New podcast: scouting combine and Seahawks free agency

Brandan and I review the combine and get into the Seahawks free agency rumours…


  1. Trevor

    Really looking forward to this podcast on my morning drive.

    I was a big fan of Ngakoue at Maryland when he was coming out but he didn’t really match the Hawks physical profile because of his 10 yd split so figured he would not really be on their radar. So if they make this move for him I would be ok with it for sure. I just view him more as a complimentary piece and really good backside speed rusher. I don’t see him as a game wrecker. So giving up both draft capital and a $18-20 mil deal gives me a great deal of pause.

    One thing is for sure this is going to be an intriguing off season with lots of twists and turns likely.

    • Rob Staton

      The problem is, the market for a decent pass rushing EDGE who isn’t a game wrecker is already $17m a year. That’s what Dee Ford received. So if you want a complimentary pass rusher who can create pressure from the LEO spot, that is how much you’re going to end up paying.

      The only alternative is to draft one instead. But this is a crap draft at the position and this team can’t bank on one rookie to turn this DL around.

      • Trevor

        I guess that is kind of what I meant. If Ngakoue is complimentary piece and part of a puzzle then great. But if he is the the big off season move for the DL I would be very worried.

        • Rob Staton

          The Seahawks are not going to add just one pass rusher. Everyone can rest easy about that. They know they need multiple guys.

          • Ralphy

            Rob based on your replies it sounds to me that you are for this. When you have time I would love to hear more of your reasoning as to why you prefer this over attempting to sign one of the FA’s. The draft capital is what has me not liking this move when there are FA’s on the horizon that would cost the same.

            • Rob Staton

              I’m for any move that improves the pass rush.

              • Ralphy

                I understand that, we all are. My question is how do you feel about giving up this kind of draft capital for the player? He appears to have benefited from playing on a strong D line and he’s going to cost a lot of money on top of the picks.

                • Rob Staton

                  The Seahawks are not going to make a decision like this on a whim, if they actually make this trade. They’ll have talked to teams, agents and everything in-between at the combine. They will do what they think is best to improve the pass rush. And as long as that area of the team is addressed, that’s all we can ask for as fans. There’s no such thing as the perfect plan.

                  • Ralphy

                    Fair enough. Thanks. I hope if it happens that there isn’t that much draft capital given up, or Calais is also involved.

  2. Trevor

    What if the PC/JS decide that they have their star players Russ, Bobby, Locket and Brown all locked up for the next 2-3 year so why not go the veteran route and take full advantage of this 2-3 yr window and win an SB or two.

    -Trade a 3rd this year and next for Calais Campbell and give him a 2 yr extension.
    -Sign Everson Griffin to a 2-3 yr deal
    -Sign Robert Quinn to a 3 yr deal

    You would be getting 3 ideal DL for the Hawks scheme and proven production. Calais as your 3 tech, Griffin as your base DE and Quinn as your speed rusher.

    Then in the draft this year go OT, WR and SAM with your first three picks. Next year focus on adding some young DL to replace these veterans in 2 years and TE.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll keep saying the same thing about Robert Quinn.

      Serious neck injury = two teams moving on already.

      Good for him that he had a good year at Dallas but everyone knows he’s a hit away from an Avril situation.

      • Spencer

        What FA options do you think the Seahawks would legitimately be interested in?

        I’ve been looking at them all and there aren’t many to be interested in, and the ones that are interesting seem to get shot down because they arent a system fit, aren’t as productive as their stats show, etc.

        • Rob Staton

          There are a few. Clowney obviously. Everson Griffen, Arik Armstead, Dante Fowler I think for sure. There are a host of secondary/complimentary options. And you’ve got the trade market.

    • Sea Mode

      I’ll take Clowney (4yrs), Campbell (2yrs), and Griffen (2yrs). Win now and gives us 3 more drafts to find replacements/understudies. Start with Raekwon Davis this year and hope for better EDGE options in the coming drafts.

      • Zxvo3

        I agree 100000%.

        If the window for a championship are these couple of years, then take a chance at the players who you know can be impactful players

  3. no frickin clue

    I think trades are going to have to a be a big part of this offseason for the Hawks. I’m worried that they are going to get out-bid in free agency.

