LIVE STREAM: Reaction to the D’Wayne Eskridge pick

Robbie and I jumped on a live stream after Seattle drafted D’Wayne Eskridge in round two. You can check out our views on that (and many other topics) below…

Here are a couple of quick thoughts…

— I like Eskridge. To me he looks like a poor man’s Tyreek Hill. He can get downfield to stretch a defense in the vertical passing game but he also competes for the ball in the air, he’s a chain mover and you can be creative with him. He’s a little older than ideal (24) but he’s also someone who adds a needed element to the offense.

— I don’t agree with punting on this draft in the way Seattle has. Essentially their class comes down to Eskridge now. Yes it was a unique year with a lot of uncertainty but it was difficult watching certain players leave the board. With the most explosive O-line class in years, to not tap into it feels like a missed opportunity. The numbers are depleted now. And the future remains unclear with so many positions (LT, RT, C, TE, CBx2, FS) containing out of contract starters after 2021, with a likely Jamal Adams extension set to lower their available cap space.

— There’s still value to be had on day three. I would like to see the Seahawks take a shot on a high-upside talent in round four. Bobby Brown (DT), Joshua Kaindoh (DE) and Shaun Wade (CB) spring to mind. I think they still need depth at running back (Kylin Hill?) and D’Ante Smith remains appealing as a potential tackle project.

Updated horizontal board with drafted players removed

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  1. Kenny Sloth

    What a run on QBs

    • Paul Cook

      3 QB’s in 4 picks.

  2. Nathan W.

    We need picks stat

    • CaptainJack

      We won’t be getting them. You can’t make them appear out of thin air.


    I’m just thinking about what the Seahawks missed on by taking Adams as their first pick. The way the board broke, if they were in the first round they could have taken Javonte Williams RB, or picked a wide receiver as they did in the second round. But I think it most likely they would have addressed another area of need and gone after one of the four defensive ends chosen at the end of the round. So Pete missed out on a potential starting defensive end.

    I do like the receiver – Seahawks can always use more firepower.

    • Duceyq

      But they have Carson…this is a bad defensive draft..and they have how many DE’s already…someone actually might get cut.

      This is a good pick..thought they may go C first but WR3 was up there too. He’s a perfect scheme fit with Robert Wood type traits for Waldron’s offense. I applaud. Trading for Adam’s hasn’t cost them anything in this draft.

    • TC

      Really you would rather take a chance on a rookie gamble rather than a proven all pro safety????
      Are you serious most rookies under achieve in their first year in the pro league the speed of the game, every thing is faster, bigger and stronger than the ncaa. Most of them are just she’ll shocked because their used to being the best and now everybody is a star. So ponder on your gamble and keep thinking about what offensive lineman they could of had or thought they had. Most 1st round rookies that actually amount to anything is few and far between. I just couldn’t help myself I had to throw in on this bottom line here is the NFL Draft is a good tool for teams, but it’s overrated and people who are putting all their apples in one basket and going all in on an unproven rookie best of luck to you. Myself I’m going with the proven veteran ALL-PRRO SAFETY. Just think about how many first round busts there’s a lot more than not but settle for disapointment I’m sure your not alone.

      • Rob Staton

        You can’t just put all pro safety in caps and call that an argument.

        The fact is that such nominations mean nothing and are often based on spurious achievements or name recognition. Yes, that includes the all pro list, not just the pro bowl.

        The real argument here is whether Adams truly fits, whether he is worth the huge haul of cost effective picks Seattle gave up and whether he is worth the cap constricting $18-20m a year salary. And it’s hard to make that case.

      • God of Thunder

        Adams is a rare specimen: strong, quick, motivated, skilled… and almost certainly better at coverage than he showed us last season. He can rush the passer, catch running backs and receivers on sweeps, etc. He’s a top, top player.

        He’s a bona fide star. Unfortunately he doesn’t play a key position. I think the king’s ransom we paid for him would’ve been worth it for a shut down corner for example. A Richard Sherman circa 2014-2018. Or a young Earl Thomas. As Rob and others have said, he will cost the team a substantial percentage of their budget in salary, money would would arguably be better spent elsewhere. He has to be completely effing otherworldly for the next 5-6 years to justify the opportunity costs of possessing him. And that’s unlikely. But I hope he’s a Seahawks legend who eventually goes to the Hall. Because we’re shackled to him for now.

  4. Cawww

    reposting my question from the round 2 recap blog to here:

    Would you trade next year’s 2 to get back in the draft right now and take Meinerz?

