A Seahawks debate with Jeff Simmons

Rob Staton & Jeff Simmons get into the big topics following the week two loss to Tennessee. This is a stream not to be missed!


  1. Tomas

    The best news I’ve read this morning! Looking forward, as always, to the live-stream Rob.

  2. cha

    “Pete, when did you first notice that Russ and Tyler had chemistry?”

    “What skill does Tyler have that the average fan might not know about?”

    “What’s the best thing Bud Grant taught you about football? Or life?”

    “How much have you talked with Ken Norton about his dad’s boxing career? Was he around the USC program?”

    • Noah Parker

      Some real toughies!

      • cha

        This is the Wednesday after they had maybe their biggest collapse in PC’s Seahawks era.

        PC on Monday called out Russ on his decisions for that last sequence. No followups.

        He said Monday the distribution of DL snaps was messed up by the Titans’ substitutions. No inquiries about how they’re going to fix that.

        No challenges on the tight ends that evaporated.

        No questions about how Collier performed after being scratched.

        • Rob Staton

          And whenever there’s a question about a player it’s always “how do you think he did?” it’s never “are you concerned by X” or “does X need to contribute more”.


        • WallaSean

          Why is Russ throwing 50-50 balls to DK on the sideline like he is Jermaine Kearse in 2013?
          Where are the checkdowns in this offense that Russ isn’t finding?
          What happened to the pre-snap motion?
          What happened to take away easy completions for Russ like week 1?
          Where is the third down chemistry with Russ and anyone?

    • James Cr.

      It is honestly a disgrace and an insult to the fans to lob the softballs non-stop.

      • Rob Staton

        It does intrigue me that fans in Seattle don’t demand a bit more from their media. You’d never be let off the hook over here. If you don’t pin a manager down after a result like Sunday, you’d face a serious social media backlash from fans.

        Maybe it’s an American thing rather than just Seattle. But I suspect it’s a bit different in Chicago/New York/Philly etc.

        It’s also a shame Softy doesn’t have a regular interview with Pete. Softy, for me, is by far the best radio pundit for being a voice for fans and he’s a skilled interviewer.

        • James Cr.

          The majority of the media are more interested in trying to be “buddies” with Pete and the players than actually asking them tough questions. They seem to think they work for the team and not the fans.

          • Big Mike

            100% agree

          • cha

            I think it’s as much culture/lifestyle/personality reporting as it is sports reporting.

    • Dave1401

      I legit thought this was satire and sarcasm when you wrote this…

  3. Sea Mode

    It could always be worse: we could be Jets fans…


    • GoHawksDani

      At least they changed Adams to draft picks, so…

  4. Sea Mode

    Aaron Wilson
    · 23h

    Seattle Seahawks worked out Andrew Brown, Lawrence Cager, Brandon Dunn, Anthony Johnson.

    Bob Condotta

    Brown and Dunn are each defensive tackles and Cager and Johnson each receivers. Brown has played in 21 games with Bengals and Texans. Cager played in 2 games last year with Jets

  5. Sea Mode


    Jarad Evans
    ·Sep 21

    Highest % of rushing missed tackles forced per attempt (RBs)

    1. Nick Chubb – 54%
    2. Javonte Williams – 41%
    3. Dalvin Cook – 33%
    4. Kareem Hunt – 32%
    5. Damien Harris – 31%

    • Rob Staton

      Well, there’s three guys on there we talked a lot about pre-draft, plus a guy who was readily available as a free agent.

      • Denver Hawker

        Denver radio pounding the table to unleash Williams. Want to see what he can do with more in-game rhythm. He’s so good and hard to bring down. He had a Marshawn-esque run last week between the tackles where you think he’s going down and he gets a hand down to stay on his feet despite falling forward. But you know..Jamal Adams.

    • Big Mike


  6. cha

    Jace Sternberger? Hmm

    Mike McCartney
    Excited for
    agreeing to sign with

    • Rob Staton

      Sure why not

    • TomLPDX

      I’m excited! I saw he was released yesterday and was wondering who would pick him up. He is a good TE and I have no idea why he was released, but I’m glad we got him.

      • Gary

        Yes, the Seahawks acquire tight ends, they just don’t use them.

        • Pran

          put him on the OL

  7. Denver Hawker

    Sternberger to the practice squad. Liked him out of college.

  8. SeattleLifer

    Loved the thought in the stream of : what could the Seahawks have gotten from some/all the other teams in the league if we offered them the Adam’s trade compensation of two 1st’s and a 3rd.

    It all’s goes back to Pete for me, he’s holding onto/looking for the types of guys to fit his old schemes that he had previous success with and given the talent drain on the team he’s become desperate to not only try to recreate things but to just have to fill holes that are lacking. He’s reaching for these guys from other teams and he just seems to think he can make them fit and become a huge boost to the team but the truth is he ends up trying to fit a round peg into a square hole, just like you guys were saying on the stream.

