Monday notes: Tua declares & a name for free agency

Tua Tagovailoa is turning pro

According to reports he had a big medical check recently. Now it’s been revealed it was good news. Thus, he’s opted to head for the NFL.

It still doesn’t clear up how teams will view his situation. Just because he’s turning pro doesn’t mean he’s a shoe-in for the top-five. If the medical checks show a significant risk, he could last.

Equally there are three teams in the top-10 who will seriously consider drafting him. Miami, the Chargers and Carolina all need a long-term plan at quarterback.

This could also be good news for Detroit and the New York Giants. If either team wants to move down, they’d be well placed ahead of the Miami/LA/Carolina cluster. Not only could teams seek to jump ahead of the trio, there could be a healthy battle between the teams to get up to #3 (or even #2) to secure their guy.

Other Alabama players make their call

DeVonta Smith has opted to stay in school. He’s an electric, superb talent and could be a top prospect in the 2021 draft. Henry Ruggs and Jedrick Wills are heading for the NFL but Alex Leatherwood is staying at Alabama. Xavier McKinney is turning pro.

If Ruggs runs a 4.2 as some have suggested he will be a high pick. He’s too talented and productive to not be a high pick if he has that kind of speed. A lot of people really like Wills. McKinney to me is as overrated as Deionte Thompson was a year ago. Read most of the January mock drafts from 2019 and Thompson was being touted as a first round pick. He was a mile off that and ended up in the fifth round.

Mississippi State linebacker is one to watch

During the 2018 season we talked a lot about Willie Gay Jr. Every week he seemed to be making big plays.

His 2019 season was a bit of a write-off. He was hurt and had to endure a suspension for breaking team rules. The Bulldogs had a mess of a year and fired their coach.

However, this is a player with a real knack for forcing turnovers and impacting games. He ran a 4.53 at SPARQ and a superb 4.26 short shuttle. We know the Seahawks like linebackers who run well in the short shuttle. He also managed a highly explosive 39 inch vertical and an overall SPARQ score of 128.22.

He might repair his stock at the combine. Either way, he has the talent and would be a good investment for someone. He has a lot of potential.

A quick thought on free agency

Something dawned on me over the weekend. It’s not an exact science but you can tell a lot from the way fans react to a players’ departure.

For example, the Lions fans were incandescent when Quandre Diggs was traded. He’s had a massive impact in Seattle and already looks like a cornerstone defender for the next few years.

Texans fans equally were stunned by the Jadeveon Clowney trade. There weren’t too many tears shed when Ziggy Ansah left Detroit, or when Cary Williams left Philadelphia, or when Eddie Lacy left Green Bay (you get the picture).

That’s not to say you can’t turn water into wine with certain players. The league has always had players who didn’t fit in one team/scheme but flourished elsewhere.

Yet if Seahawks followers want to learn about prospective targets, it might be worth taking notice of what other fans say.

For example, I had a look at what Bills fans were saying after their loss in Houston. They were listing their key free agents. Top of the list was defensive tackle Jordan Phillips.

I didn’t even realise Phillips was a free agent in waiting. I wrote about him a lot ahead of the 2015 draft, suggesting he could/should be a first rounder.

Here’s a section of a piece I wrote five years ago:

People love to talk about the ‘rare nose tackle’ — well here he is. Like most big guys he isn’t impacting every play, but all of the 3-4 teams are going to show interest. They have to. He’s capable of drawing a double team, he flashes a nice swim move and he can work through traffic to get into the backfield. He makes splash plays and can impact the quarterback. You just don’t see many players with this combination of length, agility and bulk. Phillips is an exciting player who could easily be a combine star who ends up flying up the boards.

He lasted deep into round two before being drafted by Miami. It didn’t work out with the Dolphins, he was cut, and was claimed on waivers by the Bills in 2018.

Since then he’s been terrific.

Here’s what Kyle Silagyi at the Bills Wire had to say about his future:

Phillips was near-dominant in his first full season in Buffalo, notching a career-high 9.5 sacks while also setting a career-high in tackles (31). Despite playing on a defensive line that features heavy rotation, he took over as the team’s starting three-technique in Week 9, a testament to the progress he made throughout his fifth professional season.

Given his production, Phillips is likely in for a payday this offseason, whether that be from the Bills or another franchise. An annual salary of roughly $10 million is the number that’s being thrown around for the 27-year-old, and while it’s possible that he won’t ever match his 2019 production again, he’s also not a player whose impact could be replicated with a random free agent signing.

Phillips is a disruptive pass rusher and is reliable against the run. He also brings energy to Buffalo’s front-seven, and though he accomplishes the role in a different way, one could argue that he’s replaced Kyle Williams as the heart and soul of the Bills’ defensive line.

Buffalo would be wise to retain Phillips’ services, with a three- or four-year, front-loaded contract appearing to be its best option. By giving Phillips significant money when they have significant cap space, the Bills would retain a key contributor while also keeping some money available for a few years down the road, when players like Edmunds, Allen, and Dion Dawkins will need new contracts.

The Seahawks need someone who can make plays consistently from the interior. If he’s truly in the $10m range, that’s a price worth considering. He’s 6-6 and 340lbs with 34.5 inch arms. That’s the kind of size and length Seattle likes.

He’s only 27 so there’s time on his side. The market for defensive tackles is hard to read. Some get paid big money, others struggle. Who knows how much Phillips and Jarran Reed will command? If they were somehow able to sign Phillips and re-sign Reed and Jadeveon Clowney, wouldn’t that be a good investment? They’d still need a speed rusher but this isn’t going to be a one-man fix. The line needs rebuilding with proven talent wherever possible. Yes — there might need to be one or two prove-it type deals thrown in too. They might need to find someone in the draft. First and foremost though this line needs an injection of talent.

Phillips is a name to watch if he reaches free agency.

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  1. Nick

    I really like the idea of an interior DL signing. Admittedly, I have not watched Phillips’ game, but he sounds like an attractive addition. Perhaps he’s someone they monitor if they cannot bring Reed back?

    Speed and violence needs to be a primary focus for every player Seattle looks at this offseason. Wille Gay Jr certainly fits that mold. He could back up KJ Wright and give us better depth at LB. I like the thought process there for sure. LBs have added significance for this team if they continue to apply the three LB look.

    I’m feeling pretty confident after DK’s emergence the last couple of weeks that Seattle won’t feel like they need to force the WR position early in the draft. If the right talent is there, I’m sure they wouldn’t be afraid to, but I also think they 1) recognize the WR depth this year and 2) prioritize pass rush above all else. Whether or not first round talent on the DL will be there is another matter.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m open to bringing Reed back and adding another. They need to add IMO, not just replace. Reed brings an edge and might be available at a cheaper price than people think. I’d love to have a big, long playmaker next to him inside. Someone who can anchor and rush. I really liked Phillips at Oklahoma and would love to see him here.

      Then re-sign Clowney and go and get some speed.

      • Nick

        I think you’ve diagnosed this offseason’s MO really well, Rob. It’s one of your best attributes as a Seahawks journalist. You identify what PCJS want early on and let those paramaters guide your scouting.

      • GerryG

        Also fine with Reed coming back unless someone offers stupid $.