    Here’s a back of the envelope breakdown, courtesy of Over The Cap:
    Seattle’s effective cap space: approx. $43.6 million (ranks 17th out of 32)
    Now lets put effective cap space into three tiers (1-10; 11-20; 21-32) and compare the medians.
    Tier 1: ~ $75 million median effective cap space
    Tier 2: ~ $46 million
    Tier 3: ~ $15 million

    The Hawks can squeeze out another $13.6 million in cap space by cutting Britt, Ed Dickson, and TT, but that still doesn’t quite get the team in range versus those Tier 1 teams. And it’s probably folly to assume that no one is making similar cuts to accomplish the same thing.

    If everyone agrees that the D-line class this year is underwhelming, then the pressure to spend those extra dollars on free agent D-linemen will be intense. Prices get bid up. If Seattle doesn’t have the cap dollars it needs, it can turn to the assets it DOES have: draft picks in exchange for a player or two.

    Or, we elect to pay full freight on Clowney (which might mean low-$20m per year) with the proviso that we probably won’t be able to afford other free top-shelf free agents this year.

    • Kingdome1976

      You can simply structure the contracts of say Yannick and Clowney for the first year or two to be low cap hits. I don’t see our cap being a problem. Also, and I know I’m kind of alone on this one..cut Britt AND Ifedi and take advantage of this great Tackle/Center draft. By cutting them you would have much more leeway for spending on the Dline.

      • Simo

        I personally like this approach of swinging for the fences on occasion. As has been noted, there is a nice 3-5 year window of time to win while Russ is still a top shelf QB. May as well go for it now, and sort out the cap issues as necessary.

        Also, Ifedi is a free agent so there isn’t any cap savings for him. The only logical cuts for cap saving purposes seem to be Ed Dickson, Britt, and possibly KJ and McDougald if they really need more savings and want to make these moves.

        • Kingdome1976

          I know Ifedi is a FA. The Cap savings would come from not resigning him.

          • Simo

            Okay, I see where you’re going now. Lets also hope they can find cheaper/better alternatives for free agents Jaron Brown, Prosise, Iupati, and Ansah.

            I would support resigning several FA’s though if the price and fit is right, including Kendricks, Fant, Jefferson, Woods, Hunt, Hollister, and of course Clowney.

  4. Kingdome1976

    Great podcast Rob, I really enjoyed it.

    I must admit I really didn’t watch Mims all that much before the combine. Since then I now believe him to be a 1st round pick and certainly should be on the Hawks radar. He has great hands, size, length, speed and he’s tough as nails. He also seems to have a more polished route running ability than some other top WR prospects I’ve looked at. If we draft him with our first pick I wouldn’t be mad.

  5. Rob Staton

    Everyone on here should read this:

    “NFL fans get preconditioned to obsess over the salary cap. This time of year in particular, with free agency about to begin and players being cut around the league because of their cap figures, so much of the pro football conversation gets dominated by how much cap space teams have, or lack of it.

    Of course, with a soft cap, the dirty little secret is, and always has been, that cash trumps cap and there are myriad ways to convert salaries and create space and continue to have a means to spend. Even teams seemingly caught in a bind routinely find ways to extend players or apply the franchise tag to players despite those confines … as long as ownership is willing to foot the bill and keep writing checks.”

    • Trevor

      Paul Allen always seemed to be willing to write a check. Do you think anything had changed with the new ownership structure since his passing. Did not seem to affect the deals Russ, Bobby and PC/JS received.

      • Rob Staton

        Nothing has changed, you just noted the two key examples why.

      • SoCal12

        Jody and the Estate have been a blessing so far. They seem to really understand Paul’s philosophy of letting the football guys handle the details while providing the necessary resources. Thank god we didn’t get sold to Bezos lol.

    • Volume12

      Its why Im not a cap or contract guy. Never had interest in it.

      I got enough financial problems of my own. I don’t need to worry about my release/break from life as well.

      • Volume12

        I guess what I’m saying is, the league has enough issues. $ ain’t one of them.

