Mike Florio on Pete Carroll/Arkansas


  1. Hawkspur

    Florio presents a cogent argument, but I would be amazed and disappointed if Pete ditched the project halfway through just because he can’t recruit exactly who he wants. I would like to think that Pete would like to challenge himself to ‘Win Forever’ by virtue of proving himself to be the best coach rather than by heading back to the socceresque world of College football where you only win if you’re from the big program.

    I hope that Arkansas, like Florio, considered Carroll as a candidate due to his previous success in the college ranks and by looking at his back to back losing records with the Seahawks and assuming that things aren’t working out for him here.

  2. Meat

    I agree Hawkspur. Obviously we only know the dynamic of Pete, John, ownership, players through the media filter, but it appears things are positive. Especially the relationship with John and Pete and this being a ‘rebuild’ project why would a coach want to bail out without the project completed, fail or success. That doesn’t make any sense and if the situation was like in St.L. and the rebuild has gotten worse with little success it may make more sense. The only team to get a uni redesign, a great O’line coach they recruited, positive draft picks, team on the up, it all makes zero sense that Pete would want to leave for a college team just because he can “recruit” the best players in college.

    I think Florio is reaching. Arkansas is starting to test waters and look for a great college coach to keep the program on the up and winning. Why would they ‘not’ ask Pete, a great recruiter-college coach, if he was interested in the job. Why would Arkansas not ‘kick the tires’ of all possible canidates and Pete probably not the first nor the last in their process.

    Maybe next year if the team takes a serious turn, he may consider. 😉

  3. Ralphy

    This is ridiculous and I’m not worried about Pete leaving at all. I don’t blame them for asking but why would Carroll Leave So. Cal for another short stint in the NFL and then get lured away to Arkansas? Have you ever been to Arkansas? He would be miserable there! His Hollywood friends would never help him out there! Who’s going to request sideline passes? Certainly not Snoop or Will Ferrell.

    It’s not his first run in the NFL so it isn’t news to him that he can’t recruit whoever he wants and win. He left the perfect place for him in college to prove he can make it in the NFL and there’s no way he would leave early.

  4. Hawkspur

    To clarify what I meant in the last paragraph above: Florio and, perhaps, Arkansas, are almost completely ignorant of what’s going on in Seattle asides from back to back losing records.

  5. MJ

    Florio is terrible. He mad an asshole remark on a video the other day along the line of “misinformed people think Seattle is trending up…” Get a clue Florio…youngest team in the NFL, with a top 10 D despite having a bad pass rush. I am getting sick of national media not having a frickin’ clue. Sorry for the rant, just get sick of these guys who are paid to be in the know, who clearly are not.

  6. The Ancient Mariner

    I think he’s right that Pete knows full well it’s easier to succeed in college if you’re a great recruiter. I think he’s mad as a hatter to think that that would motivate Pete to leave the NFL for the college ranks. That’s the biggest single reason he went to the NFL, from what I can see: “Always Compete Pete” wanted to prove he could do it, and he’s certainly not going to leave under his own power with that not yet done.

    Especially given the way things are building. If he can find a QB, the sky would seem to be the limit.

  7. John

    MJ, it kinda comes with being a Hawks fan 😛

    No love for Seattle, is something that I have just grown accustomed to. Even when we make a brief appearance on ESPN, its always superficial with no understanding of the organization. I remember Colin talking about Dallas having an easy game in Seattle in week 2, because it would be a shoot out, and Flynn needs time to adjust. Or Merril Hoge saying that Arizona had a boss defense and they’d be challenging the Niners. (Mark Schlereth corrected him, by saying the Hawks are a boss defense.) The only two mainstream analysts that I have see on ESPN that have supported Seattle, are Schlereth and Greeny. But srsly, no love for Seattle.

  8. Meat

    Greeny has given Seattle a little love. I think everyone is sooo far removed from Pacific Northwest and because they are removed do not take the effort to really follow, research, nor care about Hawks football. If this team was on the east or at least in Cali the tune would be different. I am ok with that. To me it just shows who is superficial and who isn’t.

    I wanted to be nice to Florio, but after reading he was stating people are misinformed about Seattle trending up confirms he is a idiot. To say they are ‘not’ trending up is saying they are getting worse. I have yet to see any moves that makes this team worse off.

  9. Colin

    You can tell Florio is just talking out his ass this whole time. Very nervous, uncertain in his word choice. He’s just throwing a bone to the dogs who will chew on it. Go make more great predictions, Mike. Like your one about Manning to Houston…

  10. Matthew Baldwin

    It’s a non-starter. I think PC is driven to re-write his NFL history. That’s what keeps him up at night.

    And I can’t think of an NFL head coach with complete roster control who’s ever walked away willingly.

  11. peter

    Plus people can talk about recruiting chops all you want to but, Arkansas depending on how you look at it isn’t even the top dog in the SEC, they certainly weren’t this good until Petrino got there. It’s one thing to be USC and have all of California, and great programs in western states as far as Texas to pull from. But SEC football even when it isn’t on top, still is on top in it’s own mind, and he’d have to recruit hard against LSU/Alabama and whomever else is trendign up down there. At USC who did he have to battle against as far as recruiting during his tenure if a kid wanted to stay/go to a west coast school?

