Michael Lombardi: Seahawks willing to deal Sherman

Michael Lombardi is the former GM of the Browns and most recently worked in New England as an assistant to the coaching staff.

He had some interesting things to say in the following podcast about Richard Sherman and the Seahawks:

Here are the quotes:

“If they (the Saints) were to call the Seattle Seahawks up and say, ‘we would be interested in obtaining Richard Sherman, would you be willing to do it?’ — I truly believe based on what I hear in the National Football League that the Seahawks would in fact for the right deal trade Richard Sherman. He has two years left at around $11m a year. He’s two years older than Malcolm Butler… he would come in and fix their defense in a style they want to play. They want to emulate the Seattle defense in New Orleans. So could that be a trade that they make? To me that’s an option. I’m not saying they’re going to do that but it would be an option.”

He goes on to say…

“I think Seattle really thought twice about paying Richard Sherman. They felt they had to when they won the Super Bowl. Now their cap’s kind of a mess and they need to fix it so I think the reason they need to fix it is because they put all that money in the corner position in a defense where, we feel you can draft players that fit that scheme. Seattle did it, they’ve done it over and over again. They rewarded Sherman. I think New Orleans would be better off drafting.”

And then this…

“They’ve paid a lot of players. I think they would have to get their cap back in shape. They don’t have very much cap room now. They signed Eddie Lacy on a really pay-for-play deal which is probably the right thing to do but again, the scheme in Seattle allows you to find corners especially size/speed corners of which there’s a bundle of them in this draft that can play deep third of the defense, they’ll tackle and they can play within the scheme.”

This is a difficult one to digest. On the one hand, it would be an unusual move for the Seahawks to make, especially a week into the new league year. If such a trade was forthcoming, it likely would’ve come together at the combine or the early stages of free agency.

There’s also very little chance of the Seahawks getting market value considering Sherman’s age (he turns 29 this month) and the rich upcoming cornerback class.

And yet Lombardi is relatively connected and doesn’t hedge at all in this podcast. There was a lot of unrest surrounding Sherman at the end of last season and he did, for whatever reason, become a distraction.

It’s probably a non-story but neither is it one to immediately dismiss outright.

The absolute best Seattle could hope to gain in a trade with New Orleans would probably be the #32 pick they recently acquired from New England. Given the Saints’ desperation to repair their defense, an injection of pure talent could be preferable over an inexperienced rookie.

Yet the Seahawks, by trading Sherman, would be forcing themselves to not only replace one of their best players but also fill the existing void on the other side of the field. If they had ready made replacements on the roster, it would make more sense. They don’t, so would be taking a huge risk.

So while a trade seems unlikely, the concerning question right now is — how does this team really feel about Sherman? Is it simply a marriage of convenience? And what kind of dynamic can we expect in 2017, given the way 2016 ended?

In other news…

Luke Willson has re-signed with the Seahawks, agreeing a one-year deal worth up to $3m. Deshawn Shead has also reportedly agreed a one-year contract.

How does this impact the draft? It probably won’t at the cornerback position with Shead expected to miss considerable time in 2017. Re-signing Willson lessens the need to get a tight end contributor for this year. They still might draft one with both Willson and Jimmy Graham out of contract in 2018. It’s likewise not an immediate priority and it’s entirely possible Willson and Graham will agree extensions in the future.

There’s also talk today of Marshawn Lynch coming out of retirement to play for the Raiders. Who knows if Lynch is serious about this? It seems like a lot needs to happen. He would need to un-retire and commit to a return. The Seahawks and Raiders would need to come to an agreement (or Seattle would need to release him). That won’t be easy because the Raiders are unlikely to be willing to pay much for a one-year rental. The Seahawks, likewise, are not inclined to help the Raiders and waive their right to compensation.

It seems farfetched but I’m sure we can all agree, the NFL is better with Beast Mode — even if he’s in Oakland.

Anyway, at least it provided Bruce Irvin the opportunity to post this fantastic Tweet:

The Seahawks are also meeting with receiver Kamar Aiken tomorrow. Ricky Jean-Francois and Arthur Brown are the latest defensive players to visit Seattle. Veteran depth on the D-line and at linebacker appears to be the target in this latest stage of free agency. Offensive tackle Ryan Clady also reportedly met with the Seahawks today.

UPDATE — Arthur Brown has agreed terms with the Seahawks.

Finally, I also made an appearance on a British-based NFL podcast yesterday. You can hear us talk Seahawks and the draft via this link (click the 16th March podcast).


  1. EranUngar

    While the Seahawks will have to start phasing out some of their superstars as they age and young blood needs to get paid, Trading Sherman now is at least a year too early.

    If they are successful in restocking their DB group from this deep draft class and train 1-2 top young candidates to play the Seahawks’ system, they may be in a great position to trade Sherman away next year with a year left on his contract.

    • peter

      Sherman only has two more years on his contract so his value will go down when he is viewed as a “rental.” Right now is basically the closest time they would have to getting a big draft pick for him.

    • Rob Staton

      The value isn’t going to be good for a Sherman trade this year. It’ll be even worse in a year when he hits 30.

    • C-Dog

      I think it would be a very big risk. If there is genuine ill-will brewing between the player and the team, and for sake of argument, let’s agree that there could be (Sherman dissing Carroll in a presser, multiple ugly sideline eruptions directed at coaches, verbally attacking and threatening a local reporter and then creating fake news about it months later), the team would also have to way the risk of bringing back an angry potentially unhinged player who is also probably a big time influence on the younger players that they are trying to develop.

      For me, while I’ve loved this player, I did not enjoy seeing all his antics unfold like this last season. For as ugly as his sideline antics were, bad talking the HC kind of took it to a place of no return, especially considering he’s shown no willingness to accept any faults on his own actions. He has put his pride ahead of this team to the point of undermining the HC, thus far. Not a good sign moving forward.

      They may not trade him, but they might.

    • AlaskaHawk

      This marks the beginning of silly rumor season. Next week there will be trade rumors about Kam Chancellor.

  2. Michael

    Not sure how he figures the Seahawks cap situation is a “mess”… What are the bad contracts on this team that are going to hamstring them flexibility wise? Have they been pushing a ton of stuff into next year or beyond like the Cowboys always seem to do? No. So they don’t have $60MM open to spend on overpriced free agents? Sorry, we’ve actually got some players already on the team who are worth paying.

    This whole thing is no news in the worst way, but at least lend it a little credence by knowing what you’re talking about on the rest of your points if you’d like people to take it seriously Mr. Lombardi…

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree Michael, this guy is just talking out his ass. The trade part may or may not be accurate but there cap is definately not a mess

    • cha

      That’s my point too about Lombardi’s comments. In what world is having a core of star players locked into reasonable deals AND still having some cap room to add small pieces a “mess” ? Teams forced to trade their star players to get cap relief are usually overdrawn on the cap and are in desperate straights.

      It sounds like he’s just pushing his personal philosophy.

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect he’s exaggerating when he says it’s a ‘mess’ — but the Seahawks are in the bottom third for cap space and might’ve looked at a guy like Calais Campbell and wondered if, like Denver, they could’ve considered adding him or giving him a pitch with more room.

      We might see a different approach over the next five years. Being more like the Pats. Letting one or two big names walk or selling high and reloading.

      • cha

        …and RW signing/renegotiating a well-below-market contract because he’s married to a starlet who rakes in as much as him so the team can have more cap flexibility LOL ?

        • elliott atk

          Russel Wilson’s wife does have a net-worth of like 20 million dollars though


        But Rob, why do we need to change our approach? The Pats win with scheme, the hoodie and the goat, we win with great players. Sure it would be nice to be able to add Campbell, but the reason we couldn’t is because we already have so many stars. I really reject this idea that because we can’t always spend on outside FA that we are in cap trouble. We are paying the most star-laden team in football already. The Jaguars would love to have our problems.

