Live stream (3:30pm PT): Schedule release preview & reaction


  1. Coach

    I saw the Seahawks signed Mario Edwards today. Where does he fit in? He’s listed as a DE, but does that mean he plays inside like Reed and Jones? Can he be a difference maker for us?

    Thanks and Go Hawks!

    • Sea Mode

      Jump on the live stream to find out!

    • Coach

      Just found this from Corbin Smith:

      While Edwards has never lived up to his draft billing as a pass rusher with a mere 19.5 career sacks and 46 quarterback hits in 99 career games, the versatile 280-pound defender’s stout run defense has traveled with him everywhere he has played. Despite playing only 112 snaps as a run defender in 2022, PFF handed him a stellar 72.0 grade, which ranked 20th out of 82 qualified edge defenders. He also ranked eighth in run stop percentage (9.6 percent).

      In eight NFL seasons, Edwards has earned at least a 65.0 run defense grade six times. Given Seattle’s major issues stopping opposing running backs a year ago with a dreadful 31st overall ranking, he would be a welcome addition in the trenches with the flexibility to line up as a 3-tech defensive tackle, a 5-tech defensive end in even fronts, or even a nose in pass rushing situations.

      Creating more intrigue, Edwards pass rushing capabilities may be more than meets the eye with raw sack numbers. For the Bears in 2020, he posted a respectable 11.5 percent pressure rate on the way to a career-high in sacks. Nearly as effective with the Titans last season, he posted a 10 percent pressure rate while setting new personal bests in pressures and quarterback hits, proving himself more disruptive invading the pocket than earlier in his career.

      Seeking capable veterans who fit their hybrid 3-4 scheme at an affordable price point, Edwards provides invaluable experience and his consistent performance as a stout run defender in the trenches will be welcomed in the Pacific Northwest. Rotating behind Jones and Reed, he should be in line for extensive work as a 3-tech defensive end with his new team.

      Sounds like what we needed – a stout, experienced run defender to add to the rotation!


      Go Hawks!

      • Spenny Dunks

        I’m still confused as hell about the defense, who lines up where and when. Does this look accurate based on who we have on the roster?

        5T/3T: Dre’mont Jones, Jarran Reed, Mario Edwards, Myles Adams, Mike Morris
        NT: Cameron Young, Robert Cooper (UDFA), Bryan Mone (IR)
        LEO: Darrell Taylor, Derrick Hall, Alton Robinson
        LB: Uchenna Nwosu, Boye Mafe, Tyreke Smith

        • Palatypus

          I saw Boye Mafe and Tyreke Smith do 1v1’s in person up close at Senior Bowl practice and I don’t think they are the same kind of athlete. Tyreke has been compared to Cliff Avril and even trained with him before we drafted him. That’s what they think he can become.

          Boye Mafe, he totally reminded me of Von Miller. He’s an EDGE, but more of linebacker than a defensive end. Tyreke could be a LEO or maybe a 5-Tech. I kind of like Mafe on the weakside where they had him last year, just with more playing time.

        • OakleyD

          I see Myles Adams as an interior DT more than a 3T/5T DE.

          I think he fills Poona’s role now that he has gone. Versatile enough to move around, but his best position would be inside.

  2. Palatypus

    Here is the classic Frank Caliendo skit from Mad TV where he is doing a Vagisil commercial as John Madden.

    • Rob Staton


      It’s an unbelievable impression

      • Palatypus

        You put that vagisil on your Palatypus and it’ll clear right up.

    • cha

      Try and find the popcorn popper commercial. Classic.

      • Palatypus


      • Elmer

        They have signed a couple of veterans, DE and RB. By my count that brings the roster to 54 before rookies. Ten draft choices brings the count to 64. If they really are signing 28 UDFA’s, the total would grow to 92. That’s over the 90 player limit so clearly they would have to waive or release someone. (Or trade for draft capital)

      • Palatypus

        Put a little birdhouse in your soul.

  3. Jabroni-DC

    Robbie are you in Indy?

