LIVE: Day three of the 2014 NFL Draft (R4-7)

Day three begins at 9am PST. I’ll be live blogging on Seattle’s picks, offering thoughts and posting tape/highlights as we go along.

The Seahawks begin the day with three fourth round picks, plus a pick each in rounds five, six and seven.

Remaining picks:

Round 4 — #8 (#108), #11 (#111), #32 (#132)
Round 5 — #32 (1#72)
Round 6 — #32 (#208)
Round 7 — #12 (#227)


Round 4 — #8 (#108)
Seahawks select Cassius Marsh (DE, UCLA)
Seattle worked Marsh out at UCLA during the off-season. He had a 4.89 in the forty and looked stiff, but he did record a good three-cone (7.08s) and short shuttle (4.25s). Originally committed to LSU but then switched to the Bruins. Had six sacks last year including two against USC. He caught a touchdown in 2012 acting as a tight end. There are some character concerns. He was ejected against California (and subsequently suspended against Stanford) for throwing a punch at an offensive lineman. He’d just been called offside on consecutive plays and took a high block on the next snap. He looks like a guy who lost weight — still carries some size even though he was 252lbs at the combine. He weighed 300lbs as a freshman. They could ask him to add weight to play inside — or they could use him off the edge. Versatile guy, gritty and competitive. He’s 6-4 with arm length a shade under 33 inches.

The Seahawks have traded the #11 pick in round four (#111 overall) to the Cincinnati Bengals. They’ll next be on the clock with the 23rd pick in round four (#123 overall). The Bengals drafted UNC lineman Russell Bodine. They get a sixth round pick (#199 overall) for moving down.

From the Tony Pauline Tweet/Scouting report above… I like this particular quote on Cassius Marsh:

“Fights with his hands, works to get off blocks and quickly locates the ball. Chases the action hard. Intense and finds ways to make plays. Fluid if asked to twist or stunt. Shows the ability to redirect to the action and flashes power knocking blockers away.”


The Cardinals just selected Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas. It’s a great pick. Bruce Arians is the perfect coach for Thomas, the Arizona system will suit him down to the ground. In terms of a developmental guy in round four who could start one day — excellent value. Smart pick by the Cardinals.


Here’s a really interesting take from Mike Florio on the Marsh pick:

Check out this quote from Florio:

“In connection with our position-by-position previews on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk, a seasoned and respected NFL scout told me that Barr is regarded as the most overrated pass rusher in the class — and that Marsh is regarded as the most underrated pass rusher.”


Round 4 — #23 (#123)
Seahawks select Kevin Norwood (WR, Alabama)
I wrote a piece on Norwood just over a week ago (click here). He’s a very dependable receiver. Extremely competitive in the air. Fast forward to 1:41 in the video below:

Alabama toiled against an over-matched Kentucky team in that game. They turned the ball over (T.J. Yeldon fumble) in the red zone. Another drive stalled a few yards out and they had to settle for a field goal. They were making mistakes.

A frustrated A.J. McCarron just throws one up for grabs downfield as he tries to make any kind of play. Norwood is in double coverage and after play action, McCarron really shouldn’t be throwing this pass. Norwood bails him out by high pointing the football between the two defenders and making a huge gain. After this play Alabama coasted along to a big win. That catch changed the game. It was Norwood’s first meaningful contribution too — and the most important by any player on the day.

In the article I wrote last week, I pointed out that Alabama used Norwood in the same way Seattle uses its receivers. They don’t throw a ton. But when they do throw — you better be ready to make a play. That’s Norwood. He might get three targets in a game and make two catches for 45 yards and a score. He also makes improbable catches by the sideline, he extends drives. He’s a very Seahakwy receiver.

Fast forward to 2:48 in the video below to see why he’ll work well in the scramble drill:


Three big names who could be falling due to injury concerns:

Brent Urban (DT, Virginia) — already had one ACL injury, hurt his foot at the Senior Bowl and didn’t work out during the off-season.

Brandon Coleman (WR, Rutgers) — had reconstruction surgery on a knee last summer.

Antonio Richardson (T, Tennessee) — more knee concerns, talk during the combine suggested he could fall as a consequence.


Round 4 — #32 (#132)
Seahawks select Kevin Pierre-Louis (LB, Boston College)
6-0, 232lbs — ran a 4.51 at the combine. SPARQ demon (no surprise) and potential depth replacement for Malcolm Smith who’s a free agent next year. Had 28 reps on the bench and a 39 inch vertical. 10-8 on the broad jump also stands out. Should have an immediate impact on special teams. High impact player with great character and experience. Should be protected in Seattle’s scheme — will get a chance to play in space. Great short-area quickness. Below you can see his tape vs the National Champions Florida State, USC and North Carolina from 2013:


Brent Urban has just been selected in round four by Ozzie Newsome and the Baltimore Ravens. They always take one player I’m really high on every year.


Is it me, or has this 5th round dragged like crazy?

Two big name quarterbacks — Aaron Murray and A.J. McCarron — were selected in round five by Kansas City and Cincinnati respectively.


Round 5 — #32 (#172)
Seahawks select Jimmy Staten (DT, Mid Tennessee St.)
I can’t offer anything here. He doesn’t even have a profile on He’s 6-4 and 303lbs and benched 30 reps at his pro day. He had zero sacks in 2013.

Tony Pauline’s scouting report has this to say about Staten:

Ineffective making plays outside the box. Handled in a one-on-one blocking situations. Does not do a good job using his hands to protect himself. Though marginally productive, Staten was a consistent college lineman and offers potential at a variety of positions in a two-gap system.


Round 6 — #23 (#199)
Seahawks select Garrett Scott (T, Marshall)
Scott is one of the best SPARQ prospects in the 2014 draft. He had a 33.5 inch vertical and a 9-7 in the broad jump at his pro day. Shade under 35 inch arms. Big time potential and something for the Seahawks to work with. He started at guard and tackle for Marshall. Tony Pauline says in his report that he plays with a passive attitude — which is why he’s available at this stage. He also claims he must, “improve and elevate almost every aspect of his game.” Quite a project then…

Here’s his tape vs Maryland from 2013:


Round 6 — #32 (#208)
Seahawks select Eric Pinkins (S, San Diego State)
Pinkins is a 6-3, 220lbs safety who had an outstanding pro day. He recorded 4.44 forty, a 39.5 inch vertical jump and he put up 25 reps on bench press. In other words, he’s exactly the type of player you’d expect the Seahawks to draft in round six. Had three career picks and is considered a late bloomer.

Could he convert to corner? If he can make it work at that size… he’ll be some player.

Here’s his tape vs San Jose State:

He has some Youtube videos he may want to take down. Not impressive language used here.


Round 7 — #12 (#227)
Seahawks select Kiero Small (FB, Arkansas)
Small is a full back and a 5th year senior. He looks a bit like Mike Tolbert — similar body shape and size (5-8, 244lbs). What can I say — this is all I’ve got:

That’s as far as we go for the live blog and also for the 2014 draft. I’ll have another post tonight reviewing Seattle’s picks.


  1. Spireite Seahawk

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work it’s been a blast to follow. A couple of questions.

    Do you think Day 3 picks will be about BPA or needs?

    Also, off topic but how do you rate the Millers chances in the play offs? If they dont go up do you think it will be less of a blow all the local interest in League 1 next season?

    • Rob Staton

      A bit of both. I suspect we’ll see some defensive depth brought in. Perhaps another offensive lineman. That fills the need areas. But then it’s about seeing who else is there. Where can you get value? Those two early 4th rounders look good today in terms of pure value picks.

  2. EranUngar


    To refresh everybody’s memory – When someone tells you “They can’t keep building this team from late round picks” remmeber the 3rd day list of this FO.

    The following players had a meaningful contribution to winning the SB as a 4th-7th round picks by this FO in the past 4 years –

    Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, K.J. Wright, Byron Maxwell, Malcolm Smith, Walter Thurmond, Robert Turbin, Jeremy Lane, J.R. Sweezy, Luke Willson and Michael Bowie.

