New podcast & thoughts on the 49ers trade

Before getting into the big news of the day, earlier I conducted a live stream with Robbie, discussing the latest news relating to Seattle’s free agency.

Check it out here…

Now onto the San Francisco 49ers trade.

They’ve moved from #12 to #3, giving up a third rounder this year and their first round picks in 2022 and 2023.

Miami immediately dealt the #12 to Philadelphia for a 2022 first rounder in a crazy, unprecedented day of draft board manoeuvring.

Although no name has been suggested, I have to imagine they are planning to draft Trey Lance.

For starters, he had his pro-day a while ago. Justin Fields’ pro-day isn’t until March 30th. You don’t make a trade like this unless you’re at least convinced by Lance and are willing to be convinced by Fields.

I would suggest, though, that because Lance has had his pro-day that he suitably impressed the Niners and that’s why they made this move.

On top of that — Fields struggles to play within structure, has difficulty processing and progressing through reads and relies on improv. His throwing technique, with a large stride and elongated delivery, needs a ton of work.

This isn’t the way Kyle Shanahan runs his offense.

I wouldn’t completely rule out Mac Jones. Out of the three, he’s arguably the best fit in terms of the offense, scheme and what Shanahan wants to do.

Yet Lance has far more physical upside.

So is this a good move?

I recently watched Lance’s pro-day in full. Here were my notes:

The overwhelming reaction from the workout was positive with media types everywhere heaping praise on Lance.

I watched every throw. I was nowhere near as convinced.

His accuracy was highly inconsistent with too many throws behind the receiver or a fraction high. Remember — he’s throwing against thin air here.

I can’t recall a recent pro-day with so many balls hitting the turf. I saw overthrows and under-throws. He’s toesy with his feet and his technique needs further work to sharpen up his accuracy.

On tape you see some of this show up. North Dakota State does a good job scheming to create wide-open targets. When he has to read plays, go through progressions and throw with anticipation — I thought Lance was lacking.

This isn’t a huge surprise given his limited number of starts. That in itself though is a cause for concern — especially when his accuracy was more miss than hit in a scripted environment designed to show off what he can do.

He has a great physique and all of the traits you want. In part, I think that’s why he got such a positive review. He looks the part. I think people were smitten with his physical appearance.

He did throw some nice passes, especially one long down-field bomb to the sideline that was inch perfect. His throws had velocity. Yet to me he looks incomplete and a significant project. He may need the same two-year learning curve that Josh Allen had — yet he doesn’t possess Allen’s super-human profile.

Allen was a gift from the football gods in terms of height, athleticism, arm strength, hand-size and mobility. Lance is good but not that good.

The hype is too much for me. It’s always possible a team becomes enamoured with the upside and takes him very early. I think he’s a fraction more appealing than Jordan Love and deserves to go in the same kind of range.

There’s no doubting he’s physically impressive and in terms of character and personality — he looks and sounds like a pro.

Yet for me he’s going to need at least two years to develop.

For that reason the Niners might hold on to Jimmy Garoppolo for now. Lance will require time and patience.

From a Seahawks perspective I don’t think it’s particularly scary news.

Lance is really raw. If it’s Fields instead — yes he has the physical attributes too but he also needs time and comes with a lot of question marks. Jones operated the Alabama offense well but is he a terrifying prospect to face twice a year?

It’s a highly aggressive move by the Niners but I’m not sure it’s the best — unless their intention is to move up one more spot to try and get to Zach Wilson.

For a team that passed on Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes, I’m a little surprised Shanahan is staking his legacy on a move like this.

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  1. Forrest

    Without Reed, should the Seahawks sign Jurrell Casey or DaQuan Jones?

    • JC3

      Big fan of Casey but not sure if he is still good.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    So happy that Dunlap is back – and the price is right. I wish they could have held onto Reed. I feel like they need to add talent to the team, not subtract it.

    • cha

      That’s a fact Jack. It’s the 2020 line which was no great shakes, -Reed +Hyder.

      If the plan is to move Collier inside and have Poona platoon with him at Reed’s spot, it’s really hard to say they held serve at 3T.

      Are the Seahawks really going to do the ‘we’re banking on our young guys taking a HUGE step forward’ plan for the third year in a row?

      • DC

        Not sure how they can say that while keeping Adams and not giving Blair a shot.

        • cha

          I was talking about the DL.

          Everywhere else, they’ve drafted guys and then acquire their veteran replacements to block them.

      • Rob4q

        Well there are some interesting DT prospects in the draft…if they can figure out how to get a few more picks!

      • Elmer

        Now apparently going to bring in Al Woods. I think that’s either a CYA depth move or Woods doesn’t make the team. DL is starting to get crowded. Can we infer what they will do in the draft by the FA moves they haven’t made? LB? WR?

    • Mick

      I recall a comment from Pete that they liked Lattimore, maybe they’re gonna start him for Reed.

      • Elmer

        That would be asking a lot of a UDFA who was on the practice squad until the end of the year. He performed well though and will be in the competition to make the team.

  3. cha

    Tannenbaum just proposed a RW trade.

    Chicago sends their 2nd to the Jets for Darnold to package him in a RW trade.

    They send Darnold, Roquan, their 2021 1st and 2022 first for RW.

    So Chicago’s outlay for RW is 2 firsts, a second and Roquan.

    Not enough.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Minimum 3 firsts with a high (top 10) first this year, 2 seconds, Darnold or similar QB.

    • Gohawks5151

      Yuck. Do people not review these trades before putting them out in the world?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Didn’t Chicago offer three firsts just last week. These three team deals are hard to pull off. And who is to say that the Jets don’t want two firsts for Darnold? It worked when they asked that much for Adams.

      • UkAlex6674

        I don’t think even the Jets would try to say Darnold is worth 2 first rounders.

    • GoHawksDani

      I like their 2021 and ’22 firsts. I like adding Darnold.
      Not sure about Roquan…We could trade Bobby, but Roquan is only under contract till end of ’22. He might want an extension now. But unless he’s willing to sit out if he doesn’t get it, it’d mean they can trade Bobby, get maybe an R3 and also get back some CAP.

      Hawks would get Darnold, 2xR1, 1xR3 and some CAP relief
      That’s not enough.
      Maybe Darnold, 2021 R1, 2021 R3, 2022 R1, 2023 R1 and Smith
      That’s the absolute minimum.

      But as a draft-lover it’d be fine if they’d trade RW (Bears 3xR1, R3, Darnold, Smith), Bobby (Jets, give them our #56 for our next year R1 what we gave up in the Adams trade), Adams (Dolphins R1, R3) and get back like:
      2021: #18, #20, #81, #83, #87
      2022: Bears R1 (#25-32), our original R1 (#12-17)
      2023: Bears R1

      QB wouldn’t be a must have for this year in the draft (although wouldn’t hurt)
      No huge hole created (Blair can jump in at SS, Smith to MLB, Brooks staying at WILL, Darnold for QB)
      5 pick in the top100, they could trade up or down as they like. But I’d prefer them to trade down with one of the R1 picks into mid R2 maybe and pick up 2xR3 if they can. That’d mean 10 picks in the top100.

      Fill out the roster: OC, OG (project who can start after 1-2 years at LG), OT (project to fill in when Brown retires), RB (can be a rotational between the rookie and Penny, like 40% Carson, 30% Penny, 30% rookie and see who takes the lead), WR3, TE, DT, FS (project who can step up after Diggs contract is up next year), CB (compete with Whiterspoon, Reed and maybe Sherm), DE (you can never have enough). That’d be 10 picks in the top100…it’d be certainly interesting to see what happens

      • J

        You could flip Roquan for picks or just start him at SAM for a year and move on from Bobby next year.

    • Gary

      It just cost the Niners two firsts and a third to move up nine spots!

  4. Rob4q

    Crazy how two respected draft analysts can view a player so differently…these are both for the same player:

    Athletic interior defensive tackle with next-level physical skills. Fires off the snap with an explosive first step, plays with proper lean, and effectively uses his hands. Strong, gets leverage on opponents, and makes plays up the field or down the line of scrimmage. Forceful, flies around the action and gives effort.

    and then this from another draft analyst:

    Well-built with long arms and good lean mass, he looks the part physically but plays with below-average twitch and quickness to make plays. He has the length and strength that might make more sense as an odd-front five-technique on a unit that leans heavily on physical traits. He won’t offer much as a rusher, so he’ll really need to elevate his game as a run stuffer to play in the league.

