Watch: An interview with Tony Pauline

Today I hosted a live stream with the #1 draft insider in the business, Tony Pauline. You can watch our conversation below.

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  1. Rob Staton

    Gym’s re-opened in the UK this week. I had a session with my trainer today.

    I asked him if he’d heard of Joel Seedman… he smiled and said he had.

    I showed him the Chris Carson video and he asked me if he was leaving the NFL to join Cirque du Soleil.

    He then spent 20 minutes explaining how utterly stupid Steedman’s methods are. He says the big ‘fad’ around the fitness world right now is core work but the techniques people are using are ridiculous and just for show or to be ‘different’ and the risks are insane.

    Every workout comes with a cost but not every work out comes with a benefit.

    As I’ve been saying, they need to get Carson away from Seedman immediately.

    • GerryG

      I sure hope the social media account person at the Hawks is just an idiot, and not in the training room

    • Mick

      Wondering how someone who’s a professional athlete making millions doesn’t pick a pro trainer instead of a bad joke. You’re not a movie star trying to be trendy, if you get a training injury your career is over.

    • KD

      What happened to good ‘ol fashioned crunches?

      • Rob Staton

        I guess they don’t look good on Instagram and twitter…

        • Roy Batty

          You ever watch someone doing crunches?


          Now, show me someone balancing on one hand while juggling chainsaws with the other and I’m grabbing the popcorn. Kind of the same way a lot of people watch NASCAR, patiently waiting for the inevitable accident to happen.

    • BobbyK

      Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ryan

      Saw the video on Twitter before you even mentioned it here. Instantly tweeted back, #FakeWorkout. Seedman himself tweeted back at me that it wasn’t so and I should educate myself by reading an article about these “chaos pushups” and “anti-chaos pushups.” The article was written by him on his own website lol.

      I get the concept; it’s essentially just the old free weights vs. machine argument. But you could do this same thing without the needless risk.

      And it’s the same with Tua’s stupid juggling routine on a balance board, Jameis dodging a heavy bag and everything else. Personal trainers coming up with nonsense to get clients and make things look impressive.

    • Mac

      As a former trainer, I cringe when I see trainers put their clients through exercises that carry a higher risk of injury than benefit. The most dangerous exercise I had clients go through were medicine ball push-ups(push-ups with each hand and foot on a different medicine ball) and heavy negative box squats supersets with box jumps. Granted the medicine ball is only 12 inches off the ground, the box jumps were not going for maximum height and you can always sub it for a long jump. There are great ways to get more explosiveness out of athletes without injuring them.

      If I were Chris Carson’s trainer, I would have him focus on stability both in his legs and his core. Strength coaches focus too much on power/explosiveness and not enough on longevity/stability and muscular deficiencies that can cause injury.

    • Danny P

      I was a personal trainer for about 9 years. Most trainers are crap. Stuff like that video, where its having someone do something that’s aesthetically pleasing for the sake of it, is ridiculous.

      Most big time collegiate programs are centered around Olympic lifting. Because that’s pretty much perfect for a football player, and also pretty much the opposite of what this dude is doin. Chris should know better. Snake oil.

      • Rob Staton

        You are completely right

  2. TheOtherJordan

    Maybe this was discussed already but why would the 49ers including coach, GM, and QB coach go to Fields workout if the pick is locked in and it’s someone else? I don’t get it because I can’t believe you’d give up two firsts unless you knew who you’d take at #3. I wouldn’t think you’re creating a smoke screen because Wilson and Lawrence are going 1 and 2. You’re not going to trade out of #3 after just acquiring it. Doing your due diligence seems like a pretty weak explanation. Could Fields really be the pick at #3?

    • MorePicks

      My guess is those reports about Shanahan wanting Jones and Lynch and his scouts wanting Fields are real.

      • TheOtherJordan

        Don’t you find that insane though? How do the coach and GM not agree on who they want before they give up 3 first rounders and a third?

        • Spectator

          Because they knew they wanted one of them (add in Lance, as he is having a second pro day that the niners will be attending too). They felt comfortable enough to trade up knowing that they were going to take 1 of the 3, and didnt want to risk losing out on the ability to trade to 3. I wouldnt be surprised if Miami told them that there was bidding war for the 3 and gave them a deadline, and so the niners jumped on it before some other team could. Or they wanted to before the pro days because they were expecting teams to have interest to move up. It was a preemptive strike.