        I think he has been on a bum ankle the last month+

        It would be interesting if they went big on a DT, since they usually go with Vet bargain 1-2 yr deal. I would be all for it.

        I have been all in on Clowney returning most of the season, and yesterday just made it even more of a priority. That was a Herculean effort out there.

      • Ashish

        Clowney will be Seahawks for long, I can see it. Both party seems interested, I bet hawks will pay him decent.

      • Luca Brazi

        Rob, how would you rate each Seahawks DL’s expected contribution (including injury risk) over the next 2-3 years, using a 1-5 scale as below?

        5 – All-Pro/Pro-Bowl
        4 – Above Avg Starter
        3 – Avg Starter
        2 – Below Avg Starter
        1 – Not Starter Caliber

        The Hawks’ FA priorities and signing budgets will be shaped in part by what they believe they have on their squad already. I’m curious to hear what you think, especially what kind of upside you see for guys still presumably on the up-slope of their development, like Ford, Jefferson, Green, Collier, Naz Jones and so on.

        Love your blog, thanks for your thoughts!

        • Rob Staton

          I think the ceiling for most of them is average starter. I don’t really see anyone leaping beyond that outside of Clowney and Reed (if retained). But it’s still early for some of them.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Poona got a chance to be above average

            • Rob Staton

              Maybe. I don’t think he’s shown enough to warrant any real faith so far. Decent player but we might already be seeing his ceiling.

          • Luca Brazi

            I lack knowledge/skills/dedication to properly evaluate them myself, but my patented CPET (Couch Potato Eye Test) on Green is hopeful he can be a 3.5 – 4.0 in a couple years, given his youth and progress so far. (He already leads the team in sacks, LOL!)

            I love Poona, especially his splash plays, but given the way runners seem to waltz through our line with him and J-Reed there, it’s hard to think of him as getting beyond average. Hopefully the CPET is somehow wrong there, ’cause I do love the guy–he’s still a killer UDFA.

            Thanks, Rob. Your blog rocks!

            • Rob Staton

              Thank you — and thanks for reading.

              I think they need a presence in the middle. Poona is a very useful guy to work into a rotation but not necessarily an every-down starter. Get some massive size next to Reed or as a replacement if needed.

  2. Kenny Sloth

    I would not mind moving on from Jarran Reed full stop

    • Sea Mode

      Ok, but that’s only IF you have someone better to replace him. He’s also a borderline BAMF at times, so you have to replace that too.

      I think this season and last have shown us what he is: not good enough on his own to elevate a bad DL, but can be great if paired with a good DL. The lack of speed off the edge this year has closed off pass rushing angles for everyone, and we should evaluate accordingly.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Reed is for sure a tough one. You would like one more year to see but that means some kind of tag and that I believe is pretty high. Would people be good with 4 years $50 million? Is that to high? You think he would get more?

        • Sea Mode

          Personally, I think that would be a good deal for the Hawks. $12.5m/apy puts him at #10 among DTs, while he would be one of the youngest still.

          He showed us he can get plenty sacks when there is also pressure off the edge and he is a plus run defender. I’m continuing to build around him and Clowney if that deal gets it done. Honestly, I’m expecting him to look for something in the $14m/apy range.

  3. Donovan

    Dream Off Season

    1. Address DL by signing E. Griffin & D. Fowler.

    2. Make offense unstoppable by trading for Odell Beckham.

    Do we have cap space for those 3 moves?

    • Donovan

      Forgot to mention the obvious: resign Clowney

      So, really 4 moves.

    • Ashish

      No Beckham please

      • Sea Mode

        Really? I think he could thrive in our culture. Like everyone else, I think he just wants to win.

        • Jeff M.

          This season was the first in the PC/RW era where we had two WRs hit 100 targets, and that’s only because we only had two WRs and zero TEs as viable options.

          We’ve never had a 3rd WR go above ~70. OBJ is used to getting something in the 130-160 range.

          At least one of TL/DK/OBJ would have to have their workload cut in half unless Odell comes in a swap deal for Pete and Brian. Which one are you proposing?

          A rookie WR3 who can play the TL to TL’s ADB (high efficiency on low volume while developing into the eventual successor) makes sense. A high-paid #1 when we already have two guys that need “#1 for the Seahawks” target volume doesn’t.

    • Sea Mode

      Yes, they could definitely make that work if they wanted to. Recoup money from Ansah and Britt. Let Ifedi and Reed test the market if needed in order to avoid overpaying. Backload one or two of those deals if needed.

    • Paul Cook

      With the emergence and rapid development of DK, and the pro-bowl quality play of TL, the Beckham idea has significantly waned for me, and it wasn’t high to begin with. I actually think it’s an almost ideal time to draft one of the top WR’s in the next draft if a good enough one fall to us. Just think about it…TL on a contract that seems tame the way he’s been playing; DK on a rookie contract; and a new WR from the draft on a rookie contract.

      Add to that a modestly priced resigning of Hollister, a returning Dissley on a fairly cheap contract, and possibly a TE in the draft, and you’ve got the makings of an almost absurdly low-priced and quality receiving corp for RW for at least the next few years.

      Spend money elsewhere.

  4. Ashish

    DL and OL takes some time to develop in Seahawks system, even with first rounders. Draft picks will not be the fix for 2020 season but for future team building e.g. Green, Haynes etc. I agree Seahawks will have to look for solid player but not super star, remember Seahawks is not the team who jumps on first wave of free agency and big spenders.

    Rob great find, Phillips name I don’t hear too much like others Donald, Mack etc. I’m sure hawks will sign exp DL and OL.

  5. Sea Mode

    Continuing some WR talk from the end of last thread and above.

    Not saying it has to be R1, but DK’s breakout certainly doesn’t mean we don’t need to add another WR, and pretty early at that IMO. There are going to be some good options in R2 or it could also be via trade if an opportunity arises. But Lockett played 94% of snaps last night and DK played 91%. That’s not ideal and really shows the lack of depth behind them other than ST/role players.

    Bummed about Devonta Smith returning. Thought he would complement our current WRs quite well and potentially be pushed down later than he should in a deep WR class.

    Was watching some Tee Higgins the other day. Is Larry Fitzgerald an unfair comp? His size, acceleration, and strong hands kind of gave me that vibe. (speaking of potential, of course)

    So I guess my favorites for now are Reagor, Ruggs, Aiyuk in that order. If Jeudy, Higgins, Lamb make up the first wave of WRs, one or two of the other three could still be available to us at the back end of R1, right? Then there’s still Hamler too.

    • cha

      JAZZ FURGUSON! j/k

      Curious that Turner was inactive and Ursua only got 8 snaps with Brown hurt. Moore had 67% so there was a huge gap there.

      I would think the hawks bring Moore (RFA) and Turner (ERFA) back.

      That gives them 5 WRs under contract with Lockett and DK. If there’s a WR there early that fits, they grab him. But I could see them bringing in a veteran on a 2 year deal ala Brown, and focusing more on the TE position.

      • Sea Mode

        I see Moore, Turner, and Ursua back for sure. Jaron Brown’s spot goes to whomever we draft or bring in at WR.

