Burns also looked very good and made a stunning catch on his rep too. Chase Winovich looked very comfortable dropping into space and had a good workout.

Brian Burns and Nick Bosa both move very, very well in space. Sweat has the great straight line speed but he’s not even running these linebacker drills. He’s stiffer and tighter in the hips than Burns and Bosa.

It’s pretty remarkable seeing Rashan Gary so at ease during the linebacker drills at 277lbs.

That concludes the EDGE session. Just the linebackers to go. However, it’ll be very interesting to see the DL/EDGE three cone times, short shuttle and explosive testing marks.

Quinnen Williams managed a 30.5 inch vertical and a 9-4 broad.

Dre’Mont Jones jumped a 31.5 inch vertical and a 9-2 broad.

Trysten Hill had an excellent 35 inch vertical and a 9-7 broad. He’s had a big day.

Ed Oliver recorded a 36 inch vertical and a 10-0 broad. He’s a 3.72 TEF tester.

Devin Bush jumped a 40.5 inch vertical, Devin White a 39.5. That’s a great start for the linebackers.

Linebacker forty times

Otaro Alaka — 4.83 & 4.84
Dakota Allen — 4.78 & 4.77
Josh Allen — 4.70 & 4.64
Bryson Allen-Williams — 4.88 & 5.02
Jeff Allison — 4.83 & 4.83
Cody Barton — 4.67 & 4.64
Ben Burr-Kiven — 4.57 & 4.57
Devin Bush — 4.44 & 4.52
Blake Cashman — 4.52 & 4.51
Ryan Connelly — 4.67 & 4.72
Tyrel Dodson — 4.61 & 4.63
Emeke Egbule — 4.66 & 4.78
Joe Giles-Harris — 4.76 & 4.79
Porter Gustin — 4.71 & 4.69
Terrill Hanks — 4.99 & DNR
Justin Hollins — 4.51 & 4.53
Gary Johnson — 4.43 & 4.46
Jordan Jones — 4.62 & 4.65
Bobby Okereke — 4.61 & 4.59
Germaine Pratt — 4.58 & DNR
Cameron Smith — 4.70 & 4.76
Ty Summers — 4.52 & 4.58
Sione Takitaki — 4.63 & 4.67
Drue Tranquill — 4.60 & 4.58
Devin White — 4.42 & 4.45

They didn’t provide the 10-yard splits for the linebackers sadly.

Devin Bush’s 4.44 and his 40.5 inch vertical is why I’ve been mocking him in the top half of round one. Elite athlete and it shows on tape. He has some issues in coverage and vs the run but his potential is off the charts.

Here are some of the vertical/broad jumps from the LB’s:

Devin Bush — 40.5, 10-4
Porter Gustin — 35.5, 9-11
Christian Miller — 38.5, 9-10
Cam Smith — 39, 10-3
Devin White — 39.5, 9-10
Mack Wilson — 32, 9-9
Josh Allen — DNJ, 9-10

Mack Wilson says he has a sore hamstring so won’t be working out.

The feeling in the league was Devin Bush and Devin White were very similar prospects. Their workouts are almost identical.

Devin White broke down in tears when he spoke to his family after running a 4.42 forty. A great moment:

The NFL Network are over-egging the speed of the linebackers here. 4.7’s are not great times. Bush and White running in the 4.4’s is great but this isn’t anything like the kind of lightning class of LB’s they’re making out.

A year ago, eight linebackers ran a 4.5 or faster. This year there were ten. So it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Onto the drills. Justin Hollins looked good in the movement drill, side-stepping well with good balance and drop. Gary Johnson also looked really quick.

Christian Miller looked really stiff, slipped during his drill and tripped up on his finish — ending with a forward-roll.

Josh Allen struggled on the in-and-out drill stepping over the bags. He had to have a second go and didn’t seem comfortable. Then on the coverage drill he had a false start. He also seemed a bit stiff opening up his hips.

Bryson Allen-Williams looked a lot more comfortable unlocking his hips, dropping and changing direction.

Devin Bush was a bit stiff too which isn’t a surprise. He’s very fast but he’s had issues in coverage at Michigan.

It’s a real shame we can’t see Mack Wilson run these coverage drills. He’d put on a show.