          • Bigsteviej

            @Spectator — According the a couple of the 49ers beat writers, this is likely the case. Put another way, they knew that they’d be happy with at least ONE of the three (Fields, Lance, Jones), and by trading up to #3 they assured themselves the pick of the litter.

            A more speculative theory is that they didn’t want to tip off the Jets that they really want Fields. Given that the Jets’ coaches are recent ex-49ers coaches, the theory goes that those Jet coaches might think, “Hmm. If Kyle is willing to give up that much for Fields, well, maybe we should take another close look at him”. Note that the Jets coaches, even tho’ they’re said to be locked in on Zack Wilson, attended Fields’ pro-day yesterday.

            • Spectator

              I know the consensus is that Wilson is better than Fields and most here, including Rob, see Fields as being number 5 out of the top 5, but I cant help but feel Fields is arguably 2. After Rob posted the video of the QB School guy discussing the QB (the satire one) I watched all his break downs of the top QBs. To me it seemed extremely clear that Fields was the second best player. Then I watched the Pat Mcafree show where he was talking to Mark Sanchez. Sanchez referenced this sports IQ aptitude test that is given to professional athletes to test pattern recognition, information retention, etc. He referenced Mahomes and Josh Allen taking the test. He said Fields scored a perfect 130 on the test, the highest score ever for a professional athlete. Mahomes and Allen both scored 108. I looked into the test a bit and apparently the seahawks are subscribers to it and it was a main driver in them picking DK.
              All to say, I think the narrative on Fields in the media is different than in clubhouses, and I made some bets (just with friends) that Fields goes top 3. Saw at his second pro day he even switched his lead leg from his normal lead leg to match what Shannahan teaches his QBs. Either the Niners asked him to do this, or Fields did it on his own.

              • Rob Staton

                Now let’s talk about the somewhat ghastly throwing technique, the much poorer processing ability, the ‘WTF’ moments on tape or the times he turns down straight forward reads to scramble. Let’s talk about how he plays when there’s pressure compared to the other QB’s.

                • Spectator

                  By no means am I negating those. I am no where near a scout or have the eye that you do, was more so bringing it up for alternative perspectives. I was strictly going based off those QB School break downs from JT OSullivan (went back and looked for his name) he showed many instances of Wilson doing those exact same things. The WTF moments, missing open receivers, scrabbling with WO receivers and straight forward reads missed. Maybe he was cherry picking Wilson’s worst moments and not including all of Fields worst moments. I have no idea, I was just saying based off that series of videos to an untrained bloke like myself, Fields looked second best, followed by Mond and then Wilson.

                  The other comment was based on the sports IQ test he took to. Test like that could mean absolutely nothing in reality. But i found it very interesting that the Seahawks subscribe to it and even gave the author of the article I read permission to name DK and the Seahawks as using the test and finding it valuable, and stating it was a key reason they took DK.

                  • MorePicks

                    I watched a single game of Fields and it was the one against Trevor. Fields impressed the heck out of me! Gut feeling he ends up the best QB of the class.

    • Rob Staton

      Well why wouldn’t you arm yourself with all the information you can gather before the draft?

    • drrew76

      What if Jones get injured in the next couple weeks or something negative comes out.

      Who could have seen the Deshaun stuff 12 months ago?

      Not trying to insinuate anything about Jones, just saying the 49ers should be equipping themselves with the most information available, and that should include closely studying Fields and Lance even if Jones is their primary focus.

  3. swedenhawk

    Rob, Any plans to talk with Tony about Ian Book? He’s been getting a bit of buzz on the Draft Analyst pod.

    • Rob Staton

      I will ask about QB’s

  4. Belfasthawk

    Seahawks sign Aldon Smith

    • TomLPDX


      • Rob Staton

        I just wish they’d been this pro-active on the pass rush a year ago!

        Why does it take a titanic gaffe to learn a lesson?

        • Comfect

          Honestly, after the last few years, I’m just glad they CAN learn a lesson.

          • TomLPDX


        • BobbyK

          No doubt!

        • cha

          Why does it take a titanic gaffe to learn a lesson?

          When I see Neal and/or Blair blitzing 10x a game for $600,000 a year I’ll concede they’ve learned from their gaffes.

