Monday thoughts: Injuries and trade talk

I can’t see anyone to trade for

I noticed on Seahawks twitter a bit of love thrown the way of Danielle Hunter when he was briefly on the trade block (before signing a new contract in Minnesota). I don’t think that was ever likely given how much Seattle has invested in the pass rush position already. Fans talked about it though.

Neither does it feel like they’ll end Jonathan Taylor’s Indianapolis nightmare because of a couple of running back injuries (see below).

I spent some time yesterday scouring the OurLads depth chart website, looking for someone who might fit Seattle’s roster.

We know they need a proper nose tackle, for example. Yet running through potential trade candidates the only name I could project was Johnathan Hankins.

The Dallas Cowboys spent a first round pick on Mazi Smith so theoretically, Hankins might lose his job. However, Cowboys fans are anticipating a chunky rotation between the two. Plus, Hankins is cheap. There’s very little reason for Dallas to give him away.

I couldn’t find anyone else.

I’m still not sure why Seattle couldn’t find a way financially to keep Al Woods. Maybe he is older and finds it a little bit harder to stay out there? He wasn’t that expensive though. Put him on the roster today and that D-line looks a lot better. You buy time to find a long term solution. Instead they’re left trying Jarran Reed at nose and hoping for the best, with Cam Young clearly needing a bit of time.

I know I run the risk of people groaning in the background but it still seems incredible to me that this team is committed to giving Jamal Adams $18.1m this season when there’s no clear evidence of when (or if) he’ll be able to play. If he does get back on the field from the horrifying injury he suffered a year ago, nobody knows how he’ll play or if he can stay away from further injuries.

He is the most expensive player on the team and a complete unknown. Given their difficult cap situation in 2024, a parting next year seems fairly inevitable short of a miracle turnaround in his Seahawks career.

For the price of a post-June 1st cut this year, they could’ve afforded to keep Woods and Ryan Neal. To me, that feels a much better use of resources than continuing to have $18.1m tied to a player who has become a bit of a meme in Seattle.

Even if you don’t cut Adams, there surely had to be a way of working with him to reduce his cap hit? He was never going to get $18.1m on the open market. He might get nothing as a free agent this year, given his injury situation. It’s hard to imagine there wasn’t the possibility of getting a deal done to save some money in Seattle. If Adams was so opposed to that at a time when the team desperately needed wiggle room, surely that just makes the cut option more acceptable?

After all, plenty of players take pay cuts in similar situations. And as I mentioned, it might not even be a pay cut for Adams if the alternative was being let go.

The Seahawks now retain a player who may be available at some point this season but have an Al Woods-sized hole at the heart of their defensive line.

While the last two drafts have thoroughly warranted A+ grades —- Seattle’s cap management continues to leave a lot to be desired.

What’s with the injuries?

We can all appreciate that the NFL is a sporting war of attrition. Injuries happen. Yet to not even be a week into camp and be hearing of Seattle’s growing list of absentees is a little concerning.

Zach Charbonnet is out indefinitely with a shoulder injury. Ken Walker has a groin problem. Noah Fant has just come off the PUP list. Olu Oluwatimi has a wrist problem. Damien Lewis is sick. Then there are the longer term issues.

They haven’t even put the pads on yet.

The biggest concern has to be at the running back position. It was supposed to be an area of depth and strength this year (and that could still be the case). Losing RB1 and RB2 early in camp is far from ideal. Hopefully it’s a precautionary thing for now.


  1. Mick

    Rob, interesting as always. Could it be that Al Woods didn’t want to stay in Seattle because of the way we have been using him? First chance he’s got, he said he’s happy to play now in a different, better scheme. But yes, I don’t see us involved in a trade either, at most we could let a CB go for the right offer.

    I think someone must be blind not to see what a burden Adams is for this team. Anything less than playing 15 games for us this season and we have no excuse keeping him.

    I understand they’re indeed just being cautious with Walker, and Olu and Lewis don’t have serious injuries. I hope Charbonnet won’t take too long to get better, but reports are that McIntosh is doing pretty good replacing him.

    • Rob Staton

      Well Woods was cut rather than requesting his release

      His comments are a bit concerning and justified to be fair. Seattle’s scheme has been rubbish for a while. NYJ’s is the top defensive scheme the best in the NFL are using.

      There’s been a lot of optimism about the Seahawks this summer and I think some of it is justified after another great draft. But the defense is a massive issue still up front, until it’s shown it isn’t a massive issue. And the jury is out big time on the Hurtt/Carroll combo leading the unit

      • seahawksfan1201

        What are the main differences between the Jets scheme and Seahawks scheme, at least as pertains to the DL?

        • Rob Staton

          They aren’t running a Fangio hybrid for a start

          We all know what San Fran’s scheme has been and he’s taken it to NY

  2. Sea Mode

    Guess we will just have to hope that JS’ comments about NT in college being able to plug right in at the next level are proven true in Cam Young.

    Color me skeptical, especially learning to play at his new, heavier weight. But hey, maybe off-season/pre-season is enough for that and I (irrationally) feel like we are due a hit on the DL after so many misses these past few years…

    • TatupuTime

      Fully agreeing with you. Even if the team is over the moon about Young it’s still not enough. He’s unproven and just one guy. If he were to go down who do they even put in there? Or if they facing a run heavy team who do they even put in if Young needs a breather?

      With the current roster the only other guy that could even fill in would be Reed at this point, but he absolutely isn’t a running down solution as a nose. Unless they really like one of the UDFA on the roster.

    • cha

      It’s a little murky why they would say that and then move their $9m investment over to NT in camp.

      Unless Young has had trouble there in the offseason work they’ve done.

      They did line him up at DE at times the day I was there at training camp.

    • J

      He played at that heavier weight his first two college years, slimmed down in the third. But he’s played there before.

      • Sea Mode

        Good info, thx.

  3. D

    With regards to Adams. I was listening to something the other day, that supposed that possibly due to injury guarantees in his contract, they may need him to pass a physical before they can make a decision either way. Which might explain why he’s still here. Or it might be bs. But thought it was an interesting angle id not heard discussed

    • Big Mike

      No idea if that’s true either, but if so they were flat out dumb to include such language considering he was offered the contract after already having had the first serious injury. Also dumb considering he was a box safety being used as a blitzing LB leaving him far more susceptible to injury.

    • cha


      Unless there is some wild variable that Mike Florio and every other media outlet who got the contract sourced, that’s not part of it at all.

      That’s what we’ve come to on JA. We’re grasping for reasons why the Seahawks have yet to make a move here.

      • Elmer

        Probably because they don’t want to. They are doing what they feel is their best interest, even if it isn’t in their best interest. The potential is alluring.

        • Peter

          Is it?

          I’ll take the two sacks earl and Kam had over 15-ish seasons for jamal’s 9.5 one time as long as I get a player who was as impactful as either Earl or Kam were at what a safety is supposed to do.

      • seahawksfan1201

        You’re wrong: teams can’t cut injured players.

        • cha

          They can. The Seahawks did it last year with Chris Carson.

          Check the date on that link – that was under the old CBA. The new one put in an injury benefit for players cut with a Failed Physical designation.

          • Elmer

            100%. See BBK.

            Also not the best idea to tell cha “You’re wrong”.

  4. Henry Taylor

    Sucks that 2 of our top RBs are already hurt, but cool that we’re 3 deep this year anyway.

