Monday notes: Pete Carroll press conference edition

Carroll: there are no ‘big voids’

At the end of every season Pete Carroll conducts a press conference. And every year, Carroll is candid about how his team can take the next step.

In previous years he’s noted they need to fix the run, add more speed in the front seven and enhance the pass rush. It’s usually somewhat revealing.

Today was the first time since 2014 that this wasn’t the case.

When asked specifically about needs, Carroll mentioned a conversation with John Schneider before announcing:

“We’re pleased with the progress that we’ve made with the guys we have. We don’t think there are big voids or big holes.”

Sound familiar?

This is what Carroll said after the Super Bowl parade five years ago:

“(We) don’t see anything we need to add. We just have to get better.”

“It’s not going to be something from outside of us. We have what we need.”

The message on both occasions was similar. Just get a bit better. No glaring needs.

Of course, this is a very different roster these days. ‘Just get better’ in 2014 meant adding to the best team in the league. In 2019 they’re looking to improve depth and find more key players to help regain the NFC West and secure at least one home playoff game.

It’s worth considering how they approached the 2014 off-season though to see if there are any clues to be had.

The draft that year was absolutely loaded at receiver. Three went in the top-12 (Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans and Odell Beckham Jr) with a further nine (Brandin Cooks, Kelvin Benjamin, Marqise Lee, Jordan Matthews, Paul Richardson, Davante Adams, Cody Latimer, Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry) coming off the board before the end of round two.

It was the clear and established draft strength going in. It’s no surprise either. Among that list are some of the NFL’s best current playmakers. What a group it proved to be.

The 2019 draft also has a very clear draft strength on the defensive line.

Five of the 2014 receivers were taken in the first round. Per Bob McGinn’s scouting sources, we could see at least 10 D-liners in the first frame this year:

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said the scout, a veteran with more than 30 drafts under his belt. “Call off the names.

“Most NFL teams don’t have defensive lines as good as Clemson’s. Then they have three backups that are just as good.”

If we’re making comparisons to Carroll’s words in 2014 — and if the Seahawks have a similar feeling about progressing the roster — it’s possible they will again look to tap into the draft strength once again after trading down. Five years ago they moved from #32 to #45 and selected Paul Richardson — their preferred receiver. Moving down from #21 to a range where they can get their preferred defensive linemen is a fair prediction entering the off-season.

Meanwhile, Carroll again reiterated his desire to re-sign Frank Clark: “I’m counting on it. We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

On the approach since losing in Dallas: “John (Schneider) has a master plan of carrying this out… we’re already well into it.”

Is there a chance K.J. Wright returns? Carroll certainly made it very clear he’d like to see it happen: “We’d love to have K.J. back with us. That’s one of the many issues… Everything he stands for is what we love about him and we’d love him to be here throughout.”

On whether D.J. Fluker and J.R. Sweezy will return: “We’d love to keep those guys together.”

Carroll is very confident the roster is in good shape following a 10-6 season: “You can tell the nucleus, the core, of a championship team is here.”

It was also noted that Naz Jones has officially moved to play the five-technique and David Moore was identified as a player who could potentially improve the most from year two to three.

The history of the #21 overall pick

With Philadelphia beating Chicago in the playoffs, the Seahawks are locked into the #21 spot in this years draft. Here are the last 10 picks at #21:

2018 — Billy Price (C, Ohio State) — Cincinnati
2017 — Jarrad Davis (LB, Florida) — Detroit
2016 — Will Fuller (WR, Notre Dame) — Houston
2015 — Cedric Ogbuehi (T, Texas A&M) — Cincinnati
2014 — Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (S, Alabama) — Green Bay
2013 — Tyler Eifert (TE, Notre Dame) — Cincinnati
2012 — Chandler Jones (DE, Syracuse) — New England
2011 — Phillip Taylor (DT, Baylor) — Cleveland
2010 — Jermaine Gresham (TE, Oklahoma) — Cincinnati
2009 — Alex Mack (C, California) — Cleveland

It’s a great example of Cincinnati’s playoff misery under Marvin Lewis (the #21 pick is awarded to the lowest seed beaten in the wildcard round).

Two key defensive linemen won’t enter the draft

It’s going to be an exceptional D-line class but two names won’t be part of it. Auburn’s brilliant defensive tackle Derrick Brown is returning to college football. So is Florida pass rusher Jabari Zuniga.

Brown, a former 5-star recruit, had the potential to land in the top-15. He’s a complete defensive tackle who plays with attitude.

Zuniga put together an excellent 2018 season playing across from Jachai Polite. He could’ve sneaked into round one with a good combine.

A thin-looking safety class also took a hit with the news Georgia’s J.R. Reed will return as a redshirt senior in 2019.

Montez Sweat will be a difficult one to project

I’ve watched practically all of Mississippi State’s 2018 games. There’s a lot of talent on their defense. We’ve talked about Jeffery Simmons and Johnathan Abram. Willie Gay Jr is an unbelievable linebacker who isn’t eligible for the 2019 draft but he was a constant playmaker this season (he also ran a 4.53 at SPARQ and jumped a near 40-inch vertical).

Pass rusher Montez Sweat is the one I’m still having a hard time projecting.

He has great length and speed off the edge. He’s a more filled-out version of Brian Burns at Florida State.

He’s been decently productive with 14 TFL’s and 11.5 sacks in 2018 and 15.5 TFL’s plus 10.5 sacks in 2017.

Sweat looks like a LEO. If the Seahawks wanted to add a speed rusher to compliment Frank Clark, he could be an option. I think he’s unlikely to go in round one because there will be concerns about his run defense at his size. His scheme fit will be a question too. He’s best playing up at the line and doesn’t seem like a great fit for the 3-4. Traditional 4-3 teams might find an issue with his strength but in a 4-3 under he’s potentially well suited.

According to Bob McGinn, Sweat has 35.5-inch arms. That’s the kind of length they love. Can he produce a 1.5 10-yard split and show some explosive qualities at the combine?

He’s attending the Senior Bowl in Mobile and he’ll be one to keep an eye on. We do see athletic speed rushers last sometimes. Justin Houston is a good example (round three). Jordan Willis had a great combine in 2017 and also lasted deep into round three. Teams legitimately do have concern about college speed rushers. They’re often one-dimensional and poorly prepared to adjust to the pro’s. What worked in college often doesn’t translate. They have the speed but can they win with power, keep their frame clean and play the run?

These are questions to ask about Sweat. He could end up in round two or round four. He is a name to keep on the radar though.

National Championship game tonight

By now you’re very familiar with the draft prospects featured in tonight’s game. It’s a shame Christian Miller got hurt against Oklahoma and may not play (he’ll at least be extremely limited). Miller is a name to watch as a highly athletic, blossoming pass rusher. Clemson will be without Dexter Lawrence again but their D-line is loaded. Tony Pauline has a list of the names to look out for.