Texas’ Gary Johnson ran well and has looked very fluid during drills. He’s quick, changes direction with minimal wasted movement and he’s getting the job done.

Christian Miller looks uncomfortable doing linebacker drills. Either he’s hurt or this performance is making clear he’s simply an EDGE.

Here are the official forty times for the linebackers:

Remember — the Seahawks love outstanding athleticism at LB. There aren’t many outstanding athletes based on these forty times but let’s see how the short shuttle, three cone and explosive tests went down.

Justin Hollins looks like a good athlete with some real potential to act as an EDGE, LEO or SAM for Seattle. He has the length, the forty time and he’s looking smooth during drills.

The three cone times have been released for the defensive linemen:

Here are the top short shuttle times:

Seattle always looks for great agility from their inside/out rushers or defensive tackles. So these numbers are important to remember:

Anthony Nelson — 4.23
Rashan Gary — 4.29
Jerry Tillery — 4.33
Zach Allen — 4.36
Charles Omenihu — 4.36
Daniel Wise — 4.36
John Cominsky — 4.38
Trysten Hill — 4.38
Keke Kingsley — 4.46
Dre’Mont Jones — 4.53
Renell Wren — 4.53
Christian Wilkins — 4.55

On that note I’m going to end the live blog for today. The review piece will be up soon.


  1. Volume12

    DreMont Jones is an average athlete at best. And that ain’t good when his game is predicated on it.

    DT Kevin Givens with a 1.59 10 he split?!?

    • Rob Staton

      I want to see some official confirmation on that split. He didn’t look like a 1.5 runner. His first effort was much slower too.

      • Brandan

        His 4.87u changed to an official 5.08, I haven’t seen the updated split time though.

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah I suspect the split isn’t right

  2. Volume12

    Dexter Lawrence has impressed. Too bad he can’t rush the passer worth a lick.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s 342lbs. He’s not going to be a dynamic interior rusher. It’s like asking T.J. Duckett to be a third down back.


        Ooooh, T.J. Duckett, there’s a name drop.

    • Trevor

      I think Lawrence will be dominant DT for 10-15 and an impact run stuffer day #1. All he has is a bull rush bowman but he is still really young and has every physical tool imaginable to coach up as a pass rusher.

      There are just not many humans on planet earth that big and athletic. I think he is a top 15 lock but he is the one DT in this class outside of Q Williams I would actually pick at 21 instead of trading back.

      He is one of my 5 favourite players in the draft for the Hawks as he would instantly fix the run Defense. A rotation of Reed, Poona and Lawrence would be a sick DT rotation for the next 4-5 years.

  3. Volume12

    Quinnen Williams firing shots across Bosa’s bow.

    • Trevor

      Williams is the most sure fire prospect in the draft IMO along with Hockenson. Both are all around players with good technique and no holes in their game. Also have good athletic profiles. Plus Williams is only 21 crazy.

  4. Volume12

    LMAO. Daniel Jeremiah out here making Rob wish he was dead.

    • Rob Staton

      We’re 17.5 hours into the combine — this is usually when I get cranky 🙂

      • Volume12

        Prepare yourself Rob. They wanna make it a 2 week event next year and every. single. drill/rep will be televised on network tv.

        • Rob Staton

          As long as I get to see the reps I’m happy — it’s the adverts and all the messing about that’s bothering me.

          • JimQ

            It seems like NFL combine coverage this year is being presented as “entertainment only” for the casual fans of the game rather than providing the informative content that we more serious fans seek. I can’t imagine why anyone would sit through 6+ hours of this stuff just for entertainment, we want to actually watch all the drills and we want numbers and lots of them. Oh well, not this year, but hopefully next year they figure it out, if they get enough critical comments. Finally, a good use for tweets.

            Mike Mayock is really, really missed, he would hold it all together in the past and he made actual pertinent comments and shared a lot of knowledge. These guy’s no so much. All of these clowns from the current broadcast team need to go back to their day jobs. So far, worst combine broadcast team ever.

            • Rob Staton

              You’re spot on. Let’s be honest — for a casual fan the combine is boring. You probably dip into for a little bit here and there. As with day three of the draft — it’s the diehards watching this. Cater to them, please, instead of the floating viewers.

              • Elmer

                Unfortunately it’s like most everything else. Follow the money.

