Markus Wheaton (WR, Oregon State) vs UCLA

I included Markus Wheaton at #33 on the updated top 50 watch list yesterday, a sign of how keen I am to see him in Oregon State’s final couple of games. He’s not the biggest receiver at 6-1 and around 185lbs, but he’s up there with DeAndre Hopkins as one of the more under rated receivers eligible for the 2013 draft.

For the season he has 68 catches for 977 yards, including ten touchdowns. Wheaton’s a senior and put up similar numbers last year (73 catches, 986 yards) but he’s become a much greater scoring threat, having only made one touchdown in 2011.

He’s a consistent option who might not make too many big, explosive plays – but he has got the deep speed and he’s a consistent hands catcher. I’ve watched Wheaton a few times now and there are a few things that keep cropping up. Firstly, he’s a very willing blocker in the second level. He anticipates the running back finding the hole and will look to make blocks downfield to enhance a gain. Secondly, he does a fine job creating separation. Time and time again he’ll create space with a crisp route or a double move. He’s one of the smoothest route runners you’ll see in college, no doubt down to the fact he’s a senior and has had the time to work on his game.

He could end up being a surprise late first rounder like A.J. Jenkins and anyone who drafts him in round two is getting a bargain. I’m not sure what the Seahawks are looking for if they want to add another receiver, and it may be that they want that big bodied target who can be physical while still getting downfield. I’m getting to the point where I’d consider Wheaton in round one even if he doesn’t have elite size. You know what you’ll get with this guy. He might never be Calvin Johnson, but who is?

I’ve included tape of his performance against UCLA above, courtesy of JMPasq.


  1. MJ

    Possible Hawk target in Round 2? Or is he not different enough from what we have to warrant that investment?

    • Rob Staton

      It’d be a smart move to consider drafting Wheaton. I’m just not sure he fits what PC and JS are looking for. Someone like GB, NO or NE will take this guy and he’ll have a long career.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        I’m not sure that’s not exactly what John is looking for.

        We’ve done the Lockette/Durham prototype size guys, and the ones that have made the team are the Baldwin/Tate guys. At this point, I’m not sure we’re necessarily looking for 6’2″+ 215+ guys to be a #1 receiver.

        If John thinks that Wheaton would be an upgrade to the corps and possible upgrade for Edwards, I think he’d pull that trigger.

  2. Aussie Rich

    Could he be the dependable go-to reciever?

    • Rob Staton

      Perhaps. I think he has that potential. You’d prefer he were a little bigger but there are plenty of places where he makes up for a lack of pure size.

  3. CJ

    I go to oregon state, so I’ve seen all his games, and he also has good run after the catch ability. Beavers run alot of screens with him and brandin cooks with solid success. Just curious, after watching wheaton, what are your thoughts on cooks as a prospect? and maybe some of the defensive players such as Scott Crichton?

    • Rob Staton

      Not spent as much time on Crichton or Cooks as Wheaton or Poyer just yet, but I’ll get on it.

      • Jmpasq

        I love Crichton got the 1 video up on him. He is eligible,

  4. Rich

    I’m an Oregon State Fan too. I was hoping wheaton would stay under the radar but I guess that’s wishful thinking. 🙂 He’s a deep threat. I was hoping to see him in round 2 but also would not be surprised to see him go earlier. I know that he’s run just as fast De Anthony Thomas in track but track doesn’t always translate to the football field. Would have loved to pick up him up with Patterson from Tennessee. It might still be possible if Rob doesn’t tell anyone else.

  5. Christon Petersen

    I think he is solid but not spectacular. He is a deep threat but I don’t see him breaking many tackles or make people miss at the next level. I would compare him to Brandon Lloyd at the next level. For the bubble screens that the Seahawks have been running – I would much rather prefer DeAndre Hopkins because he has the same deep threat ability but he also on short passes makes more guys miss him. Hopkins is more shifty where Wheaton is more straight line speed. I don’t see Wheaton being much of a factor at getting YAC at the next level. I would think he would be a mid-round prospect.

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