Mel Kiper’s 2012 big board & Jerrod Johnson on the UFL

ESPN’s Mel Kiper published his first 2012 big board this week. You’ll need an insider account to see the full top-25 with analysis but I thought I’d list the top ten for you below:

#1 Andrew Luck (QB, Stanford)
#2 Quinton Coples (DE, North Carolina)
#3 Matt Kalil (OT, USC)
#4 Alshon Jeffery (WR, South Carolina)
#5 Matt Barkley (QB, USC)
#6 Jonathan Martin (OT, Stanford)
#7 Justin Blackmon (WR, Oklahoma State)
#8 Jerel Worthy (DT, Michigan State)
#9 Dre Kirkpatrick (CB, Alabama)
#10 Landry Jones (QB, Oklahoma)

You can see my own top-50 prospect to watch for 2012 by clicking here. I have the same offensive lineman and quarterbacks graded early, although I truly believe there’s very little between Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley and that should give the USC quarterback an edge over guys like Quinton Coples and Alshon Jeffery. Justin Blackmon is a little high in my opinion but has production to back up his claims of a place in the top ten. The same can’t be said for Jerel Worthy and Dre Kirkpatrick who are surely this high on potential only as neither had a major impact last season.

Landry Jones is at #10 on Kiper’s board, while I had him at #13. Certainly I agree with Kiper’s order for the quarterbacks and while Jones does have the potential to take the next step and warrant a high grade, he also need to make improvements with his decision making and consistency this year, as well as finding a way to shine through the ultra-productive Oklahoma system.

One quarterback who may have been graded highly in some places (particularly after an excellent display against Texas late in 2009) is former Texas A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson. He was benched as a senior after inconsistent play, leading to a heartbreaking end to what was actually a solid college career. Although he lacked some of the basic traits needed to progress to the next level, it was difficult to watch Senior night for the Aggies when Johnson was introduced to the crowd fighting back tears.

After going undrafted last month he was then named the #1 overall pick in the UFL draft, taken by the Hartford Colonials. He spoke to ESPN about his hopes for the future including a possible route into the NFL:


  1. jerry

    Anyone listening to Mel Kiper, is goofy.
    Mel Kiper is 25% at his profession. I’m assuming speculation is his job.
    If I was only 25% successfull at MY job, I wouldn’t have a job.

  2. Patrick

    At the end of the college football season, Robert Griffin lll will be scouted as the most accurate passer on Mel’s big board….. guarantee

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