        I see them more likely going WR in the draft and veteran TE vía FA or trade, just because that’s the way the draft is setting up this year: a boatload of good WRs all the way through, and really underwhelming options at TE. Even the top guys (Hunter Bryant, Brycen Hopkins) are not all that impressive compared to regular years.

    • Nick

      Hey Sea Mode, thanks for your thoughts on my post. I think Round 2 or 3 is a perfectly reasonable place to draft a WR in this year’s draft. I guess i was referring to a first round investment. Personally, I’d like them to find a YAC dude ala Golden Tate/Deebo Samuel. Easier said than done, I realize! Reagor seems like an excellent fit.

      • Zxvo3

        Devin Duvernay could also fit that mold. The highlights of him against LSU are incredible.

      • Matt

        Ihmir Smith-Marsette – Iowa
        Absolute stud but lacked production. If he declares he’s a weapon with elite athleticism and YAC ability.

  6. Zxvo3

    Julian Okwara from Notre Dame is one of those speedy edge rushers in the draft. I know it won’t only take Okwara to fix the pass rush, but he would be one to target in the draft because of his speed and length as an edge rusher. Earlier in the season he fractured his ankle. I wonder if his draft stock is high or low these days.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s just so streaky. There are some nice plays but also a lot of ‘meh’ plays. Okwara’s a really difficult player to project at the next level. Will need to see him test because he needs good numbers at his size.

      • Zxvo3

        Yes I agree. Are there any more edge rushers the Seahawks could target? I only know a few such as K’Lavon Chaisson and Jabari Zuniga

        • Rob Staton

          I need to see these guys test.

        • Eli

          Tennessee DE Darrell Taylor could be one to monitor

  7. Sea Mode

    Quick observation from last night: anyone else get the sense Bobby might be concealing a minor ailment? (won’t dare to call it an “injury” because PC would always list anything like that on the injury report…) Early on in the game he was flying around really fast and it seemed to me he got noticeably slower as the game went on.

    • Rob4q

      Yeah, I posted something similar in the last thread. Saw a few plays Bobby usually makes and he wasn’t close. I really think the ankle is hurting him more than anyone knows…

      The running play where Sanders bounced outside for a good gain late in the game was a prime example. Bobby was in position and normally slams the door there, but Sanders ran right by him! Hopefully Bobby can get back to himself this week because we need him against Rodgers and Aaron Jones!

  8. Mac

    I’m a big fan of the 3-4 defense; I miss in 2012, after we got bruce Irvin, our 3-4 packages and optional hybrid D looks. In a 3-4, we could really move Clowney around and get more big bodies on the opposing offenses strong side.

    Base 3-4
    Left to right:
    Clowney, Reed, Phillips, LJ Collier, Yannick Ngakuoe/Dante Fowler
    Wagz & Barton

    Nascar 3-4
    Griffin, Clowney, Reed, YN/DF, Blair or speed LB
    Wagz & Barton/Wright

    • Sea Mode

      I thought PC’s ideal is to always run 4-3, but with 3-4 personnel.

    • Volume12

      Whose the dominant nose in this 3-4?

      The 4-3 is set up for a BWagz type MIKE and vice versa. Getting pressure witj 4 down lineman is gonna cause opposing coaching staffs many more headaches and sleepless nights.

  9. Awsi Dooger

    Phillips was immature and a motivational problem with the Dolphins. There would be an occasional awesome disruptive play then long stretches of nothing. Coaches and fans alike were frustrated. The coaching staff would demote him to second team behind a rookie, trying to knock some sense into Phillips. It never worked. He acted like a kid on scholarship. I doubt he ever realized he was in jeopardy. Only when he was cut did his intensity level soar, and quickly once Buffalo played Miami. Phillips took delight in ruining plays of the team that got rid of him.

    He played at entirely different sustained level this season. It’s promising but there has to be some caution in a contract situation, due to the prior laziness. The Dolphins faced the same type of thing with DeVante Parker, who likewise frustrated with immaturity and lack of effort until blooming this season when a second contract was at stake.

    I think I remember Phillips blowing up a play in that season opener at Seattle a few years ago.

    Sometimes his 6-6 height works against him. It seems like inconsistency but actually some guards and centers are simply sharper at detouring tall interior guys who stand up. The legs are a huge target. That 6-6 height is never considered ideal for defensive tackle. It was the concern I had about Malik McDowell. I remember the Cowboys brass conceding after the Jethro Pugh play in the Ice Bowl that they didn’t realize until that game that height could be a negative for interior defensive linemen. It is the reason nose tackles are normally short and stout.

    As a Dolphins fan I’m not convinced Tua will be sitting there at #5. Until last season it had been since E.J. Manuel that a first round quarterback beyond the top 3 picks fell to a team without a trade up involved. Not every franchise is going to ignore how highly rated Tua was entering the 2019 season. First round and specifically high first round is the highest expectation for quarterbacks. This will now be 44 of 54 Super Bowls in which at least one of the starting quarterbacks was a first round pick. It is clinched because all 4 starting quarterbacks among remaining AFC teams were first round picks. The 44 of 54 is even more remarkable when you consider Tom Brady’s career, meaning the other guy was the only possibility in all of those Super Bowls.

    Detroit seemingly could play chicken with the Dolphins, inventing or exaggerating trading partners. Miami succumbed to that in 2004 with the Vikings…stupidly jettisoning a 4th round pick to move up one spot. After watching Brady’s obvious decline late this season I also wonder if New England is merely going to allow all dynasty to slip away instead of taking an aggressive step while you’ve still got Belichick and all that defense. Matt Patricia would know the Patriots roster and who he covets, along with numerous draft picks.

    Or Detroit could simply take Tua themselves. I don’t know why that possibility is demoted. If Patricia wants even a fraction of a Belichick coaching career it is not going to source from Matthew Stafford, no matter how he was playing early in the 2019 season.

    • dcd2

      Hey Awsi. Remember earlier this year, when Dissly got hurt and I floated the idea of trading for Gesicki, as the Phins were trading everyone away for picks at that point? I seem to recall you giving me a pretty scathing report on him. He really stepped up down the stretch for you guys though. Do you think it was all Fitzmagic, or getting rid of Gase, or Parker stepping up?

  10. cha

    Updated projection for 2020 comp picks per OTC – still on track for 4 comp picks for the Seahawks.

    3rd (Thomas)
    4th (Coleman)
    6th (Stephen)
    7th (Hundley)

    The 7th is in jeopardy depending on how Mike Iupati’s contract was restructured.

    • Sea Mode

      Nice. We are sitting pretty and have ammo to trade for a player too if the right opportunity arises. This off-season in particular might make or break the Seahawks’ SB window for the next few years.

      • Nick

        100%. Have to come away with a few blue-chip players. Preferably on the DL/OL/WR.

      • cha

        Agree. That’s another thing fans should appreciate more about this team. Not only have they managed sustained success, they don’t have dire cap and draft capital situations.

        Seriously! You’ve got your all-world QB signed to a deal that will probably be a steal in a years’ time, a franchise LT & MLB locked down on contracts, several productive starters still on their rookie deals, $70m of cap room for next year and probably 10 draft picks in 2020 to work with. That’s a job incredibly well done.

