LIVE COVERAGE: The 2014 NFL Draft (rounds 2-3)

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  1. sdcoug

    re: Josh Gordon. With news that Cleveland brass has been aware for two weeks…does the league also share that information with other teams, or are they just now finding out this afternoon, like the rest of us? Curious, as the news could greatly change a team’s draft strategy depending on what they think Cleve’s needs are/were

  2. CD

    Trade Dallas and Wash, that would be like San Fran and Seattle making a trade…that would not happen

    • Kenny Sloth

      Poor Dallas. Giving high picks to division rivals…

      • Kenny Sloth

        I could see LNIII

      • Kenny Sloth

        Great pick for Dallas. DeMarcus Lawrence should be great on the strong side. Hope they can coach him up.

  3. Eric

    Wish we could get a trade like that – a 3rd for a few steps back would be gladly received.

  4. Eric

    Not certain if you’re reading these, Rob, but if so:

    If the Hawks can’t find a trade partner at 40, and assuming all the relevant players are still on the board, who do you choose?

  5. bigDhawk

    I’m not on the twitters, but I am listening and will post any comments here. Thanks for doing this solo Rob. No better analysis anywhere.

    • bigDhawk

      I’m thinking a trade down from 40. There are still so many players likely high on our board still available, even without Bitonio.

  6. Kenny Sloth

    What’s up with the harpsichord?

  7. Michael M.

    NOOO!! Bitonio!!!

  8. Kenny Sloth

    OH MY GOD. There goes Bitonio.

  9. Cysco

    Man, first Easley, then Bitonio. Lame.

  10. Eric

    So surely we go receiver at 40 now (assuming we pick there at all). Is Lee worth the risk, or do you think they look elsewhere?

  11. Matt

    Rob THANKS a ton for doing the broadcast – watching ESPN on mute while listening to your analysis.

    I’ve always been curious about how you got so interested into the NFL and Hawks from the other side of the pond – at some point during downtime here perhaps you can share a little about your story!

  12. Eric

    Is Jacksonville the greatest risk for taking Latimer?

  13. Misfit74

    I think the Jags will take Moses.

  14. SHawn

    Is Lee’s knee an issue for us, or could he be the receiver we take at 40? I heard a lot of teams took him off their board completely.

  15. Arias

    Ahahaha. I remember that Green Bay game Rob. Alexander ran for 200 yards.

  16. Troy

    Ra’Shede Hageman @#40 and @#64 Bryant?

    • bigDhawk

      Nope 🙁 Hageman to Atlanta

  17. Philip

    Rob — If we take a receiver at #40, then what would you expect at #64?

  18. Michael M.

    Well, unless Latimer and Lee are the next 2…

  19. Kenny Sloth

    Hageman looks pissed.

  20. Jarhead

    We really COULD Latimer at 40… I am hesitant but that really would solidify brilliant foresight and amazing luck by the Hawks FO. ..

  21. Arias

    seahawks hq live feed got lots of activity

  22. Michael M.

    Come on Latimer!!!

  23. Bill

    what do you think about Trent Murphy DE, Stanford? A Jared Allen type. seems like a Seahawk type guy, maybe this round?

  24. Don

    We need latimer at 40 and OT at 64

  25. Troy

    did we just trade out again???

    • Troy

      What did we get to trade back yet again?

  26. SHawn

    Traded 40

  27. Cysco

    Latimer please

  28. Don

    Whew! A WR at #39…. Not Latimer.

  29. Jarhead

    Wow…. This is getting ridiculous… We have to make a pick eventually right?

  30. Cysco

    Yay. I’m ok with another trade. did we get another 4th?

  31. Michael M.

    Well I really don’t think Latimer is going to be the pick. If they really liked him, they wouldn’t be getting cute here.

  32. Troy

    What did we get by trading back? and where are we picking now???

  33. Bill


  34. SalukiHawk

    Looks like we gave up our later 5th for their 4th and a 7th

  35. Cysco

    All the Picks!

