Mel Kiper: Gabbert ahead of Newton


  1. McDavis

    This is the time of year where ignoring ESPN draft discussions is probably the best call. Kiper spends the first 30 seconds explaining why throwing at the combine is a bad scenario for any QB and the last 30 seconds explaining that, because Newton didn’t throw well in the obviously bad scenario, he lost value . . . Does Kiper think he’s the only one who understands the challenge of throwing at the combine?? Teams and scouts aren’t ignorant to the scenario Newton put himself in and physically Newton should be in the exact same position on team’s boards as he was prior to the combine. In fact, he may be better off since his height, weight and athleticism are now verified.

    The only actual valid information in this video is that some teams responded negatively to Newton’s interviews. However, even then it only takes one team who likes him, in particular Carolina and he still goes before Gabbert who he clearly has beat out physically.

  2. jhs

    Rob what do you think the chances of somebody taking Mebane for the 3 Round Tender. It would be nice to know if Mebane would be back next season or not, but I am not sure if these transactions can take place during the lock out.

    • Alex

      From what I know, there’s a pretty high chance. A 3rd round tender isn’t that high. The more important point is the contract. There is supposedly a huge discrepancy between what Mebane and Seahawks want. If the Seahawks tag Mebane, a team will come up with an offer. This offer barring some sort of insanity by the offering team would be Mebane’s “market” value. The Seahawks can then match it if they feel like the $ are reasonable.

      In essence, the Seahawks is letting Mebane see his true value on the market and then matching it if it’s at or below the value that they’re currently negotiating. In a way, the Seahawks is using the market as a arbitrator. Obviously, if the market value is higher than the Seahawks expected, then there would be more deliberation of the cost.

      Of course, these rules only exist under the current CBA. The new CBA could make all of this moot. If there is no RFA in the new CBA, then Mebane becomes a normal FA where everything is fair game. The key difference is that the Seahawks automatically retain Mebane if they match. In that sense, the Seahawks have control. If Mebane becomes a FA, Mebane himself has control.


      • Cliff

        If the Hawks and Mebane are far on contract talks and nothing is going to get gone i’d at least want to see the hawks try to trade him. Think how much the Bills need a run stuffing DT. Or any other team really.
        I wonder how high of a pick our 1st (25) + Mebane would get us.

        • FWBrodie

          Can’t trade free agents.

    • Rob

      I think when a CBA is agreed (whenever that is) we’ll see the end of tender’s with four year veterans becoming unrestricted free agents. I think a lot of those tender’s offered out were token gestures more than anything else. Would anyone spend a 3rd rounder on Mebane if they did remain? Possibly – it is a deep draft at defensive tackle so you can never be sure and of course Seattle can always choose to match any contract he’s offered.

      • Al

        If four-year vets become unrestricted free agents does the appeal of prospects such as Cam Newton, who will likely have to sit for a year or two before becoming productive starters, diminish?

  3. ChavaC

    I still don’t get the hype about Blaine Gabbert. Can you really call him so significantly better than Locker as to go an entire round earlier (at least?), as most people are mocking? I mean he didn’t exactly put up huge numbers, he played on a much better team, and he played in Mizzou’s spread. Are we really calling him a top 10, let alone #1, pick?

    • FWBrodie


      • ChavaC

        63% out of a spread offense? That’s accuracy that gets you into the top 10?… really? At 6.7 ypa?

        • Matt

          I think something that can be said for Locker is that Sarkisian hardly ever called plays that were easy completions. The lack of TE in that offense cannot be understated as you look at both Luck and Barkley, and they had significant completions to TEs and FBs. That said, the ball placement by those two is significantly better than Lockers. I do, however, have faith that Locker will improve.

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