                • RealRhino2

                  I think it would be great if they could work out a few minutes’ delay so they could show a quick computer-generated visual on what the drill is, then show great examples from past combines so the viewer knows what to look for, then re-show a few good reps and bad reps so the viewer can see the specific things the analyst saw that would mark a prospect up or down.

                  Like they could compare and contrast a rep that Sweat did to show the stiffness Rob was talking about with another DE that was smoother.

  5. Volume12

    My guy Trysten Hill can flat out move! IMO he’s dominating these drills.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Agreed. Hill looked explosive. Great frame and motor, high upside.

  6. SamL

    Anyone screaming Seahawk right now like Tre Flowers did last year? With all this new depth do you think its getting more likely DeAndre Walker will fall to round three? If so the Seahawks could trade down get a guy like Campbell or Mclaurin and then boost the run defense and pass rush with Walker in the 3rd, and then use the 3rd they pick up from trading down on a Te or Ol. That sort of draft would tap into the strengths of the draft and make us a much better team IMO.

    • Rob Staton

      A few players look like potential Seahawks. Nobody has screamed Seahawks based on their body type though. That might be the case tomorrow for the DB’s.

    • Trevor

      Alec Ingold the FB from Wisconsin and Drew Sample TE from Washington are two guys who scream Seahawk to me.

  7. millhouse-serbia

    Matt Miller on DJ.

    I’ve known @MoveTheSticks for a long time—and I believe he’s the best draft analyst in the business—and this week proved that. His ability to interlace stories with analysis while explaining drills in common language has made this the best Combine NFL Network has ever had.

    I supose Rob doesn’t agree with this. 🙂

    • Rob Staton

      That’s some classic sucking up there. Can’t beat a good old Twitter back-slap.

      This hasn’t been anywhere near the Mayock years. Mayock was happy to indulge in some fun but at the core of everything — he analysed the drills, explained what they were doing, spoke in detail about a number of prospects and was a true authority figure. Daniel Jeremiah has spent the last three days telling us who he knows, which teams he worked for, which stories are really funny and offered analysis that amounts to, ‘that was a good rep’ with no detail. Sorry to be harsh but when you’re watching what amounts to eight hours of footage a day it can be a slog 🙂

      • GerryG

        That’s not harsh Rob, you’re too polite. 😂 he’s awful, it pathetic

  8. Trevor

    Three guys I really want to see test and do drills today for a Bruce Irvin type role are

    Brian Burns
    Porter Guskin
    Justin Hollins

    • Eburgz

      Christian Miller could fit that Bruce role I think.

      • Bigten

        Miller dealing with something? Didn’t run the 40, and looked awkward on the first drill, even slipped and tumbled. I have been banging for Miller, maybe this drives him down further and we can grab him in the 4th.
        Also, okereke looks good to me for KJ role. Long arms.

        • Rob Staton

          Miller got injured in the playoffs and doesn’t seem 100%.

  9. C-Dog

    Seattle is looking at DTs hard. Smart. It’s a great class for them, and on top of the need to add there, they can probably use a hedge for Jarran Reed if it becomes difficult to extend him.

    Disappointing times for Dre’Mont Jones but there are a lot of big 300 lb plus fellas running well under 5.20. That’s really interesting.

    • DC

      It’s DL in addition to Reed. No way in Poseiden’s Blue Beard do we let our best young players & leaders walk. Clark & Reed are the young cornerstones of this defense.

      • C-Dog

        I wouldn’t let Reed walk. That for sure.

  10. J

    WTF is Kevin Givens? Gotta get that tape.

  11. DC

    Jerry Tillery & Kingsley Keke running sub 5.00 40s and decent splits also.

    If that split is accurate for Givens that is Cray-zeeeeee… Pretty big

    • Awsi Dooger

      No chance that Givens split is accurate. Nor the final time. He was lumbering all the way. Virtually identical to his first attempt. I fast forwarded and watched the two back to back. No discernible difference. I’ll be shocked if it is not corrected.

      Same yesterday with Andy Isabella. He flew out of the blocks on that first attempt and somehow it read 4.56. Preposterous. I’ve appreciated Jeremiah instead of robotic Mayock but I have no idea how Jeremiah could watch that forty from Isabella and actually believe he was looking at a 4.56. Granted, I saw Isabella in person against Connecticut last season so I know what a blur he is, and that day he was doing it during a sideways nor’easter.