    • dcd2

      Yep, I had that revelation a few years ago too.

      For most of the positions, I trust my own eyes. When it comes to trenches it’s harder for me to discern and where you tend to find a wide variance from the scouts.

    • Sea Mode

      Obviously, nobody gets them all right and, as mentioned, using your own two eyes is best.

      That said, my experience on this: trust Pauline as an insider with his sources, but not as a scout. Zierlein much preferred in that regard.

  5. AlaskaHawk

    The Seahawks need alot more in cornerback position if they want to make the Superbowl. Flowers can’t cover.

    • GerryG

      Currently he’s a backup, and as backups go, we could do much worse

    • AlaskaHawk

      With the loss of Griffin they have two starting corner back positions to fill. It won’t matter how good the defensive line is if they can’t cover the receivers.

      • Rohan Raman

        Did DJ Reed vanish or something?

      • AlaskaHawk

        I love Reed and Amadi, but I still think they got two positions to fill.

        • Sea Mode

          Pretty sure Reed has one side locked down.

          • Big Mike

            Guessing they’re expecting Witherspoon to take the other side with Flowers the backup tho if Flowers outplayed him in camp I could see it be the other way around.

        • Scot04

          I thought Amadi proved he should be our nickle. I’d trade Adams and put Blair there. Would be a mistake i think to remove Amadi. We need some cheap long term starters

    • GoHawksDani

      They need to do a lot-lot-lot more if they want to reach SB

  6. Paul Cook

    Nothing much bold or aggressive from the Hawks so far. I’m kind of 50/50 on the Reed thing. It’s a drop in interior talent so far, but no alarm bells going off in my head. He was up and down for me, at times looking solid, at times looking underachieving. Inconsistent.

  7. GerryG

    DT depth is thin now, but aside from last year, getting great value and solid production out of the vet FA DT market has been a strength of this team for years

  8. RWIII

    Love the signing of Dunlap. Awesome! Not to worried about finding a defensive tackle. It seems that every year Schneider always find a very good(not great) defensive at an affordable price. No doubt the Seahawks will need a run stuffer. But this is one of John Schneider’s specialities. John Schneider is a master at finding good bargains at affordable prices at the defensive tackle position.

  9. AlaskaHawk

    I wonder what position is more important to draft in second round? A second center or a swing tackle that can fill in if Brown or the right tackle gets hurt?

    • Rohan Raman

      Center. We already have a swing tackle in Ogbuehi. Yeah, he isn’t a high level starter, but I’d rather have Landon Dickerson in R2 and then draft a swing tackle in the fourth round.

      • Mike

        On the flipside, the odds of an aging duane brown getting injured is high. If either tackle is out, there goes our gameplan. Having a third guy that’s actually good makes sense this year, but we also will need someone to replace him.

        If a good OT falls to us, id rather get him in on a rookie deal and try to get a FA center/guard. We can always find valuable centers/guards in the draft in the late first or later.

  10. Gohawks5151

    The Diana Russini thing is nothing to me. I’m not burying my head or anything. I think it is still 50/50 but Fowler had a conflicting report the day prior. Both ESPN employees, both journalists as you like to say. How can you choose between them? Who has the better sources or is tapped into RW or the team? I have no clue. status still hasn’t changed. Still fluid. I know people are better at parsing these media reports than I am but at this point its just noise without action to me. I’ve just been worn out by this team haha

  11. cha

    You still got a ways to go Robbie. Don’t stop dreamin tho

    • AlaskaHawk

      That video is hilarious. Should we start a Go Fund me site to buy Clipboard Jesus wigs?

    • Big Mike


    • Robbie

      Hahaha!!! I’m dead! You guys are too much. That video was Glorious!! I have my work cut out for me.

    • DavidM2

      Now I want to see these guys do a breakdown of the video you posted cha

  12. AlaskaHawk

    Great Podcast! I enjoyed it all. I find it hard to believe they will go into the draft with only 3 picks. But no rumors about trading Adams so …..

  13. Sea Mode

    Javonte Williams on GMFB.

    Nastiness comes from playing LB up through Jr. year in HS.

    Models his game: “Mix of Kamara and Nick Chubb”.

    Received offers to Yale and Harvard.

    • KD

      I guess that rules him out. :/

  14. Sea Mode

    Shoot, I missed the stream completely still hanging out on the previous thread. (Wonder if there’s an easy way to set it up to post the link in the comments whenever a new thread goes up? Any web designers out there know?)

    • GoHawksDani

      It’s WordPress, and I’m a software engineer so dunno. WP usually uses plugins, so if there’s a plugin, you can do it. As for code…it’s certainly doable, but I think a messageboard would be better. Like we’re using these comment sections wrong. Usually we write down our opinions/questions about anything that interests us, and like 60% of the time nothing to do with the current article 🙂 So it is used like a theme-less message board, but this is a comment section structure. But yeah, a general input/text field which would attach the comment to the last article would be pretty straightforward

  15. Sea Mode

    Continuing from last thread, do people have any hope we will get a pick for Reed in the next 3 hours?

    I had originally thought it very unlikely, but I forgot that he would be cheaper because we eat that $5m chunk of signing bonus. That definitely makes it seems more possible.

    So I guess a team could get one cheap year rental for $8.075m and then either decide to extend him or net probably a R4 comp when he hits FA next year. That could definitely be worth a R5 or even a R4 pick this year if there are multiple teams interested.

    We’ll know soon…

    • cha

      I don’t think 1pm is a hard deadline. If the Seahawks get interest they could easily not cut him and spend a day making calls. There was a gap between when the news of Hudson/Jackson getting cut and when they actually got dealt.

      This could go on for a couple days.

      • Sea Mode

        Good point.

    • Big Mike

      Enjoyed the Podcast Rob and Robbie. Thank you both

      • Big Mike

        Oops, wrong spot. Sorry

    • BruceN

      A 5th rounder at best for Reed, I’m afraid.

    • jhams

      R5 would be my hope. A high R5 or a R4 would be a dream. But even a 6th or 7th is better than nothing.

    • GoHawksDani

      I think they should get a decent pick, but I don’t think they will. Not sure why, probably just a hunch. Tbh, I’d be fine giving up an R3 for Reed if my team would need a decent DT.
      Put him next to another decent/OK DT and a good DE and he can get 6+ sacks for you easily I think.
      He had some up and down seasons, but when he rolled, he rolled big. He has upside, and he’s probably better than his production in 2020 and he’s definitely better than his ’19 season.
      I’m not sure he’ll ever reach 10+ sacks, but with at least a decent defense, in a solid DL, I think he can get you 6-8 sacks in every year. For a DE that’s mehh, but for a DT that’s really good

  16. CL

    I really find it fascinating how fast the momentum can shift on certain topics.

    Tony Pauline said the Seahawks want to trade Russell as much as he wants out.

    Schefter basically said if the Seahawks find a QB they like, Russell Wilson is gonna be traded.
    There was no “I think”, “I can imagine” or whatever, he just said Russell is gonna be traded if they find a QB they fall in love with.

    And now a couple of tweets later and this whole thing is done? No way.

    Since there’s a chance that he stays and he’s a Seahawk as of now, of course he has to act like that…

    Maybe the Pro Day will accelerate things as Rob speculated… we’ll see.

  17. Redzone086

    One would think with Watson in his predicament that more teams would be interested in Russell

  18. line_hawk

    49ers-Dolphins trade. 49ers move up to No 3 pick.. give up 21, 22 & 23 first.

    49ers sure are getting a new QB! Dolphins can easily get Russell if they want.

  19. Lewis

    49ers trading up to 3. Wow

  20. Aaron Bostrom

    Anyone see this huge 49er Fins trade? Wild.

  21. dcd2

    Schefter reporting the 9ers are giving up #12, their 3rd rounder and #1’s in 2022 & 2023 for #3 overall from Miami!

