New podcast: Giants @ Seahawks preview

Robbie and I look ahead to this weekends game. Please like the video on YouTube if you get a chance and help spread the word.


  1. CaptainJack

    Luke Willson dropped an easy touchdown pass in the Ravens vs Steelers “covid bowl” today

  2. Hoggs41

    One thing I would comment about tbe Saints needing to lose a game is who they lose to. If its the Chiefs it really doesnt hurt. We need them to lose to the Falcons or Vikings. Then if the Saints, Packers, and Seahawks all finish 13-3 we can get the number 1 seed.

    In this scenario we would all have 10-2 conference records so it would go to common game with a minimum of 4. All three teams have 4 ( Vikings-49ers-Falcons-Eagles). If the Saints can lose to either the Falcons, Eagles or Vikings then the Saints and Packers would both be 4-1 in those common games and we would be 5-0.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Vikings are the one’s to watch. They are playing better and as long as they can rush the ball, can take out any team with a ball control offense.

      Saints are not losing to the Eagles or Falcons….. just don’t see it. Defense is good and the offense is good enough to win these games. Chiefs will give them a good test… so they could drop 2 more games before the playoffs. I’ll assume Brees is back that last 2 games…..

      • C37

        The Saints aren’t LIKELY to lose to the Eagles or Falcons but . . . Taysom Hill versus the Falcons D that played the Raiders last Sunday is certainly a better option for Atlanta than Brees versus the D that faced him the first time they played (2 weeks ago). Personally, if were a bettor, I’d take the Falcons at the current odds (+3.5 points) – especially since some sportsbooks are starting to list the Falcons as the favorites.

  3. Rob Staton

    I just read this on the Seahawks Reddit page and thought I would share it.

    It’s a comment from someone who is unhappy with the content of the blog this year. Despite the Seahawks having a historically poor defense for most of this season, clearly I shouldn’t have voiced my serious concerns —- however legitimate and researched they were.

    This is the way people react to criticism of the team. There’s nothing else they can do. They can’t counter the points. They just try to degrade.

    I’ve learnt a lot about this fan base this year and to be honest, I am still wondering whether to continue after the next draft. There’s an ugly side I didn’t know existed. People clearly only want honest opinions if they aren’t criticising the Seahawks. You know where you stand with me. I will tell you what I seriously believe, having put great thought and consideration into each post. Disagreement is welcome but abuse, gatekeeping and attempting to police discussion is not.

    Here’s what the person wrote:

    I know this is personal, and mentioning this shows I read WAY TOO MUCH Seahawks content, but I remember reading an article 2 off-seasons ago that he mentioned he was having his second kid.

    One kid at ~4 yo and another coming into the terrible-two’s? And now with Covid he’s stuck at home? Could be a rough situation at home right now.

    For what it’s worth, I have no problems at home. My family are awesome. And if I ever did have problems at home, you better believer the last thing I’d be doing is transferring it into analysis of a bloody Seahawks off-season.

    It’s crazy that I can’t just have a critical view. The number of times people have questioned my mental health and now home situation simply because I thought the Seahawks had a really bad off-season is staggering. Especially given we all saw the results of the off-season!

    • Alex H

      Sorry you have to sit through this. It’s been a brutal year in general. Politics in this country is toxic as hell. Lots of folks just don’t seem normal.

    • CaptainJack

      You’re living rent free in their heads Rob!

    • Leonardo

      Reddit is toxic sludge Rob, don’t pay any attention to it. If it means anything to you, my friends and I read everything you put out religiously. Keep calling it as you see it, I can remember when people were calling you a homer ten months ago haha.

    • uptop

      That’s just ridiculously stupid speculation that someone who doesn’t like reading mean words just makes up. I’m sorry you have to put up with that stupidity.

    • DC

      This community would be devastated if you didn’t continue. I think there’s a simple solution, make it a subscription site. Everyone here would be more than happy to pay a few books for all your articles and I’m sure it’ll cut down on the troll traffic a ton.

      And honestly Rob, after 10 years of doing this for free I think it’s about time you got some reward for your hard work. At a minimum it would help pay to upgrade the site that you’ve been wanting to do. Please seriously consider it. If sign up in a heartbeat.

      • Leonardo

        Yeah it seems like the subscription model is the way all good journalism is going. It’s a shame that trolls and hate have slowly eaten away at the dream of the open internet.

      • OlyHawkFan

        Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Small percentage think like that, most people welcome your insight. Spot on content Rob. Please keep up the good work. How do we get you into the Seahawks press room?

        • Rob Staton

          Yet the only responses to the comment were in agreement.

          Nobody provided any push back.

          I’m just a mentally ill person with problems at home… because the Seahawks set out to fix the pass rush as a priority and I thought they did a bad job addressing that self confessed priority.

          I thought they squandered resources and wasted too much time leaving the door open for Clowney.

          I think the Adams trade was an overpay and a desperation move because they’d not made any significant additions to the defense right before camp.

          None of these points are unfair, even if you disagree.

          And yet a lot of Seahawks fans can’t handle it.

          I’m just left feeling, what’s the point?

          If fans just want comforting drivel that says everything is great all the time, they can have it. Somewhere else.

          • Pablo

            Hey Rob.

            Sorry to hear that. From my experience people are often projecting their own issues when it becomes that personal.

            I never comment, simply because I don’t care to but I fully appreciate your assessments as they are accurate or at the very least your honest assessment of what you see. Many people, Seahawks fans or not want to hear what they want to hear. I am not sure very many people want to experience reality. Please keep doing what you do. All other Seahawks content out there is just fluff and hype.

            • Rob Staton

              Thanks Pablo.

              Over the course of 12 years, I’ve got a lot wrong. And I think regulars will say that when I’ve got something wrong, I always fess up. Mistakes with draft projections. Errors in terms of positional priority. Bad game predictions. After every draft I’ve made a point of listing ‘lessons learned’. I’ve also said from year one to year twelve — I don’t have any expertise. I’m a bloke with a blog in England who started writing this to practise ahead of a career in journalism, then caught the bug and simply carried on. For twelve years.

              I don’t think I got the off-season articles wrong. About a third of my articles from May to August focused on off-season topics. The other 66% were positional reviews of the roster, player analysis, draft previews and general topics. I was very critical of the off-season — for the first time in the Carroll era — because I thought they’d done an incredibly poor job. I didn’t want to pretend I felt differently and dilute my articles. Some people have called that brash, aggressive and deliberately negative. It was merely what I thought. Some people have questioned my mental health, my sanity, and have asked ‘what happened?’ to the blog. Simply because, this year, I thought they delivered a bad off-season.

              I feel those articles were vindicated by the performance of the defense and the existing challenges the Seahawks face. I don’t feel like any of my articles were wrong or unfair looking back.

              Neither do I think, after the Buffalo and LA game, that anything I wrote was unfair then either.

              I didn’t really have expectations on what the reaction would be. I thought some would agree, some disagree but overall it would be cordial. I figured most would acknowledge the way they squandered money and didn’t fix the pass rush — especially because the articles went into great detail to lay out what they had done.

              The level of abuse and negativity really caught me off guard. Some people seem obsessed with it — I get emails, comments and tweets from people over and over again, usually after the Seahawks win.