    • Palatypus

      He is. He was at tge combine this year.

    • Robbie

      Yep, moved out here a few years ago. Originally from Seattle.

      • Jabroni-DC

        I moved to Louisville a couple of years ago from Seattle. Was hoping to make the Titans game but damn, Christmas Eve Day is a tall order. Bengals would probably be a tough ticket to get. Lions maybe.

  4. Forrest

    I like the Hawks’ schedule. Couple thoughts:

    *Can we go 3-1 before the bye? That would really help.
    *I love the extra rest before CIN, but wish we had a later bye.
    *10AM at Baltimore will be tough, but all games before this Nov. 5th matchup are winnable (save for CIN).
    *SF, DAL, SF, PHI is a tough stretch.
    *I like the extra time to prepare for SF away.
    *Last three could be wins against TEN, PIT, ARI.

    • Big Mike

      Next to making the playoffs what I want the most is to beat both the stealers and the cowboys. The last time we had both teams in the same season we won both games and it felt damned good because I sports hate both of those franchises immensely.

  5. cha

    JS on Eisen on why not Jalen Carter.

    “Great visit, was in consideration. Devon was a better fit for us. Physicality of Witherspoon stood out. Jalen a ton of natural talent. A couple guys on our board stood out, they had the grit, they’re a Seahawk, and Devon had it.”

    • Big Mike

      Said all the things we already knew about Carter and how the Hawks felt about him without actually verbalizing it.

    • Rob Staton

      A polite way of avoiding the real answer of, ‘it was never f-ing happening in a million years’

      • Big Mike


      • Sea Mode


      • Elmer

        “…ton of natural talent…”. That says it all when you read between the lines.

  6. Rob Staton

    This is hilarious

    • Brodie

      Oh man. The superfans of Nashville coming through!

      That was amazing. Love the fact that everyone was talking into the tiniest mic ever too 🙂

    • Sea Mode

      Love love love how sure they were about the Cowboys 🤣

      • Rokas

        Yep, exactly this, so funny.

    • GrittyHawk

      I’m dying. I’m dead. This is hilarious.

      Eagles, Eagles, EAGLES! …from Pittsburgh.

    • Silly Billy

    • Malanch

      Good thing this sidewalk quiz stopped at sports trivia…I’d hate to have to throw myself into the Pacific on such a beautiful day.

    • Hebegbs

      I’m in tears after watching that. Too many good ones to just pick one. So funny.

  7. MountainHawker

    The Chargers social media team are legends. I won’t spoil the references for you. Lions and Denver are particularly great

    • cha

      Honestly embarrassing that we live in such a tech & social media capital and the Seahawks can’t even touch other teams’ schedule release videos.

    • Sea Mode

      I don’t watch anime and don’t get half the references, but it’s still amazing. They went in pretty hard though on the Lions and the Jets. Lamar’s contract was funny too.

      • Sea Mode

        The Garoppolo cash out ticket details… 😂

    • STTBM

      Had to stop the video and rewind multiple times to check out all the Easter Eggs in the Rogers/Jets games. Funny! On PFT, Florio posted a link from the vid that takes you to a page that has two click buttons: Are you a Chargers Fan? Takes you to a page to purchase game tickets, while Are you a Raiders fan? Takes you to a Google search: How to get a job! Lol! Epic trolling by the Chargers Media Team!

      Seattle’s bunch of idiots on the Media Team don’t even understand football. They are just lame, unimaginative tech and marketing geeks….

  8. geoff u

    Hate to say it but after seeing the schedule….17-0 it is.

    • OakleyD

      I like the optimism geoff!

      Realistically I think 10-7 and a playoff berth again is a realistic expectation. Depends on how the 9ers fare with Trey Lance/Purdy for a whole season.

      I think we will challenge for the division though. Can’t see the Cards or Rams challenging in a serious way.