    • Big Mike

      Just heard it on Cowherd too. Obviously going for the QB of the future but who?

      • Aaron Bostrom

        Good Q. Shefty said they’re apparently good w whatever option will be there

        • Lewis

          They would have to be. That’s a lot to give up for “whoever is left”

      • dcd2

        No idea. If Lawrence and Wilson are off the board, as assumed… That’s quite a haul, and they must really like one of the other guys.

        Miami is going to have so much cheap young talent on that team.

        • Spencer

          I doubt it, but what if Saleh told SF’s brass that they aren’t taking Zach Wilson and so they are getting into position for that? It would be nuts and the Jets would be PISSED if that ever came out, but the 49ers love BYU guys and next to Lawrence I think he is the best of the group.

          • Rob Staton

            Wilson’s a lock for #2 after that pro-day

    • Gaux Hawks

      oh my

      • Hawk Mock

        12, 18 a 2nd to flip for Darnold, multiple firsts in upcoming years…

  22. Bankhawk

    Rob and Robbie; you guys were golden, as always. The podcast made a nice end to what was a kinda rough day. 👍

  23. Aaron

    49ers gotta be going for Fields because Lawrence is going number 1

  24. jdruaint

    RS to Miami, they have a shit load of 1st rounders now!

    • Ryan

      Come on, Russ, open up your list.

  25. Mick

    49ers must be going for Fields there. I don’t think he’s worth the price. Miami did the right thing, on one side, but they risk losing the top receivers this year and this might come back to bite them.

    • Hawk Mock

      According to Rob’s takes on Fields, I hope it is Fields they like.

      • BobbyK

        Me too!

        • Big Mike


    • BobbyK

      Bengals the big winners in that trade. Now they’ll either get the stud LT or stud college teammate receiver of Burrow.

      • Lewis

        What do you think Atlanta does at 4?

        • Lewis

          Nvm, you mean they get whichever Atlanta doesn’t take

          • BobbyK

            Yep. They get leftovers from a great LT or WR. Then they still have a high 2nd rounder to go with the other position (OL or weapon). Bengals could be on the way back and party like it’s 1989 in 2022.

          • Sea Mode

            Dolphins played it super well too:

            Albert Breer

            Genius of Dolphins’ trade down, then up—the deals basically locked in the Top 3, and maybe 4, picks as QBs, which means another position player necessarily will fall to them at 6.

            So they move down 3 spots and give up their R1 next year, and likely still land the player they wanted originally, and pick up SF’s R1 picks the next two years and a R3 next year.

            • dcd2

              Who is the Dolphins GM? These are some bold and spicy moves!

            • BobbyK

              Dolphins have been playing things beautifully. They are the closest (aside from the Browns a few years ago before they did stupid stuff like trading for OBJ) to what I’d be like as a GM… collect draft pick after draft pick after draft pick. Quality and quantity.

              • BobbyK

                Nevermind. They just threw away a 1st rounder next year.

                • Hand of God

                  Well, they used one of the 1st they gained (likely a late 1st 2022 rounder, considering the 49ers roaster and all the players that are coming back) to lock themselves in at 6 this year and likely get to choose from either Chase, Pitts or Sewell (or trade back for even more capital, if a QB or OT falls). So basically, they likely get to select the same player they would have secured at 3, and netted an additional 3rd this year, and a 2022 first. Plus, they have one more year to assess Tua’s performance before over-committing around him. Lets see how thing turn out 2-3 years from now, but as of March 2021 these moves look pretty great . That Tunsil trade has to be one of the best moves of all time…the gift that keeps on giving.

    • J

      Really, no joke, I think it is Mac Jones there.

  26. Sea Mode

    Wow, what a move!

  27. Sea Mode


    Ian Rapoport

    The #49ers plan to keep Jimmy G, believing they have a playoff-ready roster and he’s the one for it. We’ll see if teams can change their mind.

    • Mick

      Would be crazy if they paid all that just to get Ja’Marr Chase.

  28. Sea Mode

    Lance Zierlein

    Congrats on the addition of Trey Lance with this trade, SF. All-day fit for Kyle Shanahan offense.

  29. Canadian Hawk


    If that’s the going rate for an unproven QB, did the price for #3 just go up?

    • cha

      I think that’s a great question to consider.

  30. Sea Mode

    Adam Schefter

    Dolphins now have basically turned their former LT Laremy Tunsil who they traded to Houston into four first-round picks and a third-round pick.

  31. drrew76

    SF better hit on Fields/Lance/Jones or this one will hurt for a awhile – I’m assuming they were ready to go all in on Watson, but with that turning toxic, they just shifted their gaze.

  32. Sea Mode

    Whoa, and straight to the Eagles!

    Philadelphia Eagles
    · 3m

    Trade: #Eagles have traded picks No. 6 and No. 156 overall to the Dolphins in exchange for No. 12 overall, No. 123 overall, and a 2022 first-round pick.

    • Sea Mode

      I would have thought the Eagles would stand pat for Chase or Pitts at #6. They’ve needed a #1 target for so long.

      • Sea Mode

        Ian Rapoport

        The #Eagles tried to trade up to No. 3, but they would only do it for Zach Wilson, source said. Instead, they back out, get an extra 1st rounder, and continue to build.

        • BobbyK

          RapSheet says they will “continue to build” That’s funny because all they’ve done is totally tear this team down since their Super Bowl win. There has been no “building” of the Eagles for quite some time. lol

  33. Gaux Hawks

    Rob, thoughts on Jacoby Brissett (Miami)?

    • Gaux Hawks

      No. 6, No. 18, 22R1, 23R1, Jacoby Brissett

      • Gaux Hawks

        Crazy to think a team could have RW3 for such a low cap hit in the coming years…

        If Miami truly wanted to go on a run, RW3 would be a huge get for them (and they could potentially keep Tua as a backup AND their original R1 picks in 22 & 23).

        RW3 for No. 6, No. 18, 22R1, 23R1, Jacoby Brissett

      • Gaux Hawks

        R1: Kellen Mond
        R1: Javonte Williams
        R2: Quinn Meinerz
        R3: Cade Johnson
        R4: Benjamin St. Juste

  34. Paul Cook

    Wow. Miami’s sure acting like they have a plan.

  35. GoHawksDani

    Dolphins’ 2022 R1 (either their or the SF pick) and #36 for Adams?

    • Jason

      Adams is not going to get traded, as much as some of us want him to. Fun to think about, if you’re into causing yourself pain.

      • Roy Batty

        Its right up there with all the Russ to Miami fantasy.

  36. Jason

    What the shit is going on? Future picks going for pennies here, are teams thinking football’s gonna be cancelled in 2022 or something?

  37. Jason

    What the heck is going on? Future picks going for pennies here, are teams thinking football’s gonna be cancelled in 2022 or something?

  38. Michael P Matherne

    I can’t remember ever seeing this much movement this far ahead of the draft. Weird year.

  39. schuemansky

    Dolphins and Eagles have probably SIX first rounders to offer for RW on draft day. Time to extend the list!

    • Ralphy

      I completely agree. It feels like there is something else coming. Where’s Rob? Cant wait to hear what he’s thinking!

      • dcd2

        He’s updated the article, in case you missed it.

        • Rob Staton

          The Panthers are where the intrigue lies now.

          Out of the QB race in the draft it seems, Deshaun Watson now unlikely.

          What are they going to do?

          Wilson isn’t extending his list either

          • Ralphy

            Thanks I hadn’t seen the update. Rob I disagree about him not extending his list. If they have a deal in place with a team that is willing to extend him with something astronomical and give him control, then I think he would reconsider, especially if its a place that he and his wife like.

            • Rob Staton

              Well I’m not voicing an opinion on the list. It’s been reported by two people close to the Wilson camp that he isn’t extending his list.

              • dcd2

                How much stock do we put in Dianna Russini’s “sources”?

                Apparently she said this:

                “He gave permission to his agent to allow four teams to be announced as possible trade locations,” McAfee said. “Dianna Russini said he’s open to other teams as well.”

                • Rob Staton

                  I suspect some believe that is the case

                • cha

                  McAfee in that same conversation was referring to the Russini interview Rob had in his livestream and I linked in the full interview in the comments. She didn’t say anything about Russ opening up his list in that segment.