          • Big Mike

            Don’t hold your breath man

        • Lewis


    • Mick

      Man I hope Taylor will play this year, the move doesn’t sound like that.

      • JJ


        I know you will be talking about 2021 draft with Pauline, but it would be interesting to see what he heard about Taylor before last years draft.

        • Rob Staton

          I will discuss this

      • J

        After last year I think you have to plan on getting nothing from Taylor this year. Even if he looks healthy. Anything he gives us is a bonus. I also wonder if we move him to SAM.

    • Gohawks5151

      After the report yesterday of 50 pressures, ESPN saying he had 33 pressures, 48 tackles and 5 TFLs. That sounds more accurate. Not bad for being on the shelf for 3 years. Could have a real impact this year

    • HawkFanGA

      Solid move by the Hawks!

    • Denver Hawker

      This is great news!

      He played 800 snaps last year according to the ESPN article- which is totally nuts. Hawks have historically had the right culture to keep troubled players focused on the field.

      Downside is it doesn’t speak well of Taylor.

      • MorePicks

        I know the prevalent narrative here is that Taylor will never play again. And I don’t want to disrespect Rob’s take, it does look really bad.

        But there are other explanations for Aldon’s signing in regards to Taylor. Maybe the rumors of using Taylor as Sam in the Bruce Irvin role is real. Or the most simple explanation is that the front office learned after last year debacle and won’t leave the pass rush open to chance, and they intend to prioritize othe positions with so little draft capital.

        To me, occam’s razor still isn’t “Taylor is done”.

        • GerryG

          Until Taylor suits up and plays, and actually feels confident to play on that leg, he cannot be counted on.

          Kudos to the front office (this year at least) for realizing this, and making it so they are not counting on him in any way. If he comes back and contributes, great. The team actually has depth and versatility at LEO regardless of Taylor now, and that is a good thing.

          • MorePicks

            I agree, if at training camp time he’s still not playing, then we have a serious problem.

        • Denver Hawker

          I’m not in the camp that says he’s done. He’s under contract for 3 more seasons which is a long time to get right.

          However, if he was right, they wouldn’t be signing starting pass rushers. It’s certainly possible Taylor could get some snaps, but it doesn’t look good.

        • WallaSean

          I think they view that Bruce Irvin role as key, when combined with the 5T kicking inside it sets the d-line rotation in motion. I think the original plan for Taylor was to share that role with Irvin, it really limited options on how they used Adams and blitzing in general without filling that role. I could see them draft someone else for this role this year if Taylor is known to be done.

          • Volume12

            “I think they view that Bruce Irvin role as key, when combined with the 5T kicking inside it sets the d-line rotation in motion”

            There it is ☝️. Bingo!

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        The flip side is that Pete has repeatedly said “you can never have too many pass rushers.” And just because you sign them, doesn’t mean you have to keep them.

    • MorePicks

      Awesome! Now we can concentrate on a center, CB and WR.

  5. BobbyK

    Anyone see (sorry if it was already said) the Seahawks signed their President through 2027? More of the same – band-aids and 10-6 seasons with first round playoff exits. Would love to be wrong, but I just don’t know how they can expect to build a winner when they trade all their draft picks away all the time. The reason they did so well all those years ago is because Ruskell gifted them an extra #1 in their initial draft and that’s actually when the collected picks instead of throwing them away. Everyone knows you build through the draft – except these Seahawks.

    • God of Thunder

      He’s in charge of financials, business, sales, marketing, admin. Also the Center, Lumen field and the Theatre. Was COO from 2013-2018, before stepping up to be President. In charge of: boosting TV ratings, growing the fan base, adding to the record 140+ straight home sellouts etc.

      You do realize he’s 1) probably the kind of guy you want in charge of this stuff, and 2) he’s not the one making the draft calls, or causing those 10-6 seasons.

      Finally, mediocre? True mediocrity has been e.g. Denver. We’ve been better than mediocre, especially in the regular season, but just not able to join the elite top ~ 6-8 teams that are legit Super Bowl contenders. We’ve been at best dark horses. Not this dude’s fault. He probably answers to PC.

      • UkAlex6674

        I guarantee we will never go 10-6 again.

        • God of Thunder

          Lol true … how does 10-7 sound?

          To be fair, depending on how things shake out in our division, we can go 10-7 and be a better team than last season’s team.

