Mock draft Wednesday’s: 17th April

Could this man be an option for the Seahawks at #56?

This is my penultimate mock draft. My final projection will be next Wednesday, the night before the first round begins. That is also the projection I’ll be sending to the ‘Huddle Report’ so I can secure 93rd position again this year.

Seattle’s pick at #56 works alongside the seven-round mock I created for the team a few days ago. There are more immediate needs than receiver, but most of the top WILL prospects were off the board and several of the defensive tackles had gone too. It’s worth remembering that Golden Tate is a free agent in 2014 and Sidney Rice’s contract doesn’t shrink in the same way Zach Miller’s does. So while receiver isn’t an immediate need, there could be some forward planning here — particularly if a prospect they really like is available.

I’d also highlight the way Green Bay seem to constantly re-load at receiver, something John Schneider might have latched onto.

The Seahawks need to pick their battle’s. They’re going to need to start paying some members of the existing roster. They’re going to have very little cap room to play with as a consequence. Players like Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson by theory could be easier to sign if they continue their elite-level performance. You pay them as the best players at their respective positions. It’s guys like Golden Tate that become harder to judge.

What is he worth to Seattle? Or the rest of the league? On the one hand he’s become very close to Wilson and had a breakout year in 2012. He made some big plays and helped the Seahawks to some key victories. He’s become a household name because of the whole ‘Fail Mary’ incident. Yet his greatest season of production in the NFL is 688 yards and seven touchdowns.

Another team might be willing to pay him as a ‘name’ player — and we’ve seen a handful of receivers get overpaid in the last two years. It could be very difficult for the Seahawks to justify making a deal unless he has a tremendous 2013.

Rice is due a cap hit of $9.7m this year, a further $9.7m in 2014 and $10.2m in 2015. If he stays healthy and productive, then it’s not such an issue. Yet he’s earning true #1 money and if he does miss further time or surrenders some of his production to Percy Harvin, can you justify such a massive contract? Again, it’s a moot point if he succeeds this year, just like Tate. If he doesn’t, he might be a necessary sacrifice in order to keep others on the roster.

The Seahawks are essentially paying two guys (Harvin and Rice) elite contracts at the position, while also giving their starting tight end (Miller) a hefty sum. I’m not sure going forward they’ll want to be pumping that much money into their receivers. Being smart in the draft is key here, because they also don’t want to stunt Russell Wilson’s growth or diminish the talent level of his targets.

Being able to plan ahead, save money where possible and maintain quality is crucial. There’s no room for sentiment. So while receiver isn’t a great defining need this season, it might be a wise move for the long haul to look at a guy like Quinton Patton in round two.

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First round

#1 Luke Joeckel (T, Texas A&M)
They’re keeping their cards close to their chest. Some believe it could be Eric Fisher.
#2 Dion Jordan (DE, Oregon)
They need a pass rusher. Pure and simple.
#3 Sharrif Floyd (DT, Florida)
This will be a long rebuild.
#4 Eric Fisher (T, Central Michigan)
Even if they are getting guys back from injury, Philly’s line hasn’t been good enough for a while.
#5 Ziggy Ansah (DE, BYU)
Plenty of options here for Detroit. Ansah, Milliner, Johnson. What about Tavon Austin?
#6 Dee Milliner (CB, Alabama)
If they get Milliner, they can feel pretty good about this off-season.
#7 Lane Johnson (T, Oklahoma)
This is far and away the teams biggest need following the Carson Palmer trade.
#8 Geno Smith (QB, West Virginia)
They could move up to make sure they get Smith. They can’t rely on Kevin Kolb.
#9 Tavon Austin (WR, West Virginia)
They need a spark on offense.
#10 Jonathan Cooper (G, North Carolina)
Too many people are saying this will be a guard, despite the addition of Andy Levitre.
#11 Star Lotulelei (DT, Utah)
With the top left tackles off the board, they’re forced to look elsewhere.
#12 D.J. Fluker (T, Alabama)
A lot of men in that Miami front office like road grader-style tackles.
#13 Chance Warmack (G, Alabama)
It seems certain this pick will be traded by Tampa Bay for Darrelle Revis.
#14 Sheldon Richardson (DT, Missouri)
Fantastic value for Carolina if this happens.
#15 Barkevious Mingo (DE, LSU)
Local connections plus they need a pass rusher.
#16 Kenny Vaccaro (S, Texas)
Safety could be a target area.
#17 Jarvis Jones (OLB, Georgia)
He could sink in a bad way, but he is the prototype fit at outside linebacker in Pittsburgh’s scheme.
#18 Sly Williams (DT, North Carolina)
Switching to a 4-3 could put a fair amount of emphasis on the DT position.
#19 Arthur Brown (LB, Kansas State)
Terrific little player.
#20 Tyler Eifert (TE, Notre Dame)
I have a feeling they’ll still be open to drafting a tight end this early.
#21 Alec Ogletree (LB, Georgia)
Someone will bit. It’s not like Cincy hasn’t made moves like this in the past.
#22 Eddie Lacy (RB, Alabama)
They must have a physical runner in this division.
#23 Bjoern Werner (DE, Florida State)
Consistent but not an explosive athlete.
#24 Justin Pugh (G, Syracuse)
A huge need for the Colts.
#25 Manti Te’o (LB, Notre Dame)
They hit on Rudolph and Harrison, so why not go back for the Notre Dame hat-trick?
#26 Jesse Williams (DT, Alabama)
It’s easy to forget just how much San Francisco abused Green Bay’s defense in the playoffs.
#27 Robert Woods (WR, USC)
Receiver looks like a strong option here.
#28 Tank Carradine (DE, Florida State)
The Elvis Dumervil saga leaves them needing another pass rusher.
#29 Jamar Taylor (CB, Boise State)
Gives off a Bill Belichick-pick vibe.
#30 Datone Jones (DE, UCLA)
They could move up to do this.
#31 Matt Elam (S, Florida)
Hard-hitting safety, would look good in this defense.
#32 Margus Hunt (DE, SMU)
Who knows where this guy will be drafted? This isn’t out of the question.

