LIVE STREAM: Julio Jones to the Seahawks?

Rob Staton & Robbie Williams discuss the latest rumour that the Seahawks might be trying to make a deal with the Falcons for Julio Jones…


  1. uptop

    Great stream Rob! Always great to hear from you guys

    • Scot04

      Totally agree nice to see a video up again. Thanks guys.

  2. Forrest

    Not a chance. He’s expensive and on the decline. But, it doesn’t hurt to up the price for others by getting in the game.

  3. HOUSE

    I don’t see Julio coming to SEA… For the exact reasons you brought up, its overkill on offense and it’s stealing from others. I could see this creating turmoil more than anything. I think Metcalf, Lockett, Eskridge and Everett is a good group.

    If we are to spend more money right now, I’d be curious to see what your thoughts are regarding the likes of Geno Atkins (DT) and Austin Reiter (C)? I could see Reiter being an upgrade over Pocic and while we signed Pocic to a $3M deal, I don’t think that locks him in at starter.

    • Lewis

      I’d think this had some merit, perhaps, if we hadn’t just drafted Eskridge. As is, I can’t help but think this works be taking snaps away from young receivers that need them.

      And I agree: C, DL, or RB would be bigger needs

      • Albert Bryan Butler

        You could give them Eskridge for Jones and get a pick next year on the back end, maybe?

    • CaptainJack

      Only way to do this trade is if you can agree to ship Adams out. However it does screw over Eskridge. I don’t see four receivers all being very productive in this offense.

  4. God of Thunder

    I gather Russell Wilson would like to see this happen. So would I, but I’d also like to wake up next to Penelope Cruz.

    I’d rather add a kick ass CB. However, admittedly this would be great insurance if DK or Lockett get hurt.

    • Chase

      That’s the only valid argument IMO. Great insurance if one of our studs goes down, but would love to see the money spent fixing other holes in the roster.

  5. Poli

    Adams for Julio and a 1st. Or Adams for Julio and a 2nd + 3rd.

    Can’t see the Hawks trading ANOTHER high draft pick.

    • Scot04

      Won’t happen, but if I could get a 2022 1st and Jones for Adams I’d do it in a minute.

  6. Sean-O

    I can’t see SEA going into the ’22 draft w/out a 1st & a 2nd round pick along with the cap hit for ’21it would take. As fun as it sounds I’d bet it’s just ATL using rumors to get more out of the teams that are seriously making a run at Julio.

  7. Mick

    Rob I’m on board with all your arguments. Eskridge might even be a better fit for a 3rd WR role, and we block his progress. Not to mention one of the UDFAs could be a great positive surprise.

    I’d rather considering investing in Gilmore.

  8. CaptainJack

    So yeah, apparently F the draft?

    No, please god no. I don’t want to lose more picks. I like the draft more than actually winning the super bowl.

    • CaptainJack

      To be fair if the trade includes Adams make it yesterday.

      • Big Mike


    • Scot04

      No one saw two 1sts & a 3rd for a Safety either.
      After that trade any team wants us involved when trading away a player.

      • Big Mike

        So PCJS are like the mark at the poker table then?

        • Scot04

          When it came to the Adams trade, I would say yes. Which is the only reason I’m worried about an Adams 2.0.
          Yes Jones is older; but same situation in that we have depth at WR and it’s not our position of greatest need.
          I’ll be hoping we see him in the AFC shortly after June 1st.

  9. Scot04

    I feel similar to a Julio Jones trade as I did the Adams trade before it happened. It made no sense & I didn’t see the fit; plus we were deep at Safety.
    That’s how I felt when he was rumored to be avaliable for possibly a 1st & 3rd.
    Now Jones. We’re deep at receiver and rumors of a high 2nd or one team with a 1st.
    I just hope it’s not Adams 2.0
    Seahawks aquire Adams for a 2022 3rd and a 2023 1st.
    I was mistaken to dismiss the Adams trade as possible, so I’ll just hope it doesn’t happen again.
    “Eerily too similar; we have depth at the position and not a huge need.”

    • Gohawks5151

      It will annoy the blog, therefore it shall be…

      • Justaguy

        Makes too much sense

  10. coach62344

    I am against this trade. To me if we trade for Julio Jones we risk the danger of going to “pay” as if we had the old Julio Jones. It is not only the money but the loss of draft pick. The money we would save by taking a drafted player. My final objection is the loss of a draft pick.

    I do not see how getting Julio Jones for the loss of a draft pick strengthens the overall roster of the team. It does for the WR’s and to an extent the offense. Yet the defense and offense could suffer from the lost of a draft pick. I wonder if Carroll is trying to have his cake and eat it too. Trade draft picks away for veterans.
    Where is the real smart long term investment in building the roster of the Seattle Seahawks.
    Thank you Rob for an interesting broadcast.

  11. cha

    • I was told a while ago by a source I trust that the Falcons would accept a hard second-round pick in 2022 (no condition on Jones’ playing time) with no responsibility to pay Jones any of the $38 million he has coming. That seems like the most logical outcome, and my guess is a hard second-rounder is already on the table from some team. Pro Football Talk reported Sunday that people around the league feel Tennessee is the most likely candidate to get Jones, and I could see that. The Titans would have to move money around this year, but they’re in good shape to handle Jones’ contract in 2022 and ’23.

    • Big Mike

      I hear Nashville is a lovely city Julio. Besides, Clay Travis lives there and you could hang out with him
      Oh crap, I just screwed that up didn’t I? Scratch the Travis point Julio, Music City and all that good stuff.

      • Jordan

        Nashville is a great town (even when accounting for the presence of insufferable Clay), and I don’t even like country music.

        Broadway, the arena, and the stadium all within a stone’s throw of each other.

        • Big Mike

          Yeah I have heard that.

  12. HaroldSeattle

    Good discussion and all the points were hit. Cool new toy but there are bigger needs and more logical moves to make then trading for a injury prone 32 year old WR that cost a bundle. The idea of not having neither a first or a second round pick next year is not something that appeals to me.

  13. All I see is 12s

    Not sure if anyone listened this week, and I don’t listen to the whole thing as most of her talk is baseball and golf – but on Brock and Salks podcast Brock had a couple of nuggets.
    1. Based on the games for Atlanta that he covered this year, he said that the Seahawks absolutely do not want Julio Jones. That his hamstrings are done and implied he is a liability. He described all the work that it takes to get Julio even ready for a single game.
    2. He also implied but he had knowledge that the Seahawks had already made an offer to adams and they were going to stand on that offer. He said that he did not know if it was adams or his agent or his family or whoever holding it up but that adams was going to try to push for more money and the Seahawks were not going to budge. I thought it interesting that he mentioned Adams, family.
    3. Also, he mumbled some thing about not working he NFL games this year.
    Not sure if this is useful than I thought I would put it out there.

    • Sea Mode

      The Adams Family…

      • All I see is 12s

        As I wrote it I thought about making the joke. LOL. I resisted, but I appreciate you mentioning it.
        I did think it’s somewhat unusual that Huard mentioned Jamal‘s family. Normally we blame the hold up on the player or the agent, but not usually the players family. I don’t think Brock mentions that unless there is at least the rumor family members being involved somehow.

        • RugbyLock

          They’re here all week folks!

  14. KD

    My initial reaction, and I still believe it to be the case, is that this is just Schnieder kicking the tires and doing his due diligence. Plenty of other teams out there with more capital and cap space.

    • Mick

      That would be alright, as long as we don’t get RW worked out on the idea of getting Julio Jones and end up with another signing he wanted not done.

  15. Silly Billy

    The Seahawks don’t have the cap or the draft capital to trade for Julio. The only real tradable asset we have is Jamal Adams. So, to me, these Julio rumors just mean the contract talks with Adams aren’t going as smoothly as planned. Inquiring ATL about a possible Julio/Adams trade may give the Hawks leverage, and/or an out in case these contracts talks totally blow up.