    As painful as it would be in next year’s draft, I think I’d do it.

    • CaptainJack


      Pocic would outperform Meinerz right now. Pocic isn’t the perfect center but he is massive and battle tested in the NFL. Meinerz is only 6’3 and played D3 football man…

      • Duceyq

        I actually agree with you Captain Jack but I still think Meinerz would be good comp for Pocic. Pocic may be a better move C in Waldron’s scheme than power…so maybe Waldron values him more…but another C should be added unless Seattle thinks Fuller is solid enough as a back up..maybe..

        • CaptainJack

          Add another Center for the long term competition and depth… sure. But don’t trade our 2022 second rounder to draft Meinerz.

    • Paul Cook

      Not for me. We’ve got to repair the draft damage, IMO, not push it out any more.

    • Robert

      I would give up our 4th and next years third for him.

      • Duceyq

        Why so much draft comp?

    • Steve Nelsen

      Meinerz would be a great pick in the 4th round.

      I think he is actually a good example of why Seattle traded out of this draft. He’s a D3 guard who never played C. He didn’t play in 2020. His tape from 2019 is mixed. But, he looked good at the Senior Bowl practices and based on that limited showing, you could see him as one of the top C prospects. There is so much uncertainty about a lot of guys.

      Eskridge continues Seattle’s trend of getting Senior Bowl standouts. I love the pick.

      • king.

        This draft has as many good players as any other draft +/- variance.

        The idea that Seattle should give up the rights to cost controlled talent in order to double pay for Adams because this draft had less information is suspect at best.

        Other teams are going to get that cost controlled talent while Seattle pays dearly for the talent it acquired by trading away those rights.

        I would make the argument that the uncertain nature of this draft made having a larger quantity of draft capital more important than in normal years.

        Because there is roughly the same amount of talent available but less information about any given pick, it follows that increasing the number of picks gives a team a better chance of accumulating talent over putting all their eggs in one basket. This more true this year than in a normal year because information about any one player is reduced.

        While Seattle either pays Adams exorbitantly, or eventually cannot come to terms with him, the rest of the league is using the draft stock Seattle gave up to get Adams to increase their roster value.

        • Steve Nelsen

          I respectfully disagree about this draft having as much talent as any other draft. So many prospects didn’t play in 2020 or played less than a full season. They didn’t get those games to grow and learn and improve.

          • king.

            You are referring to experience, not talent.

            A team confident in its ability to develop talent would treat this year as an opportunity to acquire undeveloped talent.

            • bmseattle

              Yes, and if you think you have an advantage in scouting, you’d have an even better likelihood at acquiring talented players deeper in to a draft like this.

              • king.

                Sure, but the history of the draft suggests that an advantage in scouting is a pipe dream, and Seattle hasn’t shown a decisive advantage in this regard for over half a decade.

                But if you did actually have this illusive advantage, this would be the year to have more draft capital, not less.

                • bmseattle

                  lol…maybe they realize this about themselves.

                  • king.

                    lol…how does this negate my point?

                  • king.

                    The point being:

                    If you have an advantage in scouting (unlikely) or if the draft is a complete crap shoot (likely), the league having less 411 about any one player makes having more chances at any talent pool preferable to fewer chances.

                • Bmseattle

                  I actually thought I was agreeing with you, but perhaps I didnt make my agreement clear.
                  I certainly wasntteying to argue your point.
                  My initial comment was in support of your comment to Steve

        • Steve Nelsen

          I’m more of a “sure thing” guy. I’ll take the 25-year old 3X All-Pro.

          • Rob Staton

            How did he play in 2020?

            And how does his $18-20m a year contract expectation sit?

            • Steve Nelsen

              He was a Pro-Bowler in 2020 on a new team with no offseason. He is the only guy on our defense that opposing offenses had to account for. He demonstrated leadership and toughness by playing through injuries. He earned the respect of his teammates. I’d like to see him blitz a bit less and hopefully the pass rush will allow that this year. As good as he is, he could better.

              As far as his contract goes, I haven’t heard him say he expects $18-20 million. Seattle made Kam the highest paid safety and Earl too. I thought those were good contracts for Seattle.

              • Rob Staton

                Cole Beasley was all pro in 2020

                And plenty of people are given a pro bowl berth on name alone

                It’s not a measure

                • Matthew

                  So Adams isn’t a good player? Got it. Great argument, Rob.

                  This is why I rarely read this blog anymore.