  5. Big Mike

    $18.1m tied to a player who has become a bit of a meme in Seattle

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Le coq crystale

      • Big Mike

        Paon crystale?

        • Palatypus

          Did you get that from Yondu or Starlord?

    • Old but Slow

      Nice use of Seahawk colors. A number 33 neck chain and its perfect.

  6. bv eburg

    RE the RB’s
    That’s why I pushed so hard in the mock drafts for Seattle to take two quality runners. For whatever reason the Seahawks churn through them like SF churns through QB’s. The shoulder injury to Charbonet is confusing because they haven’t had pads on yet. So did he already have it or was it a weightlifting thing?

  7. Brodie

    I read an article that threw Grover Stewart’s name out as a possible trade candidate. I don’t know how to do the green text thing that a lot of people use, but the logic is below. Maybe it’s not on the table, but I’ve been trying to drum up ideas for a big DT as well. Might not have the cap space to absorb close to $10M though.

    “An underrated mainstay of Indianapolis’ front alongside DeForest Buckner, Stewart has been durable and stout as a starting interior man for the last four years. He’s also on a fair deal, due $10.875M in 2023 amid a slightly inflated DT market. But the Colts have reason to pivot to more of an offensive focus under coach Shane Steichen, especially with a new QB incoming. And dealing Stewart before his contract expires in 2024, entering his age-30 season, would also clear $9.6M.”

    • Rob Staton

      He’s not really a nose though, is he?

      • Brodie

        No, I think he’s more DT than NT.

        Actually looking at the Indy sites, they’re talking about extending him rather than trading him. He seems pretty happy in Indy too based on his comments. He was the only iDL mentioned in the article (one trade candidate from each team).

        NT feels a bit like years past where we had an obvious need (usually pass rush) and just sat around not fixing it. Next thing you know the season has started and John & Pete are doing the Pitch Meeting – Whoops… Whoopsie

        • Rob Staton


        • cha

          This reeks of another classic PC clever boy move. Instead of getting a traditional stout NT to fill the spot, they went and got Jarran Reed and have talked themselves into the idea that he will be enough with his strength and stamina.

          And what’s more, are they getting a discount on this move? No. They are paying 2y/$9m for the privilege.

          And what’s even more, they’re weakening the DE position to make this happen.

          With Reed at NT, and Dre Jones at one spot, who is taking the bulk of the snaps at the other DE spot?

          Mario Edwards, on his 6th team in 8 seasons? Never made more than $1.6m a season?

          Myles Adams? Mike Morris, another position convert, and a rookie at that?

          This setup is just begging for the classic “start out terribly on defense and justify it by saying how everyone needs to adjust to their new positions and the defense needs to be more connected” hoo-hah.

          Why isn’t Reed getting much inside pressure? Because he’s got new responsibilities now, it’s to occupy blockers and make life easier for the other guys.

          OK so why isn’t their big investment Dre Jones getting much inside pressure? Because Reed is adjusting to his new job.

          OK so why aren’t OLBs getting much pressure? Because the IDL is getting gashed again for 4.9 yards per carry and they can’t force offenses into passing situations to save their lives.

          OK but how good is Bobby Wagner and how cool is it that he’s a Seahawk again? What’s his pick for his book club this week?

          OK so why isn’t Quandre Diggs getting any splash plays? Because he’s trying to cover the back end and tackle untouched running backs all by himself. But isn’t it cool how he’s our psuedo press agent?

          I desperately hope I am wrong. I’d throw a party and pour everyone a top shelf whisky to celebrate that I am wrong.

          But this feels like another ride on the merry-go-round.

          • Big Mike

            And the sad thing is as Rob and you have both outlined, cutting Adams and keeping Woods and Neal changes a great deal of this. But Pete’s ego trying to salvage one of the top 5 worst trades in NFL history is more important than actually stopping the run and being at least a decent level defense in ’23.
            Everyone knows what absolute power does. History is full of the results of that scenario. I believe very strongly, and have for some time, that the history of the Seattle Seahawks will be yet another example.

          • Big Mike

            Oh, and I’ll look forward to you linking this post in about week 6 cha when they yet again have started very slowly on defense and are giving up 5 YPC on the ground.

          • Sea Mode

            I love scotch and dang would that be a good tasting one if that happened…!

            • Palatypus

              Smokey highland Scotch or Petey Island Scotch?

            • cha

              I’ll pour you a Laphroaig Lore

              • Palatypus

                Petey Island Scotch.

        • Malanch

          “John & Pete are doing the Pitch Meeting”

          I bet it’s gonna be really hard to fix one of the worst run defenses in recent memory at the last minute with no viable DT options on the free agent market and mounting long-term salary cap concerns.

          Actually, it’s gonna be …

  8. Dubb

    Maybe they waiting to showcase Darrell Taylor and/ or Tyreke Smith in the preseason and trade for a younger NT like Leki Fotu (Arizona) or Bravvion Roy (Carolina). They are both big and young; not sure about their upside. Maybe there are other young guys out there that just need an opportunity for snaps.

  9. Palatypus

    Groin and shoulder injuries this early probably happened in the weight room.

  10. Tim

    Sando posted his yearly QB tier article that polls NFL execs. For those that don’t subscribe, Geno was ranked 20th. There were some interesting quotes. One was “Nobody would have guessed he would be a Pro Bowl quarterback last year. Some guys make a jump. He has solidified as a legitimate starter that you can win some games with.”

    Curiously another quote says “The defense was playing well enough to keep them in the game in spots, but there were times Geno couldn’t fully take over and make that special play when everything else breaks down the quarterback has to make. He’s really good at what he is, but I think ultimately he will be a little limited in his ascension.”

    This aligns with a lot of what has been said by the community around here that had been scoffed at by fans on Twitter that think Geno is great. He is Kirk Cousins and Ryan Tannehill and when things are good, he does well. But when the Seahawks are down 14 in the 4th quarter, I have zero faith he can lead a comeback. I’m praying they draft a QB in 2024.

    • Sten

      He does lack the ability to singlehandedly take over games in the 4th quarter like Russ, but he can put in more consistent play throughout the rest of the game because his game doesn’t depend on gimmicky pocket-moving. Hopefully one of our skill players can develop into a game-changer (looking at you, DK)

      • BK26

        To me, that’s the glaring issue with the team: who is the elite talent, the game changers? Who is going to be a Josh Allen, Mahomes, Von Miller, type who is going to just drag us kicking and screaming until we win?

        All through the playoffs and especially the Super Bowl, that was my main thought: we don’t have a team (and especially a quarterback) who can do for us what is happening for these other teams.

        We have a good team and quarterback and are hoping for solid, sound, mistake-free football to win as of right now. We’ve come a long way, but the team’s issues that are remaining are the hardest to fix.

    • Kyle R

      I’d like to know what the Hell the scout was thinking that said “The defense was playing well enough to keep them in the game”. Ok you just lost your credibility buddy.

      • Big Mike


      • cha

        He’s not wrong.

        I can think of several points during the season where that was true.

        Balanced perspective on Geno Smith cuts both ways.

        Why do you think a very short contract for the 17th-ranked AAV at his position with very little guaranteed and incentivized up to its eyeballs is the best he could do this offseason?