  9. samprassultanofswat

    Hypothetical: There has been some talk about why the Seahawks didn’t get a QB. All they had to do was trade up to get the QB they wanted. If the Hawks wanted to trade up it would have cost at least their first two, first picks, to move up to snag a QB. And maybe much more. So if that was the case. The Hawks would have lost at the absolute bare minimum Devon Witherspoon and Jaxon Smith-Nijgba. At the very least. And probably a whole lot more. You can’t have everything. Schneider chose to go roster over QB.

    What if the Colts had taken Wil Levis. Then both Anothy Richardson and Devon Witherspoon would have been available. It would have been interesting to see which direction they would have went.

    Is Geno Smith the long-term answer. I have huge question marks about him. The other day Michael Bumbus was talking about how Geno Smith protect the football. Most talking heads in media seem to believe that Geno Smith protected the football this past season. Well yes and no. Last season Russell Wilson had 16TDs and 11 picks. Geno Smith had the same number of picks(11). But Smith had 30 TD passes. However, what very few people are talking about is the fact that Geno Smith had two pick-sixes called back because of penalties. There were also plenty of passes that were dropped that could have been ints. Geno Smith’s ints could have been much higher. So the jury is still out on Geno Smith.

    Can the Seahawks win a Super Bowl with Geno Smith? Yes. There have been plenty of examples of less than stellar QBs bringing home a Super Bowl Championship. You have the likes of Doug Williams, Joe Flacco, Mark Rypien, Eli Manning, Brad Johnson, Nick Foles, Jeff Hostetler, Trent Dilfer, a washed up Peyton Manning. An over rated Ben Roethlisberger in his Super Bowl (stolen) victory over the Seahawks went 9-21 with 2ints and O TDs. So yes can Geno Smith lead the Seahawks to a Super Bowl victory. The real question is how likely is Geno Smith the QB to lead this growing talented roster to a Super Bowl victory. That is the question. The Seahawk offense is loaded with talent. They have a much improved defense. However, before the 2022 season started. Geno Smith had more INTs than TD passes.

    Geno Smith is an accurate QB. Or at least in 2022 he was very accurate. However, Geno Smith;s decision making can be suspect. And also Geno Smith does have a history of turnovers. So in my mind it is time for the Seahawks to draft a QB. For the future.

    • Hawkster

      Geno threw a lot of interceptable passes that simply were not picked-off, well below the normal pick-off rate for such passes. Everything else staying the same, a reversion to the mean on this would be crushing to Geno’s apparent effectiveness.

      The hope is that additions to IOL, WR and RB will give more stability and more options and reduce the frequency of events where Geno has to try to push it so to speak.

      At times Geno was carrying the Seahawks in a sense, big 3rd down scrambles late, a string of throws that were just plain exceptional. Hopefully the roster improvements will allow him to fully embrace game-manager and the playbook can develop towards higher percentage events from the QB position. Absent that, reversion to the mean will happen, and it could get pretty rough.

    • BK26

      Is Geno the long-term answer: No. Team gave him the contract that they did so they believe the same thing. He’s a journeyman qb who has only ever beaten out…Drew Lock to start. Can he be good? Yes. But he is what he is. And he has a lot of pressure to be beyond that, moneywise and legacywise. He doesn’t do great with pressure.

      Can Seattle win a Super Bowl with him: I’m going to say no, not with the current team. Not enough veteran presence and no where near enough high-end talent. We are relying on him to be the difference maker on offense. In terms of talent and where he is, nope. I watched the championships and the Super Bowl and my only thought is that we don’t have a quarterback that can play with these guys. Same with the roster.

      They still could win it all because there is always a chance. Teams go on runs, there are lucky breaks, etc. Just right now, I’m going to say that they are at least 1 more year away. Minimum.

      The roster is getting VERY close. But I 100% agree with you, they NEED to get a quarterback of the future. Next draft. Otherwise this all falls apart and these last 2 drafts don’t matter. In the end, it will come down to what they do at quarterback. Most likely what they decide next year.

    • Rick

      Reading between the lines it sounds like Richardson would have been the fourth option

      1. Will Anderson
      2. Devon Witherspoon
      3. Trade back
      4. If no trade back possible for good value and/or position Anthony Richardson

    • Chris

      This is the correct answer.