    The both scary and maddening part of it all is – how does Pete’s mind allow him to think he can make it all work and why does’nt he have someone to talk a bit more sense into him throughout it all(looking at you Schneider and X’s and O’s coaches who would be utilizing said player). How can he be so blind and/or arrogant as to not think things through a good bit more? And how can he so readily take on other teams headaches/head cases?! Harvin was a headcase and a flat out problem child, Jamal seems a headcase and all around grade A narcissist at the least. (Personally I even put Graham as a head case because he was such an oddball and clearly was willing to completely go against coaches wishes to try and block with even some semblance of effort – something Green Bay was well aware/annoyed of I’m sure). Personally if any other team is trying to trade any highly rated/talented player I’m instantly wondering why they would be doing such a thing, I mean if a guy is crazy good why ever get rid of him unless there were other issues? Maybe it just circles back to Pete being Pete and living in the past – he did hit huge with a bit of a headcase/reclamation project of sorts with Marshawn and once Pete has success with something once, he seems to looks for it everywhere thereafter no matter the price and will turn some serious blind eyes to try and recapture past glories.

  9. cha

    Corbin K. Smith
    Sep 20
    Pete Carroll says Seahawks are still learning how to best utilize Jamal Adams unique skill set and that he has learn to manage aggressiveness “with his assignments” in scheme. Still a work in progress for both sides there.

    Free tip for the Seattle media:

    It might be time to call Pete Carroll on his “I’m OK, you’re OK” excuse-making when Adams missed the OTA’s for a “personal issue” and then held-in most of camp and pre-season.

    It is pretty clear some of these ‘still learning’ moments could have/should have been ironed out in the offseason.

    • Mick

      Well I sure hope they figure out how to use him by the end of his contract.

    • GoHawksDani

      All this “unique skillset” is tried sooooo hard to push as a positive. But if someone is this hard to figure out how to use, is it really a positive?

      They could say the same for Penny or Collier. They just try to figure out how to utilize Penny’s unique health-situation to best utilize on the field. Or Collier’s unique skills to not suck for the DL.

      The “We should’ve done better”, “We didn’t prepare well enough”, “They surprised us with XY”, “We try to iron out those silly mistakes”, “We’re still figuring out the best way to use somebody/do something” is pure bullshit. It’s embarrassing Pete

    • Ashish

      I will trade even now Adams for 1st and 3rd will eat up bonus money. We have enough backup from strong safety. Another super star I’m worried about now is D K Metcaff, he has hurt team last season and not started well in 2021. I’m not talking about his play but behavior on the field. I’m concern, hope he shows improvement pretty soon.

      • Scot04

        Unfortunately one would give us a 1st and 3rd. We’d be luck to get a 1st; & if offered I’d take it. He just feels like a sunk cost at this point. Both on compensation and salary.
        All we can hope is they miraculousfigure out how to use him, I’m not optimistic.

    • bmseattle

      As irritating as it is to think of all the compensation we used to acquire and keep Adams… I was at least holding out some hope that he could be a positive on the field for us (despite not really fitting in to our scheme).

      So far he’s “come close” a couple of times to making a good play. At the same time, he’s been a significant part of a few really bad plays.

      Frankly, I struggle to imagine a scenario where this turns out to be a net positive for the team.

      As Rob has pointed out multiple times, in order to “get value” out of Adams, we are forced to utilize him in ways that don’t really benefit the team.
      So we are stuck.

      Do we blitz him, to get him his numbers, keep him “happy”, and hopefully get a handful of sacks (and ideally turnovers) out of him?
      Or do we play him in as a more traditional SS in Pete’s system, where he is (hopefully) an average player, and (hopefully) not a liability in coverage and run fits?

      The best plan might be to blitz him like crazy, accumulate as many sacks as possible, and try to trade him this upcoming off season like we should have done this year.

      I’d feel more optimistic if we were seeing the big plays out of him.
      It’s an ominous sign that he isn’t making a play or two in the midst of all his “feelancing”.

      • cha

        Can they regularly get pressure with Adams blitzing without also sending their $17m linebacker as a blitz decoy?

        I’m not convinced.

    • Gross MaToast

      Amazing that they would spend $17.5 mil on a player they don’t know how to use. Every week seems to be further confirmation that this stands as a landmark of bad trades.

  10. Call Me AL

    Rob, very interesting discussion with Jeff. In particular concerning RW not throwing to the middle of the field or using check downs. Its no secret RW likes to throw to the outside or down the field and will wait for a receiver to come open to the point of not having time to find a check down option or simply has to run for his life. How many times over the years have we seen this happen? Last week the Titan’s were able to take away the outside and down the field in the second half and look what happened. The Ram’s consistently take away the areas of the field where RW likes to throw and our offense typically looks like a hot mess playing against them. Last week the offense looked very good with their play calling and utilizing all their weapons. What happened against the Titan’s? I thought from the very beginning of the game the offense didn’t look right, not in sync or rhythm and the play calling was much more vanilla. Sure they had some big plays in the first half and a nice drive at the end of the second quarter when the Titian’s went into a prevent defense. But in the second half they were shut down by what most experts call a below average defense.