                  • Rob Staton

                    And tits like you who have no sufficient counter argument, get offended that someone thinks differently and have to resort to ‘I don’t come here any more’ undermining nonsense to make up for it is the reason why I can barely be arsed to write any more.

          • king.

            Is there any room in your model for performance vs. cost?

  5. bmseattle

    D’Ante Smith in round 4.

    • Cawww

      Would love to get him or Wade in the 4th

      • TomLPDX

        These are the 2 players I’ll be hoping for and possibly Drew Dalman at C if these guys aren’t available.

  6. CaptainJack

    A bit shocking the Lions haven’t drafted WR. Goff is going to be struggling next season.

  7. Paul Cook

    Elijah Molden still on the board. That’s a mistake. I know they talk about various physical specs, and they are important, but this guy can flat out play. I watched this guy every play. He was always in on it. A tiger for the ball.

  8. bmseattle

    Would anyone be up for trading Wagner for a 3rd, then resigning KJ?

    • Paul Cook

      Yes, but ain’t happening. I love BW, but we’ve got his replacement on the roster right now.

    • Jordan

      Not at all. You?

      I’d be all for bringing KJ back though.

      • bmseattle

        probably not.
        I’m just trying to think of any way we can get back into round 3.
        Seems like we’d have to trade a player, and Wagner is probably around that value.

    • CaptainJack

      Like we say, no.

  9. Nathan M

    The way guys are falling I wonder if there might be surprising value/gems to be found in UDFA. If we can’t get more picks i sure hope that might be the case

    • Steve Nelsen

      I think there are a lot more “diamonds in the rough” this year than a normal year. But, that potential will largely be offset by the lack of a normal offseason to develop those types of players.

      I’m curious to see how many 2021 practice squad guys turn into 2022 players. But, I’m not as optimistic about UDFAs having a chance to contribute this year as in past years.

      • JimQ

        With only 3 picks in the draft, it’s time to pan for some gold. the Seahawks pitch for signing multiple UDFA’s could very well be:

        “you’ll have a really good chance to make our roster because we only had 3 draft picks, just sign right here”.

        It’ll be time to find a few gold nuggets in the rock pile. There is some gold to be found in UDFA’s and hopefully
        the Seahawks work hard to find & sign some good ones. It is more important than ever to get roster fillers (for good competition, even if just to improve b/u’s if nothing else) this year. The Seahawks have made their bed, now they have to sleep in it and have some hope for next years draft, hopefully with some lessons learned.

  10. KD

    You just mentioned “Sweet Caroline” on the podcast. Do you know the origin of that song? From wikipedia:

    “In a 2007 interview, Diamond stated the inspiration for his song was John F. Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline, who was eleven years old at the time it was released.”

    Now listen to that song again and tell me you don’t feel creeped TF out. That song is creepy AF, and ranks for me as my 2nd most hated song ever after John Lennon’s “Imagine”

    • jopa726

      Have you ever looked up how the band “Steely Dan” got their name?

      • KD

        No, and now I am a bit worried.

      • KD

        Just looked it up and Neil Diamond is still 10x worse. John Lennon is 100x worse.

    • God of Thunder

      Not saying we’re going to agree on everything, but KD that’s the post of the off season right there. Those are indeed two objectivity appalling songs. Agreed.

  11. Duceyq

    My draft crush “Diablo”. Gus Bradley got his Kam 2.0. Kudos!

  12. Troy

    Our native pick could have been meinerz or smith 🙁

    • bmseattle

      Celebrate Adams!

      • Big Mike


  13. Kenny Sloth

    Shoot! I was hoping Kendrick Green fell somewhat

  14. Malc from PO

    When the Falcons picked Pitts ESPN showed Kelce and Kittle scoring on the “oh shit” play – it has some transition to the NFL if your TE is good enough!

  15. Hawk Mock

    Can’t believe we had to throw in the 3rd on top of 2 firsts. Lot of good players we could have gotten there.

    • Scot04

      I agree, but it was our 3rd this year swap for the Jets 2022 4th.
      I can’t believe we gave up two 1sts. I could have even handled the one 1st plus another pick.
      Overall tough, just too much for a safety

  16. CaptainJack

    Trey Sermon in san francisco is concerning. Damn fine pick.

  17. uptop

    Browns sure are having a good draft

  18. DT

    Given the run on OL, QB, and to a degree receiver after the hawks pick, I’m guessing there wasn’t much of a market to trade down.

  19. Ashish

    By selecting one good player is better than handful of lottery tickets.