    In terms of value, I bet the talks include Jamal Adams for Julio+ day-3 picks.

    I see this situation similar to the time when we (later) found out trading RW3 for the #1 pick was discussed the year his massive contract was signed. I don’t actually think the Hawks wanted to trade Russ, but they needed an out in case.

    I wasn’t able to watch the live stream, so if this was already talked about, y bad.

  16. Sea Mode

    Adam Schefter

    Exactly 100 days until the Cowboys and Bucs kick off the NFL regular season on Thursday, September 9.

  17. cha


    Corbin Smith
    Something to keep tabs on. If the Seahawks remain in the mix to trade for Julio Jones, Alton Robinson could be an intriguing player to include in deal. Falcons need all the help they can get rushing the passer, while Seahawks now have a surplus of defensive ends.
    7:27 AM · Jun 1, 2021

    • Nathan M

      So “you can never have too many weapons”, but dont worry about depth on the d-line? I think he forgets “you can never have too many pass rushers”

      • cha

        Yeah. This is the team that sat Robinson so they could use Luke Willson for…I’m not sure what, and gave Benson Mayowa 90% of the snaps.

        Predictably, Mayowa broke down and missed 3 games.

        One of which, they were so low on DE depth they yanked their 6th round Tight End project up onto the active roster and gave him DE snaps.

    • Matt

      I think we all agree…the pathway to a Super Bowl is definitely trading pass rushers on rookie deals for a 32 year old, uber expensive WR who would be #3 on your team.

      • DW

        Playing 4D checkers while others are playing chess

        • Matt

          Seahawks FO playing 8D Hungry Hippos. It’s just not fair to the rest of the league.

      • AlaskaHawk

        What this team needs is another overly expensive player who thinks highly of himself and dreams of the mega bucks he will make on his next contrac.

        • Matt

          100%. If anything, we should seriously consider not even playing any OL or DL.

      • Moe

        “the pathway to a Super Bowl is definitely trading pass rushers on rookie deals for a 32 year old, uber expensive WR who would be #3 on your team”

        Don’t forget to add: …and spending your top 2021 draft pick on a receiver…

        but astute analysis Corbin

        • Matt

          Corbin once did a podcast with Walter Jones. He’s up there Lombardi, Belichick when it comes to football prowess.

          Never doubt the man.

        • Big Mike

          Wait a minute, Pete said they spent it on (the 53rd ranked) Safety.

    • Ashish

      If hawks need to sign/trade anyone that will be Center. We have DK, Tyler as an establish WR why you need to sign expensive and give up draft capital for 32 years old. Don’t forget we need to sign DK soon. Oh you know you gave everything for Adams.. Now i want some other team to trade Julio and get this over

    • CaptainJack

      If we traded Robinson for Jones I would boycott the season.

    • Mick

      This would be an extremely bad deal for us, and I can only hope this rumor does not stem from the team. Alton is someone I’d definitely keep around. I’d be fine with giving up Swain or LJ Collier 🙂

  18. CaptainJack

    Titans, please please PLEASE get this trade done.

    I do not want to give up draft capital and good young defenders for Jones.

  19. cha

    Jeremy Fowler
    Talks on a potential Zach Ertz trade have been ongoing for quite some time but fairly quiet of late. At least three TE-needy teams have looked into this. Eagles have made clear they won’t part for nothing in return, making a release unlikely. Things could pick back up this week.
    6:41 AM · Jun 1, 2021

    32 Year Old banged up TE with an $8.5m salary in 2021.

    Don’t make me squirt you with the bottle, Seahawks.

    • CaptainJack

      I wouldn’t consider the Seahawks as tight end “needy”. We have good number two tight ends and a young second year tight end with lots of potential. Not the strongest group but not justifiable to make a trade to add to it.

  20. CaptainJack

    Jamal Adams was rated the 10th best safety in the nfl by PFF. Yet we gave up draft capital to get him like he was a hall of fame level safety.

    • Jordan

      Certainly on a HOF trajectory, in terms of resume, to this point in his career.

      25 years old, 4 seasons in, with: All Rookie team; 3 x Pro Bowl, 1 X 1st team All-Pro; 2 x 2nd Team All Pro. And the wins will start to add up now that he is a Seahawk.

      Without looking up other HOF safeties, in comparison, I would think that historically that resume stacks up pretty positively by age 25 or over the first 4 seasons.

      • Matt

        …and it STILL feels like they gave up too much for him.

    • Danny P

      PFF though. They also Ranked Budda 16th. Pretty sure dude was 1st team all pro. They’re silly. Position group rankings are pretty great through them, not individual grades. Right?

    • J

      Last year.

  21. TJ

    Every time I hear “Seahawks” and “trade,” I cringe. At some point, they won’t be a 12 win team picking in the late 20s. I say hell no to Julio. Great player in his day, but he’s too old, too brittle, and makes too much money. We have our Julio in DK.

  22. BobbyK

    I don’t see this team as Julio Jones away from winning a Super Bowl. I’d rather spend money on Sheldon Robinson if they somehow have money to blow on an aging player and keep all their draft picks.

    I know Julio is a special player, or was, but players on rookie contracts are gold in comparison to old players that make too much money.

    • CaptainJack


      Jones just means less looks towards Eskridge, Metcalf, any other young receivers who emerge (Terry, Swain, Johnson).

      We need defensive reinforcements badly.

    • Poli

      They can sign Richardson/Atkins, Sherman, Reiter, and KJ for around the same cap hit as Julio without giving up draft capital.

      Please sign those guys please.

      • Poli

        Though it would be entertaining to see DK, Julio, Lockett, Eskridge on the field.

        Wouldn’t complain either way I suppose.

        • L80

          I don’t know about Y’all but when I look at the group of CB’s they have assembled it leaves a LOT to be desired and most of them are on 1 year deals.

          It’s CLEARLY the defense that needs reinforcements.

        • Chase

          There wouldn’t be much of Eskridge on the field barring an injury to the other 3

  23. Griz94

    I wouldn’t spend cap space or draft capital until after June 1st cuts start rolling in. With cap issues you might pickup 2-3 really good players for the $15m cap space without needing to spend draft capital. I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to pickup a player like Trey Flowers or Fletcher Cox. Heck you might even get Jones, without the contract burden.

  24. Paul Cook

    I refuse to believe the Hawks are at all seriously considering moving young talent and/or draft picks for Jones. They picked Eskridge to be our new 3rd receiver. Are they doubting themselves already?

    I don;t think this is real.

    • pdway

      most likely explanation, if it’s true, is that RW wants to add as many weapons as possible – and so the team is obliged to at least look into it.

      as pointed out – we just dont have the draft capital, and it’s a good position group already – so seems like just a rumor that will go away.

      question though – what if the trade was Lockett and a 3rd rounder for Julio?

      • cha

        They’d have to eat $34m in dead money to trade Lockett now.

      • Scot04

        I’d prefer Lockett over Jones. Plus he already fits here and has that chemistry with Wilson.

    • BruceN

      Before the draft, I would say they may be serious. But after the draft, I agree with you. In addition to Eskridge, we also picked up two very good UDFA receivers in Cade Johnson and Tammorion Terry. For the money it would take to sign him I would pick up Reiter and Sherman. And could pick up an insurance tackle like Moses or Leno with a little more money.

  25. cha

    Just a quick look at the contract for Julio Jones.

    He has his entire $15.3m salary guaranteed in 2021, and $2m of his 2022 salary is guaranteed.