  12. millhouse-serbia

    Adding fuel to the Murray fire, Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury was telling people last night that it’s a “done deal” the Cardinals will select the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback with the first pick of the draft. Whether or not Kingsbury has the final say on the choice remains to be seen, but stay tuned

    Bh Toni Pauline

    • Eburgz

      Tillery is the guy I see making the most sense if not an edge guy like Burns/Sweat. I’ve never gotten off him. Not a surprise to see a good workout today, I wish we could see the interviews though.

  13. H

    I can really see myself circling back to Tillery as “my guy” for Seattle’s first pick.

    • Rob Staton

      To me he’s just another Rasheem Green in terms of position though. Not a dog I want playing early down DT either.

      • H

        He’s bigger and longer than Green, and I’ll have another watch but I dont remember thinking he was a liability against the run, not like Green was at SC anyway.

        • Rob Staton

          He is bigger but the point is really they’d essentially be occupying the same role. I didn’t see Green as a liability against the run — in fact I think with the snaps he took inside, he showed well.

          • H

            I would imagine he’d primarily be an inside guy, with the ability to play 5 on obvious running downs. Green and Jefferson are outside first.

            • Rob Staton

              I’m not a fan of Tillery operating as a full time DT.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Taking away from his biggest strengths if you did.

    • Volume12

      I’d bang the drum for him all day. That’s just me though.

      5-tech that’s versatile enough to slide inside on 3rd downs. Size, length, movement skills, lined up playing different techniques at ND that you don’t normally see college guys playing.

      • Rob Staton

        That’s all fine. But they already have Jefferson and Green who play outside and in — plus they just announced Naz Jones is switching to the 5-tech permanently. This isn’t a hole to be filled and Tillery isn’t that good to warrant saying — we’ll get yet another of these types.

  14. Trevor

    Related to you pod cast last night Rob. Seems like Earl is gone as we have all known for a long time. Sounds like the wants top Safety $ and a 3-4 year deal for $13 mil +. Do you really think he will get that given the safety market last year? If so really glad the Hawks are moving on given his injury history. Great Seahawk and too bad it ended the way it did.

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt he gets what he wants. Probably $10-11m I think.


        I know what you’ll say, but strictly in football terms we should’ve Transition tagged him for that rate.

        • Rob Staton

          The transition tag would be a total waste of time. What’s the point?

          Here’s what would’ve happened.

          They transition tag him. It means he can negotiate with other teams. And if he strikes a deal, the Seahawks can either match it or let him walk.

          They wouldn’t get any compensation if he walked.

          And they’re not paying Earl.

          So basically, he’d be a free agent just with a transition tag. Which would be pointless.

  15. Volume12

    Brian Burns with a 4.56 at 249?!? Flames man. Flames. Be still my beating heart. 😍😍

    • Trevor


      My two favourite Edge rush prospects Burns and Sweat made themselves a ton of $ today. Unfortunately I think there is almost zero chance either makes it till 21 now.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Their first pick will not be at 21 no matter who’s there, and no one worth hand-cuffing them to 4 picks would even still be on the board (and doubt such a player even exists).

  16. Volume12

    Trysten Hill just moves differently than these DTs. The definition of twitched up.

    • Eli

      Sounds like he might have some character concerns, according to his profile on the NFL Combine website

      • Volume12

        With all due respect, I pay no attention to those at

        • Rob Staton

          Lance is well connected and it’s his scouting report.

          • Volume12

            That’s fine and I’m sure he is, but personally not a fan of ’em.

            • Rob Staton

              Well there has to be a reason why he only started one game in 2019. It’s not like pulled that out of thin air.

        • Eli

          I’ll post it just so it doesn’t need to be looked up:

          “Hill did not end his career at UCF on a positive note. He barely played in the team’s Fiesta Bowl loss to LSU, made it clear he was unhappy about his playing time after the game, and did not thank the team’s current coaching staff in the note in which he made his declaration for early entry in the NFL draft.”

          “He’s the most talented and impactful defensive lineman on the team, but concerns over his football character and maturity have hindered his standing on the team at times.”

  17. Eli

    Given the athletic foundation Jerry Tillery has shown I’d be pretty pleased if we were able to take him after trading down. There was a recent article on him at The Athletic that I think really cleared up his “character concerns”, at least for me.