  11. line_hawk

    They have always gone the cheap vet route for run defense. Tony McDaniel, Ahtyba Rubin, Al Woods, Mebane. Its sucks that Woods didn’t work out but I would expect someone similar based on their history. I would he happy with Jordan Philipps type signing as well if it doesn’t break the bank.

    • Denver Hawker

      I thought Woods was a nice signing this year for Run D which is all he’s good for. I’d be okay resigning him on the same deal as a rotation guy. Still need interior pass rush.

    • Eburgz

      I agree. Doesn’t seem like they like to commit a lot of resources to DT. Sheldon Richardson and J Reed both required a 2nd rounder but other than that not too much in draft stock or salary cap committed to DT. Signing not 1, but 2 high priced FA DT’s seems highly unlikely. Crazier things have happened though, and maybe they can be had for cheap (doubt it). The good defensive tackles that don’t get paid are the ones that aren’t good pass rushers or they’re old.

      Would love to swoop up a versatile guy like Calais Campbell because he can play base end and slide inside on passing downs. He’s due a bunch of money at age 33 coming off an ok season on a stacked DL so he could be a cut/trade guy. Then add a speed rusher like Beasley on a 1 year deal and draft a guy like Terell Lewis as a backup/developmental speed rusher. Along with resigning Reed and Clowney.

      Base: Clowney Reed Poona Campbell
      NASCAR: Clowney Campbell Reed Beasley/Lewis

      Lots of size and run stuffing ability in base and some good speed in the nascar package. Sucks we can’t really count on Green and Collier but they would make for good depth. My proposal probably dedicates way too much salary cap to the DL but Campbell and Beasley would both only be on the hook for 1 year.

      • Rob Staton

        They also paid Red Bryant and Brandon Mebane, on top of trading for Richardson and spending high picks on Reed and McDowell.

        It’s not about an unwillingness to spend at DT. It’s more a case of limited options.

        • line_hawk

          They already have Reed who compares (or should compare) to Richardson & Mebane. What they need is a pure run stuffer to complement Ford which they usually obtain on the cheap.

          • Rob Staton

            No. They need someone who can also create pressure.

            • line_hawk

              If Reed can’t create pressure, why pay him 10-12M? I believe on the d-line FA, they need

              1. DT around 10-12M to create pressure. Could be Jordon Phillips, etc.
              2. DT on the cheap as pure run stuffer ala Tony McDaniel
              3. Resign Clowney
              4. An edge rusher on the cheap.. 5-10M. Griffen, Quinn, Beasley
              5. Resign QJeff for 2 yr 10M?

              • Rob Staton

                I never said anything about paying Reed 10-12m.

  12. line_hawk

    Also, the defensive plan was surprising yesterday. One, I wouldn’t have expected to see Barton and Amadi over Akeem King. And second, not sure why they swapped Flowers and Griffin to slot on some snaps, especially in a playoff game?

  13. Greg Haugsven

    I remember really liking Jordan Phillips in the draft. What worries me about signing a guy like him is that he has almost no production then he goes off in his contract year. Did it take him that long to develop or did he decide to turn it on when it mattered? I think that is mostly why the Seahawks dont usually sign big time outside free agents is because they dont know the guy.

    • Denver Hawker

      Most fans were pretty concerned about how much Reed was going to cost. If you flipped his 2018 and 2019 production, it looks very different. Hard to say what Reed would have done with a full season though.

  14. dcd2

    Minnesota has got some cap issues next year. I would think Everson Griffen could be a decent option on a 2 year deal. I don’t think they keep him at his current salary, considering their cap. He just turned 32 and looked pretty good this year (especially yesterday VS New Orleans).

    I would like to keep Quinton Jefferson as well. I think he’s been a little unheralded, but I guess it’s all about cost. With yesterdays 2 sacks he is now the leader on the team for 2019. He’s been fairly productive as a rotational DT and is still only 26.

    Al Woods is a maybe, and Ansah is gone. Clowney is a must and the rest are on rookie deals.

    So, do we think they try to keep QJeff and Woods?

    • Eli

      Was thinking Clay Matthews could be a similar option if the Rams let him go

      • Sea Mode


        • Eli

          Certainly not my favorite character, but there’s familiarity there and he’s shown he can still be productive.

  15. Sea Mode

    How in the world did I miss this feature on Ruggs back in August? Wow.

    Henry Ruggs honors the memory of Rod Scott after every touchdown, but Alabama’s star receiver also carries guilt for not having died alongside his best friend

    • dcd2

      Ya, that is a really cool story. Hard not to pull for the kid after reading that.

      • dcd2

        Wish you could edit. “Cool” may not be the best adjective. Incredible and touching (FIFM)

      • 12th chuck

        saying it is really cool sounds like a Pete-ism 🙂

  16. Sea Mode

    Even if we don’t make it any further, being in the playoff spotlight, close to contending if we shore up a couple glaring weaknesses and stay a bit healthier, along with stars like Clowney raving about how much he loves the culture in Seattle and a MVP candidate QB in his prime, makes us quite possibly the top FA destination this summer.

  17. Volume12

    Did I see that the Rams are getting new unis, helmets, and a color scheme? Or did I think I heard that?

    • 12th chuck

      not sure, new d coordinator though

    • Von

      You are correct sir. Nothing has been shown yet though. Open the new stadium with new unis and colors. I’m guessing they keep the gold and add black.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I thought the helmets were staying, everything else was getting overhauled.
      Guess it is time to take a peek at the uniform rumor site on the internets 😉

    • Hojo

      I think the Rams are going to be back next year in a significant way.

      • Rob Staton

        The Rams have some big hurdles though. Not much cap, Ramsey to pay, OL in tatters, free agents who played well in 2019, new defensive coach and therefore possible new defensive scheme.

        • SwissHawk

          Rams are in cap hell…top 10 already take up $140m of cap space before resigning anyone (inc Whitworth, Fowler and Brockers). The real test of that organization is just beginning.

  18. Canadian Hawk

    I’d be curious to see what the market is for Arik Armstead.

    Genetic freak.
    Break out year sack wise.
    Line him up accross from #90 next year and see what happens.

    SF has to make some decisions on Jimmie Ward, Kittle and eventually Bosa.
    Pushing against the cap as is and big contracts to come.

    I know he hasn’t always been healthy and he’ll cost a buck or two – but man it would be nice to stick it to SF and get a quality DE in the process.

  19. BobbyK

    I’d be all for a Phillips and Javon Hargrave duo at DT. I really liked Hargrave coming out a few years ago and he’s a good player. I’d have no problem swapping him and Reed if Reed departs. I’d love to have all three of those guys to rotate inside but I don’t think finances would allow that – especially if Clowney is retained.

    It’s funny (in a sad way) to think that if we were solid like the above scenario at DT above AND if we give Clowney big bucks that were still going to need another quality player on the EDGE only a year after taking a DE in the first round.

