New podcast appearance and some thoughts/predictions

This week I was invited onto the Seahawkers podcast with Brandan Schulze to discuss the draft. Our conversation is being published in two parts, starting with the offense.

Check it out below:

I also wanted to share some thoughts/predictions today…

— Keep an eye on Ohio State cornerback Shaun Wade for the Seahawks. Although he had a challenging 2020 season, he’s still the same player who was garnering first round talk a year ago. He’s a former five-star recruit, he’s 6-1 and 195lbs and he has 33.5 inch arms. These are traits the Seahawks usually show interest in. When you’re limited on picks and a player with his pedigree drops, it’s an opportunity to capitalise. Wade is someone nobody really talks about from a Seahawks perspective but just keep him on your radar. If you had a high grade on him last year and you’re willing to take into account the weirdness of the BIG-10 season, some teams might have him higher on their board than you think. And if you’re a team with three picks going in and trying to find some value, he’s one to watch.

— On the topic of cornerbacks, I think there’s a reasonable chance Benjamin St. Juste and Robert Rochell will go earlier than many are projecting. The other players I think are being projected too low are the Texas A&M trio Bobby Brown (see below), Buddy Johnson and Kellen Mond, North Carolina’s Dyami Brown, Georgia’s Ben Cleveland and East Carolina’s D’Ante Smith.

— For all the talk of this being a bad defensive tackle class (it is) — you’ll struggle to find a more exciting physical profile than Texas A&M’s Bobby Brown. His upside and potential is through the roof. He’s a very exciting prospect.

— It’s a trendy pick to put Rashawn Slater in the top-10 and I’ve jumped on the bandwagon a bit after his explosive pro-day by slotting him at #11. Don’t be surprised though if Alijah Vera-Tucker — who is a better player for me — goes before Slater. It’s not totally out of the question Slater drops a bit. He lacks the length to play tackle and players like AVT and Teven Jenkins just have a bit more attitude about them. The best way to describe Vera-Tucker is this — ‘class act’.

— I still think, as of today, it’s Mac Jones at #3 to San Francisco, Kyle Pitts to Atlanta at #4, Ja’Marr Chase at #5 to Cincy and then Miami could be a wildcard. Everyone assumes a receiver — which is plausible. I just still think someone, potentially, is going to surprise everyone by taking one of the top-two cornerbacks early. And per Tony Pauline, the Dolphins are eyeing a high pick at corner.

— Here are a few names with a lot of talent who could be available on day three with high upside and draft/develop potential — Joshua Kaindoh (DE), Chris Evans (RB), Tamorrion Terry (WR), Ta’Quon Graham (DT), Noah Gray (TE). They’re all boom or bust but later in the draft the risk is minimal.

— Israel Mukuamu just looks like a future Seahawk.

— Seattle’s inactivity at receiver is intriguing. Having lost David Moore, Phillip Dorsett and Josh Gordon — it’s a pure numbers game at this point. Even if they really rate Freddie Swain, they need more. It could easily be a tell towards what they’ll do with their top pick (whenever that happens). You could make the same argument about SAM linebacker but I suspect the Seahawks are focused on bringing back K.J. Wright and just need to let the process play out. With a loaded receiver class it wouldn’t be a surprise if they focused on the position and drafted a receiver between rounds 2-4.

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  1. Uncle Bob

    Some good thoughts on the “hidden value” guys in a topsy turvy year. I doubt this will happen, but it’s fun to imagine; let’s say JS rides with the three he’s got and hits a home run or strong base hits on each one, it would be one of the best drafts in years. It would put a dent in that “more (picks) is better” idea.

  2. Mick

    Shaun Wade appears at S in some draft simulators. If he can play both CB and S, one more reason to draft him. I agree that we’re likely to get a WR in the draft, it could be that we target someone who will be available even after a trade down and with our second best pick, as there are several options available. I’d be fine with going LB on pick 250 but not earlier – except a superstar falls in our range.

    Dolphins could easily go CB at 18 and get a playmaker at 6. If Atlanta trades down for a team who’s after a QB, they could even have Pitts available at 6 and they should go for it.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s trendy to hammer certain players and fawn over others.

      Wade got the negative end of the stick.

      He had a rough 2020 season but people projecting him to safety have short memories.