                  So I’m not sure what McAfee was referring to.

  40. Gaux Hawks

    …Miami can turn Laremy Tunsil into Russell Wilson

  41. dcd2

    Cardinals looking pretty stupid right now.

    Everyone else in the division has already dumped their #1 picks and Zona look like they’re gonna get stuck with them.

    • Hawk Finn


  42. Jordan E

    Hey Rob, what are your thoughts on AB? From a football perspective it would be a huge addition to the team. He can play slot or wide and is great after the catch. Also gets along with Wilson.

    From a PR perspective, should things go negatively with AB it will be associated with Wilson… If Wilson is to be dealt it could be a win for PR perspective for JS & PC if AB misbehaves as one of WIlson’s guys.

    That said, I am a huge AB fan and think their wouldn’t be a problem.

  43. Trevor

    Watching Zach Wilson today my thought was the Jets have their QB of the future and the drop off between him and Lawrence is not nearly as big as I thought.

    • Rob Staton

      Wilson is superb.

      The first player I talked about at the start of the 2020 season. You could just tell he had something

      • Matt

        His Pro Day was absurd…and in all honesty, I’m with Chris Simms – I think he’s better than Trevor Lawrence. Everything Wilson does looks like what elite NFL QBs do – everything looks effortless and I don’t just mean throwing the ball. He sees the field so well.

        • Rob Staton

          Simms deserves credit for putting it out there. It’s a closer race than most think — he had the balls to say it

          • Trevor

            Based on what I have seen this year the Jets said I will give you #2 straight up for Russ I would make that deal. For me at least Zach on a rookie deal and without the drama is greater that Russ with he mega contract and drama.

            • IHeartTacoma

              And no need to buy new jerseys, at least for fans.

              Rookie QBs, what a crapshoot. It’ll be interesting to look back three years from now and see who’s best. I wouldn’t rule out Davis Mills or Mac Jones just yet. QBs that can process information quickly and throw accurately might serve a team better than scramblemania and chucking it. We’ll see.

              As a Seahawks fan I’d love it if SF is at #3 and the first two picks are Lawrence and Wilson. Womp womp.

            • Matt

              I think so highly of Zach Wilson – I’d be tempted to just go #2 straight up, if that was an option. The freed up cap space with a rookie QB, who I think can be really good (right away) on the right team…totally worth it, IMO.

              • IHeartTacoma

                Agree. Freed up cap space AND drama reduction.

                What if Jacksonville takes Wilson?!?

                • Matt

                  I don’t think it’ll happen because T-Law is from the region…but it wouldn’t shock me either. I’m in the minority but I think Wilson is clearly better.

                  I think T-Law is a stud, but I’m on the Wilson = Rodgers train.

      • Trevor

        I have been following him all season based on your early scouting. It is a shame he is going to the Jets. If they had a different owner they could have something special there with the young talent and draft capital but I am sure Johnson will somehow turn the whole thing toxic. Him and James Dolan the Knicks owner have killed the NYC sports market for years. I think we can safely say Sam Darnold is on the trading block.

        • dcd2

          At least Adam Gase won’t get his dirty mitts on him.

          Mike LaFleur is solid.

  44. Matt

    Well by all accounts Zach Wilson is gone by #2…so thank God. I think he’s the best QB in this class and will be one of the best in the NFL, in short time. That would have been absolutely devastating to see him on the 49ers.

    • Hawk Mock

      Actually, the Jets really want familiarity of Jimmy G and the chance to coach up Lance – trade #2 to Niners for #3 and Jimmy G. Niners get a Wilson too.

  45. John

    Rob, in terms of the rest of the league where do you think the Seahawks D-line ranks?

    • Mick

      Not Rob, but in NFC West we got the 4th D-line.

  46. Tomas

    I fear Mac Jones more than Lance, based on Jones’ seeming deadly accuracy. Granted, he had great protection, and receivers often wide – open, but nonetheless seems to throw nothing but PERFECT passes. And he’s smart. So, hoping the 49ers choose someone else.

  47. hawkfanforetenity

    If a raw, unproven rookie QB is worth trading 3 first round picks for, what does that say about Wilson’s worth?

    • Bigsteviej

      Don’t forget that the rookie comes with a relatively cheap five year contract.

    • Matty

      Bundles n bundles
      No wonder JS turned down the Bears offer

      • Rob Staton

        Apparently it was Pete who turned down the offer

        • God of Thunder

          Purely speculative by me: I believe they were in complete agreement regarding that offer!

          • Rob Staton

            Purely speculative by me — I do not agree

            • SoZ

              Why not Rob?

              • Rob Staton

                Because the report was a deal was presented to Carroll and he decided ‘no’.

                It wouldn’t have got to that stage if no palatable offer was presented to JS.

    • Eric

      I thought in the same thing.

    • Ed

      Not really 3, as they swap this year. Whereas Wilson trade, was 3 true firsts

    • pdway

      That was my first thought too. And for those 3 picks, you are not getting a can’t miss prospect – to the extent such a thing exists. You’re getting the 3rd best prospect.

      I’d thought in my minds-eye that the hit rate on QB’s picked in the top-5 was around 50/50 – – so decided to do a quick check over the past 10 years of drafts. Here’s what you get:

      2010: Sam Bradford – 1st overall
      2011: Cam Newton – 1st overall
      2012: Luck – 1st; RG3 – 2nd
      2013: no qb’s picked in top-5 (first off board was EJ Manuel at 16)
      2014: Blake Bortles – 3rd overall
      2015: Jameis – 1st overall; Mariota – 2nd
      2016: Goff – 1st overall; Wentz – 2nd
      2017: Trubisky – 2nd overall
      2018: Baker Mayfield – 1st; Darnold 2nd
      2019: Kyler Murray – 1st
      2020: Burrow 1st, Tua 5th

      I won’t count 2020, but if you look through those names and decide how many are *stars*, which lets define a star as someone worth 3 first round picks (b/c that appears to be table stakes here), how many meet that bar?

      For me, it’s no more than 3 (Cam, Luck, Kyler Murray) – so that’s 3 out of 13….or less that 25%. All of which is to say, when you think about rather having a rookie QB instead of RW (and I know, the salary) – it is more likely than not that you’re going to end up one of those teams out in the wilderness trying to find their QB.

      • God of Thunder

        Interesting, thanks. It’s a crapshoot!

  48. Rgsd858

    Al woods to Seahawks

  49. John_s

    Al Woods back with the Seahawks

    • dcd2

      That works. Probably a minimum deal and Al was solid for us. Good run-stuffer.

      Deadline approaching for Reed. Hope we can get something for him, but I don’t have high hopes.

  50. Ky Swift

    Al Woods is back.

  51. drrew76

    Cowherd had a segment today saying the recent Russ info is most likely Chicago trying to save face and take a little pressure off Pace — said it’s not Seattle, and likely not Russ.

  52. Rob Staton

    So it’s a cut for Jarran Reed

    Quick reminder of the people who were convinced they could get a R3 for him a few weeks ago. That was never on the cards.

    • Hawk Mock

      This is probably true about his value but what are your thoughts on your previous thoughts that they wouldn’t be moving him because they value his leadership so much and the fact that they made him a priority signing last year? Just weird chain of events and circumstance?

      • cha

        I was reasoning that way with Reed as much as anyone, and yes I’m very surprised to see what happened.

        My guess based on the facts is the Seahawks had Dunlap and Woods ready to sign on the dotted line and went to Reed and asked him to work with them, and he told them ‘extend me or go jump in a lake.’

        The Seahawks probably felt like Reed would have given them a little flexibility, seeing as they gave him a pretty nice contract after being suspended and having a washout season in 2019.

        Reed probably felt like he deserved a nice contract extension after closing the season very strong.

    • dcd2

      Man. Couldn’t even swap our 7th for someone’s 6th? Disappointing end to his run in Seattle.

      • Sea Mode

        Agree. Really disappointing. Will be interesting to hear why it came to this. Maybe his core injury last season gave him a sense of how quickly his time in the league could be done and so he decided to go all out for a long-term deal right now.