        • Kyle R

          Oh I don’t think Geno is more than a top 11-14 QB in this league at most. I just feel last year it really took the offense carrying us to that 9 wins. IF the defense was just average we would have had 2-3 more wins and perhaps a deeper playoff run. Best case this year I feel is the offense takes another step forward and still has to carry this team, however, the defense is at least middling and we can gain a couple games over last year because of that.

    • Malanch

      “I’m praying they draft a QB in 2024.” –Tim

      Assuming the lone blue-chip 2024 QB will be long off the board by the time Seattle drafts, I’m curious which of the remaining blokes your prayers will deliver.

      • Tim

        Rob has gone over this ad nauseum already, there are guys that draftniks will be paying close attention to and so much ball left to play. As long as it’s among the group that includes Drake Maye, Quinn Ewers, and Spencer Rattler rather than Bo Nix or MPJ. But who knows, maybe someone else will emerge this year. None of these guys are coming in to be Pat Mahomes, but they sure as hell can be better than Geno.

        • BK26

          Rattler is the one I see and am hoping for. If he continues to grow like the end of last year. Looks like he finally was starting to get it. Tyler Van Dyke I’m watching too. Ewers I hope can start to develop.

          Sadly…that’s all of my hope right now…. They have pushed this problem off for too long….

  11. Gaux Hawks

    I’m starting to loathe the Jamal Adams contract.

    • Malanch

      Starting? You’ve got it easy, then.

  12. Blitzy the Clown

    Seems like the roster is pretty baked in. I still can’t believe they didn’t even renegotiate Adams’ deal.

    I feel like trading one of our surplus DBs for a 2024 draft pick may be in the works

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Also, a groin injury pre TC seems a bit concerning for a guy who’s been injured before. Not a good sign from Walker.

      Less concerned about Charbonnet. And getting very excited about McIntosh.

      • Tim

        Soft tissue injuries usually mean they came into camp out of shape.

        • MountainHawker

          Pete praised Walker’s off-season work. Don’t think that’s it. I’m guessing they’re being honest when they say they’re being cautious

  13. geoff u

    So tired of talking about Adams. This should’ve been dealt with a long time ago. Does he have incriminating photos on someone or something?

    Anyway, are people still complaining about drafting two running backs now that two are injured?

    • Big Mike

      Does he have incriminating photos on someone or something?

      No, he has Pete Carroll’s ego that is such that he thinks he can salvage the trade and make the defense good despite playing guys out of position and despite it not working previously backing him up.

  14. Blitzy the Clown

    Would you trade Dee Eskridge to Indy for Jonathan Taylor?

    • BK26

      Absolutely. I think Taylor would also appreciate an organization that actually takes care of their players and doesn’t put out false reports to make sure that they get screwed over.

      That’s a sad story: he wanted to come here and would have been perfect. Now it’s all happening how it is. I really like a lot of the Colts players and genuinely want them to succeed. I’ve never wanted a player as much as Richardson, also wished that we would have taken Downs. Loved their draft.

      But as an organization (which also includes what they did last year to throw that last game, and with Irsay as the owner, they can rot in perpetual football purgatory. With Snyder gone, someone has to fill that hole of scummiest owner.

      • Big Mike

        Well said. Screw Irsay and screw the colts until he sells.

    • cha


      Which makes me wonder if they’d do it.

    • Gary

      Seriously? It’s the Colts who wouldn’t even answer the phone for this deal. I’d trade Dee Eskridge for a bag of footballs at this point.

  15. Forrest

    I’m sad they didn’t resign Godwin Igwebuike. That guy was fun to watch on kickoffs. I hadn’t been excited for our return game since Leon Washington or the couple games we got out of Percy Harvin.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      It does suck, because he gave a nice jolt to the return game. But the reality is that the importance of the return game is fading so, it is hard to justify a roster spot for a guy that only does one thing and that thing is something that doesn’t happen all that often. Sure, it’s fun when a return is exciting, but most of them are touchbacks and there are plenty of guys on the roster who can take care of that.

  16. Forrest

    Seahawks RBs going down – could it be the weight room?

  17. Gaux Hawks

    What about Cameron Young, I know it’s early but has he been getting any 1st team snaps, any positive signs?

    How is it possible that we can’t find a NT that might be available on the open market!!??


    • Palatypus

      Maybe we can clone Joe Nash?

      • cha

        Complete with Offense-Slowing Fake Knee Injury Action

        • Big Mike

          Yeah Joe was the king of that maneuver.

        • Jabroni-DC

          Only @ Cincinnati.

          Can’t make it too obvious.

          • Big Mike

            iirc a playoff game vs. the Oilers too, but I’m old so I’m not gonna die on that hill

      • Gaux Hawks

        He switched to defensive tackle in 1989

  18. Palatypus

    Zach Moss broke his arm.
    Anthony Richardson had nasal septum surgery, which sounds like something from Game of Thrones.

    • Mike

      Septum surgery is no joke not took me MONTHS to feel quasi-normal again. It’s a brutal recovery and I didn’t have to worry about big, muscled giants trying to kill me.

  19. Mike

    *It took me months* to recover.

    • Palatypus

      So, he’s day to day.

  20. cha

    [Aol voice] Goodbye [/Aol voice]

  21. cha

    Robert Cooper back in the vicinity…

    Aaron Wilson
    #Seahawks worked out Sal Cannella, Robert Cooper, Chase Garbers, Chris Pierce, Caleb Warren

  22. Jabroni-DC

    Maybe Miami QB Tyler Van Dyke will work his way back into our conversations this season.

  23. Luis

    If it’s just to buy time to find definitive answers at NT, why not bring Ndamukong Suh for a retirement tour? He’s from Oregon, so presumably he’ll like to be close to home, he’s old enough that he won’t break the bank, and, if you’re superstitious, guy is really a charm: won 3 SB with 3 different teams in a period of 5 years.

    • Big Mike

      think he’s more of a pass rushing type rather than an eat up 2 blockers NT which is what we need. Furthermore he would likely cost a bit and the franchise needs that money to pay Jamal Adams his full 18.1 mil this season.

      • BK26

        And he probably won’t sign until the season starts. He’d rather skip the preseason so he doesn’t have to do it. A lot of those veterans go that route now. Might even wait into the season like he did last year.

  24. cha

    Please, please, please let it be this simple.

    • Rob Staton

      I think all of that is what worries me

      We often seem confused and unsure out there in run defense and that quote kind of explains to the layman why

      • cha

        I’m currently a little sunny on the Bobby Wagner return.

        Getting unceremoniously cut, signing for less in LA, getting cut again after a pretty great year and coming back home might have reinvigorated his juices a bit.

        If he can bring the spirit, if not the spring in his step, he can at least mitigate a bit of the challenges they’ve been having.

        • Jabroni-DC

          Keep him clean & he’ll be okay. That’s the challenge & concern.

      • Brodie

        To best of my limited knowledge, I’ve come to the following understanding:

        The scheme we’re trying to run on defense isn’t a 1-gap or a 2-gap. It’s a 1.5-gap principle that has guys filling the A gap (for example) but also responsible for the B gap on a cutback/counter.

        When you 2-gap, it’s basically hold your ground and cover either side in run defense (but gets no rush). When you 1-gap, you’re just shooting the A or B and getting pressure at the expense of leaving a lane open. These 1 or 2 gap principles are all most DL have ever known and with the motion’s and LOS realignments that offenses were throwing at them, they were getting out of position. It’s a lot easier to one or two gap, and I think that’s why Poona/Woods etc. wanted to get back to that.