      • Ryan

        I don’t think you are in a cap mess if you’re paying good players good money. It means you have good players.

        You get in a cap mess when you pay poor or mediocre players good money.

        Just because we don’t have a lot of free cap space doesn’t mean it’s a mess.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          Here here.

  3. EP

    As much as Sherman may be a distraction I think trading him at this point would be ludicrous. Last season he was arguably the best CB in the league and that was with an injury. With no clear replacement already on the roster and any incoming CB through the draft will not be up to his level immediately, if ever. Unless Seattle are offered an offer they simply can’t refuse (which is unlikely) I can’t see them trading Sherman. Yes it is possible that Seattle would trade him like he says, but the same cannae said for any player on any team. With the right offer everyone is expendable (apart from franchise QBs). As for the cap space I also struggle to see where the cap issue lies. Yes we’re not swimming in space but we’re hardly at the cliff edge either. Part of me thinks this may just be a rumour thrown out here because there is very little to talk about with free agency winding down and the draft still a while off. The NFL loves a story, especially when it involves one of the most controversial players.

  4. Sea Mode

    I would say this is one of those situations where the Hawks will listen to offers for anybody (except maybe RW). Why not? If someone is crazy enough to offer a package too good to refuse, they consider it.

    My issue is more with the other team than with the Hawks. In this scenario, the Saints. Are they really in a postition to make a push at another title before Brees hangs them up? If so, why did they just trade away one of his best offensive weapons still on a rookie deal for 1/2 more years? Sure, Cooks didn’t have the WR1 numbers this year, but you can bet he was the one opening the field up for the other targets.

    I don’t see them as being one defensive piece away from contending, so the whole story doesn’t make a lot of sense to me I guess.

    • Trevor

      Agree the Saints don’t make much sense to me either. If they are going to trade him I hope it is to the Browns. They seem to want to try and turn things around once and for all and have the draft capital / cap space to make the deal. Plus eeps Sherm out if the NFC. A guy as proud as he is would have a huge chip on his shoulder if traded.

  5. Trevor

    I was really hoping Sherm and Pete would get back on the same page but usually in cases like this when a player completely undermines a coach publicly things only end one way and it is not good.

    I think how the team handles both Kam and Sherm prior to training camp will probably dictate how this season goes. If they can extend Kam and bring Sherm back into the fold then I think we have at least 2 more years as legit SB contenders.

    If they cannot extend Kam prior to camp and Sherm continues with his attitude then perhaps it would be best to trade them and get picks considering how loaded this draft is with DB talent. Use this year as a rebuild year for the secondary and to get the OL sorted out and then hopefully be back in 2018 as legit contenders again.

    If you traded Shem for #32 overall and a 4th round pick for example and Kam for a 3rd round pick for example. Then trade two of your four 3rd round picks to get an extra 2nd rounder.

    Rd#1 26 Kevin King
    Rd#1 32 Obi Melinowfu
    Rd#2 Tyus Bowser or TJ Watt
    Rd#2 Akhello Witherspoon
    Rd#3 Issac Assiata
    Rd#3 Sidney Jones
    Rd#4 Shalomi Luani

    By making these deals you could completely rebuild the secondary with elite talent and fee up a ton of cap space going forward.

    2017 Secondary CB: Lane, Elliott, Thorpe, King, Witherspoon, Sid Jones Safety: Earl, Melinowfu, Luani, Veteran FA signing

    My preference would to bring Sherm back into the fold and get Kam locked up to retire a Hawk but if there ever was a year to completely rebuild the LOB this is the year to do it.

    • Phil

      Exactly. All fans, me included, have a sentimental attachment to the LOB. But, the reality is that they are all aging and becoming more expensive.

      If it’s true that the Seahawks have made a good faith offer to extend Kam and he has made no effort to negotiate, then it’s time to move on, I’d rather not lose Kam and Sherman in the same year. But the potential of drafting Baker/Obi or King/Obi as potential replacements, while saving lots of cap $$, sounds too good to pass up.

      It’s time to start thinking of replacements for Avril and Bennett, too.

    • DLep

      It is human nature to wonder about the grass on the other side, I have to say that the idea of parlaying two valuable trade pieces for younger and cheaper draft picks has a lot of appeal. Part of that for me is that I believe that all of King, Obi, Bowswer, Watt, Witherspoon have legit pro bowl level potential. I would throw Willis (ridiculous athleticism) in that group as well. If you hit on even 3 of the 4 you are talking home run draft. Yes, you would almost certainly take a step back this year, but you set yourself up long term to continue this run with RW as qb, instead of slowly watching your core age and regress and fade from contention.

      BTW, Id personally put Siragusa above Asiata (younger, more athletic) but that is more a preference thing, like Asiata as well.

    • Del tre

      You’re forgetting how rare elite really is. At CB we may never get another Sherman on this team. CB isn’t exactly a position you see guys playinf at an elite level for as long as Sherm has. In fsct even in this deep of a CB class we could see 0 players who get as many all Pro nods as sherm. Can you imagine what a disaster it would be if Earl was hurt and we didn’t have Sherman? Steven can’t stay over the top would have looked even worse. Seattle is a technique driven system and Sherman is arguably the best there has ever been in this scheme. This isn’t sentimental and Shermans play hasn’t gotten worse trading him now for a rookie would not be a good idea.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Compared to the Richard Sherman that won the Superbowl 4 years ago, what percentage can he play at next year and the year after? He is approaching 30 and in my opinion has been allowed to coast on his reputation. He can be beat and has been beat by a quarterback willing to sling the ball in his direction. They usually don’t because Its just easier pickings on the other side of the field. Which is why the Seahawks need to upgrade the other side. But make no mistake, he has bit on fakes, he holds wide receivers a lot, and they can throw past him. Of course there is also a very real risk that he will recover and intercept the ball.

        • Del tre

          Has been allowed to coast on his reputation? He played on a sprained MCL last year and was still arguably the best corner in the league. He was our only player in the secondary to finish every game. Every corner gets beat, but Sherman is still the best in run support at the corner back position and is still fantastic in coverage. If he were getting beat as often as you make it sound teams wouldn’t be avoiding him.

    • mishima

      Trade for #32 and swap second round picks, leaving Hawks with #26, #32, #42.

    • BHarKnows

      This is all well and good but I seriously doubt that any team would give us two picks for Sherm. And there’s no way you’d get a third for Kam. When we think we’d get lots of high picks the idea of trading them is much more appealing. But in all likelihood you’d get maybe a 4th and a 5th… which is way less appealing.

  6. BobbyK

    Rapport reports that Beast Mode is in shape and would like to play for the Raiders in 2017. Would Seahawks trade him?

    The Sherman drama isn’t/wasn’t enough.

    • Del tre

      For their first rounder sure take Marshawn, missed him in the league and i can still root for him in Oakland.

  7. BV Eburg

    Asked the question on here 2 weeks ago what would Shermans worth be in draft stock via trade. Was basically laughed off the site. Interesting that it came up again and it’s being bantered about.
    In a draft heavy with db’s I would take a early/mid 1st and 3rd in a trade. Grab Bolles/Reddick with early pick and go corner at 26. With all the 3rds we then have options for trading up or lot’s of 3rd round depth.
    I wouldn’t trade down into 4th-5th round. Prefer quality over quantity.

    • Rob Staton

      There is no chance you’ll get a mid first and third rounder for a 29 year old corner. Best they can hope for IMO is a late first.

      Jimmy Graham got New Orleans one late first round pick.

      • peter

        I agree with that. I’m not pro trading Sherman even if I argue a case for it, but people need to understand if it were to happen, Sherman now is maybe worth the 32nd pick. And really nothing else.