    The flexibility the Seahawks have is to convert 2021 salary to bonus and spread it over the three seasons. It looks like this if they take the max to spread out:

    2021 – $1.075m vet min salary + $4.741m bonus proration = $5.816m cap hit

    2022 – $11.513m salary + $4.741m bonus proration = $16.254m cap hit ($11.483m dead cap if cut,
    $4.77m savings)

    2023 – $11.513m salary + $4.741m bonus proration = $16.254m cap hit ($4.741m dead cap if cut)

    This is assuming the Hawks can rework Julio’s contract, and that Julio isn’t wanting a new contract/pay raise from his new team.

    • Ashish

      Unless we win super bowl it will be disaster. Making such trade make sense if that’s only missing piece. We already screwed our team building on draft for Adams. Adams is atleast young but Jones is one injury away oh god.. help.

  26. TomLPDX

    This sounds promising:

    I liked the new rules from last year, especially the expanded PS and eligibility requirements (more vets allowed). I hope they keep them all.

  27. Sea Mode

    Neil Stratton

    The #Panthers have hired former #Seahawks West area scout Tyler Ramsey as the team’s new national scout. Ramsey spent 12 yrs w/Seattle with then-DPP Scott Fitterer, now the GM at Carolina. #NFL

  28. cha

    Kraken don’t win the lottery but move up a spot and will draft #2 overall.

    Dumpster fire Buffalo sabres will draft #1.

    • Jordan

      Great spot. Two player draft in terms of sure thing blue chips.

      And you get to do what Buffalo doesn’t.

    • Brik

      Pretty big deal. There is a consensus that a big D guy is gonna go first overall. A few guys they might be eyeing and I’m hoping for a shooter. The expansion draft is more important though since every other player will come from that. That was supposed to be this month, idk if it changed.

    • uptop

      krakensdraftblog rebrand

      • Sea Mode


      • Big Mike


  29. BobbyK

    I was not for the Jamal Adams trade at the time and I’m still against it in retrospect.

    That being said, I have a former student who is an NFL scout (which is awesome) and he told me although these PFT rankings are pretty decent overall – that there is serious flaws, too.

    They rank Jamal Adams as the best safety in the NFL. I know the other rankings aren’t so kind, but it is comforting to know that one NFL team believes he is the best safety (free or strong).

    Still would have rather have had Javonte Williams AND Ben Cleveland (or Meinerz) THIS past draft AND their #1 in ’22 over Adams though (never mind all the salary saved for guys like Sheldon Richardson, Richard Sherman, etc.).

    • TJ

      I’m with you. I thought they gave up too much then, and still believe so today. I also agree with your student’s assessment of PFT. It may be a good evaluation tool, but probably shouldn’t be used as the only evaluation tool. Each team will have their own metrics and I would imagine player’s grades vary greatly from team to team.

  30. cha

    Ethan Cadeaux
    Terry McLaurin says he worked out with former Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin this offseason to work on his releases.

    “If I can win at the line, that gives me an advantage. That’s something I wanted to hone in on this year.”
    8:10 AM · Jun 3, 2021

    • Sea Mode

      If only…

  31. uptop

    A play that I’m excited for is to see maybe DK on that Robert woods inside run counter, I think it can get dk in space and utilize him better than a jet sweep, the only hard part is that it would be hard to hide that dude in the backfield

    • Jordan

      That would certainly catch the attention of the defense and be a great decoy if nothing else. I’m not sure how quickly DK can turn a corner though. Once he has the corner – gone! But like that long TD vs the 49ers I think he needs a bit of a wide berth to gain the corner when working horizontally, as I am not sure how sudden he is.

      I definitely envision Eskridge doing that. And Everett was actually used on that from time to time as well for an interesting wrinkle. I’d also like to see some touches for Penny in space, as pre-injury he was proving to be a threat to score long TDs.

    • cha

      I want more crossing patterns like this.

      Get DK the ball in that gap behind the linebackers and let him work.

      Look at how much room Mosely gives him off the ball. Now that is respect.

      Pause the video at :03 and remind yourself DK scored on the play. He’s got 5 defenders in the open field.

      Mosely slipped on the coverage and then decided to slow to a jog, assuming Greenlaw would make the tackle. DK smokes Greenlaw like he’s standing still and Mosely can’t catch up because he wasn’t pursuing hard enough. The corner gets blocked out by Hollister because he does the same thing – assumes his teammates will make a play.

      Oh, DK only has straight line speed and his 3 cone was terrible? He’s the size of an aircraft carrier, but watch him bank like an F16 and jet up the sideline with an inch of daylight.

      THAT is how you stress a defense.

    • uptop

      The play I’m talking about it here at 2:30

      It’ll be ideal for DK since rather than a sweep he get be north south really quick. You could also run a screen to him out of this set.

      • Jordan

        That’s interesting, thanks for sharing.

        My concern would be that that is a pretty high traffic area, and DK doesn’t have the cleanest hands. And he’d be taking on linebackers there instead of dbs.

        • uptop

          The way you block it (especially with a lead blocking pulling G) would make it surprisingly open, especially because of the counter action. What makes it effective and open space is that its a counter, so it would have to be set up by running the outside zone (inside zone for us, works either way but in that play its set up for OZ) which gets the linebackers and safeties flowing. Even though its inside its a lot more open that what you’d think, it just takes a good playcaller to set it up

          • uptop

            Run inside zone, screens, and pop passes out of that set a lot, and boom hit them with that counter, it gets the ball in DKs hands and itll be fun to see him running full steam downfield

            • uptop

              Run a fold with DK in the middle of the field. I really like this set and the creativity that it could bring. There is just so many exciting things that I hope Waldron can bring from the Rams, we have the players that can implement it.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      Mach 1.7 supersonic commercial flights might be coming as early 2029 (or so I read on a Google news piece today. If that happens, flights from Europe to NY could be 3.5 hrs. That’s not bad. Europe could be in play.

  32. cha

    Sounds like the price is dropping again.

    IG: JosinaAnderson
    Source tonight on the Julio Jones situation in part: “Everyone is giving (the Falcons) time to think about it…..”

    This from 1 team preferring to deal a high mid-rounder for the 7x Pro Bowler w/ 6 straight 1300+sea before ’20, & for ATL to take on a good share of Jones’ salary.
    6:27 PM · Jun 3, 2021

    • cha

      See new Tweets
      IG: JosinaAnderson
      The interesting thing about the team source who checked in on the Julio Jones watch tonight from my previous tweet is that they admitted there’s more “intrigue” in the sit’n now than they indicated last week–but* only at the right price for them.

  33. Frank

    I don’t think Julio is going to see a very fast drop off in his ability. He is an absolute genetic freak, even if he loses a step he’s still has NFL atheism given how long he’s had mastering his craft for another 3-5 years. I agree it’s not a trade I’d make unless it started being 3-5 rounder. I do see some value in DK getting to study under Jones, but expect Jones still wants his 1300 yards a year and that’s just not going to happen in Seattle. The salary actually doesn’t sound horrible after this year, don’t think that will be a deal breaker. I just can’t see receiver being a bigger need than DT, and think the deva factor and demands for yard will keep it from ever happening.

    • Gaux Hawks

      how many sacks that other fellow get?

      • Nathan M

        I’d rather ask how many PBU or INTs a safety managed than how many sacks he got (were created for him)

  34. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Checking in on a top free agent: Ex-#Bengals All-Pro and Pro Bowl DT Geno Atkins has a checkup with #Cowboys team doctor Dan Cooper in a few weeks and is expected to be cleared from a torn rotator cuff by July 1, source said. Multiple teams remain interested. He’ll be deliberate.
    11:24 AM · Jun 4, 2021

    Don’t count on Geno signing any time soon.

    • RugbyLock

      Now that’s a signing I’d like to see.

  35. Rohan Raman

    The MVP is locked up for another 4 years.