        Barton and Brooks were good athletes that couldn’t get their own assignments figured out, much less help the DL as they are reading the motions and adjustments of the offense pre-snap.

        As I understand it, we’re running a very similar defense to the Rams. This makes me think that Bobby’s knowledge of the system and leadership in getting guys where they need to be will help a lot this year. I’ll trade a step of quickness for being in the right place. How many times were Barton & Brooks close to a play, but not impacting it?

        Lastly, we switched over to this defense but didn’t switch personnel. This year, our big additions were:
        Dre’Mont – coming from Denver’s Fangio style 3-4
        Reed – coming from GB’s 3-4 via Joe Barry who came from the Rams
        Bobby – from LA’s 3-4 which is (I think) most in line with what we’re trying to run
        Bush – PIT’s 3-4

        All of these defense’s also feature a heavy dose of zone with Cover 6 (deep middle) being a major feature. We know Pete loves to run both.

        That’s what I’ve come up with as to the “Why” questions on my mind.

        Why these guys?
        Why have we looked lost on defense recently?
        Why are veteran DL leaving this system in favor of another?

        • cha

          Good thoughts.

          I will struggle to draw any conclusions about the Rams system being successful in Seattle. A 3-4 needs a NT that demands attention and who demands more attention than Aaron Donald? It’s like saying “let’s run the Buffalo offense, but without Josh Allen at QB.” Add in that they had Jalen Ramsey at CB – with all due respect to Riq – and you’ve got two masterful chess pieces you can run your entire defense off of.

          Everybody know Bobby’s best seasons in Seattle were when he had Sheldon Richardson and Brandon Mebane types giving him all the cover he needs to work.

          we switched over to this defense but didn’t switch personnel.

          I will take this to my grave that I will never understand this. They spent gobs of cap room and snaps on misfit players. Poona Ford alone hit them for $10m on the cap last year.

          What is the thought process when you change your defense but don’t change the personnel? Does your Front Office and Coaching Staff not talk to each other? When the coaches make a dramatic change like that, the Front Office needs to do their homework on scheme fit and cap cost to trade or cut guys that no longer fit.

          Why run a whole year with guys who you know either don’t fit or whose impact will be diminished? What purpose does that serve? So now, you’re rebuilding your DL and starting from scratch all over again.

          It’s like when the Seahawks brought Waldron and Dickerson in, but kept Solari as OL coach. A year later, they booted Solari and promoted Dickerson and were like ‘yeah we got a fit now.’

          Makes zero sense.

          • Brodie

            I hear ya. My optimistic thought is that similar to the draft, they’ve done some self-assessment regarding FA and fit. Draft for grit, sign for fit if you will.

            The guys they signed make sense in the context of what they want the scheme to be… at least to a point. Of course they can’t help themselves and need to try and move Reed to NT. My hope is that is a stop-gap until Mone gets healthy and Young/Faoliu get up to speed. #copium

            There’s only one Aaron Donald, so we better figure out a way to make it work without him. That said, he doesn’t really play NT. Gaines played there and it’s bobby Brown this year. They call him a DT, but he’s playing the same role as Reed would if we had a viable NT (same as Jeffrey Simmons, Cam Heyward and Devonte Wyatt).

            Trending towards improvement: Drafting, FA fits, positional depth, being on the right end of high profile trades (RW vs JA)

            Needs improvement: Cap management, time out usage, coaches challenges, comp pick system

        • Seattle Person

          The Seahawks played more 3-4 fronts but a lot of times what went wrong last season was the odd-fronts that they used and when to use it. When they went with an even Bear front they actually had a decent amount of success limiting the run. This actually allowed the players to one gap and allowed the LBs to shoot their gaps instead of hanging back to see which gap they need to occupy.

          Where the team ran into trouble a lot of times too was when they played a 2-4-5 defense. 2 down linemen, 4 LBs, and 5 DBs. This was influenced greatly by Sean Desai which was the defense he ran with the Bears. They would put the 1T or NT in weird alignments like the 2i technique (that’s the 1.5 gap you’re talking about). The whole point is to buy time for the extra safety to crash down to support the run who you’re trying to disguise in the 2 high look. Jury is still out if Mone or Woods did that well. This however allowed the defense to out flank them a lot of times. The execution upfront and the LBs were not great. Guards and Centers ran free.

          With Desai out of the picture, I hope the Seahawks are going to simply things as in terms of finding a formula that works. Play even fronts on early downs or 12, 13 personnel. Play odd fronts on 11 personnel. Have an identify and rotation you can depend on.

  25. Jabroni-DC

    The PAC-9 Conference of Champions…what to say?

    USC, UCLA & CU all announcing their intent to depart in short order. Personally I feel like the switch to the ‘flex everything, kickoff TBD’ crap around the turn of the century really started the slide toward irrelevancy. When I went to school kickoff was at noon at Husky Stadium. On very rate occasion you’d get a 3pm start time and even rarer, like once, a night game. A 3pm kickoff is about the latest time that I’m going to give a rip & watch. So even as a certified fanatic fan I started to lose interest. You couldn’t plan on watching games cause you never knew when they were going to be. Then UW entered the dark ages while Oregon cemented the sale of their soul & basically supplanted Washington as the ‘best team to challenge USC’.

    My hope is that UW has a great 2023 season and wins the PAC-X so that those SoCal schools leave as losers. What happens to the conference from here? Not know.

    • Big Mike

      UW and Oregon (yes they did sell their soul to the devil……er, Phil Knight) ought to be busting their tails to get into the Big Ten as I type this. The other 3 four corner schools are going to jump ship to the Big 12 once they see the media rights deal is crap. And without the LA schools there’s just no way it isn’t crap. I feel bad for Wazzu and Oregon St. 2 schools whos fanbases care and who’ve managed to do decently in football with a lot less money. Cal and Stanford, meh, no one cares. Sadly Wazzu and Or. St. are gonna end up in the Mountain West I’m guessing.
      This goes back to Larry Scott rolling over for Eastcoastbiased Sports Programming Network in the early 00s as you mentioned. But that wasn’t all he mis-managed tho. He IS the reason the conference is about to die, almost entirely. He mismanaged the conference TV network, kickoff times, and everything else he touched.

      • Palatypus

        I think Rick Neuweasle had the right idea. Pac-4 Northwest Championship.

      • Malanch

        “UW and Oregon … did sell their soul to the devil …”

        Yep, Washington and Oregon … and the other 437 colleges and universities also signing on Nike’s dotted line. The remaining apparel giants are scaling up nicely, too, it seems. Corporate capture, anyone?

        “Larry Scott … IS the reason the conference is about to die …”

        Larry Scott playing it wrong year after year after year set the stage, that’s for sure. However, vis-à-vis this unabashed media usurpation of collegiate athletics playing out before our eyes, the relative lack of fan fervor across the Pac-X is the dominant reason for the conference’s spectacular inadaptability to this new media-driven environment. If passion on par with the SEC were present, Scott’s follies could be overcome in time. But college football is not a religion out west …

        … and thank goodness for that, by the way. West Coasters preferring regionality to religionality when it comes to college sports heartens me. Out here, you’ve got to have a really good reason for not spending an autumn Saturday in the great outdoors. To the potential consumer in these parts, breathlessly fanboying it up nearly every waking moment of a college football season a la the SEC faithful—the broad fervor level needed to support such lucrative media rights deals—could be seen as embarrassingly loser-ish and wanting for essential perspective.