  36. Jarhead

    Hey let’s go Carlos Hyde! Beast Mode jr.! You know I called it months ago Rob. Hahaha

  37. EranUngar

    Seahawks have traded #Pick40 and #Pick146 (5th) to @DetroitLionsNFL for #Pick45 (2nd) #Pick111 (4th) and #Pick227 (7th).

    • EranUngar

      Why would we give up the 5th ? that’s the best round historically. (Willson, Sherman, Chancellor…)

      • bigDhawk

        KJW was 4th, if I recall. We can draft well there, if there is value, which PC/JS apparently think there is.

  38. Fudwamper

    I think rob it comes down to filling up depth for cheap and not the starter today. There was a good piece on Field gulls about draft economics maybe they are one of the teams that believe reality and not their gut.

    • EranUngar

      To be honest – the math supports more late picks over high profile few top rounders.

  39. AndrewB

    St Louis go Jean-Babtiste here?

  40. Cysco

    They must really like one of Montcrief/Bryant/Coleman and must assume that they’re safe moving down. Seattle’s done this before. They know the sweet spot where they can get “their guy”.

  41. Cysco

    Oh gawd, if STL gets Latimer….

  42. bigDhawk

    If St Louis takes Latimer I’ll be torqued.

    • Hawk meat

      If giants do…I will be too

  43. seaspunj

    Makes me wonder if the Seahawks wanted Bitonio and traded down again because their guy is not there … I hope we get a WR and OL with these next 2 picks

    • Cysco

      very possible, though they must not have valued him that high or they would have taken him at 32

  44. Don

    So Seahawks value more average players instead of fewer highly talented players.

    I disagree with the approach, it will lead to an average team. You can’t coach up everybody to be all pro’s. They are going to screw around and lose some good players

    • John W

      Don, pretty sure they know what they are doing. They have a team of great players who were not drafted high.

    • Hawk meat

      It sure worked out so far…Super Bowl win and all

      • Don

        Well, if you accept this logic, why not trade all of the hawks picks for all 32 7th rd picks. Yes, that will work really well!

        • Hawk meat

          Um. ok. sure. smh

          This type of conversation occurred when Pete and John first arrived. I would think there would be more trust in them by now.

          • JeffC

            I think what Don is saying is that they are probably getting too cute and missing out on what they wanted and continuing to trade down because of that. That all these trades are not some part of a master plan but a result of things not falling their way.

            • hawkmeat

              Perhaps. It sounds more like complaining because players he likes aren’t picked. Always kills me people on the internet think they know more than professional scouts for nfl teams.

    • bigDhawk

      Yeah, just a bunch of pedestrians.

    • Eric

      High round players that made a large impact in our Superbowl win:

      – Earl Thomas
      – Russel Okung

      Percy Harvin was injured too much of the season. Bruce Irvin could be argued.

      The remainder of the roster was taken in these later rounds, and hardly resulted in an average team.

    • Fudwamper

      Well the math says different

    • EranUngar

      Why would you say that?

      Yes, they can, they did and they will do.

      They don’t pick average players, they smartly pick highly talented players that others fail to spot and value.

  45. Cysco

    I’m ok with that one. They hit home runs in the first. This was a ground out to third.

  46. Troy

    Seems as if we gained some solid value by trading back and still lots of quality guys still left there.

  47. Jarhead

    What did we have planned this whole time? I want to know who they had up their sleeve…

  48. Troy

    Do we trade back yet again? Lol

  49. Curt

    WR Colorado St. ?

    • SHawn

      No, Colorado.

  50. Curt

    Paul Richardson? What round did you have him going Rob?

  51. bigDhawk

    Paul Richardson…in PC/JS I trust!!!

    • bigDhawk

      Remeber JS said one thing they were trying to do better this year that they have not done as well in previous years is get to know the character of the player. Maybe Richardson is much more of a Seahawks character type than Latimer or Bryant. We know his measurables. We should get to know more about his character it seems.

  52. Jarhead

    Cue the fail music from the Price Is Right… Can’t say this pick gets me very excited…

  53. Cysco

    I have no idea how to react to that pick. lol

    so seahawks

  54. Troy

    Should have traded back yet again to take Richardson.

    • bigDhawk

      Probably had no offers.