              Not only does it make me question why I bother any more, it also takes the edge off the wins. I’m as happy as anyone when the Seahawks win. Reading all the ‘F-you’ comments after a win, because people presumably think I want the Seahawks to go 0-16, is deflating.

              At the end of the day I’m a Seahawks fan. I am desperate for them to win a Championship this year. That doesn’t mean I have to be positive in articles if I think it’s important to be honest with my own opinions.

              Apologies this is a long response you didn’t ask for. I just needed to vent.

              • Lewis

                Apologies, because I’ve said this before:

                Do I think you have flogged a dead horse somewhat? Yes. HOWEVER, the one issue was so overwhelmingly of critical importance that you had little choice but to do so. How could you really talk about anything else without the pass rush situation at least as context? To do otherwise is the equivalent of asking PC yet again about the mental makeup of DK that lets him bounce back from mistakes.

                Acting like the pass rush wasn’t the five most important things facing this team would take a Herculean act of willful ignorance. If you aren’t going to discuss the critical issues facing the team, what’s the point?

                I love this place and the work you do. As others have said, the content you provide is worth paying for (and I generally refuse to do that, fwiw), which is why I support the Patreon. If you really are considering hanging it up, please consider trying a paid offering first. Having a more modern interface (being able to edit posts, being able to show newest posts first, etc) would be worth it. And it would mean less moderation work, too. I know you’ve been determined not to charge for content, but if that means you stop altogether, then again I ask, what’s the point?

                • Rob Staton

                  “HOWEVER, the one issue was so overwhelmingly of critical importance that you had little choice but to do so.”

                  Thank you for understanding that.

      • DC

        From one DC to another, a big no to that. This is a project of passion.

        You have to choose to ingest the poison Rob. This is everywhere now & certainly not unique to you. Take breaks when you need them. (you skipped yours this year!)

        This site’s greatest strength is that it allows all participants to share their perspective & no one has to be ‘right’. You’ve created the space for this and we all cherish it.

        • Sea Mode

          *insert Spiderman pointing meme here*

          (btw, I thought you guys had sorted this out already. Or is this yet another newcomer?)

          • DC

            Another… 😑
            Relatively new anyway

      • C37

        I might be in the minority, but I don’t pay to access ANY sites, no matter how good I think the content is. If a site wants to make revenue then show me ads; paywalls are deal breakers, ads are not.

        Also, only PART of my rationale is money-related. The other part – and, frankly, the larger part – is that “journalism” sites with pay walls tend to become echo chambers with few, if any, “dissenting” opinions. If I want that, I’ll just talk to myself.

        • Rob Staton

          So you don’t like journalists making a living unless they want to flood their pages with annoying adverts?

          That’s no different than saying you’ll never pay to watch a movie and that in order to make money they should take up 75% of the cinema screen with adverts.

    • Big Mike

      The key in your statement was this Rob:
      “They can’t counter the points. They just try to degrade.”

      I know it isn’t easy, but try to keep that in mind. That’s just so spot on. Only sad little boys do the kind of thing this guy did.

    • Alexander Higgins

      That’s an ignorant person who doesn’t deserve to be reprinted on this blog. As you know, I think you’re obnoxious, arrogant, etc., but your family life is off-limits. I read your blog religiously and respect your views — even though you think I’m an idiot.
      Rob: why are you reading what people are saying about you on Reddit? Stop and get back to writing.
      In fact, I think your superpower is research, analysis and writing.
      Your superweakness is engaging with people you think are stupid. Leave us alone!

      • Rob Staton

        I am not reading about myself. That was in a thread about Jamal Adams.

    • Spencer Duncan

      In not only draft analysis but straight Seahawks analysis none of the other sites come close. Keep doing you Rob, the fans of the blog really appreciate it.

    • TomLPDX

      Ah, Rob, I wish you could just ignore the noise. I know you are having a difficult time dealing with it. Just remember that the vast majority of us here appreciate your candid and honest opinion. Don’t let the noise get in the way of what you love.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t have a difficult time with it.

        I’m just becoming less arsed to give up so much free time when this is the consequence of a fair critique.

    • Trevor

      Sad is all I can say. Some people need professional mental help.

    • BobbyK

      It’s the same reason objective democrats won’t watch Fox News and objective republicans won’t watch CNN or CNBC. Nobody cares about viewpoints they don’t share or want to acknowledge. They only care about what they want to hear.

      It’s no different with sports fans. They don’t care about an opinion of their team unless it’s what they want to hear. If you dare criticize Percy Harvin, Malik McDowell, Cary Williams, etc… you’re stupid because look at the Carlos Dunlap trade, drafting DK, signing Cliff Avril, etc.

      The fact the Seahawks are on pace to give up the most passing yards in NFL history is something that is concerning, yet the “kumbaya” people don’t care. I agree with the kumbaya group in that I’m jacked this team is 8-3. That’s good.

      But I don’t want to settle for a good regular season. I want to watch my team win a Super Bowl and having a defense that bad isn’t going to get it done in January/February. We need to see improvement (Dunlap has provided a nice boost). That’s what I care about. So the criticism is deserved, as badly as the kumbaya group doesn’t want to admit it.

      Rob, there are two types of people in the world; those who do and those who don’t. The people who so heavily criticize you are armchair fans. They’re the people who don’t have a loyal following on a blog like yours. They’re only people who do nothing and criticize those who do (because they’re too lazy or scared to actually “do” because it’s hard work – but spouting off like a moron is easy and most people choose the easy way in life for the most part). When you’re reading criticism – consider the source. Hang in there!

      • DC

        “You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people my friend. Those with loaded guns and those who dig… You dig.”


        • BobbyK

          Love it! lol

      • Bourbon and ballgames

        No matter how we started, I believe our defense will be league average by the playoffs. If you take week 9 thru 16, we will have not broken the records for yards if you times it by 2. I’m a Democrat who watches fox news. I think the lack of objective counter point here is no one being allowed to post it. Love the raw numbers of this site. Thank you. We are 7th in sacks now, and the back side will be much better for it, as we have seen. Who cares how we started, its where we are going! Losing Green and Irvin was huge, and many starts in the secondary. Here is to hope that we can make it at least to the NFC championship.

        • Rob Staton

          What I find incredible is this continued suggestion that ‘the objective counter point’ isn’t allowed to be posted.

          Let me ask the regulars to this blog. Do you see people disagreeing with me in the comments section? How often am I debating people who disagree with me or challenge my opinions?

          It’s virtually every day.

          It’s just dishonest to suggest ‘counter points’ aren’t made and feels like another attempt to undermine the arguments made without having to address them. That, along with gatekeeping, isn’t allowed in this community.

          Losing Green and Irvin is not the reason why the Seahawks had a historically bad defense for over half a season. They simply didn’t do a good enough job this off-season and the detailed arguments have been made to back that up. We don’t need to revise history.

          The defense has improved in the last two weeks but they played a horrendous, broken Eagles team and an Arizona team that really should have a losing record. In the two previous games, the Seahawks were embarrassed.