    11 players in 4 drafts. (Not including IR players like McCoy, Scruggs, Jesse or UDFAs like Baldwin, Krease)

    This is the day we do our stuff. Go get them hawks.

    • JeffC

      I think what people are saying is it may be wise not to PLAN and DEPEND on late round picks as a cornerstone. Eventually, the rest of the league will copycat and catch up.

      But I also have this feeling that PC is expanding this team into something else, something we haven’t yet seen. Something the NFL hasn’t seen. That we’ve only just begun with this super bowl win, but this team hasn’t morphed into what he envisions it can be.

      Conventional wisdom has been totally thrown out in these past two drafts.

  3. Mylegacy

    Rob – loved your live blogging. Interesting to hear you in the flesh, as it were.

    It looks like with the first two pitches of this Draft Game our Hawks pitchers threw were a nasty curve and then a knuckleball. (Rob – those are baseball terms – Rounders to you Brits).

    Seriously, both picks are very interesting. A high school champion heavy weight wrestler with a 45 and 0 career. A guy who plays through the whistle with an edge. And then a tiny flea with massive speed and hips so loose they look to be on a swivel. Speed that shows up at game time not just when running laps. Carroll wants guys with “game changing” skills. Richardson has Harvin speed potential, Harvin’s move potential. Will he become a “deep, vertical” Harvin while the real Harvin is slicing and dicing up the field horizontally?

    When you pick late in the first round your picks will not be the total package – every draft has only a few of those – but – if each of the “skill position” picks you do get bring at least least one truly superior “skill” to the table – then it is up to the coaches and the scheme to make the best use of these guys.

    I have faith.

  4. Scott Allen

    Live blogging from where? Round 4 has started but i see no blogging here.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m going to blog on Seattle’s picks. Four hours sleep the last two nights so not doing another big broadcast.

      • Scott Allen

        I hear you. Much harder to hang with the night shows for a dad on the other side of the ocean.

  5. Lewis

    If there’s any way, can we reverse the comment order so new ones are at the top?

    • Rob Staton

      Yep it is possible — for today I’ll enable it so new comments appear at the top.

      • Lewis

        Thanks, Rob!

  6. Ed

    Would like to see:


    2 of those 4 would be nice

  7. RJ

    The more I look into these 2 guys the more I like the picks. I can’t believe we were all looking at the big receivers at the biggest need but in hindsight it is fairly obvious now that our biggest hole was the vertical threat that can take the top of the defense. We are getting more explosive every year. Next year Pete will unleash the speed on an unsuspecting league. With Harvin, Michaels, Wilson and Richardson there will be nowhere for a Defense to hide. We still could add the big receiver later. Bryant and Coleman are both still on the board. Would love to come out of the 4th with one of those 2 and Urban. Hope we pick atleast one of your guys Rob!

  8. Kyle

    I’m still hoping for that big, tall WR. Keith McGill and Kevin Pierre-Louis are a few names i am interested in as well.

    • Kyle

      And McGill goes to the Raiders. Good pick for them

  9. Jon

    here we go, 1 pick to the hawks

  10. David M

    damn 49ers got Bruce Ellington

    • me

      Yeah not happy about that…

  11. Allen M. (@am_misfit)

    Let’s rock and roll, guys! Seahawks almost OTC!!!

    Martavis Bryant, please. 😀

  12. Jarhead

    Even if they are attempting to build something different than what we are currently- I must tangent and say that what we “are” is a dominant Super Bowl champion and remark the old adage of ‘If it ain’t broke…’- then there were other really speedy athletic receivers who don’t weigh as much as some tall women. Can he stay on the field? Remember, for every TY Hilton there are even more Jerome Simpsons. We probably could have had Brittany in the late 4th. We have three 4ths. Does anyone think that we have improved as much “potentially” as nothing in the draft is set in stone, as much as STL or SF? This pattern has me wondeting. And don’t honk, this is just one fan’s opinion

  13. RJ

    Damn you 9ers! Those last 2 picks make me a little jealous.

  14. House

    Seahawks are on the clock…

    • Lewis

      Using the time, too…

  15. Scott Allen

    Rich just called us seawhore

  16. House

    Cassius Marsh is a decent pass rusher

    • House

      A Poor-Poor-Man’s Jared Allen is what I just heard someone refer to him as

  17. Jarhead


    • CFraychineaud

      lol I’ve felt that way about most of our picks when they called them…. hopefully he gets more exciting when I research him.

  18. RJ

    A white Leo…love it!

    • Arias

      wh0a, the dude is white? Damn! Now that was out of left field.

  19. bigDhawk

    Cassius Marsh. We worked this guy out. Thought he was just smoke screen fodder at the time. ith Bryant and KPL on the board this is a beg bleh for me. But then again I do not know what ‘unqique ability(ies)’ this guy has. I’m sure we will find out.

    • Lewis

      Both still there and we’re up again.

      • Lewis

        Or not.

    • EranUngar

      He is MEAN…fist fight on and of the field. If PC can keep him inline we got a monster.

      • JeffC

        Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

  20. Kyle

    111.9 SPARQ score. Seems pretty decent. I know the name, but I’ve not seen any tape on the guy. Homework time.

  21. House

    Just traded the pick…

  22. bigDhawk

    So we trade out of 4.11. What did we get?

    • Kyle

      23rd pick in the 6th.

      • bigDhawk

        ESPN draft tracker is slow I guess. We need more than that, though.

        • sloth

          Their 4th (123) plus a 6th

        • Kyle

          Seahawks twitter feed is probably the best source.

          Seahawks trade #Pick111 to the @Bengals for #Pick123 (4th Rd) and #Pick199 (6th Rd). #SeahawksDraft

    • bigDhawk

      I’m not seeing where we swapped any picks with Cincy in this draft. We eiher got a player or a pick next year. A 2015 3rd rounder would be sweet.

      • Spireite Seahawk

        I think they gave us AJ Green

        • bigDhawk

          lol, we wish. It’s pick 123 and 199.

  23. RJ

    Like what I’m seeing from Marsh. Pass rushing beast! He’s a tuff guy!

    • House

      The BIGGEST knock on him is him losing control. Overly aggressive and gets caught up in the moment way too much. I’m hoping we can mellow him a bit.

      I found this in a scouting note:
      “Always alert and plays hyper, rarely turning off the switch when he’s on the field…confident with a team-first, band-of-brothers type of attitude.”

      The guy has also played as heavy as 302lbs. He’s bounced between 250-280 the past 2 years.

      • Arias

        Keeping the hotheadedness focused is Pete’s savored specialty. I’m sure he’ll be licking his chops.

      • AlaskaHawk

        We finally got a junk yard dog pass rusher. PC looks much more comfortable finding gems in the later rounds.

  24. Allen M. (@am_misfit)

    Trade down (AH-GAIN)

  25. Jarhead

    His “highlights” they just showed are not inspiring. Eeesh. And another trade back. They must know something about the end of the draft that no one else knows. Or maybe, perish the thought, they are believing their own hype about how amazingly they pick the back half. They have have a great track record but what are we the Oakland A’s? Is this Sabermetrics? Haha

    • bigDhawk

      Yeah he seems like a ST contributor at best. No the best way to use a hight 4th rounder.

      • Ed

        Quick off the snap, spots the ball and uses his hands well. Needs some strength, but look like a good rotational DL

      • RJ

        Dude, you should totally replace JS!

      • Arias

        What are you basing your ‘ST contributor at best’ opinion on?

        • bigDhawk

          I watched what little tape there was of him when news broke a few weeks ago we worked him out at UCLA. In was not impressed.

        • Belgaron

          TV suits worthless opinions.

