New podcast: Bills preview, Vic Beasley & more

Check out this weeks podcast where we discuss the Bills game in depth and reflect on the trade deadline and whether the Seahawks should consider adding Vic Beasley…


  1. charlietheunicorn

    Had anyone heard the report that the Seahawks tried to trade a 5th for Jacob Martin, but got denied by the Texans?

    • Rob Staton

      Yep saw it — we touched on it briefly in the podcast.

  2. BobbyK

    In retrospect, the Seahawks didn’t win that Clowney trade the way we thought they did at the time. They didn’t win the Super Bowl last year and that’s pretty much the purpose of a season when you have a franchise QB. In the process, they gave up a guy who could have helped them have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl this year (Martin) and a 3rd round draft pick who could have been a player who could have helped the team win it all this year (or the next three years). At the time, it seemed like a great deal and many of you will still say that, but I don’t see it that way anymore. Thankful they at least got Dunlap and are getting Adams back!

    • TomLPDX

      To be honest with you, Bobby, I hated that we included Jacob Martin in that deal. I thought he was an up and comer and I was looking forward to seeing what he brought the next year. He’s not a JJ Watt or anything but I though he had a lot of upside for us. Didn’t really care about Barkevious (our however you spell it) because we had enough time to determine he wasn’t going to cut it. We didn’t have enough time with Martin.

      • Scot04

        It’s always easy to go back and look at a trade and say it was bad. I felt the Clowney trade was a good one. We needed a legitimate edge rusher and got one. Teams planned for Clowney, he was constantly double teamed freeing up others. You have to give up things to aquire a Quality player. Martin wasn’t a starter and we needed one. Without Martin they might not make the trade. Without Clowney i can’t imagine how bad our pass rush would have been. Obviously bad. Look what we saw through the 1st 6 games this year.
        I thought it was a good trade for both teams. Now the Adams trade i thought was bad when it happened and still do. Two 1sts and a 3rd for a safety who’s not even signed long term. Like Rob said, Adams basically has all the negotiating power now. I hope I’m proven wrong and Adams plays at a Pro Bowl level the last 9 games; and we are able to sign a player long term who proves he fits and and deserves the money. Hopefully he will take just being #1 paid safety and not try to break the bank. Looking forward to seeing him play though now that he’s part of the team. We need him to be the Star they thought he would be.

        • Gohawks5151

          Agree. It was Carson and Penny getting hurt that killed the playoff run. Clowney balled out. A win at GB sets up a showdown in SF after 2 tight games. Could have gone any way. Matt n had potential but I’d do the deal every time

          • Mike

            Carson and penny sure, but i really think the injuries on the o line is what did us in.

  3. Elmer

    If they are interested in Beasley the safe approach would be to try to get him on the practice squad first to see how (if) he fits – compared to current DL personnel.

    • Lewis

      This. And if he’s not willing to do that, that tells you what you need to know about his attitude.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Let’s get the pieces that have been added gelling, instead of bringing yet another guy inot the DL room. Dare I say they have enough now, so let’s roll with what we got. Only if Takk gets cut by the Falcons would I think about bringing someone in to the DL.

        • Spencer Duncan

          Reportedly they rejected offers of 5th and 6th round picks so I doubt they’ll cut him.

  4. Chase

    When will we know if Beasley clears waivers?

    • charlietheunicorn

      I believe 1600 hours tomorrow (Thursday)

    • JC3

      They are not going to sign this guy. If they sign Vic Beasley, they are telling the whole world that they are desperate & fuck up big time during the off season.

      • Chase

        I hope they admit that instead of ignoring the obvious. We need all the help we can get.

      • Spencer Duncan

        Theres no harm in adding him to the Practice Squad to see if he can earn his way onto the roster like with Snacks.

        • dream22

          Packers seem to need a run stuffer, I wonder if they would steal Snacks if he’s not added to the roster soon

          • Rob Staton

            Snacks seems to be determined to make it work in Seattle.

      • Gohawks5151

        I’d imagine a call was made to Dan Quinn on what’s up with Beasley. Pete loves a project.