  20. Michael Dinn

    Does it feel like Pete is going “Full-Ditka” on this draft….

  21. no frickin clue

    Since I don’t imagine that Meinerz makes it all the way to #129, I just hope that he lands outside the NFC West.

    • clbradley17

      He just went to Denver at 98. Eskridge is good, but would have rather traded down and gotten Schwartz and his sub 4.3 speed later in rd. 3 while getting a few more picks.

  22. Denver Hawker

    Assuming Hawks only grab 2 more players, still need cap room to fill the roster. Decent chance they bring KJ back and that probably finishes the defense this year.

    Center is the only big weakness on offense, but doubt there’s a decent Center left for the R4 pick. Seems to be a year of taking medicine, giving Russ everything he needs to be successful and not room to complain.

  23. CaptainJack

    OF COURSE OF COURSE OF COURSE baltimore drafts Ben Cleveland

    • God of Thunder

      Cleveland should’ve drafted Cleveland. What the hell is wrong with them?!

  24. KD

    Oh no, Walter just gave the Hawks his 2nd F grade of the day. My enthusiasm is invalidated:

    “Seattle Seahawks: Dwayne Eskridge, WR, Western Michigan – F Grade
    There are so many reasons to hate this pick. First of all, it’s a shock that the Seahawks didn’t trade down because they had just three selections in this draft. Second, Russell Wilson complained about offensive line help, yet Seattle didn’t address it. Third, Dwayne Eskridge was someone I’ve had in the third or fourth rounds. And fourth, this doesn’t fill a need at all.”

    I like Walter a lot, but this is pretty hyperbolic.

    • Steve Nelsen

      It is a deep WR class and draft evaluations for Eskridge ranged from late 1st to 3-4. In fairness, Eskridge was a 3rd rounder on Rob’s vertical board. But Eskridge was clearly a “riser” after the Senior Bowl which makes evaluating harder and maybe Walter hadn’t updated his lists in a while. That being said, Walter saying WR was not a need for Seattle shows how little he knows about what this team needs.

      Solari has never drafted an OL higher than the 3rd round. And it is a deep draft for OL so hopefully we get a good one in Round 4.

      • KD

        Just to be clear, I am certinly agreeing with you. I just find Walt’s hyberbolic reaction to be a bit funny.

        • God of Thunder

          Beyond funny. Ridiculous. WR is a clear need, especially someone fast … and skilled. He’s also a returner. We need more slant plays. Eskridge offers that. Our new OC presumably had input into this.

          As GM, I’d have traded down … ASSUMING the offers weren’t utter shite. But this was a solid choice imo. All indications were that Eskridge excelled at the Senior Bowl against top prospects. The Hawks value that.

    • DT

      Meh. outside of DK, not sure Walter has ever said anything positive about the seahawks picks. Biased for some reason..
      Tony Pauline reported GB had interest in Eskridge, the rams chose the same player (but smaller) just after the hawks, clearly there is a fit in this offensive identity that puts value on this type of player…hopefully it works out.

      • clbradley17

        Eskridge should be very good for us not only at 3rd WR but as a kick/punt returner. But I and probably most people would have been much happier to get a WR or 2 later even on day 3 like Terry and/or Fekoku or others. We could have traded down 2-4 times and acquired several more pick and still gotten Cleveland or Meinerz late in rd. 3.

        • DT

          100% agree, and not sure that if picking at 56 this was necessarily the player to grab there.
          I just don’t think there were teams to trade down with –
          If you needed a QB project, did you need to trade up (ie, if Denver at 35 and Vegas at 43 had taken QBs, then maybe there would have been a market to move up and take either trask, mond, or mills, whoever was left).
          Similarly, if you needed a center, did you really need to move up to 56 to get one? there were several available, and that were taken, not long after our pick…. just unfortunate how it fell out perhaps.

          • Steve Nelsen

            Yeah, John said after the pick that they thought they had a deal and were debating whether to do it or take Eskridge but then it fell apart about 5 minutes before the pick. I think all the trade-ups earlier in the round dried up the market for Seattle’s pick.

    • Denver Hawker

      10 years ago, Walter Football was a great site for fantasy football. His draft grades are absolutely garbage.

      • KD

        Just referencing Walt for entertainment value, and I genuinelly like his takes. His over reactions amuse me some times. He has frequently over-reacted to players taken by the Hawks and then later said that player should have been drafted MUCH earlier in re-mocks, e.g Bobby Wagner, Wilson, Sherman, etc…

        • DT

          Spot on, lol

        • Denver Hawker

          I’ve asked him to eat crow on Lockett several times- he refuses.

