Michael Brockers (DT, LSU) game tape vs Georgia


  1. David

    Where do you rank Brockers Rob?

    is he going to be a first round talent or is he something the Hawks can get in the 2nd?

    I was overlooking your Brock Oswieler Blog and i love the idea of the hawks sliding back and getting more picks if they cant get Griffin.

    Id love us to get him (Oswieler) maybe mid to late 1st and then with other pick(s) we picked up, id love us to get maybe Polk or even some DE talent in the later rounds, although Clinton McDonald (DT) shows good potential for us to have at an inside man, just need to add some wieght.

  2. Andrew Kelly

    I’m not Rob but that is a top ten talent. He stuffed the run, beat double teams, generated a ton of pressure. He’s almost the ideal 3-tech. I hope he is still around at 11/12, although I’d guess not.

  3. Rob

    Hi David,

    I think Brockers will ultimately be a top-12 pick and the first defensive tackle off the board. He’s a redshirt sophomore so he still has room to grow, but he’s an every down tackle who can penetrate into the backfield, he’s shown he can move outside on some downs, he’s got a couple of moves that flash real potential to be a more productive pass rusher. Yet he’s so far only scratching the surface of his potential. There’s a risk element with Brockers because he’s not got a lot of experience, he’s been playing on a super-talented defense and he hasn’t got a lot of pure production as a pass rusher. It’s a potential pick, to get what he could become. But there was less of an unknown about guys like Corey Liuget etc in the past few years.

    Carolina looks like a logical fit at #8 or #’9, but the Seahawks are also in with a shout.

  4. Doug

    Now this is the kinda guy I really like. LOTS of room to grow. He get’s double teamed almost every play. This is the kind of kid you want on your team.
    The other side of him is that he creates one more possibility to shake up the top picks, that make trading up to get RG3 a one in a million chance now, instead of a one in a billion.

    But I would rather have this guy than Osweiller(sp?) every day of the week.

  5. dave crockett

    He has serious physical tools.

    He’s also raw like sushi. He stands almost straight up and down off the snap. But still generates impressive power for a guy who doesn’t play with pristine (read: any) technique. I didn’t think he *commanded* a double-team in that tape. Georgia doubled him on some snaps, but they singled him up quite a bit too. He wasn’t unblockable.

    I’m not saying he’s an overrated prospect, but I’m not sure he’s LIKELY to ever be more than a rotational guy who has to come out on passing downs.

    In a broader sense, I hope we don’t get seduced by the SEC hype machine. LSU linemen haven’t exactly set the NFL ablaze during the Les Miles era. Their best NFL defensive lineman has been Kyle Williams, who was an afterthought in the 5th round. I don’t want to paint with too broad a brush, but Tyson Jackson and Glen Dorsey are recent top-5 picks who look closer to busts than to Pro-Bowlers (much less all-Pros).

    Obviously, that’s not a specific indictment of Brockers. He’s independent of any other player.


    For all the talk about how SEC defensive linemen are ALL 300 lbs and run sub-5.0 40s, it’s worth noting that “week-in-week-out” they don’t see sophisticated offenses. I see Brockers is a big strong guy with a decent first step, like Nevis, Dorsey, and Jackson before him. I also see a guy who rushes the passer like he’s taking on a blocking sled. I don’t see hand play, much less any evidence of a counter move.

    At the three technique I don’t just want another big, strong guy. I want a guy who knows how to use his hands, and has a doggone counter move. You can’t just beast your way to the QB in the NFL. Can Brockers develop in these areas? Surely, but guys who CAN do those things usually come to the league knowing how to do them. They may need to get better but you’re rarely starting from zero with a guy who is going to be a great player.

  6. Joa

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