  55. Curt

    Do you think they could have kept trading down for him?

    • Troy

      Yes, had him graded as a 3rd RD pick

    • Hawk meat

      You never know

  56. drrew

    Love it. I’ve been banging the drum on Richardson for awhile. The numbers he put up while being essentially the entire Colorado offense were off the charts.

  57. David M

    not sure on this one, but JS/PC knows best. if he is fast, him and harbin can streach the field

  58. Cade

    What kind of competitor is he?

  59. EranUngar


    For our 32 pick we got Richardson a 4th, a 7th and a move up from 5th to 4th. Can’t get any better then that….

    Everybody repeat after me – Thank you JS, we are not worthy….

    I guess they didn’t see Latimer and the others the same way we did.

    • bigDhawk

      If Richardson turns into TY Hilton I think we did good.

  60. Burner

    Twitter was convinced we took Tiny Richardson!!

  61. Kenny Sloth


  62. Forrest

    I like it…would have preferred Latimer, but I like it…

  63. drrew

    As a player, Paul Richardson is Desean Jackson 2.0, which at 45 is a steal.

    He didn’t return kicks in college, but I suspect he fills that role right off the bat.

  64. Brian

    How fast is he going to be when he has to add 25 pounds?

  65. Jarhead

    Anyone listening to Rob should pay attention- drops passes. Remember Koren Robinson. All the physical tools you could want but couldn’t catch a pass to save his life. I just am still scratching my head. So the 180 lb WR is going to be run blocking and breaking tackles like Tate? Oh well. Number 64 is coming up…

    • drrew

      Richardson had a lower dropped pass % than M. Bryant, M. Lee, D. Moncrief, and K. Benjamin. He certainly had too many drops, but there were worse numbers among players that a lot of people liked.

    • EranUngar

      At 4.33 40 you don’t break tackles, you runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    • AlaskaHawk

      This is totally underwhelming. The main thing a wide receiver has to do is catch passes. We gave up Latimer for this? PC has only found one wide receiver in the high rounds.

  66. Ben2

    Hmmm…. Baptiste or Moncrief I would’ve been more excited about.

  67. Don

    Underwhelming. I don’t know, when I compared most of the top WR’s, Latimer, Matthews, Bryant were better than Richardson.

  68. EranUngar

    Seems they value speed over durability and winning the contested shots. They have Kearse and Baldwin for it….

  69. Brad

    Doesn’t return punts really, either. ooph. Really hoping he pans out!

  70. Ben2

    How is this guy gonna get off press coverage?

    • drrew

      The same way Desean Jackson did on his way to 1300+ yards last season. Quickness, speed, and body control.

  71. stuart

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? Somebody talk me off the ledge…

    With all the trading down, this, this, this, F***!

    Short, skinny, small hands, lots of drops, but he has something, WHAT IS IT?

    Cody Latimer, we will watch your career and remember this day……………….

    • Hawk meat

      No reason to be upset over a pick. This happens every year.

    • Burner

      Get a grip man 🙂

      I’m sure our guys know what they are doing.

  72. Ben2

    Reeks of Deon Butler. Hope I’m wrong.

  73. Don

    JS/ PC has a history of missing on WR picks.

  74. Ben2

    Latimer – would’ve loved that pick better too….Coleman was on the board….Ughhh

    • O

      Coleman? Really? Don’t worry he’ll still be there tomorrow.

    • Hawk meat

      I am hopeful. I did want Latimer

  75. Jeff M.

    Football Outsiders’ Playmaker Rating (regression-based predictive model) has Paul Richardson tied for 5th (with Robinson) behind only Cooks, Beckham, Lee, Adams (and ahead of Watkins, Evans, etc.).

    More info here:

    • O

      Yes. Richardson is a good player. I don’t understand the negative reaction.

      • Hawk meat

        I don’t either. Especially with our team and f.o.

        I suppose for many bummed because people fall in love with players in the first few rounds.

  76. kstreet

    I didn’t know much of Richardson, but his routes look really clean. Better than any route Tate ran. With him and Harvin spreading the field I think it opens things up real good.