          • God of Thunder

            I saw his — and others’ — comments on Lockett when Lockett was drafted! I thought (naively), “what has the team done? Why this small lower ranked receiver?” Wrong wrong wrong, as we now know, Lockett is a gem.

  25. Paul Cook

    UW’s Molden finally gets picked at #100. He’s just an effing ball-hawking football player. Good for him.

    If you’re a husky fan, it’s waiting on Keith Taylor now.

  26. Gaux Hawks

    if i could have three picks in any round this year…. it would’ve been the third, it’s a value buffet

    • Paul Cook

      There was a lot of interesting 3rd round prospects. It was painful to have nothing to work with.

  27. Paul Cook

    Broncos having a very draft, methinks.

  28. Paul Cook

    *very nice draft

  29. Leo

    Broncos using Rob’s draft board this year, what a haul so far

  30. Hawk Mock

    I feel like the Broncos have done pretty well so far.

    • Denver Hawker

      Denver is my adopted 2nd team. I’m totally pumped with their draft so far.

  31. Sea Mode

    Broncos with a killer draft so far:

    Pat Surtain
    Javonte Williams
    Quinn Meinerz
    Baron Browning

    • Michael Dinn

      Agreed. The Broncos scouting staff read this site!!

  32. Sea Mode

    Hasn’t started yet, but here’s the link to the PC/JS press conference starting shortly:

    • Sea Mode

      JS just said they had a trade in place and it fell apart about 5 minutes before their pick.

    • cha

      Sounds like they had a trade back in the works but it fell apart just before they picked.

      • Bmseattle

        It would be very interesting to hear the details on how it “fell apart”.

        • Sea Mode

          Well, JS was asked again about it in the final question, whether the flurry of trades right before them in R2 affected theirs. He just repeated they thought they had an offer in place and were deciding whether to accept it or just take their guy and it fell apart minutes before their pick, so they just took their guy.

        • Pugs1

          I agree it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall. I bet it’s as simple as Team X was trying to trade up for DE Odeyingbo or TE Freiermuth they get taken and team X has no reason to trade up.

      • gross maToast

        Interesting how they ALMOST get things done, isn’t it. In it ’til the end.

        Also, were the cardboard cutouts working the trades?

        • Sea Mode

          I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. Sometimes other teams pull out of a deal: a better offer from another team, a change of heart, whatever. The draft is a very fluid animal and it happens.

          There were a ton of trades in the first half of R2 and hardly any in the second half for anyone. Just the way the teams saw the value and the boards fell.

          I was, of course, also hoping for a couple trades down, but I’d rather they just sink their teeth into the guy they wanted than get ripped off and miss out for a R6 pick.

          • Hughz

            I agree. I’m willing to bet a team was ready to go get Freiermuth but then he was selected just before the hawks pick. Maybe the Bills?

        • TatupuTime

          I think their track record shows that they often get trade downs done. You can’t force it though – need someone willing to come up to your spot and their wasn’t much movement after them with other teams that could have used more picks as well. Gotta think the Rams would’ve been willing to trade down too.

  33. BoiseSeahawk

    Love the pick. WR3/2 such a need, and now Reed can focus on being a nickel and not return punts.

    Now I hope Shaun Wade is available in the 4th. That would be a steal of a pick.

    • Scot04

      If we took a corner, i was hoping for Ambry Thomas or Wade @ 129. One gone.
      Alot of good players available heading into round 4 though.

      • BoiseSeahawk

        I think if they aren’t able to get Wade or Rochell in the 4th we might hear them sign Sherman.
        I’m good with that too.

  34. Blackthorn

    Great job R&R. I sincerely appreciate you guys taking the time for this. Especially Rob after having that traumatic jab and it being so damn late. Thanks so much, dudes.

    Easily the best part of this was Robs rant about the fans. You had me in stitches!

  35. gross maToast

    When people say that a player is “Seahawky” now, do they mean “Seahawky” in the classic model from 2012-2015 where said player kicks ass and takes names, or do they mean latter era “Seahawky” where the guy is generally either a kneejerk overdraft or a high mileage veteran who is paid triple what any other team might have given him?

    They could’ve had a couple of classic “Seahawky” guys if they’d traded down. It’s cool to have a punt returner, though. I’m just not sure what the hell happened to this franchise.