    I know I suggested this a few days ago, but I’m all for a free agent acquisition of Kyler Fackrell and Javon Hargrave. In another new scheme, Fackrell isn’t doing anything in terms of rushing the passer this year. And somehow I remember the Packers playing him inside (LB) a lot early in his career and I was like WTF?!?! However, last year he did have over 10 sacks coming off the edge and I can’t imagine Pete doing stupid things with him the way the Packers have throughout his career (aside from his 10+ sacks last year). I don’t think he’ll cost much in free agency either.

    I know we’d need another fast guy on the edge, but I’d love entering 2020 with Clowney and Fackrell rushing from the edge on money downs and a trio of Phillips, Hargrave, and Reed coming from the inside (would love that depth to keep those big guys rested). That’d mean they could potentially go with a couple of offensive players in the first two rounds (maybe an OL and WR). I’d be happy to trade down from their first round pick to get a big guard like Solomon Kindley and then add a WR later in the second round. Love stockpiling picks. Or even trade their first round pick this year to move down and acquire nothing else for this year but perhaps add a second rounder next year (or something like that).

    I have a few Packer fan friends here in Minnesota and they are not confident about this game. They think like we have about the Seahawks – that they’re winning, but they don’t seem nearly as good as their record indicates. We could get so much better this off-season and yet get stuck having a harder road to the Super Bowl next year than this year. This Packers bye team isn’t exactly your prototypical dominant team who earns a bye (just like we would or wouldn’t have been). This really feels like an unusual opportunity this year in terms of not seeing other dominant teams in our conference and the most dominant one we’ve gone toe-to-toe with and know we can beat. As Rob mentioned above, sometimes you need to listen to what fans from other teams say – and I know 49ers fans do not want to see us again and were mad that we won yesterday (because they wanted us done). Oakland is the forgotten area in the bay and is like the ignored step-child to San Francisco. How cool would it be for our Oakland loving Beast Mode to help knock out San Francisco?

    Can’t wait for Sunday!

  20. charlietheunicorn

    I did a little sleuthing on “overthecap” website looking for likely targets to get cut before the 2020 season. These would be ideal additions, since they would not count against the draft comp picks calculation(s).

    I took a look at the bottom feeding teams with limited cap space and tried to find a few targets with decent cap savings numbers for the team cutting the player… that also had some production and could possibly fit in Seattle. Some guys have a bit of recent injury concern, so could be a bang for the buck/prove it deal type of signing.

    Crap shoot, nothing stood out to me numbers wise.

    Crap shoot, nothing stood out to me numbers wise.

    Van McDonald – Steelers
    James O’Shaughnessy – Jaguars
    Jared Cook – Saints

    Marquise Lee – Jaguars

    Kiko Alonso – Saints

    Jalen Ramsey – Rams (keep an eye on him in the offseason, trust me)

    Dontari Poe – Panthers
    Lindval Joseph – Vikings
    Marcell Dareus – Jaguars
    Arby Jones – Jaguars

    Everson Griffen – Vikings
    Calais Campbell – Jaguars
    Akiem Hicks – Bears
    Olivier Vernon – Browns

    Crap shoot, nothing stood out to me numbers wise. Seattle looks like they know what they are going to do in 2020 at the position right now anyhow.

    Vikings may or may not make the cuts I listed, but they are in the worst position cap wise headed into 2020… in the red by 8M+! This is some really bad shape, with only 39 guys under contract as we speak.

    Jaguars are a strong #2 when it comes to “bad” cap space and needing to make some big changes to the roster. They are in good shape with number of players under contract (~60), but bad shape because they are 1.5M in the hole right now.

    Just wanted to put a few guys names into your minds heading into the offseason 😀

    • dcd2

      Pretty sure the Rams GM would be fired if they didn’t sign Ramsay. Giving up two 1st round picks & a 4th for a half season rental in a year you miss the playoffs??

      • charlietheunicorn

        I would argue, he should be fired for totally mismanaging the cap up to this point and completely selling out the future on team. They have 3-4 years of hell inbound now…. no way they can be a true SB contender.

        • Eli

          This is really the only year they’ll probably have to be somewhat savvy, but its as easy as cutting a few guys like Weddle and Clay Matthews and restructuring Goff. Next year they can get out of nearly every major deal they have on the books outside of Donald and Cooks.

          Definitely not the time to start sleeping on the Rams.

    • Sea Mode

      Nice work, detective!

      I’m pretty sure I read that Kiko Alonso just tore his ACL for the 3rd time.

      Campbell would be awesome. Hope we can target him.

      Ramsey… that would be insane if he were not retained. Gurley is the one they’re going to have to find a way to get out of the contract somehow.

      • Rob Staton

        There’s an out on Gurley’s deal next year.

        • GerryG

          Next year as in they need to keep him on the roster for 2020 then are free?

          • Rob Staton

            After 2020 yes.

    • cha

      I’m all in on Hicks but as messed up as the Bears cap is, I wonder if they find a way to hold onto him. Inside wreckers don’t come around very often and Mack definitely felt Hicks’ absence this season.

  21. Trevor

    Really like the Phillips idea a lot. I mentioned him a couple of weeks ago along with Vernon Butler of the Panthers as guys who were still young and seem to be on the upswing. Both guys are huge, long and athletic and seem like exactly the type of players this team could use if they cant afford a guy like Chris Jones.

    Another guy I would love to see the Hawks consider is David Onyemata from the Saints. Is is a really athletic DT who is great against the run and one BAM who would bring and edge to the DL.

    The Hawks are fortunate as this seems like a really good and fairly deep free agent group on the DL. I am sure a lot of them will resign with current teams but there will be some good options.

    Could the Hawks afford to Resign Clowney / sign a guy like Phillips / Bring Reed back on a 1 yr deal to rebuild value and then sign a guy like Robert Quinn?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Im all over me some Robert Quinn for Justin Houston type money (2 years $23 million). Maybe draft a similar guy like him (Terrell Lewis/Klavon Chaisson?) this year and let him develop behind Quinn and take over year three.

      • Trevor

        That would be an ideal scenario IMO.

  22. Trevor

    In addition to fixing the DL one move I really hope JS pulls of is trading for OJ Howard. I think it would do wonders for this offense to able to line him and Dissly up at TE. I th Bucs will take a 2nd rounder for him I make that deal all day long. I cant think of a trade candidate on the offensive side of the ball who could have a bigger impact expect maybe Beckham whose price would be a lot higher.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I would much rather spend draft capital on a TE like Howard then a receiver like Beckham. Howard you can get into your building for a year and then decide if he is worth the extension. I would rather use your cap space to help the DLine then possible look to use a highish draft pick for a third receiver and let him gel with the team instead of forcing a guy like Beckham. Maybe that is the minority opinion?

      • Greg Haugsven

        Lets do a hypothetical. Lets say you do resign Reed and Clowney and can sign Robert Quinn. For arguments sake we draft Terrell Lewis (or an edge speed guy) with our first pick and do trade our first second round pick for OJ Howard. Where do you go with your second second round pick? Reciever? OLine? Amik Robertson? (had to throw that one in there cause hes my favorite)

        Dline: Clowney, Reed, Ford, Green, Collier, Quinn, Lewis, FA DT


        RB…Carson Penny
        WR…Lockett, Metcalf
        TE…Dissly, Howard

        Pretty good skill position players

        I know it could be far fetched but just having some fun.