    • Jon H

      Jarhead – you can’t be serious in commenting that this front office just believes their own hype and is going out of its way to make wacky picks. The picks that brought the hype to town seemed wacky at the time. They won’t all work but if you nail a couple a year, you’ll be seen as a great drafting team. We don’t need to like every pick but we should all relax a bit. They’ve earned some leeway and thinking outside the box is why they Hawks are special and unlike other teams. We cannot presume to know all the thinking that went into these picks but you can be sure they aren’t just winging it because they have a great track record in late rounds. Everything about this team is centered around study and preparation. That includes them Draft I’m sure.

      • RJ

        Well said sir! I have complete faith in our front office. These players are Hawks now and deserve our loyalty until they prove otherwise. Altleast that’s how I look at it.

      • Jarhead

        I’m not a honk like RD and others, blindly buying into what moves they make just because it’s Carroll and Schneider. Allow me to make that clear first and foremost. Such as the Michael pick, Matt Flynn, the Carpenter pick, etc. I did love the ET pick, Wilson, Wagner, and while I was cautious about Harvin he has showed what is his potential. Number two, I prefaced my statement by writing ‘ perish the thought’ as in ‘I am exaggerating for dramatic effect’. They are hit and miss like anyone else but they missed on several last year and need a good draft this year otherwise the big money free agents will NOT be expendable with the ‘Next Man Up’ mentality. Riddle me this, if things pan out the way they seem- big reach I know, does anyone think that we wouldn’t be better with taking Bitonio at 32 and waiting for Richardson at 64? I’d bet a paycheck he would’ve been there and I don’t know about you but I’d rather have Bitonio than Britt, who may or may not be able to even beat out Bowie and company at RT. And just have blind faith in an FO because this this and that is silly nonsense. Should anyone in BAL or GB blindly trust their FO’s, because they have made their teams less than elite by poorly drafting middling players and not having enough young players to replace aging vets. We’re on the mountain now and I want to stay on top. We have to replenish through through the draft by making successful picks when it counts. So no I was not seriously questioning the FO believing their own hype but yes I AM seriously questioning some of their picks. And I have that right as a fan

        • Jon H

          Of course you have that right. But how do you know Bitonio will actually turn out better? Because Rob’s been saying he would be a great pick? How do you know Richardson would have been there at 64? I’d bet two paychecks the Hawks knew more about that than you. No one knows for sure. I’m not talking blind faith but I choose not to just thumbs down the whole Draft until I see these guys on the field. Blind faith is ridiculous but a little open mindedness and leeway seems deserved here. It seems to me you’d only be happy if they picked the guys you wanted. That’s not realistic. I think the likelihood is that a couple picks will work out and the rest won’t. They’ve given me zero reason to believe though that a couple guys I never heard of can’t turn out to be steals. I’m taking a wait and see approach. This isn’t a team with Al Davis bizarre drafting history after all.

          • Jarhead

            Good grief, that whole ‘they know more than you’ argument that honks give is just lazy. It’s a cop out just like ‘I know you are but what am I times infinity’. So whatever. Wear your Richardson jersey next year and alternate with your Michaels jersey and see how much either one of them Co tribute next year.

            • Jon H

              Oh let’s not completely overreact and exaggerate what I’m saying. Now excuse me while I go and stare dreamily at my PC/J’S shrine.

    • Arias

      I missed seeing them, what makes you say his highlights aren’t inspiring?

  26. RJ

    Here is bio from

    Strengths Outstanding effort and field energy. Good pursuit production — flattens and chases. Plays past the whistle and keeps working to come free. Sacrifices his body around piles. Flushes production to teammates. Flashes strength and power on the edge. Uses his hands well to control and shed blockers. Emotional leader who plays with intensity. Tough and durable. Has NFL pedigree (father and brother). Versatile and can line up inside and outside. Has contributed as a tight end.

    Bottom Line Very active, high-motor, steady, consistent producer. Lacks ideal bulk for the inside and speed to work the edges, but can set the edge and bring value to an odd front in a LOLB role or as a Sam linebacker. Is most natural moving forward piercing gaps. Will need to be managed, needs to cut down on errors and must learn to play within the structure of the defense.


    Sounds good to me!

    • Arias

      Absolutely awesome. Sounds like a winner.

      I’m sure PC will manage him gladly.

      • RJ

        Listening to the live interview on seahawks draft cam. This guy really wants to play TE. Could we be thinking of playing him there? Like the versatility of having a DL player that can fill in at TE. Seems like he would be a good blocker.

    • Belgaron

      They are making a habit out of drafting leaders and team captains.

  27. Brad

    I”m not enamoured with the value Seahawks are getting for their trades (either equal or below value according to the trade value metrics). Especially considering San Fran are getting above value (see yesterda’s 2015 4th). Urgh,…

    • Micah

      Analysts say San Fran is getting above value guys. They always pick big name guys. The seahawks have their own grading system and go by that over hype. I’m ok with the way we do it

    • Philip

      Using the draft value chart, the difference between pick 56 and 63 is 64 points, which is the value of a mid-fourth round pick (exactly what they got). That they don’t get that pick until 2015 means they actually got less than chart value for that trade.

      I’m not saying it was a bad deal for them, just that they didn’t get “above value.”

    • Belgaron

      I agree, they are getting fair value but there are some other teams getting highway robbery loads.

      • Brad

        Gotcha. This is how I read it: SF traded No. 56 and No. 242 for Denver’s No. 63, No. 171, and a 4th Round 2015. Seemed dispraportional. Regardless. Go Hawks!

  28. David M

    Dammit steelers stole Martavis Bryant from us lol jk

  29. EranUngar

    Marsh is as seahawky as a player can get….ME HAPPY….

    • Matt

      Me too! The overwhelming take from the scouts is high motor, plays with a chip on his shoulder, outstanding effort, active hands, plays through the whistle. Forget about the negatives these traits are what we target. Marsh will come in and work to find a role in the rotation. Could see him bulk up and be a Bennett type inside/outside rusher.

  30. Arias

    There goes the QB of the future to zona.

    • Belgaron

      Pryor is an upgrade

    • bigDhawk

      Heckuva pick by them. Zona and St Louis are drafting good this year. It will be the NFC West and the NFC Rest in 2014.

      • Matt

        Arians can work with him. Accuracy is terrible, but a big time athlete!

  31. EranUngar

    Give me K. Martin and i’ll be even happier…

    • Beanhawk

      Already gone to Zona.

  32. Curt

    Think they’ll get the “other” Richardson? Wonder why Brandon Coleman is still available. Could use him in the Red Zone.

  33. Michael M.

    Good call on Norwood Rob!!

  34. House

    Kevin Norwood. Nice pick.

    • House

      After watching a clip on him this morning about him going through the Hurricane Katrina incident and watching him make big catches during his time @ Alabama, you can’t but help root for the kid.

  35. RJ


  36. Arias

    Kevin Norwood

  37. Belgaron

    Seahawks draft another captain from Alabama.

  38. plyka

    As many of you here, I’m sorely disappointed with this draft thus far. It doesn’t seem that the Hawks have gotten their guy. The picks they have made are just not inspiring, especially when you had a potential Josh Gordon sitting there in Martavius Bryant in the Fing 4th round!!!

    Just when i was going to write the above, they select Norwood and make me feel better!

    • Belgaron

      Not disappointed in the slightest, tons of potential coming in. Exactly what they need to stock up for the departures this year and next.

    • Matt

      It doesn’t seem that the Hawks have gotten their guy.

      The Hawks are getting their guys. Just because we’re not that familiar with all their choices doesn’t mean that JS/PC aren’t getting their guys. High character guys with some strong traits are Seahawky players.

  39. Misfit74

    Rob you got one of your guys! Kevin Norwood to Seattle. Thoughts about this pick?

  40. Nate

    I could not be more dissapointed with this draft. Every selection is a reach. Its not s much the players but were they select them. BLECH!!!!!

    • RJ

      Who peed in your cheerios?

    • Jon

      your opinion is that it is a reach! There is a difference between how the seahawks grade and how you do obviously.