    • JLemere

      Pretty much shows that Reed got overpaid on his contract.

  53. Mexican Hawk

    Hope all is well Rob, you the man good Sir.

    Interesting clip from Saban:

    Nick Saban on adapting his philosophy 5+ years ago to outscore instead of his preferred, D + Run the Ball + Special Teams. A good mix between Saban and Pete’s philosophy adapted to the modern game is the way to go. RPO Waldron + Deep Pass in the Bucket Russ + Pete’s D, hopefully formula forward. I still think a trade is more likely than not closer to draft. I hope not. Russ is one in a generation talent/person.

    You can win with a competent QB on a rookie contract, but it’s so hard to hit. With Russ you are losing an all time QB. They were searching (if rumors are true) for the Josh Allen/Patrick Mahomes type (rookie deals).

    We’ll see what happens, our 2021 draft stockpile is non-existent and future still iffy, but have really liked off-season. Still Russ decision key to everything. I would much prefer to keep Russ, but see Jets as only option if he does not want to stay. They are disfunctional, Russ is opposite of that. Not sure if he would open up to big apple.

    • Matt

      Nick Saban’s most masterful coaching decision was putting aside his preferred method of winning in favor of what actually wins. I don’t think people understand how that impacted his tenure at Alabama. They would still be very good but would not win titles had he stuck to his old philosophy.

      Cough Pete Carroll cough…get a clue.

      • Big Mike

        That’s what good coaches do, adapt to their personnel and adapt to changes in the game. Pains me to say it, but Saban is clearly the GOAT of college football coaches.

        • TomLPDX

          I think Bear Bryant might have something to say about that. A good coach does adapt though, and Saban has let smarter minds control his offense.

          • Hawk Finn

            Doubtful. He passed years ago

    • Tomas

      Excellent post, Mexican Hawk.

  54. Eric

    Where the money are coming from??
    We made a Lot of moves…
    Maybe they extend RW contract ? Or they Will trade somebody for sure.

    • Seattle Person

      I have learned that with the cap, teams can make anything possible if they want. They hire plenty of smart people that do a lot of algorithms and crap to figure it out…I don’t nip pick about the cap anymore. This offseason has completely solidified that thought process for me…

  55. Gaux Hawks

    Does anyone else feel like Miami is a RW3 trade away from a championship? Check out their roster… add RW3 (and Adams) and they’re heading to the moon. Mega Trade Scenario:

    Miami: Wilson & Adams

    Seattle: RW3 for No. 6, No. 18, No. 36, 22R1, 23R1, and Jacoby Brissett

    • JD

      Cool scenario. Those ’22 and ’23 R1 picks might be the 49ers presumably too so it would be fun rooting against them for a higher draft pick which might be more likely with a rookie QB.

      • Gaux Hawks


    • God of Thunder

      What would we do with Jacoby Brissett? Start him for a year? Two?

  56. BruceN

    What a trade by the Niners. They paid a haul to move up. Two thoughts on that. Would love to hear what you guys think.

    1. This makes the offer by CH for RW (Pro bowl QB in his prime on a team friendly contract) pretty weak. This is a haul for the right to gamble on a future QB. Outside the tope 2 QB the rest are a crap shoot and with all their promise, they all have a but…
    2. Who is SF targeting? Most like Lance (I keep going back to what Rob said before, “I can’t recall a recent pro-day with so many balls hitting the turf.”). Can he change like Josh Allen? Otherwise he is very erratic in spite of all of his physical tools. And he barely played last year. So they have to keep JimmyG and give him a year to groom and develop. Josh Fields, not enough of a structure QB. Good in creating plays out of nothing (RW light?). Not a fit for 49ers’ system. I doubt they will pick him. Matt Jones, a perfect fit for the system but he has a lower upside than others. He is a very good executer of the offense, game manager. Not much improvisation if the play breaks down. Probably one of the most NFL ready QBs in the draft. But is he worth 3 x1 picks?
    Overall, 49ers have a stacked roster and could’ve gone for Darnold and that would scare me more than this move.

    • Big Mike

      My gut tells me they weren’t interested in Darnold.
      Why do I think they’ll shock everyone and take Mac Jones (like J said in a post above)?

      • Rob Staton

        It could easily be Mac Jones

        He is the best fit for what they do

        • TomLPDX

          Yeah, this is what I thought when I saw this. Jones is the better fit.

        • JimQ

          QB-Mac Jones(a JR), Alabama, (SEC), 6-025/217, (Note: 9-3/4“-hands)
          2020 Stats per
          311/402/77.4%/4500/11.2-ypa/41-TD’s/4-INT, 203.6 passer rating/on just 30.9 att/game.

          #1 in completion % with 77.4%, #2 was Z. Wilson with 73.5. (Note: T. Lawrence 69.2%, #9)
          #1 in passing yards with 4500, #2 was Trask with 4283 (Note: T. Lawrence 3153, (#8)
          #1 in yards per attempt with 11.2, #3 was Z. Wilson with 11.0 (Note: T. Lawrence 9.4, #11)
          #1 in QB rating with 203.6, #2 was Z. Wilson with 196.43 (Note: T. Lawrence 169.18 (#12)
          #2 in passing TD’s with 41, #1 was Trask with 43 (Note: T. Lawrence 24, #12)

          For comparison purposes: Mac Jones beats the other top QB’s in 4 of 5 categories & RW in EVERY category (see below), AND: Jones has 4“ in height over RW to boot!!!!

          Russell Wilson(a 5-th year SR), Wisconsin(BIG-10), 5-10-5/8“/210
          2011 Stats: 225/309/72.8%(#3)/3175(#28)-yds./10.3-YPA(#2), 33-TD’s(#8) 4-INT, 191.78 QB rating (#1)

          • IHeartTacoma

            Alabama QBs are playing with a stacked deck. The NFL won’t be like that.

        • BruceN

          True. But did they need to give up a haul to get to the #3 slot for him? That’s why I’m not sure between Lance or Jones.

          • Rob Staton

            Well let’s put it this way

            People have been saying for weeks that Jones’ floor is #8 to Carolina. Rightly or wrongly.

            If you’re moving up you might as well move up to the spot you’re guaranteed to get him.

            • BruceN

              I guess that’s true. If they traded into #7 or #6, CAR could still leap frog them if they wanted Jones bad enough.

              Do you see Mac Jones as a franchise QB, more than a very good game executer/distributor?

              • Nem Beselek

                Mac Jones = Alex Smith

            • Sea Mode

              There’s also this:

              Adam Schefter

              49ers have been attempting to move into top five picks for several weeks now, per sources. They discussed trading up with Dolphins at 3, Falcons at 4, Bengals at 5 and ultimately decided to go as high as they could, per sources. There were no trade-up talks with the Jets at 2.

              • BruceN

                Thanks. Interesting. I’m shocked a team like CIN or Falcons didn’t go for this. CIN could’ve surrounded Burrow with more talent with all the picks. But I guess that’s why they are the Bungles. Also, like Rob said, going to #3 guarantees them to get their man. Got to give Lynch and Shanny credit for having a plan and executing it.

                • God of Thunder

                  Sure I agree, but we don’t know what SF offered Cincinnati… it could’ve been less. Much less.

      • BruceN

        You’re right, they weren’t or they could have had him for much less. I thought someone on the blog said earlier FWIW Kiper would’ve rated him #2 QB in this draft. Mac Jones makes more sense but they didn’t need to give up
        a haul to get to the #3 slot to get him. Or I thought.

      • J

        As I said below, you don’t give up that much for a developmental QB who might hit the field in 2022.

        Lance and Fields are really talented but as Rob said above more Jordan Love than Josh Allen. If either starts for SF game one they are looking at a top 5 pick next year. Sent to Miami of course.

        My money is on Mac Jones. Fits their team well. And the media doesn’t like him but it sounds like the actual NFL loves his game.