        • Tony

          I think if we sign all 3 in FA, we still would be smart to spend our 1st pick on a wr. There should be tons of options there. Unless Ruiz lasts for some reason. I wouldnt count out OJ going for a 3rd pr something lower than a 2nd. He hasnt panned out in TB, especially in Arians system that never uses TE. I can see them just getting something before he leaves for nothing. I can see NE going after him too.

        • Sea Mode

          WR, Center (Ruiz won’t be there. Nick Harris might), or DT (Gallimore).

        • cha

          At that point I’d be very comfortable going with BPA. If you have two guys you’re equal on, I’d go with OL or DL.

        • Trevor

          I like that scenario. I would prefer Raekwon Davis to Lewis but like both.

          In that scenario I think I would go WR just because there should be some great options with this draft class. If not then it depends is Ruiz or Becton are available I would go there and if not I would definitely consider a guy like Robertson who I think will be an elite slot CB.

        • Simo

          This is a really good start towards rebuilding the defensive line, definitely think Quinn would be a great addition as the speed rusher we currently do not have on the team. They need more though, in order to have a feared pass rush.

          It’s fair to expect some growth from Green, Collier, Ford, and Jefferson, but as Rob keeps pointing out it’s probably not smart to rely on one addition (Quinn or another DE) and expect huge improvements. When the Hawks were at their best, the def line was an absolute strength of the team, with pass rushers galore!

          In this scenario, maybe they could also entice Beasley into a short, prove it deal to be some pass rush depth. I’m also for drafting a high upside guy to learn the system and fight for playing time.

          They just can’t go into next season with a similar pass rush group, including Clowney and Reed!

  23. Pugs1

    Willie Gay is a great playmaking LB but it will be interesting to see what round he gets picked in.
    Like you mentioned he missed eight games due to a cheating tutor scandal. He was also thrown out of one of the four games he played for taking a swing at someone. He also punched his own QB in the face breaking his orbital bone during bowl practices. Got to think this will have a major impact on his stock.

  24. Sea Mode

    2019 Wild Card: Seahawks at Eagles | Seahawks All Access


    You keep saying it, Rob, and it’s become more and more clear that we need to be in the Dante Fowler sweepstakes. There just haven’t been many prospective LEO’s available in the draft or free agency for some time now. It’s an essential component to this defense, and it’s been absent for awhile. Even Frank Clark played a more traditional Base End much of the time.

    Fowler has played well, but I still get the feeling he’s not a guy teams will overpay for. It feels like a Cliff Avril-type opportunity — not that level of savings, but in the marketplace of 2019, potentially a relative bargain for a player who might have even more untapped potential.

    A Free Agency including Clowney, Reed, Phillips, and Fowler would position us as a potential top-10 defense next year with a full season of Diggs and McDougald, and adding CB and LB competition in the draft.

    • Simo

      Love it! It’s become very clear that a significant investment into the def line is needed, and that’s after the huge addition of Clowney last off-season!

      Certainly they can afford both Fowler and Phillips if they so choose, although it will eat a huge amount of available cap space after they resign JC and possibly Reed. Defensive line, and pass rush specifically are such a tough place to go cheap and try to save money, they really need a couple big signings/trades to move the needle.


    Can we talk about LJ Collier?

    • GerryG

      Sure, but I am not sure how much we can say.

      DE rookies have rarely contributed in Pete Carroll’s teams, and LJ missed all of training camp and preseason. He has done nothing to dissuade people from his limitations that were noted coming out. Rasheem Green looked like a total waste through last season, this preseason, and even the start of this year, and now looks like a pretty solid contributor moving forward; certainly worthy of a third rd pick.

      Lets let LJ get a full offseason, and hopefully a healthy training camp in.

      • John_s

        Snap Counts Rookie Year

        Frank Clark – 333
        Rasheed Green – 201
        Jarran Reed – 477
        LJ Collier – 152

        It’s low, but generally rookie linemen don’t play a ton of snaps

        • Greg Haugsven

          They generally play low snaps the first year, double it or so the next year, then start to get after it year three.

          • Greg Haugsven

            On average a defensive team plays about 1000 snaps so the math is pretty easy for percentages.

            Green rookie year…20%
            Collier rookie year…15%

            • millhouse-serbia

              Green would play more if he wasn’t injured during season.

              I thought about what Trevor said. Maybe LJ is in some training program of gaining weight for 3T role. We have Clowney and Green at 5T.

              • LLLOGOSSS

                At first I thought that since we drafted Collier before trading for Clowney that they were unintentionally redundant at 5T. But then Clowney was out or limited and still we got healthy scratches from Collier. That’s when my excuses started running thin.

                I know about him missing time in training camp, but honestly, haven’t we been practicing and doing film study for 18 weeks now? Pete keeps going back to it, he mentions it with Blair also, but how far behind do you have to be if you aren’t even making e active roster after 18 weeks.

                I see people comparing him to Rasheem Green, but I think as a first round pick you’d have to compare his usage to Clark or Reed instead. And in Clark’s case he was waiting behind two Pro Bowl DE’s for snaps. Collier is behind Clowney, sure, and he can’t play the rush end spot, but it was thought he’d be an inside/out capable player. Plenty of reps up for grabs with this shaky DL, it’s just alarming that he couldn’t broker more play time.

                With all the love he got on this blog it’s hard for me to think he’s a bust, though. Pete has never gone out of his way to praise him, though. Usually he’s more effusive about players unless they’re in the dog house.

                • Paul Cook

                  Collier’s just a wait and see for me. If he isn’t a solid rotational player at some point next season, then we might have made a mistake. As mentioned before, Collier’s older than your average first year player.

                  • Greg Haugsven

                    He is, he has basically been 24 the whole season. I think Bruce Irvin was like 37 years old when we drafted him.

        • Matt

          Green was 3 years younger than Collier and was a 3rd Round pick. There really is no comparison to make here other than Collier doesn’t have the excuse of youth/inexperience on his side and neither can he point to not having an opportunity to compete for more snaps. 1st Rounder at a position of need.

          I’ve been very hard on Collier and while I’m not writing him off – he will be 25 at the start of next season so the idea of serious growth potential is not there as it is with someone like Rasheem Green. I’m hopeful that Collier can become a positive contributor in some capacity; I’m just not expecting much more.

          I’m much more comfortable gambling on growth from a 21 year old than I am with a 24 year old. That 3 years of physical development is monumental. It’s why I think it’s ok to dream big with Green and temper expectations of Collier.

          Just my opinion, of course.

          • Rob Staton

            People should go and listen to our interview with Jim Nagy from last week.

            He explained in detail what sold the Seahawks on L.J. Collier.

            He was outstanding at the Senior Bowl in the DL drills and showed major fire. At one point he was barking at Tom Cable. He gave off a major BAMF attitude and they were hoping he could be a Michael Bennett for them.

            He still can be. This is a rough learning experience for him. But it’s wrong to focus on his age. He doesn’t need to develop physically. He needs to learn how to do his job properly. That can take time sometimes.

            Both of Seattle’s top picks have had a redshirt year. Let’s see how they get on in 2020.