          So instead of a victory lap, I’d recommend you simply acknowledge that fair criticisms were made during the off-season and while we all hope a corner has been turned — the reality is we’re probably not going to find out for sure until the Rams/Niners game and/or the playoffs.

          • cortone

            You just shot down, vigorously, someone who disagreed with you, and then insisted that they get on board with your opinion, because of course, yours is the truth.

            In my opinion, JS and PC stood by their market assessment, didn’t bust the bank for an under-performing DE, evaluated the drafting potential of the next two years and decided a 24-yr-old Probowler was weighted toward better results than the draft risks following a year of covid, and populated a lot of backup positions with above journeyman players. Along the OLine they let three starters walk and upgraded all of them, including a 2020 draftee. As nail-biting as the off-season was, it does not look that horrible to me. I would be unhappy if they had signed Clowney (who I desperately wanted them to sign at the time) than I am with Jamal Adams as the consolation “desperation” move.

            Maybe you can write an article describing the moves the Seahawks should have made, and how the play of those players this year backs it up? It would be helpful if you could explain why a particular player who made a decision that was in their own favor should have come to the Seahawks instead (i.e. Calais Campbell). I’m really curious what moves the ‘Hawks should have made, and you could back up your fair criticisms of the off-season.

            • Rob Staton

              No, I shot down the assertion that objective counter points are not allowed to be posted. And yes — when it comes to whether people disagree with me on this blog — my version is the truth. I debate people ALL the time.

              I am very clear about what isn’t allowed. Abuse, gatekeeping, attempting to police debate.

              On the points I raised about the Seahawks in response — that’s merely a counter. Nobody was shot down there. Disagreeing is not ‘shooting down’.

              As for writing an article describing the moves the Seahawks should have made — already have done. I’ve also already backed up my fair criticisms in several thorough, detailed articles.

              And on Calais Campbell — he was traded. He didn’t choose Baltimore. He was asked, when the trade was completed to Baltimore, whether he had any input in picking a destination. He said he had no input.

              • cortone

                In essence, there is no debate, because you already have it figured out and no one is going to dispute your data. You explain why people are wrong, and offer no compromise on your own position.

                Which player that Seattle missed on would have been the difference maker based on how they have played this year? Can you acknowledge that signing Clowney at 15M+ or whatever it would have taken would have been a bonehead decision?

                • Rob Staton

                  I’m literally debating with you now. And you’re not offering counters or viewpoints you’re simply undermining me by accusing me of things I’m not doing. I’ve seen this before and let me make it clear — it isn’t welcome in this community. Accusing me of being unprepared to debate, or accusing me of doing something wrong by standing by and reinforcing my arguments and not caving because someone else disagrees, doesn’t get to replace a coherent counter argument.

                  I’ve already written several articles about players and scenarios that would’ve helped this team achieve its goals better than it did. And several articles too about ways they spent their money vs what they could’ve achieved. In this very comments section today I’ve highlighted that three of the NFL’s most productive sackers were free agents and two of them cost the same amount of cap space as Joey Hunt, Branden Jackson and BJ Finney combined.

                  As for Clowney —- you mean the player they offered a big contract to, who they called the priority, pursued far longer than they should’ve done, likely compromised their ability to sign other players for and insisted they were in it right until he signed with Tennessee? That Jadeveon Clowney?

                  • cortone

                    Well there you go.

                    • Rob Staton

                      This is exactly what I was talking about.

                      No arguments. No counters.

                      Nothing to say to any points raised.

                      Simply an attempt to fill the void by undermining.

                      Another one bites the dust.

          • Bourbon and ballgames

            We can’t be certain that having Irvin and Green all season wouldn’t have helped greatly. Green coming back has kept others fresh, albeit coinciding with Dunlap. In saying the comment before, its the tone of the rebuttals. Take that as you will. Thank you for your hard work. I’m looking forward to the improved defense, and the amazing offense we have had since week 1.

            • Rob Staton

              I think we can say with a degree of certainty that the difference between having a historically bad defense and a decent defense was not Green and Irvin. And when they were on the field against Atlanta and New England, the problems were clear and evident.

              I’m not concerned with my tone. I could equally say the same about your tone. I don’t fanny about when debating.

      • C37

        Hey now . . . Since halftime of the Rams game, Seattle’s average passing yards against (net) has dropped to 204.0 and if they are able to maintain that pace over the final 4 games then they will finish FOUR WHOLE YARDS below the 2011 Packers. So, yeah . . .um . . . that will be quite the “accomplishment”.

    • Gaux Hawks

      rob, this is first and only online forum/blog/thing i’ve ever participated in (outside of one neighborhood incident my wife and i couldn’t resist jumping into regarding raccoons, cats and birds).

      and i would pay a reasonable tax to help keep this baby pulsing… it may also provide the space for a more constructive and healthier debate if you were able to price out the noise.

      on second thought, have your employer (BBC?) provide you a press pass for an experimental NFL segment covering the depths of etc, etc, etc.

      just a thought, good luck!

    • ElPasoHawk

      Rob, this is the best blog/site on the web for Seahawks news, analysis, discussion. I absolutely love your site and would be lost without it. You are the first site I go to in the morning anxiously awaiting new posts and continuously scroll through all the comments to hear others take. Your analysis is always honest and frank. I’m sure like many others, I’m a homer and disagree with some of your more negative commentary, including this off-season, so I understand those who argue these points, but when it becomes abusive or personal people need to check themselves. Thank you for your love of the Seahawks and the passion for writing the articles many of us obsess waiting for.

    • Brett

      2nd time ever commenting, long time reader.

      I’m really sorry that it isn’t okay to have respectable differences in opinion in seemingly anything these days. Rob I’m sure I speak for the vast majority on this board that we check this site multiple times a day just hoping for a new post, not because it’s an echo chamber that makes us feel good but instead we appreciate your thoughtful perspective on the hawks. I for one think you are spot on on your evaluation of the team and the off-season plan and I don’t understand why people think you have to be pollyanna all the time. Someone can just listen to Danny O’Neil if that’s their cup of tea.

      I love your blog because you are well reasoned and honest and to me your only agenda is to understand the thought process behind the product on the field and that humility is rare in my eyes. While I bet it’s hard, I suggest like others said to not take what the haters say personally as they don’t matter. I appreciate your perspective Rob and stick to your guns and don’t change.

    • Pran

      It sucks some folks have to bring private life in to business. You have done a great job pointing out deficiencies this off season and during the season.
      Some of the fans turned sour 2 or 3 seasons ago much before you have tuned voicferous

      • Pran

        Sorry, it got submitted before finishing my thoughts.

        • L80

          Every single person in the world needs to watch “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix. It’s a fantastic documentary and explains a lot of behavior. I have lost countless friends over politics in the last 2 years INCLUDING the best man at my wedding (9 years ago).

          Rob, you and I have “known” each other for many years from other sites, so don’t let these fools bother you if possible. The best thing is to avoid all of those sites like Reddit. One of the developers in the movie had to create a software program for HIMSELF to get off his Reddit addiction.

          • Dewey Finn

            What I find revealing is that you say: “I’ve learnt a lot about this fan base this year” as if crude comments from knuckleheads aren’t endemic to every sports fan base. Additionally, aren’t you a member of “this fan base”? Seems like there is some projection going on.