Second round

#33 Jacksonville – Matt Barkley (QB, USC)
#34 San Francisco – Johnthan Hankins (DT, Ohio State)
#35 Philadelphia – E.J. Manuel (QB, Florida State)
#36 Detroit – Desmond Trufant (CB, Washington)
#37 Cincinnati – Jonathan Franklin (RB, UCLA)
#38 Arizona – Zach Ertz (TE, Stanford)
#39 New York Jets – Ryan Nassib (QB, Syracuse)
#40 Tennessee – Xavier Rhodes (CB, Florida State)
#41 Buffalo – Cordarrelle Patterson (WR, Tennessee)
#42 Miami – Blidi Wreh-Wilson (CB, Connecticut)
#43 Tampa Bay – D.J. Hayden (CB, Houston)
#44 Carolina – Menelik Watson (T, Florida State)
#45 San Diego – Terron Armstead (T, Arkansas Pine-Bluff)
#46 St. Louis – Kyle Long (G, Oregon)
#47 Dallas – Travis Frederick (C, Wisconsin)
#48 Pittsburgh – Justin Hunter (WR, Tennessee)
#49 New York Giants – Corey Lemonier (DE, Auburn)
#50 Chicago – Larry Warford (G, Kentucky)
#51 Washington – Johnthan Banks (CB, Mississippi State)
#52 Minnesota – Khaseem Greene (LB, Rutgers)
#53 Cincinnati – Eric Reid (S, LSU)
#54 Miami – Jonathan Cyprien (S, Florida International)
#55 Green Bay – DeAndre Hopkins (WR, Clemson)
#56 Seattle – Quinton Patton (WR, Louisiana Tech)
#57 Houston – John Jenkins (DT, Georgia)
#58 Denver – Christine Michael (RB, Texas A&M)
#59 New England – Sio Moore (LB, Connecticut)
#60 Atlanta – Darius Slay (CB, Mississippi State)
#61 San Francisco – Gavin Escobar (TE, San Diego State)
#62 Baltimore – Kevin Minter (LB, LSU)

Other Seahawks picks: R3 – RB Denard Robinson, R4 – DT Montori Hughes, R5 – T Luke Marquardt, R5 – LB Zaviar Gooden, R6 – DT Stefan Charles, R7 – K Dustin Hopkins, R7 – WR/CB Russell Shepard, R7 – B.J. Daniels, R7 – TE Michael Williams


  1. JamesP

    I’ve not posted my mock so far with all the others flying around over the past week or two, so here it is!

    2nd Round – Kawaan Short, DT, Purdue – perhaps isn’t typical Seahawks DL-fodder, being “only” 6-3, but he can play the run and the pass and should be at worst a solid D-Lineman in place of Alan Branch

    3rd Round – Nick Kasa, TE, Colorado – dipping into a deep TE class. Kasa is raw (1 year experience at TE having converted from DE), but 6ft 6 in, 270 lbs of untapped potential screams Seahawks to me and could be the eventual successor to Miller

    4th Round – Jelani Jenkins, WLB, Florida – competition for/upgrade over Smith at WLB. Huge upside and all the speed the Seahawks seem to want on the weakside

    5th Round #1 – Xavier Nixon, OT, Florida – inconsistent but talented. Should outperform Giacomini over time, but no need to cut Breno just yet, Nixon would be great depth in year 1

    5th Round #2 – Aaron Mellette, WR, Elon – from this point on I’m basically going off height/weight/speed numbers and who they’ve have in for visits. Mellette is 6-3 and 217 lbs and like Kasa would be a project pick to succeed Rice in a year or two

    6th Round – Nick Williams, DT, Samford – everything Short isn’t! Just look at his combine numbers. Vertical jumped only 1.5 inches less than Margus Hunt at 30 lbs heavier. Probably just PS material for the time being, but worth a look

    7th Round #1 – Mark Harrison, WR, Rutgers – 6-3, 230 lbs possession receiver

    7th Round #2 – Demetrius McCray, CB, Appalachian State – looks like a Seahawks corner

    7th Round Comp #1 – Ryan Aplin, QB, Arkansas State – mobile QB with a good arm, competition for Portis

    7th Round Comp #2 – Brendan Melanophy, S, Fordham – we attended his pro-day, competition with Maragos for ET back-up duties

    Just wanted to say Rob this is an amazing site. I know people always say it but it doesn’t hurt to hear it again. Thanks for all the work you (and Kip) put into it – it really is appreciated.

    • Leonard

      I like the Melanophy pick. “White Lightning” looks very athletic on tape. He is raw but the upside is definately there.

  2. Aaron

    That’s a big fall for Cordarrelle Patterson. I don’t necessarily question your projection. I could see it happening, but if it does happen I think it would be a prime example of teams over-thinking. I watched him a lot this past season because I started out with an interest in Hunter. I’m not a fan of his now at all. Patterson stole the show in their games and demanded attention. Maybe he’s not a polished route-runner, but I wouldn’t worry much about that personally.

    Watching Tavon Austin’s stock rise, and Patterson’s fall so precipitously in such a short time has been amazing. I think Patterson is the superior prospect, and if he did fall all the way into the 40s, I would hope Seattle would at least consider trading up to grab him. Can you imagine Percy Harvin and Patterson on the same team. That would be ridiculous.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      On Patterson, I disagree Aaron.