  77. RJ

    Have you no faith? This is an EXPLOSIVE athlete. 4.33 40 at the combine. Hands are fine. Great route runner.

  78. Brian

    Then he’s a major injury concern around his current weight, yes?

    • Brian

      Just not sure if we need another injury prone receiver…he’s already had a history with ACL issues

  79. Colin

    Something is clearly wrong with Cody Latimer. A specimen of his should be gone by now.

  80. connor

    Not gonna lie, hate this pick.Paul Richardson is pretty much a undersized receiver with bad hands, who can’t make plays in traffic and will occasionally make a big play. How you take him over a guy like Martavis Bryant or Latimer doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Actually there is probably at least 10 more receivers I would’ve taken over Richardson, I hope I’m wrong.

    • drrew

      Martavis Bryant is a track athlete who occasionally plays football.

      At least you could claim Latimer actually has shown some football skills and production, Bryant has shown none.

      • connor

        I get having some concerns about Bryant’s character or passion but to say he hasn’t shown anything on a football field, I just can’t agree with that. We’re talking about a guy who is 6’4 can get behind defenses and can high point the football and go over db’s.

        Also I wanna correct myself I shouldn’t say Paul Richardson has bad hands. But he has inconsistent hands and some really bad drops without the talent of say a Kelvin Benjamin.

  81. Colin

    Let’s not forget, John Schneider commented last night they were excited how round 3 and 4 were shaping up. That’s where they have made their money.

  82. Stuart

    So many other players available at #45…WR Jeff Janis late 5th Round could end up being better…at the very least, Richardson needs to be able to return punts…but doesn’t…WOW…JUST WOW…

    He is a Hawk now, welcome to Seattle, home of the World Champion’s!

    • drrew

      Just wondering how often you saw Paul Richardson play?

  83. Madmark

    PC/JS with that pick really are pushing the envelop of trust here. I got to give them the benefit of the doubt but I think they could have traded farther down for better picks if they really want Richardson. I’m defiantly one of those guys against really small receivers.

    • O

      I think they tried, the pick came at the end of the 7 minutes count down

  84. Nathan

    Just watched Paul Richardson do a brilliant one handed catch against Oregon, excited, although I am a little worried about the drops.

  85. Steve

    Has elements of Desean….but I think we got another TY Hilton….except a little bigger.

    If he can do to others what TY did to the Hawks last year….I’d say we got the right guy.

  86. Brandon

    Count me in hating this pick. This is not Desean Jackson, this guy runs 4.4 not 4.3 and he is very slight. I liked trading down, just not the pick. Boo!

    • drrew

      He’s been measured at 4.33…Jackson ran 4.35 at the combine.

      • Brandon

        Richardson did not run 4.3 at the combine. Jackson did. I think you d also find d Jackson ran faster at his pro day than the combine as well. I’m not a fan of Jackson, and Richardson is no djax.

  87. Nathan

    What are the chances Hyde comes off the board soon?

  88. Madmark

    Tavin Austin comes to mind and what has he done for St.Louis

    • Colin

      Tavon Austin plays with Sam Bradford and a Schottenheimer descendant offensive coordinator… cmon now.

  89. Vin

    Like most of the other posters on here, I’m speechless. On paper, sure seems like we could’ve done better. I’m not sure what the fascination they have with the smaller receivers. Obviously can’t judge this one for awhile. In JS we trust.

  90. Burner

    Richardson averaged 16.2 yards per catch as a senior! I’ll have some of that.

  91. CD

    Does Richardson return punts?

  92. Colin

    Seems like most people hate the Paul richardson pick largely because Rob hasn’t talked about him like he has Moncrief, Latimer, etc.

    • connor

      Also his tape.

    • Burner

      Spot on. I’ll bet half the guys slagging the pick off have never even seen him play.

      We should know by now not to be shocked by anything JC/PC do in the draft. But they still confound you with picks like this. I’m sure Richardson is going to bring a new element to our passing attack, not the big guy that was much touted, but a legitimate vertical threat that will open up the underneath for Harvin and Baldwin.