        But this more chillaxed viewer attitude inevitably will dog every step of any media rights negotiation. Projecting how Pac-X inventory will be consumed across the designated market areas contained within the conference’s geographic footprint, networks simply cannot promise much in the way of viewership to advertisers. This, of course, means the conference cannot promise much in the way of payouts to member schools.

        Larry Scott makes a fine scapegoat, because he’s earned his infamy here. But consumer demand is the bigger, stinkier, elephantier animal in this room.

        • Big Mike

          Good post and I generally agree tho Oregon sold their entire soul to Knight and the others only part of theirs. As for Scott, while I agree that out here it’s not religion and that’ a good thing, if Scott weren’t so inept (e.g. Pac-12 Network) the conference would’ve had a far better chance of surviving. I see his share as 50%. But again, you’re right about people having more to do on a Saturday, especially in SoCal and that’s a huge factor too.

  26. cha

    Might be a good buy-low project.

    A practice-squad addition that gives them some Dissly injury insurance, and also some options for 2024, when Dissly is the only TE under contract.

    • Gaux Hawks

      + 1

    • Brodie

      Wonder what happened with him. He went 19th overall in the draft a few years ago, then just never panned out.

      He’s averaged under 10 yards per game the last two seasons while playing 30 games. Plus the fact that he’s been released by 3 teams in 3 years… pity. He looked like he was gonna be a stud TE coming out of college.

      • drrew76

        Achilles injury and the athleticism has just never come back. He’s done as an NFL player.

    • Palatypus

      He will never unseat Tyler Mabry.

  27. cha

    This makes all kinds of sense…

    Jordan Schultz
    DT Robert Cooper is re-signing with the #Seahawks after passing his physical, per agent @DerykGilmore. Former All-ACC pick at Florida State.

    • Gaux Hawks

      I was excited about signing Cooper back in May… harder to get excited the second time around.

      Will they’ll release Reed now that they found a cheaper NT (eye roll)?

  28. Thomas

    Sounds like Cooper was still recovering from an injury last time they signed him. He’ll probably stick around this time.

  29. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Replying to
    Thought this was by far Devon Witherspoon’s best day. Lots of action at nickel with the ones. Clint Hurtt confirmed after practice Seahawks also now looking at Coby Bryant as a safety to add options and versatility.

    • Rushless pass

      I believe Nagy was talking about Bryant being a good candidate to play safety

      • Palatypus

        Impeach Jamal Adams!

        Cut him like a vasectomy!

        • Peter

          Like an old fashioned one.

          Cuz mow they are treating it like a modern one……one day maybe it can be reversed/he’ll be the adams of 4ish years ago.

    • Justaguy

      Top five pick on a nickel. Couldn’t persuade me that equates to value

      • Nick

        We don’t even know yet if nickel will be his full-time position this year. It’s still early in practice, let the rookie work. R-E-L-A-X.

      • cha

        Gregg Bell thinks he’s being punished for holding out for 2 days.

        I’m not kidding.

        • Mick

          As a journalist you can write that, good for the business. But if that’s true, it’s making us look small.

          He’s a rookie, it’s training camp, they have their reasons, as long as he doesn’t play DT I don’t mind where in the DB they put him.

          • Rob Staton

            As if you punish players by playing them at a certain position

            That would be a total waste of time and hurt the team if they have no intention of using him at nickel

            • bmseattle

              I’m pretty sure that Greg Bell has impeccable sources.
              Just ask him.

              • Palatypus

                My sources deep inside a Senior Bowl bathroom confirm this.

                • Chris

                  Shhh, don’t “out” Yellowfingers.

                  • Palatypus

                    I read it on the wall in the crapper.

              • Hawkdawg

                Greg Bell has been wrong, and dogmatically wrong at that, so many times I’ve lost count.

      • Henry Taylor

        I mean, we play Cooper Kupp twice a year, Brandon Aiyuk twice a year, have Justin Jefferson in our conference. Might be pretty good to have a corner who can match them in the slot.

        • Jordan

          Bingo. Nickle isn’t a pejorative in the modern NFL..

          The truth in how they really feel about him will be % of snaps played relative to all the other CBs on the team aside from Woolen. Where he lines up from one play to the next will be matchup/gameplan determined.

          There’s aspects of his game that make him a really cool player when lined up inside closer to the action.

          • bmseattle

            More and more, teams are putting their best receiver in the slot, to take advantage of the nickle CB.
            Having a guy who (hopefully) can mitigate that threat, would be a huge plus.
            If Witherspoon is neutralizing an opponent’s top receiver, I don’t care where he lines up on defense.

  30. Palatypus

    So, there is an actual football game tomorrow – Jet versus Browns at Tom Benson Stadium for the Hall of Fame Game.

    Jets are favored by one point for you gambling degenerates.

    Board favorites Breece Hall and Garrett Wilson are out, but we should see a lot of Will McDonald IV. The starting quarterbacks are Zach Wilson and Kellen Mond.

    • 509 Chris

      Mond was kind of a blog favorite, or at least seemed to be a better choice in the 3rd than say a Trey Lance in the 1st. Hope he finds more success on his second team.

  31. cha

    I don’t get it. It’s like 90% of the world is asleep or blind or in on a joke on us.

    Their biggest cap expenditure is their biggest question mark. They’re into him for $24m already. That’s burned. But the clock is ticking and in a few weeks they’ll be into him for another $8m for a total sunk of $32m. And they probably still won’t have a clear feel for how long he will be out or if he can even play again.

    Bob Condotta
    Aug 1
    With the Seahawks off tomorrow and a week into training camp, feels like a good time for a Seahawks Twitter mailbag. So, questions please?

    Curtis Allen
    Replying to
    If the #seahawks📷 do not approach Jamal Adams about reworking his contract, Week One his $11m salary becomes fully guaranteed for a total 2023 cap hit of $18m. Are the Seahawks really comfortable eating that much for a player who will very likely miss time?

    Bob Condotta
    Replying to
    I think they are committed to it for this season. I don’t know that they want to do anything to push any more money or cap hit into the future with him. They could try to get him to take a pay cut, but there’s no real reason for him to do that.


    Curtis Allen
    Replying to
    Thanks for the reply. “No real reason”? Missing 16+ games of 2022 and a good chunk of 2023 while having the biggest cap hit on the team is not a good reason? His market value is absolutely tanked. No one would pay him $11m if he was available this offseason.

    • BK26

      It still floors me the take on Adams. “Don’t talk about it, we know the situation.” “Man, imagine if he returns to form.”
      There’s no reason to worry about the money he’s getting paid, inability to get on the field, bad play when on the field, etc.” “Who cares what his coffee cup is.” “He’S tHe DeFeNcE’s LeAdEr!”

      It’s kind of getting stupid.

      • Big Mike

        Someone, anyone please feel free to give me a logical counter argument that is in contrast to my opinion that keeping Adams is nearly 100% Pete Carroll’s ego and a resulting desperate attempt to save face on what was clearly a terribly horrid trade. Seriously, I’m open to any other points of view.

        • Palatypus

          Phase 1: Collect underpants
          Phase 2: ???
          Phase 3: Profit!