    Thanks guys for an interesting chat –

  36. Scot04

    I swear I’ve heard them say the same thing in another recent draft

    • Scot04

      That was meant to be a reply to the trade that fell apart. Probably Green Bay again

    • CaptainJack

      Teams have gotten smart and are trying to low ball us as much as they can to move up cheap. you’re on the clock so the time is just running out now before any deal can be made

  37. Hoggs41

    I dont understand all the complaining about them not trading back. You dont just snap your fingers and have a trade partner. Yes it sucks they couldnt move back but we need to deal with it. Looks like they tried and it fell through.

  38. MatiG

    I feel like they’re going all in (again?) next year, hoping for a strong season appeasing Wilson, or at least meeting him halfway. If that fails and Wilson wants out, they are in for a rebuild anyway.

  39. Zxvo3

    I hope D’Ante Smith is available at 129. It could really help the team in a year’s time.

    • CaptainJack

      I’ve got a feeling I’m going to like whoever they pick tomorrow more than I liked the Eskridge pick.

      • Zxvo3

        Honestly I would be pretty happy with this draft (even though it’s 3 players) if they got Smith. Before the draft I thought it would only be possible to get one of them, but now there’s a chance to get both.

  40. CaptainJack

    well, Rams fans are pretty much having a collective meltdown over their day 2 haul. atwell and ernest jones. pretty good stuff.

  41. CaptainJack

    Cards, Rams, and Hawks all got smaller elite speed guys today. Of those three guys Eskridge is the least diminutive in stature and weight. Atwell 5’8 and 155, Moore 5’7 180 and Eskridge 5’9 and some change, 190. The division is adding modern-day weapons. Going to see more points scored next season?

    • uptop

      I think it has to be in part to the horizontal stretch being more and more prevalent in the nfc west.

  42. Steve Nelsen

    I read earlier today that Solari has never drafted an offensive lineman higher than Damien Lewis in the 3rd round last year. We may have to incorporate that into future projections like we do with never drafting CBs before the 3rd round.

  43. CaptainJack

    One of the weird moments of the draft was when Kansas City took Nick Bolton… one time UW commit. Oh, what could have been. Edefuan Ulofoshio, Bolton, ZTF Tryon Onwuzurikie and Molden all on the field at once last year (with no Covid)

  44. STTBM

    Last time they drafted a WR I wanted most was Golden Tate. I like the pick, AND I’m with Rob in that I’m disgusted they don’t have more picks in the second through fourth rounds. Lots of OL like Meinertz were available….and some good guys at other positions. A shame to give up on this draft the way they did…

    But hell yeah, Eskridge! Dude has Baldwin body control and reminds me of Lockett the way he boxes defenders by slowing down, then accelerates at the last moment to adjust to balls in the air…

  45. Ground_Hawk

    Great work, Rob!

    “Statement of intent”. Love that!

    Hopefully JaAda becomes a headhunter in 2021. Think he can?

    • Scot04

      If he tried he’d probably screw up his shoulder again. Adams is what he is. A Probowl player on the wrong Defensive scheme.

  46. Mick

    Before listening to the discussion, I must say I love the pick. If the guy is going to deliver, I wonder how a D can put up with his speed, DK’s power and Tyler’s intelligence at the same time. Let’s see what happens at 129, maybe we can get there some help for the OL or maybe we can trade down a bit to get a CB too before 250.

  47. Chase

    In the same state of mind. Love the Eskridge pick but disappointed we couldn’t recoup some picks. Unfortunately we haven’t done anything this off-season to bump us up to a true SB contender.

  48. UkAlex6674

    After now having time to reflect, I still this is a good pick. He offers so much. And let’s be honest here, if we had traded down, the same people saying ‘we should have traded down would be saying ‘why did we leave Eskridge on the board’.

  49. Henry Taylor

    Went to bed last night feeling a bit disappointed, both with not trading down and with the pick we took.

    He never really floated my boat like he did with some of you all, nervous about a guy that took as long as he did to come out playing for a small school, I much preferred Dyami Brown. But more than that I think if you look at Robs board it illuminates the problem. There’s plenty of talent left at WR but now all the best C and DTs are gone. We had our pick of 3 of the top 4 guys at C and we’ve now missed the chance to take advantage of this class.

    • UkAlex6674

      Have they though? They may not view the centre position as a weak point as much as the Blog does, or not as much as a priority in this draft so far.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Eskridge but this is a good point

      The options at 129 at receiver will be good

      But the OL talent is now gone

    • Sea Mode

      That’s a fair view to have, but I disagree. None of the WRs available now (and who knows which will still come off the board before our pick) is even remotely close to Eskridge. And I say that really liking Tylan Wallace and even Jaelen Darden. We don’t need another Freddie Swain level prospect, but real impact and threat.