  6. Michael

    Hey Rob, what makes you think that the hawks will pass on this WR class? I REALLY hope they take someone in the mid 2nd round this draft because a solid 3rd WR could really improve the offense to more than just a top 10 but more like a top 3 offense. My favorite WR in the class is Jalen Reagor but I would be interested in Mims or even Michael Pittman Jr. because he catches everything.

    • Rob Staton

      I simply said that they might pass early.

  7. SonGoku
    He just projects your trade scenario to the Packers…

    • Rob Staton

      I got as far as Ashtyn Davis at #18.

      • Matt

        What a horrendous mock draft.

        We trade 27 for 45 and 107? Is John Schneider high in this scenario? Why would we do that? Drop nearly a round to pick up a 4th would be horrendously stupid.

        • Jon

          Seems how TB doesn’t even own #107 this trade doesn’t feel legit😉.

          • Scot04

            It’s our pick 27 for their pick 45, 107 and a 2021 4th rounder

            • Matt

              A future 4th is valued as a current year 5th. This team is not in any position to start making trades that don’t help them this year. Any trade down needs to be about 2020, not 2021.

            • Jon

              For the last several years we have traded back a few slots to end round 1. The trad has netted a 3 each time. Not only does the author propose a trade that nets a fourth and has us moving down 17 slots instead of 10~. It also proposes TB trade a pick they don’t even own #107 They have #114. A trade with Tampa, especially if they want a QB nets us 45+76 and then maybe a 4th in 2021 (worth maybe 20 points as it is valued as a mid 5th this year). Check out trade chart and compare to recent trades in this range. You will find the author has zero clue of history.

              • Jon

                Sorry, I was wrong. Last year Seattle via three trade downs turned 21 into #47, 77, 114, 118, 132, and 177.

                So yeah, turning 26 into 45 and 114 plus a future fourth sounds uh. Sounds like something …

                • Jon

                  Since I took this to far let’s just take a look at 2017 for fun. That year pick 26 turned into 35, 95, 111, 195 and 249. I will now end my tyrad!

                  • JimQ

                    The trade chart at has a feature where you type in the teams name and you then see their picks. This helps with figuring out trade options and will be a lot more meaningful after comp picks are added (soon?).

  8. Sea Mode

    Cliff Avril on 710 Seattle points to PC/JS history of never paying big bucks for one pass rusher. They would rather spend it on 2-3 guys that collectively can get the job done.

    Do you all think this was just circumstance of finding Avril + Bennett for cheap or is there some principle behind it?

    Avril also said one of the big factors he chose Seattle was knowing that with the LOB behind him, he’d have that half second longer to get to the QB.

    Also mentioned Clark and Reed could have been what he and Bennett were for an even longer stretch of time.

    Then Tony Pauline came on and said the Seattle-Clowney match was just seen as a one-year thing and we’ll go from there.

    • Rob Staton

      That seemed like the plan in 2013.

      But times have changed.

      They’re not going to do that again unless the market is flat (it won’t be) or they are happy to let the 2020 season rest in the hands of a bunch of bum pass rushers.

      Tony’s not correct about Clowney. Otherwise Carroll wouldn’t call keeping JC ‘a huge priority’ at the combine.

      • Submanjoe

        Clowney was cheap to acquire and so if he signs elsewhere the loss isn’t so ‘devastating’ insofar as impacting the teams financial and draft situation.
        ‘Bums’ like Green, Collier, jefferson, Reed, and whoever they may sign or draft. All of whom we’ll be rooting for if that is the route they end up down.
        Green showed flashes, he’ll be 23 next year.
        We pray Collier won’t be a bust and he deserves the opportunity, why would they have drafted him in the 1st round…

        I root for the hawks. I believe Pete Carroll can coach all of them up to be better and to develop and play hard. They won’t sign or trade for any bums.

        • Rob Staton

          And neither are they going to rely on that bunch. They will get after this aggressively as they always do.

          • Submanjoe

            I totally agree. I’m excited to see what they do. They always seem to have a surprise in store.

            The scenario yesterday of trading for Yannick Ngokue you discussed.. I totally thought the same insofar as getting Clowney in the room and paying them both and saying ‘we’re doing something special here’.

            Obviously, they have four or five spots to fill on the d line.