  6. Rob Staton

    Stream starting shortly

    • God of Thunder

      Thanks to you and Tony for doing this for us fans

      • Tomas

        Enjoyed it, Rob and Tony, many thanks.

    • Mick

      Was a joy to watch. Thanks Rob.

  7. Sea Mode

    Tony interviewed him last week. Maybe you could ask what round he thinks he goes it.

    Jim Nagy

    15 days until 2021 draft and still finding new reasons to be convicted about @WMU_Football WR Dee Eskridge. Playmaker averaged 23.3 per catch, 27.5 per KO return, AND he blows people up as gunner on punt team! Clips like this speak to toughness & unselfishness of @allaroundplays.

    • Ben

      Eskridge is a fun player! Love his physicality and uses his hands well catching the ball. Might be a good special teamer too, worth a late flier.

  8. cha


    There you go Rob, take a few of mine.

    • Nick

      Mac keyboards are the ABSOLUTE WORST.

      • Gary

        Rob and Tyler – both no “e”.

    • Rob Staton

      I took it into the store last weekend and they said it’d take a week to repair this time (it broke 3 weeks ago and they fixed it in a day).

      I’m having to wait until after the draft to get the repair done

  9. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The breakdown of the #Browns deal for Jadeveon Clowney:
    — $4.5M signing bonus.
    — $2.5M base salary guaranteed
    — $1M in 46-man roster bonuses
    — $2M in incentives ($1M in playtime and $1M in sacks)
    — It’s a 5-year deal that voids to 1 for cap.
    In all: 1 year, $8M base, up to $10M

    $7m before the ball is even snapped.

    No thank you.

    • MorePicks

      Clowney is living off his reputation for a couple years now. Rather have Aldon Smith cheap.

      • Rob Staton

        He had a big disappointment of a season in 2020, after an equally disappointing free agency saga.

        But let’s not act like he’s totally useless. He virtually won Seattle a game on the road against the NFC Champs in 2019 and they didn’t have a win like that last season. He also had a huge impact in their only playoff win in the last four seasons.

        So a bit of perspective is needed here.

        • MorePicks

          I’m not saying he’s useless, but he is not a 10 million/year pass rusher anymore, IMO.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Clowney is a starter on any team. Smith, not so much. I’d rather have Clowney at $10m for one year than Smith at any price, but I’d rather have Smith than neither of them.

        • Lewis

          Just imagine if he’d had a little help. Acting like Clowney didn’t play well for us is foolish.

          • Jhams

            Yeah, if only he’d spent most of his career on the same line as a multiple time DPOY. Oh wait…

        • Jhams

          So one good game in 2 seasons? And concussing Carson Wentz in the playoffs?

          • Rob Staton

            You’re really determined to downplay his 2019 impact aren’t you?

            Good luck. I’m not biting

  10. SamprasSultanofSwat

    Thanks Rob: Great interview. Totally agree with Tony. Player development is critical.

  11. Volume12

    Man. I like James Hudson a LOT. Violent. But end of round 2 would b a little rich for my blood.

  12. Rob Staton

    Please share this video around — on other forums/websites or retweet the following tweet:

    • Volume12

      Got cha

      • cha

        No you don’t.

        • Volume12


          • Sea Mode


    • Burner

      I know more Jets fans than Seahawks fans and shared it with them, they agree with everything Tony said 🙂

      Shared it on a couple of forums too, great interview Rob.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you

  13. cha

    Field Gulls
    Aldon Smith signing creates obvious “surplus to requirements” situation:

    Almost no way Seattle is keeping all of Aldon, Mayowa, Hyder, Dunlap, Taylor, Robinson, Green, and Collier. They could move Collier inside but still… that’s a lot of guys and only so many snaps.
    10:15 AM · Apr 15, 2021


    I’m reminded of the Black Adder line…”To you, Baldrick, the Renaissance was just something that happened to other people, wasn’t it?”

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      “Am I jumping the gun, Baldrick, or are the words ‘I have a cunning plan’ marching with ill-deserved confidence in the direction of this conversation?”

    • Gohawks5151


    • GerryG

      While I agree it is a stupid tweet, it has some merit, those names + Woods, Mone, Lattimore, Ford = 12 DL. Dont they usually keep 10?

      That said, it is in no way a surplus. They should go into camp with more than needed. One those guys has yet to play, and one or two will surely get hurt.