    • Scot04

      A team that’s good at building for now and the future. They have 8 picks in 2021 still. Obviously one on a rookie QB, They still have Garoppolo so they have their QB for the future and now, plus 7 additional picks after taking their QB at 3. Great planning as usual. Their Defense will be healthy and strong again. The picks they traded will likely be low 1sts.
      We have 3 picks, tons of holes that remain open. Add in our many 1 year deals and expiring contracts; it doesn’t look like a great plan for future and present.
      Too me it also highlights how bad that Adams trade was, and how obvious it should be we need to trade him.
      Two very opposite approaches to roster building. I’ll take the 49rs way. PC just lucky he has Russell to make up the difference.

      • BruceN

        You’re right. They definitely traded from a position of strength. Their roster is pretty good with a young core plus they had a good off season and still have plenty of picks. And if they get set on a QB they will be a major headache for a while.

        • TomLPDX

          Their roster is a lot better than you give them credit. With a top-notch QB they will be in position A for the NFCW

          • BruceN

            Sorry I wasn’t clear. I was actually giving them credit for their roster. They have a very good young core with depth. They went 6-10 with no QB and half their roster on IR last year in a tough division.

            • Sea Mode

              Yeah, I think they know they probably won’t be picking again in the top 15 barring another rash of bad injury luck. So if they wanted a top QB in the draft, this might have been their last chance to go for it.

              • BruceN

                As a side note, their fans are praying for us to trade Wilson (or Shorty or Hobbit or magician as they call him).

            • TomLPDX

              I reread your comment and you are right. Sorry bro. I am really impressed with how Lynch and Shanahan are running the 49ers.

              • Big Mike

                I am too you guys. Plus they run an actual 21st century offense. Can you imagine?

              • BruceN

                No worries. All good.

                Yes, I think they have done a good job of building their roster. They stunk for a good stretch but they used it to build a solid young core, unlike teams like CIN or CLE (who has taken them 10-15 years to become relevant again). I’m hoping they don’t get their franchise QB.

      • Brett

        Maybe they are geniuses? Then again, maybe drafting in & around the top-10 repeatedly b/c your team is bad has something to do with talent accumulation. Niner’s last 5 native 1st round picks were 13-2-9-3-7.

    • SeattleLifer

      Exactly what I was thinking with your 1st point. Chicago’s offer was flat out piss poor – especially when the players involved were guys they released and tried to trade. Wilson should command an absolute treasure trove in a trade.

      • BruceN

        Agree 100%. I’m surprised none of the TV pundits see thru the fact that CHI was dumping/packaging older expensive veterans, soon to be cut or renegotiated.

        • Benjamin Davis

          So many people and around the League want to see this trade happen. Its buzz like noone has ever seen. So of course they won’t worry about 3 1st picks being low ball offer for a franchise QB in his prime, when really he’s worth 5 or 6 1st’s.

          • BruceN

            True. You can’t turn any channel on and not having this as the main topic. Day time soap opera in the sport world.

        • dcd2

          Pat McAfee was saying how great CHI’s offer was. He literally was going on about how good Fuller and Hicks were, when Fuller had already been released and Hicks was being shopped to the whole league.

          • BruceN

            He’s fun to watch. Not right most of the time but fun to watch.

            No argument Fuller and Hicks are good. But they are old and get paid very well. Sort of CHI’s version of Wagner. Why would we take on 2 more Wagner type contracts? No one outside of SEA is asking that question.

  57. Blitzy the Clown

    Having watched both Lance’s and Jones’ pro days I will say that if the 49ers are targeting Lance, I’m going to lose respect for that FO. I could understand using pick 12 on Lance, but trading up to 3 to take him, with how much that cost, I can’t understand that.

  58. Denver Hawker

    Could be catastrophically wrong here, but the 9ners trading up to draft Lance feels awfully similar to Trubisky. As a Hawks fan, I hope I’m right.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m starting to believe the chatter it’s Mac Jones they want

      • TomLPDX

        Just makes too much sense.

      • Denver Hawker

        I like his accuracy and he certainly fits that offense. But he looks like a game manager and had NFL talent all around him. Seems like an overpay you me, but I’m sure they won’t care about that 2023 R1 when he’s throwing in the NFC championship.

        • Roy Batty

          If he liked playing with NFL talent all around him while in college, he’s really gone love playing with NFL talent in the NFL.

          • Denver Hawker

            Less so when the defense he’s playing does too.

  59. Benjamin Davis

    Spoke with two San Francisco die hards, they think the 9ers are moving up for Fields. I mean, who really knows, but still interesting.

  60. Robert Las Vegas

    I was just thinking nobody has a number I draft pick in the NFC West except the Cardinals and next year as well as of today.the 49ers gave up way too much .

    • Scot04

      I’d rather have the number 3 pick than Jamal Adams.
      Plus if you look at trade value charts the trade for pick 3 was not a huge over pay. Especially if both future #1s are late

  61. schwefelfell

    49ers really gave up more for moving up nine spots in the draft than what the bears offered for RW3 (excluding the two „starter-quality“ players no one wanted to have). They gave up 3 first-rounders and theirs (#12) is higher than the bears pick (#20) offered for Wilson

    • BobbyK

      It’s unbelievable, really. Bears would have gotten a star QB and salary cap relief (they aren’t actually paying the full RW salary), while all the 49ers are getting is a lottery ticket. While that lottery ticket will be on a rookie contract, that rookie also has Mitchell Trubinsky potential. There’s no guarantees he’ll be good. The Bears are fools for only offering what they did for a superstar QB.

      • SeattleLifer

        You’re being kind. I’d call them scrubs for wasting our time with all and scoundrels for thinking they could try and swindle John that badly.

        I still have absolutely no idea why Pete and John would take 24 hours to mull that offer over unless they really really want Russ gone and it scares me to think that if they thought that hard and long about THAT offer – then what other slightly better but still lame offer might they actually take from another team?

    • MB

      Just a small point, but don’t double-count the draft pick. They gave up two firsts and a third to move up 9 spots.

  62. Jordan

    Amazing point re: who the 49ers may be targeting as it relates to Pro Days conducted or to be conducted.

    Hadn’t even thought of that.

    Even though, personally, Fields is my QB1 in this draft.

  63. J

    You wouldn’t make that deal and trade up for a QB who is going to sit on the bench for a year or possibly two. Fields and Lance are really talented but just not NFL ready. They are more Jordan Love than Josh Allen.

    You start either of them game one and Miami is looking at a top five pick next year.

    The only way you make that deal is for a day one starter at QB. I think they really believe in Mac Jones and he is their guy. Rightly or wrongly.

    • BobbyK

      I wouldn’t take Fields at 56.

    • Big Mike

      I don’t think they start him day 1 but once Jimmy suffers his usual injury, he’ll be in for good. We shall see though.

  64. Tomas

    Was Rob drinking a can of Coors light, or was that silver can something else? So many good beers in England to choose from. Another thoroughly enjoyable podcast in any event.

    • Rob Staton

      Diet Coke!

      Been drinking some Cornish Pale Ale’s this week which were nice.

      • Big Mike

        And no doubt about 10 Xs better than freaking Coors Light. But that’s a serious low bar so…….

        • Big Mike

          I had a Space Dust IPA by Elysian (out of Seattle) last evening with dinner. One of my favorite drafts.

          • cha

            I really enjoy Space Dust

            • RugbyLock

              I’m a big Lagunitas fan myself. Got some Sierra Nevada hazy little thing right now which is quite good. Really like the hazys.

      • Tomas

        Good man!

  65. Sea Mode

    “Dallas has certainly always been on my list of ‘dream teams,”’ Wright tells “With coach Dan Quinn there, and with other aspects of that team and that defense, I do think it’s one of the teams I fit in with.”

    “I haven’t made any decisions yet,” Wright tells us. “But it’s a big one – and I’m looking forward to the future.”

    • BruceN

      At this point any team that signs him to a good contract has been on his list of dream teams.

  66. Rob Staton

    Not sure if it was posted earlier but here’s the latest ESPN Get Up piece on Wilson, which includes the Darnold/Wilson proposal:

    My thoughts at the moment are — who exactly is going after Sam Darnold? Because the only potential suitors now are: Carolina (can’t see it), Pittsburgh (can’t see it), New Orleans (can’t see it), Washington (can’t see it) and Denver (maybe).