Finally, this is our third article on the off-season already. If you missed the reaction piece to the Dallas loss or the article assessing the direction of the team, don’t forget to check them out.

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  1. Nick

    Great piece Rob.

    In his end of year press conference, as you noted, Pete Carroll pointed out that he doesn’t see that many holes in the roster. With this nugget in mind, I tried to think of where those holes would be and where they could spend their limited draft capital:

    DE—Pete Carroll mentioned that Poona Ford will be given a shot to be a starter. He could be 1T and Jarran Reed 3T. Seattle loves to add cheap veterans at DT, and I’d look for them to add some competition there via FA. They also have Nazair Jones who should also be in the mix. I think they’ll keep Q Jeff, too. So in my mind, they will be looking for an athletic freak with a great, long body—someone who can shoot off the edge with Frank Clark and Jacob Martin. As of right now, Montez Sweat, Brian Burns and Christian Miller have my attention.

    CB—Tre Flowers and Shaq Griffin were very good this year. But behind them was Akeem King and Neiko Thorpe. They need more depth there. As told by Pauline, Jamal Peters is on their radar and it’s easy to see why. We have to push these two corners to be even better. Pete’s system demands that.

    WR—Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett are pure class. And while David Moore had a great start to the year, he showed that he still has a long way to go. Jaron Brown was distinctly “meh” as well—certainly not a player that stops you drafting another WR. With an aging Doug, I think they go for a terribly productive college WR. We’ve now seen that Seattle values high levels of production (and percent of teams yards) when it comes to offensive playmakers.

    OG—Even if you resign Sweezy and Fluker (which I’m in favor of doing) you can’t expect both to play 16 full games. Simmons was a good backup, but Pocic was not. Hunt is serviceable. But heading into 2019, we have to hedge our bets better. I think we try and get a bruiser (someone 330+) later on in the draft. Someone that can sit behind Sweezy or Fluker and see what it takes to be a nasty, punishing OG.

    • Rob Staton

      I think these are excellent observations and predictions.

      DT — I think it’s more likely than not that they add veteran help there, I agree. Can they find the next Tony McDaniel? I think that will be their aim. Unless of course a stud of a DT lasts in the draft but I think they will go very early. So I’m with you all the way on that position.

      DE — agreed on speed. I think they need more speed. I think a lightning pass rusher is missing and something they will covet. I think you are right to bring up the names you did. Burns needs to add weight I think but Sweat is a solid 245 as is Miller (who I like a LOT).

      CB — it’s nailed on they draft a corner IMO to compete with the existing guys.

      WR — I think they will quite possibly go for a productive WR but it’ll be a case of availability. I think they might also consider going after a really dynamic, explosive athlete here. I’m keeping an eye on the four Ohio State WR’s.

      OG — could be a late round option or UDFA — or potentially a cheap veteran.

      • Nick

        Pete’s comment on Naz at 5T is intriguing. I wonder if we should be looking at them drafting a classic 5-T player in round 1…They gotta feel pretty damn comfortable with their interior DT depth/future right now. And if they like Green a lot, and believe in Jacob Martin’s development, then maybe they see the 5-tech position as more important than LEO. Something to consider, at least.

        • Rob Staton

          I think R1 is more likely to be a game-wrecking DT or a speed rusher than a five-tech.

      • Zxvo3

        An option for DT in free agency would be Danny Shelton. He’s young and can defend the run well. Some wide receivers to look at would be maybe Terry McLaurin from Ohio State or Greg Dortch from Wake Forest. Both receivers fit the mold of being explosive while also being productive.

    • GoHawksDani

      I would ALMOST love a draft like this.
      I’m fine with DE or DT either way. We could use both.
      A solid pass rusher, run stuffer DT who can wreak havoc would be awesome, but probably won’t be there at the end of the 1st/beginning of the 2nd round. We could also use another DE.
      I think our outside pressure and play might have a bigger potential right now (Green, Martin). Maybe Jones as a 5T and I think Jefferson was shifted all over the place. Our only legit playmaker inside is Reed. Poona has upside and I’m excited about him, but that’s only 2 guys who might have some impact in the future.

      But as for DE, there are a lot of question marks outside of Clark. I wouldn’t be happy with the pure speed. There’s Martin for that hopefully, and we need strength too. We need to stop RBs bouncing outside so I hope they bring in a guy who can also play the run and rush the passer.

      Agreed on the CB part.

      Agreed on the WR part. I could see us getting either a technician or a speedster. We could use either a lightning fast guy to stretch the field next to Lockett and run some jet sweeps. Or we could use a Baldwin-like dude, who might not be the fastest, might not be the biggest, but has soft hands and a warrior, a hard worker dude, who can run routes like crazy.

      +1 on OG depth. The core of this offense is dominating the opponent by running over them. We need maulers for that. Fluker awesome, Sweezy OK, Simmons good… But we need big dudes. I collected a couple of bigger OGs that’ll be FAs. I suck at lineman play and have no idea how good are they, but they seem big 😀
      Byron Bell, Jamon Brown, Chance Warmack, Quinton Spain, Jon Feliciano
      Not sure if they suck bad or the most awesome OGs who’ll get 12+ mil contracts, but they are youngish, with some exp and everyone is over 320 lbs (Bell has exactly the same height-weight as Fluker according to OTC)

      But what I missed greatly from you is the LB position. Bobby is awesome. KJ is really good (but currently has no contract). But they’ll be getting old a couple of years from now. I think we’ll need to at least give KJ a 16 mil 3 years contract 6 mil gtd (5, 7, 4 with 3, 3, 0 gtd) and that’s a really low number. And KJ started to have some injuries lately.
      After these guys? Mingo? Calitro? I don’t think any of them are good. They’re OK, but not on the same level as KJ or Bobby.
      I’d try to get a Van der Esch or Darius Leonard type LB in the draft and try to re-sign KJ for a one or two year contract. The rookie could learn from KJ and be a backup for him. Or if we’re not shooting for a successor of KJ we should at least add some depth. If any of these guys get hurt the dropoff is huge currently,

  2. Trevor

    Wow 21 Pts and not even 5 minutes in. Trevor Lawerence is going to be a star!