      Dolphins could easily go CB at 18 and get a playmaker at 6

      Sure but I’d argue Surtain/Horn and Elijah Moore or one of the RB’s is better than DeVonta Smith and whichever corner you take at #18.

      Then again, this is the team that spent a top-five pick on Tua…

  3. Henry Taylor

    Do you think Wade could have a future at outside corner for the Seahawks? He fits the profile and that’s a bigger need than nickel but I’ve read that some people have suggested the move outside was part of his declined play in 2020.

    • Rob Staton

      1. Yes he could

      2. He had some issues switching to outside corner but the year before he excelled in the slot which is arguably a tougher position to master. So in a scheme like Seattle’s that preaches staying on top I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t work to become a very useful corner

  4. BobbyK

    It’s amazing how a team supposedly as good as the Seahawks can go into the draft so many different holes. They could use a CB, SAM, DT, C, WR, and I’m even in the camp of wanting another RB due to having Injury Prone 1 and Injury Prone 2 as the 1-2 punch and even a QB. I really hope they don’t focus on whatever position they want most, but rather actually taking the best player.

    • Trevor

      That is a ton of holes and agree all are needs. On the positive side all are positions where there is good value and you can find a starter on Day #2 if they pick the right guy. Big if based on recent drafts. I would prefer them needing to fill a hole at C or DT than DE or OT for example.

      If they had not traded away the farm for Adams last year I would be feeling pretty confident about their ability to fill out the roster in the draft as well as late free agency. unfortunately that is not the case and with no draft capital things certainly look bleak.

      • Hoggs41

        Personally I dont think there are many holes for this year. SAM and WR3 are really the only ones. They could easily plug the SAM hole with KJ. Im guessing there is a very low chance they go LB with this few of picks. WR3 could be had after the draft as well but seems to be the biggest hole for now. CB has a good amount of options right now on the team but none of them are Pro Bowl material but I dont see it as a hole. Now for 2022 that is a completely different story as all the CB’s are free agents as well as LT/RT and center.

        • BobbyK

          Al Woods is 34 years old and he’s a starter. He can’t be on PEDs anymore. Last time he was on PEDs, he was decent. When he came back – he wasn’t nearly as effective. That was two years ago. The depth after Woods and Ford is terrible. That’s a definite hole if there ever was one.

          • BobbyK

            Pocic can play center but he’s one of the least physical guys they you’ll ever see. If that’s not a black hole, I’m not sure what is. Sure, he can “man” the position at at an extremely low level but for a team who wants to be the bully and run the ball – he gets beat man on man almost all the time.

          • Rusty

            He hasn’t played a down since his suspension

  5. Rob4q

    Nice read Rob, and interesting take on some players in this draft. Wade has been kind of a forgotten man in this draft and I do see him listed as a safety in most places. Would be interesting to see the Seahawks take him after a trade back…getting potential 1st round talent in the early 3rd?!?

    I also agree with what you are saying about their inactivity at WR – they have to add to that group at some point. What are your thoughts on Tylan Wallace from OSU? He just looks so smooth out there and what a competitor! But does he have the speed they always seem to go for?

    Taking a late round risk on talent would be a great way to add potential to this team. Ta’Quon Graham is the guy I’m hoping they take a shot on…he looks like he could become a solid DL and has some upside.

    I’m really on the Caleb Huntley (RB Ball State) bandwagon after watching his highlights…what a thumper of a RB!

    Thanks again for churning out all the great content Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      Wallace — gets downfield, competes for the ball in the air as well as anyone in this class, can be used on shorter routes to convert. I just wonder if he has the quickness or suddenness they look for

    • Sea Mode

      Wallace has been a favorite of mine for years now, but I do agree with Rob that he might not be what the Seahawks look for.

      I replied to your comment on the previous thread about Huntley. I like the running style too at a quick glance, but just be aware he slimmed down to 210 at his pro day and ran pretty slow… Obviously, the 40 isn’t the most important for RBs, especially for the Seahawks, but still I would have expected him to hit at least the 4.5s having dropped 15-20 lbs.

      And his explosiveness is just decent, whereas guys like Gerrid Doaks and Chris Evans are incredibly explosive and agile as well as add a threat in the passing game.