      IMO Eskridge is a R1 talent if he’s 21 instead of 24. Runs 4.2s–and it’s play speed too that shows on the field–sticky hands away from his frame, versatility and toughness. We are lucky he had to pull out of the Senior Bowl after 2 days otherwise I highly doubt he makes it to our pick. Nobody could guard him.

      • Henry Taylor

        I think the receiver options at 129 in this class will be better than Freddie Swain (pick 214). Also gotta remember this is WR3 we’re talking about, obviously I’d like a better one but a C upgrade is way more important imo.

      • Mick

        I also look at it this way: none of the free agent WRs looks better than D’Wayne (no, not even Tate). We could get Austin Reiter at C, perhaps even after a few games if Pocic plays bad, there are a few names at T and G too. I think we were lucky he wasn’t pick, and while we could get a good WR at 129, why not get best option available right now?

  50. D.D.

    It’s unfair to cast our frustration not being able to trade down or lack of picks on this kid, that’s on the front office. PFF hate this pick, but R2P56 wasn’t too far away from where Tony Pauline and Lance Zerlein projected. I like how he interviewed, how he was excited to be a seahawk. Most importantly, he seems like a team guy and must be tough enough to try moving to the otherside. How do you think of him compared to Paul Richardson? I recalled PR more as a vertical threat, never demonstrate too much wiggle as a returner.

  51. UkAlex6674

    Just watched the stream. Even when the electric goes out the Blog goes on! Superb 🙂 re COVID jab I was the same, knocked me for 6 for 2 days straight.

  52. Mick

    I hope everyone has stacked on OL in the first two rounds, and we can get D’Ante Smith. I’d also be happy to get Bobby Brown at 129. If they’re both gone we should try to trade down.

  53. Henry Taylor

    My top 3 drafts so far:
    NYJ for immediately building around their young QB with a weapon and a great Lineman.

    PHI by taking Smith after Waddle I think they’ll be on the other end of the Jefferson/Raegor fiasco from last year. Love Dickerson and Milton Williams – the caveat here being they took an injury prone lineman after what happened to that group last year, but a group of Dillard-Dickerson-Kelce-Brooks-Johnson looks damn good on paper.

    CAR Horn was my #1 defensive player and might round out the most athletic secondary in the league. I’m just genuinely a fan of their philosophy of drafting the best athletes they can, Terrace Marshall and Brady Christensen fit that bill. Round out the group with blocking TE named Tremble, what’s not to love.

    • Mick

      I like what the Eagles, Dolphins and Washington have done so far. Ravens and Vikings look quite solid too.

    • Rob Staton

      My top two are Denver and NYJ

      • Henry Taylor

        Forgot about the Broncos, that’s an all SDB draft. They will remain in purgatory with their QB situation however.

    • JamesP

      Denver for me all the way, great haul.

    • Mick

      And at the other, is it just me because it’s them, or 49ers have messed up quite badly so far?

  54. Burner

    I was shocked we didn’t trade down but the more I look at the pick the more I like it. I’m sure our new OC must have really wanted Eskridge and hopefully he adds another dimension to our O.

    Rob, does Israel Mukuamu strike you as a good late round target?

    • Rob Staton


  55. Sea Mode

    Lol. No rookie should be talking like this.

  56. Sea Mode

    The razor thinnest of silver linings…

    Brady Henderson

    GM John Schneider thinks that having so few draft picks will make the Seahawks “very attractive” to undrafted free agents. UDFAs strongly weigh their chances of making a given roster when selecting offers. The fewer draft picks there are to compete…

  57. Sea Mode

    I’m all for D’Ante Smith, Bobby Brown would fill a big need though I’m not a huge fan, but honestly would still love Michael Carter if he makes it to our pick. I know I’m higher on him than most, but I think he’s a special talent.

    Metcalf, Lockett, Eskridge, Everett, and Carter would be a nightmare package to defend with their versatility and speed.

    Worth trying to trade one of next year’s R4s for a R5 + R6 this year if we could get something like this?

    R4- D’Ante Smith
    R5- Shaun Wade
    R6- Buddy Johnson
    R7- Ta’Quon Graham

  58. Seahawkwalt

    Eskridge’s acceleration looks otherworldly.. 1 or 2 steps and he’s at full speed. He reminds me of Percy Harvin. How upset would we have been if we traded down, the Rams got him, and we got TuTu?? We would’ve had a meltdown.