      In a normal draft year, I might be inclined to agree. But this draft is fairly unique. There isn’t the precipitous drop in talent as you move into the late teens and 20s in this draft. It stays pretty deep and flat to about pick 40-50. In a normal year, you might see a team take a physically gifted, but abysmally skilled prospect like Patterson in round 1.

      And you could easily see it this year. However unlike most years, the alternative prospects that you are letting slide off the table are way more valuable this year. To take a guy like that, you are letting probably 5 guys that could start day one at positions of need for you fall out of your reach. The opportunity cost to take a guy who has that kind of bust risk is greater in this draft than in most others in recent memory.

      • Aaron

        I guess I would just say that I view him as an exceptional talent and worthy of a top 15 pick in this draft or any other. I’m not sure I can see where you’re coming up with that much risk when you look at what he did for Tennessee last season. I understand it was only one year, and there were some teams that reportedly had concerns during the interview process (possible smoke screen), but to me it just always comes down to what a guy shows on the field. I have very little doubt he’s a day 1 starter in the NFL at wide receiver, and also an impact player on special teams. He’s also far more versatile than the other top receivers in this draft with the possible exception of Tavon Austin and Denard Robinson.

        • Maz

          Patterson will be drafted in the first round most likely, however he could fall.He has the one year experience and all, and is an explosive athlete, but the other receivers have a longer track record. I think he will be drafted by Carolina or St. Louis in the first round.

    • dave crockett

      Mostly agree here about Patterson. I started off wowed by the athleticism he showed vs. NC State. Then I cooled on him because he’s just so sloppy. But now, I think the backlash I’m seeing in mocks is a bit too cautious on Patterson.

      He has “T.O.” type upside. The guy can just dominate. At the same time, I think his floor is higher than Darius Heyward-Bey’s. So, any team at #12 (Miami) or later isn’t taking an insane gamble. As long as you understand that you HAVE to give the guy 3 years to figure out the pro game.

      • Aaron

        My thought process is similar to yours on this Dave. I heard Derek Stephens talking on a podcast about becoming a scout. He said one of the most important truisms that he developed (or borrowed) is that your first impression of a player is almost always the most accurate. I think sometimes teams and other experts get so deeply involved in their evaluation process that they end up outsmarting themselves.

        When we had the #25 pick I was dreaming of getting Patterson, but deep down felt like he would never fall that far. To see him listed as a 2nd rounder is kind of shocking to me.

        He will be an interesting test case of athletecism versus fundamenal soundness. I’m inclined to err on the side of athletecism, but that’s just me.

        • Kip Earlywine

          Funny John Schneider would probably disagree about the “first instinct” notion. He remarked recently that one of the lessons he’s learned is not going off an early evaluation, that it’s important to go back and always give a 2nd look.

          • Aaron

            I can’t speak for Derek, but I don’t think it was an argument against due diligence. I’d agree you probably wouldn’t be very successful as a scout if you just always relied on your first impression and left it at that. Rather, I think the point he was making is that you have to remember there’s a lot of value in your first impression, and it shouldn’t be disregarded or underestimated as you work through your process. The way he explained it, it’s just something that anecdotally tends to be the case in his experience.

          • Leonard

            I mentioned this earlier but it seems to fit here. A first impression can easily be colored by your preconceived notions about a prospect. Sometimes we look harder for things that confirm what we want to be true and ignore the things that contradict.

          • Madmark

            I had Zavier Gooden down in the 5th rd in January and senior bowl and combine propelled him up in the draft and I was seeing him mock in 3rd round. I rewatched the tape and he got great cover skills but he doesn’t seem physical enough or have that desire to hit people. I’m not sure if that’s something you can coach . I think either you have it or you don’t.

  3. cliff

    this is kinda crazy..

    There have been multiple Seahawks each year from this small list (you can look back to 2012 and 2011 in the article)

    2012: RW3, R Turbin, Tuinei, Hebron Fangupo (was with us for a while), and K Toomer.

    2011: Doug Baldwin, KJ Wright, and Mark Legree.

    Take a look at the 2013 version and there are many names we’ve been linked to especially on the DL.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I’m not that surprised. We have benefited from having a glut of picks in the 120-220 range. That’s been by design. That’s where these diamonds guys get picked. Just sheer luck would see us having a much better likelihood of getting some of these guys.

      That list kind of is a shotgun approach to projecting projects. I mean he lists 54 prospects all typically graded from a selection range of about 140 picks. He’s probably listed more than one in four players that will get picked between rounds 4 and 7 (157 picks this year with supplemental selections included).

      Now, if he cut that in half, I’d be impressed.

  4. Nolan

    I think minny takes a corner with one of its first two picks they lost Winfield and want him to return badly

    • Rob Staton

      Very possible.

      • Maz

        Agreed. MLB as well.

  5. James

    There are a few positions that seem unlikely the Seahawks would select in R2: QB (for obvious reasons, though if Scott is there in R3, he could go then); RB (don’t need one until Beast leaves, and you can get a rookie in that year); and LB (which may seem odd, given it is one of the few needs on the team, but I don’t see a single Will LB with a R2 value that meets the Seahawks criteria for 4.5+ speed, OLB will be taken anywhere from R3 on). Patton is an excellent player and could meet a need down the road if Tate is not re-signed, and stockpiling WRs is always a good idea.

    • Leonard

      I would consider Sio Moore from UCONN a solid second round option at LB. He is probably the second best athelete at the position next to Gooden but is more physical. He is also a very, very skilled pass rusher. He was more of a 3-4 rush LB in college but when he did drop into coverage he seemed quite natural to me. If the new defensive game plan is going to include more blitzing this pick would make a lot of sense.

      • Belgaron

        Schneider’s recent comments have KJ moving to WLB with Avril playing strong side and they plan to put Irvin in there as well.

