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  1. GoHawksDani

    Sorry, offtopic, but just saw that Daemon Pierce a blog favorite for the Hawks drafted in R4 already over 400 yards, have 3 TDs and just had some Lynch-esque run. I like Walker…but man…that hurts.

    Hawks could’ve selected Jurgens or Pickens in R2 and Pierce in R4

    • Henry Taylor

      I think it’s way too early to start worrying about Pierce vs Walker. Different styles of backs too, Pierce wouldn’t have housed that TD Walker had last week for example.

      • Big Mike

        Agree Henry. Let’s see how KW III performs the next 12 games.

    • Jordan

      Funny enough, I actually really wanted them to take Abe Lucas in the 2nd. Nice how that worked out.

    • Scot04

      Walker has just primarily played as a backup. Definitely difficult to judge when you account for snap counts. I’d guess before the draft if you asked most here if they would prefer Walker or Pierce, most would have said Walker.
      However, Pierce has 86 attenmps to Walker’s 23; 4X than more Walker. So it’s definitely far to early. Let’s see how Walker does when he gets a couple 20+ carry games.

      Painful is when you don’t draft a need when top rated players are available that no one thought you would have a shot at & you pick a luxury.
      With Walker we needed a running back & arguably picked one of the top 2.
      No way to know how Pierce would have faired here or Jurgens.
      If both struggled you might be saying we should have taken Walker & Coby Bryant.
      I’m very happy with our picks. Could Pierce turn out better sure, but I was pleasantly surprised when we grabbed Walker.

      • TomLPDX

        I agree Scot04, Looking forward to see what KW9 can do as our RB1.

  2. cha

    Gregg Bell
    Bruce Irvin said Pete Carroll told him he signed him back to the #Seahawks to be a leader in the locker room, among LBs— and to kick guys in the butt on defense.

    “He told me that was very big.”

    • Tien

      What does it say about the coaching staff when they feel the need to sign an over the hill player so that he can kick the players butt on defense?!

      • Elmer

        To me it says that the defensive coordinator and the associate head coach might be having a credulity or communications problem with the players. Pete himself does not seem like a kick-ass guy but rather someone who prefers to work through positive motivation, at least publicity. I hope that Irvin can help them but agree that it isn’t a very good look.

        • James

          Marshawn just did an interview with Sherm where he said Pete is exactly the same 24/7, at least as long as he’s in the building, and Marshawn said he was half-convinced Pete had to be snorting something because people are just not that positive lol. Never low, always chomping that gum, always positive. I believe it.

  3. Rob Staton

    So… I’ve only just seen this:

    Not good

    • JJ

      This combined with reason to sign Irvin is not a good look for Pete.

    • Robbie

      Defense is in shambles…..sad state of affairs here. Would have never predicted the D being this bad. Doesn’t look to get any easier either.

    • cha

      I’m with Brooks. Diggs’ effort on that TD throw was pathetic. Easily the equal of Jamal Adams’ waving guys into the end zone.

      • Elmer

        Diggs might be playing hurt. But we can’t tolerate any DOGS. Lack of effort is not excusable.

    • HOUSE

      I don’t have a Twitter account and I can’t see what it says

      • HOUSE

        Just saw it… Frustrations have boiled over and a legit team meeting needs to happen to right the ship or the whole thing sinks. It would be ridiculously difficult to hit the reset button, so something’s gotta give

      • TomLPDX

        Brooks giving Diggs the riot act. Don’t blame him. Diggs has looked terrible this year.

        • HOUSE

          I was glad to hear that Diggs made it back from the broken leg and that we re-signed him, maybe I was just expecting more from him. I can only assume that teammates are frustrated with his lack of effort or care. Brooks CLEARLY showed it here

    • Mick

      We can’t be paying the safeties that much and have this kind of play in return. Diggs must do better.

      • Bmseattle

        And to think…one of the reasons we overpaid for Diggs was we perceived him as a “leader”.
        His attitude has been strange all season.

        I had major reservations about resigning him, at his age, and comimg off a major injury….and so far, its ended up worse than i feared.

        • Rob Staton

          100% they should’ve moved on

          His cap hit is $18m next year FFS!