      • hawkmeat

        Exactly. It is silly to think some grabs are a reach. We have no idea how the teams scouts and gm rate players and what their boards are.
        I am excited and this is what we wait for. Negativity? Let’s enjoy it.

    • Belgaron

      Your basing too much on the national lists which are always wrong in terms of who pans out and who doesn’t.

    • Mark

      The problem is that we (nor do media analysts) do not get to interview players or their coaches. We go off of highlight reels and combine/pro day measurables. We don’t get to evaluate the grit or study habits or love of football of these kids.

      The Seahawks are always graded poorly right after a draft, but I remember this little game played in February this year. Let me remind you 43-8.

  41. bigDhawk

    Finally! Someone who has been mentioned in the same breath as the Seahawks once or twice. Kevin Norwood. Solid player and pick. Curious that Brandon coleman is still on the board, though…

  42. Jon

    we actually know one of the hawks picks

    • Brad

      Haha, True. And the reason is Rob! I imagine Rob has crashed by now, what with his ‘real’ job and having a young son on the other side of the pond – Kind of like partying too hard and missing the ball drop on New Years! Where are you Rob?! haha.

      • Brad

        Just saw Rob’s post’s above. True professional!

  43. plyka

    Great pick in the 4th…guess what guys, the 1-3rd round are over. Thank god! Now the Seahawks get into the part of their draft where they make great selections.

    That said, i just realized that Brandon Coleman was still on the board!!! I would have rather had Coleman, but I can’t be too disappointed with Norwood.

    • Jon

      Norwood is a Captain though. Its all about that psychology boss!!

    • hawkmeat

      This is exciting draft. I will be excited to see these guys when i start attending preseason games .

      The later rounds are the bread and butter of the Hawks past drafts. Love it.

    • Arias

      There’s got to be something wrong with Coleman that they didn’t like when they interviewed him at the combine.

      • O

        He is not a very good football player is the main problem, in my opinion. I never disagreed strongly on this blog’s view on a player, until Coleman.

  44. Geoff Potter

    Wonderful call on Kevin Norwood, Rob! These are the kind of “hits” in draft analysis that show talent and skill – accurately predicting what a subject will do when Plan A (Easley) fails to come to fruition. You predicted the “zag” after the board “zigged”. Well done – congratulations!

  45. RJ

    From bio.

    Strengths Solid build. Good hands and concentration — extends outside his frame and makes the difficult catch. Fine route savvy — sells his routes with stems and nods. Understands how to get open. Good sideline awareness — dots the “i.” Established rapport with the quarterback is noticeable (is the first receiver sought on broken plays) and keeps working to come free. Very solid personal and football character. Trustworthy, accountable and dependable.

    Weaknesses Has short arms. Does not pop out of his breaks or create separation with burst and acceleration. Struggles some defeating the jam. Can show more urgency as a blocker in the run game. Breaks few tackles after the catch.

    Draft Projection Rounds 3-4

    Bottom Line Quicker-than-fast possession receiver with trusted hands a quarterback cherishes in critical situations. Could develop into a reliable, third-down option route runner. Is best with free releases in the slot.

    Sydney Rice replacement?

    • Matt

      Kearse replacement for 2015. High points the ball real well. Hard worker with great field awareness.

      I think we’re set at WR!

      • CC

        A little more pressure on Doug B to sign his deal too

  46. Belgaron

    Look at it this way guys. In 2009, Seahawks didn’t take a reach, they took the “safest” pick in the draft. Now if they had drafted Clay Matthews number 4, everyone and their dog would have called it a massive reach, puzzling pick with Curry on the board.

  47. Curt

    Any one of these please…. Good pick with Norwood. One of your guys Rob?

    Brent Urban (DT, Virginia)
    Brandon Coleman (WR, Rutgers)
    Antonio Richardson (T, Tennessee)

    • Michael M.

      I gotta think they’re done at WR

    • Rob Staton

      Injury issues could be harming Urban. Same with Coleman and Richardson.

      • Brandon

        Man, it almost appears B. Coleman must have nearly failed a few physicals. This guy looked like a faster M Colston. Maybe not as good ball skills. Still strange.

  48. Curt

    Seahawk war room – They are in pretty heavy discussion. Don’t know what thats about. Strategy – Trade down/up?

    • Kyle

      can you link a feed?

    • Arias

      Uh oh. Whenever they conference for a discussion it’s usually right before another trade goes down.

  49. Arias

    I’m actually quite happy with the Norwood pick. Thrilled and Relieved to have finally found common ground with the PCJS braintrust. 🙂

    • Jarhead

      Agreed. A 40 time is only a number. Show me someone who plays against top notch competition and wins. Nobody thought Kearse would contribute either until he is catching contested passes in NFC championships and Superbowls. First exciting lick

  50. Misfit74

    Norwood brings another guy to compete with Sid Rice and Jermaine Kearse, in particular. Competition. Norwood feels like a Ruskell pick, though. High character; big program (SEC/Alabama), older player 25 this year; solid route runner, etc. Even still, I like him. I just don’t know how ‘special’ he is. Would much rather have landed Martavis Bryant.

  51. bigDhawk

    Whiners take Dontae Johnson. First pick by them that’s even slightly irked me. Kinda wanted him for us at the end of the draft.

    • CC

      Me too – hate that he went to SF but they don’t know how to coach CBs like Kris Richard does

  52. Brad

    ESPN Stats and Information on Norwood:
    Alabama’s quarterbacks completed 84.4% of their passes when targeting Norwood, the highest catch percentage of any AQ WR.

  53. Arias

    Sounds like a great kid from the interview. His mindset is already set for seahawk land. He’s all about the mental prep.

  54. Arias

    Lol. He sounds positively giddy when asked what he thinks about going up against Sherman and Thomas in practice.

  55. RJ

    Dude already has his Masters. Check out the big brain on this kid. Loves the film room and is all about the prep. Sounds like a seahawk to me.

  56. Mark

    Watching the web cam of the war room, they are pretty excited considering the pick is #132.

    • me

      I think this is the first guy that was available where they Targeted him…

      • Arias

        Damn, cleveland took pierre desir too? Are they seriously planning on playing him as a slot CB?

  57. Kyle

    YES! Pierre-Louis is a SPARQ stud

    • bigDhawk

      WOOHOO! Been erally high on this guy forever. A Malcolm Smith clone. LOVE this pick.

    • me

      Holy crap they finally picked a guy I wanted!

      Actually, that’s probably a bad sign…

    • Matt

      Seconded! Great production too! Malcolm Smith possible replacement, while being a ST demon!

  58. Arias

    Kevin Pierre-Louis, whose got the goods on him?

    • Kyle

      148.7 SPARQ. How ’bout dem apples. 🙂

      • Arias


        R U SErious?

      • CC

        WOW!!! Why does anyone doubt them? They get their guys who fit their system!

        • Arias

          This is the part of the draft when the FO earns right?

    • bigDhawk

      Might be the pest player of out 2014 draft class. This kid is a speed demon at WILL. If you missed out on Shazier, this guy was your second option. EXTATIC we got him here. He will be the scourge of Kaepernick scrambles for years to come.


  59. Jarhead

    Okay now Norwood has me excited. Finally. I’ll bet he beats out a Richardson for playing time. He is a scrappy fighter playing against first rounders every week. Yo!

    • David M

      Norwood will almost defently beat out Sideny rice. Rice isn’t a lock to make the team… And Norwood can play Special teams well also.

  60. Nate

    Kevin Pierre louise is an exciting pick for me. Love this one.

  61. CC

    Wow the draft room was hi-fiving on this pick! talk about under the radar – 4.4 speed – likely WILL LB

  62. Michael M.

    Well, as a rule the Ravens had to take a guy Rob likes, so there goes Urban

  63. RJ

    Ofcourse Bal takes Urban.

  64. plyka

    Watching Kevin Pierre-Louis highlights…looks good. But who is the defensive linmen #96 on his college team? Guy looks like a STUD.