        • Phil

          “And really nothing else.” True, but ignores the cap savings.

      • BV Eburg

        First and Foremost Rob, love what you do here. Also enjoy for the most part level headed banter.
        You say above “there is no chance of a 1st and 3rd rounder for a 29 y/o corner. Back to my original question two weeks ago. What is a realistic draft return for Sherman?

        • Rob Staton

          I think a realistic return given his age is New Orleans’ #32 pick.

          That would be a deal where both teams could justify it.

          But as good as Sherman is — I’m not sure teams will think 3-4 years of Sherman is worth the high pick unless you felt you had to be really aggressive to ‘win now’. Maybe the Saints feel that way? Brees isn’t getting any younger.

          • BV Eburg

            You are probably right around 32.
            At 32 I don’t think I would do trade. Your out of the instant impact Bolles/Reddick range and are almost forced to take cornerback at 26 and 32.

      • RealRhino2

        Agree generally that people tend to far overvalue the draft pick compensation they’d get back in trades, but not sure Sherman wouldn’t be worth the #32 and a 3rd (though probably 4th or later for the second pick).

        Sherman is far more valuable than Jimmy Graham. Corners are topping the market at around $14MM. TEs around $9MM. The league has spoken with its wallet about the relative value of these positions. Sherm is 29, I think Graham was 28 when that deal was done. Sherman is still playing at a very high level, with a game that isn’t reliant on speed.

        On the other hand, we just saw a good young WR (though more of a slot guy) with a year left on his rookie deal go for just #32. It’d be interesting to hear some insiders on this one.

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah I could see #32 plus a fourth.

  8. cha

    Ian Rapoport‏ @RapSheet
    By the way, #Raiders inquired about #BeastMode last year & a trade nearly happened. Marshawn decided to stay retired. We’ll see this year

    Ian Rapoport‏ @RapSheet
    Marshawn Lynch is in shape. He’s thought about playing. Raiders are interested. But would the #Seahawks actually trade him? We’ll see.

    • nichansen01

      Trade for what? A seventh?

      • Steve Nelsen

        John Clayton said this morning that a 5th-7th would be in play. But, he also said that he didn’t think it would happen. Not because of the trade, but because of the finances. Would Marshawn be required to repay the $6 million in bonuses Seattle let him keep when he retired? Will Marshawn play for $1 million? No.

  9. peter

    Ultimately I think this is a non-story rooted what appears to be the Saints “giving,” back the first round draft pick they just received to New England for Butler. Who despite ruining the superbowl is in no way, shape, or form anywhere close to Sherman.

    That said people here worry about not having Sherman’s successor on the roster as of now. I’m not sure that would even matter really. King, Witherspoon, perhaps already could come in and play at a high level plus there’s still Earl and Kam.

    As for Kam. Honestly I hope they do nothing. Nothing against him. But Kam seemed to forget with his holdout that he was paid extremely well for being the guy who was about to become the player we love. I personally don’t see any reason to work out any kind of extension this year at least not until the season starts. Maybe he does deserve more. Who knows. Then again maybe he didn’t yet deserve the contract that he got when he was 23.

    I’ve read a few comments about a rebuilding year. I love Sherman. The swag. The on-field shenanigans. I don’t even really care if he calls Bevell, etc. But rebuilding what exactly? Two teams last year were able to hang big double digits on Seattle. Look at some of last year’s box scores: AZ hanging 34 at the end of the season. San Francisco: 23 in aan oddly close game against a terrible team. The Bills in a close one at the CLink on Monday night coming within 6 of Seattle.

    I know there were a whole bunch of problems last year putting it mildly but if we can be honest the LOB is not THE Lob anymore. Holdouts, injuries, time, talking junk on post game pressers, time, cryptic tweets, time….the honest facts is that time is always going to win out and the one great team in the league always seems to know when it’s time to let a player go. And maybe Seattle should be taking a page out of that play book.

    Sherman will not have more trade value ever then he does now. His next contract because some goofus like Dan Snyder will overpay, will be too rich for Seattle. Next year if they were to trade him he would be seen as a “rental.” Meaning that the team trading for him uses a pick to get a player only for one season. Not sure many teams would offer much more than a 4th for that privilege.

    • 75franks

      excellent points peter. plus how many times are we gonna have a draft like this with so much talent at the CB position. the d might regress a bit w/o him this year, but I’m ok with that(if it happens). not to mention it would send a clear message that BS will not be tolerated. id be all for it even for an early second. win forever go hawks

  10. Hawks22Fun

    Between Marshawn Lynch ‘maybe’ coming back to LA, and a possible Sherm trade, this would be the draft to do it in…

    Then we would have to HIT BIG on our DB picks…

    Let Kam play out this year…motivate him…if he complains, then I would trade him…

    • BobbyK

      How are you going to trade a free agent, which Kam will be after playing out this next year?

    • peter

      Kam’s in a strange year. In some ways he’s in a “prove it,” style contract at this point. I think ultimately Seattle extends him before training camp. Three more years, as much guaranteed as makes sense so if he goes south after next season they’ve paid him in good faith and don’t hold a lot of extra cap on his contract.

      But. I also think Kam’s holdout a few seasons back right after the draft so Seattle had no recourse as far as a back up plan means this draft Seattle actively begins looking for his replacement. He’ll be 29 next year and his worth will never be higher, if he plays lights out, all season.

      Realistically based on previous behavior and corny tweets I think Seattle needs to start looking for his heir. Josh Jones? Obi? Who knows but if Seattle drafts no one I fully expect a hold out from Kam to begin the day after the draft.

      • Hawks22Fun

        Bobby K, I was saying before the trade deadline…if he was a pain, or held out again without a new contract…

        Peter – Exactly… it would be now or never…

  11. BobbyK

    The scary thing is CB2 is our worst starting position and CB1 is arguably our best (or second/third/fourth after QB/FS/MLB). What becomes of CB in general if Sherman is gone?

    I’ve seen comments that King is a better and more talented version of Sherman. No way in hell is he going to come into the NFL and outperform Sherm. That’s lunacy. Sherman is potentially in the midst of a Hall of Fame career, so say someone can even smell that level who isn’t even projected to be a top 20 pick is crazy talk.

    One way I could see a Sherman trade working is if the Saints trade their pick from the Pats, while trading their third rounder to Miami for Maxwell. Then you still get a good veteran CB (who knows the system) and address the CB2 position.

    With Norton coaching the defense in Oakland, I could see a Sherman/Lynch trade there, too. Likely? No. But it’s April. What else are we going to talk about? Obi some more?

    I posted this previously, but it’s worth a mention again… When Sherman blasted Carroll publicly in terms of the rah-rah meeting that he has every year and how that might work on other guys but not for him… the context of what and how he was saying it was condescending and an arrogant “I’m too good for certain things” talk. It was cancer talk. And Sherman is as aware and premeditates things in those press conferences as much as Wilson sometimes. If you’ve ever coached at a high level, you know what I’m talking about. Talent still wins, but there’s a fine line between being a great teammate and talent. I can see Sherman dealt because of it. And it’s also why I can still see them extending Kam.

    • peter

      Really. A fifth round WR convert who wasn’t slated to start and got thrown in due to injuries is in a HOF career but a player like King couldn’t come in and be just as good?

      I agree with most of your post above but do think “someone,” could come in and play lights out immediately. King per example is literally a better athlete and has been playing corner longer at a higher level then Sherman when he was drafted.

      I see talk about learning Seattle’s technique but I think that’s kind of BS. Sherman sat half a season. Browner didn’t sit any part of the the season. Kam sat behind Milloy. But Earl came to play. Byron Maxwell sat. And Shead didn’t really sit as that he played PS positions and was used for various positions before landing at CB.