          Don’t pay ageing players third contracts through loyalty

          Hopefully they can trade him for a bag of balls in the off-season to spread out the dead hit

          • HOUSE


            I was going to ask about that. When trading a player with a contract like his, how far out can the dead cap be pushed? Is it a set amount of years (1-3) or is the team able to set that?

            • Rob Staton

              The terms are different but for Diggs it’s an even split of 4m & 4m over two years

              Check out over the cap or Spotrac

              • HOUSE

                Thank you. I found it on Over The Cap. I was looking at Sportrac and couldn’t find it. It looks like $4.1M in ‘23 and $4.1M in ‘24.

                Might be time to purge!

  4. KD

    Just your friendly, weekly reminder that Justin Fields is awful. Beware of OSU QBs.

    • HOUSE

      Agreed. I know that not all Ohio State quarterbacks are the same, but this is exactly why I am not too keen on Stroud. Guys there are bread to produce in that system and then when they make it to the NFL and aren’t coddled and told what to do to a T, they don’t seem to ever pan out

      • Peter

        Maybe Stroud is different….?…but 20 years of hyped qbs and not one has done anything in the pros.

  5. HOUSE

    This game is horrible… 🤦‍♂️

  6. Hawks4life

    Justin Fields is the worst starting QB in the NFL

    • Rob Staton

      And in fairness — there weren’t many saying Fields would be a bust due to his incredible technical flaws. But we were saying it on SDB.

      • Elmer

        Yes, I remember. I don’t think that the Bears have done him any favors either.

  7. HOUSE

    We need a Montez Sweat-type of guy. I want the opposing QB fearing that pressure and wincing every time he gets hit!

  8. UkAlex6674

    Just watched the Bears/Redskins game (no apologies).

    How many drops did the Bears WR make? I don’t think Fields is as good as his hype, but I don’t think he’s as bad as made out. Although the caveat to that he threw a couple of stinkers, none worse than the overthrown ball on what would have been a TD.

    He needs confidence, but to get that he also needs better players around him.

    • Rob Staton

      I just think he’s fundamentally poor. A great athlete but will never be a great QB

  9. 206

    Haven’t commented in awhile, but just to let y’all know I visit the blog daily and read/listen to it all. This is the best place for comprehensive hawk content.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 206

  10. Denver Hawker

    Denver radio yesterday already pounding the table for Sean Payton – also don’t want chargers to get him. He might be holding out for Dallas, but hard to see McCarthy leaving if they make the playoffs.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d put decent money on SP being the next Broncos coach

      • Denver Hawker

        Yeah- don’t see new owners paying nearly $5b to watch another Hackett show.

      • Mick

        I was thinking Panthers but he’s got way better QB in Denver.

    • GoHawks5151

      Pat Bowlen was pretty aggressive. What is known about the personality on the new owner? Maybe they give Hackett another year of he chooses the season hot.

      At least we know Hawks don’t need Payton. We got Sugar Shane Waldron calling plays. (Only half kidding)

      • Denver Hawker

        Sure- things can turnaround this season and he gets more time.

        Owners are sitting in the box of their shiny new toy listening to boos at home games. They have way more money than the Bowlens and shouldn’t hesitate to pay what it takes to win right now with Russ.

  11. AlaskaHawk

    Since no one has mentioned it yet = that was a great podcast Rob.

    You brought up many good points about the defensive line and linebackers, and about the direction of this defensive scheme. Sounds like they will be very busy in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Alaska

      YouTube didn’t list the stream properly until about 12 hours after we recorded which was unhelpful. I’m glad those got to see it enjoyed it

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ll leave this for people who actually analyze the games: I don’t think they ever converted to a 3-4 defense. Maybe they wanted to , or maybe it was just a dream. But it seems to me that it is very rare that only 3 guys are on the line.

      Heck on that one play where Hill was QBing it seemed like the entire Seahawks defense was on the line.

      So maybe this whole 3=4 thing is a mirage and they aren’t running it, but getting instructions as if they were.