      • Rob4q

        Yeah, I love the tape on Wallace but I agree he may not fit the Seahawks needs…

        Huntley’s pro day numbers are decent, but watching some of his tape he sure looks like he has some explosiveness to him! Watch the first play in these highlights:

        He wasn’t used much in the passing game, so it is an unknown for sure.

        As far as Doaks & Evans, the numbers say they are better athletes and are more explosive the Huntley. And Doaks sure looks like he can catch the ball as well as run with power. Evans is a little bit of an enigma to me – watching the older tape, he looks really explosive and fast. But he also looks kind of like a WR running the ball – so lanky and upright – he makes guys miss and is tremendous in the passing game! But why didn’t he play more at Michigan?

        And both Doaks and Evans clearly had better blocking in front of them than Huntley…

        I think the Seahwaks will take a RB late in this draft if they are able to add a few picks, so will be interesting to see how it plays out.

        • DougM

          Chris Evans missed a year for academic reasons and was asked by the coach to come back. By then a couple of other guys had become established and he, it was said, provided more of a leadership role in the locker room.

  6. Gohawks5151

    It’s such a strange feeling heading into the draft. I try not to think about the capital we gave away and the mock draft Rob put together gives me hope. In that scenario where we trade back once or twice I still think we can get a fabulous first pick. Someone will drop in a position of need I’m confident whether that be Wade, Cleveland, R Moore, D Smith, D Brown etc. I even talk myself into thinking someone like G Rosseau may be there, however unlikely. Seattle has actually played the offseason pretty well this year. I think they keep it rolling and end up with a headliner and 3 good building blocks when the dust settles.

  7. Forrest

    How about Chazz Surratt to fill the LB need. Then maybe a CB or C and sign Antonio Brown. I think they’ll miss Aldon Smith. With Surratt they could alternate blitzes with Jamal Adams so defenses didn’t know where the pressure was coming from.

    • Rob Staton

      He needs a lot of work

  8. GerryG

    I am trying to think of the last time it was mid-April and I was both excited about the Mariners present and bullish on the long & short term plan, while being so-so on the Seahawks current roster and distraught about their long & short term plan. Has to be 20 years.

    • Big Mike

      I keep telling myself “it’s only April and they ARE the Mariners” but yeah, the direction is looking good. And major kudos to Dipoto for what appears so far anyway really getting the bullpen squared away.
      Agree with you as it concerns the Hawks’ direction, or lack thereof. The future seems questionable at best.

    • Kendo

      I want to be more excited for the Mariners this season after a solid start. We’ve just been let down too many times in the past by this team after solid starts. I’ll hold my excitement until after the next four series since they have quite the gauntlet to play through.

      As for the Seahawks it feels like they’ve been slowly sinking and things will start crumbling soon. I had such optimism at the start of of the 2020 offseason but they really messed things up and it looks like the effects of that offseason will be felt for a few more years.

      Damn my comment sounds like an emo kid in high school. I’ll take a chill pill with some whiskey neat.

  9. Trevor

    I know a lot of people said this would be a weak draft class and hard to evaluate because of Covid but to me it seems like a really deep class without perhaps a ton of legit first rounders but guys who would normally be taken in the 2nd round will likely be available in the 3rd and 4th.

    Rob I did some work on Brown and Buddy Johnson. Amazed those two guys are not getting more buzz. If the Hawks added two explosive guys like that at positions of need based on the current roster I would be pumped. Where do think both guys end up getting drafted?

    • Rob Staton

      Obviously I am grading Brown & Johnson in R2 so I would comfortable there. But I accept they might last.

  10. TheCarp

    Haven’t been monitoring the comments, but what is your take on Aldon Smith overall? Given recent news, it seems that he won’t be a Seahawk anyway, but the contract and risk seems right (in comparison to Avril/Bennett signings). If Aldon gets cut, any other free agents remaining that you like?

    • Rob Staton

      Well there are the obvious names at pass rush still out there. Ingram, Kerrigan. I think the fact they even signed Smith speaks to some of their depth concerns. I think the D-line is better than this time last year obviously but when Smith was announced the Seahawks put out a video calling their pass rush ‘scary’. And my response even before the Smith revelation was ‘is it bollocks’.

  11. cha

    Great listen Rob.

    I’m very fascinated by the fact that there could be quality through rounds 4-5. The Seahawks hopefully can tap into that.

    As long as they don’t have sad LJ Collier faces in their press conferences after.