      • BobbyK

        We’re not talking lights out. We’re talking about a guy who will be in the Pro Bowl every year (there’s lots of other good CBs in this draft and all of them can’t make the Pro Bowl) and a guy who is always in the conversation for the All Pro team, too (and there can be only two of them).

        By that logic, the Patriots should draft a QB in the 6th round and hand the team over to him in a couple of years. The odds of that repeating itself are probably pretty good. No?

        • peter

          That’s actually not the same thing. The logic goes like this:

          Seattle drafted a 5th round CB with not very much playing time who was not regarded to start until two others went down with injury. That CB was actually way better than anyone could realistically have known even PC who wanted him to sit and learn.

          Now Seattle trade or nor trade has the chance of drafting, for reference, Kevin King. A CB to play opposite of Sherman. Or in the case of a trade to replace Sherman. And said CB literally is Sherman’s size, is actually a better CB at the college ranks then Sherman was, and is a superior Athlete. Though no one can ever know how things will unfold if I was picking a player to play opposite Sherman or replace him I would at least start with a player who is better than he was at metrics I could literally calculate.

          As for the Patriots. I actually see them doing almost exactly that when Brady gets ready to go. They should and do groom later round players all the time for that reason and get good draft picks back from that. And when the time is right that could be a great move for them.

          • mishima

            Further, it’s not just King replacing Sherman. It’s King/Obi + Saints’ First Round Pick (either #11 or #32) + cap savings spent on depth. In a heartbeat: no-brainer.

            Is A.J. Bouye still out there? King or Obi at #26? Watt or Cunningham at #32? Infusion of youth, talent, cap savings, etc.

            It’s been years since the Seahawks hit on or developed depth and/or replacements for LOB. Currently looking at Lane, Thorpe, Elliott, McCray, Johnson… The LOB is aging/declining, talking retirement (Earl), appreciation (Kam) and press credentials and ‘that call’ in Super Bowl XLIX (Sherman). IMO, time to shake it up or have it shook for you.

            Seems fans are content with the LOB, as is, namely in decline and kind of a distraction. Pointing to past successes with late round picks, development of CBs, etc. is just more of the same lazy analysis. We haven’t hit on or developed CBs in years. If you’re confident in Lane, Thorpe, Elliott, McCray, Johnson, then good on ya’ and best of luck. The LOB is aging, declining and talking about retirement (Earl), being appreciated (Kam) and press credentials and ‘that call’ in Super Bowl XLIX (Sherman).

            • mishima

              edit fail. apologies.

        • Sea Mode

          BobbyK 1, peter 0…

      • Del tre

        King struggles to press his receivers and gets beat by physical wideouts watch his tape against USC. I feel like we can forget that combine numbers don’t make you a good CB.
        Oh and this wasn’t to bash King i think he is a good corner honestly. His tape against Alabama and Arizona state is fantastic and i hope the hawks take him but I’m not nearly as interested if the guy who we all wanr to be Richard Sherman, isn’t being taught to be Richard Sherman by richard sherman. Because when i watch the tape i see Byron Maxwell which isn’t an insult
        P.S Ahkello>King but Ahkello+King+no sherman trade=winforever

        • peter

          Agreed about combine numbers. Just referencing that in a like for like comparison king and witherspoon were higher regarded, higher performing Cbs and that you have to start somewhere we hen evaluating players. Plus the front office does go for athleticism

          • Del tre

            Yes but Sherman had only been playing cornerback for a short time coming out of the draft, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t good he just didn’t have the tape. We can’t expect players to develop like Richard Sherman did because what sets Sherman apart is his mind. We have a chance next year to have an elite secondary, if we deal Richard Sherman we better have seen the guy who is gonna replace him in NFL gear already. As much as i like both of those guys we can’t expect them to be elite right out of the gate. Marcus Peters is the best rookie CB we’ve seen in a few years and even he struggled in coverage at times. I’m just saying with this draft class and Richard Sherman i think we have a chance to win the superbowl this year, i don’t if we are starting 2 rookies without Sherman on the field

        • drewdawg11

          Wow that’s an interesting take. The first time Witherspoon successfully come sip and supports the run with physicality and proper technique will be his first. King is just scratching the surface. King >>>>> Witherspoon.

  12. nichansen01

    Lynch and Sherman rumors both sound like just that to me… unfounded rumors.

  13. no frickin clue

    So the Seahawks would try to trade their best of a thin CB corps in a buyer’s market? When he’s only 29 and likely has 2-3 more really good years left in him? I have to dismiss this. And a distraction? Maybe, but Pete and John don’t just abide by personalities on the team – they cultivate them. Athleticism, explosiveness, and toughness/grit. Grit sometimes manifests in different ways and this is one of them.

    More likely, CBs are to the 2017 draft what RBs were to the 2016 draft. Find your potential Sherm replacement now, so when his contract expires in 2 years and he wins a huge contract, we have a guy ready to step in, and get a 3rd rd pick in compensation to boot.

  14. Sea Mode


    #Seahawks have reached agreements to re-sign Deshawn Shead AND Luke Willson.

    7:24 AM – 17 Mar 2017

    • Sea Mode


      #Seahawks and TE Luke Willson agreed to terms on a 1-year deal worth up to $3m, source told ESPN.

      7:28 AM – 17 Mar 2017

      • vrtkolman

        Shead is key, but why Willson? He’s not a 2nd contract quality guy. I was hoping they would feature Vannett more this year and draft from the rich pool of tight ends.

        • cha

          That is very interesting. Graham and Willson will be 2018 FA’s pending a Graham extension. They have Vannett. I suppose they could carry 4 TE’s on the 53 if they want a TE from this draft.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Or an Evan Engram

    • Overtime

      That probably ends the need for a TE in the draft. The Seahawks are well stocked at the position. Good to see Shead back on the roster, as well. That takes pressure off the need for a rookie CB2 to come in and start.

      • DLep

        Not sure about that. Both Jimmy and Wiilson are both ufas next year. The Hawks typically draft a year ahead. Following that logic would actually lead to them drafting a te this yr.

        • nichansen01

          Cross tight end off the draft needs list.

  15. Dingbatman

    Revis still available…right?

    • Peanut

      If he came to Seattle on a small deal, i wouldn’t be against it.

      • RealRhino2

        Again, just so everybody knows it for good, Revis essentially CAN’T come in on a small deal. (Can’t? Or won’t?…..Both?)

        He’s getting $6 million from the Jets to do nothing this year. If he’s paid less than that by another team, he’s essentially playing for free. That sound like Revis to you? 😉

        • EranUngar

          The is a way around that Rhino.

          Sign him for 2 years. First year – 1M, 2nd year 4M (guarantied). That way he gets 1M from us and 5M fom the jets this year an secured 4M year sitting at home.

          • Del tre

            I bet if you bumped it up to 6 the next year hed be in for it, then we could trade him for like a 7th rounder to Cleveland

  16. Knights who say Ni

    Hey guys,

    Looks like Shead and Willson are back on one year contracts


    Seahawks bring back Shead on 1-year deal

    Seahawks re-signed CB Deshawn Shead to a one-year contract.
    Tight end Luke Willson is also coming back on a one-year deal. Shead tested the market after the Seahawks non-tendered him but he didn’t draw much interest. The only visit he took was with Buffalo. Shead is only two months removed from tearing his left ACL in a playoff game against Detroit. It’s hard to imagine him being ready for Week 1.

  17. Knights who say Ni

    Hey guys,

    Looks like Shead and Willson are back on one year deals…


    Seahawks bring back Shead on 1-year deal

    Seahawks re-signed CB Deshawn Shead to a one-year contract.
    Tight end Luke Willson is also coming back on a one-year deal. Shead tested the market after the Seahawks non-tendered him but he didn’t draw much interest. The only visit he took was with Buffalo. Shead is only two months removed from tearing his left ACL in a playoff game against Detroit. It’s hard to imagine him being ready for Week 1.