            Anyway, you’ve got to be able to laugh at it. If comments from sad little web trolls are bothering you this much then, frankly, you probably should retire. Ultimately, football is frivolous. Your peace of mind matters much, much more.

            • Rob Staton

              This isn’t some ranting knucklehead fan.

              This is frequent coherent questioning of my mental health and home life simply because I have dared to criticise the off-season.

              On top of the regular abuse I’ve received, threats to hack my twitter account, emails telling me to F-off when the Seahawks win because obviously I predicted 0-16.

              Its very easy to sit there and say oh you should laugh this off. If you poured your free time into doing something for free, as a hobby, and this is what you received simply for offering an unpopular opinion with many fans, you might be sufficiently disappointed that you felt obliged to comment.

              And yes, I am part of the fan base. My point was that I didn’t see this coming at all. I didn’t anticipate this reaction to a firm but fair appraisal of what was a poor off-season.

              Also, it’s not a question of ‘retiring’. It’s a question of simply thinking this isn’t what I started doing this for 12 years ago. I can handle robust disagreement and spend a lot of time debating on here. I can’t be arsed with people questioning my mental health and whether I’ve got ‘trouble at home’. That’s a disgrace.

              • Travis

                As others have said, I respectfully second that you don’t have to read Twitter, reddit, etc, as these are cesspool of tough guy internet warriors that require neither a)any actual ability IRL and b) any valid reasoning/facts as a prerequisite to attack people viciously. If you quit writing this blog, there really isn’t a good alternative to get both intelligent draft information and actual analysis of the Seahawks. The overall point that needs reinforcing is that you’ve been absolutely right about everything you’ve said about this season, regardless of the attacks.

                I will also say for me personally it was a lot easier to be a Seahawks fan prior to moving to the Seattle area.

                • Rob Staton

                  To me though, reading about the Seahawks and talking about the Seahawks online is just part of being a fan, and I’m a fan. If I got paid to do this I’d tune out — as I do in my day job (where the abuse can be far greater). When you do something in your spare time as a hobby then have to read people question how ‘things are at home’ because I thought they could’ve done a better job fixing the pass rush, that — to me — is nuts.

              • Trevor

                Rob I love this blog more than any other sports blog or in fact website. I have logged in everyday for years to get your incredible commentary on the draft and Seahawks.

                That being said I would not blame you one bit for not wanting to continue putting up with this crap and abuse from people who clearly have their own mental health issues.

                You do what is best for you and your family. Don’t worry one bit about anyone else. The rest of us regulars have gotten years of incredible information, entertainment and commentary for free and that is a million times more than anyone could ask.

                I just want to thank you again for all you do and I am sure I speak for most of the regulars in saying that we support you 1000% in whatever you do.

                • Rob Staton

                  Thanks Trev

              • Tomas

                Seattle is a toxic city … it’s not just Seahawk fans, Rob, though clearly they’re the league’s worst. Your blog is hugely informative, good natured, and entertaining.

    • Sean

      Rob – I have been a regular reader of the site for several years. I really appreciate what you do and the quality of analysis, insight, and discussion on the site. I have not seen anything else like it. This is the only sports blog I follow, and the only website anywhere that I find it worthwhile to read the comment section…you have built a place where thoughtful fans can have interesting and informed discussions. I have learned so much about football from this community. And it has been a godsend this year in particular, providing something I can delve into that is not the doom and gloom that is the pandemic, American politics, and a tough year family-wise.

      Sorry to hear about the vitriol pointed at you from social media. Sadly we are in an era when people think that because they like something (e.g. Seahawks), then it needs to follow that what they like is perfect and that everything else is the worst. And many vocal people seem to think that their uninformed opinions or feelings are more important than facts. It isn’t just our team, or sports – it is America right now, and perhaps broader than that. I am digressing a bit…the main point is that there are probably a number of fans out here like me that are generally silent, but genuinely appreciate what you’ve created here. Thank you.

      Ellensburg, WA

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks Sean

    • AlaskaHawk

      Rob, not sure where this post will end up in the string. But – I”ve felt as if the team was gradually declining for the last five years. But the win/loss record doesn’t always reflect that.

      You have = for the most part – held out hope that there would be a turnaround each year. Until this year, when you finally started sounding alarm bells. All the way back in April I think, and since you wrote all summer, you have been sounding the alarm for 8 months now. While I find the team to be flawed – they are once again having a pretty good record. Potentially 11 or 12 wins.

      Anyway – this is a long winded way of saying that you flipped in your attitude toward the likelihood of team success. From thinking they are improving each year, to being much more analytical/negative if they didn’t improve the defensive line. I just think that 8 months of that was too much for the average reader. Your right about the consequences of linemen failures, and from my perspective things will only get worse next year because of a lack of draft picks.

      So this was not meant as an attack. Just an observation. I still think you should take 2 or 3 months off in the summer like you used too. Or limit yourself to one article per week.

      I love your blog – and like the contributions Cha and others have made. I don’t have time to follow college football, and don’t know anything about the seniors. Your very helpful in your draft analysis. I don’t always agree with the teams drafting priority. I would rather see them try to build up the offense or pick a cornerback, then the Seahawks continual failure to draft defensive linemen of worth.

  4. uptop

    There’s some news about Vic Fangio possibly being fired this offseason. Now if it indeed happens (i doubt it) there will be several 3-4 teams knocking down his door wanting to pay him, but if he slips through the cracks maybe we could bring him on on the staff or maybe have him around to challenge Pete a la Mike Pettine 2017. We just need some sort of new and fresh thought in the meeting rooms.

    • Denver Hawker

      I would welcome Fangio and I think he’d do great with the personnel. He’ll want absolute control of the defense and I highly doubt Pete would allow that. Plus I just can’t see the personalities meshing. Fangio is as old-school as you can get.

  5. CaptainJack

    Seeing lots of praise for the Seahawks secondary recently…

    Do people forget the buffalo game so easily? Do people realize how absolutely dreadful Carson Wentz and the eagles wide receivers have been this year?

    • Big Mike

      As Rob mentioned above, only Seahawks positivity allowed. Trey Flowers is playing like an All-Pro dontcha know?

    • Spencer Duncan

      I was just happy to see no massive cushions from the secondary. Let’s see how it translates.

      • Wade

        I love how the broadcast team on MNF spent the entire game commenting on the wide open receivers in Seattles secondary Wentz was missing his reads on. And yet now Tre Flowers is good and Adams can cover? Also, how crazy is it that Seattles Defensive DVOA went *down* after the Eagles game? Shows you how bad that team is… the hawks are now ranked 26 on that side of the ball I believe. Yeeesh. At least Dunlap won’t be out too long by the sounds of it.

        Side note: Rob, love the blog and the community you’ve built here. Really hope you keep it up in some capacity.

        • Wade

          Sorry, Spencer. Was meant as a reply to Capn Jack

    • charlietheunicorn

      Dunbar was playing on 1 leg….. I fault the coaching staff for having him in the game in that condition. If they had played a healthy guy at the position, the outcome of the game might have been much closer if not changed.

