Melvin Gordon is ready for the combine

Check the second video — it offers an insight into his personality and competitive streak.


  1. Cysco

    Seems like a great kid. I hope he goes to a team that I can actually stand cause I want to root for him. 🙂

  2. Ehurd1021

    I think he is a good kid but he is soft IMO.

    I think when JS did that interview a week ago and discussed guys he watched who didn’t “finish” plays, Gordon is a clear example. IMO he Plays way to small for kid with his size and it comes down to a mentality and a attitude certain running backs play with. Every running back on this roster plays with it and it stood out in their tape, a desire and ability to move piles and fight for extra yardage.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      He runs more like Shawn Alexander than Marshawn Lynch. Too often he attempts to bounce it outside. Gurley and Marshawn will run over someone and drive for three yards. Gordon gets knocked down by too many arm tackles. A lot of it is his running style which does not fit the one cut and go we are using. I would give a big edge to Gurley for his tough running style and pass catching ability.

      • rowdy

        I just don’t know what you guys are seeing. He’s definitely not lynch or Gurley as a power back but he probably forced the most missed tackles in college by a large amount. He’s a fighter and rarely goes down with arm tackles. He doesn’t run people over for 3 extra yards but he still gets the extra yards by being shifty. To say he’s not like lynch is one thing but to call him soft is just wrong.

        • Volume 12

          Big fan of Melvin Gordon as well, but I can see both sides of the coin, or debate.

          I don’t think Gordon is necessarily soft, but he is a stretch runner, that does bounce the majority of his carries out to the edge. He has the ability to be a one-cut runner, but doesn’t always do so.

          Really though, he’s such a natural and silky smooth, Love his character too.

          I actually prefer Indiana HB Tevin Coleman over both Gurley and Gordon, but that’s just me.

          • Cysco

            I’m with you V12. Big Tevin Coleman fan. Can’t wait to see him at the combine.

            I wouldn’t put him above Gurley (who I think is incredibly special and my dream pick at 31), but he’s right up there as the #3 back in the draft. IMO

            • hawkfaninMT

              Tevin will not be competing at the combine

              • rowdy

                Brock was talking about the hawks drafting a lot of guys that don’t work out at the combine.

        • Ehurd1021

          When I watched his tape thats what I thought about him. Gordon shies away from contact often — maybe its his running style or maybe he’s scared of contact. I disagree with you that Gordon doesn’t go down on first contact and by arm tackles, I remember watching tape of him towards the end of this season and thinking he was taking plays off to save his body for the draft.

          I think his style of running is not beneficial for a zone blocking scheme as well, which has seen its most success around the league and with the Seahawks with 1-cut backs who get up field and wont sacrifice a 3 yard gain for a 2 yard loss trying to hit a home run which Gordon does a lot. One of the main reasons I think Michael has not seen the field much.

          And with Gordon or any other running back I will never compare them to Marshawn and knock them for it. Marshawn is a unique in the way he plays the game. But I can compare him to Turbin, Michael and other backs in his class when it comes to “finishing” ability and yardage after first contact and IMO Gordon lacks in both.

    • MFNewguy

      Is it me or does turbo give you 1-2 runs a game that look just like Beast Mode? I like to see more of Turbin but not at the expense of Lynch.

  3. MaxDaddy3000

    Sounds VERY Seahawky. Pete’s probably drooling over this video as we speak.

    • Scott B.

      I was gonna say that second video seems like a pitch to get the Seahawks to draft him.

      • GeoffU

        Since compete Carroll made the Seahawks good, the compete mantra has become so cliche these days. I don’t remember ever hearing that before Pete, certainly not to the extent it’s used now.

  4. Colin

    From what little I have seen, I feel like this kid doesn’t always take advantage of the tremendous run blocking he receives.

    • rowdy

      He had 2600 yds and 29 td’s. What would be taking advantage?

    • Rob Staton

      He was a few yards away from breaking the NCAA record for yardage.

      • OZ

        I’ll take him in a heartbeat. People can’t compare this kid to Marshawn, he is not that type of a runner. Good stiff-arm/good receiver/run’s it up the gut/ bounces it outside when there is nothing there and is very good at it. he looks pretty damn tough to me. whats not to like about him? I,ll bet he would he would be a heck of a return man as well. we would have to move up for him. lets do it…

  5. Madmark

    Its nice to dream of a Badgers backfield but if we don’t trade up it just won’t happen. There are to many teams that need a franchise RB and he’s healthy and will go early. Make no mistake this is not Trent Richardson.

  6. Volume 12

    Rob, I noticed that CC mentioned UConn CB Byron Jones on the last post.

    Some scouts are saying he’s a ‘day 1 starter on a press man scheme.’ Obviously he’d be a good fit for a physical DB group like the one we have. I was wondering if you’ve had the chance to look at him, and if so what are your thoughts, or anyone else’s?

  7. SunPathPaul

    Gordan plays like an athlete that will be successful.

    I still don’t want to give up on Christine Michael. He has been explosive with a TINY amount of work. If we could only understand the dynamic of WHY he doesn’t get more reps. Fumbling? He had a few, and 1-2 were helmets hitting the football…good defensive plays…

    My hunch is that while C.Mike might be immature a bit, I believe he is held back so as to not piss off Marshawn Lynch…

    Does anyone else want to see what C.Mike really has before we jump onto another train??