    Now a lot of things played into the Seahawks losing this game, but I’m more concerned with our offense. How can a team with all the weapons RW has at his disposal be shut down like they were in the second half against a defense like the Titan’s? This is the same type of performance that we witnessed so many times toward the end of last season and it hasn’t been fixed. Is it RW’s limitations, his refusal to come off of covered receivers quickly and hit his check downs or his ego and always feeling he can hit the big play? Maybe its just who RW is as a quarterback and if so, we can more of these type of games this season.

    Gone are the days when RW had Marshawn Lynch (sure Chris Carson is good, but he’s not Marshawn Lynch) and a very stout defense to support him. Now the success of this team rests on his shoulders and I’m not sure he’s up to the task. Maybe the best we can hope for this year is a winning record and a wild card berth in the playoffs.

    • bmseattle

      Yes, it’s becoming obvious that the smarter defensive teams can simply take away the areas of the field where Russ is comfortable throwing the ball.
      The hope was/is that Waldron can scheme plays that counter this tactic.
      Russ will have to learn to adjust to this, otherwise he is in for another frustrating season.

      On the other side, did you notice how 90% of Tannehill’s completions were right in the middle of the field?
      Over and over again, yet Pete and Norton were powerless to stop it.

      Why are we never able to adjust and take away what the other offense is doing?

      I no longer buy the “Pete Carroll, defensive genius” narrative. Too much time has gone by with mediocre to bad defenses, to take it seriously.

      A defensive genius makes mediocre talent better with scheme and adjustment.
      Pete (and John) built a super talented defense a decade ago.
      This does not make Pete a defensive guru.

      He’s had several seasons to rebuild the defense, and this is what we have still… a mediocre defense that can’t take the ball away and lacks impact players.

      • Paul Cook

        PC/JS had an incredible hit-rate from 2010 through 2013 on acquiring defensive talent through the draft, FAcy, and trade. It was like Jim Finks with the Chicago Bears.


        Earl Thomas (1st round draft)
        Kam Chancellor (5th round draft)
        Chris Clemons (Trade)


        KJ Wright (4th round draft)
        Richard Sherman (5th round draft)


        Bruce Irvin (1st round draft)
        Bobby Wagner (2nd round draft)


        Michael Bennett (FA)
        Cliff Avril (FA)

        That’s a pretty insane run there. Point being, PC had major talent to work with.

  11. Rob Staton

    Please like the video and share it around on forums if you can. Let’s get the word out there.

  12. Paul Cook

    Part of me is just a simplistic schedule guy. I assess how much we might have improved personnel and otherwise. I look at who we are playing this year, and try to do the same for the teams we are going to be playing. I look at these teams from a home/away point of view. I make my best guess as to what games we are going to win or lose based upon such factors.

    For the most part, such guesses are going to be much in line with the money line any given week, allowing for any in-season changes that might have effected the odds. Basically speaking, most of us do the “chalk” thing when guessing how we’ll do this year.

    For me, 11-6 was pretty darn close to the over/under for the team this year. Going 12-5 would be a little better than I thought, and 10-7 would be a little worse than I thought. Any more wins than 12, or less wins than 10 would be a real surprise or real disappointment.

    The Tennessee game was one of the games in the win column for me. So, from my point of view, we’re going to have to win a game from the loss column just to get back to our 11 win over/under mark. From my point of view, we’re a 10-7 team right now, which basically makes us a WC card team, and a probable WC team on the road. In other words, a little worse off than last year at this point already.

    But as they say, that’s why they play the games.

  13. GoHawksDani

    Just watched the Vikings-Cards game. They’re gonna beat us and will be ugly.
    I’d say Cook 120+ yards rushing and a long TD run
    Russ will have at least one pick and 4+ sacks. Carson 1 fumble
    I’d say 34-17 Vikings.
    Cardinals is a much better bulit team in almost every aspect and they’re doing well currently. And they beat the Vikes because they were lucky (missed extra point, missed FG, bad decision by the Vikings’ returnman, etc). If the Vikings crumble after 0-2 we have a chance. If they’ll play at least as good and smart as they did, it’ll get ugly for the Hawks

    • GoHawks5151

      It’s never as simple as that though. As they say in another spot, styles make fights. Pete has a real good idea how to play Zimmer and it shows. The year they bracketed Diggs and Thielen was interesting. We seem to have their number just like we do the Eagles under Peterson and like Shannahan does vs Mcvay. Yes the Bikes will be motivated but don’t forget, we have something to prove/lose too

  14. Palatypus

    “What would you like to ask me about next? My favorite color?”

    – Colenal Nathan Jessup.

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