  3. DC

    Where will Oklahoma’s OL Cody Ford get drafted? If he made it to #21 I’d sure consider pulling the trigger on that mammoth. Ideally Danny Lee Jesus Fluker & Sweezy come back at OG. Between they and Simmons I would feel good if healthy but they usually aren’t. How do you pay those first two in a structure that protects the team? Weekly active roster bonuses as the bulk of the contract? Idk. Brown ain’t getting any younger either. Keeping the cupboard stocked wouldn’t be a bad thing to do, especially with a position group that is thin throughout the league. It might end up looking like this:

    LT Brown, Jones
    LG Ford or Sweezy
    C Britt, Pocic
    RG Fluker, Simmons
    RT Ifedi, Fant

    Sign me up for that O line! I have full confidence that we will find our defenders. Let’s give the best player in Seahawks’ history the best OL he’s ever had. Chances are that Ford won’t be there and the Hawks trade down anyway but tiss the season for open discussion.

    • Rob Staton

      I really like Cody Ford. Fantastic talent. Not sure he either lasts to #21 though or that they’d spend yet another high pick on the OL. Presumably they will trade down with only four picks.

  4. MyChestIsBeastMode

    Only want to chime in and say you’re killing it Rob. I love your take on the playoff loss and direction of the team. More positive and (in my opinion) more realistic than some other naysayers after the playoff loss. In addition, good analysis on Pete’s comments this year compared to post Superb Owl. I’m bummed about the loss, but I am quite excited about what the future holds. And boy, I hope we can somehow work-out a not too team unfriendly deal with Frank Clark. Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks — appreciate it. And thank you for reading too.

  5. millhouse-serbia

    Wow…Lawrence and Ross…

  6. Joseph

    Rob, nice piece as always. Extremely highly likely Seattle trades back or out of the 1st rd especially given they only have 4 picks. With that said, what position is a top priority?

    • Rob Staton

      Defensive line

  7. Trevor

    Will Trevor Lawerence and his WR Ross go 1-2 in 2021? My prediction is yes.

    The Hawks need to find out who has been coaching these Clemson WR the last 10 years and hire that man. They are a WR factory!

    • Gohawks5151

      Its Dabo. Attended a HS coaching clinic last year in Portland. He did 2 hours on receivers. Extremely detailed. It was amazing.

      • Trevor

        The energy and vibe Dabo gives off kind of reminds of Pete in a lot of ways. He had done an amazing job there and his work with WRs is off the charts.

        • Gohawks5151

          He really does seem like Pete. Extremely nice dude. Answered everyone’s questions and stayed well past his time. He came directly after their junior recruiting day too. He has energy to burn. He “spilled the beans” on his WR technique and drills because he was tired of seeing sloppy technique on Sundays he said haha.

  8. Nathan W.

    Just finished watching the presser…

    I absolutely love Pete Carroll’s message of competitive spirit and grit. I think the message got lost with the old vets (Sherman, Bennett)… instead of competing with the team, they started to turn their competitive spirits against the team. Pete Carroll did lose his way a bit, and he took concrete steps towards reestablishing it. I think a few years down the road, they’re going to really appreciate the kind of competitors that Carroll helped them grow to be. Win Forever.

    Listening further, Carroll’s optimism shouldn’t always be mistaken for blind optimism. He and Schneider built this team the way that Carroll always envisioned. I think he reaffirmed his own belief in his own mantra. I doubt that we’ll see any massive trades for glitzy toys / role players. Run the ball. Stop the run to set up surgical deep plays. Play with a great defense. We don’t need shiny toys like Graham and Harvin to take us there. A tough roadgrading OL, RW, and a stable of tough running backs. Thats the formula that he wants.

    The focus on character, hard work, competitive spirit, and a love of football shone through this draft class, and it was highlighted in this presser. I don’t think Carroll could be happier with the way that all of the draft picks have played their ways into the playoffs. So many of them are young guys who are just getting their feet wet in the NFL. Trust the staff to develop their potential. All of the picks from Penny down to Martin will be trusted to improve. Believe in the message that competition brings out the best in those who are equipped to grasp greatness.

    Rob, I think your assessment throughout this whole season has been further backed up by this presser. What aspects of the team are we lacking? A plus run defender on the edge and some more hands on deck in the secondary. We’ll take our yearly corner for sure. There’s no way that he won’t continue with on with his stellar streak of developing corners into his system. We are destined for new additions in the draft, UDFA, and free agency in DT/DE, LB, CB, K, unique WR, and OL depth. You’ve done a fantastic job of identifying targets that would suit us.

    Earl won’t be back.

    Hearing Pete talk about Russ made me realize what an easy decision it is to keep RW3 is. Russ embodies his message in a single player. He’s not going anywhere and it is a waste of time to even consider letting him go. Russ, Poona, Doug… not the biggest, fastest, or strongest, but they use their love of the game, unique skill sets, and dedication to competition to win.

    Thanks again Rob for creating and fostering the growth of this forum!


    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for reading!

    • hawkdawg

      Depends what you mean by cometitive spirit and grit. Bennett and Sherman were and are ferocious competitors. That never changed. What changed, especially with Sherman, was attitude toward the staff, after we lost the Super Bowl.

      • Nathan Woo

        I kind of tried to say that in the first part of what I wrote. I get the feeling that their innate competitive drive turned them against Russell Wilson and Carroll when it was clear that Russ started to carry the flag more and became a leader of the franchise.

  9. Nathan W.

    Wow. Never thought I would see the complete dismantling of a Bama team under Saban…

  10. Pickering

    Thanks for posting the Pete video. I listened to all of it and am ‘all fired up’ about next year. I know it’s not hip to be a Pollyanna, that rah rah’s for kids, that instead it’s all about serious stuff like DVOA, OSRS, DSRS, stats, metrics of all sorts, and it probably is, but I’m still suckered in by coaches who say things like ‘I love this team’. On that subject, how many times did Pete use the word ‘love’ in that video? It was great hearing him heap praise on the players and be so positive. What a nice way to wrap up a season.

  11. Eburgz

    Bruhhhh, Sunshine can ball!

    Rob, last week you said you weren’t sold on him just yet. He sold me tonight, how about you?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not so much that I’m not sold on him… just very hard to make a judgement this early in his career. But that was a terrific performance for sure.

