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Gil Brandt has an updated ‘hot 100’ list at If you want an idea on who will get an invite to New York for the draft, it’s worth checking the top names listed here – Brandt has a lot of say in who attends. Courtney Upshaw and Brock Osweiler – two prospects that have created a lot of debate on this blog – both received invites. Upshaw is ranked #16 overall, Osweiler is at #35.

Jon Gruden’s QB camp features Osweiler tonight on ESPNU at 17:30 EST. To see a sample clip, click here.

Tony Pauline lists his ‘risers’ after the busy pro-day schedule, a list that includes Marshall defensive end Vinny Curry. Pauline: “Curry’s combine workout was disappointing and bordered on awful. To his credit, he looked like a different athlete at the Marshall pro day. His 40 time of 4.67 was a full .2 seconds better than his mark from Indianapolis and he bettered his vertical jump by 3 ½ inches. He’s considered a terrific pass rusher and a good athlete. The combination could push Curry into the first round.”

Danny Kelly at Field Gulls has written a piece on John Schneider and Seattle’s direction under their GM. Kelly: “He’s well-organized and methodical, not afraid to explore every angle and avenue for player acquisition, and he does the legwork involved to give the franchise the best chance possible to strike when the iron is hot on certain players. This has allowed them to identify and acquire some key players like Clemons and Lynch, Washington and Brandon Browner. Obviously, not all of their moves work out, but they’re anything but complacent when it comes to building depth and adding talent.”

Adam Teicher at the Kansas City Star has a mock draft with a few interesting picks. It’s also the first non-Seattle based projection that has Courtney Upshaw to the Seahawks. Teicher on Upshaw: “Equally skilled against the run as he is against the pass.”

Albert Breer also has a new mock, with the Seahawks drafting Fletcher Cox at #12. Following the signing of Jason Jones, I just cannot picture the Seahawks drafting a defensive tackle. Breer: “The defensive tackle spot is muddled at the top. My guess is John Schneider goes for the guy with the best tape, which is Cox.”

Below I’ve added game tape on two mid-round pass rushers, Bruce Irvin and Jack Crawford. Tape courtesy of JMPasq.


  1. dave

    Tru’s back…

  2. Rory

    What do you think the odds are of Bruce Irvin developing a more well rounded game and becoming an excellent wlb?

  3. Bryan

    I love that clip of Osweiler with Gruden. He seems like a great personality to have on a team. Maybe we could somehow draft him.

  4. lenny253

    Glad to see the tacoma native will retire a hawk. Bringing TrU back in some capacity is a good look.

  5. lenny253

    Bruyce Irvin will manhandled by NFL tackles. He would need to add 15 lbs.

  6. SHawn

    When are we doing pick # 8 for the Dolphins?

  7. Rob

    Tomorrow, Shawn.

  8. Justin

    Glad to get Trufant back

  9. Ben2

    Dude, the Kansas City mock had Hightower going 29 to Ravens with comment “freak who can play any position.” Hightower @ 12?

  10. Mel

    Why does Gruden even have a “QB Camp?” Outside of journeyman Rich Gannon, has Gruden ever had a clue about recognizing talent in the QB position?

  11. Doug

    Crawford looked better between the two of them.

    Irvin was eaten up all game, he has no power, just some speed, but he just gets pushed wide with one hand. Like Lenny said, pro tackles will make mincemeat out of him.

    Even though I’m not much of an Upshaw fan, you don’t see him getting pushed around with one hand by anybody. These tapes are actually good to show what Upshaw can do, where he can actually hold his own instead of being dominated.

  12. akki

    If I already have a starting LB corps in place, I take a flyer on Irvin and hope he becomes another Chris Slade. If we don’t, and we don’t, I stay away.

    Viewing the film gives little indication of what he’ll do in the NFL.
    1) He’s playing a 5-tech DE on most of the plays in a 3-3-5, against an OT that outweighs him by 50 pounds. No wonder he has to resort to speed. No NFL team would use him that way. I’d like to at least see what would happen if he was split out wider with someone lined up inside of him to take the guard’s and tackle’s attention away from him. And against the run, he gets pushed back badly a lot, but what do you expect when you have a tackle on you all the time?
    2) It seems like his sole assignment on every play is to kill the QB. There’s not even a little indication of what he other skills he might be able to bring to OLB.
    He might as well be a RB converting to LB.

    He might become a Chris Slade, but he’s more likely to turn into a Darryl Blackstock or Bruce Davis – two undersized pass-rush-only specialists who were 3rd round “steals” but have probably combined for under 10 sacks in the NFL. If you want to roll the dice, that’s fine, but you can expect him to be sitting on the sideline a lot as a rookie, maybe even inactive on most game days, as he hopefully develops. I don’t think we have the luxury to afford that right now with two LB spots open and only 6 draft picks.

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