    • Trevor

      I have always considered the odds of Clowney coming back as less than 50% and now would put it at less than 25%.

      Option #1 for me was always Clowney and Fowler but if Clowney really is trying to get $22-23 mil per year that just does not seem likely considering they would not come close to that for Clark who was a better pass rusher and a home grown guy. Plus they need multiple quality additions to the DL. They were awful last year with Clowney so paying him a record setting deal and not having the $ to add 2-3 more quality pieces doesn’t make much sense.

      He will go to whoever offers him the most $ and that won’t be Seattle. People point to him not wanting to go to Miami last year as a sign he wants to play for a winner. I personally think he wanted to go to a place where he would do the most to help his stock heading into free agency and that was with a playoff caliber team know for having a good pass rush, not a team going in the tank like Miami.

      As we close in on free agency I think the Hawks will add 3 quality DL via Free agency or trade but I don’t think Clowney will be one of those 3 additions. Really hope i am wrong and they sign him because he is a difference maker when healthy but I am not holding my breath.

      • Rob Staton

        Why on earth would you suggest it’s less than 25%?

        Because of some spurious media chatter?

        Here’s all you need to know. Nobody knows what offers he’s going to get and Pete Carroll says it’s a ‘huge priority’ to keep him.

        If someone offers him a mega deal, so be it. They’ll move on.

        Otherwise he’ll be back.

        There’s absolutely no point overanalysing this.

        • Hawkdawg

          I think there is also no point in taking Carroll’s pronouncements in this area at face value. Pete doesn’t like to say he doesn’t want anybody back. Instead, he wants everybody back. He wants our OLine back, in fact, for example. Instead, the question, as always, is how much he wants any particular player back. He may “want” Ifedi back, but that desire will very likely be extinguished once he realizes how much he will have to pay for that return. The same is true for Britt, Reed, Clowney and pretty much every player we are talking about nowadays.

          • Rob Staton

            He has never said it is a ‘huge priority’ to retain a free agent before.

            That comment went way beyond a cursory ‘we want to keep all our guys’ remark.

  9. Volume12

    Seahawks at Kansas and Auburn’s pro day.

    • DC

      Is Prince working out or still banged up?

      • Volume12

        I think he’s gonna have a personal pro day. He measured in at 6’5, 302 lbs though.

    • Von

      I like the LB from Kansas.

  10. icb12

    Digging the uptick in podcasts this year. Good stuff.

  11. Pugs1

    I was watching NFL live and they were talking about the FA RB’s and it got me thinking about Carson and next year. With Penny coming off a ACL and Carson coming off an injury himself and way out performing his contract. The Seahawks have to protect themselves not only from from the injuries that help tank the 2019 season but from a Carson holdout this offseason. If I was Carson’s agent and the Seahawks don’t draft a legit RB I’m 100% holding Chris out. If they go into the season without adding to the RB room they have given Chris’s camp tons of leverage setting up a potential holdout. Let’s say they draft Taylor, CEH or Akers. Then the only option IMO for Carson is to go back and put together a great 2020 season to hit FA in 2021. If they draft a RB maybe Carson would still holdout but at least they’re covered. Maybe they plan on extending Carson this offseason and this is all for nothing. Maybe I’m overthinking this but we all know how important the running game is to Pete and starting the season with Homer as the starter is not an option!

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, they will add a running back.

      But how early (and how talented) that player is will depend on their ability to address other needs in FA (and what picks they’re left with if they make trades). Because they LOVE Chris Carson and hedging him will not be a priority if they haven’t solved the pass rush or are left with a gaping hole at right tackle.

    • Coleslaw

      Brady Henderson is reporting that Seattle has interest in reuniting with Alex Collins. Count me in. Cheap option, we know he can play. I hope we sign him or Mike Davis and draft 1 also.

      • TomLPDX


        • Pugs1

          Collins could be a nice cheap option but I have to wonder why they didn’t add him instead of Turbin? It can’t be as simple as Turbo is Russell’s friend.

      • Jhams

        He fumbles a lot, has never been good without a great O line opening huge holes for him, and got arrested recently. I’m good thanks.

      • Von

        My guy

        Probably 6th or 7th rounder.