      That being said, the secondary looks like they are playing more as a unit now… not as much freelancing, playing within themselves.

  6. Ryan Purcell

    You’ve been blunt. That can attract some fire. Myself, I appreciate your reasoning even when I’m leaning in the other direction. It’s unfortunate that you are taking this abuse from Seahawk fans and I hope you can find a way to take it with a shrug and a smile. You are appreciated!

  7. Gaux Hawks

    wonder if there is hesitation to bring in taylor knowing they’ll be getting back damontre moore soon, thoughts!

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect Taylor’s injury just isn’t healing which, again, is why some believed he might go undrafted.

      • Hawks_Gui

        Stress fractures are very serious. It can be resolved but also, could become a chronic injurie. So sad we spent 2 picks on an injured player, their doctors need to do a better job evaluating

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think it’s the doctors.

          I think it was pure desperation from PCJS. They failed to address the pass rush in FA and they took a massive gamble on Taylor. Who, as noted before, was being touted as a possible UDFA by established reporters due to this injury.

          • Ashish

            Seriously, we moved up to 2nd round for the player who could be undrafted? I hope they internally accept the mistake and work towards the fix

            • Rob Staton

              There were reports during the off-season that he could go undrafted because of this injury, yes.

              • Lewis

                Were there not similar concerns with DK? Though I would say that situation is different because WR wasn’t a position of desperate need.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  Good point.

                  Strange they target someone like Penny because of his “injury grade” but go after Taylor and DK with their major concerns

        • John

          It was reported that Taylor played the whole 2019 season through his stress fracture. The problem with playing through a stress fracture is that it makes it larger and even the possibility that it may never heal properly. Which leads me to think that Taylor may never play a in the NFL.

          • Rob Staton

            I think that has to be a real concern.

            And Carroll’s tone regarding Taylor has become really subdued.

  8. DC

    Where is Kenny Sloth at???

    I’ve been laying low but damn bro, show some proof of life.

    • dcd2

      He’s been around a bit. Had a comment about Flowers last post or the one before.

      I haven’t seen mishima since the draft though. I miss that guy’s sense of humor.

      • DC

        Ahhh, thanks man. I go for periods of time without reading much these days so there’s a lot that probably slips through the cracks of what I see.

        Yeah we could use mishima & all of the laughs that we get these days.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I been lurking for sure!! There’s been some weird narratives and too much trolling that’s been getting under my skin.

      Just happy to read Rob’s content, even when he’s catching flak from these (lets be right) *losers*

  9. dcd2

    Rob, you didn’t ask for advice, so I’ll not offer any.

    I will say this. I appreciate the hell out of your work. If I had to give up SDB or the entirety of the other Seahawks content on the web, I’d take this place. For the most part I have already, and no one forced my hand.

    I love this site, the community and everything you add. Cheers.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  10. swedenhawk

    It’s spelled Alain. He’s French!

    • Rob Staton

      There was a distinct lack of Gallic flair in the way Jamal said it. I’m thinking more Maryland than Marseille.

      • charlietheunicorn

        He does seem like a Louis the 16th kind of cat. Hopefully it ends better for him than Louis.

      • Sea Mode

        I sure hope the media make it an absolute priority to clear this up first thing next press conference. I also want to know whether PC wearing different shoes some weeks that aren’t broken in has given him any blisters. And what did Cody Barton have for breakfast yesterday?

        • Rob Staton


    • Sea Mode

      Jamal Alan

      • Big Mike


    • Kenny Sloth

      LEAVE HIM ALONE thats my safety 😢😢😢😅🤣🤣

  11. Sea Mode

    Haha, looks like he’s not gonna risk pissing DK off like last week…

    Gregg Bell

    Giants coach Joe Judge on Zoom call just now on how he’s preparing his defensive backs for the physicality of #Seahawks’ 6-4, 229-pound DK Metcalf Sunday: “Listen, you don’t have a lot of guys walking the earth like him.

    “He’s an elite player in the league.”

  12. Sea Mode

    Once–just once!–I want to hear something like this come out of PC’s mouth. I’d say it’s about as likely as me being named the next head coach…

    Brooke Pryor
    · 8h

    Question: What do you attribute red zone failures and drops?

    Tomlin: “Us sucking.”

    • Denver Hawker

      Hasn’t been there for us. Guys are fighting. Going to get better. Really close on some plays there.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Mike Tomlin 👑

  13. Sea Mode

    Rob, you already know that I basically never close the SDB tab in my browser. Just a way of saying how much I appreciate you and the community you’ve attracted and maintained here.

    I had a job a few years ago working with a group of kids and I spent all my energy and focus trying to keep the problematic ones under control, so much so that I ended up losing my chance to work with the best and brightest of the group that I could have helped reach new heights and who actually deserved that from me.

    The bad apples ended up leaving the group anyways, but I also lost some of the good ones in part because I didn’t show enough attention to them and challenge them enough.

    I would like to think I learned from that to just dedicate the bare minimum to those who don’t deserve it (not that they were necessarily bad people, just that they didn’t fit with what we were trying to do there, and eventually found their way out on their own) and spend my time and effort on those who will really take advantage of what I want to offer and be able to benefit from it.

    While your work this season may have uncovered a sad and, at times, ugly portion of the Seahawks fan base, your work over the years has uncovered IMO it’s most amazing portion. I, at least, will always be grateful for the chance to be a part of that.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

    • Big Mike

      Great post SM.

    • Gohawks5151

      Awesome post. Positive vibes to all.

    • Trevor

      Great post Seamode and I agree completely.

    • dcd2

      Well said SeaMode.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Why I fw you

    • AlaskaHawk

      Well said, SM.

    • Lewis


  14. Rob Staton

    Appreciate the kind words in response to the earlier comment folks.

  15. GerryG

    Definitely reconsidering my Rob Staton intervention regarding his mental health. Cant believe Reddit let the cat out of the bag. 😉

    FWIW Rob, I think all fan bases are terrible. One thing the internet has taught me, is that people are terrible. Large amounts of people are just miserable, awful wastes of space. This place was a santuary for a while, but then eventually becomes known, and is becomes engulfed if the cesspool of internet wasteland.

    Cheers to you Rob, and the long time contributors here.

  16. bmseattle

    I’ve mentioned this before, but a minimal paywall amount would keep out the jerks here at the site.
    People like that, who don’t value other people’s time and effort, will not spend even the smallest amount of money to access a paywall site. It’s against their nature.

    I realize that there are a lot of folks struggling financially these days, but by deciding *what* we are spending our money on, tells us what we truly value.
    I’m not saying it’s ideal… but if it allows Rob to continue the site, rather than stopping altogether, I, for one, think it’s totally worth it.

    Of course, there will always be folks at other sites that will act like jerks.
    Nothing we can do to stop that, and they will continue to have their opinions about Rob, even if he stops blogging.
    The best that we can do, is keep SDB as clean as possible.

  17. Sunil

    Hey Rob,

    Heard you cried yesterday. So funny.

    You are shocked that the public has abandoned you as a serious seahawks thinker???