    • Roy Batty

      I want more crying fallen prospects asking, “Why’d y’all wait this long, man?”

      • JJ

        Wonder what press conference will be like after day 1 of draft.

        • Big Mike

          Trade Adams and you might find out. Don’t and your sarcasm will come to fruition. 🙂

    • God of Thunder

      Hindsight is one of my favourite kinds of vision (tho peripheral is fine too). So, supposing we could go back in time to the Collier pick. Of the players we could’ve had, who’d you pick?

      WRs Samuel and Brown were available and the Saints C McCoy. Thoughts?

  12. CA

    Rob you are the man. I appreciate all the time you’ve been putting in since day 1.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you CA

  13. Rob4q

    Interesting Seahawks connection: Derrick Barnes, LB Perdue, is Shawn Alexander’s cousin…

    Would be a nice LB option in the later rounds!

    • JimQ

      Barnes is a LB I’ve had in my eyes as a potential day 3 LB pick, IF the Seahawks go that way. Maybe never will be an all-pro, but could be a solid starter/BU. The 4.57/40 puts him ahead of numerous LB’s.

      LB-Derrick Barnes, Purdue: 6′ 0 3/8″, 238 lbs., 9 3/4″ hand, 33 3/8″ arm, 81 3/8″ wing, 4.57 40, 29 bench, 37″ vertical, 9′ 11″ broad. 2019: 7.5-sacks, 1-INT, 3-PD, 2-FF, 1-FR. Career: 39-games, 226-tkls, 159-solo, 25.0-TFL, 10.5-sacks. –per cbssports “Barnes proved to be a versatile and hard-nosed defender throughout his career for the Boilermakers. He can contribute both as a stack linebacker and edge rusher, which will help his chances of somebody taking a flier on him late in the draft. When he does play on the edge, Barnes compensates for his lack of size with his aggressive style of play and knack for attacking the football. The Kentucky native is a solid athlete with a solid blend of strength and quickness, to go along with a non-stop motor”.

  14. cha

    Brady Henderson
    The one-year deal Smith signed two days before this alleged incident is worth $1,127,500, a source tells me. Smith got a $137,500 signing bonus and a non-guaranteed $990K base salary. His cap number is $987,500.

    Whew. Far better than the ‘up to $4m’ ESPN initially reported.

    They may need to cut him a check for $137,500 and send him on his way.

    • Hoggs41

      Wasnt that his contract last year? I havent seen any report that said it was up to $4m this year.

      • cha

        You’re probably right.

    • Gaux Hawks

      Can’t imagine they’ll be on the hook for the signing bonus, unless they think there’s a chance he’ll play this year. If not, there’s gotta be an out for the team. Bummed about this situation.

      • cha

        I think the bonus check has already been cashed. Sunk cost.

  15. cha

    Never been a huge fan of James Corden but he sums up the Super League mess well.

    • OlyHawksfan

      Disgusting but I guess I’m not surprised. I think a good analogy for us Americans who don’t follow is maybe college basketball? Where any school can dream of winning in the tournament, and to have march madness closed to only a handful of bigger schools. Gross.

    • Rob Staton

      I once loudly booed an unfunny James Corden joke in person (before we somehow managed to kick him over to the States)

      I was so smug about that

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    Isn’t the talk about Wade he’s lost his passion for the game? Wish I could remember where I read that.

  17. Sean

    Great insight as always Rob. Agree that receiver could be a potential area of target, given how deep the class is and some of the offseason defections you mentioned. I do think it is possible the Seahawks could look for a veteran or two off the scrap-heap to fill out the WR group, rather than draft someone.

    I disagree with your prediction of Mac Jones to the 49ers at 3. I think it has been a smokescreen all along, and they will take Fields in that spot. Cincy will have a tough choice to make at 5. Do they take a generational talent in Ja’Maar Chase who played with Joe Burrow in college, or look to protect their franchise passer (that o-line badly needs help) and take Penei Sewell? I think there are arguments to be made on both sides, but agree that the chatter right now seems to favor Chase being the pick there.

    • BobbyK

      I think Chase is the pick if Burrow wants him. He may have said, “Hey, look. I threw to Justin Jefferson and Chase in ’19 and Chase was my guy. He’s better.” If that’s the case, I’d go there too if I were Cincinnati if my franchise QB told me that – even though conventional wisdom would say get him the proper OL protection. They could still get an OL in the 2nd and maybe even the 3rd and/or 4th as well if they really wanted to build around Burrow.

