Matt Barkley (QB, USC) game tape vs Washington

Thanks to JMPasq for supplying the tape


  1. Tom

    It’s Matt Barkley and the Monday afternoon lunch break.

    What I liked against U.W.

    :04 That’s a beautiful roll out and dart to Tellfer who Barkley really looked to in this game. Excellent play.

    :50 The pump fake and deep left pass to Butler was real nice. Again, Barkley shows very nice touch on the 9 route fades.

    3:56 Very decisive with a short bullet to Lee for the TD.

    5:21 Faced pressure, hung in tough and showed good pocket awareness in a 1st down throw to Lee. Nice.

    5:45 His pocket presence is impressive here on the checkdown. Didn’t get skittish like you’ll see from a Jones and showed vision.

    Barkley displays very solid fundamentals, intangibles and a grasp of what he wants to do as QB.

    A few nit pick items to balance what I saw.

    :10 Got fooled on the zone blitz as DE dropped into coverage and should’ve been picked. Looked a bit similar to ASU’s Berficts interception. It happens.

    3:05 and 3:18 Looks to be leaning and throwing off his back foot and a pass gets batted.

    3:37 My main concern has been Barkley’s mastery of the middle of field and crossing routes as delineated in the Colorado write up. This was an example where he throws way behind his receiver on a middle crossing route. Replay at 3:45.

    4:40 Not sure what he was doing on that throw into triple coverage.

    5:13 He hesitated too long in the pocket on the skinny post and then had to fire it and overthrew his target. He had a chance to release the ball sooner and nail that for a TD.

    6:32 Typically excellent on the 9 rte fades, he underthrew Woods who had to slow and had ball batted by Richardson.

    There isn’t going to be perfect throws everytime so a lot is nit picking. I like what I see but my only concern has been and continues to be the mastery and accuracy in the middle of the field.

    I don’t like USC’s offense. When you have Tellfer, Woods and Lee running different route combinations and with their skill, why do we see so many bubble screens, sideline fades and checkdowns?

    It is a reason that in the top 35 college passer rated QB’s, Barkley has the lowest y.p.a. at 7.5 despite completing 2/3rds of his passes. That and the middle of the field anticipatory stick throws still concern me.

    I like his intangibles, his leadership, his pocket awareness and he doesn’t make a lot of bonehead plays like interceptions or taking unnecessary sacks. He plays a pretty conservative but consistent position and he won’t lose a game for you.

    • Rob

      Thanks for the breakdown, Tom. Very interesting read. I’ll get round to studying Barkley on Wednesday.

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