        • Zane

          Wow, very impressive. Would love as a late rounder.

          • Von

            Yeah. He runs a little like Carson and Henry. Catches the ball well also. Bigger than the backs they usually draft, but could save Carson from some short yardage pounding.

            • Sea Mode

              Had a conversation about him with a TCU alum a while back. We both kinda agreed he reminds us of Kalen Ballage, a superior athlete who was supposed to dominate, and didn’t. Sure, he could still develop and find a role at the next level, but the lack of production concerns me.


              Also, if you want a Carson-esque, late-round RB to look into, check out ASU’s Eno Benjamin.

        • Jace

          Dang good find. Definitely some fun highlights to watch.

    • Volume12

      I wouldn’t count out Utah’s Zack Moss. He wasn’t 100% during his 40 (tweaked his hammy during the vert). Not that I think he’s a burner or anything. But no one runs more similar to Chris Carson than this guy.

      • drewdawg11

        Moss always seems like he’s banged up or missing a handful of games. He’s not so good that you make him a focal point before round 4 for me. There are plenty of dudes out there.

    • HawkfaninMT

      RB in FA for me seems dismal… It Henry, Gordon, and Drake that will lead the charge and be more than the Hawks will be willing to spend imo. The focus needs to be on the lines and WR. After those top 3 it gets pretty ugly for cost. A rookie RB will be more of a gamble than say Lamar Miller, but I could see him costing 4-5M, vs a rookie with less miles on his legs and something to prove.

      So unless Gordon wants to take a cheaper contract to play for a contender, I don’t see any impactful FA RB signings

    • GoHawksDani

      Why is no one talks about Perine? The guy ran like Carson in the Senior Bowl. Not 100% Hawks RB based on some testing numbers but he’s a fierce runner and a solid late round pick imo.
      And based on his highlights he has a bit Penny in him too

      • Rob Staton

        Because he doesn’t fit what they look for

  12. Sea Mode


    • Volume12

      Still quite surprised by Jonathan Taylor having the same 10 yd split as him.

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, that too.

  13. Kenny Sloth

    Can I see your post-Combine top 50 Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve written a new tier list article. I’ll put it out over the weekend.

      • RWIII


        • Sea Mode

          [Mr. Burns voice]

      • Kenny Sloth

        Thx for that! Loves the pod. Brandon was excellent again

  14. Jon

    Rob, I appreciate all your knowledge and Time that you spend on this blog. I learn a lot and spend much less time then I would have to on my own. It’s been years since I commented but read every day.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Jon, I appreciate that.

      The combine was tough this year with it being 9pm-4am my time so it’s good to know people still enjoy the blog.

  15. charlietheunicorn

    Tony P (on morning 710 show) was paraphrased by the afternoon drive 710 crew… that Clowney was always viewed as a one year rental…. I find this incredibly hard to believe. John Clayton on his cross talk segment around 1600 hours (4PM) also thought this was ludicrous. Everyone who has ever interacted with Clowney was under the impression he was very interested in returning / had a great time in Seattle, unlike his time in Houston.

    Intriguing… and it at least knocked the Tom Brady crap off the front page.

    • Jhams

      It’s all just posturing, I don’t pay any attention to rumors and reports and insiders at this time of year.

    • Rob Staton

      Tony just offered that up. Carroll only said last week it was a huge priority to keep Clowney.

  16. Steve Nelsen

    The blog was a good listen Rob. Thank you.

    Looking forward to your Top 50 piece.

  17. Madmark

    I like the idea of getting the band back together. I’d go out 1st things and bring Bruce Irving on a 2 year 9M contract to be Sam LB and situational pass rusher. I have all kinds of ideas about defense that just has to be covered in the FA as far as line play this year coming up.
    What I want to know ROB with this OL talent wouldn’t you look to fill it in with lower to spend for defensive help now. Fant is the Question? He’s 27 and at one time was the LT, I like your comments about him and whether we resign him and how much it would cost. Posiac, Roos, and Hunt( who I love but he’s not the next center that feeds the ball to RW. We need to get some talent in here on that line and I just feel this is the draft for that. I mean I’m looking at a Trey Adams or Saahdiq Charles RT LSU.
    I like the idea of A.J. Dillion RB Boston college. We have a Nick Bellore at FB but I never see him. Dillion is a stand alone RB, Take Carson off for breather this guy can continue to do the physical or you can punch him with a pass. I just look at this guy and if I can’t make something for his talents, the n I a poor coach. This guy just screams Seahawk running back. The thing is we still have 4 RB and if they are all healthy beware to the other teams. He reminds me of Mel Blount for patriots. Its crazy to try and mock anything here cause there is variables going on, but its great, The anticipation got to love that.