        • cha

          I asked it a couple years ago, and I’ll keep asking it.

          How did Jamal Adams replace Russell Wilson as the sacred cow in Seattle?

          • Rob Staton

            It is very strange how literally nothing has been done about the contract

    • Gaux Hawks

      Thank you, Cha.

      Please keep lighting fires… this situation is absolutely absurd, négligent.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s every reason for him to take a pay cut if the alternative is sitting at home after being released

      Who is paying him big money to play in 2023?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      So… Jalen Carter is certainly grateful he was drafted this year and not the next.

    • Palatypus

      Did the players union sign off on this?

      I’m sure there will be agents who will want to litigate this. Without the problem children of world who will Drew Rosenhaus represent?

      • cha

        They did when they granted Goodell vague and broad disciplinary power in the last CBA.

    • Palatypus

      Did the players union sign off on this?

      I’m sure there will be agents who will want to litigate this. Without the problem children of world who will Drew Rosenhaus represent?

  32. Gaux Hawks

    Wow, just read this (very reassuring)…

    «Per Pete Carroll, Jarran Reed tips the scales over 320 pounds now.»

    Sounds like NT will be Reed, Young.

    DE: Dre’Mont Jones, Mike Morris
    NT: Jarran Reed, Cameron Young
    DE: Mario Edwards, Myles Adams

    • Rob Staton

      Not a great looking front though

      • Gaux Hawks

        but they have a ton of potential to be disruptive

        and really liking what “seattle person” said below

        they went after their guys and got them (except for zach allen)

        • Rob Staton

          A ton of potential is pushing it

          I like the Jones and Reed signings a lot but as additions not as ‘OMG they better stay healthy otherwise we have nothing’ players

    • cha

      If Dre Jones gets hurt this group is screwed.

      That’s how close they are to this being a disaster.

      It is not enough.

      • Thomas

        I’ve thought since the draft that they’re counting on the lack of elite qbs in the NFC. It’s a strange window. They might be able to get away with some things now that they couldn’t before.

        I also still wonder if Pete vetoed picking a QB.

        Predicting 10-7 FWIW.

      • Big Mike

        Cutting Adams and keeping Woods or signing an equivalent level player would’ve made it better.
        But you guys already know that. I just can’t help myself when it comes to the glass peacock. It helps vent my anger over the situation.

        And Dre won’t play every down so what’s it going to look like when he’s getting a rest?

        Absolute power…..

    • Seattle Person

      I was listening to Corbin Smith on Dan Viens’ podcast for some training camp content and one bit that stood out to me about the Dline. He mentioned that the Seahawks are doing much more power-stepping than mirror-stepping. That to me is pretty significant. For the last couple of years now we have been complaining about transitioning to a 3-4 and miscasting players into this defense.

      Al Woods and Poona Ford complained about mirror-stepping. Why it’s important at least to me is if you’re power stepping then it does play into the strengths of Jones and Reed a lot more. They are penetrating players with good power. You don’t necessarily need a true 0-Tech that can anchor and wait for the offense to declare where you need to go. Reed played 1-Tech in the traditional cover-3 defense. He played it well. Who knows how he’ll do now.

      I don’t know whether this will work. A front of Jones/Reed/Edwards power stepping is a good step forward. At least it is a hint that the coaches realize that mirror stepping isn’t always easy and the Fangio defense is not suited for everyone.

  33. Palatypus

    NFLN is giving the Seahawks some love today. Geno being interviewed right now.

  34. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Titans have released OT Jamarco Jones after he was tossed from practices for multiple fights, including nearly sparking a brawl. One of the players he attempted to fight: Jeffery Simmons

    • Palatypus

      Watch the Saints pair him up with Trevor Penning.

  35. cha

    Dugar, Michael-Shawn
    Good news for Seattle’s RB room: Zach Charbonnet is out here going thru drills, currently running routes and catching passes

    • cha

      Brady Henderson
      Good news for the Seahawks: rookie RB Zach Charbonnet (26) is going through warmups at the start of today’s practice, so it appears he’s back from his shoulder injury. Ken Walker III (groin) is still out.

      The bad news: OLB Darrell Taylor’s left arm is in a sling.

      • Ashish

        That’s so great to hear. Hawks did mention that Walker is held out as a precaution? is that still true? I don’t care if he doesn’t play in pre-season but comes back healthy start of the season.

  36. samprassultanofswat

    “The bad news: OLB Darrell Taylor’s left arm is in a sling.” Not good that Taylor left arm is in a sling. Hopefully not to serious. But to be brutally honest. Zach Charbonnet is much more important to the success of the Hawks. Also, this pales in comparison to what is happening in Denver.

    The Broncos have already lost a 2nd player for the season

  37. cha

    OK then that’s settled

    Bob Condotta
    According to a King County spokesman no charges will be filed against Seahawks QB Geno Smith in connection with a DUI arrest in January 2022.

    • Big Mike

      Interesting. I wonder why. Of course I’m curious if his name was Gene Johnson and he worked at Microsoft if that would still be the case.

    • Big Boi

      Well, at least he wrote a playbook for players who drive recklessly while drunk and high. Refuse a breath test and be an absolute a-hole to the cops to the point that you have to be restrained for the blood to be taken. Probably bought himself several hours to get his alcohol and marijuana levels below prosecutable levels. What a great role model, kids.

      It is a little silly that BAL has to be over 0.08 and marijuana has to be over .5 but having both in your system hours after being arrested means nothing. He’s lucky or had a good lawyer to call real quick (probably the latter) who advised him what to do. We’re all lucky he didn’t kill someone and all we can hope for is that a) he doesn’t get suspended anyway because we all know exactly what happened that night even if there are no charges and b) he learned his lesson and finally has enough lettuce to call an Uber like the rest of us.

      Doesn’t help that the refrigerator then failed and the county figured that the case would get thrown out on a technicality. Whole thing was a mess.

      • Malanch

        “It is a little silly that BAL has to be over 0.08 and marijuana has to be over .5.”

        Well, those are two distinctly different animals where motor control impairment is concerned.

        • Big Boi

          Are you saying those two things aren’t additive, especially given the fact that he was probably over the legal limit of both when he got pulled over?

      • MosesLakeBrian

        Even crazier is that they dropped the Reckless driving charge even though they have evidence of him driving 96mph and weaving through lanes without signaling. Apparently that’s not enough to say he’s reckless. Looks like a case of having money gets you treated differently.

        • Big Boi

          Could also be a case of the cops are Seahawks fans too. I have a feeling if a 49ers player, or most normal civilians, did the exact same thing and the events unfolded the exact same way- including the refrigerator breaking- that there would have been a different outcome. Hawk fandom runs deep….

  38. cha

    I guess the Seahawks aren’t streaming the press conference

    Dugar, Michael-Shawn
    Darrell Taylor has a sprained left shoulder but doesn’t need surgery, Pete says. They’re waiting to see how long he’ll be out.

    • cha

      Dugar, Michael-Shawn
      Zach Charbonnet’s shoulder is fine and he’ll play in the mock game tomorrow, Pete says

  39. Big Mike

    REALLY good news about Charbonnet cha. Than you for the updates.

  40. Brian Sanders

    Rob, I remember a pretty scathing article in fieldgulls in 2019 highlighting Ivan Lewis, the strength and conditioning coach. Here we are again with soft tissue injuries….might be the smoke to his fire.