  12. Sea Mode

    Compare Sherman’s comments to Marshawn’s:

    “I just want to know [how he’s doing],” Lynch said, via Zach Segars of Mile High Sports. “I just want to tap in with him and make sure that, you feel me though, that dog is solid though. Because man, at the end of the day, like … I want to make sure a dog is straight in his mind.

    “Don’t let that [stuff] overshadow you, because at the end of the day, bro, you still a Super Bowl quarterback. You feel me? You know, you got a beautiful family, all the [stuff]. But, you know, [people] have been going off the deep end with how they’ve been, and how they’ve been thinking.”

    Lynch went on to later say that he’s pulling for his former teammate. Wilson was asked about Lynch’s comments before Thursday’s practice.

    “I didn’t get to hear what Marshawn said, but someone told me earlier that he said some good things,” Wilson said. “Marshawn — he’s always been amazing in how he’s gone about things and how he’s been an amazing competitor. [He’s] one of the best people I’ve ever played with and been in the backfield with, obviously.

    “I’ve always looked up to him since [I was] a young rookie. He would put his arm around me in the back of the bus and we’d talk about ball and everything else. A guy like that, he’s one of the greatest of all time to do it. The fact that he’s always looking out is a positive thing.”

    • Roy Batty

      I watched that podcast with Sherm and you could tell Sherm was fishing. He wanted to hear Marshawn throw some shade, but that isn’t his way. You go to battle with him and he has your back.

      Its really nice to hear a former teammate talk nicely about Russ.

      I’m quite tired of the vitriol most former teammates are now spewing. I expected this from Sherman. He can be quite petty. However, hearing other former teammates talk trash, now that they are insulated from the situation, is just sad.

      • Rob Staton

        Sherman is obsessed

        I think it’s unhealthy

        • TomLPDX

          I do to. Last week when Denver was playing TNF on Amazon Prime, Sherm went on a rant about the same old stuff…it was sad to see.

          I don’t recall ever hearing Kam, Bobby or KJ say negative things about Russ either. Could be wrong but hope not.

        • HOUSE

          Agreed Rob. Sherman has always had a level of petty about him. He has the “smartest guy in the room” mentality and has to get the last word in.

          Marshawn is built so differently. That guy just seems so unphased about the little things.

        • Big Mike

          Love you Marshawn, you are class.
          You’re easily one my all-time favorite football players, not just Seahawks.

          While I think Sherm should be a HOFer, I agree with everyone that he has an unhealthy obsession. Say something once, fine. go on and on and you look very unclassy.

  13. Rokas

    Lynch is my favorite player ever. There won’t be another one any time soon. We were so lucky to have him in his prime.

  14. Ashish

    We still have half college football left, hope some players flashes especially defense. We need safeties, LB, DE, DT only CB we might have some young talent. PC please stop barging how good Bruce Irvin looks. Let him show on football field.

  15. Rob Staton

    Another two page thread full of abuse:

    • Big Mike

      You sir have masochistic tendencies.

      That site is utter shit. I walked way a number of years ago and have never gone back. It’s run by someone who is a complete fraud of a person.

    • HOUSE

      Rob, I remember a lot of those names when I used to write at Seattle Sports Central. You can’t please every clown and the intelligent need not worry about the opinions of the ignorant.

      I appreciate everything you do! There are morons over there right now clamoring to trade for Christian McCaffrey. 🤦‍♂️

    • Ashish

      “Pete probably had more faith in Geno than I did or most fans but he didn’t see this coming and that he was always as good as Allen, Mahomes, Prime Russ etc.”

      Pete has faith in everyone on the team. He has faith in Cody Barton, Jamal Adams, Dee Escridge. Remember answering about Percy Harvin health questions after trading all the draft stocks. He is improving … every Press conference.

      Total BS, I want every one to respond when Geno become normal Geno. I don’t wish that to happen, I totally rooting for Geno and Hawks but just be honest to yourself.

    • Peter

      The very first comment is , imo, the number one thing wrong with all this connectivity.

      The poster says. (Paraphrase) I could see genos talent. The problem was he was never given the chance because the teams he played for he was tge back up…..

      Nope. Geno was in a bad situation because the jets sucked. And so did geno then. If you start the majority if the games on two years, you my friend are the starter.