    What range do you see Tillery getting picked Rob? End of the first/early second?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Tillery is a round two pick.

      I’m not sold on his fit in Seattle. Great athlete and had a good day today. Playing style matters though and I never truly felt like I was watching a Carroll Hawk. Plus — don’t they already have this type in Green? I’d rather go get an EDGE or a big BAMF DT.

      • Eli

        That’s a great point, Green slipped my mind

    • Volume12

      NFL scouts & teams: You had a GPA in the mid 3’s and got mileage outta your degree. So… why do you hate football so much?’

  18. Volume12

    Montez Sweat at 4.42? Man this D-line class is living up to the hype.

  19. Trevor

    Brian Burns is a stud!

  20. John_s

    Montez Sweat 1.55 10yd. 4.42 40. This man was moving

  21. HawksBill

    I was disappointed not seeing Joe Jackson(MIAMI DE) run the forty. He looks like a Seahawk kind of pick; young(Jr.), long arms, athletic body, heavy hitter, and productive tape.
    I like him to the hawks in the 2nd round after they move down.

  22. Volume12

    Chase Winovich with some impressive times. Big fan of him as a SAM.

  23. H

    Chase Winovich has gotta be pleased with that split. Huge time or him.

  24. Sea Mode

    Dang, Brian Burns man. Every drill. PC would be caught drooling if they show him up in the booth…

    • Rob Staton

      Probably so. He looks so smooth in space.

  25. Jake

    Chase winovich (I think I butchered his last name) looked really good. I think he’s gonna be high on Seattle’s board for 1: Great character 2: Very Athletic 3: Grit factor

    • Rob Staton

      Arm length is an issue though. Sub-33 inch arms. Kind of limits him to linebacker and he’d be a project there. Would also need to test well in agility.

      • Jake

        Sub 1.60 short shuttle, your right the arm length is an issue if he had 33+ then I would be completely on board for first/second round.

        • Rob Staton

          He’s a fun little player. I think even if he had the arm length… not sure he’s a fit in Seattle.

  26. Bigten

    Winovich looks pretty athletic. Wasn’t that the knock on him? That he lacked athletic ability

  27. C-Dog

    Biggest take away right now? Depth at DL and Edge.

    This looks like a classic draft for Seattle to deal all the way out of R1 and get eight picks, or so. JS talked about the depth of this class and not a lot of cliffs.

    Some DT targets for me are Trysten Hill, Daylon Mack, Kevin Givens, Demarcus Christmas, and Rennell Winn. Outside of Givens, all these other dudes are big and quick. I think a DT that can play both spots and two gap is going to be coveted. That’s not easy to do.

    For edge, I think Banogu, Jamal Davis, and Winovich just made some interesting cases for themselves. Winovich in particular, I didn’t think would perform like that, and he kinda played CFB like a player Pete Carroll would like, and he was coached by someone Carroll has a ton of respect for.

    • Volume12

      His motor is incredible. Gonna be a guy coaches covet more than scouts. Winovich that is. Harbaugh heaped a ton of praise on him.

    • Rob Staton

      Personally — I was a bit underwhelmed by the depth today. Had great expectations and it was just decent.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Draft is deep for offense this year. Feels top-heavy for DL in a similar way to RB last year, for me.

        TE opened my eyes yesterday, but I actually think it’s a better draft for LB this year than last. Just imo

  28. Trevor

    Burns would have to be a top 15 lock after today wouldn’t he? Sweat was faster in the 40 but they had almost identical 10 yard splits and on tape Burns has a far more consistent motor IMO. Green at must be praying that Sweat or Burns somehow fall to them.

    • Rob Staton

      I would urge caution about suggesting he’s a top-15 lock. EDGE rushers do have a tendency to last. What I would say is Burns with his weight and workout has given himself a great chance to be a first round pick. I think that’s a fair assessment of the situation.

      • Trevor

        That’s fair. Who do you prefer Sweat or Burns?

        • Rob Staton

          I think they’re actually quite different. Burns is a speed rusher but showed today he’s better in space. He flashed some potential to play outside in a 3-4 or even play some SAM/LEO. Sweat is a pure EDGE. He’s stiff in space. But he’s better vs the run, he’s bigger (and more likely to hold weight) and he does a better job with his hands.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Just watched a few more games of each and this is spot on analysis as usual Rob.