    You fucking dumbass, its cause you turned this place into an echo chamber where nobody is allowed to disagree with you. You fucking delete posts you idiot, nobody likes that commie shit in America. Maybe that flys in Europe but not in America.

    I have 0 issues with your ultra negative thinking about the seahawks, the real issue is you shutting down people with NORMAL fucking disagreements with your articles. I hope you keep it going and get even more abuse. CAuse you certainly deserve it.

    • Rob Staton

      Sunil’s back everyone…

      • Sunil

        Hey GUys,

        Loved all the great words from the blog last time.. I cant wait for what you guys can come up with this time. Remember Rob deletes posts.

        • SeaTown

          Get a life.

    • Sunil

      Now that I know reddit posts upset you, I am going to make one every week, complaining about you. Thanks for the great idea.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Your a good example of how mean the public has become. Free site – free services – and you bitch , bitch, bitch.

      • Big Mike

        Seriously dude, how fucking pathetic is your life if this is all you have to do?
        Answer: very

        You’re unquestionably a virgin. And no, jacking off to your berating posts on the internet don’t count.

        Hey, is that your mommy calling you to come upstairs and paint her toenails?

        • Sunil

          Im 16 so yes I am a virgin. Trying to not get anyone pregnant bruh.

          Although big mike if you have a hot daughter thats my age let me know.

          • Big Mike

            She’s straight so not interested in another pussy.

            • Sunil

              Dang no big deal, she too big for me anyways.

              • Big Mike

                Not a surprise there.

  18. Sunil

    Rob rob rob,

    I was a huge fan too. For so many years.

    even loved your negative takes. You are an ok writer too.

    But when you started deleting my posts after I demolished you with logic, nah, thats when I decided im not taking that shit. And looks like i inspired a movement.

    Good, I hope your are so weak that you let a bunch of strangers on the internet effect you. Would just again verify everything I have been saying. You are just a pussy when you start losing. Sore loser.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Rob rob rob,

      I am a huge fan too. For so many years.

      even loved your negative takes. You are an amazing writer too.

      But when you started deleting my posts after I demolished you with logic, nah, thats when I decided im not being very polite on your forum. And looks like i inspired a change in myself.

      Good, I hope your are so strong that you don’t let a bunch of strangers on the internet effect you. Would just again verify everything I have been saying. You are just a light in these dark times. Stay Blessed.

      • Sunil

        Oh Im sure Rob has spread the lie that the only posts he deletes are the ones that are mean to him.

        No no no,, Kenny, that is a fabrication. And the only reason I keep coming at him. I dont like when people lie to a good community. This is a community I used to be a part of and engaged very respectfully with everyone. All changed when I disagreed with Rob this offseason, usually I always agree with him. As soon as that happened, censorship. Not a word of disrespect.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I literally dont give a shit. You sound really silly.

          • Sunil

            If you didnt give a shit you wouldnt have mocked my writing lmaoooooooo

            BTW ducks fucking suck.

        • Sunil

          BTW you all probably even know me, I used to post a lot but under another name. Didn’t want anyone to have my real name and email when I went on my mission to destroy rob. But yeah I was very respetful always.

          • Big Mike

            “Didn’t want anyone to have my real name and email when I went on my mission to destroy rob.”

            That’s cuz you’re a two bit fucking pussy with no balls, cunt.

            • Sunil


              IM BIG MIKE

              IM SCARY I CUSS A LOT.

              Sit Down Rob’s LAPDOG. SIT.

              LAY DOWN. ROLLLLLLL

              • Big Mike

                “Didn’t want anyone to have my real name and email when I went on my mission to destroy rob”

                • Big Mike

                  That says it all doesn’t it?

              • Robbie

                Sunil….I’ve sat here and read your stupid comments. Well done you’ve gotten a reaction from people, that’s what it appears you’re after. You’re getting attention. You claim you’re attacking Rob because he deleted your post that you say had logic, and defeated him. Have you actually listened to anything Rob has said? He doesn’t claim to always be right. He doesn’t claim it’s his way or no way. Rob gives his opinion, and he deletes comments from people who make it personal or just flat out are dumb. Shit I’ve had a post deleted before as well and I do a podcast with him. Granted I got duped by a fake Ian Rapport twitter account but whatever lol. It’s his blog, who cares if he deletes the comments he doesn’t like. it’s his right to do so. You can claim free speech blah, blah blah but in the end he can just close comments all together if he wants, that’s part of his right of ownership. You’re right about one thing it’s a community, but remember it’s a community Rob has built. And you’re trying to destroy a community all because he deleted a comment of yours. Really? Thats your motivation. I’ve been a long time reader of Robs and this year I have the honor of doing a podcast with him. I can tell this, recording or not recording he’s the same guy. He has his thoughts, he shares what he feels. Do we all agree with what everyone says, no. And that’s fine. Rob is a good person, does this for free and it’s almost another full time job for him. Just Let it go man, if you don’t like that he deleted it then don’t post here anymore, it’s as simple as that.

            • Kenny Sloth

              This is literally a child. Probably just ignore him instead of cussing him out

              • Sunil

                Hey Kenny how did it feel when the Beavers ran it up and down the field on Oregon?

                • Kenny Sloth

                  It was fine, I guess.

                  Not as embarrassing as you running your mouth up and down this board.

    • Michigan 12th

      Your an idiot. Start your own blog and quite being so ridiculously lazy. You say your American but all I have seen from you is corrupt laziness with an attitude. Not very American. Certainly all the drugs you have done have left you mental.

      I only pray that Rob doesn’t think all Americans are as dumb as you are.

      • Sunil

        Nope, this is my hobby now. Super bored.

        I enjoy all of the hate too. Y’all suck at insults by the way.

        Just so everyone knows, im not the one talking about Robs kids. No need to go there.

        Just know that he is a huge pussy that runs when he gets defeated in an argument. He has to delete posts to make him self feel better.

      • Sunil

        ALSO Michigan fucking sucks, hope you guys get boatraced by Ohio State.

    • Henry Taylor

      Anyone that uses the phrase “demolished you with logic” is clearly a fucking tool.

      • Kenny Sloth


  19. Mick

    I’m just thinking how low can someone be to let a difference of opinions over sports get so personal that he involves his opponent’s family. But I think for every such stupid comment out there, there at least 10 from people who appreciate the work Rob does for us. Using this opportunity to say thank you.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Mick.

      To be honest I never saw myself as an opponent, rather just someone with a different (and fair) opinion.

      • Sunil

        Fair to people that agree with everything you mean. Lol.

        So funny how you can just blatantly sit here and lie while you delete hundreds of posts you dont like. But of course nobody but you knows that, and never will.

        But im glad at least some people are catching on 🙂

  20. charlietheunicorn

    Hum, I see what you mean Rob.

    • AlaskaHawk

      yeah – I don’t need to read Sunil.

  21. Michigan 12th

    Rob thanks for all the content you pour out for us to read. I personally am one of the smartest people in the room on draft day now because of your content. Please keep doing what you do. Many out here appreciate your stuff.