      • Jarhead

        Yeah weren’t we all surprised when they drafted Carpenter at RT and Irvin at DE? How have those panned out? And notice I said Irvin at DE. We just got lucky that he made a decent transition to OLB. This reeks of those picks. And also does he have to sit a year like Michaels? Do we expect him to beat out Baldwin, Kearse, and Harvin for playing time?

  93. RJ

    I’m gonna quit reading these comments now. I wanna drink the cool aid!

    • Hawk meat

      Wise choice

  94. M

    Think they got too cute–rolled the dice once too often. Real crapshoot of a pick but perhaps the extra picks pay off…

  95. sdcoug

    We keep talking about giving Russ a bailout on scrambles with a big WR. I guess there’s another way…give him someone who can simply run away from coverage on broken plays. last year it seemed like guys often couldn’t get open when a play broke down. might be a good pick

  96. Nathan

    What do you think of the possibility of drafting another wide receiver at some point if the value is there?

  97. Hawk meat

    Man. The cardinals are killing it. Niklas…. Hate them getting this guy

  98. Aaron

    Doug Baldwin called the pick on Softy today. Said he would be great fit because of attitude and work ethic. Podcast isn’t up yet.

  99. Don

    We will be seeing Latimer and Bryant when SF picks one of them

    • Hawk meat

      They are set at WR after getting Stevie Johnson….for a steal

  100. Stuart

    Based on the Field Gulls Scoring Chart, Richardson scored a 6.49, was listed as a 3rd rounder and there were FIVE other receivers still on the board who surpassed him.

    Cody Latimer, Donte Moncrief, Allen Robinson, Bruce Ellington, Martavis Bryant.

    I would have loved it if they picked Jarvis Landry instead since the Hawks are in the mindset of drafting WR rated to go in Round 3, not to mention Brandon Coleman….

  101. bob

    Don’t understand the pick. Why didn’t they go TE, Jace Amaro or a bigger receiver? Don’t know how this guys body will last.

  102. James

    HaHa….OMG, Pete and John do it to us again. Speed, speed and more speed….all in for speed. Richardson ran an electronic 4.28 in January. Lines up as an X SE, not a slot. Certainly not the prototype X. This was clearly their choice, not a fall back guy. Could have had Lee, Latimer, Bryant, Matthews, Robinson, Moncrief, etc….but obviously targeted this guy, knowing they could trade back and still have him. I guess Pete also plans to re-write the X position as well as what he had done to DBs….Richardson is faster even than Percy. We continue to be amazed. Funny thing is….Doug Baldwin called this. He was interviewed this afternoon on KJR and they asked him who he would take and he said Paul Richardson, fastest and most dangerous WR in the draft. Asked if it should be a taller guy, he said no…..speed.

  103. Trudy Beekman

    You can see that he plays with that “pissed off for greatness” edge. Latimer, Robinson, Adams, Landry still there. Strengths/weaknesses, this guy is literally the OPPOSITE of Cody Latimer.

    Can’t say I’m excited about this pick, but with them trading down twice you knew they had a specific guy in mind and I thought it was gonna be LDT or something. Still enough receivers on board to double dip and let them battle it out in camp.

    I guess the X receiver is what this team was missing. OW you move around and get the ball to in space with Percy, Baldwin/Kearse as the possession guys, Richardson blowing the top off? TY Hilton is a good comparison. Mike Wallace also comes to mind.


    P-Rich is going to be the next DeSean Jackson. Tilt the field speed. Yeah, I’m drinking the kool-aide.

  105. Cade

    Maybe Seattle thinks they are set okay in the big and tall dept. with S. Rice and Chris Matthews.

    Is Paul a punt returner?

  106. bigDhawk

    Has the live feed crashed for anyone else? Mine is dead. Rebooted my computer and everything.


      Yes. Feed is dead.

      • CD

        Yes, dead.

  107. Nathan

    Did you hear about RG3 being traded to the Rams?

  108. Johnny L

    Well damn, Latimer to the Broncos…

    • bigDhawk

      At least SF didn’t get him. And they traded out of the spot where he went, even.

    • Hawk meat

      That sucks.