  14. SamprasSultanofSwat

    John Schneider and the boys are going to have to do EVERYTHING they can to find the medicals on these players.

    One other point. Will be interesting to see how many picks that JS/PC actually end up with. Right now it is three picks. BTW: With the signing of Aldon Smith. I look for the Schneider to trade a defensive lineman. Maybe Rasheem Green.

    • Ashish

      Rasheem Green to team x for 2022 conditional 7th round pick … oops that will not help us hmm..

    • Ben

      Came here to say that! My money is a swap of a fringe d-lineman for somebodies fringe rookie contract WR.

      • Bankhawk

        Agreed that our depth @ DLine is currently notable, but also agree that there is little there that would do much were we to try to covert some of it to enhance draft stock. At least, involving players we’d be willing to sacrifice vis a vis the potential return.
        The player-for-player swap is a somewhat intriguing suggestion, however.
        Rob, the podcast with Tony was great, by the way. Not only have you outdone yourself this off-season, but you have done so with a wonderfully metered pace so as to always have something in the pipeline for us to look forward to, AND done so with an eye towards variety that keeps the stew properly spiced. In short, you’re a consummate pro! 👍

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you, I really appreciate that

  15. Sea Mode

    Combine interview legend Trey Adams retires from football

    • Paul Cook

      A little wistful about that as a UW fan. He went from being a potential first round pick to a draft afterthought. His body just began to break down and he never could get back to the level of potential he was showing in his first few years. So close to a big pay day that never came.

  16. Sea Mode

    Meinerz 33 bench today:

    • Rob4q

      That dude is just a beast! There is no way he lasts into the Seahawks range…

    • Rob Staton

      I have adjusted his TEF

      • Charles

        Beastly! Going to be a good offensive lineman for someone. Would be wonderful news if it was the hawks. Definitely an upgrade at center over Pocic.

    • Big Mike

      Is he this year’s Joel Bitonio, a guy Rob and a number of other people liked a lot and has ended up having a really good career (2 Pro Bowls and an All-Pro)?

      Difference will be iirc the Hawks had Bitonio if they’d have wanted him but have little to no chance at Meinerz (refraining from mentioning why).

  17. drrew76

    I would like one Maurice Hurst please.

    • BoiseSeahawk

      Have to wonder if he is still having heart issues. He had so few snaps last year.

      • Sea Mode

        Trombone Joe Jackson

        Preexisting heart condition, and in 2020 landed on the COVID list then hurt his ankle/calf.

  18. RWIII

    Bill Belichick just commented on QBs. Bill Belichick on QBs: Interesting group in draft, a lot of ways to do it.

    What is amazing is that Belichick has a millions ways to say nothing.

    • God of Thunder

      As he should. They might be able snap up a QB this year.

  19. cha

    Seattle Seahawks
    Let’s continue to do great things. Clapping hands sign

    Our president,
    , has signed a contract extension that runs through 2027.

    PC (yelling into the phone): “What did you just do?! I told you to extend @Prez!”

    JS: “Oh. Whoops. Sorry coach, but we’ve used up all of our extensions this year. We’ll have to trade him.”

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, good one.

  20. rob4q

    Probably about as good as we could expect without trading a major asset for picks. I made two trades that used some 2022 assets, but still kept most of the picks for next year. I could see them trading more than that to get more picks this year. Both trades were ones the SIM offered to me…

    Trade #1
    PHI Received: Pick 56, 2022 SEA 3rd
    SEA Received: Pick 70, Pick 84, Pick 189

    Trade #2
    KC Received: Pick 84, 2022 SEA 4th
    SEA Received: Pick 94, Pick 144, Pick 207

    70. D’Wayne Eskridge, WR Western Michigan
    94. Kendrick Green, OG/OC Illinois
    129. Benjamin St-Juste, CB Minnesota
    144. Buddy Johnson, LB Texas A&M
    189. Brenden Jaimes, OT Nebraska
    207. Chris Evans, RB Michigan
    250. Marquiss Spencer, DT Mississippi State

  21. Sea Mode

    When I relayed my conversation with Dickerson, and his approach to his injury, to NFL people the last couple days, it didn’t take long for it all to check out. “Amazing dude,” said one. “Everything you want in a football player and a person.” Said another: “Yeah, he’s an All-Pro person. Culture-changer.” A third added: “He’s awesome. … It’s genuine. He’s an authentic dude.”