      • Sean

        Agree. Chase looks like he has all the makings of a superstar, and I keep going back to how well he did against multiple NFL quality corners (Trevon Diggs, AJ Terrell, Noah Igbinoghene) in 2019. He is a big-time talent who Burrow will surely enjoy having as an added weapon, but it will add more pressure for the Bengals to hit on that 3rd tier and beyond of OL in round 2 and beyond.

      • Big Mike

        I initially thought they’d go OT but as we’ve learned here the depth at the tackle position is such that I’m with you and I think they can get a good one early round 2 and go with Chase at pick #5.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Why would SF need a smokescreen? They’re the third pick. The first pick will be Lawrence. The second pick will be Wilson. So SF has their choice at the 3rd pick. Why would they need to smokescreen it?

      And by the way, when and where did Shanahan or any SF official say Jones is their guy? Wouldn’t that need to happen first before you could say they’re smokescreening?

    • GerryG

      A smokescreen for who though? What benefit is it to make the NFL think you are going for Jones?

      The Jets aren’t going to miss on the chance to draft Wilson now that they have no QB. The Niners aren’t going to trade away the pick they just acquired.

      Perhaps they take Jones, perhaps they don’t. But the “smokescreen” aspect makes no sense, and does not matter.

      • Sean

        These teams will do anything to keep secrecy about their strategy. Jones is not the type of QB who warrants trading as much draft capital as the 49ers did to move up. They did this move for Fields, and we will find out officially on the evening of April 29th.

      • Spectator

        I would agree GerryG, but the smoke occurred before the Jets traded Darnold as they were reportedly contemplating trading out (they weren’t sold on Wilson yet, even turning down Niners’ offer of a first rounder for him I read). Since the Jets traded Darnold, seems most of the smoke has been around Fields or Lance being the pick for the Niners. But I am on record thinking that Fields is the 2nd best QB and personally believe that Niners are going to take him at 3. Jones does fit their system great though, so I would not be surprised if he is the pick.

        • Rob Staton

          There is no smoke

    • uptop

      Gotta disagree, the more and more that I think about it, I am pretty sure were going to go receiver at 56 (or after a trade down). The top centers aren’t going to last to 56; Dickerson and Mienerz are going to be gone and Humphrey will either be gone or we will pass due to his short arms. Why would we get some meh veteran stopgap at wide receiver when we can get some real talent under cheap control at 56 or later, someone like Eskridge who can add a new dimension to the offense, to run sweeps and interesting tunnel screens, a player that we didn’t have on the roster last year (david MOORE was running jet sweeps, yikes). You wont find that on the veteran scrap heap. The more I think about it, the more right it feels that the Seahawks will go WR at 56.

    • Rob Staton

      I really don’t know why people don’t grasp why Fields isn’t a fit there and come up with stuff like Jones being a smokescreen.

      It’s going to be Jones or Lance.

  18. Sea Mode

    Per Pauline:

    Several teams I’ve spoken with tell me they would not draft Dickerson in the first five rounds due to medical concerns. The long-term effects of prior injuries are as much of a concern as the short-term possibility of suffering a major injury again. I’ve also learned that several teams gave Dickerson a medical grade of 3-minus off medicals, the equivalent of a C-minus in letter grades.

    While it’s not a devastating grade, especially for a player with Dickerson’s history, it’s something that will most certainly flag him with teams.

    • Henry Taylor

      I’m in 2 minds here, can we afford to take a player who is tumbling because of medicals when we only have 3 picks? But also, can we afford no to take someone with his upside when we only have 3 picks?

      • 12th chuck

        it would be very surprising if the Seahawks didn’t have the worst track record for picking players that are, or were injury prone

      • TomLPDX

        Never stopped them before. Why start now!

  19. Sea Mode

    Seems obvious to tailor helmets for specific positions. Glad they finally did it. I guess old habits die hard…

  20. Nick

    Rob, I went back and read your post game analysis of the Rams playoff loss. You noted, correctly, that we struggled on third down. Who are the biggest “chain movers” in this crop of WRs?

