Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a great day.

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  1. Doug

    Same to ya all! I got a ton of Hawk gear to wear down here is SoCal, and I am SO stoked to be a Hawk fan these days, Losing yesterday was tough, but more importantly was the fact that we slugged it out toe to toe with them, and we were NOT outmatched. Considering how many players are IR just shows the depth that PCJS have assembled, and NOBODY takes us lightly from now on. We have become a bonafied “tough” team and I couldn’t be happier with where we are at. Of course the QBOTF is still our quest, especially as TJack showed a lot of poor thinking and decisions made in this game, but also showed some good arm too. I feel “OK” with him as our QBOTP (present) until we somehow do something, and really hoping Portis has something to offer up. But I am finally really proud of the team, and the moxie they display. I am looking forward to dismantling Arizona next week, and then the endless days until the draft spent in here.

    God Bless y’all, and war Hawks!

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