    “Not to get philosophical, but we all have a finite time on this earth,” he said. “And if you sit there and you want to waste your days doing nothing, those are things you look back on in life and kind of regret. I just kind of want to live by the mindset where a lot of people say, if you died tomorrow, what would people say at your funeral? For me, it’s honestly, If I died tomorrow, would I be happy with what I’ve done? Would I be satisfied with what I’ve done with my life? That’s just the mindset that you have to take and approach every day.

    “And it helps you to remember, you may waste a day, you may waste a week, but you don’t get that back. Everybody has an expiration date. We don’t know when it is. But you’ve got to make every day count.”

    • Rob Staton

      He’ll go in R1

  22. SamprasSultanofSwat

    Rob: Just want to say. That you have the best interviews. Keep um coming.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  23. Rob4q

    I’ve seen some things written about a couple of potential WR being either traded or let go by other teams as they just don’t fit or need a fresh start. Could there be a situation where JS does a player/2021 pick swap for a player/2022 pick? Who might be availablefrom other teams? Who might the Seahawks include?

    How about these scenarios:

    CHI trades WR Riley Ridley + 2021 6th Rd #221
    SEA trades DL Rasheem Green + 2022 5th Rd

    PHI trades WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside + 2021 6th Rd #224
    SEA trades OL Jamarco Jones + 2022 5th Rd

    LV trades WR Keelan Doss + 2021 5th Rd #167
    SEA trades OL Jamarco Jones + 2022 5th Rd

    CAR trades WR Keith Kirkwood + QB Will Grier + 2021 6th Rd #222
    SEA trades OL Jamarco Jones + DL Rasheem Green + 2022 5th Rd

    • Sea Mode

      Not overly excited about any of the players, but I like the creativity. Gotta get picks back somehow.

      • Rob4q

        That’s what I was thinking and you never know if you might unearth a gem in one of these players! I personally like the LV trade because I think Doss is a guy who has some upside and he’s burried on that team. Also would send Jamarco over so Cable could have him back!

        • Rohan Raman

          Riley Ridley is intriguing. I remember he was a really smooth route runner coming out, but absolutely bombed the Combine. Still, there might be something there as a WR4.

  24. Matty

    Nice insight on how important the transfer/coaching of a draft pick is as important as the pick itself. Indicating that generally the Seahawks do this well. Fingers crossed for the few picks we have this year.

    Also good to hear that J Adams should be a win win for the jets and Seahawks as I’ve always been a fan of Adams.

    Nice interview

  25. Sea Mode

    Void years count:

  26. Sea Mode

    Pro Football Network

    *if the right player doesn’t fall to them*

    “The #Cowboys will look hard to trade down. One of the teams I’m told is a realistic possibility to trade up is the Chicago #Bears, who want to trade up to get a QB.”

    @TonyPauline with the latest

    • cha

      I think KC traded up to 10 from the low 20’s to get Mahomes. Cost them a 3rd and a future first round pick.

      • Paul Cook

        What a waste of draft capital.

        • AlaskaHawk

          It wasn’t enough draft capital to get a good safety so they had to settle for Mahomes. har har

  27. Rob4q

    What are the thoughts on the CB prospects Tony mentioned? Bynum from Cal and Adebo from Stanford? Seems like St-Juste or Rochelle would be better options…possibly even Nashon Wright from Oregon State, which have all been identified in Rob’s board.

  28. IceHawk

    I appologise if this is off topic but the idea of keeping Adams and paying him 18-20mill makes me loose sleep. I am very sceptic that Seattle wants to trade him after giving up the farm for him. Is there a team out there that would see him as a target and go get him? See him as a must have player that could make an offer we can’t refuse?

    • cha

      Rob details a lot of that in that piece.

      • DJ Half Way (Sea/PDX)

        loved watching Rob keep a straight face while Tony call the Adams trade a win win.

        • Big Mike

          “win win” if you’re a Jets fan

    • DC

      If Seattle can generate a healthy pass rush the rest of the defense is going to look a lot better. I’m excited to see how Adams is deployed when we’re not desperate for his blitzing. Just guessing that he will play out his contract. Gotta say I really like the moves they are making.