  12. millhouse-serbia

    I have just finish listening Pete’s presser…he sounds so positive…

    And I heard everything I want exept his thoughts on Pocic…he mentioned all players from 2017 draft class exept him…

    On offense

    I was surprise how positive he spoke about Prosise…Rashad will be big factor next season…Penny, Carson, CJ and JD…I don’t see they will re sign Davis…

    Disley had a great start and as I understand he will be healthy and good to go for next season…

    He said that he spoke with Amara the day before (and JS mentioned during the season that he expects a lot from him next season)…and Pete said that he spoke with John about Moore and they think he is player who will make biggest jump from year 2 to 3…so Baldwin, Lockett, Moore and Darboh could be WR’s for 2019…

    Jamarco is stronger than ever, Ifedi is Legit and he would love to have J.R and D. J next season…

    When spoke about change of evaluation process they made before last year draft , he said that it felt across the 2018 draft class and mentioned Simmons as perfect fit with that group…

    So it wouldn’t be surprise for me if they don’t add anyone on Offensive side for next season…

    QB – Russ and ? (Mcgough is the only player from PS who didn’t sign contract and I don’t know why)
    RB – Carson, Penny, CJ, JD
    WR – Doug, Tyler, Amara, Moore
    TE – Disley, Vanett
    OL – Brown, Fant, Sweezy, Pocic, Britt, Hunt, DJ, Simmons, Ifedi, Jones

    On defense

    He praises Poona so so much…

    Quill is clear starting CB next year…with Tre…He said sky is the limit for Tre…

    it didn’t sound to me like Green will be starter next year…just more involved rotational guy for next season with huuuge upside…he spoke about his youth…

    I think he sees brighter future for Delano than for T2…that is how he sounds to me…

    DL – starters :Cklark, Poona, Reed, ???(1st draft pick) rotation: Green, Naz, Martin, QJEff(???), Jordan(???), FA

    LB – BWag, KJ (???), Kendricks(???), Shaqueem

    CB – Shaquill, Tre, JC(???), King(???), Thorpe(???), draft pick…

    S- McDouglad, Hill, T2, ??? (2nd or 1st draft pick)

    • GoHawksDani

      If they keep Prosise or McKissic over Davis I’m gonna lose my shit.
      Davis had never missed time, really reliable, didn’t fumbled much or anything like that. Always fights and shows that he really want to help the team. He sometimes sucks as a pass blocker, but so much more value than those two guys.

      I’d be down with Carson, Penny, Davis and maybe McKissic or a rookie if they like someone and available (not with the 1st pick though 😀 instead a Carson-like scenario)

      Not sold on that WR group either. It’d be a mistake by Carroll if he’d force a big receiver upon Russ. I’d take Keenan Reynolds instead of Darboh. But I think we’ll either draft a WR or get someone on the cheaper side from FA.
      I’d love Adam Humphries but he won’t be cheap. Cole Beasly would be also fun to have, but he’ll be expensive too. Maybe Phillip Dorsett can come, but I think they’ll prioritize outside FA money elsewhere.

      I think #1 TE will be Dickson. Wilson found a nice security blanket in him at the end of the season. And a great blocker. For #2 spot it’ll be a fight between Vannett and Dissly.

      I was a big T2 fan when we drafted him. And I was not really a Hill fan…well…ever (not hating him, just don’t think he’s good at all). But Hill seemed better at the end of this season. So who knows… But Hill will be an SS I guess and McDougald will play FS then.
      Too bad… I think McDougald has so much upside as an SS with his coverage skills (covering TEs, pass catcher RBs) while he can also lay a hit.

      • Rob Staton

        I think Davis will be back.

        • GerryG

          If cap space is tight, I’ll take a cheap rookie, even an undrafted one over Davis. Nothing against Davis, but if that money can be better spent on a greater position of need (DL/LB) I’ll take it

          • Rob Staton

            I doubt Davis’ salary is going to be the difference there.

  13. millhouse-serbia

    When speaking about trading back and adding more picks…I am not sure we need more than 4 picks 🙂

    DE, DT, CB, FS…

    • Trevor

      I tend to agree plus rookies Will Dissly and Jemarco Jones will be coming back from injury so it will be like adding a quality TE and OL depth in the draft.

    • jujus

      WR, and LB depth

    • cha

      They do. They have 35 players under contract for 2019 currently.

      Trading down gives them more chances at scoring on a player. And you don’t just want to draft one guy at a position, if there is good depth at it, take multiple players.

  14. DSC

    Rob, thanks for the coverage this season.

    I have read your last several articles after the Dallas loss and in the comments you seemed to dismiss most of the criticism of the coaching staff (specifically, Brian Schottenheimer). My impression is that you feel the Seahawks were simply out played and/or out manned. Do you have any criticism of the play calling against Dallas, specifically, or the season in general? In particular I would like to hear your thoughts on what I feel is the statistic that is a hidden sign of the Seahawks offensive struggles: they had the 3rd most 3 and outs in the league. This is even worse than it sounds when you consider Seattle was near the bottom of the league in number of drives per game. Even more concerning, outside of the KC game, this issue got worse at the end of the year. The Hawks had 18 3 and outs in the Arizon and Dallas games. This issue is reflective of not gaining enough yards on 1st and 2nd down, poor 3rd down conversion and results in increased pressure on your defense.

    Success running such a low risk/low ceiling offense is only compatible with a generational defense (see 2000 Ravens and 2002 Buccaneers). Seattle has much more talent on offense than those teams and no longer has that generational defense. I feel this is not about choosing to be a run dominant team, but rather a lack of creativity and in game adjustment in play calling within the run game. This is a criticism that has followed Brian Schottenheimer from his time at the Jets and the Rams … it is who he is.

    This leads me to believe, assuming the Seahawks stay the course with their offense, their draft and free agent moves will all focus on improving the defense.

    • Rob Staton

      Hi DSC,

      Yes I think they could’ve called some different plays. I don’t think they should’ve abandoned the run and just put it on Russell but I do think they could’ve tried some different types of runs — or found ways to temper some of Dallas’ ferocious pressure. I wouldn’t have minded seeing a few WR screens to be honest. I know people don’t like them but an early screen or two could’ve possibly drawn attention away from the front.

      I don’t agree that they either ran a low risk/low ceiling offense or that the offense they ran requires a generational defense. The style they used enabled a reset roster to be highly competitive, win 10 games, make the playoffs and almost beat a team (LA) who destroyed them at the end of last year. It’s a younger group, they are learning. They were one of the most explosive teams in the league offensively in the last 10 games, I think they were joint 1st with Kansas City. They had a top-10 ranked DVOA offense. People often focus on things they don’t like (the three and outs, the fact we’re not the Rams) and ignore the major positives. They led the league in rushing, were among the top teams for explosive plays, Russell Wilson had a career year — as did Tyler Lockett. Top-10 ranked offense. It’s not a lack of creativity. It’s a preference to play a certain style that suits the players on the roster. And helped them make the playoffs in a year nobody truly expected it to happen.

      • jj

        Saw this from hawkblogger…The Seahawks had 54 drives that were three and out this season. 44% of them involved 2 or more passes. It’s not as simple as R-R-P being the issue.

        • Rob Staton

          This is very true.

          But Seahawks Twitter has a narrative they want to cling to for the rest of the off-season.

          Seahawks Twitter can get stuffed.

      • DSC

        This is a great deeper dive in to DVOA which is a more complex explanation of the issue with the offense using drive success, but that I was trying to explain using 3 and outs. Credit to “fractalwalk’s” comment on Field Gulls.