    On a sidenote, the draft is fascinating. Too bad we didn’t get more pics. How do we know if we got the next Percy Harvin or Tavon Austin? Both appear to be similar in size and traits. That’s what makes this so interesting.

    • David B.

      If we traded down we wouldn’t be looking at Tutu IMO. That was a serious reach or reaction pick by the rams.

      • Ben

        I can’t believe the Rams took Tutu that high.

        I’m sure he’ll burn us sometime, but he seems far far more likely to never amount to more than a gadget player. He’s got no wiggle! At that size, it’s hard to think he’ll be successful with only straight line speed.

        I’m not sold on Eskridge, but he showed he could be a complete WR, is competitive, and seems like he can make the first guy miss. I seriously thought Tutu might go undrafted after watching the highlights.

        • JimQ

          At 155 lbs. he’ll be facing a lot of talented players, many of which weigh twice as much or more. He’ll be lucky to get through practices without injury. Speed is nice, but one good thump could put him on IR pretty easily. Too damn slight for an NFL player. Glad he’s a Ram’s wasted pick instead of a Seahawk.

    • no frickin clue

      Given how many good WRs were still on the board at #56, I would rather have traded down to the 70’s or 80’s in order to get more picks in the top 100-150. We could have gotten Meinerz, and if that meant someone else taking Eskridge, I would have been ok with a lesser WR being added. There are no centers left to get excited about, except maybe Trey Hill. So the plan at Center likely is…what? Pocic or Fuller or an UDFA?

      Pete and John are acting as if we’re just a player or two away from a championship-caliber team.

  59. Happy Hawk

    What draft range would net a Seahawks 4th round pick from 2022? Trying to figure out how to keep #129 and add something close to it and draft 2of the 3 between Wade, Smith, and Brown

    • no frickin clue

      I think most teams use the framework of a pick in next year’s draft has to be one round earlier to be equivalent to a pick in this year’s draft. So a 4th rd pick in 2022 would be equivalent to a 5th rounder this year. If the Hawks try to acquire a 5th rounder this year (picks #145-183), then using one of the two 4th rd picks next year might do it.

  60. Trevor

    Day 3 wish list any 2-3 of these guys and I would consider it a good day.

    Shaun Wade
    DAnte Smith
    Bobby Brown
    Trey Smith
    Daviyon Nixon
    Janarious Robinson
    Kylin Hill
    Marvin Wilson
    Buddy Johnson
    Hamsah Nasilerdeen

  61. Gohawks5151

    Assuming we stay at 129, who would people rather have? D Smith, S Wade or B Brown. I want Wade but I can see Smith sad the bigger need.

    All the best fit centers gone. People that scouted centers, is there a center that fits what the Rams have taken recently? Maybe a better fit for Waldron/Dickerson system

    • no frickin clue

      I would rather have a tackle replacement since both Duane Brown and Brandon Shell go off contract at the end of the season. I do like Wade and Brown, but I’d rather have D’Ante.

  62. Ukhawk

    Banks to ST hurts, Rob on to him early. Sad to see Cleveland, Miernez and all the centers go … wasted opp is exactly right, Rob

    Also the secondary guys esp Molden … what value!!

    Hope we do come away with either Brown or Nixon or Wade. The defense is just not good enough and need an injection of youth and speed.

    • Ukhawk

      Banks to SF…

      • CaptainJack

        Banks to Santa Clara…

  63. CaptainJack

    Rob, what would you think if the pick today was Keith Taylor?

    • Rob Staton

      Wouldn’t hate it

  64. Hoggs41

    Looked at the top 10 highest paid centers. Half of them were drafted in rounds 4-6.

    • God of Thunder

      Encouraging! Good.

  65. JJ

    I think at this stage I think I want them to trade back and try and get a pick in next years draft. Possible to get an extra 4th or 5th next year by moving back?

  66. Leo

    Bobby Brown under Aaron Donald’s tutelage, sneak Pocic some HGH ASAP….

  67. Troy

    Hawks take CB tre brown, not seeing him on robs draft board. Rob have you looked into this CB?

    • Troy

      From my quick research he seems to be a special teams ace…I woulda rather grabbed smith for oline

  68. D.D.

    His scouting report sounds exactly like Dee Eackeridge

  69. Leo

    Time to rechristen this site to

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