  12. Rob

    Florio asks a good question though – why did Arkansas even ask the question? Are they that ignorant to think Carroll would just walk away, especially to a programme like Arkansas that is growing, but is hardly Florida/LSU/Alabama etc. Or do they know something we don’t? A contract wrinkle? A contemplation to go back into college? Maybe it’s nothing. Or maybe it is. That’s why I posted the video.

  13. peter

    Well he did put in time at the start of his career there…so maybe they were thinking “a return to your roots,” kind of scenario. It’s been said already but Carroll’s situation in Seattle is unlike the majority of programs. He has a GM who understands what he is looking for, and he gets to run his program as close to a college set-up as he likes, with the multiple picks and roster churns at the same positions to find the best people. part of me could see Carroll return to college even in th SEC someday if this doesn’t work, but his built a good situation, and hecan attempt to go out on top at the pro’s, which I think would always bug him if he went back immediately to college and never really got the shot again to build HIS nfl team.

    Also…on an aside….F@#! Arkansas, I don’t even like the Falcons, but they and Petrino royally hosed that team, those fans, and Arthur Blank back when he left with three games left in the season, I’m not an all character all the time person when it comes to athletics, but you reap what you sow when you pull a stunt like that.

  14. Madmark

    It doesn’t cost anything to asked except the price of a phone call.

  15. Madmark

    Mike Florio is at work for Arkansas trying to make them better. A little media attention doesn’t hurt. Its the preception from the media that he’s working hard to keep his program strong.

  16. Michael (CLT)

    Carroll will do his five years and move on. Seattle was a convenient fallback for him.

    We Seattle fans, at least here in the east, are percieved as whiners.

    Bradly will most likely be the 2015 coach.

  17. Kip Earlywine

    I suspect that Arkansas contacted Carroll because they know less about his situation than we do, not more. They looked at Carroll’s 14-18 record in what many people still consider “The NFC Worst” and figured he must be on the hot seat and therefore receptive to another good college job offer.

    Also, I disagree that Arkansas isn’t a top program. They might only be the 3rd best program in the SEC but they might have been the 4th or 5th best program nationally last year. They have a VERY good team coming back in 2012 and with a coach like Carroll at the helm of that team I wouldn’t be shocked if they won it all next year.

    The way I see it, contacting Carroll was nothing more than a no risk, high upside hail mary. I don’t blame them for trying. I seriously doubt this says anything about Carroll. Pete knows that any time he wants, he can go back to the college game and take his pick of the best coaching jobs available, just like Nick Saban did. There is no need for him to jump at opportunities, because they will always be there.

  18. Jim Kelly

    It’s Florio, a troll of the highest magnitude.

    Actually, I’m kinda surprised that Rob or Kip would post this. It seems out of character for you guys to put something like this up without commenting on it. Heavily. I know that you guys are closer to the Seahawks organization than many “reporters’, but this still seemed an unusual post for you to submit.

    I have a tendency to not read what Florio has to say, and this is the first time that I’ve actually heard him speak. He has always seemed to me to be a guy that would hear a rumor, misinterpret it, than report that incorrectly. I am extremely loyal, and I used to love watching guys like Pete Axthelm, and Merlin Olsen on NBC, the former home of the Hawks, but because of the effluvium that present day pro football talk writers spout, I only visit their site if a factual piece is linked from another site. It’s gotten to the point that I believe the opposite of Florio’s logorrhoea. The guy is the definition of hack, unprofessional, and tard.

    On a lighter note, I still come here daily. I can’t imagine a time where you guys won’t routinely have insightful, thought provoking blogs. Thanks, again, for such a great blog.

  19. BJA

    Dont forget Pete might be facing sanctions because of the Reggie Bush fiasco.

  20. Darnell

    I love PC as our the HC and would be pissed and think considerably less of him if he jumped ship – I don’t see it though.

    And if he did leave, I have 100% confidence in JS (be it with Cable,Bradley, Richard or whoever) to keep it rolling if not make it better given full power.

  21. Rob

    Jim – It was just a video I noticed and thought I’d throw it on the blog as it touches on a subject I thought was mildly interesting. I don’t expect Carroll to leave, but I did think Florio made a good point questioning why this approach was made.

  22. A. Simmons

    Florio is a rumor monger that occasionally gets one right. He was the one that made the biggest stink when Carroll left USC saying the NFL shouldn’t allow Carroll to coach. He attacked Carroll relentlessly after USC trying to go on a moral crusade against Carroll. Florio’s an oportunist looking to make money off higher profile personalities like Carroll whenever he gets the chance to drive traffic to his site.

    This is the same type of garbage rumor like when Pro Football Talk or Weekly started a rumor that John and Pete were on bad terms. That quickly went away when Pete called BS and made a particular effort to show how united John and Pete are. Haven’t heard a peep abou the so called FO rift since and no one else has either.

    This is just another opportunistic moment for Florio with a few others apparently parroting the rumor to drive traffic during this boring time of the year for the NFL.

  23. Madmark

    Michael(CLT) why would PC/JS leave Seattle, with a 4-12 team he won the division and beat the world champions. Just doesn’t make sense.

  24. Meat

    Yeah, he is an attorney, and we all know how moral they are.

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