        “You are right that all teams tend to do worse against good defenses, but Seattle did particularly worse. I took all games against top 10 defenses by DVOA and ranked the team offenses by their Drive Success Rate. 10 of the 12 playoff teams finished in the upper half of DSR against top defenses. The 2 who finished in the bottom half were the Chargers at 17th and Seattle at 26th. Against other defenses, Seattle’s DSR dramatically improved over 10 points to 10th ranked 75.3%, which is the largest swing of any team.”

        I guess my concern is that our current OC hasn’t shown a history of improving an offense over time at his two previous stops. I am also worried the offense improved just enough, that the cracks below the surface will not be addressed.

        • Rob Staton

          I would suggest worrying less about if’s and maybe’s.

    • GerryG

      My biggest beef all season, and especially in Dallas where it was win or go home time, regarding play-calling is their awww schucks white flag attitude after a negative first down play. First and 20 almost always equals a short screen or a draw. If I can recognize that, so can an NFL team. I remember commenting in one of our wins this year they actually didn’t take that approach and overcame several first and longs.

      I get waving the white flag early in a game and/or pinned deep in your territory. But they did it twice in Dallas, once late in the game. I know they were pinned deep there after back to back penalties, but you have to go for it on second down there. Part of Seattle’s game plan and identity is to limit possessions of the other team; by definition that limits your own as well. They just can afford to give up on those possessions.

      • Look Who's Hawkin?

        My guess is that given the type of game it was shaping up to be (back and forth, low scoring, defensive battle etc.) that they wanted to emphasize field position, which is why they took the conservative approach in those situations. BUT I whole heartedly agree and it drives me crazy, frankly. It’s like as soon as we get into a 1st and 15, 1st and 20, 2nd and 20 situation, you already know what is coming. I can’t remember when it happened, but that play to Nick Vannett that was like a 3 yard pass on 3rd and 17 or something like that, like WHAT IS THAT! What is the purpose of that. If you want to play field position, avoid a sack etc. that is fine, but at least go for 5-10 yards, SOMETHING more than just a completely wasted play. This really frustrated me all season, but especially in this game.

        • Rob Staton

          In fairness, they probably thought the Cowboys wouldn’t expect it to go to Vannett there — thus making it a viable option to get a bit room to make up that yardage.

  15. clbradley17

    Seahawks all-access video vs. the Cowboys:

    Great analysis of the game and Seahawks Rob. Listened to Brock and Salk with John Clayton yesterday too, and they see things just the way you do. Most Seahawks fans are mad or at least disappointed that this season ended on Sat. night, and a lot of people want someone to blame, but it wasn’t PC or Schotty’s fault – the Cowboys just outplayed us in Dallas on both sides of the ball all game long, ultimately in the 4th quarter on their 2 TD drives, say all 3 of them.

    Looking fwd. to the Senior Bowl, but don’t forget about the Shrine or NFLPA all-star games, less big names but that’s where I first learned about Will Dissly and Poona Ford a year ago.
    “Dissly wasn’t used much as a pass catcher at Washington, with only 21 catches for 289 yards and two touchdowns as a senior. But he has excellent hands and is a good route runner. Ideal size for a tight end at 6-4, 267, Dissly caught three passes for 33 yards in the NFLPA Bowl while proving himself as a solid blocker.”
    “Stout at 5-11, 303, Ford is a powerful player capable of collapsing the pocket with a middle push. He was productive at Texas with four sacks and 20 1/2 tackles for loss from the middle of the defensive line and he provided consistent pressure in the East-West game.”

    I remember you mentioning Jaylon Ferguson of LA. Tech. a couple months ago; he and Oshane Ximines of Old Dominion (finished the year with 55 total QB pressures on just 347 pass-rushes while recording 39 defensive stops), and Roneen Bingham of Ark. St. (18.5 tackles for loss, to go along with 9 sacks and five pass deflections) are very good small school edge prospects. Joe Jackson of Miami declared for the draft and is 6’5″ 250 (team-high nine sacks this past season. He also notched 47 tackles, 14.5 tackles for loss, nine quarterback hurries, two forced fumbles and an interception) and may be available in rd. 3. Someone mentioned Shareef Miller a few days ago, also recently declared for the draft, 6’5″ 260 from Penn St. (All-Big Ten third team in each of the past two seasons and set career-highs with 15 tackles for loss and 7.5 sacks in 2018). One under the radar DT is Daniel Wise of Kansas, and according to Walter Football: “Wise checks in at 6-foot-2, 290 pounds with 32.63-inch arms, 10.13-inch hands, and a wingspan of 79.75 inches. They have him running the 40-yard dash in 4.85 seconds. Wise totaled 34 tackles with 12.5 tackles for a loss and five sacks in 2018 In 2017, Wise totaled 52 tackles with 15.5 tackles for a loss, 6.5 sacks, one pass batted and one forced fumble. He had three sacks and 10 tackles for a loss as a sophomore. Wise is fast at the point of attack with the ability to close on the quarterback.”

    • jujus

      good names to watch TY

  16. Austin Slater

    Even though we disagreed on the play calling slightly in that last playoff game I’m still pumped about the direction of this team and I think they will be fine. Another year with Schott and Russell to build upon and I think Russ saying something post game will only help the two of them get this thing as close to perfect as you can get. Schott surprised me this year and was much better than I expected and should continue to improve.

    Anyway I was surprised as well that Poona didn’t play a little more than he did and I would be shocked if he isn’t starting next year. Everyone so far is spot on with them wanting to add speed on the edge and I’m guessing that’s priority #1. I’m in the minority but I think they may want at least one guy on the offensive line that could push for a starting job as well and it will be interesting to see how Jones recovers from his injury, he seemed to be in the mix as a rookie before getting hurt.

    I cannot wait for the draft coverage Rob, absolutely the best out there.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Austin, appreciate that. Good man.

  17. EranUngar

    PC is usually a straight shooter, especially on his end of the season presser.

    Nobody outside the team has the full picture regarding what they see in the roster they already have and when Pete sais that they thing they have the ingredients of a contender I tend to take his words seriously. He has done it before and should know exactly what it takes.

    We may think that they miss a key piece on the DL and they may feel that Clark, Martin, Reed give them a contender quality ass rush Poona is the missing piece in run defense.

    We may question the young secondary member ad they see a group that should be dominating with another year of experience.

    Some want Shotty gone and they see the return of championship football on offense and an improvement of 4 points per game over the pass happy 2017 team. Just imagine what he can do in his second season with all skill players returning and using the 2018 as the base of improvement.

    Yes, there is a lot to do in the off season with players and contracts, FA and draft, but I’ll enjoy it all knowing that it is improving a championship caliber roster. Pete said so and I see no reason to disagree with him until proven otherwise.