        Doesn’t sound like they feel any urgency to bring in another guy.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m fairly certain they will bring in another guy, the key question for me is in what range? I think it could be in play on day two, but is maybe more likely to be a speed guy at some point in day three. Avril and Irvin aren’t going to be full time WILL’s after all. I think they are just talking about creative and different looks to get as many as 3-4 pass rushers on the field at once.

          • Belgaron

            With Malcolm Smith, Mike Morgan, and Korey Toomer already offering some speed, I’ve been wondering if they wouldn’t prefer Jamie Collins as a bigger stronger goal line option to bookend with KJ for power stops.

  6. Darnell


    Is the Patton projection based upon Seahawks related rumors of interest, or do you grade him higher than say Wheaton,Swope?

    • Rob Staton

      Some of it is the talk of interest, some of it is fit. I think Wheaton and Swope are less likely given that they’d possibly take a lot of snaps in the slot (although I think both can line up outside too). Patton is more of an outside guy even if he lacks elite size. Out of the three, I think Patton is the more natural fit to replace Golden Tate if he leaves in free agency next year.

      • Madmark

        For some ungodly reason I just see Ryan Swope going to the patriots. He seems to be that player they like. Just a feeling.

      • Eran Ungar

        Sad to say i agree.

        I very much into Swope. he team that will get him will be very fortunate. However, once Harvin is on board and considering the obvious need or an outside receiver in 2014 Patton is the right choice.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love everything i see about Patton and i think he’ll be an asset for us. There was just some Steve Largent in Swopes that i wanted.

        • Madmark

          I think the talk with Patton is like last year with Cousins. Hey Patton if your there at pick 87 we are going to take you. I think he goes in the 70’s.

  7. James

    Based on how John and Pete have gone about constructing the team, I believe that their original plan was to acquire players and construct their team during their first four years, with a plan for a Super Bowl run in 2014-17 as those players hit their prime.

    I believe this plan changed based on two developments: 1) Russell Wilson; and 2) how the off-season came down this year. Wilson is the franchise QB so good that he can lead a team into the Super Bowl right now. The brilliant acquisition of Russell, Sherman and others moved up the timetable. When Percy Harvin came available, and elite pass rushers (Avril and Bennett) were there for the taking, I think the Seahawks altered their strategy. It meant committing their entire cap room to this year, so they have to think a little differently about the future. This will impact their draft strategy.

    If the Phase I Super Bowl run is right now; the Phase II Super Bowl run (2014-17) will require the release of a number of players as their contracts expire: Rice, Lynch, Mebane, Bryant, Miller, Giacomini, etc. Only then will the cap room be available to re-sign Wilson, Okung, Thomas, Sherman, etc. Therefore, the draft strategy this year and next will likely be to draft the replacements for those veterans. This makes DT and OT the main priorities for next week’s draft, in my view, with across-the-board depth needed nearly everywhere.

    • Belgaron

      Their competition philosophy would include the possibility of a Super Bowl run every year. The Giants won it all coming from a wild card seed. Their plans are actually built around the long term as they hope to get to a point where they don’t bring in free agents from the outside but instead get compensatory picks every year. They want to be able to survive unafordable talent leaving because they are strong enough to continue with “the next guy”. They want to be built from the draft but they do have the luxury of the best owner in the NFL to make up for shortcomings while getting more drafts done under this regime. They also have an underlying philosophy of incremental improvements and you can trace that when they have players go (Trufant, Hill, Carlson, etc.) they try to bring in even better talent.

  8. drewdawg11

    Patton is a reach at that spot, I believe. He’s just not excellent at any one thing. He reminds me a lot of Darryl Jackson. Not a blazer, but serviceable to good. I’d rather take a bigger wr, possibly later with more upside. I don’t know that all of this Patton talk in relation to the hawks is accurate. It seems to me that its a smoke screen, or just people drawing their own conclusions. I’ve watched his film a few times, and I just don’t see it. Not at 56.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure about the use of the words ‘smoke screen’ because the only info we’ve had of any interest is a loose report connected to the player or team saying that Seattle have been monitoring the LA Tech games since 2011 and checking on his progress. That’s not the kind of rampant speculation like, “This team will take this guy at #4 guaranteed” that you associate with a red herring.

    • Leonard

      I can see the Jackson comparison because I thought Jackson was a very good WR here. I think that is his absolute basement though. He might not be an elite deep threat but his crisp routes, quickness and ability to set up defenders more than makes up for it. His big play ability is very underrated because of his polish. I think he will be NFL ready day number 1. I have liked him for a while though so that probably biases the way I watch his video. I think we all can fall into the trap of focusing on the good or the bad depending on how we feel about the guy coming in.
      You actually brought up 3 of my favorite recievers. Swope is electric but has very small hands. Wheaton has world class speed and very underrated route running but is very thin. I’d be extremely happy with any of these three or Aaron Dobson in round 2. I think Dobson is going to be the WR that gets picked higher than most people assume.

      • Leonard

        Sorry. Wheaton and Swope were mentioned in a different post.

        • Maz

          Aaron Dobson has been my #1 option in the 2nd round at WR. Picked up his tape and Patton, on the same night. Aaron Dobson was my choice and has stayed that way. I also like Da’Rick Rodgers, if we decide to take a gamble on a WR.

  9. Ed

    I think Detroit goes OT or CB, then not sure about G. Smith or T. Austin. Other than that, nice top 10. Also, doesn’t look like a lock Revis to TB (they would be dumb to do it. give up next year 1st).

    Any how, for the Hawks. If we were that close to D. Hopkins, I would hope we move up. Like him more than Patton, but love the idea of a possible #1 WR in the 2nd.

    3rd rd would prefer an OT or TE (Escobar/Kelce)

    Love the rest of the draft.