            Sweat reminded me a ton of Cliff Avril but stiffer. A stiff Cliff, if you will.

            Burns much more the Bruce Irvin speed freak type that is nearly lithe enough to play safety hahah

  29. DC

    Banogu has to be on the radar. There are folks on here that have been high on him during the season.

  30. mishima

    I could see the Seahawks selecting Devin Bush with their 1st pick (35 – 45), addressing edge in the 3rd (Polite, Omenihu, Banogu, etc.).

    My priorities: LB, WR, Edge, DT.

  31. Troy

    That Sweat time is unreal…between him and Metcalf some genuine athletic freaks will be entering the NFL. Also holy cow does anyone else realize how crazy it is that the Dline edge guys are having similar 40s as the linebackers? This truly seems like an all time great dline draft, I hope the hawks can end up with one of the elite guys, I got my eyes on all the prospects with a 1.6 split or better

  32. Trevor

    Been banging the drum for a while but I think Justin Hollins is really underrated and much better than his more heralded teammate Jenks. I think he would make an ideal replacement for Mingo with pass rush upside. Wish they posted his 10 yd split.

    • millhouse-serbia

      Isn’t Jacob Martin replacement for Mingo?

  33. SJVHawk

    Seahawks need interior DT pass rush giving Reed & Ford rest on 3rd down. They should be able to find it in this draft.

  34. Greg Haugsven

    Seems like we dont talk about Chase Winovich enough. Seems like he could be a good target in that early second round. Seems almost like a Clay Matthews clone.

    • Rob Staton

      There are certainly some similarities there.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Lack of ideal length huuurts him bad. Basically makes him into a SAM project and we aren’t taking someone like that early enough to consider Chase.

      He’s tested himself out of our range imo

  35. Kenny Sloth

    Gary Johnson ran a great time and his athleticism shows on tape. Didn’t see a ton of coverage stuff from him but he’s an aggressive defender amd plays with that 4.4 speed on display. He’d look good at Will. Late 3rd to early fifth is my expectation

  36. 12Hawks

    Can’t wait for your analysis on Ben Banogu. Looks like he was the only bright spot for TCU last season.
    He has to be a mid round target for the Hawks.

  37. GoHawksDani

    Do you think Winovich and Banogu tested too well and that is why you didn’t include them at the last “remember these numbers” part (I mean they will be taken earlier than the Hawks’ pick)?

    Based on numbers Crosby looks good too, but you didn’t write anything about his reps. Not sure if it’s a good thing or bad 😀

    I think Gary will be taken higher than our pick.

    So if we leave out the obvious first rounders I like these guys:
    Winovich (great speed, fluidity, great motor, solid technique. Maybe not a Bosa-like game wrecker, but overall pretty good prospect), Banogu (Quick, agile guy who can probably rush the passer but also drop in some coverage (sometimes we do that with our EDGE guys too), Omenihu (not a good test for him, but he’s ferocious. Probably will be underestimated a bit based on his numbers), Ximines (similar to Omenihu…not a great tester, but a violent dude), Crosby (seems like he’s a quick and agile guy…not sure about his play)

    For DTs I like Saunders, Hill, Keke, Christmas, Wise and Wren. They doesn’t seem like overly freakish dudes (OK, Saunders might be that) who’ll be overdrafted only based by the combine, but good performers (Keke is a bit of a question mark), quick, fast and agile guys with good motor. I with our projected trade-back positions they’ll be available

    I’m not in love with this LB class. Seems like there’ll be 2-3 guys selected in the first round but after that I feel a gap and the rest of the guys feel like 3rd/4th round materials. I like Mack Wilson and Pratt, but I wouldn’t draft them in the second round (3rd round seems fine)

    • Rob Staton

      “Do you think Winovich and Banogu tested too well and that is why you didn’t include them at the last “remember these numbers” part (I mean they will be taken earlier than the Hawks’ pick)?”

      You’ve lost me. What do you mean?

      “Based on numbers Crosby looks good too, but you didn’t write anything about his reps.”

      I’ll have done 24 hours of live blogging in total and over 30 hours of work on the blog in four days after today. I can’t write about every single player immediately after every workout. I wrote a bit about him today.

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