      Geno does not protect the ball particularly well. Especially when he’s trying to make things happen.

      His #’s look okay from last year only because he was much luckier than average. This year expect a regression to the mean.

      • Hawkster

        The coaching staff has the tape, they know that Geno enjoyed some luck. If we accept that something like AR was 3th on the list (as per Rick above) then this staff, more accurately any PC staff is going to want greater ball security.

        The put together a WR room of DK, Tyler, and JNS. They have an RB room of Walker, Charbonnet an McIntosh. They addressed C through both FA an the draft, and brought in Bradford as well. I think Geno listens to coaching and takes coaching (you know, wears an armband and all), and there is going to be a big push for Geno to migrate towards ball security an rely and the, at least on paper, considerable talent around him.

        • Hawkster

          4th, not “3th”

  10. Sea Mode

    Bryce Young early on in his rookie season will be entertaining.

  11. Dave Thompson

    While I agree the Seahawks seem to have better offensive weapons than they’ve had. I still wonder whether Shane Waldron and the O side coaches can find schemes to fit the talent, and the team can game plan to use them. Will the Oline be able to match up with powerful forces like the 49er’s front 7.

    • OakleyD

      I think whilst understated, our OL is better situated than it was last season.

      We may take some lumps early in the season, but we’ll be more stout at Center and I can’t see a drop off at RG from last year, cautiously optimistic about Olu Olu and Bradford making a real difference for us.

    • Hawkster

      Time will tell but they have added a big slot and a couple running backs with good pass catching and route running abilities that at least with McIntosh are very formation versatile. I would think this should be what Waldron would need to really develop the playbook towards the sort that a Goff level talent can get to the Superbowl.

  12. clbradley17

    The Cutest Schedule Release Video | 2023 Seattle Seahawks

  13. Forrest

    Prediction on how many of these games will be flexed out? I think the Packers are going to quickly become the old Browns, Jaguars and Falcons. It’s been a great run with Farve and Rodgers. But, if Love fails, they’ll be totally irrelevant.

  14. Big Mike

    Hey Rob, I got a youtube notification that you posted an interview with Jim Nagy video and went to watch it but it said you had taken it down??

    • Rob Staton

      For some reason it only loaded 12 minutes of it. Will republish it later today

      • Big Mike

        Gotcha. Thank you

  15. Big Mike

    Relative to the discussion about JS not drafting a QB, particularly in the past 2 drafts which are the post-Wilson drafts………is it possible at least one factor was that John felt the roster was so barren that getting talent re-stocked was the most important thing for this franchise? Obviously last year there wasn’t squat for QBs so that was factor too.

    • Hawkster

      I’m kinda done with JS saying he seeks to draft a QB every year, I know a few folks that are always saying they are going to cut back on drinking. There is a point these words don’t mean anything. JS is a GM who only very very rarely seeks to draft a QB. People keep records on things like who you draft, and QB aint one of them. Ther reality is he is very stingy on pulling the trigger on QBs, is will to take risks drafting at essentially any other position, but on QB he balks, with regularity. And then gets on the radio and says he like to draft a QB every year.

      • Sean

        Yes. I’m interested in what somebody says, until their actions show that what they say is not backed up by their actions. If you say you want to draft a QB every year, and after year 3 you’ve drafted only one QB, I start to have doubts. If you’ve only drafted one after year 5, I simply do not believe you. I think we are now at 2 QBs after year 13. We are WAY past the point of this being a remotely believable priority for JS.

      • cha

        I’m kinda done with JS saying he seeks to draft a QB every year

        To be fair, in the recent past JS hasn’t said that is his goal.

        He will say that was the goal when he worked in GB, and he follows the logic, but he will be the first to admit that is a goal he hasn’t gotten done in Seattle.