    So I’m not even sure it’ll take a R2 any more. In fact the Jets are probably in a mode now where they’ve got to try and get what they can.

    If the Bears produce three R1’s, a third and Darnold — that might convince Pete to make a deal. Not saying I think it’s great, just saying what I think Pete might think.

    • Rob4q

      I wonder if NYJ would take Dalton on as a bridge QB as part of the deal? And I haven’t heard anything on it for a while, but I know the NYJ want out from under the Mosley contract, so if the Bears were willing to take that on, they could probably get Darnold pretty cheap. This is going to be an interesting time leading up to the draft isn’t it?!?

      • McZ

        Chicago! Dalton was a security move.

    • drrew76

      Cowherd, who you’ve mentioned as being plugged into Seattle/Wilson in the past, did a segment this morning saying the recent Wilson talk is most likely coming out of Chicago.

      • Rob Staton

        Well in fairness — he made it clear that’s what he’s guessing not what he ‘knew’.

    • Sea Mode

      Maybe. I just don’t think Sam Darnold and a few late R1 picks gets anyone excited for what could be. Right or wrong, they just admitted to being frustrated by always picking late and so they decided to trade them away cause they felt they were never able to get a shot at any “elite” talent like Jamal Adams.

      For me, they would need to offer two R2’s and a player on top of that.

      It did, however, cross my mind that if they are pretty intent on trading Russ, it would make sense to wait until after FA. Otherwise any player you try to sign or extend is going to up their ask immediately, knowing how much cap space you have in 2022 and beyond to play with.

      It’s just like when Neymar left Barcelona. Every team knew we had 222m euros to spend and doubled their asking prices.

      • dcd2

        My excitement at the prospect of Darnold and a bunch of late 1’s for RW, is rivaled only by my excitement for a lettuce-only salad with no dressing.

        • Scot04

          If Wilson truly Wants out and you can get picks 20&52, 2022 1st, 2023 1st and Darnold.
          Jets get Chicago’s 2021 3rd.
          I definitely think PC would be having an itchy trigger finger.

        • SeattleLifer

          Lol! And i could’nt agree more. If i were to look at this as an outsider i’d look up Wilson’s career stats/records, his injury history, his character and work ethic and his age, add it all up and a trade would have to be groundbreakingly huge to make a transaction. Three late first round picks just about immediately disqualifies any trade for me unless good rookie contract talent in areas of need are included(as in at least two players). Perhaps throwing Darnold in takes the place of one of the two players but still this would need to be an unprecedented haul. Like three 1st rounders, a 2nd rounder, a 3rd rounder, Darnold, and a quality rookie with at least two years left on his contract.

  67. Sea Mode

    I like the mutual respect. (Trev still going #1 though)

    • Rob Staton

      Trevor’s an absolute class act

    • dcd2

      Holy crap, what a throw!

  68. Sea Mode

    Adam Schefter

    Sammy Watkins to the Ravens – 1 year 6mil (5mil fully guaranteed), per source.

    • Gary

      Always the damn Ravens!

  69. BobbyK

    If Pete gets Darnold, a 1 and 3 this year and a 1 in ’22 and another in ’23… I wonder who Pete will trade for? They’ll probably use #20 on a player who isn’t good enough to pick up his 5th year option and then they’ll probably offer a couple future No. 1 picks for a great player at an unimportant position, maybe SAM, and then think they’re ready to comPete for a Super Bowl this year. They’ll finish 11-5 and think “they’re close” even though they lose 40-3 in the Wild Card.

  70. Tomas

    … of which Coors is not one, though I’ve enjoyed more than a few on occasion.

    • Tomas

      Posted wrong place, apologies.

      • God of Thunder

        How many Coors have you had? 😜

  71. Blitzy the Clown

    Been watching Penn State defense tape and thinking about Oweh and his pro day. His insane athleticism is apparent on the field, even if he often looks a bit lost. Practice and coaching solves that. What’s left is a hyper athletic, prototypically sized DE/LEO who looks pretty hungry. He definitely doesn’t play soft.

    What a draft to still have your native round one pick. You could probably even do your typical trade down, pick up that extra third, and still take Oweh.


  72. TomLPDX

    Is it just me or does anyone else really not care about what we did with Reed and let him go to FA? I never liked him, and after his “antics” the past few years liked him less. Good riddance.

    • Sea Mode

      You never liked him? Why exactly? I find it hard to believe you didn’t like him when he was sacking the QB 10.5 times in 2018…

      What “antics”? You mean off the field allegations he was never charged nor arrested for?

      I do care, because he had shown to be both solid vs. the run as well as offering something for the pass rush from the inside when paired with talent rushing the outside. 6.5 sacks and 14 QB hits from a DT this past season is not bad. (Al Woods, for comparison, has 5.5 sacks and 12 QB hits… in his entire 10-year career so far…) Now we have to try and replace that production.

      But I don’t blame the Hawks for moving on if his contract demands were over the top. I just wish they could have gotten at least a day 3 pick for him instead of letting him walk for nothing. (and eating a $5m dead cap hit for their trouble…)

      • TomLPDX

        I never liked him because I always saw him as someone who remains the problem with society. I don’t expect you to understand where I’m coming from nor do I expect you to agree with me. I’m just telling you how I feel. Is his ability to be a good FB player more important than being a good person? Probably not, but once I saw he was being let go I was ambivalent to it, just like he is to women in our society. Go ahead, SDB, rip into me on that one.

  73. Sea Mode

    Would Mac Jones really be that much of an upgrade over Jimmy G though?

    Maybe they figure that even if it ends up being more or less a like-for-like, at least Jones will be $20m cheaper for the next four years and they can still recoup some draft capital by trading Jimmy G either now or next year.

    • Rob Staton

      Would Mac Jones really be that much of an upgrade over Jimmy G though?

      Would Fields or Lance?

      This is all about fit

      • Sea Mode

        My question wasn’t pitting Jones against Fields or Lance as a fit for Shanahan, it was Jones vs. Jimmy G.

        Is Jimmy G. not a “fit”?

        • Rob Staton

          He is… but he’s also been a great fit on injured reserve

          • God of Thunder

            Don’t quote me but SF are something like 27-9 (?) with Jimmy G and something appalling when he’s not playing.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I like Jones. He doesn’t really stand out in any one way, but he’s solid overall. And he doesn’t make many mistakes. He plays like the game comes at him slow. You know, in a good way. As compared to Fields, who’s arguably one of the most athletic QB prospects I’ve seen, with a nice arm too, but the game just seems to come at him too fast.

      Anyway, I was buying into the rumors that Carolina wants him at 8. Makes sense to me. Pair him with McCaffrey and Anderson and I think you have a nice offensive triad. But I have no problem understanding why Shanahan likes him and moved up to take him.

      It’s a gamble for sure because you just never know. But one thing’s for sure, Jimmy G ain’t the man, and he never will be. So why not roll the dice on Jones?

  74. Rob Staton

    I’ve written a new mock given the dramatic news today

    Will publish it tomorrow

    It’s very different to my last one… not just because of the trades

    Also unlike any other you’ll see

    • Sea Mode

      #notimetosleep (is that a bit, uh, out of favor right now…?)

      Good night!

    • RWIII

      Really looking forward to your mock draft tomorrow.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I’ve got a hankering there is something big cooking in the PC/JS kitchen.. stay tuned!

    • God of Thunder

      Looking forward to it, thank you

    • Robbie

      Rob is a savage!!!!! I sure appreciate all the effort man. As I know many of others do as well.

  75. KennyBadger

    Can we please have a discussion about al woods coming back with a year of rest?! We don’t actually but I kind of like the reshuffling of that unit – still needs improvement, no doubt.

    • BruceN

      I’m not surprised they signed a DT to replace Reed for depth and he was very good with us two years ago. I’m surprised that is for $3M and a $750K sign on bonus. I thought it would be much lower. He played well for us a couple of years ago but opted out last year and is 34 years old so I’m not sure in what shape he is in. He missed 4 games due to PED at the end of his time with us. Did we outbid ourselves?

      • Gary

        Don’t we always?

    • Sea Mode

      He’s ok as a run stuffer, but doesn’t offer much at all in the pass rush department.