    I fond it cowardly that people who don’t have the cohones to write their own blog, have the audacity to waste all of our time constantly criticizing what you do. Don’t listen to the whiners keep cranking our the material for your true supporters.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks dude

  22. dm594

    I may be coming way out of left field, but this random thought just popped in my head.

    off season sucked re pass rush as we all know it. Did john & pete potentially “attempt” to kill 2 birds with one stone? you get a good “situational” Pass rusher (blitzer) in Jamal adams that to this point, is trending upwards after a slow start. I could still see him racking up 3-4 more sacks before end of season. and with him, you are only paying ONE person big money to both be a safety and provide the potential for 10+ sacks a year. obviously it didnt pan out with Bruce getting hurt and the rest of the group living up to expectations. but this may be a building stone for next season if they do keep adams. it also appears the scheme is changing in favor of adams play style, to an extent.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I have a hard time believing that was the plan all along considering the Jets would’ve taken the ransom any point and we could’ve given them the Jordyn Brooks pick instead of mortgaging our future

    • Rob Staton

      I could buy this argument a lot more if they traded for Adams as soon as the new league year began, not right before training camp.

      • dm594

        I more so worded it wrong. is this something you could see them doing into the coming offseason, vs signing another big name DE? ( i guess it all depends on how the current roster pans out over the remainder of the season)

        • Rob Staton

          Personally, if I was them, I wouldn’t pay Adams what it’s going to take to keep him long term. It’s simply too much for a blitzing safety.

          I would much rather recoup some draft stock, sign Keanu Neal and/or trust Marquise Blair and invest some of the approximately $18m a year it’ll take to keep Adams into the D-line.

          I am open to revising this opinion but I just don’t think Adams is a great scheme fit and I think the need to be aggressive with him to justify his existence is creating problems at the second and third level.

          The key to this defense is creating pressure with four. If they can do that, everything else will take care of itself.

          • DM594

            I love he marquise Blair option, and know he played SS in college and was pretty successful at it. but is he big enough to play the position in NFL?

            • Rob Staton

              Not sure. But Keanu Neal is.

              • TomLPDX

                If Keanu can stay healthy I’d be all for it! Dude can play but he’s hurt a lot.

  23. Big Mike

    I never pay for content but yeah, it’s time to put up a reasonable paywall Rob. It would be worth the $

    • Sunil

      But Mike,

      How is that going to work. You know i am going to be the first paid suscriber. I don’t mind paying 10 dollars a month. Luckily my parents are filthy rich, ask for more allowance, easy.

    • SteveLargent80

      At this point I think there’s no choice when people like “Sunil” constantly make personal attacks. Attack Rob’s work, fine. Disagree with him, fine. But come at him, his family, that’s lower than I thought anyone would stoop to.

  24. Mmjohns195


    Can you not simply block the ip of the user? He’s adding nothing to the discussion and simply trolling because he has nothing better to do. It does effect the quality of the site when drivel like this gets posted, perhaps another community moderator suck as cha or big mike can help mitigate some of the problems.

    I appreciate this blog, I don’t always agree but thoughts are generally well thought out, and backed by facts.

    Thanks for everything

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, he will be blocked now.

      • Elmer

        Yeah. Don’t go away mad. Just go away.

      • bv eburg

        Thank you for blocking him.
        Keep up the good work Rob.

        • Rob Staton


  25. Brazilian Hawk

    About negative comments, well, maybe you should think about them through.

    It’s been over 6 years since I started following your work, and I used to enjoy a lot your analysis. I really care about you and your words, they are very dear.

    What I always liked about your blogging was that, in other times, you were more willing to see through Seahawks strategy, try to understand the reasoning behind the moves, trying to understand what PC and JS were trying to accomplish.

    So far, you’ve done a brilliant job at this department. I say you most likely cracked many of the central aspects of Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s philosophy and approach.

    I suspect you have changed in the past few years, maybe since the fall of LOB’s tenure. If in other times you’d read and analyse the reasoning behind moves, and even defend some of its controversial moves.

    I remember how much time you spent explaining Cable’s offensive line, and how that was the way the Seahawks were built. How that you did a marvellous job at understanding, explaining, and educating people on the structural aspect of Seahawks’ mid-2010 offensive line problems (from philosophy to drafting, to salary cap commitment….)

    Since the end of the LOB, the Seahawks shifted its resources to build around the offence and the QB – not only by making coaching changes, firing Cable, and hiring someone to hold RW accountable.

    I suspect that this STRUCTURAL shift on strategy does not please you that much. I suspect that you don’t enjoy this team and PCJS as much as you did before. I think you’re fed up with this team, the structure, the resource allocation, the drafting, and I suspect that there are even political POV differences here. And this is where you started and inversion of your former thought process: placing blunt criticism before the internal analysis of tendencies.

    There are so many problems with this team: I imagine how difficult was to re-structure a defence that had a poor 2019 during the COVID-19 crisis, the failure of retaining Clowney or finding a good DL, the desperation to add a new blue-chip impact defender to impact and elevate the unit because of the uncertainty.

    But, this team has shown some good stuff too. Poona Ford slowly turning into a top tier DT. Bounce back a year from KJ Wright and Bobby Wagner. The very criticized investment on offensive line paid off as the absolute best unit we’ve had in over a decade. A beautiful group of skill position offensive players.

    I would certainly enjoy your analytical prowess detained on one of our bright sides, from time to time. It would be beautiful

    We’ve enjoyed worse teams. We’ve endorsed worse situations. We’ve seen a luxury defensive powerhouse let us down in the biggest stages for egotistic reasoning, distractions, injuries and mental lapses too.

    Take care. I can feel there has been a down-tone in this blog for a while now.

    • Rob Staton

      “What I always liked about your blogging was that, in other times, you were more willing to see through Seahawks strategy”

      I did this year too. I simply thought their strategy was flawed, that they made mistakes and that certain plans, such as their approach to trying to retain Jadeveon Clowney, failed.

      I’m not obliged to view things through a Seahawks prism and then determine they’ve done a good job.

      “I suspect you have changed in the past few years, maybe since the fall of LOB’s tenure.”

      I haven’t changed anything. I’ve always called things as I see them. My writing this year is simply my personal view and it wasn’t complimentary.

      “I remember how much time you spent explaining Cable’s offensive line, and how that was the way the Seahawks were built. “

      I’ve also spent an equal amount of time breaking down in great detail the way Seattle spent their money this year, what they could’ve done in free agency and why I think certain decisions were flawed.

      “I suspect that this STRUCTURAL shift on strategy does not please you that much.”

      It’s nothing to do with that. I just thought they failed to address their self confessed priorities this season, I didn’t agree with their draft strategy, I think they wasted money and I have serious reservations over the Jamal Adams trade. None of this is connected to any shift in strategy or my own personal opinion on team building.

      “But, this team has shown some good stuff too. Poona Ford slowly turning into a top tier DT. Bounce back a year from KJ Wright and Bobby Wagner. The very criticized investment on offensive line paid off as the absolute best unit we’ve had in over a decade. A beautiful group of skill position offensive players.”

      I have talked about positives and I don’t know why people suggest that I haven’t. My ‘serious’ criticism of the O-line was I fail to understand the pay increase Ogbuehi received, I never liked the BJ Finney signing and I wasn’t sure on Shell. I thought the decision to waste $2.1m on Joey Hunt, only to cut him down the line, was also worthy of criticism. I think Shell has played beyond expectations but I don’t think any of the other points were unfair.