    If Lynch walks, we obviously would draft another RB…

  8. dtrain

    I just sat down to watch Matt Jones/Florida vs Kentucky. Listed at 6’2″/235 but looks more 6’0″ish. Looks like a Lynch-clone style-wise (not as strong–but who is?). Very physical, excellent pass protector. Didn’t see much as a receiver as he body-caught his only attempt. Had some knee work done (meniscus/MCL) in 2013. Passes the eye-ball test and looks steal if he drops to 5th-6th round. It will be interesting to see how his combine #s shake out. I have a feeling he will be a riser.

  9. Ho Lee Chit

    Sign me up for Tevin Coleman, also. This kid is the totally package in a one cut and go running back and he comes with two good knees.

    I am also enamored with Jalston Fowler. At 250lbs this kid could move and move guys out of the way. He reminds me of John L. Williams, only bigger. He knocks guys out of the hole for Eddy Lacy but can carry the rock on his own for good yardage, too. He only knows one direction and that is straight ahead. He has soft hands catching the ball out of the backfield. He should be a late round pick given nobody wants an old school full back anymore. I see him giving Will Tukuafu and Derrick Coleman some competition in camp. I will be curious to see how fast he runs and whether he has lost any more weight after weighing in at over 270 prior to the Senior Bowl. His draft stock will be a function of his weight and 40 time.

    • Volume 12

      Glad you like ‘Rock’ aka Tevin Coleman as well.

      He’s really an ideal back for the ZBS scheme isn’t he?

  10. Turp

    O/T, but remove Fitz from our FA wish list. 2 year extension.

    • SunPathPaul

      Actually the new contract shortens his previous one that ended in 2018.
      So at 31 years old, he simplified it all down from larger unguaranteed $, to 2 years at $11 guaranteed each year.

      Smart in my mind. He gets every penny, has 2 years left to win with his team AZ, then at 33/34 probably retires…

      If we do get a WR guy in FA, I’d prefer Brandon Marshall… Prefer to just draft 3 WR and a TE…Play the odds

      • SunPathPaul

        I just looked it up, and Brandon Marshall is 30. He was drafted in the 4th round.

        Maybe instead of pay him at 30 with possible locker room ‘malfunctions’ possible, we just draft a 6’5″-210 WR like Jordan Taylor, or Darren Waller at 6’5″, and see which works out!

        I think the SIZE becomes more useful when you have ‘multiple’ of them…creating height mismatches.

        • Turp

          I’m still curious if Vjax will be a cap causalty. I don’t think we will touch Cameron in FA unless he is dirt cheap. The only thing I do expect to see is going after DE/DT in FA (Jabaal Sheard and Stephen Paea would be great for the price)

        • Rob Staton

          That’s quite a U-turn Paul! Marshall to possibly Taylor who wasn’t invited to the combine.

  11. at32

    I’m surprised to see so much criticism of Gordon. I believe he will be a good-great back in the NFL and if the Hawks can snag him, they should. Lynch is a one of a kind RB, we are not going find his clone. However, there are many running styles that are successful in the NFL.

    And all this talk about avoiding contact…what other RB’s do we know that did their best to avoid contact? Barry Sanders anyone? I’m not at all comparing him to Barry, but my point is that every RB has a different style. A lot will depend on how Gordon adapts to the NFL level. But with his work ethic and attitude, I expect him to be fine.

    • Rob Staton

      Gordon has insane potential and his best football is ahead. I firmly believe that.

      I also didn’t see any physical issues vs LSU and Auburn, the two SEC opponents he faced in 2014.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I was surprised by the criticism too. Our next running back draft pick will not be Marshawn Lynch – and there is nothing wrong with picking someone with a different style and different strengths.

      • Clayton

        I think our next running back will be similar to Marshawn because this team is trying to do more than just get first downs and touchdowns by running the ball, they are trying to establish an identity. I think the running back that they are looking for is one that will bring the pain and wear out defenders. I think that’s partially how this team wins in the fourth quarter. I think Melvin Gordon is a great running back, but I don’t think his running style matches the identity that this team is looking for.

        • Ho Lee Chit

          Exactly! Tom Cable is not going to put up with turning a 2 yard gain into a 2 yard loss because the RB tried to bounce it outside. LB’s are too fast for that in the NFL.

          • Volume 12

            That’s my concern as well HLC. Sure, he’s a phenomenal athlete, but so are defenders at the NFL level.

          • Rob Staton

            One thing Cable’s scheme is adept at is opening up inside creases with movement of the guard. A guy like Gordon takes those for +20.

        • Rob Staton

          I personally think what they’ll eventually head towards is a RBBC approach with a feature back and some complimentary pieces, keep the main guy fresh. Guys like Marshawn who wear out a defense are few and far between.

          • Volume 12

            Yeah I agree. Definitely think they’ll move to RBBC, with a couple or few different styles.

  12. ChuckyP

    The NEG’s on this guy are a joke, you’ll see soft my ass when they get his hands up to speed with the rest of him, he’ll be a Faulk/Charles clone! Also when the combine is over wait till the numbers are put together on this guy! Like a 525 Bench for starters!! You naysayers stay on Gimp Gurley broken wheel, I’ll take this freak!

    • Rob Staton

      No need to be quite as aggressive as this Chucky — but ultimately I agree with your point. Gordon is a star in the making.

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