            • Matt

              The Nagy interview is actually what kind of concerned me about Collier. My interpretation is that JS fell in love with Collier’s “competitiveness,” which is an awesome trait, but I think that may have glossed over some warts in his game.

              I’m absolutely not trying to pretend the comparison I’m about to make is a perfect analogy for NFL Scouting – but as a baseball coach, I absolutely look past shortcomings of some of my players who go harder than anyone else on the team. It’s just human nature to want to see something from a player you like because of their attitude and effort. Again, that was just the vibe I got from the Nagy interview, which was fantastic btw. Side note – it’s also what kind of concerns me about the Blair pick – the idea of “he just looks like a Seahawk.” I both love that and worry about that because again, I think when you like a guy’s attitude/effort, I think you can create a bias in your analysis of them (just human nature).

              Like I said, I’m not writing him off – that would be stupid. But the fact remains, he was an overaged prospect that is physically limited. So while I am not calling him a bust, I’m certainly not expecting anything more than a replacement level (hopefully) starting caliber player.

              And last note Rob, I love this board and our dialogue because I know we can disagree on this stuff without getting into pissing matches. Really fine job fostering such a community.

  27. cha

    Two HC hires this morning:

    Panthers hire Baylor coach Rhule

    Giants hire Patriots ST coach Joe Judge

    I think only Cleveland is left. Josh McDaniels maybe?

    • Volume12

      I’m excited for Rhule. Big fan of his.

      The Giants hire seems desperate. Wasn’t it the Pats WR coach?

      Surprised Bieniemy hasn’t got a gig.

      • Volume12

        We all know how well the Pats coach up those receivers over the years. *checks notes* Edelman? That it?

      • Cj

        He was their ST coach, filling in at WR coach last year temporarily.

      • Henry Taylor

        I had the same reaction, but on further thought I low key like the hire:
        He’s been an excellent special teams coordinator for 5 years with the Pats (and teams is an underrated route into head coaching job imo, see John Harbaugh)
        He’s worked under Bill B and Nick Saban.
        He has a PHD in education, which seems like it would be helpful and at least shows that he’s pretty smart.

        I also just like how it’s an outside the box hire that doesn’t just parrot league trends, like the ‘is friends with McVay’ hires of recent years.

      • Rob Staton

        Why though on Bieniemy? It’s Reid’s offense AND he doesn’t get to take Mahomes with him.

        And the Pats have excellently coached ST’s.

        • cha

          That’s always been something that seems a challenge to me. Guys getting a head coaching gig because they had success with lots of talented players. Not saying they do NOTHING and don’t deserve any credit. But it’s not like they took a bunch of scrubs and turned them into a formidable unit. For instance, Saleh in SF was a name thrown around. Guy has like 10 first round picks + Richard Sherman on his defense. That kind of investment darn well better be successful!

          I like to imagine these type of HC’s on the first day of the job.

          Bienemy (putting his pencils in a jar): “OK where do you keep your Patrick Mahomeses?”
          Tepper: “We don’t have any Patrick Mahomeses. We have a Kyle Allen.”
          Bienemy: “ohgodwhathaveIdone?”

          • Sea Mode


      • Sea Mode

        Panthers must have been big fans as well: 7-year deal AND a $6m buyout paid to Baylor. Wow. It was reported that the owner also agreed to invest big in sports science dept., which was a focus for Rhule at Baylor as well. All in all, big $$$.

        Giants hire was Pats WR and ST coach.

        And then there was the Browns…

        • Paul Cook

          I’m kind of familiar with many of the big names in the investment community (former career), and David Tepper is one of those guys. He made his big mark buying all sorts of risky bargain-basement debt instruments some years ago. On his desk sits a pair of brass testicles.

          He’s a big-bet, home run guy. When he personally feels right about something, he goes for it.

          • Sea Mode

            Cool insight.

            Time will tell if his gut was right on this one. He’s rich, and I’m not, so…

  28. Greg Haugsven

    Did a quick stat for wild card weekend vs the divisional round since 2000. Here are the stats.

    Wild card weekend:

    Home team wins…40 (55%)
    Road team wins…32 (45%)

    Divisional round:

    Home team wins…51 (71%)
    Road team wins…21 (29%)

    This year the road team went 3-1 in the wild card round.

    Bad news for the divisional round is the home team wins about three out of the four on average. Good news is on average one road team wins so why not be us? Go Hawks!

  29. Greg Haugsven

    Michael Brockers could be an option as well at DT. He turns 30 I believe as has some OK pass rush that you could possible get for under $10M

    • cha

      I could be totally wrong but I’ve always felt that Brockers gets lots of single coverage opportunities playing with Donald, and this year with Matthews and Fowler. Never pegged him as a guy you bring in to build your DL around, and probably what he’ll command in FA is approaching that type of money.

      If there’s a choice between Brockers and keeping Reed, I say keep Reed. 3 years younger and you know what he brings.

  30. Paul Cook

    Here’s a question that’s been circling around in my mind recently. Besides possibly RB, is there going to be a position that has a player graded about the same/or higher than whatever WR’s are still available to us somewhere later in the first round? It’s obviously somewhat of a subjective question. But for some reason, this question helps in my approach to thinking about the draft.

    • Sea Mode

      IMO no, just RB has a real chance. If I had to give another guess, maaaaybe an OL slips through the cracks.

      • Paul Cook

        I’m a novice draft guy. But there are currently seven WR’s who have really impressed me, and that doesn’t include two of Rob’s recent mentions. It’s hard to believe that one or two won’t fall to us at 27th or 28th pick or whatever (hopefully 32nd pick 🙂 ) The thought of nailing down the WR position for some years ahead at a thoroughly reasonable price is very alluring to me.

  31. Von


    With all of the Georgia tape that you watched this year, especially OL, what was your impression of Guard, Solomon Kindley? 330pound Guard declared today.

    • Rob Staton

      Will post something later with some thoughts.

      • Greg Haugsven

        He is a big dude. Im trying to remember what the earliest pick they have made on a straight up guard? You may have to go earlish to get him.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Carp, Ifedi, Okung, Odihambo, Britt were all drafted as tackles.

        • Rob Staton

          I think he’s safely a mid-rounder.

  32. Sea Mode

    Play GM: fix the Browns.

    • icb12

      Step 1: Send Lincoln Riley a blank check.
      Step 2: Hire Wade Phillips as DC.
      Step 3: Pray Miles Garrett can play next season
      Step 4: Spend Draft Capital and Cap space on quality O Line play.
      Step 5: If Andrew Thomas or Tristan Wirfs are NOT available, then spend 10 overall on Grant Delpit or Derrick Brown.
      Step 6: Hire best O line coach you can find.
      Step 7: Try to convince all those players to keep their mouths shut and their fingers static. No talking, no tweeting. No drama.

    • Trevor

      Pull an Art Modell. Pack up in the middle of the night and leave for another city would be a start.

    • Rob4q

      Here’s my take – I would hire Marvin Lewis as the HC and let him fill out his staff. I know that goes against the latest trend of hiring young guys and you may not think he did anything with the Bengals. But he is a great coach and leader and would command a ton of respect in that locker room. If he had a little more talent in Cincy, I think he wins a lot more games.