  109. Nathan

    I have been wanting to ask a Seahawks analasist, What is your opinion about Terrelle Pryor being picked up? As an Ohio State fan, I just want to make sure he is in the right place.

  110. kstreet

    The negativity on here is disheartening. Look at the guy’s hip when he runs routes. He has Ricardo Lockette speed with actual route running skills. His size and hands may be an issue, but don’t cast this guy off before he has a chance.

    For the record, I was defending one Russell Wilson from those naysayers the day of his draft pick up in 2012. I might have gotten lucky, but I might have seen something beyond size. Although, I’m truly no Rob Staton, so I defer to his expertise…

    • O


  111. Rob Staton

    Got kicked out of the last chat. New Hang Out loaded up and we’re back on air. So refresh the page and click the top youtube video to watch LIVE.

  112. Colin

    WE can hear you.

  113. Cysco

    roger that rob. can hear you fine

  114. kstreet

    Back online.

  115. CD

    Its back guys, just reload the page and look for the new play button

  116. Jon

    we got you back

  117. Glor

    9rs just took a RB

  118. Cysco

    I wonder if PCJS realize that they’ve got the league going for big and tall secondary so now they go the opposite direction with their receivers. Speed kills.

  119. Don

    PR may have speed but it doesn’t do any good if he drops half of his passes.

    8-7/8″ hands! Very small for a WR

    His “Highlight film shows him catching most of the catches in his body, not his hands. What good is he in the red zone when the field is crowded and he can’t fight for the ball?

  120. Dude

    Don’t know much about this guy. But the speed is interesting. But if he could be like a T.Y Hilton, that is exciting.

    I think i was more surprised that Carrol passed on Lee. He was so dynamic a few years back.

    Maybe we need to reflect on what Carrol really likes at WR. Everyone seems to think that he wants the big 6’5 Mike Williams clone. However, they really have only brought in the Jackson type player.

    • Cysco

      thanks for posting this.

      “Paul Richardson separates and gets open unlike any other receiver I’ve seen in this draft. His speed isn’t just an idea or a concept as is the case with Jordan Matthews. Every single ounce of speed Richardson has translates onto the football field.”

      Would love to see if Rob agrees after further reveiw

  121. JeffC

    Maybe in two years PC envisions the most explosive team in NFL history, with Richardson deep, Harvin taking sweeps, screens, and middle of the field, Luke Willson at TE, Christine Michael at RB, and Baldwin setting up to gobble up first downs if everyone is covered.

    That is, if we can keep RW healthy.


    Who are your top guys that are left at this point?

  123. Drago

    2 complete speedsters on the field at the same time, with a beast in the backfield and Mr Clutch at both QB and Slot receiver. I am warming to the idea more and more.

    I had become enamoured by Latimer and i’m really glad he went to the AFC. As long as Richardson is healthy though (my BIGGEST worry is the ACL problem he had, but you have to assume he’s checked out more than fine) then I think we will love this selection.

    Also – team captain, that’s another guy who will be all in, competitive and driven. Feel he could be the competition with Percy to push him to even greater heights.

  124. sdcoug

    Richardson may not help Red Zone, but as I mentioned earlier, it seemed like Tate/Baldwin really struggled to break free when Russ scrambled last year. Being able to run away from coverage is a valuable skill…

  125. Colin

    Yes, Grigson getting Exec. of the Year was a joke. Similar to Luke Kuechly getting DPOY. Good player, but several better candidates got snubbed. PFWA seems to be blinded by popularity when making decisions.

  126. Stuart

    Paul Richardson-Analysis from


    STRENGTHS Jab steps and accelerates into routes. Fluid and field fast. Chews up ground with long strides. Stretches the field vertically and can run under deep throws. Can drive off corners, break off and work back to the quarterback. Can extend to pluck off his frame. Shows he’s capable of making the spectacular grab. Productive despite a poor supporting cast. Has a 38-inch vertical jump.