    • cha

      Heck yeah buddy

  36. Troy

    4 more years! 4 more years!
    Mike Dickson re-upped, feels good man

    • JJ

      I think we need a 2 hour live stream to discuss his contract.

      • Troy

        might as well make it 4

    • Sea Mode

      Mike Garafolo

      The #Seahawks love Michael Dickson, which is why they locked him up long-term now. With incentives and escalators based on performance, he can earn $4 million per year in new money, which would be tops among punters.

    • Big Mike


    • KD

      The funny thing about this is that my (and it seems most Hawk fans) reaction to this is not a meme. This is a huge signing, well deserved and VERY important. He’s the best punter in the NFL, and a great punter is a DEVASTATING weapon if you have a defense that can hold the field position he gives you.

      • Big Mike

        “if you have a defense that can hold the field position he gives you”


        • KD

  37. STTBM

    Like many here, I dig Julio, have since he was in college. But he’s expensive and old, and we have bigger needs elsewhere

    Funny enough, seems to me like the perfect recipe for another mind boggling Carrol trade….I’m joking. I think.

    Trading Alton for him is nuts in my opinion. He’s a really good prospect, and we need him. I thought it weird last year when Carrol didn’t activate him early in the season when we had no DEs left….and weirder he didn’t like Alton deliberately gaining weight, despite the fact it didn’t seem to slow him. Rampant speculation alert: perhaps Carrol wasn’t into drafting him, or he was pissed Robinson gained weight…Maybe Robinson sees himself competing at spots that require more bulk, and Carrol saw him elsewhere and wanted him lighter. That’s my best guess, given Carrols comment over the season. But it’s a weird deal. Why would his name even come up as a trade piece?

    I would rather see the cap spent to shore up the DT position with a guy like Sheldon Richardson than an expensive aging WR. I think we’re an injury or two away from having a DT catastrophe. But apparently Seattle doesn’t see it that way.

    We shall see. Gonna be a weird year….

  38. Bankhawk

    Just my take:
    Alton + draft picks for Julio =🙅‍♂️
    Dickson extension = 👍😁

  39. DW

    Couple interesting new numbers:
    Quandre – 6
    Dunlap- 8 🙃

    • uptop

      What is it with Carlos and just choosing awful numbers

      • Spectator

        Not sure what you are talking about. I think 8 is gonna look sweet coming off the edge. Love the change.

        • uptip

          Seahawks number font makes most single digits look weird

      • KD

        RANDOM THOUGHT: I never understood the obsession that some players have with jersey numbers. The greats just stick with the number assigned to them (Griffey=24, Jordan=23, etc). I get why a lot of players would want to have a connection to a childhood hero or a mentor, but I’m the kind of person who would rather accept a random number and and hope that jersey number gets retired one day. In a past life, if that ever did happen, I would absolutely wear #69 just to make that number famous. Somehow.

        • Big Mike

          I always wondered if the Ms gave Griffey that number cuz it was the number Willie Mays wore and their games were quite similar.

          • cha

            Griffey and Jordan didn’t have their numbers ‘randomly assigned.’

            They picked their numbers.

            Jordan was 23 in high school and college.

            Griffey asked to be 24 when he signed his rookie contract.

            • Big Mike

              Do you know why Griff chose 24 cha?

              • Jeffers

                “24 became synonymous with Ken Griffey Jr. Griffey chose it after hitting 24 home runs one season between his high school and summer baseball teams, and he wore it throughout his 13 seasons with the Mariners.” That is what I got when I googled “why did Griffey wear 24”.

                • cha

                  Spot on

                • Big Mike

                  Thanks Jeffers 🙂

        • DW

          Some numbers are just worse than others. Single digits are all elite no matter what level or sport you’re playing. Double numbers have added value for any range (11,22,55, etc.) 10-19 are good, with added value to the lower ones. 18,19 are pretty lame. 20s are better than the 30s and 40s for RBs and DBs typically. Some grace can be given to 32, 44 but the rest are pretty abrasive. In my experience, I’d you saw a DB wearing an upper 30 or a 40 of any kind, you know he’s about to get burnt deep. 60s are fine for interior lineman, not tackles. Same can be said for 50s. 70s are elite for tackles. 90s for DL with some flexibility for DE/EDGE to wear 50s. 80s have kind of been put by the wayside except for TEs.
          (This is all totally subjective and just fun but I think has some universal truth)

          • Justaguy

            #33 is the best number ever. Just look who dawned this jewel

          • KD

            Has anyone ever done an analysis is players who wear jersey #’s that are prime numbers?

    • Ashish

      That’s better Jone

  40. cha


    Jeremy Fowler
    If traded, Julio Jones wants to go to a contender, as most big-name players want, but one other thing I’ve heard intrigues: A big-armed QB that can deliver the deep ball. Jones wants to outrun DBs and get underneath the ball.
    7:54 AM · Jun 5, 2021

    • Sea Mode

      …back later

    • CaptainJack

      Murray is the perfect fit!

  41. uptop

    Najee Harris wearing Beast Mode brand clothes throwing out the first pitch in Pittsburgh today. Man what could have been. That Jamal trade was a real blunder when you look at some cheap talent we could’ve picked up. Jamal and a 4th vs Najee, tons of great options with our 3rd (Davis, Meinerz, Cleveland, Molden), McDougald, not having to pay jamal and carson

    • Justaguy

      Julio is the end all be all

    • Big Mike

      Naw c’mon man, read above, Jamal is on a HOF trajectory dontcha know?

      • Kenny Sloth

        This is true

  42. Sea Mode

    It’s over

    Ian Rapoport

    Sources: The #Falcons are trading All-Pro WR Julio Jones to the #Titans in exchange for at least a 2nd round pick. A blockbuster for Tennessee, who now gets the coveted big-play threat. And Atlanta ends up with very nice value.

    Adam Schefter

    Falcons and Titans still are discussing whether the package for Julio Jones will be a second- and a fifth-round pick, or a second-round pick with a swap of other picks, per sources. But the belief is the agreement will get done.

    • cha

      Well Week 2 just got more interesting.

    • cha

      Will be interesting to see if Atlanta eats any salary in the trade.

      Interesting gambit by the Titans.

      Letting 26 year old Corey Davis get away with a 3yr $37m/$27m guaranteed deal with the Jets, and then paying a 2nd round pick for 32 year old Julio with 3 yr $38m/$17.3m guaranteed left on his contract.

    • Ashish

      So happy it’s done ✔ hawks stayed away

  43. CaptainJack

    Here’s the tough truth for titans fans.

    2021 Julio Jones is going to be a slight downgrade from 2020 Corey Davis. And they gave up draft capital.

    I’m so glad the Seahawks didn’t move a pick or a young player to make this happen. Now we can focus on signing a few more veterans to fill in the defense.

  44. SamprasSultanOfSwat

    In regards to Julio Jones going to the Titans. If you are a Seahawk fan you have to be on cloud 9. I sure as hell didn’t want Jones going to the t9ers, Rams or Cardinals. What a relief. The only downside is that the Hawks have to play the Tennessee Titans. But so does the 49ers, Rams and Cardinals. Glad to see Jones go to Tennessee.

    • Big Mike

      Only bummer is that Seattle has the Titans week 2 as cha mentioned when he’ll no doubt be fully healthy and the other teams get them later in the season when he’s much more likely to be out injured.

      • SamprasSultanOfSwat

        Big Mike. I get your point. Yes Julio Jones will be fresh/healthy. But that works both ways. Remember last year with Tom Brady(the Tom Brady). Brady did really feel comfortable/rhythm/connection with his receivers until later in the season.