    • CFraychineaud

      Boston College…

      #96 Kaleb Ramsey DT 6-3 285 SR UNIONTOWN, PA

      • Rob Staton

        I’m a huge Caleb Ramsey fan. Would’ve been a high pick but his injury record is horrendous. You probably can’t draft him but he’d be a priority UDFA for me.

        • plyka

          I had no idea who he was. At first i thought he was Kevin Pierre Louis, lol…he just jumped off the screen. I would use a late round draft pick on this kid.

  65. Curt

    Thanks for the update on those 3 I had mentioned before. Your thoughts on the LB from BC? Still would love to see Coleman in a Seahawk uniform. Just like the size for the redzone. Love to see the coaches get a hold of him.

  66. bigDhawk

    Urban to Baltimore.

    Honestly glad he is gone. I was not high on this guy, all respect, Rob. Reasonable minds may differ.

  67. Jon

    I would say Rd 4 went quite well.

    Norwood and Pierre-Louis were on my list. Norwood because of Rob last week, and Pierre-Louis since the combine numbers came out (He is a big time spark guy.

    I don’t know much of Marsh but comps to Allen are intriguing.

    • CC

      I cannot give up my day job – I haven’t hit on any of their picks yet. I know NOTHING :o)

    • hawkmeat

      Yeah Sparq …wow!

  68. Jarhead

    Gee whiz I guess they DID know something about the end of the draft. We have just selected two beasts. Keep talking about camp bodies when you were hanging Richardson yesterday. Don’t bail out now when things are just starting to look good. Finally have some actual Seahawks on the board. This is how I felt in 2012 after the Wagner and Wilson picks when we took Irvin in the first. Our draft so far is a set of guitar strings- Light Top Heavy Bottom. Haha

    • Jarhead

      And who says he can’t replace Malcolm Smith? Smith is good but not great. And he was a 7th rounder if memory serves. I think Puerre-Louis could be a guided missile like Kam in our defense

      • hawkmeat

        Great pick. Spider chart him

  69. Ben2

    I don’t mind doubling down at WR….WR are always overpaid so it’ll be nice to have some cheap depth….Harvin is injury prone….yeah, OK.

  70. Michael M.

    Pierre-Louis’ twitter handle is @MRHYDE_24. I like it.

    • CC

      I think he’ll be changing it soon – #24 is taken :o)

  71. Randy Nord

    And … keep in mind. Marsh and Norwood are COMPLETELY bonus picks. Before the draft started we did not have those picks.

    They are part of our First Round Pick — we got three players for that one pick!

    • CC

      Great point!

      Guess the FO is competing for more picks as well.

  72. Arias

    Cassius Live

    • Arias

      Tyler Ramsey that scouted him live rather.

  73. David M

    Norwood can play special teams well, he may very well beat out Lockette and Rice to be on the 53 man roster.

    Who ever is better, like PC says, all about competition, and Norwood brings that

    • Jarhead

      I would wager he will end up more valuable than Richardson even. He can complete down the seam and over the middle. The 175 pounder is going to challenge the middle of NFC West defenses? I don’t think so. He is a one note note song- long bombs and a decoy for runs and short passing gsmes

      • David M

        I don’t See P richardson going anywhere. he is harvin back up, and i truly believe they expect big things from him.

      • Arias

        I won’t go that far. He’s also a polished route-runner with excellent quickness in short areas that lets him get separation anywhere on a route. That would make him the only guy outside of Harvin that can create separation. He can be very productive in this offense with that skill.

  74. Michael M.

    Doesn’t the name Cassius Marsh just sound like someone who should be famous.

    • Michael M.

      Question mark…

    • Arias

      The Q&A of the guy that scouted him is sounding good.

    • CC

      I read his father named him after Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali – to give him a name that he had to live up to and become great

      • Michael M.

        That’s awesome.

      • Arias

        Yeah I was wondering if that was who he was named after. Makes sense.

  75. Jon

    In this range I would not mind giving up a 4th round next year for an early 5th. We will have comp picks in that range from Tate/Browner so it would be like we have not realy given much up IMO. Or I could see a trade up with our extra 6th that we got

  76. bigDhawk

    So we trade 5.6 to Dallas. Anyone see what we got? ESPN sucks.

    • bigDhawk

      Nevermind. Before the Dallas trade ESPNs board still had Seattle at 5.6, which was never updated from our round 2 trade with Detroit yeasterday.

  77. Nate

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Coleman till the fourth but now I’m really hoping we can pick him up with our fifth. Huge upside guy.

  78. Michael M.

    Pierre-Louis is not far behind Shazier in any of the combine numbers, certainly not bad for 100 something picks later.

    • Jarhead

      And in his tape he is vicious, plays with hate and never seems to give up. A shrimp guy taking on o lineman and holding the point of attack. Sometimes they get in his pads but he is disruptive.

    • bigDhawk

      This was exactly my impression of KPL – Shazier light. And he may have better football instincts than Shazier. WOW I am so geeked about this pick. Best pick outside the first round of anyone in our division so far.

  79. Michael M.

    Scout just compared Pierre-Louis to Navarro Bowman. Sweet.

    • plyka

      Let’s back it up real quick…Bowman is one of the best defensive players in the entire NFL. This isn’t pointed to you, but Scout.

      • Michael M.

        Way ahead of ourselves of course, but still kinda cool.

      • Arias

        Well it’s obviously a bit of hyperbole thrown in by Scout, but it’s a great way to promote a prospect with that sort of comp.

      • Michael M.

        Also, he didn’t throw Bowman’s name out there until someone specifically asked who he reminded him of. Not like he just sat down and said “this is the next Bowman”.

  80. Jarhead

    So what does everyone think about a flyer on LDT at this stage? We worked him out, so you think Cabe will want to coach him up as a G/T?

    • House

      I had us taking LDT in the 4th rd. If he’s there, I’m game…

  81. Jarhead

    First 3 picks are total yawned for me but the last two have me super stoked for what is coming next.

    • Jarhead

      Yawners. I hate auto correct. ..

  82. Brincke

    Anyone else saw JS, making a happy-dance in the draft room. He and Carroll seems to be having a blast.. Nice to see..

    Count me on board on taking either Brandon Coleman eller LDT.. Maybe SPARQ-demon Brandon Denmark later?

    • dawgma

      Really hoping LDT lasts till the next pick, I think they take one more OL and he’s exactly the kind of ‘how is a guy that athletic available at the end of the 5th?!’ kind of pick they love to make.

      • bigDhawk

        My guess is because what little game tape of him that exists – which probably only NFL teams are privy too – sucks. Being athletic is nice, but it has to translate into projectable football skills at some point, and that may not be the case with him. Correct me if there is game tape available that says otherwise.

        • dawgma

          I don’t think anyone has tape on him, but you’d expect it to be raw since he played at an academic school in freaking Canada. If the tape’s bad because of lack of instruction you might think you can fix that, especially with a coach you trust as much as PCJS seem to trust Cable, and if you can get R1 athletic ability in a R5 package why not give it a shot?

          • bigDhawk

            If he is so raw there there is not even any game tape for NFL teams to evaluate, then the 5th is too high for me. 7th or UDFA.

    • Arias

      This is the part of the draft where Schneider is really in his element. He’s just getting loose and rounding into his annual superstar form. 🙂

      • bigDhawk

        Too bad we do’nt have more picks. Just 5.32 and and 6.32. PC will kill it in UDFA as there will likely be a bunch of good players that go undrafted.

        • Arias

          Eh? What happened to the Raiders 7th round pick?

        • Brincke

          5.23 + 7.12? we have these picks as well?

          • Brincke

            6.23 instead of 5.23

          • Arias

            Actually that’s 6.23 + 6.32 + 7.12

            • Arias

              Missed your update for that went to post. sorry.

          • bigDhawk

            Not according to ESPNs board, but then again, they suck. They have had inaccurate info posted all day.