  41. Big Mike

    Don Coryell should’ve been in the HOF years ago.

    • Palatypus

      He should have gotten in before Dick Vermeil, but Coryell doesn’t have a Super Bowl win. IMO, the greatest show on turf was a modern Coryell offense.

  42. Palatypus

    I noticed that Joe Thomas, who is going in to the HOF, is a former Outland Trophy winner. Let’s hope that trend continues with Olu Olu.

  43. cha

    John Boyle
    Pete Carroll said Boye Mafe is probably the most improved player from last year to this year.

    • Palatypus


    • Kyle R

      Pete will still struggle to find playing time for him. “We gotta find a way to work him in there…that’s on us and we have struggled to do that and need to get better at it.” (As Bruce Irvin plays 85% of the snaps)

    • Troy

      that is some great news

  44. Palatypus

    Will McDonald having a good night. Dorian Thompson-Robinson tearing it up.

    • Palatypus

      The center Joe Tippman looks like he’s having a rough night. Getting pushed back a bit while keeping the defender in front of him.

      Gee, I wonder where we’ve heard THAT before.

  45. cha

    Impressive to score that much guaranteed money in August

    Adam Schefter
    The top available defensive free agent, DE Yannick Ngakoue, is signing a one-year, $10.5 million deal, including $10 million guaranteed with the Chicago Bears.

    His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, confirmed the deal Thursday night.

  46. cha

    What I’m looking for in the mock game this afternoon:

    The interiors – These are difficult to assess live. You get a better picture on tape, which we won’t have. But consistent push one way or another, or clear wins and losses can be seen. Brown vs Olu at center, Reed at DT, and PC said Cam Young looks like a whole new player in pads. Tough and physical. Can he do enough to earn some snaps?

    The corners – Brown, Witherspoon, Bryant and Jackson. This time last year Riq Woolen grabbed the job and never looked back. Can Jackson do the same? The Seahawks are going to need to start thinking about solidifying their positions. Once Woolen is back (which sounds like not too long), there is only the other outside CB spot to start with and 3 corners fighting for it. Don’t count out Tre Brown, who had a very impressive 2021 mock game.. Who will emerge? This is the first real test.

    The edges – Uchenna Nwosu’s extension and Darrell Taylor’s injury have added some wrinkles to the long term landscape at the position. This game is a real opportunity for Boye Mafe to put a claim on one of the edge roles in both early-down runs and pass rushing reps. PC was asked about Mafe and Tyreke Smith and spoke glowingly about Mafe and didn’t mention Smith. On day one I wrote that Mafe “looks like a second-year player who ‘gets it’.”. Can he keep the momentum going? And can Derick Hall show enough to avoid the dreaded rookie pittance of snaps at DE?

    Drew Lock Another impressive mock game would be just what the doctor ordered. If he ever wants to be a starter in the NFL, he has to take full advantage of his second year in the year in a system. The claim that he has not performed due to not having continuity has merit. That claim can no longer be levied as a defense if he cannot rise to the opportunity.

    The Running Backs. Charbonnet just cleared after a brief shoulder injury concern. Likely he will not have a major role today but let’s see what he offers. Deejay Dallas is still battling but there is no doubt the bar has been raised with their investment at the position. This is McIntosh’s chance to step forward. Running with burst and determination, and making himself useful in blitz pickups and dump offs could really solidify his place in the group.

    JSN. He’s dazzled in shorts but the practices have made their turn to pads. Things change. Can he still dazzle with a defensive backfield fighting for jobs?

    The unknowns. Last year Dareke Young had an excellent mock game and that propelled him to a roster spot over Bo Melton. Who will make a claim this year?

    • Palatypus

      Brian Baldinger has given “Riq” Woolen the nickname “The Shadow” today. He said that it’s because the only thing faster than him is his shadow.

      I think I’m going to call “Riq” Theon Greyjoy.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s a great nickname to be fair

    • samprassultanofswat

      What I’m looking for in the mock game this afternoon:

      I just want their to be no injuries.

  47. george

    Looks like eskridge suspended

    “The NFL announced that Eskridge has been suspended for the first six games of the Seahawks season under the Personal Conduct Policy. The reason for the disciplinary measure is not publicly known “

    • Rob Staton

      Of all the players to get suspended, this is in the ‘TF it’s him’ variety

    • Big Mike

      Brutally bad draft choice in a draft that saw the Seahawks with only 3 picks. But hey, they got him before the Rams did. 🙄

    • Palatypus

      Uh, what did he do? Alvin Kamara got a two game suspension after pleading down from a felony assault.

    • geoff u

      So his first six games this year will be just like the first six games of all his other years

      • Big Mike

        Ouch, Sad but true

    • Romeo A57

      At least the Seahawks don’t have to pay him for 6 weeks to continue to contribute nothing to the team.

      • Big Mike

        And again, ouch. And again, sad but true

    • Gary

      And somebody asked the other day if we’d trade Eskridge for Jonathan Taylor???

      Is it too soon to declare the Eskridge pick a certified bust?

  48. Forrest

    Again, where’s the transparency, NFL? Everyone should find out at the same time when a player has been suspended AND why. Same with the announcement of contracts being signed – all terms should be instantly posted.

    • Mick

      Domestic violence in February. Very bad sign and he already had the worst start here, I doubt someone will pick him if we cut him.

  49. Nathan W.

    UW and UO to the B1G!

    • Palatypus

      R.I.P PAC-12.

    • BK26

      Can’t wait to watch them and the LA schools play Iowa in the heart of the season in the coming years…. Regionalist was nice when it lasted.

      • Malanch

        September, December … whenever:

        High-stakes football in Kinnick Stadium—in front of a bounty of NFL scouts, about 70K rabid faithful, and a nationwide audience in the millions—will be incredible, especially when factoring in the broader campus environment and Iowa River scene surrounding the venue itself.

        The Big Ten is chock full of phenomenal college football settings like the one in Iowa City. I loved exploring the College Park area back during my Maryland days. The campus is sweet, and it’s only nine miles from the National Mall, right in the thick of things. There’ll be no cause for boredom on that particular weekend getaway. There’s a ton to do in DC. I recommend touring the Mall and watching the Empire fall. No question @Maryland would make for a sweet road trip. Man, there are so many cool college towns in that conference—Oregon and Washington just crushed it. Huge day for both programs, and for the rivalry. Watershed.

        P.S. The travel burden issue is no doubt legit, and the volume of fan travel will likely dip due to the increase in time and money costs, but it’s all about the TV now anyway. As long as butts are in seats and eyes are on screens, I guess it doesn’t really matter whether the consumer stands on bleachers or sits on a couch.

    • Thomas


      Money ruined college football.

      Tradition can’t match $$$. And thank you Larry Scott and all your staff for being so inept. You had Hollywood, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon in your conference and you couldn’t negotiate a tv deal. Seriously, how did you get your job?

      Ugh. You know the Big 10 just needs Florida State or Miami and one Texas school and they’ll own college football. The Big 10 already has a bigger tv contract than the SEC.

      The future is one power conference and perhaps loss of all connection with college.

      • Nathan W.

        Agreed on all points. Mixed feelings for sure.

        I am happy that UW will survive and we’ll get to keep our non-revenue sports…

        But this? I have zero connection to the B1G. I grew up watching the Pac. Now we may never have another Apple Cup. It’s a sad day for college football. The traditions and uniqueness of the college game is dead.