  18. Dong

    Some thoughts and questions. Please feel free to call me out on anything dumb I say here or misstate in terms of scheme.

    Ngakoue & Clowney appear to be Option A preferred right now for the edges. Dare to dream. They would destroy quarterbacks. Does the pairing work against the run?

    Yannick Ngakoue (6’-2”, 252lbs Combine). I know there has been some talk about Ngakoue’s marginal athletic profile. To me, watching what I can easily find online, I just think he overcomes anything he lacks as an athlete with technique. His chop and hand use are amazing. He is really hard for an OT to get hands on. He does seem like a pure Wide 9 / LEO in a 4-3. Flying off the edge and stunt/loop. I don’t know that he has shown — or been asked to show — the versatility of moving around as a 3-4 rush backer would or to work over the tackle. That might limit his appeal to some teams. He just lines up wide on the edge and gets after the QB, knocking the ball loose on arrival.

    That’s one end, now about the other. The classic 5-tech prototype for Seattle has been Michael Bennett (6’-3.5”, 274lbs Combine). Base downs as a bigger 5-tech DE who can be stout against the run (even doing some two-gapping) or rush, then passing downs move to rush inside from 3-tech.

    Jadaveon Clowney (6’-5.25”, 266lb Combine). Clowney is versatile. That stated, he doesn’t strike me as the best fit as the classic 5/3-tech Seahawk opposite the the LEO. Paul Alexander, well respected former Bengals OL coach, has the opinion that Clowney’s best position is as the rush linebacker / edge in a 3-4, more consistent with the LEO position. I think Clowney’s best role would be the LEO on base downs, then perhaps as the 5-tech on the tackle on passing downs. Within all that, they would move him all over the place as they did against San Francisco. I felt they really played him like a 3-4 rush backer in that game. Move him to create mismatches.

    Can an end pairing of Clowney & Ngakoue hold up against the run? If not, do you take Ngakoue off the field on running downs? Is that going to work with a $20M player?

    On rush downs, what does the line look like? Clowney & Green at the ends with Poona & TBD inside…?

    Finally, Rob, thank you for everything you put into this blog. It is the best NFL personnel analysis I read anywhere.

    • Volume12

      Or they could drop Clowney into coverage as a spy on 3rd down in a 2nd round playoff game.

  19. Gaux Hawks

    Ugh, know that feeling when you come to the realization that the FO won’t draft any of your favorite players… and will brush off all the FAs that you’ve strategically moved years of cap space around to make sure that everything is just right and in the perfect place for the SB run? Months of unsolicited hard work on behalf of PC/JS… yup, that feeling… ignored, like being dumped by the love of your life for an older guy that doesn’t need a fake i.d. to buy cigarettes.

    Thanks for listening.

    1 Isaiah Wilson, T
    2 Raekwon Davis, DT
    2 Denzel Mims, WR
    3 Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB
    3 Kyle Dugger, S
    4 Rashard Lawrence, DT
    4 Hakeem Adeniji, G

    FA Greg Olsen, TE
    FA Bruce Irvin, SAM

    Trade for Yannick and Calais (and keep our picks… why not)
    Release Reed, Wright & Ifedi
    Retain Clowney, Kendricks & Fant
    Restructure Britt

    • Sea Mode

      Trade for Yannick and Calais (and keep our picks… why not)

      Can’t argue against that…! 😂👌

      • Greg Haugsven

        How do you trade for a player and keep your picks? You suggesting we trade for Ngakoue and Campbell using existing players?

        • Sea Mode

          Shhh… just let Gaux Hawks have his moment…

          (just having some fun, man)

          • Greg Haugsven

            I know, so was I…lol

          • Gaux Hawks

            thank you friends… starting to feel better already.