      The Browns need a HC that those players will respect – someone who has been there and done that. I think that’s why Jerry talked with him and ultimately hired McCarthy. Marvin Lewis would have been a great fit in Dallas as well!

      As far as players, I think they have a lot of young talented players and would really benefit from some veteran experience. Go sign a few on both sides of the ball – guys who can be leaders by example and show these young guys how it’s done! Hopefully Garrett can play next year and they can put some veteran guys around him. On offense, an OC that can take some pressure of Baker to make every play and get him to be more consistent – he doesn’t need to win the game with every throw. Take what’s there, throw it away sometimes and move on to the next play. Build some stability into the offense…lord knows there is plenty of talent!

      I really think this is a make or break year for the Browns depending on how the offseason goes. If they don’t get this right, a lot of the young talent on that team will be gone…

      • Rob Staton

        Marvin Lewis is a good coach and deserves an opportunity to lead a properly run franchise rather than the family business situation in Cincinnati. He would’ve been great for Dallas.

  33. Sea Mode

    XFL going to allow multiple forward passes…


    • Gohawks5151

      2 forward passes behind LOS. Takes away possibility losing ball thrown backwards on a bubble?

      • Sea Mode

        I dunno and frankly I don’t really care either for the XFL. Just saw that on Twitter and thought it looked strange.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Its like the CFL on steroids. It failed the first time and its going to fail the second time.

  34. Sea Mode

    I could watch this on loop all day long…

  35. JimQ

    An interesting comp from “Pigskin Paul” at regarding a Junior that hasn’t declared yet.

    DT-(5-tech)-James Lynch, Baylor, 6-4/295.
    2019: 14 games, 19.5-TFL, 13.5-sacks, 5-PBU, 13-QBH, 3-FF, & 2-Blocked kicks.

    “”A lot of folks still don’t realize what a gem this young man is. At his size, with athleticism and a non-stop motor, I cannot help but compare him to what I saw from a guy named J.J. Watt when he played for Wisconsin. I have no doubt LYNCH is ready for NFL play, and should declare for the 2020 Draft. He is a clear first round talent in my eyes.””

    I can’t help but think that IF this kid declares for the draft, he would & should be a viable Seahawk target considering the need for pass rushers.

    • Trevor

      Really under rated prospect and you are right about the motor wow. I think Matt Rhule leaving will make his decision to declare easier.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Ive heard of him and he is legit but is his skill set what we need? We have Greene and Collier we just drafted to play that spot. Im not disagreeing with looking at him but just looking at the other side of it. We need speed rushers more in the 255-260 range.

        • JimQ

          Currently, I think DT-James Lynch may be somewhat overlooked. He has ’till 1/20/20 to declare.
          See 2019 highlights:

          Lynch (a potential round 2 Seahawk pick?) Looks to be reasonably fast as well as a powerful guy that
          lives in the opponents backfield. Capable of lining up in several positions effectively and has a really
          great motor, so what is not to like? I agree on the need for a speed rusher, there just doesn’t seem to
          be a viable speed rusher on day one of the draft that would be available with a Seahawk early pick.
          -Perhaps one of: Jonathan Greenard, Alex Highsmith, Jabari Zuninga, Bradlee Anae or Alton Robinson,
          et. al. will be available with a round 3/4-ish pick for the Seahawks to fill the speed rusher need?

          • dcd2

            Big12 DPOY

  36. Trevor

    Raegor from TCU is my favourite prospect in this draft for the Hawks and I think he would be the ultimate compliment to Locket and DK.

    That being said there are going to be some amazing WR options available in Round #2 in this draft given the depth at that position. It almost feels like the Hawks should go OL or DL in Rd #2 then add a WR on Day #2.

    Just think last year was a weak WR class and Metcalf and Mclaurin both feel to the range the Hawks have two picks at the end of Rd #2.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Raegor is a beast and we would fit good there at #3.

      • Greg Haugsven

        What would be more important to you? Having that #3 WR or the #2 TE to go along with Dissly?

        • Matt

          I’d prioritize a #3 WR for the simple fact that Seahawks Offense dramatically changed when Lockett was hurt. We still cruised pretty well without Dissly and I think Hollister has been a very admirable #2 when it comes to the pass game.

          I think you are just going to get more out of a #3 WR immediately as well as providing a more valuable insurance policy.

          Just my opinion.

    • dcd2

      After seeing the line (albeit missing D Brown, Iupati & Britt) get manhandled by Philly, I wouldn’t mind going early OL or DL. Grabbing Isiah Wilson after a possible trade down (we have a big gap from late 4th to late 6th) could be an option if a good C isn’t there. He’s a massive guy and could be a good option assuming we let one of Ifedi/Fant go.

      I think there will be some nice options in the 2nd+ for WR. Even if say: Jeudy, Lamb, Higgins, Ruggs, Shenault, Aiyuk, Raegor, etc. all go early, there are still: Davis – UCF, Peoples-Jones, JJeff, etc. that could last.

      • Rob Staton

        Good luck getting Isaiah Wilson after a trade down.

        Everyone should ignore the ‘draft media’. There is absolutely no way…. and I mean, NO WAY…. he lasts into round two.

        • dcd2

          Oh, wow I missed that you have him at #8 in your latest mock! I was looking toward the end of Rd 1 and didn’t see him, so thought you had him as a 2nd. Ok, well scratch that plan 🙂

          I would still be okay with going OL vs WR as a first pick. Iupati looks to be on his last legs and if we look to save money via Britt being let go, I think you have to go C. Maybe it depends on what they see in Haynes, but I am pretty sure he’s the one that missed the block on the FG attempt and subsequently didn’t see the field again.

          • Rob Staton

            I cannot see them going guard early in the draft if Iupati moves on. To me that’s an area where you fill in another veteran as they have been doing (Sweezy, Iupati) or you start Haynes and add some mid-round competition. I can’t even think of a guard you’d take that early to be honest.

            There are some appealing offensive tackles who could go early and some good center’s. If they go O-line early, those are the areas I think make more sense based on this class. But we need to see what they do in FA.

            • Paul Cook

              Good call on Wilson, by the way. Very solid when I watched him.

  37. Greg Haugsven

    Watching ManU vs Man City right now and this is most important…lol

    • Greg Haugsven

      What a strike by Bernado Silva.

      • Paul Cook

        My Tottenham Hotspurs looking and playing like an ill-conceived team this year. Look like a bunch of disjointed pieces that can’t come together.

  38. Denver Hawker

    Who is the most improved Seahawk player from last season?

    • cha

      3 horse race between Ifedi, Shaquill or Rasheem Green.

      • Paul Cook

        It’s hard to say. I was thinking maybe Tre or Green. Have to think more.

    • Pran

      Shaquill #10 CB per PFF

    • Denver Hawker

      I was thinking Shaquill as well as he had a great year, but also had a nice year in 2017 and slumped last year. Penny really seemed to turn it on when given the opportunity. I’m excited to see what he can do next year.

  39. Cameron

    Interesting article from PFF on pending FA DL. Lists Phillips as likely overrated with regard to sack total vs pressure rate and pass rush grade.

    • Rob Staton

      And yet Bills fans love Phillips.

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