  83. Kyle

    Shaquille Richardson from Arizona is still around. I wouldn’t mind adding him for some CB depth.

    • Kyle

      ugh! aaaaaaaaaaand hes gone.

      • dawgma

        Yeah, he was one of my late round hopefuls for CB depth too.

        • Michael M.

          What do people think of Mohammed Seisay from Nebraska as a 7/UDFA? haven’t actually seen him play much.

          • Matt

            Me either, but those measureables are highly intriguing! If he goes undrafted he almost has to come to Seattle!

          • me

            Definitely fits the recipe of:

            (Seahawks draft guy)
            Fans: who the hell is that?
            (Fans looks up athletic test scores)
            Fans: HOLY ****!

  84. Makal

    Just watched the FSU tape, was not impressed. The other tape is better.

  85. EranUngar

    5 out of the 6 picks we had going into the draft are in. And we still have a few left right in the JS kill zone.

    Please, at the end of the day be honest and say – Next year, whatever they do, I know that when it’s all over i’ll be soooooooo happyyyyyyyyyyyy..

    I did it after the 2012 draft and it’s been one hell of a ride since.

  86. House

    With 4 picks left (172, 199, 208 and 227) what are we going to take?

    I’m guessing: 1 OL, DL and CB and ???. Thoughts?

    • bigDhawk

      Gawd, I hate ESPN. It’s the only draft tracker that doesn’t crash the little peabrain computers I have to use at work, and it only shows Seattle with picks 5.32 and 6.32 left in the draft. Appalling.

    • SHawn

      Check off DL from your list.

  87. bigDhawk

    How about Brandon Dixon as our LOB starter kit this draft?

    32 3/8″ arms
    4.41 40yd

    Just looking through the BPA list on ESPN and found this guy. First I’ve heard of him. Like his measurables.

    • Brincke

      Mo Seisay maybe?

      33.50 arms
      4.52 40yd (same as Sherman)

      A SPARQ rating of 120/132

      • Michael M.

        I’m all about this guy. crazy length, and I think he had an 11′ broad jump.

        • Brincke

          11′ Broad Jump and 39′ Vert

      • bigDhawk

        Nice find there.

      • Matt

        Special teams guy with top notch athleticism, also earned his degree last August…theme here. If Seisay has the desire to work(doubtful, otherwise would’ve contributed at Nebraska more) it would seem likely that he’s a Seahawk target to me!

        • SHawn

          I like Seisay. Classic Seahawks option, played college ball opposite a early rd pick and therefore overlooked by most of the league.

  88. House

    Jimmy Staten… Anyone have info on him?

    • Brincke

      Think he’s quite an unknown.. He’s not in Fieldgulls SPARQ database and NFL don’t have any info on him.. Classic Seahawks?

    • bigDhawk

      Gotta be some kind of PC recruiting tie-in. I like his measurables though. CBSSports has him at 6’5″, 303#, making him a solid 3-tech or end on running downs.

    • mitchC

      from draft insider

      Jimmy Staten

      School: Middle Tennessee

      Position: DT

      Positive: Three-year starter who totaled 30 tackles and 1.5 tackles for loss as a senior after a career-best 36 tackles the prior year. Nice-sized interior lineman best occupying blockers. Plays with good lean, fires off the snap and holds his ground. Focused on by opponents but shows the ability to disrupt the action.

      Negative: Ineffective making plays outside the box. Handled in a one-on-one blocking situations. Does not do a good job using his hands to protect himself.

      Analysis: Though marginally productive, Staten was a consistent college lineman and offers potential at a variety of positions in a two-gap system.

      • mitchC

        sorry forgot the measurable

        Height: 6-3.5

        Weight: 305

        40: 5.11

        Year: 5Sr

    • House

      He’s 6’5″/305lbs… Offers versatility as he can play anywhere along the DL. Potential Tony McDaniel clone.

  89. Curt

    OK – Back to Huh again. Anyone know this guy? Jimmy Staten DT Middle Tennessee State.

    • bigDhawk

      No freakin clue. Rob has his work cut out for him in the coming weeks, for sure.

  90. Nate

    So many head scratching reaches this year(who is Jimmy Staten? not even on the board of most analysts). Still I love love love the Kevin Pierre louise.

    • bigDhawk

      Agreed. This one pick, especially where it was made, makes my whole Seahawks draft. And I am very much warming up to the Richardson pick as well.

  91. RJ

    This is kinda cool bio page on Jimmy.

  92. Kyle

    Here’s the best I could find. Keeping him at DT or is he another Cable convert perhaps?

    • House

      Interesting… Not sure what to think right now

      • Matt

        Here’s what CBS sports says about him:

        Staten is a consistent, anchor-strong lineman who is tough to move at the point of attack and demonstrates good awareness against the run. Has battled injuries, but has been a consistent performer, and possesses quickness to suggest some upside as a potential interior rush threat.

        Who knows he could be good…could also get cut. Meh

    • RJ

      “High School: Earned all-state honors as a junior and senior … Named All-Region 2-AAAA in 2007 and 2008 and earned a spot on the GACA All-Star roster … Voted one of the top 100 players in the south by the Atlanta Journal Constitution … Turned in 87 tackles his senior year on defense and graded out at 96.5 percent on offense …”

      Hmmm…I think he might make a pretty powerful guard, 30 reps on the bench. Must have played line in HS. I’ll do some digging.

      • dawgma

        Anyone want to bet a nickel we don’t find out he put up some ridiculous number at a regional combine or something?

  93. RJ

    “2013: Voted as a permanent team captain”

    How many captains have we drafted? I see a trend here.

    • bigDhawk

      Indeed. Good point.

      • House

        Voted leadership is a great trait. Another guy that will come in and will be a hard working guy. DL depth is something we needed. A potential move to the OL would be interesting as well

  94. SHawn

    At this point he looks like competition for Scruggs and Hill inside.

  95. Philip

    I think San Francisco has a serious case of DB envy. Three CBs and a saftey so far.

    • Jon

      lots of darts at this point for them

    • Arias

      They’ve been wheeling and dealing.

      Hey, they drafted Hyde early when with Hunter, LMJ, and Lattimore already on their roster. Go figure on wtf that’s all about.

  96. Spireite Seahawk

    Finally with Jimmy Staten in the 5th I get prediction right.

    • Arias

      How did you even know who he was?

  97. Kyle


    The site is not loading properly for me. Is anyone else having issues?

    • RJ

      Ya the background is all blue and blocking out the writing.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s very sluggish — possibly due to traffic. Apologies.

    • Arias

      Yeah it’s wack.

  98. Maz

    Want us to grab Rashaad Reynolds with our next pick… What y’all think about him?

  99. Jon

    available CB’s: Purifoy, Seisay, Seamster. These guys fit the mold
    available DL: Jeffcoat

  100. Kyle

    I’m still holding out hope that the Hawks may pick Coleman to use as a Jimmy Graham style WR/TE type.

    • Brincke

      Hoping for Coleman as well.. Why is he falling? the knee?

      • Curt

        Me 3, definitely something with him that the teams know that the general public doesn’t.

      • Kyle

        Has to be.

  101. Brincke

    Newest Seahawks – Garret Scott (Marshall) – Top rated SPARQ OT by Fieldgulls

    6’3 HT
    34.75 Arms
    1.64 10 yds spilt

    143 pSPARQ

    • me

      Where did you see this? I just looked up the chart and as far as I can tell he’s not even listed. Lewan was first and LDT (who was picked RIGHT AFTER) was second. Where did you even see this guy mentioned?

    • Cysco

      Know nothing about him, but dat SPARQ score. That’s chart topping athleticism. Keep on bringing in the beasts!

  102. Rob Staton

    Apologies for the issue with the Blog — I have no idea what’s wrong. I think it might be the traffic on draft day. Big time apologies and I’m working with the web designer now to fix.

    • Curt

      No problem Rob, don’t care about looks right now. Just your opinion on these picks.