        • Big Mike

          Fair point

  45. Curtis Allen

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Titans deal for Julio Jones:
    — The #Falcons get a 2022 2nd rounder and a 2023 4th rounder.
    — The #Titans get Julio Jones & a 6th rounder in 2023.
    — The #Titans take on Jones’ salary of $15.3M in 2021 and the rest of the deal.
    — #Falcons have $7.75M in dead money this year.
    9:18 AM · Jun 6, 2021

    Wow. No salary relief for the Titans in the deal.

    Rap neglects to mention Falcons have another $15.5m in dead money in future years.

  46. cha


    Of course these lists are subjective.

    • cha


      FWIW the writer incorrectly places Lewis at C and says LG is an open question.

      • Gohawks5151

        I’d like to dispute that DL rank but there are too many moving parts still (Aldon Smith status, adding Geno or Sheldon). In my mind they could be in the low 20’s.

        I think when healthy the OL is solidly in the low teens, maybe even 12.

        Thanks for keeping us going with the updates Cha.

        • Rohan Raman

          Man I’m not sure how the financials would work out or if the injuries are behind him, but I think the Hawks O-Line could be a top 10 unit if Mitchell Schwartz was manning that RT spot.

    • Big Mike

      These rankings, while I agree are subjective, they aren’t that far off either. The Hawks’ o-line not even ranking in the middle and the d-line being near the absolute bottom speaks volumes about how much Wilson means to this team.

      • Big Mike

        It also tells me this team needs to do a lot more short drop/moving pocket, short to intermediate passing stuff to help protect the o-line and control the ball to keep the d-line off the field.

  47. cha

    Not a bad buy-low shot

    Adam Schefter
    Former Broncos’ OT Ja’Wuan James, who ruptured his Achilles in April, is signing a two-year deal worth up to $9 million with the Ravens, sources tell ESPN. James still has to pass his physical with the Ravens, but it will not include his current injury and no issues expected.
    9:04 AM · Jun 7, 2021

    • Denver Hawker

      He legit doesn’t like football tho. The entire Broncos org wanted him out, FO, coaches, and players.

      • RugbyLock

        Cable really liked that guy and worked him out IIRC.

  48. Gohawks5151

    Got some question my friends and I been talking about around the BBQ. Mostly for the PNW and general sports fans.

    The Seahawks and the Trail Blazers seem to be in identical situations. How much of it is losing Paul Allen’s leadership? Does getting rid of the current regime fix anything (Blazers already starting)? Does a new Owner fix anything?

    The facts:
    – Both were owned by Paul Allen and he has publicly heavily involved in both teams.

    – Both are currently “1 superstar” centric teams (Russ, Dame) that rely heavily on individual heroics. Both are publicly putting out the “Do better or I’m out” feelers. They have been been beaten primarily by teams with more/better star players.

    – Both have not been real threats to win a championship (though Seattle at least won one) in years. This has been marked by the inability to surround their stars with a better team. Many big trades did not yield the desired results. FA’s mostly misses. Draft picks so-so. (Failed transactions SEA: P. Harvin, J. Graham, M. Mcdowell, S. Richardson, F. Clark(Trade), L. Collier, R. Penny, L. Joeckel etc. Failed transactions POR: L. Aldridge(Let him walk), M. Leonard, Z, Collins, C. Swaingan, E. Turner, K. Bazemore etc)

    – Both have coaches and front offices that are possibly living off old reputations (SEA- Russ, LOB POR- Dame, CJ, Nurkic, Gary Trent Jr). Both coaches are specialists (Carroll- Defense, Stotts- Offense) that were not able to address the other side of the ball. Both FO’s have operated largely unchecked following PA’s passing.

    – Both are known for their stellar culture that players have even left and came back for that reason. However, this hasn’t translated into a big FA signing.

    – Both seem to be at a tipping point. Meet the superstars’ demands/expectations or be prepared to move them.

    Something to ponder on a Monday

    • Jordan

      -Super clutch big moment superstars who hail from Oakland

      • Gohawks5151

        Lol. Definitely

        • Jordan

          I actually remember having that thought back when both Marshawn and Dame were doing their thing – PA must be loving himself some Oakland athletes right now.

          To your larger point – I don’t really see a path to a championship for the Blazers. CJ isn’t a #2 on a championship calibre team, and I don’t see how or who they can get to be an upgrade as that #2 piece.

          For the Hawks, I wouldn’t count them out of the championship race entering any given season. The NFC is always unpredictable – there has been 6 unique NFC Champions since the Hawks won it back to back (neither of which have been the Packers or Saints). If the Pederson Eagles, Quinn Falcons, Rivera Panthers or Shanahan 49ers can catch lightning in a bottle for a season before reverting to mediocrity or worse, there’s no reason it can’t be RW/PC – we just don’t know which season it’ll be, but they always punch their ticket to the dance, then it is about being hot and healthy at the right time.

          I think with the Hawks, you have so many more blue chip pieces around Russ than Dame has (DK, Tyler, Carson, Brown)

    • Big Mike

      Great post man!
      With the Blazers I blame Olshey far more than Stotts. His roster construction around Dame is shit e.g. 30 per to another short Guard that plays no D. As for the Hawks I split the “blame” equally between John and Pete because we really don’t know for sure who is responsible for trades/drafting. With Portland, there’s no doubt.

      • Gohawks5151

        Agree. It does seem to be more on the team building side. For Portland I wish they had a Daryl Morey type who isn’t afraid to swing for the big deal. For Seattle I wish they could find the get out of the “we are the smartest guys in the room” and the “we’ll figure it out later” type mindsets.

  49. cha

    Holy smokes. Is the 2020 Curse extending into 2021?

    Matt Barrows
    Bad news from the #49ers. Team reports that OT Justin Skule tore his ACL during Monday’s practice and that S Tarvarius Moore tore an Achilles during the same practice.
    8:37 AM · Jun 8, 2021

    • RugbyLock

      Are either of those two starters?

      • cha

        They’re both depth pieces. Think Cedric Ogbuehi and Ryan Neal.

  50. cha

    Michael Dickson live

    Oh, Michael. Celebrating a big extension with Papa John’s pizza?

    A for effort saying Pagliacci’s is better though.

    • cha

      Good Lord…he got slipped a note to say he likes Pizza Hut as well.

  51. cha

    Corbin K. Smith
    No Chris Carson, Carlos Dunlap, Jamal Adams, Quandre Diggs, Tyler Lockett, Duane Brown for today’s OTAs.

    But vast majority of team was out there. I counted 74 players – a few not actually participating. Probably missed a few. #Seahawks
    11:56 AM · Jun 8, 2021

    • cha

      Brady Henderson
      Among the Seahawks veterans I did not see at today’s OTA (reminder that these are voluntary): Jamal Adams, Duane Brown, Quandre Diggs, Chris Carson, DeeJay Dallas, Travis Homer, Carlos Dunlap, Tyler Lockett, Al Woods, Benson Mayowa, Aldon Smith.
      12:04 PM · Jun 8, 2021

      • cha

        Bob Condotta
        Two players there but who sat out were Dee Eskridge and Rashaad Penny. But this time of year for extreme caution as well.
        Bob Condotta
        One notable player on field was Marquise Blair. Indeed seems on track for full return this season. Darrell Taylor also a full participant today.

        • Big Mike

          “Darrell Taylor also a full participant today”
          Pleasant surprise

      • Isaac

        Not too concerned about that list. It’s just vets and RBs, and both need as much rest as possible.

  52. cha

    Brady Henderson
    Marquise Blair is back on the field after an ACL year in Week 2 of last year. That cut short what looked as though it had the potential to be a breakout second season. Blair is expected to play nickelback again along with Ugo Amadi.

  53. cha

    This I like…

    Corbin K. Smith
    “There are a lot of different routes that people haven’t seen from the two other teams where he coached.”