    With the limited number of spots to make the team, do you see them trading up a lot or trading out for 2014 picks?

    Great work

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure they’ll trade up at any point to be fair. If anything, I can see trades down while accumulating stock in 2014 to make up for the traded 3rd rounder in the Harvin deal.

      • SHawn

        I would love to see us trade down and end up with two 3rds, two 4ths, and two 5ths. Could be some SERIOUS talent coming in this year, even without a 1st rounder. In a deep draft, who needs early picks?

        • Maz

          I mentioned this scenario on a previous mock. That would be my ideal situation as well.

  10. Michael

    This would be a frustrating 2nd round for me to watch. Seeing Justin Hunter, Corey Lemonier, Johnthan Banks, Khaseem Greene, and DeAndre Hopkins all come off the board so close to our pick only to watch us select a guy I’m not overly excited about would make me sad. Of course I have about a million times more confidence in Pete and John than I do myself, so I would be excited once the dust clears…

    Rob, just out of curiousity, what do you think it will cost to move up 8-10 spots in the second round of this particular draft?

    • Jon

      I would guess that would cost our 4th, and possibly an extra late pick (a 6th or 7th).
      I would much rather trad back around ten spots, while picking up a 5th this year an possibly a 4th next. If we make it deep into the playoffs next year and we trade a bottom 10 team for next years fourth then that kind of a trade all but makes up for the 3rd that we gave up in the Harvin trade.

      Of course this all depends on who is there at 56 but I would guess that the hawks pick up some picks next year if any trade happens with pick #56.

      • Maz

        I would say a 5th and a 7th.

  11. kevin mullen

    Other than Tate, they haven’t drafted a receiver at all. All our receivers have been signed as FA, UDFA, or trades. Not saying that #56 pick isn’t a receiver but JS hasn’t really shown that “Green Bay Narrative,” in fact I’d almost say he’s gone against that grain. His FA acquisitions have been sound and fiscally conservative, in respect to the talent, but his drafts have been “trench heavy” (meaning both lines) and with that draft history, I’d almost allude to the same. If there’s a DL or OL prospect available, I’d bet money that they’re going that route. If another LEO prospect is there, why not? Stack that position as much as possible as Clemens, Avril, Irvin are our only candidates. If the capital is there, might as well. Remember the Giants problem: too many pass rushers? It’s really not a bad problem to have.

    Personally I’m looking BPA and hopefully they don’t trade down as we’re having the same problem as SF, at some point: not too many kids are not gonna make this roster and that’s draft capital waste…

    • Colin

      Drafted Kris Durham in 2011…

      • kevin mullen

        Forgot about him, good catch.

    • Maz

      Too many is better than not enough. I would love to trade all our picks for SF picks right now. JS is doing it better than GB. I’m sure that was his goal coming in. If we can win a SB or two, it will be proven.

  12. Clayton

    I’m also suspicious of the Seahawks’s interest in Quinton Patton. I googled “Seahawks interested Quinton Patton” and I found that a Packers beat reporter named Ty Dunne apparently tweeted that the Seahawks were very interested and has also said that the Seahawks interest goes back as far as 2011. How would a Packers beat reporter know this? I don’t think John Schneider would just tell him. Just seems a bit fishy. Also, if the Seahawks did draft Quinton Patton at #56, effectively, that would be like drafting two receivers in the first and second rounds, since in essence Percy Harvin is our first round pick. It just doesn’t seem like the norm for a team to do that.

    • Rob Staton

      I would counter by saying why wouldn’t he know this? It’s not like his only source has to be Schneider. We like to think leaks don’t occur, but they always do. Chris Mortensen told Russell Wilson a month before the draft he’d be a Seahawk.

    • Belgaron

      When it comes to news stories they can come from the player, their agent, their friends/family, other teams who were in earshot (which appears to be the case here).

  13. drewdawg11

    He’s not as good as Swope. He isn’t 6’3″, 220 lbs. He isn’t a burner. He’s got good body control and hands, but is unspectacular. I’d rather draft a wr later. Just my take.

    • Madmark

      I just get this feeling that Ryan Swope will probably be a Patriot he just seems to fit there offense and I believe he’s 6′ .5″ and 206lbs. does the 40- 4.35sec .

    • Belgaron

      Anything in the 4.3 range would definitely be considered a burner, not that I think he should definitely be picked by the ‘Hawks.

  14. Christon

    Patton just doesn’t excite me. I’m not sure he’d be the ideal fit for RW’s personality which could hurt chemistry.

    • Colin

      I’m not sure we can exclude guys just because they aren’t choir boys like Russell. Some of these guys are going to have their own attitudes and personalities and we can’t be Ruskell-ian and dimiss them for minor issues.

      • Leonard

        I think that is one of the great things about Wilson. His personality and leadership is going to make people want to play with him and follow his example.
        I haven’t heard anyone suggest that Patton was a bad guy either. Just a big personality with a mouth to match.

        • Maz

          Yeah, RW is a true leader. Others will follow suit, or be on another team. He will be the guy for a long time. We just need to keep him healthy. No personality on the offense will be more prominent, than RW’s. He will lead this team to many victories.

          • Jim Q

            I agree with some here who would like to see at least a couple of the upcoming draft picks be used for selecting replacements for the highly paid WR-Rice and TE-Miller, among others. I also agree that RW needs to have the best targets available to help his growth. To that end, I really don’t have any problems with the drafting of a WR in round 2 this year. The real question is will Patton even be available at pick #56. If not, I would hope one of Wheaton, Swope or Bailey would receive consideration for that pick or potentially at pick #87. (Note: all are within a couple of inches in height of each other and none are much taller than 6‘-0“)

            IMO- Steadman Bailey is a very comparable WR to Patton that may indeed be available at #56 and possibly even at #87. As shown below, Patton & Bailey are very, very similar, one slight exception being that Bailey is 2″ shorter, however most of that is mitigated by comparison of verticle jumping ability. Bailey’s 34.5″ verticle vs Patton’s 33″ verticle makes their heights nearly identical. It’s amazing how close all of their combine #’s match-up.