    • NathanM

      With Willson back and Vannett developing in year 2 (they’re apparently very excited about him), how does that affect how we target TE in the draft? I think it’s still a great class to get a mid-late round athletic freak to develop.

      Honestly I’m very surprised to have Willson back with the crazy deals going to veteran TEs in free agency but with only a 1 year deal he’s hoping to really cash in next year.

      • Overtime

        I think we now pass on the TE’s in the draft. We have several developmental prospects. I believe they should no target a 3-Tech or possibly a big WR. Mostly, it allows them to draft the BPA at several positions.

  18. Greg Haugsven

    In a championship window at a thin position, they wouldn’t trade him

  19. Peanut

    When it comes to Marshawn, if he only wants to come back to play for Oakland, his home team, and they give a pick for him, then why not?

    • mishima

      Agree. I just want him back in the league. That pic is priceless.

  20. Sea Mode

    VMAC visitor alert

    LB Fletcher Collins, Montana State (6-2 1/4, 225) ran the 40 in 4.70 and 4.67 seconds, had a 38.5-inch vertical, a 10-2 broad jump, a 4.32-second short shuttle, a 6.92-inch three-cone, and 14 bench lifts.

    “Collins impressed the Seattle Seahawks’ scout enough that he got invited to a workout with the team…”

    He’s from Seattle. . Only played 4 games this year at MLB before season-ending injury.

    • JakeB

      Think I saw something about a corner from Portland state today too. Xavier Coleman?

  21. Greg Haugsven

    Seahawks resign Luke Willson to one year deal up to $3 million

  22. J

    Could this be the FO firing shot across the bow at Sherman? Letting him know they aren’t happy so they leak this rumor. “Shape up or we’ll ship you out”

    • JimQ

      IMO: Sherman had better watch his mouth very carefully now, unless he really wants to move to Cleveland. No player is irreplaceable, other than your franchise QB, so maybe the Seahawks see an opportunity to rid themselves of a somewhat controversial player. “The team comes first” is one of PC’s big sayings, and Sherman may have shuffled over the line on more than one occasion recently. Hate to see him go, but a #32 & a 4-th could very well get it done. This seems like what New England’s Bill Bellacheat would do and he’s had some success at it over the years.

      • JimQ

        It might be interesting to see if Sherman tweets about this.
        What could he say, and how would he say it = ?

  23. Totem_Hawk

    Love the Luke Willson resign..glad the Seahawks didnt match the terrible contract San Francisco gave Vance McDonald last year….

  24. Totem_Hawk

    Sherman has been over stepping with his antics with the press and toward Bevell, at some point your employer is going to question if the talent is worth putting up with the downside…not surprised to hear they are open to a trade.

  25. Bill Bobaggins

    Rob…you mention the Hawks getting the 32nd pick from NO for Sherm. On Brock and Salk this morning, John Clayton said that they’d most likely get a 1st and a 3rd for Sherm and probably wouldn’t do the deal without that sort of exchange.

    Having picks 26 and 32 and then adding a 4th pick to round 3 in exchange for a 29 year old Sherman would be very enticing, in my opinion.

    • nichansen01

      Having two firsts and second and four thirds would be tantalizing…

      • nichansen01

        Then trade beast mode for a fifth.

        Two ones, one two, four threes, one fifth, one sixth, one seventh.

        • DLep

          In this draft that would be incredible

    • DLep

      Not sure they could get that, but if they could I would do it

    • Rob Staton

      That’s the type of deal I think makes a degree of sense. #32 and maybe an early fourth instead of another third. I think if it was going to happen though, it would’ve happened by now.

  26. Sea Mode


    Free agent WR Kamar Aiken is visiting the #Colts today, source said. He visits the #Seahawks on Monday.

    8:12 AM – 17 Mar 2017

  27. Sea Mode

    “Very good chance” Marshawn Lynch unretires per Mike Florio

    Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there is a “very good chance” that Lynch will end his one-year retirement.

    If Lynch returns, the Seahawks will have to decide whether to keep him, to cut him, or to trade him. He’d instantly account for $9 million on the Seattle books, and he’d remain there until they cut him or trade him.


    • Shadow

      Florio spent all of last summer pushing the “Marshawn isn’t retiring because he hasn’t filed” story with no evidence to back it up. Not saying he can’t be right this time, but I wouldn’t hold my breath until other people start reporting this.

      • Shadow

        Just to clarify, I wouldn’t hold my breath until other people start reporting that there is a “very good chance” that Lynch un-retires. I know plenty of people are reporting that the Raiders are considering bringing him back.

        BTW, since Lynch’s rights belong to Seattle, if the Raiders are talking to him wouldn’t that be tampering?

        • Sea Mode

          Yes, it would be tampering.

  28. Shadow

    Two years ago a reporter whose name I have long since forgotten picked up on the fact that Michael Bennett was unhappy with his contract situation. Before long it was blown up into a report that he had demanded a trade to Atlanta to play for Dan Quinn again. Not only was that patently false, but while everybody was talking about Bennett, nobody figured out that Kam Chancellor was unhappy with his contract until the day before training camp started, and we all know what happened there.

    I have no doubt that Seattle’s front office is a little torqued with Sherman after last season. I have no doubt that, if some team came along and blew them away with an offer, that they would seriously think about trading him. But as it stands now this story is nothing more than a few wisps of smoke that some folks in the media are desperately trying to fan into a blaze. If the Bennett/Chancellor situation taught us anything two years ago, it’s that sports reporters not only make mountains out of molehills sometimes, but they also miss things that are happening right in front of their noses sometimes.

    This story needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt. Nobody is going to offer Seattle the kind of capital it would take to make the Seahawks seriously consider a trade, and because of that Seattle isn’t going to trade him.

    Glad to have Shead back more than Willson, to be honest. I’m hoping Willson’s deal is incentive-laden. His talent and ability are undeniable but he just is a non-factor in too many games for me to get too excited about bringing him back. Still, it gives us more flexibility heading into the draft, so that’s good. Bring back Marcel Reece, Jeron Johnson for depth, and see if you can get Ricky Jean-Francois on a reasonable deal, and then it’s time to pivot towards the draft.

  29. Steve Nelsen

    The decision about when to trade a player is not made based on maximizing their value. The decision to trade a player is made based on maximizing the opportunity for a championship. Every decision is made toward that goal.

    The Seahawks are clearly in a championship window. They are inarguably the best team in a weak division this year (and probably next year too). So, no you don’t trade Sherman or Kam or Graham. Sherman did demonstrate some behavior last year that raises some concerns. And Kam has already shown that he can be a distraction if he isn’t happy. But, neither is a “cancer” at this point.

    The preferred approach for this season is clearly get Sherman’s head and mouth right and get Kam on board as the leader of the defense, then go out and win the division, get a #1 or #2 seed, play at home in the playoffs and hopefully win another championship. In the meantime, get working on LOB 2.0 in the draft.

    If things go south with Kam or Sherman this year and they are hurting the team with their level of play or their behavior. Then, you reevaluate next year what to do with them.

  30. nichansen01

    Glad to see willson come back. Tight Ends tend to get better with age.

  31. Logan Lynch

    So, yeah, about Marshawn. If he decides to come back, let the Raiders have Lacy instead. Why have an inferior version of Beast when you can have the real thing?

    In all seriousness, if he wants to come back and SEA has no place for him, let’s work out a deal. I would love to see Marshawn make it to 10K yards and be closer to securing a place in Canton. The NFL is a better league with Beast in it and in OAK he wouldn’t directly hurt us outside the SB.