    • Lewis

      No problem, Rob. Without all your hard work, we wouldn’t be here at all.

    • Kyle

      Everything looks fine now. Thanks

    • Curt

      Anything on Eric Pinkins San Diego State?

    • DJ

      Honestly, please put up a tip jar widget so we can help cover your costs.

  103. House

    Garrett Scott (OT, Marshall): Looks like pure developmental depth @ OT. Anyone follow Marshall?

    LDT just got drafted by the Chiefs after him…

  104. Kyle

    220 lbs
    4.40 40
    39.5 vertical
    25 bench reps

    • Brincke

      SPARQ of 128 – 7th best among all safeties (better rating than Bucannon and Ward)

      • Brincke

        STRENGTHS Solid two-year tackle production. Will come up to support the run. Exceptional pro-day performance, clocking a 4.44-second 40-yard dash time at 220 pounds, recording a 39 1/2-inch vertical jump and 25 bench-press reps of 225 pounds. Good work habits.

        WEAKNESSES Only a two-year starter with just three career interceptions. Average ball skills. Lacks ideal range and can be beaten over the top (see Ohio State). Not clean changing directions, as supported by a 4.31-second 20-yard shuttle time indicating below-average agility. Ordinary eyes and anticipation in coverage. Will be stressed by the quickness of NFL slot receivers.

    • Cysco

      man, they are brining in the elite athletes by the truck load.

      Seriously, look at those numbers!

      SPARQ of 135

      • Brincke

        During his interview, he said that the Hawks want to use him as a CB… He has some experience with covering the slot..

        • Kyle

          You owe me a new keyboard because i just drooled all over mine.

          • Arias


  105. House

    Eric Pinkins (DB, San Diego St): Exceptional pro-day performance, clocking a 4.44-second 40-yard dash time at 220 pounds, recording a 39 1/2-inch vertical jump and 25 bench-press reps of 225 pounds.

    CB or S? It shows he’s listed as a FS

    • Curt

      Thanks, anyone see him play? Big hitter? Ball Hawk? Something must have stood out other than his numbers.

    • Mylegacy

      At Draft Breakdown they’ve some great tape on this guy. Kam Chancellor type hitter. Really good hitter, really good against the run. Likes hitting. Seahawky all over. On a pass play (near the end of the tape) he goes up with one had to deflect the pass while grabbing the guys jersey behind him with his other hand slamming him to the ground and doing it seamlessly and without getting caught. I think I’m in love…

      • Cysco

        It’s like they’re creating a roster of super heroes!

        The most intimidating place on earth? the Seahawks locker room.

        We are faster than you, stronger than you, jump higher than you, change directions faster than you than you, hit harder than you.

        How exactly do you think you can win again?

      • House

        In this interview they ask him who he would compare his talents to. He said Earl Thomas, because of his closing speed and wanting to hit someone.

    • RJ

      Think he is gonna be a corner. He is same size as Sherm. Played hybrid safety position. Did Pete do it again?

      • Brincke

        During his interview, he said that the Hawks want to use him as a CB… He has some experience with covering the slot..

        • Cysco

          Good gawd if they just did it again. Dude has measurables off the charts. if he can learn the position, watch out.

  106. RJ
    Aztec highlights.
    2013 San Diego State vs New Mexico Football Highlight

  107. RJ

    Live conference call on livewebcam

  108. Cade

    Rob are you in total shock? I am somewhat. The Coleman thing is rough. Hes become like last years Khaseem Green.

    I admire you for putting your name so squarely on your opinion. Any criticism you get will be true validation of the fact that people view your analysis as legit.

    If you can do a “what can we learn from this draft iteration” piece including your misses etc that would be great. It helps your audience learn by proxy.

  109. Cysco

    lol, even his personality reminds me of Sherman. Welcome to the Legion

  110. Sean

    It’s great that we’re getting all these high SPARQ athletes, but I can’t help but wish more of them also came with descriptions like “really good football player.”

    • Cysco

      That’s what our coaches are for. We train them to be really great football players.

      Richard Sherman and the rest of the late round picks weren’t great football players when they were drafted. Our coaching staff made them great

      • Sean

        Yeah I know, it’s just starting to feel like that SPARQ number has more weight with these guys than all other factors combined. Maybe it’s genius, we’ll see. Our coaches are pretty damn awesome after all.

        • Cysco

          It’s a solid strategy. Cabal once said he could train a garbage man to play offensive line. You can’t train a garbage man to to be 6’3″, 307lbs with nearly 35in long arms and run a 3 cone drill in nearly 7 seconds flat.

          The same is true across the board for all positions on the team. These guys won’t be expected to start next year. They will be expected to learn their position the Seahawks way. And, f they do, they can become stars.

    • Mark

      High SPARQ + “really good football player” = 1st round. See Shazier, Donald, etc.

    • Arias

      If they’re super sparq the only reason they’d be selected this late is because they all come with a description of “really really raw”.

  111. Hay stacker509

    How is it we just used our last pick and STILL havent picked brandon coleman?!?! Are there some major red flags we’re missing??

    • Brincke

      And our last pick is a FB..

      Something MUST be wrong with Coleman..

    • Arias

      Maybe they can get him as a UDFA.

    • Cysco

      obviously, yes. Knee must not have checked out.

    • Bjammin

      I don’t care if there’s a matador waving a red cape. A FB in 7th over BC? How huge of an upside compared to such a low ceiling. He better have robbed the queen or something. How cool would it be though if they did bring him in as a fa. I want him more than ever.

  112. Arias

    Because we picked a running back Kiero Small with 7th round pick.

  113. Arias

    So does Kiero Small stand a chance competing against Christine Michael?

    • Cysco

      No, He’s a fullback.

      • Maz

        I think he may convert to LB.

        • Darren

          I think he competes with coleman for a roster spot at fullback. I see Ware as more of a hybrid, and michael as a pure tailback….this is probably the backfield of the future after Lynch.

    • Belgaron

      Michael could learn a thing about blocking from this guy, it will improve his game.

  114. House

    Interesting. I’m not understanding the pick of a 5’10″/240lb FB. We already have Coleman and Ware

    • Cysco

      competition. Nothing more I imagine. Bring him in and take a look. They grade based on current roster. They must think he stands a chance of being better than one of our current FB options

    • David M

      Cause he is a tank lol, goal line dude

      • Cysco

        broke like 8 face masks last year because he runs/hits so hard. Tank is about as good of a descriptor for this guys as there is

    • Lewis

      Former JUCO all-American that loves to block. Not a lot of pure blocking FBs left in the NFL, but why not take a flyer on a guy in the 7th round who could potentially have a big impact on the running game?

      • House

        I ain’t gonna lie… I miss Mack Strong. I just wondered as Coleman and Ware have HB in their DNA and we seemed to go away from 2 RB sets.

      • Madmark

        No guarantee he comes to you UDFA. UDFA’s have the decision to go to whoever that calls them.

  115. Kyle

    I don’t get this pick. Small’s pSPARQ is 77.5 so, not very athletic.

    • dawgma

      On the other hand, getting a better understanding why they were willing to trade a 7th for a QB who can’t throw to save his life….

    • Belgaron

      Looking at his films, the thing that jumps out is his blocking, he finishes well.

      • Kyle

        I’m starting to see that. Seems to be pretty good at blocking in open space, which is necessary when your QB is running all over trying to extend plays.

    • dawgma

      Seems like a message to our more athletic FBs: learn to block like a beast, or this guy gets your roster spot.

  116. plyka

    I absolutely LOVE the Gerrett Scott selection and the Kam Chancellor Jr selection in Pinkins….I tell you that I would rather have the Seahawk’s draft picks from the 4-6th round than i would their selections from teh 1st-3rd round. It’s not even close in my opinion.