            Combine #’s:
            Steadman Bailey: 5-10, 193, 4.46/40, 2.51 20-yd split, 1.59 10-yd split, 11-reps, 34.5″ vert, 9′-9″-broad, 4.09 shuttle, 6.81 cone, 32-3/4″ arms, 9.78″ hands.

            Quinton Patton, 6-0, 204, 4.48/40, 2.50 20-yd split, 1.56 10-yd split, 9-reps, 33″ vert, 9′-10″-broad, 4.01 shuttle, 6.91 cone, 32-7/8″ arms, 9.38″ hands.

            Receiving Statistics:
            Receiving #’s Quinton Patton, (2012) = 104 receptions for 1392 yards, 13.38-ypc, 13-TD’s.
            Receiving #’s Quinton Patton, (full career) = 146 recptions – 1942 yards, 13.30-ypc, 17-TD’s.

            Receiving #’s Steadman Bailey, (2012) = 114 receptions – 1633 yards, 14.32-ypc, 25-TD’s.
            Receiving #’s Steadman Bailey, (full career) = 210 receptions – 3218 yards, 15.32-ypc, 41-TD’s.

            RECENT INFO:
            “72 of West Virginia WR Stedman Bailey’s114 receptions (for 1622 yards) in 2012 resulted in a first down or touchdown”, (Note: Bailey had 25-receiving TD’s in the 2012 season, I guess that means 47 receptions were for 3-rd down conversions).

            STATS Inc. calls these “clutch receptions,” and Bailey leads the draft eligible receiver group on 148 targets. A favorite of Geno Smith in the red zone, Bailey has a knack for coming up with big catches in important situations. We absolutely love his game and consider him a second-round talent.

            If indeed PC/JS look at what a player can do as opposed to what they can’t do, then Steadman Bailey’s stellar production should be attractive to them. 25-TD’s by a receiver is astounding as well as outstanding. Put that together with being the “clutch receiver leader” mentioned in the above article and what’s not to like? Again, I’d be happy with a good WR selection (Wheaton, Swope or Bailey) using a 2-nd or 3-rd round pick. However, by far – my preference would be Steadman Bailey and it’s not even close.

  15. Leonard

    Rob, if Jonathan Franklin is still on the board at #56 do you think he would be a good fit for the Hawks? He seems to be a hot name right now.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure he’s exactly what they’d look for but there’s a pretty good chance he’ll be gone by #56.

  16. Troy

    RD1- WR* Percy Harvin 

    RD2- DT* Kawaan Short, OLB* Sio Moore, WR* DeAndre Hopkins

    RD3- DE/OLB* Corey Lemonier, RB* Christine Michael, QB* Matt Scott,

    RD4- DT* Montori Hughes, WR* Aaron Dobson, TE\FB*Kyle Juszczyk

    RD5- (TWO PICKS) LB* Zaviar Gooden, RB* Marcus Lattimore, DT* Bennie Logan, CB* Will Davis, OT* Jordan Mills, WR* Aaron Mellette

    RD6- K* Dustin Hopkins, WR\CB* Rodney Smith, OT* Ricky Wagner

    RD7- (FOUR PICKS) WR* Mark Harrison, RB* Miguel Maysonet, QB* Ryan Aplin, TE* Mychal River, RB* Knile Davis, WR* Marcus Davis,

    UDFA- WR* Marquess Wilson, QB* B.J. Daniels, SS\OLB* Cooper Taylor, OT* Luke Marquardt

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Nice board Troy. I like most of your choices

      R2: I’d be thrilled with DeAndre Hopkins at 56. I don’t like Short though – he’s just too “on/off” motor-wise for me (either giving up on plays before the whistle, or flat out taking off entire plays). I like Moore’s athleticism, but I don’t think he’s enough of an impact player to grade out in R2.

      R3: I like Michael a LOT, so it would be hard to pass him, but Scott represents too much value not to take him here (I don’t think he’ll still be on the board however). I don’t see Lemonier making it to 87 (he might not even make it to 56), but if he was, then this would be the toughest pick of all.

      R4: Yes to any of them, but if we got Hopkins in R2 then either Hughes or Juszzcyk. Probably Juszczyk because he’s versatile in a unique way (not many TE/FB players out there, especially with his skill set and measureables).

      R5: I’m not really a fan of Gooden. I like his physical skills, but he just doesn’t play aggressively enough (shies away from contact, relies too much on arm tackles). Then again, he’s one of the best athletes at LB and spending an R5 pick on him might be a reasonable risk. I’m a big fan of Lattimore, but would prefer Christine Michael (even using the R3 to get him). Bennie Logan in R5 would be a BIG score IMO. Ditto with Mellette.

      R6: Dustin Hopkins over Rodney Smith (and Smith over Wagner). Hopkins fills more of a need.

      R7/UDFA: I combined these two categories because I don’t think Wilson or Marquardt will go undrafted. I like both in R7 for sure, especially Wilson over Harrison – I get the allure of Harrison, but every Rutgers fan I know (and I know several) said he’s a bust – a physically gifted athlete who just can’t catch. Also, I’m not a fan of Alpin. I don’t think he will be successful at the next level. He just doesn’t see the field, never checks through his receiving options before throwing, and worst of all, has no touch on his passes (always behind/late with his throws). I very much prefer Daniels, especially since I think he could be had as an UDFA. I prefer Maysonet to Knile Davis, and although you don’t have him listed, but I MUCH prefer Joseph Fauria to River (or just about any other TE likely to be available this late).

