Looking at tight end AC Leonard

AC Leonard is a former four-star tight recruit who enrolled at Florida. Physically he looks the part — although he failed to beat out Jordan Reed for playing time with the Gators. You’ll need to be willing to see past the reason he left Florida if you want him to be part of your football team.

According to the Palm Beach Post, he got into some rather disturbing trouble last year…

“(Leonard) was arrested in February and later pleaded nolo contendre to a misdemeanor battery count. His girlfriend told police Leonard shoved her to the ground and dragged her through an apartment by her hair and feet. The police report said the woman was missing “chunks of hair” from her head.”

He eventually transferred to Tennessee State, where he’s put up 1174 yards in two years — scoring 11 touchdowns. He’s listed at 6-4 and 245lbs.

During recruitment he was timed at 4.9 for the forty, which is far from great. Yet it’s so difficult to work out how fast these tight ends are. Even guys like Jimmy Graham and Jordan Cameron don’t always look noticeably faster than a Zach Ertz or Coby Fleener on the field. It’s more suddenness and burst, rather than long speed. Plus the ability to dominate going up for the football.

Leonard has presumably improved that forty yard dash if he spent his time wisely at Florida. He’ll need to flash during the post season to boost his stock given the obvious character checks that are going to take place.

Tony Pauline is reporting he’s received third or fourth round grades within the NFL. He officially declared this week. It all comes down to the character checks really.

If a team or two believe in him, he could make for a solid move-tight end or joker. And if the Seahawks are looking in the mid-to-late rounds for mobile, tall receiving targets — he may be one to monitor. Although his charge at Florida puts me off big time. That’s just my take. I suspect others will feel the same way.


  1. Rock

    Jerramy Stevens comes to mind.

  2. Darnell

    If we’re talking about move TEs to compliment Zach Miller, I like Luke Willson from Rice.
    Taller, heavier, considerably faster and slightly better character.

    • FC

      My thoughts exactly

  3. Stuart

    That’s a good comparison. JS was really a scumbag! Hometown fans love their team and are willing to overlook a lot of things from the individual players but, no matter the talent, you have to draw a line somewhere.

    With that said, everyone deserves a second chance. Having three daughters makes me automatically say pass. But as a fan I say, if he checks out clean since, give him a tryout.

    If he is going to be a star, bring him in. If he is just depth, no way. Ability R-2/3, character UDFA.

  4. House

    This is one of those situations where I definitely need more tape on this guy. His blocking seems to be mediocre at best and receiving ability is decent. If Anthony McCoy comes back healthy, we don’t even need to have this discussion.

    Luke Willson is only scratching his potential and will likely get better with more field time (same as McCoy did). I think we have bigger needs than TE and someone like Kellen Davis has proven to be a decent #3 TE option.

    I think Colt Lyerla would be a better option. We have a good locker room (in my opinion) to help these young kids not get in their own way. Hopefully both Leonard and Lyerla clean their stuff up

  5. SunPathPaul

    The police report said the woman was missing “chunks of hair” from her head.”

    Holy Shit! I’d never even consider a guy like this…we have a GREAT team because of the locker room and quality of players…one bad seed, and we poison the bunch…. NEVER go for a dude like this!

    • Matt

      People make mistakes and people change. This was over 2 years ago. If he’s change than let him be apart of this team.

      • SunPathPaul

        People do make mistakes, me included, but most people don’t change…otherwise our world and society would be much different than it is.

  6. Nolan

    Yea I’m gonna say no thanks I’d be dissappointed if we drafted this guy. Even if he is the next jimmy graham. Surprised you even mentioned this dude rob last year you were talking about not wanting Tyron Matthieu or Darick Rodgers because they failed drug tests, they are choir boys next to this guy. I’m not saying we need only the highest character dudes but I don’t want Aaron Hernadez, Jevon Belecher, or even a Jeremy Stevens type on this roster.

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t want Matthieu or Rodgers but we did still cover both players quite a lot and the reasons why. I think it’s important to discuss players like this and raise some of the issues so we’re aware of the red flags. But I’d pass on Leonard for the reasons discussed in this piece.

      • Nolan

        True I was a huge supporter iog Rodgers and a lot of people loved Matthieu but, I don’t think most people will be into this guy. While we don’t know the whole story and I do believe in second chances I don’t want this guy on the roster.

  7. Phil

    I’m off topic, but here’s an amusing animated clip with Marshawn and Hauschka “at the water cooler”.

  8. James

    It appears to me that beating women is more than a youthful indiscretion. It is not unusual for kids to have a lapse in judgment and do too much partying in college. Most outgrow this immaturity. But beating a woman is not something a person does once and never again. It reflects a deep streak of violence and should be avoided at all costs. A domestic disturbance where the cops are called and all manner of shouting and threats are made is bad enough but can be overcome in some instances, but I would never bring someone onto my team who has beaten a woman. I would be ashamed of the Seahawks if PCJS took this guy in, caring more about their team than the women in the community.

    • Ben2

      I agree with you James….I’m all for giving guys a chance who may tested positive for drugs but a woman beater is in a different category. That category for me is: pass!

      • SunPathPaul

        Agree completely guys- this is over the limit and a sure fire PASS!

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