  20. EranUngar

    I agree that the Seahawks will be very aggressive in fixing the pass rush but I do not see them taking 2 top dollar rushers (17M and up).

    I am pretty sure they will get one of those (Clowney/Ngakoue/Armstead…) and complement him with 1-2 sub 10M additions.

    I know you do not believe in the aged/injured FAs but I think they can be a great complimenting pieces. I think they can get JPP well under 10M due to his injuries (his last contract was 3M base + 5.75 in incentives) and Quinn at a similar range. If they are open to spending 17M on DE beyond that top rusher – get both.

    If they go for Ngakoue as a Clem type LEO They may decide to trust Green/L.J. as the bigger 5 tech opposite him and invest in a quality DT next and pick an additional rotational rusher in wave 3 of FA.

    • Rob Staton

      If they sign an ageing pass rusher it’ll be Griffen.

    • BobbyK

      I’m not saying the will do that (take 2 top dollar rushers of 17M and up), but I certainly can see them doing it. After all, the Seahawks DL last year was TERRIBLE with Clowney, so simply resigning a good/great player is not enough. Or if they ad Ngakoue and let Clowney go – they are actually getting worse, even if they spend big on Ngakoue. If they bookend Clowney and Ngakoue, then they have the start of something special, as Clowney showed he can kick inside and be effective on pass rush downs, too.

      I have no idea what the market will be for Reed, but if they somehow resigned him and drafted Davis… then I think the DL would be in position to make this defense formidable in 2020 and ready for a Super Bowl run – the rest would depend on how many other improvements to the roster could be made with the minimal resources available after so much was tied into fixing the DL. And there’s so many more options that do not involve Clowney and/or Ngakoue as well, but they will fix this thing. I have no doubt. It’s just a matter of what’s going to be available after for the rest of the team like RT, another receiver, RB, etc.

      • Rob Staton

        If the market is 17m for a good pass rusher or 13m for an average one they won’t have any choice. Because they’re not waiting until May to try and solve the problem this year.

    • Lewis

      > I do not see them taking 2 top dollar rushers (17M and up).

      Why? They have 6 10+ million contracts this year. Only 4 next year, and I don’t see a new contract for KJ. (The other is Britt, who might see a replacement drafted this year).

      Meanwhile, the cap is expected to increase by 12 million, maybe more. They would be wise to lock up a couple of guys to long term deals that will look like bargains soon.

  21. Greg Haugsven

    I could for sure see them signing both guys. They would be able to get there combined cap hits for 2020 around $20 million. They do t have anyone signed long term beyond d 2021 except for Wilson and Wagner. By the time there cap hits get high the cap could be $225 million and most likely higher.

  22. Brazilian Hawk

    I don’t know how Clowney is not worth 22-23 million APY. Especially on short, backloaded, 3-4 year deal, with significant cap savings by cutting the final year. If he’s at that price, I’ll be pissed with JS and PC. If he has a 25 mil offer, that’s another story.

    That’s his market value. No doubt about it. He’s a better player than Lawrence and Clark, who got 21m APY last season.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s definitely worth Clark/Lawrence money and I think the Seahawks will be happy to pay that if needed.

    • Simo

      Not sure Clowney is a better player than Clark or Lawrence, as he brings a different sort of skill set to the defense. I would agree that he’s equally valuable though and worth a contract in the same range of both those guys.

      I sure hope Rob is right and Pete/John are willing to pay market value, otherwise the #1 offseason goal of fixing the pass rush just got a whole lot more difficult.

  23. Ukhawk

    I’d be tempted to sign Clowney and, if it’s going to be a big trade, go for Chris Jones instead of Ngakoue. Jones is clearly a difference maker.

    Let Reed walk and sign a cheaper, speed DE as another step.

    • Simo

      Would love to have Jones on line next to Clowney, they would be beastly. Not sure KC will even entertain a trade for him, but I’m sure the price would be high. Probably a R1 and 2021 R2, same as they paid for Clark!

  24. Sean

    Can someone smarter than me, tell me why a guy like Michael Pittman is mocked consistantly in the 3rd round and never in the 1st round talk?