    • hawks420

      And I love your pics minus Zaviar Gooden, RB’s can run over him at will and I want to see lemonier at OLB…
      Plus Percy Harvin, I hope PC/JS can see the wisdom in that 🙂

      • Belgaron

        Schneider’s comments makes me think Lemonier and Gooden are less likely. Sounds like they are happy to use Avril and Irvin at OLB/DE in addition to the other guys they have.

  17. Maz

    My first round mock so far.

    19 NYG FLUKER, D.J.
    21 CIN TE’O, MANTI

    • Ed

      Heavily disagree with:

      12 They need OL and CB help
      18 They have two star CB and badly need OL/S/DT
      24 Yes they need RB, but need OL/Dl
      27 Risky

      Who do you have going to Hawks? Who do you want Hawks to pick?

      • Maz

        This is just my first mock and all. I did not include any trades, and don’t necessarily expect guys to go, exactly as they are here. Heres a little explanation of the picks you disagree with.

        #12 on this mock was due to Sheldon being the best player available. I actually don’t think MIA stays at #12. However, Rhodes and Fluker, I have lower than Richardson. In fact, way below. They could play him as a DE in a 3-4. Another need of theirs. We could slide Rhodes in their if you like.

        Their secondary still needs work, it’s still a concern. Their is a lot of value in Rhodes at this point. Plus this is Jerry Jones who is drafting. Likes the well known big name guys. If Rhodes falls to #18, I could still see DAL drafting him. They may go Ogletree as well. They would prefer Vaccaro, but he went earlier. So they find the, J.J. version of Richard Sherman.

        Not sure what IND will do really. RB is a value selection at @24. They get to choose the first one in this mock. However, they could also choose to go with Jesse Williams. No RB’s in round 1?

        Risky? Possibly. Definitely fits a need. They run a zone scheme as well. Don’t mind risky. They could go Menelik Watson as well.

        We could also see SF draft Lacy.

        pick 56 Vance McDonald TE Rice
        pick 87 Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern
        pick 127 Christine Michael HB Texas A&M
        pick 138 Will Davis CB Utah St.
        pick 158 Shawn Williams S Georgia
        pick 194 Phillip Steward OLB Houston
        pick 220 Kyle Juszczyk FB Harvard
        pick 231 Jayson DiManche OLB N. Illinois
        Pick 241 Chris Jones DT Bowling Green
        pick 242 Caleb Sturgis K Florida


        pick 56 Margus Hunt DE SMU
        pick 87 Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern
        pick 127 Vance McDonald TE Rice
        pick 138 Christine Michael HB Texas A&M
        pick 158 Aaron Melete WR Elon
        pick 194 Steve Williams CB California
        pick 220 Earl Wolfe S NC State
        pick 231 Kyle Juszczyk FB Harvard
        pick 241 Jayson DiManche LEO N. Illinois
        Pick 242 Jordan Campbell OLB New Mexico …

  18. Scott Allen

    I started out thinking this draft was going to involve a run on DL that caused that position to dry up early. I still think the demand for DL will be high in the draft but now I’m thinking that O line is going to dominate early picks. I think its completely feasible for 5 of the top 10 picks to be O line. On my latest mock draft I actually have the first 6 of 11 picks going that way. There are just too many teams that need better protection for QBs.

    31 49ERS: ELAM, MATT

  19. Ray graham

    I must admit I’m Luke warm on Patton at 56. But I have faith that this F/O knows what they are doing so if he’s the pick ill be all in with it. Instead of doing another mock I’m just gonna throw up my personal wish list in no order or round, just guys I like for this team: bj Coleman, Ryan Swope, margus hunt, armonty Bryant, Matt Scott, jayson diManche, Kaseem Greene, John Simon, mike catapona, nick Williams, Aron mallette, zach boran. There’s a bunch of others as well but these are a few guys that have captured my attention mostly thru this forum. Love to come away with anyone on this list. One other totally random thought, does anybody else think that Pete prisco is a complete clown?? Go hawks!!

  20. Stuart

    Troy, nice!

    • Troy

      Thx Stuart. Im probably way off on my mock above but hey a guy can dream right?! Beyond stoked for this week to fly by…

      • xo 1

        I agree with Stuart. I like the names you’ve placed other than Short, about whom I’ve heard enough questions about his motor to sour on – I wonder if he wants to play football enough for Seattle. I’m also not sure the guys you list in rounds two or three fall to the Hawks’ slot. I think they’ll go earlier, although I don’t doubt that a ton of players are going to end up sliding because there is so much depth this year.

  21. Jeff M.

    Still think it highly unlikely that we spend our top 3 picks all on WRs (and I know it might not immediately be apparent, but that’s what this mock involves).

    I know Rob always says that the Green Bay model has involved spending high (mostly #2) picks on WR even when it doesn’t seem an immediate need…but we’ve already spent a #1 pick (plus a #3 next year) on a wideout in this draft (Harvin).

    So after spending our #1 on Harvin, this mock has us also spend our #2 on Patton. When Green Bay drafted Jordy Nelson in the 2nd, it was to compete with James Jones for WR3 and soon to take over from Driver (33 years old at the time) as WR2. Patton would be competing with Baldwin for the WR4 spot, and the oldest guy ahead of him on the depth chart (Rice) is only 26.

    So then we’ve spent #1 and #2 on wideouts (and are now 5 deep at that spot), and we go ahead and spend our #3 on Denard Robinson as WR6/KR (I know Rob says he could fill in at RB3, but it’s difficult to project him to something he’s never played, and no one else has him as a potential RB). The comparable Green Bay pick would be Randall Cobb, but he was an All-American WR and again competing with Jones for the WR3 role…not a conversion project buried on the depth chart.