        • JC3

          Not Lendale White type of project. The guy signed up for 9 mils and goes AWOL first day at job , then does a crappy job afterward. So do you expect him to come in as a changed man?

          • Gohawks5151

            No, but a desperate man maybe.

  5. Tony

    9ers just lost aiyuk, deebo and trent williams to covid. They have like 1 wr, trent taylor for tomorrow. That should end any hope for packers loss.

    • chase cash

      Is it bad i want hem to finish like 8-8 or 9-7 so they don’t get a top 10 pick to pair with whichever qb they sign in the off season?

      • Ghost Mutt

        Not in the least – we should be desperately cheering for them to win games from here on out.

        There’s four very draftable QBs in the draft – if they finish on 4 or 5 wins they’ll be in position to get one. It’d be a killer if they get 5 years of cheap and serviceable QB play, means they can extend the likes of Bosa, Williams and Warner easily.

        I’d much prefer they continue paying over the odds for a veteran.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m more concerned about the Niners drafting Ja’Marr Chase and pairing him with a trade for Matt Ryan.

          • BoiseSeahawk

            Yikes, Ja’Marr Chase and Ryan would be not fun to deal with.
            I’m almost more concerned with the prospect of them getting Zach Wilson out of BYU though.

  6. Big Mike

    That 9ers game tonight even gonna happen?

    • Rob Staton

      Apparently so

    • Lewis

      They only have one positive test so far, Bourne. The others were put on the list as close contacts.

  7. Rob Staton

    Loved this. Mike Florio calling out softball interview questions:

    • Sea Mode


  8. Gohawks5151

    Great thoughts. You both continue to have great chemistry. I heard someone say that Jamal is one on the only players that can sack Matt Ryan, tackle Gurley in the open field and get a PBU on Julio in one game. He is a true field tilter. I think that with 2.5 games on tape, no camp and philosophical unrest on defense early in the season they are still working out the kinks in his integration to the D. They seem to be getting a better hold on what they want to do on Defense though. The zone blitzes from Sunday seem to be a good fit for him. Disguise the blitz and drops.

    To me, I hope that the math is easy. Does Adams+Dunlap+Griffin+DJ Reed= 2 more 3 and outs on Sunday? Or 7 less points? I agree with Robbie in that getting guys healthy makes me optimistic and I’ll add chemistry among the defensive to that too. However, this team is who it is and that is an Offensive team. They will go as far as they can take them.

    • Simo

      Let’s just hope Adams is fully recovered from the groin injury, and that he doesn’t rush back to quickly. If he’s truly good to go this is a better defense.

      And even though Griffin hasn’t been great this year, I’d still take him at starting CB over Flowers. Will also be interesting to see how the Hawks play the nickel role this week if Amadi is back. DJ Reed did a pretty nice job and may have earned more playing time.

      Not sure I have much faith in Rasheem Green, but would be nice if he can provide even a small upgrade over Collier. Pair him with Dunlap and hopefully we see a more consistent rush and more pressure. It will also help if Mayowa comes back healthy and gets in the mix.

      On offense it would be nice to get Carson back, but only if he’s fully healthy. We’re gonna need him down the road, no sense risking a long-term injury there.

  9. Rob Staton

    False positive tests only for the Niners

    • Big Mike

      Any chance they can be cleared in time to play tonight? (I don’t know the protocols once a false positive is identified)

    • Rob Staton

      Or maybe not…

      • CaptainJack

        Only fair to the 49ers to delay the game

        • Rob Staton

          Too late now, it’s going ahead.

          • CaptainJack

            Well, that sucks for us. Green Bay will stream roll them if Trent Taylor is their top receiver…

  10. Ron Mullins

    Vic Beasley would be a great addition to the Seahawks & more important than even football will help his ability to become part of a organization that will prepare Vic to become a protective and healthy man. To be around other Individuals that care for him for more than just football. Vic will be given another opportunity once he becomes whole once again. Good luck Vic and may God Bless you and your entire family.

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