    Also, I can’t help but shake the feeling that C will be their first pick. Rewatched the Rams highlights and my goodness, the interior O-line just got chewed up. I would love them to pick Kendrick Greene and then go for the best available WR.

    The depth of this year’s OT class makes me think they will wait until great athletes drop later in the draft.

    • cha

      I don’t think the 3rd down problems last year were due to personnel.

    • Rob Staton

      Rob, I went back and read your post game analysis of the Rams playoff loss. You noted, correctly, that we struggled on third down. Who are the biggest “chain movers” in this crop of WRs?

      I’ve been giving myself headaches trying to work that out, hopefully I will have an answer soon

      • Nick

        Appreciate your time and analysis, man. Keep it up.

  21. uptop

    Yet again murph (Top Billin’) with another good at smart video. He’s high on Davis Mills.

    • Roy Batty

      I’ve said this a few times in here, but the way he goes about his stream is the same way that Rob does this site. It’s not a money maker, its a passion project. No BS. No product promos. Just analysis and honest opinion.

  22. Gohawks5151

    Anyone else see this? I mean Aldon has lost the vendor of the doubt but at least it gives some context

  23. Gohawks5151

    *Benefit of the doubt

    • God of Thunder

      Could be legit but still you have to leave it to the authorities. Smith has the money, presumably, to get his sister away and into a condo or hotel, as someone said. The problem for Smith is that he’s got such a history of problematic behaviour.

  24. SamprasSultanofSwat

    Rob: We know the reason Richard Sherman hasn’t sign with anyone. Is because of RIchard Sherman’s asking price. Your best guess. What do you think is Richard Sherman’s price range?

    • Rob Staton

      No idea, sorry

    • Big Mike

      Aaron Donald is quaking in his cleats.

    • Mike

      I keep thinking of the CB Kyle Fuller, and not the absolute dominant force of a C Kyle Fuller the Seahawks have been holding as secret weapon on our practice squad.

  25. Mike

    Im curious what y’all think about bringing in AP as an RB3 (or maybe 2, depending upon Penny’s play).

    It seems like we need at minimum 3 RBs to make it through a season, if not more. Dallas and Homer make me worried the O will become flat late season.

    Is AP a bad fit/too old? Or would he be a good influence on the young guys and a nice rotational piece. He may not be fast, but if (er when) carson goes out, at least we’d have a power back in the room.

    • Mike

      Edit: or reuniting Gurley with Waldron. The knee pretty much guarantees he cant be a workhorse, but a rotational guy we could save major workload till later in the year may be good. When he is fresh and has a good scheme, he can be effective still.

  26. Jeff

    I’m a bit more skeptical about KJ returning at this point. I think the Seahawks might be happy with where they are at at the LB spot and especially if they anticipate Marquise Blair being healthy I can see them playing a lot more nickel in 2021. He made $7.5 million last year and played really well; I can’t imagine him wanting to make less than that and I don’t think Seattle will want to pay him that much.

    • TomLPDX

      KJ will be signed after May 3rd at a reasonable rate. That’s my gut feeling about it anyway.

  27. Rohan R.

    Apparently, Tony Pauline has heard reports that the Cardinals are targeting Zaven Collins with their R1. Thoughts?

    • pugs1

      I’ve been thinking for a few weeks now that Collins is going higher than he’s been projected so far.

  28. Ashish

    We have not seen any signs yet Adams is going to be traded. Forget about JS and PC. have anyone seen another blog/site talking about trading Adams.
    I’m shocked people thinks they can trade Diggs for draft picks. Seriously!! but you are close hint, it’s not FS but..

    • cha

      Getting a kick out of how a lot of the same people that are vocally pounding the table for a Jamal Adams extension are also tearing their hair out at the prospect of only having 3 draft picks and are scratching for answers.

  29. Bankhawk

    Anybody shed some light on the Aldous Smith allegations? It’s confusing me. What was the sequence of events, and what did the Hawks know, and when?!

    • Chase

      Supposedly the incident happened 2 days after he signed with us.

  30. Rusty

    Just curious Rob if you’ve watched Ted Lasso and if so if you liked it?

    • Rob Staton

      I have not seen it I’m afraid

      I don’t watch a lot of TV to be honest

      • Rusty

        Gotcha, well if you haven’t heard of it it’s about an American football coach going to coach “soccer” in England. Just figured you might find it interesting, kinda a combo of your interests

      • Ely

        Still watching the last season of GoT on repeat I bet.