    I guess the explanation for loading up so heavily at WR is if you’re planning on dumping Rice, Tate, and Baldwin to go with Harvin, Patton, and Robinson as your top 3, but it really, really doesn’t make sense to me to get rid of guys who are still very young, and who were fantastic last year. If we’re going to spend our top picks with the idea that we get cost-effective replacements for current players, shouldn’t we be looking for successors to Bryant, Mebane, Clemons, etc. instead?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I get your point about spending consecutive picks on the same position, but with a team so strong across all positions, smart GMs and HCs look for successors wherever the best prospects are. Sure we may need successors to Bryant and Mebane (not sure about Clemons yet, what with Avril on the roster and Irvin yet to show how much he’s improved), but IMO this draft doesn’t have them for us (at least not at 56 and beyond). On the other hand, the depth at WR is much better, and despite the strength of our WR corps, there are serious cap issues looming on the horizon that makes that position more of a need to reload. Not to mention with a QB like RW, it’s just good sense to make sure he has the receiving weapons needed to get the most out of his talent.

      As for DRob – I disagree that no one else has him projected as a RB. I’m not one to cite ESPN or similar main stream sports media outlets, but just about all of them speak of his value in the NFL at the RB position. I don’t know how specific teams look at him, but there’s definitely talk of him as a RB (despite his desire to make it as a WR). Also, and there’s pretty much no debate on this, he’s a home run threat every time he touches the ball,

  22. Madmark

    I think it feels a lot easier than last year draft just because we have a franchise QB in place. My 1st pick was DeAdre Hopkins WR in January. JS/PC end up trading for Percy Harvins WR. I think that’s a pick for me since I did pick a WR. Now I thinking this is clearly a bonus because Percy is so much more when he takes over Kick/punt returns so much so that we let Leon Washington go. Now I short a running back and that’s what will influence my draft this year. Last year I wanted David Wilson, he was suppose to be the kick/punt returner and be that change of pace running back spot. Robert Turbin I choose was to be Lynch’s backup. The teams Identity is wrap up in its ability to run the ball and with that said heres my mock draft.
    Pick 1 Percy Harvin
    Pick 2 Christen Michaels RB Texas A&M 5’10’ 220lbs 40-4.49 takes Leons place.
    Pick 3 Travis Kelce TE Cincinnati 6’5″ 255lbs 40-4.65 takes Morrah
    Pick 4 Quinton Dial DT Alabama 6’5.5″ 318lbs 40-5.25 take Branch
    pick 5 Luke Marquardt T Azusa Pacific 6’8.5″ 315lbs 40-5.33 take Frank
    pick 5 Stefan Charles DT CFL 6;5″ 310lbs take Howard
    pick 6 Dustin Hopkins K He’s healthy and kicks FG over 50 yards I want him for 4years
    Pick 7 Jake Knott OLB Iowa St. 6’1.5″ 243lbs 40-4.68 Takes hills place
    Pick 7 Mark Harrison WR Rutgers 6’3″ 231lbs 40-4.38 the big receiver maybe
    pick 7 B.J. Daniels QB S. Florida
    pick 7 Joseph Campbell OLB New Mexico shot in the dark maybe.

    • Maz

      It’s Jordan Campbell

      • Madmark

        My mistake Jordan Campbell OLB New Mexico, 5’10” 248lbs, 40-4.56,20-2.6,10-1.66,20yd shuttle 4.53,
        vert 36.5″, 3 cone 7.23, broad 9’7″.

        • DavidInBellingham

          Joseph Campell would be a legendary pick.

          • shams

            Haha, wouldn’t it!?? Hilarious. Moyers to Campbell for the touchdown.

    • xo 1

      Nice effort. Very interesting names and selection of positions.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Nice board. Yes to every pick except Harrison. This is as close to a “for sure” prediction I’ll ever make, but he’s going to be a bust. He just cannot adjust to the ball or make any catch other than the easy one. I would much prefer someone like Marquess Wilson for a big WR in the late rounds.

      • Madmark

        We did get Brett Swain WR from San Fran in FA to compete for the 5th spot. We still have Kearse and Martin on the roster too. Seattle really wants a big receiver and at this spot in the draft you for athlectic ability and the potential to improve we did with Kris Durham.

      • Madmark

        Might not need him FA Darren Fells fascinates me I keep thinking become the ultimate Joker TE you’ll every see at 6’8″ and 280lbs, so maybe we don’t Harrison hehe.

  23. James

    Interesting that Mel Kiper did a 3-round mock today and gave the Seahawks Kawann Short and Gavin Escobar. Kiper won the most accurate mock title last year, but I can’t imagine the Seahawks selecting Short. He has the physical tools and fits a real need, but John and Pete have never, never drafted a player whose scouting profiles consistently indicate that the guy is lazy and takes off many plays every game. If the guy doesn’t show a love for the game, just take him off your Seahawks prospect list. Escobar would be OK.

    • Belgaron

      I agree, from the guys he’d have available for Seattle to choose from, I think they’d go Eric Reid, Armstead, or even Mathieu before Short. They’d also have Johnathan Hankins, Jessie Williams, Jamie Collins and Johnathan Banks to consider according to the way they’d fall with his selections.

  24. Scott Allen

    rotoworld player news:
    CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reports the Jets are still considering a move for restricted free agent Chris Ivory.
    Ivory visited the Jets last weekend, but not much has materialized since then. The deadline for teams to sign restricted free agents to offer sheets is Friday, but the Jets could still acquire Ivory via trade if he signs his tender or agrees to a new deal. The Saints are said to want no less than a fourth-rounder in return.

    I say “YES!!!” F*** the Jets, we should give up a 4th round pick for Ivory. He would do a fine job subbing for Beast.

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