      I disagree, my pettiness won’t let me see him in another color. Also, I think it’s likely very difficult to sit out a year at 30-31 and come back ready to play in the NFL at TB, so I’m guessing it might tarnish his legacy if he comes back and isn’t the same.

  32. Frans Geraedts

    I do not really understand why people here would like to trade sherman away. Corner is a very important position in our defense. We have one of the best (the best?) in the league. And….corner is a position where you can actually play to a relative old age and be very good. I would prefer to see sherman here for the next five years at least!
    There is also the whole philosophy the team is build on. “We want to keep our very best, our core, and take care of them”. And: “we want players to express their individuality”. Do we want to violate that philosophy?
    And who do you think could teach King (for example) better to become the next sherman then….sherman?

    To put it bluntly: trading sherman would be a bellichick move, not a pc move.

    Giving shead and willson a new contract: that is seahawk philosophy!

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Getting a 1st and a 3rd for Sherman would definitely be a Bellichick move…and a very enticing one at that.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        imagine if the Saints trade for Sherman and deal the #11 pick, then also deal the #32 pick for Butler….

        • AlaskaHawk

          Plus there is the salary dump onto another team.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            The Saints are known for their salary cap genius! *sarcasm font*


    This seems crazy to me.

    Yes, there has been some discord. Yes, he’s not an easy personality at times. But then again, we must admit that this is the environment Pete has cultivated here. We saw it with Marshawn — they are willing to let a player be eccentric and even difficult if it means they are getting the very best out of that player, especially if they are elite.

    Richard Sherman IS elite. I’m also not convinced it’s easy to crank out corners who can make this defense championship-caliber. Shead was a good player last year, but he shouldn’t be confused with Richard Sherman. Ditto for Maxwell, Browner, Thurmond, et al. Believe me we would notice if the other side of the field opened up like it is opposite Sherman. The way this defense plays too, is really reliant on those great players being better longer — we don’t take chances and we don’t rely on scheme as much as we rely on our players simply lining up and BEING BETTER. This is Richard Sherman. All the stats bear this out, so we can’t confuse this with the team not believing in his talent. He may be the perfect fit in this defense, but 5th-round pick or not, he’s not the product of it.

    Another thing is our cap is not a “mess.” I really find this to be specious — just because we are paying our players what they’re worth does not mean we are in cap trouble. Tell me, what are we sorely lacking that we can’t accomplish with our current cap situation? Other teams in the league would love to be where we are now: paying a roster full of elite players instead of having cap space and nobody worthy of spending it on. You can hoard money like the Browns, or overpay for all the “talent” you want (like the Browns) if it makes you feel better, but the point is having great players, not money. Sherman is not overpayed at all, in fact his contract is a total steal at this stage; look at all the silly money being thrown around, especially to cornerbacks.

    This is a non-starter for me.

    The last important point is that we are right in the middle (perhaps on the downswing) of a championship window. Does anyone really think this FO wants to reinvent this defense, or risk sending unknown commodities to play at BOTH corner positions next year? I can’t think of a dumber move than to take something so successful and risk a run at a Super Bowl by changing one of the most battle-tested components of it. Yes, we want to “win-forever,” but teams and fan-bases that perpetually live in some future scenario are likely avoiding the present because it sucks. Our present does not suck. Our present is awesome. Ask the Rams how all that future draft capital has changed their present situation.

    What we have is rare. I refuse to believe that John Schneider would endanger that this year, or next.

  34. Chris

    I object a bit to the title of your article this time Rob.

    Unless I missed it, this guy didn’t claim the Seahawks were looking to deal Sherman from any sources as the title implies. He was merely speculating about theoretical scenarios. There’s a big difference between “Should the Seahawks shop Richard Sherman?” and “The Seahawks are shopping Richard Sherman”

    • sdcoug

      Lombardi discussed a hypothetical Saints scenario, but it was based on whispers around the league (so he claims) that seattle would listen to offers

  35. CharlieTheUnicorn

    What would be fair value for Lynch in a trade with the Raiders?

    I assume baseline pick would be a 6th, then a conditional 4th or 5th rounder?

    It would be a “free” pick out of thin air.

    As for the reasons for this rumor, it was postulated on local radio that the Raiders are trying to drive down the price for AP. He might want 10M and they want to spend 4M….

    • sdcoug

      I can’t see anything above a 7. With a $9M cap-hit, hawks would have no choice but to release him (or make a trade). Oak knows this too. Why would they give up a 5 or 6?


        Shouldn’t there be some kind of protection for teams with untetiring players in that scenario? That seems really unfair, you budget your cap to win and all the sudden a guy unretires after you’re against it? That would be hard to swallow — even the dead money from a release would be a big blow.

    • cha

      It might be a 2018 pick to lower some of the value the Hawks get for an aging rental type player.

  36. Nick

    As always, PCJS are eliminating the need to “reach” on any individual position. The idea that TE is out of the conversation now because we’ve signed Willson to a one year deal seems misguided.

    Also they are clearly trying to find Brock Coyle’s replacement in FA. Again, I see this as insurance so they do not have to reach on the LB position in Rounds 2-3.

    Ditto with Shead. I think Seahawks fans should be open to seeing some head scratching picks this year. While I do think it will be a defensively minded draft, it would not blow me away to see them draft a variety of positions (most likely dictated by BPA…mixed with need in the future).

    To me, those positions that are vulnerable in the next year or so are: TE, WR, DE, CB, S.

    Daeshon Hall strikes me as a great option in the 3rd Round.

    • Frans Geraedts

      I like your reasoning.

    • Volume12

      Nailed it. You hedge your draft picks by what you do in FA.

    • Sea Mode

      Exactly. Shead and Willson both only got 1 year deals, so further backs up your point about hedging.

      And we’ve seen before that JS often drafts needs one year ahead of time, so I could see a WR pick as a Richardson hedge as well. TE/WR Evan Engram is my favorite, fills both needs and just comes across to me as the perfect Seahawk personality and skillset!

      • Nick

        Totally. That’s what I keep returning to…TE/WR seems like a great position to attack. If they are high on Tanner…then maybe they leave WR and focus on a pass catching TE to pair with the more “blocking focused” Vannett.

    • RealRhino2

      Makes sense. Here’s my contrarian mock draft highlighting just those unexpected, headscratching picks (using CBS’s current prospect rankings, no trades):

      1. Tredavious White, CB – Like his quickness and ability to break on the ball, also gives us a punt return option if Lockett’s not ready.
      2. Tarell Basham, DE, Ohio – Don’t need a DE? Says you. To paraphrase what a great man once told Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike: if I like the guy who cares who you like? My years of (boy) scouting experience tell me he’s obviously the best player in the draft, so I’m taking him.
      3. Juju Smith-Schuster, WR, USC – This is my big X WR. See above comment. Greg Cosell likes him, and that’s okay by me.
      3a. Ethan Pocic, C/G, LSU – Gives me Britt insurance, not a Hunt believer, can slide to G and maybe, just maybe, RT. At least we could try him there.
      3b. Howard Wilson, CB, Houston — Tough choice. Lot of options here, none great.
      4. (Crickets)
      5. Seriously, I’m still sitting here? We should have run to lunch or something….. oh, wait, here it comes….
      6. Javancy Jones, LB, Jackson St. — Saw a tweet the other day. Scouts asked him which RB would have the best chance of running him over. He thought for a second, then asked: “Did Jesus play running back?” My guy.
      7. David Jones, S, Richmond — Seems good.

      • Nick

        Hmmm never heard of Basham before. Will have to check him out.

  37. Rawls1234

    Would Richard Sherman and our 1st round pick for Terron Armstead and the Saints 3rd+5th round pick be a fair trade?