      • GerryG

        Agreed about the blitzing part, they don’t need him to be the pass rush anymore, so that excites me that he can do more actual safety things, (well not slot coverage). But 18-20 apy is stupid. If they can do it for 15, less heartburn. I’d way rather have the picks though, the original picks sure, but even a high 2 & 3 this year.

  29. DC

    Fun listen Rob. You’re a natural interviewer & Tony is a great get every year.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a privilege to speak to Tony every year

  30. Sea Mode

    Sometimes I do still like Twitter…

    49ers on NBCS
    · 1h

    “98 percent” of NFL teams think the 49ers will draft Mac Jones, Michael Lombardi reports

    Eric Eager

    31/32 = 96.9%
    32/32 = 100%

  31. Hawkdawg

    Tony appears to be higher on Adams as a player and fit that many here…although he didn’t even mention how the money might play into that calculus.

    • Sea Mode

      I was looking closely for a reaction from Rob when he said Adams has “good ball skills… between the numbers”, but he steeled his expression. 😐

      • Rob Staton

        Poker face…

      • Gohawks5151

        Haha. I did the exact same thing. It makes you wonder since he watched a lot of JA with the Jets. Can PC change the defense enough to make it work? Maybe? He also mentioned the 15-17M dollar range. We would be lucky

  32. Martin

    Just read this on ESPN:

    The 31-year-old Smith adds to what was already a deep collection of edge rushers in Seattle. The Seahawks re-signed Carlos Dunlap and Benson Mayowa, added Kerry Hyder and return Jamal Adams, L.J. Collier, Alton Robinson, Rasheem Green and Darrell Taylor.

    I guess that’s Adam’s role then…..

    • Rob Staton

      Face palm

  33. Sea Mode

    From what I gather, he could be an excellent 3rd down interior rush specialist, but is poor against the run.

    Josh Dubow
    · 11h

    Maurice Hurst’s 9.4% pressure rate last season for #Raiders ranked 11th in NFL among interior defensive linemen with 100+ pass rushes per @SportsInfo_SIS

    • Poli

      Looking at his stats/age/contract, I’m curious why they don’t want him, and why they couldn’t even get a conditional pick for him. Crazy.

      • Poli

        Is he really THAT bad against the run?

  34. Big Mike

    Besides not boding well for seeing Taylor on the field (ever?), does anyone think the signings of both Hyder and Smith and re-signing of Mayowa may signal a trade of Adams because maybe they’re far apart on a contract or is it strictly no Taylor and/or depth?

    • Henry Taylor

      I’m not sure how signing Aldon Smith has anything to do with Adams, Pete and John aren’t going to be keeping a safety around for his pass rushing skills.

      If anything I’d imagine they are doing their best to build up a Dline that can rush with 4 in order to better maximise Adams (and everyone else), both in his blitzes being less predictable and making it easier on him in coverage.

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt it

    • cha

      I just think they’re waking up from their pass rush slumber is all.

  35. TheOtherJordan

    Say whatever you want about how bleak the next few years of Seahawks football are about to be, and I think they will be bad, but Tony Pauline has sat through 40 years of Jets games! Based on the product he had to watch for the vast majority of that time, that is commitment.

    • DC

      You think they will be bad?

      I feel like they’re setting the table in 2021 for a shot at a deep playoff run. There’s more work to do but loading up on pass rushers is always a good sign.

      • Jordan

        I think a lot hinges on Waldron, but overall I think this is a better roster than the division champs of 2020. And I think there are a handful of guys who are at the age where they are still ascending as players: Lewis, Metcalf, Brooks, Adams, Poona, Alton, DJ Reed

      • TheOtherJordan

        I think the Seahawks will make the playoffs this year but not reach the Super Bowl. It will be the final year that they do under Pete. Russell Wilson will be traded next offseason and the Seahawks will have a new coach and a new owner by the 2023 season. And Seattle will have a top 5 pick by 2024 if they haven’t traded it away for a safety or linebacker first.

  36. Tecmo Bowl

    “By mid-April of 2019, 1,972 players had signed an SRA. By mid-April of 2020, 1,839 players had signed.
    This year, as of April 7, that number was only 657.

    The small draft class of 2021 also necessarily means that 2022’s is going to be overstuffed, with borderline prospects’ odds of making the NFL longer than ever.”

    It will be interesting to see how the league values 2022 picks on draft day. JS may be able to flip a 22 4th for a 21 4th. A third pick in the top 150 seems necessary to fill OL, WR3, CB.