        I also blame the Pac school presidents for hiring Limo Larry. He single-handedly destroyed the conference… but seeds of our destruction were sown long ago.

  50. cha

    Pregame rally huddle

  51. cha

    This one’s for you Big Mike

    • Big Mike

      There’s our prez!! Man am I hyped now.

      (excuse me, I need to go barf now………..)

      • Palatypus

        It’s like throwing rolls of paper towels to people after a hurricane hits Puerto Rico.

  52. Gross MaToast

    The way he’s moving suggests that he won’t be playing any time soon….JA, not Big Mike. Big Mike is a freaking headhunter.

    • Big Mike

      Well I would have put his head on the “you’re released” block last offseason so there’s that………..

  53. samprassultanofswat

    Big Mike? Are you talking about Michael Morris?

  54. Big Mike

    Waiting patiently for cha’s report on the intersquad game yesterday. ……

    • Mick

      Me too. Heard Mafe’s indeed stepping up his game.

    • TomLPDX

      Sounds like Bobo had a good game but Kenny Mac got a high ankle strain so will probably be out for a bit.

  55. Palatypus

    Chuck Howley finally getting inducted into the HOF right now.

    I wonder. What did the Hawaiians call Chuck Howley when he showed up at the Pro Bowl?

    • GoHawks5151

      This guy… 😂

  56. cha

    Mock Game Notes & Observations

    Tonight, the Seahawks took another step in their offseason preparation with a mock game at Lumen Field. The starters on each side of the ball lined up against the backup units, and the difference in talent was very clear, as the starters showed why they are starters.

    The Quarterbacks Were Impressive

    Geno Smith continued his camp run of good play. He was able to take what the defense gave him, pick his moments of when to scramble and throw the ball away and live to fight again, and had several downfield throws that were excellent.

    With Tyler Lockett a precautionary scratch, Smith found D.K. Metcalf more than once deep down the field, including a ball that was perfectly placed but Metcalf could just not haul in. He also demonstrated some chemistry with game star Cody Thompson.

    • cha

      He also effectively mixed short quick timing type passes with some deeper throws, while audibling to counteract the defensive formation:

      If Geno is able to keep this level of offensive mastery into the regular season, the offense truly is going to live up to its billing.

      Drew Lock did not have as good a night, but all things considered it was a decent showing for him. The defense regularly beat the second-string offensive line, putting Lock under all kinds of pressure. He regularly understood where his hot reads were, but his receivers were not always there to bail him out. At one point he threw an absolute bullet to Griffin Hebert on a rhythm timing pass, but Hebert could not complete the catch and that killed a drive.

      Lock was “sacked” at least three times, with two of them being impressive plays by the defense. On one, Reed and Dre Jones both beat their inside men and met at the quarterback. Another, Boye Mafe powered past the tackle and (with the red jersey for QBs rule in place) was able to strip-sack Lock with a quick swat that proved more effective than he was likely planning for.

      However, he shook off some early play that was unfortunate and pieced together a decent performance. He was able to move the offense down the field, and when his athleticism was required on a play, he was up to the task. On one play, both Jones and Mafe made good reads on play-action and, not getting fooled, gave chase after Lock. But they were unable to beat him to the sideline, and Lock was able to turn upfield and get some extra yards. He also found Jake Bobo in the seam for a ‘game winning’ touchdown pass.

      Lock seemed calm, collected and measured in his game tonight. He never panicked, nor made that rash decision that he has become known for. He showed us his arm talent when the chances came, and steadily got stronger as the game went on.

      At this point I would say the offense looks very good. But they are winning on talent and freshness. Once teams get a look at their tendencies and start adjusting, the Seahawks will need to come up with some fresh looks and keep them guessing.

      The Defensive Backs Competition Is Heating Up

      With Riq Woolen still on the PUP for precautionary reasons (Pete Carroll has confirmed he will be back soon), the door is still wide open. And let me tell you, the players are responding.

      Devon Witherspoon spent most of the game at the nickel spot the Seahawks had been deploying him in practices, with Jackson at Woolen’s Right Cornerback spot and Tre Brown at Left Cornerback.

      Witherspoon looks the part. He is tough, authentic and is not afraid to take chances when he sees a play developing. On one play, he was covering a zone and the ball was thrown his way. Instead of retreating to cover the receiver, he chose the more aggressive (but ultimately correct) play of diving in front of the receiver to make a play on the ball. He got fully horizontal and got enough of a hand on the ball to cause the incompletion.

      You can see why they like him at nickel. A combination of his toughness, instincts and the occasional play choice that is ‘if you don’t make this play, the receiver is going to be running for days’, the Seahawks have gotten themselves a player.

      What makes the position group so intriguing is the incredible depth. It was on display tonight, as Artie Burns had the best night of the group with several passes defensed. A forgotten player in this group, Burns really shined tonight.

      Coby Bryant started out as a safety in the second-string defense, and later moved to a strong safety type role in the first-string defense, blitzing the passer and providing a right-on-the-line presence in run support.

      This defensive backfield has all kinds of options. It is possible the Seahawks can draw from this group to strengthen this team via a trade.

      • cha

        Rookie Notes

        Kenny McIntosh had a mixed bag kind of night. He ran well, provided his quarterback with options, and had a couple runs that were quick and tough. At one point, he cut outside and a linebacker attempted to arm-tackle him by the shoulders. McIntosh powered through it and gained a few more yards before ending the play with a friendly smack at Bryant, providing downfield last-gasp tackling coverage.

        He also had a fumble and came up gingerly after the play. He hobbled to the sideline and into the blue tent. He emerged shortly after with a wrapped and iced knee, and Pete Carroll said it was a sprain of unknown severity.

        Zach Charbonnet was a full participant in warmups but only got a couple reps, out of precaution after dealing with a shoulder injury.

        Jaxon Smith-Njigba had a fairly quiet night, with two catches and a punt return. But he looks like the player who has lit up training camp so far. At one point, the Seahawks lined him up in the slot, and he took off like a rocket, drawing coverage and leaving the flat completely open for Cody Thompson to slide in for a nice gain.

        Cameron Young did not get a ton of snaps but did have a play where he plugged the middle and gave the running back nowhere to go.

        Derick Hall ran with the second team defense and looked good but not great. Still feeling his way through things a bit. At one point he did have a great speed rush that got around Stone Forsythe easily.

        Other Notes

        Jarran Reed looks like he has put on good weight and was handling the Nose Tackle role well in this game against the second-string unit.

        Dre Jones was likewise a problem for the second-string line. When he wasn’t disrupting, he was absorbing double-team attention and allowing teammates to come free to the quarterback.

        Not much from Tyreke Smith but he had a nice-looking bull rush to move Abe Lucas back.

        • cha

          Jake Bobo had a sneaky-good seven catches, mostly with the third unit, but stepped up to play with the second unit and had the game-winning catch. He looks like an intriguing option with his height and playmaking ability.

          Jason Myers missed a 51-yard field goal try and made a 47-yard try.

          Jamal Adams looks to be in good spirits even though he is still on the PUP list.

          • Rob Staton

            Great write-up Cha, thank you

  57. Mr Magic

    how are all these guys hurt so early in the season. What the heck were they doing all offseason that you turn up hurt or are so out of sorts you get hurt the first few days of came. Pretty frustrating stuff.

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