    DK Metcalf on Shane Waldron’s “intricate” offense.
    12:30 PM · Jun 8, 2021

  54. JimQ

    A 6-4 FA receiver from North Dakota was just signed, kid doesn’t look too bad, it’s hard to judge his speed, but seems to high-point & win contested catches well, at least in these highlights. Might have a fringe chance and at least will provide competition with the bigger receivers in the fight for a spot. See highlights here;

    • uptop

      Tanner mcevoy vibes

      • Poli

        Mcevoy? How so?

        • uptop

          Tall white lanky Midwesterner with swagger

  55. cha

    ESPN segment on the latest on Aaron Rodgers.

    I’ve never seen Adam Schefter so worked up!

    • Big Mike

      Was not aware that Rodgers gave up 500K for not showing up to OTAs. Wow. I mean In get that’s not the same to him that it would be to us, but still a chunk.

  56. cha

    At least someone in the Seattle media isn’t burying their head in the sand.

    • Rohan Raman

      It’s going to be so frustrating to know that local media will not press Wilson on what he was actually thinking throughout this offseason.

      • GerryG

        Russ, you seem to have a special bond with DK, can you tell us what it means for you two being this close, and what makes him so special?

        • Big Mike

          And Pete, can you tell us what it means to have a Bobby Wagner as your defensive leader?

    • Roy Batty

      Calkins to be berated by fans on multiple blogs for insinuating anything but serenity between him and the Hawks in 3, 2, 1…

      • Big Mike

        Rainbows and lollipops in Seahawk land…….
        🌈 🍭

      • lil’stink

        Blows my mind how naive so many fans are, especially the Russ fanboys. “Well, Pete said everything is ok so it’s just the media trying to stir the pot”.

        Wilson went public with a list of teams he’d be willing to be traded to. How simple minded must one be not to see the writing that is clearly on the wall. I think it’s almost guaranteed that Wilson asks to be traded after this season if he isn’t happy with how things turn out.

        • Rob Staton

          If Wilson isn’t pressed and challenged on that Schefter tweet, with follow up questions and serious questions as to his long term commitment to the Seahawks, it will be a disgrace.

          • Rob Staton

            Spurious, pointless fluff questions today should be derided. The media have a job to do.

            • Ashish

              Go hawks !!!

  57. cha

    Joe Fann is leaving the Seahawks beat.

    • Peppapig

      Leaving or leading?

      • Rob Staton

        He is leaving. Seems like NBC Northwest are throwing the towel in.

        • Peppapig

          That’s a shame. ;(

          • Roy Batty

            Isn’t NBC Sports, as a whole, being eliminated to make way for the Peacock Network? Local affiliates money and support would dry up rather quickly.

  58. cha

    Almost 30 minutes waiting for Russ.

    I’m imagining Russ backstage doing pushups while his PR flack shouts nonsense phrases at him.

    ‘media overblown’

    ‘competitive venting’

    ‘moving forward’

    ‘opportunity for success’

  59. cha

    Gregg Bell
    Russell Wilson: “Obviously, I love Seattle…I’ve always wanted to play here for my whole career.

    “I think there were some unfortunate frustrations (at the end of last season)…unfortunately it got blown out of proportion a little bit.” #Seahawks
    2:37 PM · Jun 10, 2021

    • cha

      Bob Condotta
      Replying to
      Wilson reiterating he did not request a trade. But he indicates the list that was revealed of teams he would go to is accurate.
      2:43 PM · Jun 10, 2021

      • cha

        Gregg Bell
        Russell Wilson: “I got my wish, in the sense I wanted to play here.” #Seahawks
        Gregg Bell
        Russell Wilson won’t directly answer why he had his agent put out four other teams he’d be OK to be traded to. “A lot of confusion…teams were flying around. It’s part of it.”

        “The reality is there was a whole thing that I requested a trade. That’s just not true.” #Seahawks

        • cha

          Bob Condotta
          Replying to
          Wilson says his relationship with Carroll could not be stronger and they have had some great talks. Also says he has had great talks with John Schneider. Says all on same page.
          2:44 PM · Jun 10, 2021

          • cha

            Bob Condotta
            Replying to
            Wilson says “I’m excited to be here. I’m excited to win.” Definitely trying to say all the right things.
            2:46 PM · Jun 10, 2021

            • cha

              Russ just said he brought up a contract restructuring to get players, and quickly covered that Pete has brought it up too.


    • Rohan Raman

      What’s unfortunate is that you won’t just acknowledge the fact that you literally gave a list of four teams that you want to be traded to, Russ.

    • Rob Staton

      Russell Wilson seems very nervous here. Keeps saying ‘the reality is’ as a nervous tick.

      It’s one huge great attempt to get out of this unscathed but by seeming so uncomfortable, it’s a bit telling.

  60. uptop

    Is penny hart really gonna make the team lol, Russ has said his name twice

  61. cha

    Russ is fumbling hard on Larry Stone’s question on if he’ll be a Seahawk long-term.

    • Rob Staton

      The whole thing is a great big awkward fumble.

      Would’ve just been better off if both parties embraced the reality publicly IMO.

      • cha

        One clumsy attempt to put the toothpaste back into the tube.

  62. Rohan Raman

    Man, maybe I’ve just got a low standard, but props to the Hawks media for not pretending like nothing unusual happened this offseason. Pretty much every question I’ve heard has been about his offseason comments.

  63. cha

    Art asked about Russ not being mentioned in the annual renewal letter.

    “Ha, maybe that was a typo”

    Oh good Lord.

  64. Rohan Raman

    Holy lord, what a question. Good job, Dave.

    • Rob Staton

      Great question.

      Wilson said ‘the reality is’ seven times in response, highlighting the quality of the question.

  65. cha

    Joe Fann
    You’re fooling yourself if you don’t think there were some really challenging conversations between Russell Wilson (and his agent), Pete Carroll and John Schneider this offseason.

    “You know what heals all things? Winning.” — Wilson
    3:00 PM · Jun 10, 2021

    Spot on

    • Gohawks5151

      Ah. The old Tiger Woods quote. “Winning cures everything”. Not wrong I guess

  66. cha

    Joe Fann
    Takeaways from Russell Wilson’s presser:

    — releasing list of four teams was to control the narrative as he felt Seahawks were discussing trades
    — there was a rift between him and the team. It is mended for the time being
    — winning in 2021 is mandatory for his future in Seattle
    3:11 PM · Jun 10, 2021

  67. no frickin clue

    As Russ pointed out, he’s got a no-trade clause. The team can’t arbitrarily trade him without his consent.

    If they can’t trade him without his consent, and he doesn’t want to leave anyway…then there’s no need for a list of four teams in the first place.

    We need Tom Cruise to swoop in, in the role of Lt. Daniel Kaffee, pretend that Russ is Kiefer Sutherland from ‘A Few Good Men’, and grill him on the stand. 🙂

    • Roy Batty

      I would prefer the “Les Grossman” Tom Cruise to help make Russ set the record straight.

      #3 would be sitting in a puddle of his own urine after that back and forth.

  68. jopa726

    Has Russell Wilson been this honest in one interview in his life?

    Allen Iverson – Pratice!

    Instead we get this..

    Bull Durham – Cliches

    • KD

      Bull Durham is one of the all time great sports movies. Love that scene, love that movie.

      • Big Mike

        “Why does he keep calling me meat?”

        • Roy Batty


  69. Sea Mode

    The reality is, it sounds like a presser I don’t even want to watch.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t bother

      It just annoyed me

      • KD

        The job I had previous to the one I currently have was in an office, and I didn’t understand the term “office politics” until I had a job in a corporate office. Thankfully I was just a low level employee who couldn’t threaten anyone, but that made me a person who higher-ups could vent to. Office politics leads to the most phony, fake and disingenuous environments I have ever worked in, and Russ’ interview reeked of it. He gave an HR answer that put all the blame on the higher-ups. “I never did this or that. I don’t know where this is coming from.”