    • geoff u

      I think that is a huge huge mistake. Franchise QBs are very rare and if you find yourself able to get one, or within striking distance, you pull the trigger. However, looking at the 2022 draft, were there any franchise QBs even available throughout the entire draft? Doesn’t look like it. This year is more up in the air. Three potential QBs went right before us and one slipped into the second round. So the question is, did they just not see them as franchise QBs? Unwilling to take the risk to give up draft capital to get one? Or were they really that blind to actually getting one? Time will tell.

      • Hawkster

        Rob’s point about the lack of an observable middle class of QBs may well be the issue this year. SEA had a lot of draft capital (ignoring trade up ideas) and could have picked a QB instead of e.g. Zach (they have Walker, picked up McIntosh later). With a richer middle class that might be the place where maybe this FO would take on some risk, but there is nothing to support that idea historically (except RW I suppose). In fairness, in the following years they had Russ, somebody who worked in their system.

        When one goes through QBs drafted since say, 2015, it illustrates how hard reliable starting QQBs are to find (an old narrative). To me the only sensible response to this is volume, one needs to cycle through a lot of QBs in the background in hopes of finding one that can work for a given team, a given system, a given staff. Those that will succeed pretty much no matter what are so rare as to be unplannable.

        So yes, while I can be flippant about JS’s QB drafting frequency or risk taking, even with 20/20 hindsight it is not as if a bunch “why didn’t they draft Creed Humphery” like moments can be found. This gets back to volume (or system) to find the Brock Purdy’s (assuming he survives the test of time).

        There are plenty of Trent Dilfer-like SB rings being worn out there, it just seems the treadmill through a volume of better than average to find one who can win it all within a particular framework.

        • Palatypus

          I am more interested in petit bourgeoisie of quarterbacks than the upper proletarians. You know, the dissafected inteligentsia at the Ministry of Love.

      • JP

        Probably too much of a risk on Schneider’s part. A lot of eggs into one basket. Honestly I stopped reading much into those Josh Allen and the Browns stuff. There was probably some light discussion, but I give it like a 1% it was gonna happen from what I can tell. Even now, I do not foresee Schneider making some ballsy move to trade from 20 to 5 for a QB in the coming years.

        The worst case scenario for them with Geno is that simply he bombs. The league has more tape on him, he’s an old dog in this league, and his decision making isn’t going to become great. But at least the roster might be much better due to all the upgrades everywhere even if only half the draft hits. You’d just need a Qb at that point.

        I don’t know what they’ll do at QB because it’s not easy to find a franchise guy in the 2nd/3rd round. I think Dak is the base line for that and even then how many Daks have been drafted in recent times? I guess by the time we’re ready to roll, Geno will be serviceable or we have to trade for some veteran that a team wants to unload like with Stafford.

        There’s a decent chance, one, maybe even two of the top 4 QBs in this draft end up good. I just hope it’s not Levis because he was right there and from what I read, it feels like some teams really thought about taking him in the 20s, but he just slipped just outside the first. I wonder how his career goes.

  16. Big Mike

    Dear puppet Goodell,
    I do not want to hear the words “player safety” out of your mouth ever again. We have known all along you and your 32 owner cronies have only cared about money, especially when you started scheduling games on Thursdays (with the exception of the traditional Thanksgiving day games). Now you have allowed 2 teams to have 2 Thursday games to pump up those Amazon streaming dollars. You are a total hypocrite and we all see it.

    • Romeo A57

      Roger’s only job is to be the NFL’s
      Bad Guy to take some heat off the 32 owners. I truly wonder what kind of power he actually has. I think it I’d very little.

      If Goodell tried to tell someone like Jerry Jones what to do, I don’t imagine that would go over well.

  17. Palatypus

    Lawsuit safety?

  18. Sea Mode

    Hahaha, fair play to them for going along with it!

    (See Titans schedule release video linked above if you don’t get it)

    • Palatypus

      The Red Stallions are no Wylde Stallions.

  19. Palatypus

    It’s Friday. But I’m not sure if I want to get Njiggy or Shwifty.

  20. cha

    I want this intensity back

    • Palatypus

      Devon Withspoon versus Jaxon Smith-Njigba.