    I think the Seahawks need to make a change going into next year. They need to figure out a way to get out of their 1st-3rd round picks. These picks have VERY high value, and even if you don’t get as much value as the “draft scale” or whatever it’s called says you should for those 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks, with the way the Hawks draft, it would be a huge benefit. The Hawks could get 3-4 picks later in the draft for their 1st round pick –would you rather have a 1st round selection or two 4ths, a 5th and a 6th round pick? Even though a 1st round pick is worth more than 4 picks later in the draft, according to the “draft scale” I think for the Hawks it makes sense.

    • Cysco

      But then you’d miss out on a player like Richardson. You can’t shun this year’s early picks just because they weren’t who we talked about. Richardson is one of the most physically gifted players in the draft. He’s a 6ft receiver who can run in the 4.3 range. He will be an xfactor in our offense.

      Personally, I’m excited about all our picks simply because I believe in our coaching staff to mold them into high quality players.

      • Arias

        I just hope he’ll be able to keep the weight up and stay healthy.

      • Jarhead

        I agree with Arias and plyka. Richardson is begging to suffer a broken leg or a hip injury. Havin is already an injury prone speedster and he is lightyears past Richardson on his best day. It’s durability concerns. He seems like a luxury pick. I am excited about Norwood and KBL than any of the picks that came before. I am excited to see these guys play, in addition to Scott. Seems like a mauler. They first three picks are eh for me

        • Arias

          Yup. PC really needs to get him paired up with the strength and conditioning coach ASAP to protect their top round asset. He needs to be able to sustain hits in practice, let alone be ready to play in an actual game this year.

        • Austin

          I don’t get this. Desean Jackson is actually smaller and he’s been fine. I LOVE this pick and I know the staff is going nuts at the thought of having Richardson and Harvin on the field at the same time. Completely opens things up for the offense and fits Wilson to a tee.

          • Arias

            Because DeSean Jackson is only 5’10”, he’ll be bulkier at at weight of 175. The issue with PRich is that he’s got his weight distributed on a six foot frame, so he needs to be heavier. Actually I think his current 183 sounds about right if he can stay there.

      • Madmark

        I believe Richardson was taken to back up Harvin. If Harvin should get injured they won’t have to change the offense they’ve schemed around Harvin. Face it its not like he has the best track record as far as injury.

        • Arias

          But Harvin is a slot receiver and PRich is a SE to go deep with. Seems they are ideally suited for different roles.

    • Arias

      Yeah so what’s the deal with Gerrett Scott? Is his personality as passive as his play? If so, how do they plan to completely transform him into an ambitious world killer? Psychotherapy?

      Anyone know anything about him?

    • Belgaron

      Seems like there are “don’t get it” posts every year. I can’t wait till camp to hear the dailies about these guys.

      I’m stoked about Richardson, has great star potential.

      I could see Britt winning RT right out of camp, appears to be a perfect “nasty” young replacement for Giacomini.

      • Jarhead

        PC already came out and said Britt is comp for Bailey, I see him as the starter as RT and Britt will probably end up as an LG reclamation project ala Carpenter. And if Carpenter is in a as good of shape as the scuttlebutt would indicste- Carp may see his usefulness increase. So Britt could easily end up a sparsely used utility lineman like LJP

        • Gramsci

          Britt is competition for Bowie at RT said Cable. Bailey will be the backup LT.

          • Belgaron

            Yep, this is what I heard. Britt and Bowie will compete for starting right tackle.

      • Michael (CLT)

        I was a little (or a lot) drunk. Apologies on any negative posts. I actually cheered out loud when Norwood was picked.

  117. Mylegacy

    Well Rob – what a run!

    Richardson – a very talented back-up for Harvin.
    Justin Britt – he or Bowie at right tackle.
    Cassius Marsh – another gifted pass rusher for the rotation.
    Kevin Norwood – will keep Baldwin and Kearse looking over their shoulders.
    Jimmy Staton – a guy who might challenge on the inside of the DLine.
    Garrett Scott – OT who looks to be a physical freak who can be coached up.
    Eric Pinkins – S – being switched to CB by the Hawks. My new BFF – this guy hits like Kam.
    Kiero Small – 5’8″ 800 pound FB. Great guy, his biggest obstacle (other than Ware and Coleman) looks to be the adoption of more TE’s being used in the backfield for blocking (not to mention the Hawks often using Bailey in the backfield as a heavy as well).

    Very SeaHawky draft. Most of these guys have at least one (if not more) exceptional ability that the team thinks they might be able to “rotate” into the lineup. Competition boys – next up – no free rides – it ain’t your position if you can’t win it day in and day out. Overall – given how low we started in the draft I’m more than satisfied.

    Unfortunately, for us some of our NFC West foes got themselves a haul or two too – perhaps even a better haul (but starting with much higher picks). The gap closes – the competition in the division gets better – Carroll just says, “It’s about the action, boss.”

  118. Burner

    I see Antonio Richardson went undrafted, worth a poke in FA Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      Clearly in a bad way health wise. Probably not worth the risk unfortunately.

  119. Jarhead

    As UDFA the names that are glaring to me are Brandon Coleman and Jackson Jeffcoat. UDFA are mostly camp bodies anyhow but bring them on and let them prove it. The risk is nothing

  120. bigDhawk. I'm also not excited about any of our likely options

    Here are some names undrafted just at DT.

    Kelcy Quarles DT S Carolina
    Zach Kerr DT Delaware
    Anthony Johnson DT LSU
    Deandre Coleman DT California
    George Uko DT USC

  121. House

    We just signed Dion Bailey (S, USC).


    • Mylegacy

      Also – Keith Price UW QB, Garry Gilliam, OT Penn State, Andru Pulu DT or DE (I think) East. Washington.

      • Mylegacy

        Also – Chase Dixon, TE Central Ark., and Demonte McAllister DT, FSU.

        • Mylegacy

          Also – Brock Coyle, LB Montana, Cam Hudson, S Troy

          • House

            Jackson Jeffcoat just tweeted he’s coming to SEA…

  122. John_s

    Brandon Coleman signs with the Saints 🙁

    • David M

      dang,, i still don’t see why he went past the 4th round?!?!

      • Michael M.

        Gotta be the knee

        • John_s

          Must be the knee, but if he stays healthy in that offense he can contribute immediately.

  123. Michael (CLT)

    This was not a deep draft, all that that talk was for show. Weak draft.

  124. Mylegacy

    Apparently, Kiero our 5’8″ (OK, OK – 8 and a half inch) cannon ball is also a fairly good receiver out of the backfield – I assume the defensive backs can’t see him sneaking out behind all the big guys. I was telling “She Who Must Be Obeyed” about him and showed her a picture of him and she said, “I’d like to see that guy in a kilt, with a battle ax in one arm and a football in the other running down the field screaming while a bagpipe plays.” Reminds me why I married her. She’s almost as crazy as I am…

  125. House

    Here’s the UDFA list:

    •Dion Bailey, S, USC
    •Jackson Jeffcoat, DE, Texas
    •Keith Price, QB, UW
    •Chase Dixon, TE, Central Arkansas
    •Garry Gilliam, OT, Penn State
    •Demonte McAllister, DT, FSU
    •Andru Pulu, DT, WSU
    •Brock Coyle, LB, Montana
    •Cam Hudson, DB, Troy
    •Zach Zulli, QB, Shippensburg
    •John Martinez, OG, USC
    •Adam Tahlaat, DE, Gallaudet
    •Bronson Irwin, OG, Oklahoma
    •AJ Harmon, OG, Georgia

    I just got done watching some film of McAllister. Looks very disruptive

    • Mylegacy

      Apparently, there is some confusion about who has “signed” and who has just agreed to a try out. I assume the team will explain all shortly…

      • House

        I just re-looked where I pulled this list. It states “RUMORED SIGNINGS OR CAMP TRYOUTS”. I may have provided NOT 100% accurate info

      • Jarhead

        The Jackson Jeffcoat and Brock Coyle possibles are pretty righteous value for UDFA. Hope there is a nugget of truth to that

  126. Michael (CLT)

    Draft was not deep. Intense at the top and shallow is that truth.

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