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  1. Ashish

    That’s great. Please talk about about from coaching, GM, Russ and team building for next 2-5 years

  2. Nick

    All Jamal Adams is posting on Instagram today seems to be the good old days he had in New York.
    Literally all his high fives and good times in green and white, and the last one is him slunk down in a chair in an arm sling with a coat over his head.

    Trade the MF’ing sad peacock

  3. Andrew M

    Old John Clayton wrote a story today declaring the Russ trade rumor is the “stoopidist story I’ve ever covered.” Case closed.

    • Rob Staton

      Well that’s me convinced

      • Rob Staton

        Just imagine Mark Rodgers ringing Clayton instead of Schefter with the ‘four teams I’m willing to be traded to’ story.

        John: “This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever covered… no dice”

  4. MCOHawk

    Granted… but Jake Heaps (who is very close to Wilson) essentially said the same thing.

    • Rob Staton

      For the same reasons

      Look, everyone knows the situation

      Wilson doesn’t want to leave

      It’s never been about that

      But without major changes, he will leave

  5. swedenhawk

    great point about how KJ’s absence this season may help account for Bobby’s hesitant play

  6. KD

    I’m not even photo-sensetive or epileptic, but your Christmas tree lights were crazy. My mother is German, so naturally she insists on using actual candles every year. As long as a fire extinguisher is close by, I’m good.

  7. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have given this some thought I was wondering what your thoughts are . Do you know or Russ Know who the Seahawks left tackle is next year? I could be wrong isn’t Duane Brown a free agent after the year?New York football Giants might just over pay becausethey might just be the most boring in the NFL? What’s the identity of the Giants? Russ has interest outside of football and what market is bigger than New York. One more quick thought Chandler Jones is on contact year? Any thoughts

  8. Sea Mode

    Breer predicting teams will be motivated to pull the plug sooner rather than later to get a jump on the coaching search. And whoever hires first also gets first pick of recruiting their own staff.

    When will we start hearing coaching carousel news?

    It could happen soon.

    A new rule implemented earlier in the season allows for teams to start interviewing candidates during the last two weeks of the regular season—which means those playing out the string with a lame-duck coach will now have a very real motivator to pull the plug early. And if some team goes through with such a move on Christmas weekend, it’s not far-fetched to think there could be a domino effect.

  9. Peter

    Rob thanks a ton for all the extra podcasts.

    Really enjoyed Matt’s break down of how not setting the value for clark spirals out of control leading to the Adams trade.

    Fans may hate a lot of this but I’m really glad we’re getting tome to mull around in our heads life after Wilson. Life after Pete. Trade or not trade DK. Fans in the “nothing to see here,” john Clayton mold are going to lose it if and when some of this happens.

    Let’s call it a mental poll for the site:

    If Seattle wins out how likely is it that we see Russel and Pete next year together?

  10. Roy Batty

    Great stuff as always, Rob.

    The look on Matt’s face when certain topics were broached was hilarious. The long, slow breath and then the discussion. Loved it.

    Also, for anyone not in favor of keeping Bellore a Seahawk for life, go watch “Between Two Bellores” for his Dickson interview. The back-and-forth on the double punt will make you laugh out loud. Very loud. No doubt he is one of the best teammates in that locker room.

  11. Peter

    Saturday Stat Crunch: or- DK Metcalf is a beast and should be traded asap before we pay him 28+ million a year.

    I crunched DK’s numbers against the top four WR contracts by year. I looked at each of these recievers first three years with the exception of Julio Jones where I swapped his third year (injury) for his monster fourth year. For this I Also looked at Calvin Johnson’s first three years.

    Deandre Hopkins: 1178 yds/season 6.3 TD’s/season
    Julio Jones: 1250 yds/season 8 TD’s/season
    Amari Cooper: 960 yds/season 6 TD’s/season
    Keenan Allen: 851 yds/season 5.3 TD’s/season

    DK Metcalf: 971 yds/season 8.3 TD’s/season

    Calvin Johnson: 1024 yds/season 7 TD’s/season

    The things to keep in mind here is I positively cherry picked Jones’ stats so he is crushing DK in yards. But most importantly. DK still has FIVE freaking games to further increase his numbers. It is very possible that DK matches Hopkins average yards per season and bests everyone with a whopping 9+ TD’s per season. If an much older still producing Hopkins and Jones are worth 27.5 and 22 million a year respectively DK is going to want and get 30 million easily. Because of the crazy market he will be worth it.

    • Roy Batty

      I would assume there would be a long list of teams looking for a player with a national draw, not just talent, to bolster their roster. Teams with plenty of picks to trade.

      What rounds those picks are comprised of, I couldn’t say.

    • McZ

      I’m not in the “we don’t pay anybody” boat. At some point, you have to keep some stars, or you will end up “lioning” your way through history.

      When DK is due his money, Bwagz will be out of the league.

      DK will compete for a contract vs AJ Brown, Hunter Renfrow, Mecole Hardman, Marquise Brown, Deebo Samuel, Diontae Johnson, Terry McLaurin.

      • Peter

        Dk is going to be a top three paid WR. He’s on pace for one of the best starts to a wr career in history.

      • Peter

        I love dk Metcalf. But he is on contract through next year. Maybe i am valuing high butyou listed WR’s that are in the 2 million a year range. Perhaps he isn’t the highest paid WR. But i highly doubt he will be msking less than 20 million a year. WR market is way out if whack when Kenny Golladay a good but not better tan lockett player is making 17 million and frankly DK is much better than him.