    • Sea Mode

      I just saw that and was about to post.

      So the late rounds this year will be guys that normally would be UDFAs, and the UDFAs in the following years will be late-round talent level.

    • Rob Staton

      They wouldn’t be able to flip a fourth for a fourth. A 2022 fourth for a 2021 fifth, maybe.

  37. Trevor

    If the Hawks take WR in this draft they should take a close look at Canadian Kid Josh Palmer from Tennessee who excelled at the Senior Bowl.

    I saw this stat and thought it was really interesting as a positive sign on his potential at the next level.

    Tennessee’s Josh Palmer had 101 snaps vs. likely top-three round CBs: Surtain, Horn, Campbell, Stokes and Joseph.

    14 of 14 in catching the “catchable balls” in those matchups (per PFF), 11 first downs, 4 TDs, and 16 YPR.

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, just saw that from Galko. Interesting.

      • Sea Mode

        Nagy’s response:

        Jim Nagy
        · 2h

        We’ve been talking too much about some WRs in this class and not nearly enough about @Vol_Football Josh Palmer. NFL teams care way more about what prospects do against other top prospects than simple overall production totals.

        Lot’s of people mentioning as well that bad QB play held him back.

  38. Sea Mode

    PFF Draft

    Ben Cleveland across four seasons at Georgia
    Pass-blocking snaps: 741
    QBs hits allowed: 3
    QB sacks: 1

    4th-ranked guard in the Draft

    • Rob Staton


      • Sea Mode

        Almost tempts me to be willing to move Lewis to center…

        • Gohawks5151

          I had the same thought.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s probably the only scenario I’d be willing to contemplate it.

  39. Sea Mode

    Somebody mentioned Jaelon Darden the other day, and besides the jukes, he has really easy hands, natural deep ball adjustment at the last second to throw off defenders, a nose for the end zone, and a knack for using his speed and agility to avoid taking big hits.

    I’m usually hesitant about these kinds of players, cause everyone is bigger and faster at the next level, and wouldn’t touch an RB in that mold (e.g. Cohen), but something about this guy tells me it might work out if he also has to be respected deep as a WR. He has better explosiveness and significantly better agility numbers than Cohen did as well. I’ll throw in Tavon Austin for a WR athleticism comp too:

    Cohen.: 5063, 179, 4.42, 31.5 vert, 9’10” broad, 4.27 SS, 7.22 3C
    Austin.: 5084, 174, 4.34, 32.0 vert, 10’0″ broad, 4.01 SS, N/A 3C
    Darden: 5075, 174, 4.46, 35.5 vert, 10’2″ broad, 4.10 SS, 6.67 3C

    Shiftiest Player in College Football – Jaelon Darden ᴴᴰ

    I could see him fitting in our offense and being a big hassle to deal with on all the motion and crossing plays, but unlike someone like Tavon Austin/Percy Harvin in that role, he could also be a deep threat.

  40. Sea Mode

    Also, if we were interested in Giovanni Bernard, might that indicate they are looking for that kind of profile, draft hedge? Have a look at this, quite the comp in all aspects…

    Bernard: 5083, 202, 4.53 40yd, 33.5 vert, 10’2″ broad, 4.12 SS, 6.91 3C
    Carter…: 5077, 201, 4.54 40yd, 34.0 vert, 9’11” broad, 3.98 SS, 6.83 3C

    Michael Carter 2020 Regular Season Highlights | North Carolina RB

    Final 2 years in college, RUSHING:
    2011: 13 games, 289/1253yds/13td, 5.2 ypc
    2012: 10 games, 184/1228yds/12td, 6.7 ypc

    2019: 13 games, 177/1003yds/3td, 5.2 ypc
    2020: 11 games, 156/1245yds/9td, 8.0 ypc

    Final 2 years in college, RECEIVING:
    2011: 13 games, 45/362yds/1td, 8.0 ypc
    2012: 10 games, 47/490yds/5td, 10.4 ypc

    2019: 13 games, 21/154yds/2td, 7.3 ypc
    2020: 11 games, 25/267yds/2td, 10.7 ypc

    • Gohawks5151

      Cool comp. Both UNC guys. I think I heard they liked Gio too for his pass blocking. I haven’t seen enough of Carter to say one way or the other on that front.

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