    WEAKNESSES Is very lean. Needs to bulk up and get stronger. Has been injured and durability could be an issue. Vulnerable to the jam. Does not separate consistently — needs to become a more refined, deceptive route runner. Average burst out of breaks. Lets some throws into his body and drops throws he shouldn’t. Gets out-muscled at the catch point for 50-50 balls. Limited run strength. Underpowered blocker.

    BOTTOM LINE Very lean, narrow-framed, finesse “X” receiver who made an immediate impact at Colorado before knee injuries derailed his progress. Measurables will go a long way in determining his ultimate draft value, and his success at the next level is dependent upon his ability to make plays in the vertical passing game. Has a boom-or-bust element. Size and durability are question marks.
    -Nolan Nawrocki

    I would love to eat crow, please make me eat crow, I want to say I was wrong and I am so sorry….

    • Don

      I am not convinced.

      I would take Latimer and Matthews over him. There are skinny track guys who are fast and have small hands and drops a lot of catches (Richardson), and there are football players who are fast enough and can make the tough catches in traffic.

      Hawks already have Harvin and Lockett, they should have got Latimer or Matthews who can play every down and make the tough catches and BLOCK downfield.

      Wrong pick

      • hawkmeat

        So negative.
        I think John and Pete know better, and what they want for their program.

  127. JC

    With Harvin and now Richardson, could Pete be building a passing game more akin to Chip Kelly then Carroll’s USC? What Imean by that is receivers with too much speed to ignore but make thier money on quick routes and YAC then use an explosive running back to take advantage of the space.

    • Arias

      In other words, is Carroll going soft and creating a finesse team?

  128. dt

    Hmmm… that’s the second time the Niners traded down to allow a trade partner to jump up to pick a WR (Latimer and Robinson) before Seahawks’ spot.

  129. bigDhawk

    So does Richardson mean that Chris Matthews is more than just a warm training camp body? Is he our red zone and red line winner?

    • David M

      That’s what I’m thinking, and hoping!!

  130. Kenny Sloth

    We got a home run hitter. Another one. We have so many…

  131. Cysco

    OK, I’m calling Brent Urban at 64. Probably a reach, but he’ll be gone by the 4th.

    Off the charts physical characteristics. Seems like a seahawky pick

    • Don

      Urban is still working on American Idol. He is too skinny.

  132. Hawk meat

    Condotta suggests hawks picks a OL, cable on the phone.

    • Hawk meat


  133. bigDhawk

    I’ll call Tiny Richardson at 64

  134. connor

    I think Billy Turner could be a sleeper here.

  135. bigDhawk

    Whoa! Justin Britt?!?!? Who knew.

    • bigDhawk

      This is 100% Cabes.

  136. Cysco


    Oh Seahawks.

    Why do we even try to predict what you’ll do.

  137. connor

    I know nothing about Justin Britt but in JSPC we trust!

  138. Ben2

    Who is this guy? Anybody w/a scouting report?

  139. Colin

    Okay. Haven’t heard much about him, but maybe that’s a good thing.

  140. Colin

    I’m watching some Justin Britt tape vs Georgia. It’s not encouraging.

    • David M

      I just watched it… Not good so far, obviously Cable sees something very positive in him to take him over Moses

    • Trudy Beekman

      Hahaha just watched that as well. Abysmal. Nice kick-step, but gets absolutely abused by the bull-rush. Looks undraftable based on that. Looks pretty good getting to the second level and blocking in space. I don’t get it.

  141. CD

    Sando says he was projected for late round, maybe in the 5th

  142. Kenny Sloth

    Justin Britt is damn tough. Good candidate for the right side. He swallows people. Long, strong, built well. I like his bubble.

  143. Brad

    Thanks a lot Rob, until tomorrow!

  144. bigDhawk

    Can’t think of a better place as to spend the draft as a Seahawks fan. Thanks so much for doing this Rob. I anxiously await your sage analysis in the days to come. GO HAWKS!!

  145. Troy

    Our next picks are what #s?

    • David Ess

      pick 8 and 11 and 32nd in the 4th round.

  146. Cysco

    Thanks for the coverage Rob!

    More entertaining than listening to the national coverage.

  147. Brett S

    We hear ya!!

