Meet the new clipboard holder

With Brady Quinn expected to sign and Josh Portis already back with the team, I suspect this weakens the likelihood Seattle goes for a quarterback relatively early in the draft (as in rounds 2-4). Of course, if the right player is available, they’ll probably take him. Yet the team has a solid and largely inexpensive trio now. A late rounder or UDFA could be thrown into the mix as further competition. These things are hard to project, but Sean Renfree or Colby Cameron could be options in that range.


  1. HardcoreHawk

    Love Colby Cameron. How do you like Seth Doege?

    • Rob Staton

      I liked Doege in college but if I said he was a poor mans Graham Harrell, that pretty much sums my view of his pro-prospects.

  2. John

    Poor Kip…

  3. Turp

    Someone needs to photoshop a Seahawk on Brady Quinn’s glamour shot! Heh. No contract deals released yet, but I hope it is for peanuts.

  4. Miles

    I’m sure it will be a minimum contract. It would seem we’ll hear about a contract being finalized within the next 3 hours or so. It’s probably just a matter of Brady’s agent arguing for some minor incentives or an option for a second year.

    No matter what it seems odd to give him any more than the league minimum. Even at the league minimum he’ll be making more than Russell, am I wrong? I just feel Brady has very little wiggle room if he wants a contract.

  5. dave crockett

    Absolutely no problem with Quinn. He’s there to help Wilson watch film and scout opponent defenses. I suspect he can do that.

  6. Aaron

    So much for the similar skill set thing. Maybe they’ll still go for a BJ Daniels late in the draft.

    • SunPathPaul

      That is what I would like to see…BJ Daniels in the mix…

      • Miles

        It would definitely be exciting to see him in preseason but there’s no way he would be on the roster, I feel like. Russell Wilson proved everybody wrong and became a great starting QB last year, but can Daniels prove he is a good backup? His throwing motion is incredibly weird and his passes don’t have the kind of zip an NFL quarterback requires. I would love to see him drafted because he’s maybe the most athletic quarterback available, but what does he give us besides a few interesting preseason snaps?

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    1. Be happy it’s not Leinart. Very happy.
    2. It’s still very early. Lots of things can happen between now and training camp (let alone preseason)
    3. His contract doesn’t mean a thing against the cap unless he makes the 53- man roster. Even then it probably won’t be much.
    4. Be happy it’s not Leinart. Very happy.

  8. Sam Jaffe

    I would still like to see BJ Daniels drafted, but as a backup to Harvin, not as a qb. In some ways I would prefer him to Denard Robinson in that role.

  9. Chris

    I’d like them to grab Jordan Rodgers from Vandy in the late rounds. I think he could develop into a good backup for Russell.

  10. Maz

    I still like Jeff Tuel late in this draft. Would pick him over Daniels.

    • Miles

      Damn cougs.

      I’m not a huge fan of Tuel from the tape I’ve watched. I don’t think he’ll make it in the NFL but I’ll certainly be following him. I just think there are many interesting options late in the draft and Tuel isn’t one of them. He’ll probably get scooped up as a UDFA, no?

      • Maz

        He had some injury problems, but has the talent to be a good backup. I like his tape. I like how he was able to elude in the pocket and throw the deep ball. He is athletic enough to play in our scheme behind RW.

  11. A. Simmons

    Glad I don’t have to worry about any QB controversies this year. No one wants to see any of these backups on the field except our opponents.

    • Belgaron

      True, it is an interesting question to wonder how the season would have gone different if they had made Wilson the starter sooner in training camp. Would he have gotten one more win? I realize they would have upset the locker room if they didn’t give Flynn and TJack the opportunity but it did have its downside as well.

      • A. Simmons

        I don’t worry too much about what could happen. For all we know the competitive environment is what pushed Wilson to come out of the gate as strong as he did. I am happy that he will get a full offseason of work with the receivers and offensive line. Team should operate like well-oiled machine even moreso than last year. Now if the defense can stop giving up leads on the road, we’ll be golden.

  12. Jake

    Uggh – Brady Quinn. Why even have a backup if he’s going to be completely inept? Was Curtis Painter not available? So we signed a backup that can’t do anything that Wilson can do. He has shown zero ability to read a defense and go through progressions and he isn’t elusive inside of or outside of the pocket. He has a good arm and that’s about it. He isn’t overly accurate, so I guess the gameplan would be run 80% throw play-action bombs 20% if he had to fill in.

    • Rob Staton

      And he probably won’t see the field at any point in his Seattle career, Jake. Relax.

      • Jake

        Which goes back to the main point of my comment. Why have a backup if that backup is completely inept?

        • Colin

          Because the Seahawks don’t think he is completely inept, apparently. And our team “around” the QB is pretty good, so I wouldn’t panic too much over the backup QB spot.

    • Belgaron

      Last year after completing 19 of 23 passes for 201 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions, and leading the Chiefs to a 27-21 win over the Panthers, Quinn was named the AFC offensive player of the week for week 13. So he has had at least one moment recently, for what it’s worth. This is an honor he shares with Wilson who was the NFL player of the week for that same week. This was the week he beat the Bears with late game drives.

      • Belgaron

        NFL should have been NFC in that post.

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