    • Ed

      Hurt too much for me. Would rather go their 11 or 32 and truly reload the D. If King and Obi make it to Hawks, could go:

      26 Obi
      32 King (maybe a little trade up)
      58 Bowser

    • nichansen01

      No way.., Sherman for two draft picks (1st and 3rd) would be my minimum.

  38. GoHawks5151

    Right on time, a Seahawks rumor. Just like Kam to the Giants last year or 2 years ago. Sherms attitude appears to be a big deal to everyone except the people that really count (PC, JS, teammates). His playing style will wear well over time as opposed to a Patrick Peterson type. Hope he retires a Hawk.

    In Homer news, Oregon States pro day is today. Not a bevy of talent but still a few names of interest. CB Treston Decoud has been talked about on the blog. Ideal size and style of play. Speed is good enough for Seattle. T/G Sean Harlow was also at combine and a top 10 TEF guy for this class (2.87). Maybe could get a flier. WR/PR/KR Victor Bolden was also a combine participant but did himself no favors. Would be a good special teams guy though.

    A name to watch S Devin Chappell. Chappell is 6’1”, 201 and the dude lays some hat. Need to check arm length but good athlete and tackler with a nose for the ball. Could be a Tyvis Powell like guy. http://www.krustysoxsports.com/2016/10/oregon-states-devin-chappell-with.html

    • Sea Mode

      Good info. I’ve been tracking Bolden for a while and am looking forward to see if he redeems himself from that poor combine performance. He looks so much faster on tape.

  39. M

    On the surface, this makes no sense.

    The Seahawks are still in their championship window and Richard Sherman is the best corner in the league and even an early #1 (which won’t happen) isn’t going to walk in, learn the system and impact the defense or team the way Sherman does in the next couple of years.

    If there’s any validity to this at all, it probably means that the team believes Sherman is a distraction and is potentially affecting team dynamics and/or exacerbating locker room issues (if any). If that’s the case, then no matter how good you are individually, you’re likely to be a trade option depending on the compensation.

    Sherman’s one of my favorite players but it’s clear that there are (or were) issues there as Carroll met with him several times including the end of the season and Sherman has seemingly refused to take a step back. I also think it would be unusual that from a locker room standpoint that he would be alone in his views.

    Bottom line, a Sherman deal isn’t likely to happen but if (and that’s a big if) there is a significant locker room/Sherman schism, it would be a shame because nothing can take a team out of championship window faster than a divided locker room, talent notwithstanding.

  40. Sea Mode


    DeShawn Shead’s contract is for $1.5 million total with $1 million guaranteed at signing.

    10:32 AM – 17 Mar 2017

  41. Sea Mode


    Congrats to @jenkinsjohn6 on agreeing to terms with the @ChicagoBears #Bears

    9:33 AM – 17 Mar 2017

    • Volume12

      Now Seattle is on positive ground in terms of comp picks.

      • Sea Mode

        Right, but I have a feeling it won’t last long.

        • Volume12

          Probably not. But this team is obsessed with comp picks, I’m thinking that’s part of their strategy this off season. I can see them getting at least 1.

          • JakeB

            Isn’t Hausch the most lucrative contract signed by the guys they’ve lost though? I’m not sure that’ll make the cut. Would think maybe a 7th at best

  42. Sea Mode

    This is hilarious from Luke Willson!


    • Sea Mode


      In case anyone didn’t get it (which I’m assuming is hard to do) I’M BACCKK.. Also in even bigger news committing myself to grow my hair back

      11:11 AM – 17 Mar 2017

  43. Sea Mode


    Source: Marshawn Lynch met w/Pete Carroll+Schneider yesterday and asked to be released. Privately (w/friends) has been wearing #Raiders gear

    10:06 AM – 17 Mar 2017

    • Jujus

      Huff post is fakenews

      • Sea Mode

        Looks like you are right.


        Marshawn Lynch was in Seattle for an event yesterday, stopped by the Seahawks’ facility, more of a personal visit than anything, sources say

        10:39 AM – 17 Mar 2017

    • Peanut

      Would him wearing gear for his hometown team really be anything of notice anyway?

  44. Jujus

    is there any way to listen to this podcast without using Itunes? I refuse to use Apple products of any kind on principle, but would like to hear you rob.

    • Volume12

      HA! I thought I was the only one who didn’t because of that reason.

      • Jujus

        Back in HS I had a 1st generation Video ipod and was so excited I saved up forever to buy it myself. And then I was forced to fork over 69$ for a AC ADAPTER??!?! IT didnt come with one. I was so fing pissed and I vowed to never buy another Apple product ever again. Also the Child labour stuff makes it simple.

    • icb12

      Which podcast?

      I don’t use any apple products and haven’t had a problem listening to any podcasts
      I just hit play and it plays..??

      Using google chrome on my work computer.
      Unless Soundcloud is apple??

  45. Jason

    How did the Schultz guy just start getting all this news?

    • Sea Mode

      I think his “source” is his imagination reading into things too much and drawing conclusions…

      • williambryan

        Actually he’s seemed to be the first and most informed of any Seahawks info guy this free agency period. Never heard of him before this year.

  46. Sea Mode

    Hey, here is another late-round/UDFA possiblity at CB. This class just keeps getting deeper!

    CB David Rivers III, Youngstown State, 6’1″, 188 (from a DraftDiamonds interview)

    40-yard dash (4.43 seconds) / 14 bench press reps / 33.5 inch vertical jump / Pro-agility (4.23 seconds) / 60-yard shuttle (11.49 seconds)

    He’s nice and long. Plays press coverage and cites that as his strength. Here’s the highlights:

    Only 1 INT though in the last 2 years. 13 PBU. (No relation to Derek Rivers, in case you were wondering)

  47. Sea Mode


    #Giants pass-rusher Jason Pierre-Paul signed a 4-year contract worth $62M base – up $66M – with $40M guaranteed, source said. Big-time 💰💰💰

    11:36 AM – 17 Mar 2017

  48. Volume12

    Here’s my question. So if this Lombardi turd is to be belevied, then it should dead the debate about the difficulty it takes to step in, learn the technique, and contribute right? Because he said just that.

    Personally? For me its always depending on what type of corner you draft. This scheme ain’t that foreign.

  49. 503Hawk

    Don’t know if this was posted already…
    Reports say that Marshawn met privately w/ PC & JS to ask for a release.
    What the hay, we still have 5 weeks before the draft. Its always fun to talk about Beastmode.

    • 503Hawk

      Just saw your post Seamode

  50. Hawks22Fun

    “IF” they DID trade Sherman for the #11 pick in R1, who would you take???

    CB replacement? LB Reddick?

    Then King at #26?

    • Sea Mode

      Reddick, yes. Bolles if he falls out of top 10.

    • DLep

      Reddick, Bolles, Lamp, Thomas – one of those four for me, Im sure not all 4 of them will be there at 11.

    • Overtime

      You would trade back for more picks to a team that wants a QB. Then we would still get quality guys for the defense.

      • Rik


    • Ishmael

      Bolles if he fell. Foster if he fell. Reddick’s good, but he’s not Foster.

      Or honestly we trade down again

  51. Sea Mode

    Guys, whatever you do, don’t miss this I posted above. Made my day!


  52. Poko

    I hope to trade Sherman,only if they get R1:10-15 pick.
    The trade is fascinating if they add those guys.

    R1:Bolles/Ryan Ramczyk
    R2:Obi/witherspoon (treading-up)

  53. Sea Mode

    Hmmm… do I smell a possible trade down?


    Among the expected pre-draft visitors today with #49ers, per league source: LB Reuben Foster. Keep in mind they’re moving to a 4-3 front.

    8:45 AM – 17 Mar 2017

  54. Ishmael

    Lombardi might be well connected, but he’s also a dick with no love lost for the Hawks – and he lovesss to talk. One of those dudes who really likes being known as an insider.