    40: 4.52
    3 Cone: 6.96
    Shuttle: 4.14

    Amazing production in college at a big time program…

    I caught a couple USC games this year, seemed like he was their leader on the field on offense, especially with a freshman at QB. His numbers would probably have better if their QB hadn’t got hurt for the whole year, albeit their backup had a good year too. What am I missing???

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve got him in R2 which I think is fair in a loaded class of WR’s.

      • Sean

        Second round is completely fair, but given his production/physical traits you would think he would at least get SOME looks at round 1. It seems like somehow the hype passed him by… which is weird since he went to USC. I am no expert on watching film though.. maybe he doesn’t look that great on tape?

        • Rob Staton

          I just didn’t see much easy separation and that’s always the tell.

    • Sean

      One thing that reallllly doesn’t make sense to me is why Tee Higgins consistently goes higher than Pittman. Tee clearly is slow otherwise he wouldn’t have skipped the combine…

      Also you can’t even use the Tee played against better competition in college excuse. Clemson plays in the joke that is the ACC. His production is very comparable to MIchael Pittman’s.. Also, Tee had the advantage of playing with the GREAT Trevor Lawrence, Pittman had to deal with his QB1 getting hurt for the season, and having to play with a true freshman QB the whole season. Why is Tee always considered better?

      • Rob Staton

        Yes but Tee is well rested after last week…

        • Gaux Hawks

          …touché, rob


    • cha

      I’m no expert but I think Rob has made a good point in that the league is looking for in WRs drafted high has been evolving. Suddenness, separation, etc over size. Always got the feeling that PIttman is your classic “not a burner but a possession receiver” and for his size can have his routes altered too easily by a physical corner.

      He might be top out as a #2 WR on a good team and could be a #1 WR on a needy team. If you’re drafting a WR early you want him to be a potential #1.

      So you combine those with the fact this is a WR rich class and that pushes him down a bit.

      • Sean

        Pittman’s 3 cone ranked 2nd among all WRs.

        His shuttle ranked 4th. Plus he did this at 6-4.

        Isn’t that evidence that he does have that elite seperation, especially for his size? Or do you think those tests are not the best to measure “suddenness”? Not trying to argue, just trying to understand your comment better.

        • cha

          You should question me, LOL. Like I said I’m no expert. But I’m a Pac12 junkie and that’s what I’ve seen of him in games. A “good not great” label that stuck with me. You’re probably right on the measurements but in games I see he can get altered/disrupted at times.

          Zuerlein has a similar thought for what it’s worth

    • Volume12

      Kenny and I were talking about this a little bit ago. It’s a good question. His tape is pretty damn impressive. I’ve never got the lack of buzz for him either.

      I will say that Tee Higgins does a much better job of stacking DBs than Pittman does.

  25. Aaron

    A little off topic as far as FA and the draft goes, but just had to chime in about the XFL. The commentator on the Dragons game just said the Legion of Boom popularized the 2 deep safety look. They ran almost exclusively Cover 3 you twit!

  26. Sea Mode

    Per Condotta:

    ABC announcer Steve Levy mentioned during the opening of its telecast of Saturday’s Houston-Seattle game noting that the Seahawks had scouts in attendance to check out [XFL standout P.J.] Walker, who has become the early sensation of the fledgling league in leading the Roughnecks to a 4-0 start.

    Walker, who turned 25 last month, played at Temple University where he became a starter as a freshman and led the Owls to a 10-4 record as a senior in 2016.

    He went undrafted in 2017 but was then signed by the Colts and spent the 2017 and 2018 seasons on-and-off the Colts’ practice squad (current Seattle offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was the Colts’ QB coach in 2017). Walker was waived by the Colts last September and then signed with the XFL and was allocated to Houston in October.

  27. cha

    Anyone else feel like we’ve entered that lock-down radio silence period just before the legal tampering & FA begins? Where there isn’t much trade and free agent “news”? Like teams are locking their boards and getting ready to implement their plans.

    Maybe I’m just getting stir crazy.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the league is just waiting for the CBA to be voted in so they have clarity on how much they actually have to spend in 10 days.

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