      Is Geno Atkins healthy after tearing his labrum last season? He turns 33 this weekend.

      The pandemic season marked the first time since 2013 that he missed a single game. Ergo, outside of 2020, Atkins is durable.

      And when’s healthy, he’s a monster. From 2013 to 2019, only Aaron Donald has more sacks as a defensive tackle than Atkins.

      That, to me, might be worth a shot. Maybe Dunlap could talk him into riding it out together in Seattle.

      • Cortez Kennedy

        Atkins was a monster in his prime. Absolutely no idea what he is now, but I would be all for taking him on.

        • BobbyK

          Would make a lot more sense than Al Woods. He’s old and I worry about guys who had played well while on PEDs. I’d be much more okay with this band-aid had Woods not been suspended for taking something he can’t take anymore to help his performance.

  76. Sea Mode

    George Kittle
    · 7h

    Replying to @AdamSchefter

    Oh wow

    Patrick Mahomes II
    Seriously tho 😂😂

    George Kittle

    I just work there I don’t know what’s going on 😂

  77. Sea Mode

    Reese’s Senior Bowl

    Pro Day Results @GoJacksFB

    Cade Johnson
    HT: 5105
    WT: 184
    Hand: 9 1/2
    Arm: 29 1/4
    Wing: 71
    40yd: 4.49 (NFL Scout⏱)
    VJ: 35.0
    BJ: 9’6
    BP: 11x

    • Julian Langdon

      One of my guys, but slightly disappointing 40 considering how many ridiculous times we’ve been seeing? Also no agility testing, this tells me he might have been carrying an injury? Considering he’s also from a small school; probably drops into Day 3 my guess.

  78. Sea Mode

    Kam 2.0

    We need more picks!!

    Reese’s Senior Bowl

    Pro Day Results

    Divine Deablo
    Wing:77 7/8
    40:4.42/4.45👀NFL Scout⏱

    • TomLPDX

      I’d draft him just for the name! 🙂

  79. Paul Cook

    Some really interesting stuff going down recently. The NFL. They know how to do it.

    On a lighter note…my partner and I finally vaccinated today. After our second dose, we will be full-bodied-condomed on Cinco-de-Mayo day for some partying.

    Now back to football.

  80. TheOtherJordan

    So it’s now highly likely QB’s go 1, 2, 3. The Dolphins are then for sure going to get one of Chase, Sewell, or Pitts at 6. Seems like the Dolphins really need an athletic, blitzing safety for their defense!!!!!! They could trade #18 and change for Jamal Adams and walk from this draft with Pitts at #6, Adams, and a WR at 36 OR Chase at #6, Adams, and Freiermuth at #36. Either scenario would be a heck of a haul.

    • charlietheunicorn

      They (talking heads) were also trying to talk up 4 QB in the first 4 picks…. that would be ludicrous.

      • BobbyK

        QBs went 1-2-3 in 1999 and five QBs were taken in the top 12. Could happen again. That being said, there are two teams in the NFL.

        There are teams looking for a franchise QB and teams who have them. Makes it all the more maddening that Pete is hell bent on alienating his.

        The 49ers desperately want what the Seahawks have (QB) and we’ve seen what they’re willing to give up for that. Are they going to get Tim Couch, Akili Smith, or Cade McNown? Or are the going to get Donovan McNabb or Daunte Culpepper? That 1999 draft just shows how unpredictable getting a franchise QB can be. And hard.

        Blake Bortles went 3rd overall in ’14. Winston/Mariota went 1-2 in ’15. Goff/Wentz went 1-2 in ’16. Trubisky went 2 in ’17. Josh Rosen went 10th in ’18.

        Sure, Josh Allen went 7th, Mahomes went 10th, Watson 12th in their drafts… but the misses far outweigh the hits when it comes to QB. If the Seahawks really want to do this… trade their franchise QB… they sure as heck better have a decent replacement guaranteed.

        • DJ Half Way (Sea/PDX)

          Very true. The post is right on. I Cannot disagree with any of the details. For sport, I will disagree with the foundational premise.

          There are two type of QBs in the league. Ones that are making too much money for the team to win, and those that are not making too much money for the team to win. By taking a chance on a rookie or a retread on a rookie deal, the team is not spending too much money on a QB. What is the percent? 15 or 18% of the cap or there abouts. Russ, bless him, honor him and love him, is making too much to win the Superbowl based on history and math. Mills or Mond or Gardener “throw it over the mountain” Minshew II are not making too much money.

        • charlietheunicorn

          1999 Draft

          1. Cleveland Browns. Tim Couch, QB. Kentucky. Tim Couch. QB.
          2. Philadelphia Eagles. Donovan McNabb, QB. Syracuse. Donovan McNabb. QB.
          3. Cincinnati Bengals. Akili Smith, QB. Oregon. Akili Smith. QB.

          Look at 2 out of 3 were bums……. and then there is a HoFer

          4. Indianapolis Colts. Edgerrin James, RB. Miami. Edgerrin James. RB.

          Talk about missing the mark…. in evaluating these guys. McNabb was good, turned the Eagles into a winner after years of ineptitude. I had thought Smith would be better at the time, but he never did pan out.

        • Denver Hawker

          I don’t know if it’s more to do with chasing that franchise QB or that rookie contract QB. Outside Brady, franchise QBs haven’t won much. Lately, it’s more about a rookie contract QB who is good enough to get you there along with a top 10 defense.

  81. charlietheunicorn

    Mr Handsome Man is sticking around 1 more season, grooming (pun intended) the heir apparent to the 49ers throne. Trey would be a nice fit and a massive upgrade from everyone they have had the prior 10 years. Raw moldable talent….. scary if they hit with the #3 pick.

  82. charlietheunicorn

    Are there any quality QB prospects that might be mid round picks?

    All the big names get all the press, but I’m interested in a few of the lesser known guys any of you any got googly eyes for leading into the draft.

  83. Scot04

    The more I think about it, the more possible I think a Wilson trade could be.
    Yes, still unlikely because a QB would need to be included. However; If Darnold’s value becomes a 3rd, that changes things to me.
    Chicago sends 3rd to Jets for Darnold.
    Then Chicago offers picks 20&52, 2022 1st, 2023 1st, and Darnold then I could actually see Pete saying yes.
    Depends how much Chicago wants Russ. That’s 3 1sts, a 2nd, & the 3rd used to get Darnold.
    Chicago already offered 3 1sts, a 3rd, and 2 players. Only difference is your adding a 2nd and giving 1 less player.
    Not saying it’s enough or perfect, but started to seem more realistic each time I run it through my head. Obviously I’d want their 2024 1st too, but unsure if Chicago would need it to get it done with PC.

  84. Sea Mode


    jarran reed

    Replying to @Seahawks

    When I say this is a tough one I mean it 4ever grateful 🤞💙

  85. schuemansky

    Watson out of the equation for now.
    The top-3 QBs in the draft gone by pick 3.
    Miami and Philly having 6 round 1 picks form 2021 to 2024.

    Everything is lining up nicely for PCJS to get a great haul for RW and/or Adams.

    My guess is that RW gets traded to the Panthers.

    What should the compensation be?

    • Mick

      I wouldn’t do it. You get Bridgewater and a whole bunch of picks, none good enough to draft a better QB this year. With Bridgewater we probably we don’t even make playoffs, much to the joy of Jets.

      Adams is a totally different story. I hope Miami calls to ask about him, they have enough to offer.

  86. Sea Mode

    Chris Simms

    49ers-Dolphins…Kyle Shanahan trying to control his own fate. You trade up to 3 for a QB who is NFL-ready right now, not a project. And to me that says Mac Jones.

    • Henry Taylor

      My counter to this is that they’re seemingly holding on to Jimmy G for at least this year, so unless that’s just media games to drive up his price, I think it’ll be Lance with the intention of letting him develop for a year (or until Garoppolo gets hurt).

      • Rob Staton

        Well, it’s not necessarily the case that they want to just throw the rookie in there even if it’s someone like Mac Jones. If it’s Jimmy G for one more year as security while the rookie learns the playbook, that’s not a bad plan.

  87. Sea Mode

    Field level view of Zach Wilson throw:

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