    The Hawks run a pretty tight ship, so if leaks are coming out it’ll be for a good reason.

  55. Nick

    RealRhino2 talked about Tarell Basham…I hadn’t heard of him. Did some digging and…wow. He looks, sounds, and plays like a Seahawk.

    Very interesting one to monitor.

    • Del tre

      Could be a value LOLB for a 3rd or less

  56. Misfit74

    This is me not commenting on the Sherman/Lombardi fake news.

    In other (real) news…

    “Luke Willson has re-signed with the Seahawks, agreeing a one-year deal worth up to $3m. Deshawn Shead has also reportedly agreed a one-year contract.”

    Awesome. Many though Luke would get paid – and that the TE market would be better. Especially after the deals by Dwayne Allen, Cory Feeney, etc last offseason. Probably speaks to teams knowing how rich with talent this year’s rookie TE class is. Good news for us. Luke has been a fairly valuable piece and so far I have little faith in Vannett as a pass catcher. I’d still like us to take a hard look at the rookies.

    • BobbyK

      I like Willson about as much as Marsh so I’m glad it’s only a 1-year “prove it” again deal.

      • Jujus


        Willson has scored actual TD’s plural. He also has developed into a above average blocker.

        Cassius doesnt even have a legit sack to his name in the NFL. All Marsh has is the Gif when he got flagged and gave them a 1st down because he hit the QB.

        • Darnell

          Marsh had a pretty important sack/ff on Tannehill late in that game last season. Marsh is a stud special teamer, which is better than what a lot of the other 4th rounders of the 2014 draft have become. Rotational DL + core ++ special teamer is a solid return on investment for a 4th round pick.

          The Willson signing looks good compared to what an inferior player like Vance McDonald got, or a player of comparable quality – Jared Cook (slower than Willson with equally questionable hands) received.

        • Coleslaw

          Willson really soured on me when I really dug into the fantasy football FAs and thought “Willson has a real chance of scoring a touchdown.” I think he was hot or something, well long story short he dropped the pass in the end zone and I lost the game. Some may remember the out route where he was wide open… don’t remember the team.
          He can still be a big body to stretch the field up the seam, I think we should have him and Jimmy do that more often together.

        • BobbyK

          Which means he should be better because he’ll be making somewhere near $3 million in ’17, while Marsh makes a little over $800k.

  57. cha

    Albert Breer‏Verified account @AlbertBreer ·
    Just looked this up … 155 free-agent contracts have been filed since 3/9. Only 23 have more than $3M fully guaranteed in post-2017 money.

    That is positively staggering. That means 85.2% of the contracts done over the last 10 days are, in essence, 1-year deals with team options.


    Great in depth article on this:


  58. Rowlandice

    This Sherman thing seems like a smokescreen FEED by the Saints to get the price of Malcom Butler down. “Look, we can get Sherman if you don’t want to trade us Butler.”

  59. Jujus

    Ryan clady is visiting the seahawks.

    “Source: former Broncos & Jets LT Ryan Clady visited the Seahawks today. OL remains an area of need for Seattle.” Field Yates

  60. Coleslaw

    Looking at our 2018 free agents, we could give guys like Eddie Lacy, Paul Richardson, Garry Gilliam and Luke Joeckel a $2M raise, and Jimmy about 1 (franchise tag) plus we could give Britt an extra $7M to get him to 8/year to keep him. This would cost $16M cap space, Rawls is a RFA but if he gets hurt again who knows what happens with him.
    Anyone know if we’ll have enough for this?

    • Darnell

      I believe Garry is actually a free agent right now.

      • Coleslaw

        Oh, lol well he shows up on spotrac in the 2018 list

      • Coleslaw

        Weird cause they already have Eddie Lacy and Luke Joeckel on it

      • D-OZ


    • BobbyK

      The cap is expected to go up by $22 million.

      • Coleslaw


  61. Allen K.

    I heard from myself there are rumors based on speculation that Green Bay would listen to any calls for a trade for Aaron Rodgers. I am not saying they WILL trade Aaron Rodgers only that the rumor on speculation makes sense to some in the NFL but not affiliated with any team. So I have heard….from myself.

  62. Peanut

    Seahawks sign LB Arthur Brown (26) Former 2nd round pick for the Ravens. Spent time with the Jags and Jets last season. Depth and ST “star”

    • sdcoug

      I know he hasn’t made a mark in the nfl, but if my memory serves he was very highly-regarded coming out of…K-State was it?

  63. daniel

    How do we extend Kam and Britt this offseason with only 7M left? I doubt that would be enough, which maybe points towards cutting/trading a pricy vet? Not that I would support such a move.

    • sdcoug

      I know I’m in the minority here, but I don’t get all the urgent calls to extend Kam. He’s exactly the type of player you take a wait and see approach with. No harm in letting him play out his contract. If he’s still what you want him to be, you have an exclusive negotiating window to re-sign. If he loses a step, missed too much time with injuries or pouts all year, you let another team be the one to pay him too much for his downside years.

      • Ishmael

        He’s the leader of the team, leadership matters. And he’s totally unique, there’s no one in the league quite like him.

        • lil'stink

          When Sherman had his meltdown in the game against the Falcons, who was the player who got him to refocus? The same player who rallied the team. Kam Chancellor. And he wasn’t even suited up for the game.

          Whenever I think the team should move on from Kam a year early instead of a year late I keep coming back to the fact that Kam is the alpha dog on a team full of alpha dogs. It’s hard to put a price on that sort of leadership. Keep Kam happy.

  64. Earl Farmer

    The Seattle Seahawks signed former Texans starting offensive guard Oday Aboushi to a one-year contract, chron.com/sports/texans/article/Seahawks-sign-ex-Texans-guard-Oday-Aboushi-11010393.php

    • Forty20

      Texan fans think he is actually a serviceable guard that can play either left (preferred) or right. Could be a low-key great pick up.

  65. Steele

    I may be in the minority, but I have been less impressed with Sherman the past two seasons. Solid, but not the lockdown corner that he was a few seasons ago under Quinn. He has given up more big plays, in addition to the distraction stuff. Certainly, adjustments to the scheme, injuries across the secondary, not having a Maxwell on the other side, and not having a fully reliable slot, etc has made a difference.

    But with the defensive leadership older, the gradual decline is not unexpected.

  66. House

    We made DEPTH moves today. Glad to see Shead and Willson back. Without Shead’s injury and the strong TE draft class, both of them could’ve been in different uniforms.

    Welcome Oboushi and Brown. Hopefully they can contribute.

    Getting back to the well written post by Rob, I personally don’t think trading Sherman helps us. We’re creating a massive hole to fill. I know the draft is never guaranteed (as we have shown high picks don’t always work and mid-rd All-Pro players happen), but I don’t think taking the risk now is the right time. I can’t say that next year is the right time… We got a good thing going and we need to work on improving it, not breaking it

  67. Alex

    The front office haven’t denied the trade rumours yet?

  68. MontanaMike

    Hi everyone, first time posting even though i’ve been lurking for a while since STTBM told me about the site and a few guys i know are here such as BobbyK. I’ve read Rob Stanton’s work for several years, even on other blogs and papers, kid has some credentials. Personally i hope we get Malifonwa, possibly Buddah Baker if he’s there and we trade down, although he doesn’t have the size. I get stoked with the UDFA’s we get in this deep of a draft, it definitely helps that many players that don’t get drafted contribute and even start at many positions. I think Glowinsky looked overwhelmed last year, even after he looked really good the year before in his one start against AZ. As for the Lynch saga; i don’t think he plays again, we treated him with kid gloves and that signing bonus of 5 mil is nothing to scoff at, plus he’s an elite RB. Why would we let him go for nothing? Peace out

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