        • Mia

          The thought about the Seahawks having the best receiving corp in the NFL puts me in an absolutely dreamy state. Pairing that with the non hyperbolic take that the secondary could end up a top 5 unit by seasons end, it becomes very easy to imagine practices that will elevate both rooms to pretty fun heights. I’m very excited to see how this turns out. What a great use of both 1st round choices!

    • samprassultanofswat

      Glad he is NOT our HEADACHE1

    • Big Mike

      This won’t be the last negative thing we hear about him either.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I wonder how motivated Carter will be if he loses his entire contract amount in the civil lawsuit?? Yes I’m glad seahawks don’t have to worry about him.

    • Rob Staton

      When will it end with this guy?

      And to think people passionately thought the Seahawks would go there and draft him

      • Hawkster

        In fairness this is not a new event, it is additional color on the same reported event. It is not as if we have information that he is continuing to get into car races. I’m not in the JC camp, never have been, but he didn’t do a new thing, we are just learning more about it.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure but it’s yet another layer to this s**t sandwich we didn’t need

          • Hawkster

            Can’t argue with that.

  21. Trevor

    Cool story about Anthony Richardson. I am a big fan of Witherspoon but man I wish we could have gotten this kid.

    • Big Mike

      Me too Trevor. Wanted him BADLY. 😞

  22. Blitzy the Clown

    Saw some video of the first day of rookie camp and Mike Morris reminds me of Tony McDaniel. Tallest DT out there by far. If he could be the same kind of rotational piece, he’ll be a successful pick.

    Also, I’m not saying Rob Cooper is anywhere near as talented as Ndamukong Suh, but he kinda plays like him. Nasty and in your face about it.

    And that’s before we get to Cam Young.

    • Hand of God

      Talking about Cam Young, he showed up to camp a 320 (up 15 from his last official weight of 305)…we have a NT!

      • dregur

        Hopefully it’s mostly good weight.

  23. Rushless pass

    Cameron young walking into mini camp at 320 lbs

  24. Tommy Boy

    I have more love for Geno that most, apparently. Considering it was his first year as starter, new RB’s, new OL, new receiver weapons and for GENO to:

    1. Lead the ENTIRE NFL in completion percentage at 70% is PHENOMENAL!
    2. The Hawks have minimal screen game so his 7.5 ypc is upper echelon.
    3. Who threw for more yards in the NFC last year and would you want them? NO!

    The fact that GENO threw 11 picks is solid considering how many deep throws he made fitting balls in between the cb’s and safeties. I thought GENO was outstanding and he’s not an old dog.

    He’s probably had 100 hits on him his whole career. His body is young and his arm is still excellent.

    GENO can play out his 3 yr contract and if we get the D up to par, this team can go all the way with a Geno Smith.

    We should’ve won a SB with Matt Hasselbeck and just a decent D. This D will be better and Geno isn’t the problem and will be the solution.

    Fans act like QB’s of the future grow on trees. You have to get very fortunate and go check the draft history of top 10 qbs drafted over the past 10 years. Most are busts or haven’t done squat. We’ll need to hit on a 2nd rounder because we’re not drafting top 5 anytime soon.

    • Tommy Boy

      OH and I love Lockett but he has the lowest yards after the catch because he goes down quickly to avoid the big hit or

      GENO would have LEAD the ENTIRE NFL in BOTH:

      1. Completion percentage AND
      2. Yards per pass attempt!

      Those 2 stats are typically a dichotomy to each other. High completion was typically a game manager, dump off screen game QB.

      Geno DESERVES way more love than he is getting by fans. He can regress slightly, which he shouldn’t if JSN is who we think he is, and we’ll be better because he won’t have to feel like he has to carry us every week.

      When you have a porous D like we had in 2022, don’t you think Geno felt like he had to try to make throws happen because he knew the D couldn’t stop anyone. He had to FORCE throws! because our D stunk.

      Geno is just fine for our O. It’s our D that needs to take the next step for us to go deep in the playoffs, nothing to do with GENO’s play, nothing at all. It’s just fine fans, just fine!

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