  148. David Ess

    love the Prich pick, he played around 158-161 and now says hes up to 183, lets hope that translates well for him.

    the lineman Britt, apparently had a good game against Clowney this year so that’s encouraging.

    excited for tomorrow, 3 picks in the 4th! go hawks!

  149. Kelly Orr

    The more i think about the Richardson pick the more i like it. Pete Carroll and John Schneider seems to me want to be able to scare people on the outside by stretching the field vertically and horizontally. Richardson himself said the fastest 40 he has ran is 4.28. Now the Britt pick? 100% Cable’s i am assuming so that is his baby to groom and get ready.

  150. Brett

    You’re back.

  151. George

    You’re good.

  152. Steve Nelsen

    Britt was under the radar after an average Combine but he had an awesome pro day and set several personal records. He was 1st team All-SEC and started 14 games at LT. Seattle loves SEC players.

  153. Brian

    Just watched game tape on Justin Britt. Looks like a 5th/6th rounder.

    Terrible pick.

    • David M

      People said the same about Richard Sherman. Don’t be so quick to to judge

    • Chris

      In what way? Please explain?

      He doesn’t get burned. He’s almost never out of position.

      He doesn’t seem powerful to me, but he seems very technically sound. I don’t know how someone can look at his tape and say he sucks. He rarely “loses”. He just doesn’t dominate.

    • hawkmeat

      I love it when people jump to calling picks terrible. Have people learned nothing?
      Bleacher report dialog, recall RW was a terrible pick.
      I will trust professional scouts over someone on the net.

  154. Madmark

    I hate to say it but I’m a little disappointed in our first 2 picks. My biggest reason is not the picks themselves but where they were picked. They could have got Richardson at 64 and Britt in the 4th with 108. If this was there plan to begin with they could have traded 40 and got so many more picks later . I’m thinking that the draft really didn’t go the way they were thinking Easley gone at 29 trade back. Joel Bitinio gone 35 Trade back to 45. Kouanjio goes at 44. I really think they reach this year and I’m hoping I’m wrong. I mean moncrief has fallen due to drops but he has hands that are an inch bigger than Richardson and has the size of Chris Harper a 4th round draft pick last year. Lockette was and still is a speedster. Am I just missing something because I haven’t had a drink tonight.

    • David Ess

      if you want some reassurance on the pick, listen to tom cables interview. i guess Britt was going to be picked a few spots behind the hawks.

    • James

      Mad….we have spent the past six months devouring conventional wisdom on draft picks, guys being analyzed by the consensus standards in the NFL. But Pete and John are totally outside the box. At this point, none of us have learned to get into their heads. But they are proven right and we are proven wrong. We simply can’t analyze a prospect and see what they see.

      All the guys you mention, and all the others mentioned here for the past months….Latimer, Bitonio, Moses, Bryant, Kouandjio, and on and on….all of them could have been had at 32, most again at 40 and many again at 45. The fact is, the Seahawks chose these guys over those other guys for a reason….it is just that none of us can see their reasons, not us and not anyone in the NFL at this point. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

  155. Chris

    Reminds me a lot of R. Wilson.

    The only real knock against this guy is his size.

    I watched this guy before the draft and thought he was fantastic. He was small (although okay heightwise), so I assumed the Latimers and Bryants, etc, were better because everyone had them mocked higher. No one really talked about this guy at all so I assumed I was crazy. Dismissed him myself and threw him down my WR depth chart even though I liked him more than folks I put above him.

    I love this pick.

    With a truth serum, best pure WR talent next to Watkins, Cooks and Evans (in a different way). Worried about his slight frame.

    Let’s see what you got Paul.

  156. SeaTown

    I love the “we could have gotten these guys later in the draft” comments as if you all know the other 31 teams draft boards. LOL Let’s get to training camp and then we can start to assess whether or not these were good picks.

    • hawkmeat

      Exactly. None of these comments are based in reality. The nfl teams, scouts, would have a better idea if a player may be picked soon. They are professional scouts, and know what fits their scheme. Plus you cannot know what a player will develop into until a year or more depending on position. Calling a pick terrible before the field is taken is just goofy.

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