      Just utter bullocks. That site was fun but it’s been unhinged for most of the last decade.

      • Peter

        I do agree with some of the comments.

        Why are you so down on Pete’s defense? 🙃

      • Rob Staton

        It’s ironic that the person posting two pages of vitriol is also seemingly surprised he was banned

        • Peter

          Irony for me is I got dialed into your site because the crusty never used section on that site about college football and the draft.

          Keep all of it up. If folks need to get something in their lives out of dragging you on another site, it most likely means you’re doing something right.

        • Big Mike

          Just shows the level of intelligence you’re dealing with Rob.

    • GoHawks5151

      “The one thing Geno always had going for him was that he has hallways been talented.”

      Seriously!? L. O. L. Don’t sweat these clowns

  16. jed

    Couple things …

    Great podcast with Jeff. I hope you guys keep doing doing this when you can. He’s my favorite guest outside of your recaps with Robbie and Adam. Rob (the 49ers guy) is also great.

    I also appreciate the college FB notes posts. I don’t comment since I never watch CFB (Saturdays are super busy family days for me & my university didn’t have a FB team), so I have nothing relevant to say.

    On Sherman, and I’m basing this off the comment he made with Lynch that the SB loss still feels like it was yesterday even though it was 7+ years ago … I hope he goes and gets some trauma related therapy. I say this not as a therapist, but as someone who has had a decent amount of therapy. There aren’t any ways to not feel the pain, but you can find ways to not have it hurt as bad or not feel as immediate. Or when you are re-living the moment, to help manage your emotions so it doesn’t control the present. I really, really hope he gets some help because otherwise (again in my experience), he’ll keep reliving this negative moment like it was yesterday and it will make him less happy than he could be.

    • Peter


      Not sure if you know this but nearly every major college game comes up on YouTube shortly after (like a week later,) cut up to just show the snaps. None of the huddle, reviews, substitutions.

      It’s helped me a ton to catch up on players Rob highlights. Just type in say “kentucky vs. Whomever,” and you can see a whole game in about 20 minutes or less.

      • jed

        Thanks Peter! I had no idea and I’ll check it out.

  17. Scot04

    Love the writeups & the last video Rob. Great breakdown of the team. Also nice to see a few more position prospects.
    After seeing your write up on Mazi Smith, I was wondering if you had a chance to watch their Center transfer Olusegun Oluwatimi.
    If Pete seriously wants under 6’4 he fits at around 6’3 310. I obviously don’t see all the film you do, but from just a few games I’ve watched he seems like he could be a good fit; if they’re opposed to Centers like Schmitz. Going against a guy like Mazi in practice sure can’t hurt either.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t watched him but will have a look

      I’ve found three center’s I like in the R2 range — with the potential to bump them to late first depending on testing/Senior Bowl etc.

      But I think the chances of Seattle drafting a center even at that size (310lbs) is unlikely. Blythe is sub-300. The Rams’ starter — Brian Allen — is a shade over 300. They are both squatty, smaller guys. It seems this scheme has a type and that type can generally be drafted and developed to ‘do a job’.

      I think Seattle’s future O-line picks at guard/center will probably come from later in the draft. Smaller center types, converted tackles to guard. That’s what the Rams have done. I think Seattle’s priority, aside from a long-term QB, is going to be D-line for a couple of off-seasons.

  18. GoHawks5151

    Finally got to listen to the whole video. Great thoughts by the both of you. While you guys talked about Waldron I had a thought. Is it possible that like every 70+ year old, Pete is just slow? That is, he is slow to trust his coordinators. Waldron looked nothing like this last year. And yeah Russ is a factor but it was obvious Pete was too. This year he is off the leash and doing his thing. Even though Hurtt was already on staff I could see PC micromanaging a new coordinator. “Imparting knowledge” and generally confusing him. In an ideal world maybe they thin out some bodies, restructure deals and bring in one solid defensive guy similar to Nwosu. d
    Draft appropriate personnel and maybe take a shot on some out of the box options

  19. cha

    Pete Carroll looked and talked like somebody ran over his dog today.

    Really wore out-looking and quiet.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s at a loss with what to do with this defense

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