  31. Sea Mode

    Per Pauline:

    Many in the league feel Eskridge has cemented himself as a late second-round selection. So who’s looking at him as Round 2 closes out?

    I’m told the speed-needy Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints are two teams that are high on Eskridge. So too are the Chicago Bears, who are presently shopping third-year wideout, Anthony Miller.

    Bears pick at 52, Saints at 60, and Packers at 62. So even if he makes it to 56, trade down and he’s likely gone.

  32. SamprasSultanOfSwat

    I recently saw a video of Quinn Meinerz. Meinerz pile drove his man 6 feet. This Meinerz guy is STRONG. Have you watched the highlight video of Meinerz? Meinerz plays to the whistle. Meinerz BURYS people.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, he’s an NFL-caliber talent playing in Division III. That’s what should happen, tbh.

  33. Sea Mode

    Well, I guess that’s one way to up your client’s stock… 🤷‍♂️

    Drew Rosenhaus

    A lot of media speculation about @Greg_R5. I’ve already had multiple teams tell me that they will take him in the 1st round if he is there when they pick.

  34. no frickin clue

    The pool of undrafted free agents will be even more important than usual given only 3 picks heading into the 2021 draft. Anyone know if there are signing bonus limitations on UDFA’s? Does every team get the same pool of signing bonus money to allocate to UDFA’s, or is the limitation simply that you can give signing bonus money as much as you want, so long as you still stay under the salary cap?

  35. Denver Hawker

    After doing the PFN draft simulator more than I care to admit, I’m amazed at the depth of talent in the draft, especially for players with traits the Hawks look for that may be available in R3-R5.

  36. Sea Mode

    Albert Breer

    NFL teams didn’t get athletic testing numbers from the Indy medical combine earlier this month, but they did get measurements. And that meant, finally, they got Alabama WR DeVonta Smith on a scale.

    Per sources, the Heisman winner checked in at a 6-foot-0.2 and 166 pounds.

    Beyond DeVonta Smith, other notables from Indy …

    • Louisville WR Tutu Atwell was 5-8, 149 (!) pounds.

    • Tulsa LB Zaven Collins (6-4) was up 11 pounds from his Pro Day to 270.

    • BYU QB Zach Wilson was 6-2, 210 pounds.

    • Pitt DL Jaylen Twyman (6-1) was up to 319 pounds.

    • Rob Staton

      Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are both pushing Atwell for round two. I don’t know how you can draft him at 149

      • j

        At 149 pounds I don’t know how you can draft him.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I’m not a very big guy (160 or so pounds) and I never thought I’d see the day when I would be bigger than a potential NFL player. Atwell better be elusive as heck or he’s going to get killed out there.

    • TJ

      I loved watching Smith play this year. He is such a smooth athlete and skilled receiver. He was an amazing college player. But, when I heard that he only weighs 166, I thought “how can you pick a 166 lb player that early?” I think if you are going to use a top 10 or 15 pick on a WR, he should probably be more prototypical. Maybe I’m wrong, but I would have a hard time making that selection if I’m a GM with a high pick. Put 20 lbs on him with no speed/quickness drop-off and I would sprint to the podium with the draft card.

      • Sea Mode

        Ian Kenyon

        I’ve come around to Devonta Smith’s size because of how long he is. He’s 6’0 with a 6’6″ wingspan. He’s not a small person, he’s just light. He hasn’t struggled yet due to his size and if he needs to add 10 lbs in the NFL, he clearly has the frame to do it.

  37. Big Mike

    Just finished the podcast and have to say that when Rob listed the 4 or 5 RBs the Seahawks have passed on in the last few years I cried a little. How in the name of God can Pete and John draft guys like Prosise and Penny and pass on Chubb/Cook/Taylor One of their greatest positional head scratchers to be sure.

  38. Blitzy the Clown

    I did a pfn simulation where I didn’t trade down, instead stuck with the three picks at 56, 129 and 250.

    I came away with Quinn Meinerz (56), Bobby Brown (129) and John Bates (250), which all things considered, wouldn’t be the worst outcome.

  39. JJ

    Desir signs a 1 year deal with hawks.