        My initial reaction was “Good, this is laid to rest.” But I had to take a step back and realize that Russ instigated all this. He wanted something which is not unreasonable: a greater investment in the O-line. He went about it in a very dickish way though. Go to the media, create drama though your agent and demand the team respond.

        He got some of what he wanted in the end. Typical strategy of wanting $10, so you demand $20, but settle on $12. His OL got a + and so did his receivers.

        Office politics is an exercise in passive aggressiveness. A passive aggressive stance is the most annoying stance to take, and it is the best way to make people distrust you. Russ created this whole drama, and now he is putting the blame on everyone but himself.

        I love Russel Wilson, but there are better ways to do this….like….talking to your coach and GM. Sit down with them and talk. The passive aggressive way Russ went about this just reeks.

        • BobbyK

          Great answer!

          • KD

            Thanks BobbyK

            Just to re-iterate, Russ BLAMED EVERYONE ELSE in his media response. “I never requested a trade.” So your agent has gone rouge and just acting without your consent? LOL. Get the f**k out of my face you tw@!

        • swedenhawk

          it’s exactly this disingenuousness that makes me think Russ isn’t capable of leading this team to a championship.

          • Rob Staton

            And that’s the exact word that sprung to mind watching that press conference yesterday


            Well, that and ‘reality’ (because he said it so often)

            • DriveByPoster


              • Big Mike


    • Brik

      It’s pretty cool that our team considers anything less than a NFC championship appearance a failure. I feel like our offense will be better than last year, or at least more like the first half of the season all year. Our defense is about the same level. I hope they just have more fight in them this year.

      • Poli

        You SHOULD expect to make it far every season with an elite QB.

      • Roy Batty

        I honestly haven’t even looked at the QB’s the Hawks will face this year. However, I can’t see them being the murderers row of incompetent ones they faced the 2nd half of 2020, when they “dominated”.

        I get so tired of the narrative some sites state that it was Dunlap showing up that turned everything around. It wasn’t. He certainly helped, but they face good defenses and some incredibly bad offenses in that 2nd half, just as the Hawks offense and defense flipped their respective performances.

    • Mick

      You see, Russ, if you don’t want things to get blown out of proportion you think before you speak. You keep your mouth shut when you’re on tilt. If it itches too much and you can’t, you don’t throw under the bus the ones that have your back. When it gets out of proportion, you don’t add fuel to the fire with your 4 teams list. It’s all on you. And if this year looks like the second half of last year, it won’t be on Pocic, D. Lewis and Shell and it won’t be on the low quality at CB and lack of depth at LB and DT, it will be on the QB. But if we start the conversation at what you need to do better too, we might look at a good season. Everyone in the building is cheering for that.

      • God of Thunder

        “ You see, Russ, if you don’t want things to get blown out of proportion you think before you speak.”

        This. But he hadn’t learned it. Maybe now he has.

        What we learned. RW isn’t so bright and he really really wants to win. It’s a shame he’s not so bright but I’m glad he’s desperate to win.

        As someone said above/earlier, winning fixes everything.

  70. STTBM

    My two cents: Russ will blow this up and leave, one way or another, if Seattle doesn’t win big this year. But he still wants to blame the front office and not piss off the fans.

    You can’t have it both ways. Even if the disintegration of our great Super Bowl window roster is on them, if Russ leaves, fans will rightfully be pissed at him, not just Management.

    I’d say odds are good he’s not here next year, and the odds are great he’s here no more than this year and next.

    Russ’s agent is feeble, and so is Seattle’s PR department. They suck at this. It’s like Junior High students planned their handling of this debacle and scripted the Press Conference. And no excuse for Russ struggling to answer questions; if you’re not going to be truthful, then better learn how to spin confidently.

  71. Big Mike

    All this stuff is just hot air and disingenuous crap, which we’ve seen from both sides. Bottom line is that if Seattle doesn’t at least get to the NFCCG, he’s gone.

  72. Paul Cook

    Well…let’s just hope we can get another decent interior lineman, that what we’ve got in the DB field will be enough, that Eskridge and our TE’s will give us a dynamic passing attack with our new OC and TL/DK, that our OL stays healthy, ditto for our RB’s, that our ST’s remain near the top of the heap… Easy enough.

    If Rodgers gets traded or holds out this year, outside of TB, I’m not really nervous about any team outside of our division in the NFC. So there’s that for me.

    Playing well in our division, or relative to the other teams in our division, is going to perhaps be more important than ever with all the other drama and the stakes its put on this season.

    We’ll see.

  73. cha

    Florio reacts to the RW press conf

  74. cha

    Joel Corry talks through the nuts and bolts of the negotiation for an Adams extension

    • Hoggs41

      I see a 4 year $64m extension coming in late July.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Ya, Hoggs, I’ll bet that’s pretty close.

        I’m thinking it between $16.5/yr with higher guarantees (which Hawks would be ((rightfully)) apprehensive about given recent injuries) vs $17-18 with lower guarantees and more roster bonus stuff added in to deal (which I imagine Hawks don’t want to pay because that’s a pretty big leap over league leading Safety $$$.

        In the end, I think both want to be together and it will happen. If Adams is super stubborn about guarantees then talks will continue into early season, but my gut says things will get locked in before start of regular season. I hope the Hawks somehow get him in the $15+change range but am not overly optimistic about that lower price.

    • Brik

      Are they putting Lewis at LG and Gabe at RG? Not sure why they would both switch sides unless there’s some strategy to it.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t read the piece but I think I can clear up the issue.

      Adams wants to be paid more money than the Seahawks are willing

      I know… I know… outrageous suggestion. But it’s just my honest opinion…

      But at least they didn’t trade a ridiculous amount of comp for him or anything.

      • Big Mike

        Yeah good point. I mean what’s two first rounders, a third and a starting NFL caliber Safety? Freaking chicken feed I tell you.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Rob, your clairvoyance is unmatched by us humble peons in the SDB community

  75. OlyHawksfan

    It all boils down to Pete letting Shane, Russ and Co get after it. If he can give them the freedom, and they develop something special, then they might right the ship. Even if they don’t win big in 2021, Russ might think ‘hey we’re really on to something here. Maybe I’ll stick around and be a part of this’.

    Just a non- original thought. Thanks Cha and everyone for keeping a dialog going.

    • Big Mike

      “If I were Carroll, I’m saying you’ll never get it as good as you have it here, and I’m turning over the keys to the offense to new coordinator Shane Waldon, whom you approved.”

      Great idea. I’d give the chances of Pete doing so at about 35%. Really hopeful of being wrong.

  76. Jordan

    Good lord does Chris Carson look like he has put in some serious work this offseason. Impressive.

    • Sea Mode

      Honestly, to me he looks just as jacked as he always has been.

      • Jordan

        True – specimen for sure. But that comes from serious effort when no one is watching as well. Right after a 2nd contract too.

    • KD

      Just glad he is didn’t severely tear or break something due to his dumb trainer.

  77. Big Mike

    Aaaaaaand, Rafael “Gas Can” Montero comes in with a 4-1 lead in the bottom of the 9th, gets the first 2 guys out and then snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. Final: Indians 5, Mariners 4

    Every time I get pissed at the Seahawks, I do need to remember what it’s like to be a fan of the Mariners. What a stinkin’ joke of a franchise.

    • mr peapants

      thats his 6th blown save this year why is he still there?

      • Big Mike

        I don’t know man, I can’t figure it out. I will watch no more Mariners’ games until he’s no longer the “closer”.