  18. EranUngar

    PC is usually a straight shooter, especially on his end of the season presser.

    Nobody outside the team has the full picture regarding what they see in the roster they already have and when Pete sais that they thing they have the ingredients of a contender I tend to take his words seriously. He has done it before and should know exactly what it takes.

    We may think that they miss a key piece on the DL and they may feel that Clark, Martin, Reed give them a contender quality ass rush and Poona is the missing piece in run defense.

    We may question the young secondary member ad they see a group that should be dominating with another year of experience. Anybody here (or everywhere) feels they should challenge PC’s opinion regarding secondary players?

    Some want Shotty gone and they see the return of championship football on offense and an improvement of 4 points per game over the pass happy 2017 team. Just imagine what he can do in his second season with all skill players returning and using the 2018 as the base of improvement.

    Yes, there is a lot to do in the off season with players and contracts, FA and draft, but I’ll enjoy it all knowing that it is improving a championship caliber roster. Pete said so and I see no reason to disagree with him until proven otherwise.

    • Volume12

      No one has answered my question yet or maybe they just didn’t see it.

      What happens if Seattle didn’t go 0-2 to start this season? Would they have returned to the run game as their identity? Was that a blessing in disguise?

      • GerryG


        Did they not go 0-2 because the late TD in Denver was reversed? Because Russ didnt throw that awful pick6 in Chicago?

        of Did they not go 0-2 because they didnt forget Carson is one of their best players for half a game in Chicago and maybe they should hand it to him a few times?

        • Volume12

          WHY they went 0-2 isn’t what I mean.

          My question is, if they win both or at least one of those games do we see more of the same from 2017? Was them going 0-2 the catalyst for Pete to take back his team and regain their/his identity?

          Did they learn more about themselves in those losses than they would’ve had they won?

  19. C-Dog

    Two biggest pleasant surprises to me out of from Carroll is moving Naz to 5T and the expectation that Poona will compete for a starting spot. Feels like that they are looking to mimic the 2013 rotation that feature Big Red at 5T and Mebane at 1T, and then had Bennett rotate in (If we look at the potential for Rasheem Green comping to Bennett).

    I dig this a lot, and think it’s a solid use of Naz, but this leaves DT probably the thinnest spot on the roster. I think it’s almost certain that they need to venture into FA and the draft seeking DT help. Plus, to complete the 2013 mimicking, the team needs another explosive edge rusher to compete the picture. I think an undersized productive explosive edge rusher with the first pick is absolutely not out of the question to complete that NASCAR package. I think UW’s Greg Gaines has a very Seahawky vibe as a day 2 target. Tree trunk legs, strong as an ox to two gap, and quick enough to get upfield, and I think like Reed, potential to be able to play both 1T and 3T.

    Anyhoo, can’t thank you enough for this blog and your insights, Rob. Seahawks Twitter who?

    Go Hawks.

  20. Gohawks5151

    Clemson’s D line won that game last night. Alabama lost seniors and talent on D. Clemson retained them. Done deal. Amazing performance. Wilkins was mocked to us in another draft (CBS?). No way that happens but if it did the league would be in trouble.

    Pete Carroll and the seahawks have always been about progression. It was my low ball goal at the beginning of the season. Just to have the young guys get better. Not all coaches actually coach. Many just scheme. Pete is a guy who teaches and communicates well. I expect all of these young guys to take steps forward. As has been said, just add talent.

    Also, Isaiah Simmons from Clemson needs to be a Seahawk. The future of defenses. Leading tackler for them as asafety. Long, lean, tough, can cover. Position adaptive. Pete can make him a star.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve said it for weeks and months — ignore any mock that has Christian Wilkins dropping. Beast.

    • Michigan12th

      I know it wont happen, but I am with you. At 40 years old and completely out of shape and fat, I would find ways to do back flips all the way around my block if the Seahawks got Wilkins in the draft this year.

      • Trevor

        +1 but I think he is a top 10 lock. Supposed to be an amazing lockerroom guy that teams will love too.

    • clbradley17

      Have heard Simmons runs in the 4.3s, probably closer if not into the 4.4s really, but that he will miss some tackles and coverages. Like Bell of Fresno St. at free safety/CB, or Abrams of Miss. St. at SS, although Abrams could go 2nd rd. to possibly late 1st if he tests well at the combine.

      Rob recently wrote a piece on DT Jeffery Simmons, his great bowl game and attributes, why we might consider drafting him. From their week 13 matchup against rival Ole Miss, he had “five total QB pressures (1 sack, 4 hurries), two total defensive stops, a forced fumble, a batted pass and did not miss a single tackle on the evening,” according to PFF. On another page, PFF states that edge Montez Sweat in the last 2 years “has 80 total QB pressures, including 22 sacks and 61 total stops. This season, his 19.5% pass-rush win percentage is 17th among edge defenders.”

  21. Tom Page

    Great article as usual Rob. I guess I had a different interpretation of the KJ Wright situation. He was respectful in his answer of KJ’s contribution, but I don’t expect him back. I think LB depth is one of the priorities for this off season. Shaquem did not have an impact and it is unclear whether he will develop or not. Mingo saw his snap count decline as the season wore on, they stopped using him as a pass rusher. Calitro looks like a backup/special teams guy. I think Delano Hill might get some reps there is sub packages but they need more playmakers at LB.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it could go either way with KJ. I think they want him back but I suspect other teams (eg San Fran) might be willing to pay him much more than Seattle.

      Kendricks I fully expect back.

      • Tom Page

        Sentencing guidelines for the crime that Kendricks is pleading guilty to in federal court is 30 months. I don’t expect Kendricks to be playing for anyone in 2019 I expect him to be in prison.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s been mixed information on this. The feeling is he might not face any jail time. And Carroll has referenced bringing him back on at least two occasions, which is promising in that regard.

          • SeahawkeyezSubj80

            Im hoping parole. Was aplogetic truthful and cooperated when caught payed all his fines and the money he gained from this insider trading.

            Rob its one or the other KJ or Kendricks? Will be interesting to see how it unfolds. This would be KJ third contract, even tho as Bobby put it, he played by the rules. didnt hurt the team. But, your probably right somebody will outpay Seahawks.

          • Tom Page

            If Martha Stewart went to prison for a similar offense I don’t see how Kendricks will receive better treatment.

            “Per Schefter, Kendrick’s looking at a minimum of 30 to 37 months in prison.”


            Coach Carroll is an optimist not an attorney.

            • EranUngar

              Per Adam Schefter (ESPN) who went to the same law school Carroll did – “Based on federal guidelines, he could face 30-37 months in prison.”

              When did “could” become “minimum of”?

            • Look Who's Hawkin?