    • cha

      Wild hair:

      If you can’t get Sean Payton to just exit New Orleans and come to Seattle, trade DK for him.

      Take on one of the Saints’ bloated contracts in the deal. Say Michael Thomas (if his injury isn’t career-threatening).

      It would work for both sides. Saints fans that would be frustrated with Payton being traded, their concerns could be soothed with ‘look, we landed the best young WR in the NFL and we get him one year on a rookie contract. We also got rid of a dead weight in Michael Thomas.’ Metcalf’s cap hits, even on a new deal, won’t hurt the Saints’ cap until 2024 at least.

      The Seahawks can justify the deal as the cost of doing business, acquiring a top coaching talent to lead a new renaissance in Seahawks football, and keeping Russell Wilson in town. And they have no guaranteed money on Thomas’ contract. They could renegotiate his deal, or give him a year at $15m and see how he does and go from there.

      Payton scheming Lockett, Eskridge, Thomas, Swain and Colby Parkinson into the offense with a top QB? I can get on board that.

      • Peter


        This is why you write the breakdowns friend.

        Great situational breakdown.

        • cha

          Thanks. It could work for both sides but there are a ton of moving parts.

          • Big Mike

            Hell of an idea tho cha. Love the thinking outside the box. I’d be in.

      • swedenhawk


  12. cha

    Going to play for the national championship

  13. Sea Mode

    Maybe PC would be good for the Jags right now…

    • cha

      Pure idiocy to not be playing James Robinson.

      Wish this had come out a little earlier and the Hawks would have been able to pick him up for chump change. He’d be a perfect back in PC’s system.

  14. Peter


    Thanks for the heads up on Charbonet and Pierce.

    For fairly obvious reasons i pay attention to either team.

    Charbonnet looks very, very fast on the field. Very powerful and very good decision making. Really enjoy strangely his route running as well. Not sure if he played WR in HS but runs like a thick WR.

    Really like Pierce quite a bit. Florida sucks and that oline looks laaaazy. So it seems in a few games that he has to get his own yards. Also would have loved to see him in a 20 plus handoff style offense. Great yards per carry but that running back committee has everyone getting the rock about 8.5x a game.

  15. Peter

    *edit*: for obvious reasons I DO NOT pay attention to these teams.

  16. Julian

    My preferred scenario;

    GM : John takes a break to find his mojo. The Adams trade was the last straw. A new GM needed from an organisation that has a recent record of successful roster building, such as the Chiefs, Browns, Cowboys or Ravens

    Head Coach : Pete retires; Bryon Leftwich, Kellen Moore or Sean Payton (with Joe Brady), comes in.

    Front Office hire a Medical / Conditioning coach guru, who has the strength of character to prevent any player playing, when their level of fitness is likely to have a greater negative influence on the chance of the team winning, than another person playing in their place. Also has a veto on any personal coaches chosen by contracted players.

    Russell Wilson signs an extension.

    Free Agency ;

    WR Chris Godwin from TB
    C Ben Jones TT
    Edge Emmanual Ogbah MD
    DT/DE Quinton Jefferson LVR
    amongst others

    Key UFA players to retain ; Diggs, Brown, Everett, Dissly, Neal, Jones, Reed and Green

    Trades ;

    WR ; DK Metcalf (2022 1st and 3rd, 2023 1st) to a team like Philadelphia
    LB ; Bobby Wagner (2022 late 2nd) to a team like Buffalo

    With a quiet eye on trading Jamal Adams in 2023

    This would set up the Seahawks with a good clutch of picks in this (and next year’s draft) where I’d concentrate on the Pass Rush, the Interior defence line, Offensive line and draft 2 running backs, still leaving space for best player available where appropriate.

    What I think is going to happen, having listened to Salk, read Garafalo backtracking on the view of the ownership and with a pinch of salt, seeing Russell Wilson’s recent presser, I think the chances of all 3 at the top staying on and Groundhog Day reappearing, is more than 50%?

    • Rob Staton

      I would say the chances of Carroll, Schneider and Wilson being back next season together are less than 1%

      • Julian

        If they lose to the Texans, I’m on board and my preferred Scenario is like the one I posted above, but I’m just thinking of the personalities involved.

        John won’t go before Pete, Pete is stubborn and will feel he can turn this around with Russ, and won’t let him go and does Russ have it in him to sit out and spoil his legacy in Seattle. And Jody Allen, what is her appetite for change, especially if the team is a win or two from the playoffs. The excuses will come out, Russells injury, so many close games, first time play caller for the offense settling in. What she wants is Play Off football to keep the value of her franchise, and she just might believe that she’s more likely to get it from the guys who’ve delivered 11 of the last 12 seasons? Absolutely not what I want to happen, but it’s got to be a serious possibility?

    • Andrew M

      There’s no way they could get a second round pick for Bobby Wagner. I could maybe see a fourth round pick from a needy team looking for holes to fill if Bobby wasn’t due 20 million dollars. That contract is more prohibitive than his age, which isn’t exactly a plus either.

      • Julian

        Yes, you’re probably right. I said 2nd round to Buffalo more tongue in cheek, in reference to the Buffolo’s defence, struggling on the ground against New England last week.
        A 4th might still help, if Seattle need to trade up into the 2nd from their 3rd round pick to get a lineman that they like and is still on the board?

  17. Scot04

    Mills sure made that look easy

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