    • Rob Staton

      Should end some of the CB with the first pick talk

      • JJ

        All these one year deals the hawks are signing just don’t lend itself to good long term roster building. Next year is going to be really difficult.

        • Rob Staton


        • GerryG

          Aside from Locket and Wilson, is threre a single player (not on their first contract) that is signed beyond 2022?

          • Sea Mode

            Just Gabe Jackson.

    • Mick

      I guess we don’t take Sherman then. Desir is not a long-term solution, and we still need to find a young starter there – but not with 3 picks in a draft.

      • Rob Staton

        Yes this more or less puts to bed any hope of Sherman. Can’t see them adding him too

  40. uptop

    Herd having a good bit on why Mac Jones is going to the niners, same stuff we’ve been saying. Can’t wait to win some money on draft night

  41. cha

    Quick look at the 2022 cap at this point in time

    31 players contracted

    Cap space: $60m
    Effective cap space: $46m (that’s counting 20 more players at the minimum to fill the roster)

    3 draft picks in 2021 so far and 7 in 2022 (no first, two 4ths)

    So there are 10 more to add to the roster (let’s assume they all make the team or are beaten out by UDFA’s). Most will be covered by the effective space room but let’s kick $2m extra in.

    So $44m of effective cap room with 41 contracted players.

    $44m to cover 10 spots isn’t too terribly awful. You also potentially have $16m room from Wagner and $8.5m you can gain by restructuring RW.

    Problem is some of those roster spots are going to be awfully expensive.

    Major Roster Concerns

    RW is still an open question. Bobby Wagner is an open question.

    The RW dead cap is reduced to $26m but they save $11m if they trade him so the is some cap recovery available if that is the route they decide to go with.

    Bobby Wagner counts $20m on the cap. It’s time.

    No Left Tackle. No Right Tackle. No Swing Tackle.

    Duane Brown seems a likely extension candidate, but other than his age, there exists a challenge – unless you want to go back to void years, he won’t sign a long extension and give you cap manageability. It is chunky cap hits from here until he retires.

    No outside Corners contracted. None.

    It appears the Seahawks are just going to scrape together corners again in 2022.

    Secondary Roster Concerns


    Adams and Diggs are free agents. Blair and Amadi are contracted so there are bodies available.


    Carson, Dallas and Homer are contracted. Not enough.


    Colby Parkinson is contracted and that is it.

    Thin depth at other spots

    Nobody at Center. Collier and Poona at DT and that is it. Dickson is a free agent.

    You’ll need a couple more linebackers if you don’t want to rely on Barton or BBK having a career resurrection.

    • mantis

      What is the comparison between 2021 and 2022 as far as how many players seahawks had signed at the beginning of the cap year and the cap space available, it would be good to compare if they are better or worse off

      Thanks for you hard work on various topics

        • mantis

          so if i’m reading this correctly, they are in a much better place in 2022?

          • cha

            I wouldn’t say that. They have more cap room open, but look at the UFA list in that link. Is there anyone you can’t live without? Carson?

            UFA’s for 2022: Brown, Shell, Diggs, Adams, Everett, Dissly, and all their corners. And you’ll have to replace Wagner with Brooks and then replace Brooks’ spot if you go that route.

            And no first round pick again. They’ve got their work cut out for them.

    • Ashish

      Good summary, CHa. I would pick best center available with first draft pick followed by OT and WR (or best player available). What would you do guys?

  42. Volume12

    Stanford C Drew Dalman is really freaking good. Damn.

    • Lenny

      I noticed him while doing a Mock. Zero sacks in 3 seasons is nothing to sneeze at. I was getting him in round 6 or 7.

    • Sea Mode

      Hey, Vol., what would you think of drafting Michael Carter with our first pick (perhaps after a small trade down or two)?

      I’d love to see him and Jaelon Darden in our offense under Waldron.

  43. Brian Myers

    which do you think is more likely-Hawks stay put in round two and take Ifeanwu or trade back? and do you see Atlanta trading back with a team who would grab the fourth QB, say Chicago?

    • Rob Staton

      I like how you’ve managed to butcher Ifeatu Melifonwu’s name so much that it almost looks like you’ve just combined his two names to create just one single name. Like ‘Prince’.

      I don’t see the Seahawks taking him in round two either way.

      And I don’t see Atlanta going from #4 to #20 either.

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