              Martha Stewart was indicted on nine counts including fraud and obstruction of justice. She also didn’t plead out, she was tried in court and was guilty and sentenced to 5 months. Kendricks was indicted on one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and one count of securities fraud.
              But he cooperated with authorities and entered a plea deal. I would be very surprised if he served anywhere close to 30-37 months. But I guess we will find out January 24th!

            • Rob Staton

              It’s true to call Pete Carroll an optimist. I think it’s stretching a bit to think he would clumsily refer to hoping to get Kendricks back next year without sufficient insight into the legal situation. There’s been plenty of noise recently that he will avoid jail.

              • Pran

                He could get some deferred sentence too.

          • All I see is 12s

            This is one I know a little bit more about. Considering that he paid restitution, admitted his involvement, and cooperated and provided information to help further prosecutions , I suspect the plea bargain involved probably has him doing minimal if any actual prison time. He is not a threat to anyone Nor violent. He will likely be on probation for five years and some community service.

            • All I see is 12s

              Didn’t see The Martha Stewart comment before. The big difference is that she went to trial and lost. That is why she got that sentence. Their cases are also very different. Kendricks provided the investment stake that but others are used to profit- much more than him. Stewart was the main benefiter from her inside trading. Also, I’m sure she was prosecuted by the Southern District of New York. That is a very aggressive and politically motivated district. All that said it still wasn’t much of a sentence. Due to Kendrick’s Cooperation, he should be OK.

            • Madmark

              Could be tough to play with a bracelet on your leg.

            • Rob Staton

              Thanks for sharing.

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        Santa Clara Seahawks. ET probably goes there too. So Rob any takes on LB this draft

        • Rob Staton

          It’s considered a good LB class but I’ve not really seen anyone I’m crazy about yet.

      • FresnoHawk

        San Francisco? Ugg Rob the thought makes me wanna puke!

        • smitty1547

          Just makes beating them all the better.

  22. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Santa Clara Seahawks. ET probably goes there too. So Rob any takes on LB this draft

  23. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Im hoping parole. Was aplogetic truthful and cooperated when caught payed all his fines and the money he gained from this insider trading.

    Rob its one or the other KJ or Kendricks? Will be interesting to see how it unfolds. This would be KJ third contract, even tho as Bobby put it, he played by the rules. didnt hurt the team. But, your probably right somebody will outpay Seahawks.

  24. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    sorry for double post

  25. cha

    I’m excited for the 2019 DL not so much for the draft, because it’s hard to project a rookie having a major impact his first year. Current draft gems Reed and Clark took time to get adjusted. Although I heartily agree with the strategy of flying into the strength of the draft and going DL (after trading down if the deal is there).

    But several players currently on the roster have an “up arrow” and that is very intriguing. Much moreso than the old guard of Bennett/Avril, etc.

    Clark & Reed – I’d take a copy & paste of 2018 season in 2019. I think they can duplicate their 2018 numbers, but with more offensive coordinator attention now that they are established as pass rush forces. Opens up lanes/chances for others on the DL.

    Poona – A terrifically solid rotational piece. I can see him consistently creating 2-3 disruptive plays per game and anchoring the run defense.

    Green – The redshirt year is over. He’s had a year to grow more into his body and learn how to be a pro. Likely 2019 will see him take another step forward but not explode. That’s more likely 2020. But it’s time to deliver on the ‘if he stayed he’d likely be a 2019 first rounder’ promise.

    Naz – PC talked a lot this year about how he didn’t quite fit into what they were doing, thus he sat for many games. Perhaps an offseason of working with Hurtt and settling into the 5tech role will mean he can regularly contribute and show some of the flashes we’ve seen from him.

    Martin – I think he can translate that speed rush into a regular 5-7 sacks a year and some more pressure and disruption. Work with Clark and FA veteran to expand his repertoire of pass rush moves.

    Mingo – 1 sack in 2018? He can do better. He’ll be motivated in 2019 as it is a FA year and he’ll be 29.

    Dion Jordan – a FA but I can see him coming back to Seattle as he’s found a good spot. Tantalizing potential, but maybe counting on him for 6-8 games and 3-4 sacks with his knees is the best we can hope for. But for $1m that’s worth it.

    It feels like with a very deep DL draft there will be a lot of FA opportunities to score bargains.

    I’d love to see a Robert Quinn or a Terrell Suggs come in on a reasonable deal. Inject the team with some of that veteran savvy and grit.

    Plus the usual Shamar Stephens/McDaniel cheap run plugger. (Clinton McDonald is available for a reunion)

    Dream catch though is a Trey Flowers type. A 26 year old who finds a cold market and takes a Bennett or Avril 1 or 2 year prove it deal and blossoms on the Seahawks DL.

    With some good bounces the DL could be the 2018 RB group in 2019. A need area to a serious strength!

  26. Volume12

    I don’t get what’s not to like about Montez Sweat?

    • Trevor

      I agree the only question I have about him is his motor. If he tests well at combine he is lock in Rd #1 IMO.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I found him to be a really fun watch but his measurements will be huge for me personally. Also want a time for his get off.

    • C-Dog

      He’s a guy I definitely anticipate Seattle would be interested in.

    • DC

      He likes model trains. Will that affect his passion for football? It just might…

  27. Nathan W.

    Kliff Kingsbury to the Cardinals!

    • Volume12

      Interesting. Who he hires as his DC is gonna be very, very important. He’s the right guy for Rosen to take that next step in his development though.

    • cha

      Wow. He was a disaster at USC. 0 yards and 0 points.

    • AlaskaSouth

      Pretty crazy that KK gets fired by Texas Tech then hired as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. I’m struggling to think of a precedent of a coach getting fired from a middling CFB program and hired as the HC of an NFL team.

      • Rob Staton

        If Kliff Kingsbury looked like Charlie Weis he wouldn’t have got that job.

  28. Grayson
    Super intrigued by his mismatch ability. Plus might be the best name in the draft.

    • Sea Mode


  29. Madmark

    Since I found this website every year at this time I buy myself a composition notebook for $.99 cents to keep notes in for the new draft year. At the beginning of each college year you make of list off players to watch for the new year. Players are added as the college year progresses. I thought I give you all a look at list that I had before this year started.
    Nick Bosa DE Ohio St.
    Clelin Ferrel DE Clemson
    Derrick Lawrence DT Clemson
    Ed Oliver DT Houston
    Damiem Harris RB Alabama
    Austin Bryant DE Clemson
    Christian Wilkins DT Clemson
    Rashaw Gray DE Michigan
    Trey Adams T Michigan
    Chancey Gardner S Florida St.
    Gregg Little T Ole Miss
    Dre’mont Jones DL Ohio St.
    Andrew Vanginkel OLB Wisconsin
    A. J. Brown WR Ole Miss
    Jonah Williams T Alabama
    Bryce Love RB Stanford
    Drew Lock QB Missouri
    Jarrett Stidham QB Auburn
    Justin Herbert QB Oregon
    Well that was the 1st page list of college players to watch from the beginning. I’m not going to post the list now as it has grown to 4 pages over the year many of the players I added aren’t 1st round draft picks but watching this year I thought some of them would be steals in later rounds. I am of course looking forward to the next draft with the rest of you guys. Let the draft begin Go Hawks!