      • Lewis

        Dude, what are you talking about? He leads the majors 😂

    • KD

      I’ve been a Mariners fan since 1992, and even though the Mariners were losers around that time, they were still A TON of fun to watch. Griffey, Buhner, Edgar, Tino, Omar Vizquel, Joey Cora, Dan Wilson, Norm Charlton, Randy Johnson, early Ichiro, King Felix. They sucked most of the time, but man, they were fun to watch.

      I don’t think I have watched a Mariners game in the last 10 years. They are the avatars of mediocrity. Gods of the mundane. The knights of boring. Honestly, if the team got re-located, I would not care.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Sounders undefeated just sayin

  78. swedenhawk

    For what it’s worth, Tony Pauline is intrigued by two of the Seahawks’ UDFAs: Bryan Mills and Aashari Crosswell.

  79. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob a quick question for you do you think there is any possibility that the reason the Seahawks didn’t redue or restructure Russ contact is there is a possibility of Russ getting traded next off season?

    • cha

      Not Rob, but absolutely yes that’s a factor.

      If they did the max restructure (create $12m of cap room), their dead cap if they traded him in 2022 would go from $26m to $38m. (And the cap room trading Russ opens up drops from $11m to $5m).

      And furthermore, if…IF…they want to go the other way, and then to try and sign Russ to another extension, the danger of restructuring is there will be a nearly 30% ‘penalty’ on his next contract.

      How? Russ currently has a $40m cap number in 2023. So the negotiating base for another extension (two franchise tags) is $105.6m.

      If they max restructure, the 2023 number is $46m and the negotiating base balloons to $121.4m. A whopping $15m extra for restructuring $12m of money in 2021.

    • Rob Staton

      Without doubt everyone is keeping their options open

  80. Brik

    PC and JS don’t make a habit of restructuring contracts. I’m sure that making players more costly to trade or release is part of it. A lot of people see the possibility of him being traded next year. How far we get will either increase or decrease the chances of that happening.

    • Brik

      *Comment was supposed to be for Robert Las Vegas

  81. cha

    11. Quandre Diggs, Seattle Seahawks

    Last season, the Lions had five guys playing safety for them, and those five guys gave up a total of 13 touchdowns to just two interceptions. They probably could have used the services of Diggs, but they traded him to the Seahawks for a fifth-round pick less than two years after giving him a three-year, $18.6 million contract extension that had him under club control through the 2021 season. Instead, Diggs was of great benefit to Seattle’s defense — especially as a deep-third defender. Free safety had been a mystery position for Pete Carroll’s defense since the breakup with Earl Thomas, and Diggs put it right again in 2020, allowing 12 catches on 20 targets for 209 yards, 57 yards after the catch, three touchdowns, five interceptions, four pass breakups, and an opponent passer rating of 95.6. With all the talk about Jamal Adams as Seattle’s defensive “weapon,” it was Diggs’ attention to the deep third that allowed Adams (and others) to move around to different roles.

  82. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    Wright’s situation isn’t really about money or cap space. The Seahawks just want to turn over the WLB and SLB spots to Jordyn Brooks and Darrell Taylor.

    • cha

      2021 Cap Dollars Allocated to active players

      LB $23.4m (2.5 LBs on the field at any given time)

      S $16.9m (2.25 Safeties on the field at any given time)

      DL $18.98m ($23.98m w Reed’s $5m dead hit) (4 DL on the field at any given time)


      Recent Draft Picks Allocated to active players

      LB – 5 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 5th)

      S – 4 (1st, 1st, 3rd, 5th, (4th in return), another 2nd if you want to count Blair)

      DL – 4 (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th)

  83. cha

    Mike Klis
    Former Seattle LB Shaquem Griffin is visiting the Broncos today, per source. He will be one of several players participating in minicamp on a tryout basis.
    Remarkable story. Lost his left hand when he was 4. His only NFL start was against Broncos in 2018 opener. #9sports
    9:02 AM · Jun 14, 2021

  84. Roy Batty

    I had the unfortunate opportunity to listen to John Clayton, recently. The guy is so completely full of himself that he loves yelling about how the Russ situation was completely made-up. He, quite literally, interrupts anyone asking him about Russ and yells an, “I told you so” every chance he gets.

    At this point, he has become comic relief for me. Listening to “The Professor” make statements about players and teams that are so damned obvious to anyone with at least 5% of the brain capacity working at any time. He is so smug, yet the Seattle sports media bow before him as if he still has any relevance, whatsoever.

    My favorite is when he tells the hosts that he had a recent conversation with some old NFL coach about such and such and he said this and that. And we are supposed to believe that the old coach he is referring to has any knowledge, whatsoever, of insider information, when that info he has was trending all over social media for a week, already?

    Schefter and all the younger in-the-knows are sprinting at Bolt speeds, all while The Professor is waiting for his Hoveround to recharge.

    • Jordan

      Currently in Seattle, I find that the guys who are most frequently on the ball when it comes to the Hawks are Heaps and Bumpus. Avril was also pretty dialed in on the Russ story it seemed, and reiterated that he wasn’t going anywhere.

    • 12th chuck

      he also finds a need to bring up compensatory picks any chance he gets.

  85. cha

    “Watching guys in our division trade their first-round picks away,” Shanahan said. “Seattle just traded two first-round picks away for a safety, a very good one [Jamal Adams]. The Rams have done it for a corner [Jalen Ramsey], they’ve done it for a quarterback [Matthew Stafford]. Three years prior to that, they did it every single year for a receiver whether it was Brandin Cooks, Sammy Watkins.

    “I didn’t see it as monumental as everyone else did. I probably would have 10 years ago, but I watched people make these decisions the last few years, and it’s grown on me. It isn’t the biggest risk in the history of football like I always thought growing up.”

    “Just watching the success the Rams and Seattle have had, when we knew we could move up to get a quarterback, it pumped me up. Especially to do it early, because then you can lay out a plan and which direction you want to go, whether it’s free agency and the rest of the draft.”

    “The salary cap is a big, huge part of all this, and John [Lynch] and I had a huge plan trying to build this team and we were going to go into our fourth year building this team expecting to have a $230 million [salary cap] and then all of a sudden it’s [$180 million].

    “Having $50 million taken out of what your plans had been over three years changes a lot of stuff. Then when you have an opportunity to get a rookie quarterback the way that it is with the contracts, it felt like it could give us a chance to build this thing right again over these next four years and makes it a lot easier to do it.”

    Interesting. Although it should be noted, the teams he ref’d trading first round picks for, got proven talent in return.

    • GerryG

      He’s also still paying JimmyG too, although not sure what’s left of the guaranteed $ at this point.

      The comment (read it as laughing) about Seattle trading two for a S, had me shaking my head as some writers have suggested SF may have been in on that deal and driving the price up.

  86. cha

    More Florio & Simms on Russ

  87. cha

    Russell Wilson just got to Seattle, but he didn’t just start working on learning Shane Waldron’s offense. Wilson and his new coordinator had actually been working over Zoom to get the quarterback indoctrinated for weeks before he reported last Monday, I’m told—and Wilson was incorporating what he was learning from Waldron into his on-field work in San Diego. And that work allowed Waldron and the offensive staff to focus on the overall communication between players during their first week together, which should grease the skids for a productive minicamp with pieces new (Gabe Jackson, Gerald Everett, D’Wayne Eskridge) and old (D.K. Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Will Dissly, Duane Brown, etc.) coming together.

    I’d keep my eye on this group the next couple of months. Waldron was the only offensive coach that Sean McVay brought with him straight from Washington and was a valuable sounding board in L.A. for the head coach the last four years. A lot of people in that Shanahan coaching tree have long thought Waldron’s capable of killing it in the sort of role he just got.

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