  30. HawkfaninMT

    A different perspective on the “sticking to the run” narrative that has followed the Cowboy game that I am struggling with a little bit…

    This was RW’s first year in the Schotty offense. I wonder to myself how much freedom he was given/how comfortable he felt audible-ing this year. And in particular in big moments like the play offs. When a run play doesn’t work there is a galaxy of reasons. Defense out playing the offense, poor blocking (incompetence or poor technique), poor play call, bad play design, penalty, accidents (tripped up or “turf monster”), etc…

    My comment is in regards to the Hawks lining up for a called running play, RW scanning the defense and then sticking with the play call. I would imagine (possibly incorrectly) there were times the defense was in a formation (8/9 in the box) that should have given RW pause as to whether the run play was going to work. In those instances, why didn’t RW audible out of the play?

    I am both frustrated (he is a veteran) and also hopeful (more comfortable in the offense next year) about this narrative of “sticking with the run.” Again this is all with the assumption that RW can sometimes recognize at the line of scrimmage that a run play that has been called will more than likely not be successful.

    • Sea Mode

      I haven’t really addressed this issue much, but I have been thinking about it. Here are a couple of my thoughts so far.

      1. As you bring up, there is a LOT more behind these decisions than we fans can see. Yes, fans are entitled to their opinions, but the coaches–though of course not perfect by any means–are paid to be the coaches for a reason, and it is not directly their fault when the execution of the plays goes wrong for whatever reason.

      2. I have seen a couple different arguments on this whole topic. Most are just based on the eye test (usually the most vehement opinions), some have dug into the numbers. One point I don’t recall having seen made is the more intangible one: what it takes to wear down a defense and assert yourself as the bully. Sometimes, even when it’s not working, you just have to keep pounding throughout the game so as to try to break them. That’s what being the bully is about, and it takes time to establish that up front. And yes, sometimes it doesn’t end up happening, but no offense is successful 100% of the time.

  31. Volume12

    Keeping my eye on Temple WR Isaiah Wright (6-1-6’2-215-220 lbs.) and whether he declares or not.

    AAC ST’s player of the year. One of the more versatile players I’ve seen so far. Used as a RB, WR, ran their wildcat package, kick and punt returner.

    3 TDs receiving, 1 rushing, 2 TDs in punt returns, 1 TD on kick returns.

    Athletic, turns into a RB with the ball in his hands, will excel in the short and intermediate part of the game but has the size and grit to make plays in contested situations.

    • Sea Mode


      And Riley Ridley has declared. Woohoo!

      • Trevor

        I really like Ridley as well! I think he is going to be a big riser. Another guy who seems to get tons of seperation.

      • Volume12

        Good. Him coming back to have one of those Georgia QBs hold him back wouldn’t have been a wise decision. I personally think he’s the best WR prospect in this class.

        Meanwhile, Ohio St WR KJ Hill returned to school.

    • Wallup

      Both he and Sheriff are ballers. I’m with you on them.

  32. FresnoHawk

    2018 Mountain West defensive player of the year Fresno State MLB Jeffrey Allison reminds me of Bobby Wagner (Mountain West) great player. Cowboys drafted last years MW Defensive player of the year 1st round. Allison should be available 3rd/4th round only guy I saw in the Mountain West who could tackle Boise State RB Mattison one on one. RB Mattison is the most physical RB Entering the draft this year, looks like Marshawn Lynch.

  33. JimQ

    The annual trade down of Seahawk draft picks causes me to do this exercise with the “new” trade chart, just to get myself an idea of some possibilities for more picks in the coming draft. This whole exercise is meant to illustrate what picks may be on the table with trades of pick #21, assuming of course that they find a willing trade partner(s).

    Based 0n the “new” TRADE CHART; A few trade #21 opportunities that may be in the cards for the Seahawks this draft season. Seattle, now owns pick 1/21. Below are just a few trades that are of approximately EQUAL value by points, however, as we know, IF a team “must have” a very specific prospect, they could pay even more, perhaps by throwing in a round 6 or 7 pick to make the deal(s) or trading a slightly higher value pick than is indicated by the trade chart.

    Seahawks original pick: 1/21 = 260.82-points, trading down to later round 1, early round 2 options.
    Trading down by 4 or 5 picks at a time to:

    1/26, 222.74 = 38.08 point difference = round 4, approx. pick #97, nets Seahawks picks 26 & 97.
    1/31, 190.21 = 70.61 point difference = round 3, approx. pick #69, nets Seahawks picks 31 & 69.
    2/35, 170.37 = 90.45 point difference = round 2, approx. pick #59, nets Seahawks picks 35 & 59.
    2/40, 149.45 = 111.37 point difference = round 2, approx. pick #51, nets Seahawks picks 40 & 51.
    I think the Seahawks could potentially benefit from any of these trades IF they are actually made.

    This early in the process, it’s unknown how far they could move down with a trade, we just know they
    almost surely will be in trade mode in round 1 (and potentially later trades) to get a few more picks.
    I’m pretty sure the net results could be somewhere within these numbers, or reasonably close, so I thought I’d share my research with y’all for whatever it is worth. GO HAWKS.

  34. Nathan

    Did anyone else find it a little amusing to see Cincinnati in that list so often?

    Given that 21 means, you got bounced out of the playoffs in the first week?

    • Rob Staton

      It was funny writing the list.

      “Cincinnati again? Wow”

  35. Ishmael

    The Kingsbury hire is the Cardinals hoping beyond hope that if they go out and buy themselves a shiny new McVay they’ll turn into the Rams, right? He’s got exactly that same skeevy hair gel and roofies vibe you get, so who knows?

  36. jj

    Brugler has the hawks taking Isaiah Simmons from Clemson. I haven’t paid much attention to him. Anyone have thoughts about him as a safety/lb hybrid?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s a strong safety. Big, probably runs in the 4.6’s (ran a 4.75 at at SPARQ). He’s 6-3 and 225lbs. The Seahawks aren’t taking a big, not outstanding athlete at DB in round one. In nine drafts they’ve taken one DB early. Earl Thomas. And built a reputation on finding DB gems later who fit the scheme. It will take an outstanding, special player for them to go DB early. That isn’t Simmons.

      • jj

        Rob, thanks for the thoughts.

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