      “I would certainly enjoy your analytical prowess detained on one of our bright sides, from time to time. It would be beautiful”

      You mean like when I praised the Damien Lewis draft pick? Lewis, of course, was one of several players, former GM’s, media pundits and scouts I interviewed for the blog prior to the draft. Stuff like that gets quickly forgotten, doesn’t it? Because I’ve criticised an off-season.

      Then there’s the Quinton Dunbar trade (which I praised). The Carlos Dunlap trade (which I rated an A+). The decision to re-sign Josh Gordon (it hasn’t worked out but I backed it 100%). Why are these things also so readily forgotten?

      “Take care. I can feel there has been a down-tone in this blog for a while now.”

      And that’s part of the problem. Some people can’t accept criticism of the team even if it’s warranted. And once they read criticism, anything else is just cast aside. The sole focus is on the negative. ‘You criticised my team therefore you are off my Christmas card list’ is basically the situation in a nutshell.

      It’s also interesting that people feel obliged to write this in response to the original comment about the Reddit comment suggesting I had ‘problems at home’ because I’ve criticised the Seahawks. You might as well be justifying it by pointing the finger at me.

      • Brazilian Hawk

        My bad if my takes are incorrect.

        On the other hand, we have to agree that the 2020 EDGE FA class is not performing according to the contract they were signed. Carlos Dunlap was a huge pick up for us, while it’s frustrating, maybe waiting for someone like him to be available turned out to be the best option.

        Especially since he took a pay cut to join us and be a part of this push, not taking a lesser offer from arguably worse competitors than us.

        • Rob Staton

          On the other hand, we have to agree that the 2020 EDGE FA class is not performing according to the contract they were signed.

          No, we don’t have to agree to that. Three of the top-15 sack leaders in the NFL were free agents. One has a cap hit of $12.5m this year, one has a cap hit of $6.6m and one has a cap hit of $7.5m. So two of the players who are among the league leaders in sacks were available on contracts equal to the amount of the Greg Olsen deal, the Bruce Irvin deal or the cumulative amount they paid for Joey Hunt, Branden Jackson and B.J. Finney.

          So when people say — the free agent options provided no solutions or the cost was too great — this is massively incorrect. For the price of Hunt, Jackson and Finney (two cut players and one traded player) they could’ve had an effective pass rusher.

          And for what it’s worth, the tied 19th sack leader was traded for a R3 pick a few weeks ago and Calais Campbell — who could’ve been had a fourth rounder, has four sacks in eight games and a PFF rating of 78.2.

          Carlos Dunlap was a huge pick up for us, while it’s frustrating, maybe waiting for someone like him to be available turned out to be the best option.

          I’m sorry but waiting until days before the trade deadline on the off-chance someone becomes available is not a strategy. They are one stubborn owner (Mike Brown) away from that never happening.

          Plus — we’ve all seen how Dunlap is performing in Seattle. Did you know that he had one sack and a PFF grade in the 50’s this year while at Cincinnati?

          So who’s to say some of the other free agents — Robert Quinn, Dante Fowler — wouldn’t similarly be better and more productive in Seattle than Chicago or Atlanta? They could’ve had either player for just over $6m in a cap hit this year with a higher hit in 2021 then an out. That’s basically the same amount you’re paying Dunlap as things stand.

          The environment in Seattle suits Dunlap. It might’ve suited the other two players too.

          Especially since he took a pay cut to join us and be a part of this push, not taking a lesser offer from arguably worse competitors than us.

          He didn’t take a pay cut. He pushed money into 2021. So Seattle owes him more next year and will have to work around that now.

    • Mmjohns195

      In fairness to rob, some of the things they’ve done haven’t made a ton of sense. Seattle made curious moves and then had to overpay to correct them.

      The Malik McDowell pick on it’s own was t bad, but because they’d not really signed anyone else they over corrected to get Richardson.

      They then had fant starting at tackle, but didn’t have a quality backup, so when he went down it was the overpay for Dwayne brown.

      Most all of this has come from missing in several huge drafts, the McDowell draft they picked 6 guys in the top 3 rounds. How many are here? Pocic hill and griffin. Seattle has missed on a lot of players, and while you can get away with that over 1-2 drafts, when you get to 5-6 of them it becomes problematic.

      They have yet to resign a first round pick since 2011. That’s a huge whiff, part of the reason the drafting has been worse imo, is because teams saw those 2010-12 drafts saw the types of players Seattle picked and took their kind of guys earlier, Seattle wanting value traded back and hoped more of their guys were there.

      The tone is more negative because the team has not really taken advantage of the HOF qb, it’s treaded water for about 4 years. Look I’ve watched them since the 80’s, they’re a winning team, I appreciate that, but they could’ve been truly great but currently they’re just treading water. Next year is frightening considering no pucks and no many and a ton of players to add. I guess we’ll see.

      • Brazilian Hawk

        I believe I can agree with all your points. I didn’t even say that I disagreed with Rob in the criticism he has directed to our FO and HC. I think he’s right for the most part.

        What I think that this is still a very enjoyable team, and there are lots of spots that we’re missing when focusing the discussion on what this team hasn’t achieved.

        We could spend our times having more fun and joy, IMO.

        • Rob Staton

          This isn’t a fun and joy blog though. It’s a place for serious, detailed conversation and analysis of the Seahawks. Sometimes it’ll be positive and sometimes it won’t be.

          I don’t know why anyone would want to visit a blog that simply made everything out to be joyous.

        • Mmjohns195

          I don’t necessarily disagree, but… are you still excited over the Mariners? They were quality teams from 2000-2003, they didn’t drastically improve each year and were a competitive 90+ win team. Then in 2004 the wheels came off and they’ve not even been really fun.

          They wasted great potential then got mired in a sea of bad contracts and bad ownership, thus here we are 20 years later still waiting.

          The Seahawks have paid off their run but the last 5 years feels like those just good enough to get by m’s teams.

          We’ll have a top 5 Qb all time and wonder just how great they could’ve been.

      • Big Mike

        Drafting, drafting, drafting as you mentioned.
        The biggest downside to this regime is missing on too may draft choices. The other issues you mentioned are all a result of that.

  26. Rob Staton

    In case anyone is wondering, I have Sunil’s real name and contact details.

    I also have a simple means to find all of his former posts, under the different user names he’s posted under.

    Be careful what you post on the internet folks.

    • Elmer

      Thank you for that reminder. A quote I once read, don’t remember where, was something like “The Human, in his/her perversity, will misuse anything”. Caution on the internet is very good advice.

    • Volume12

      I’m curious to know who he is, but the screen name might’ve given it away.

    • vbullen65

      Any chance you could pass these details on to the community?

  27. C Dub

    Gonna chime in as a long time fan and supporter of the blog.

    Best place to find the nitty gritty details and info on the Seahawks. The overall tone has been a bit downcast, I can understand the frustration, as we have an amazing quarterback who might be spending his best years playing in an organization that has made some great moves as well as some questionable ones. The offensive line sucked for a while, the defensive line sucked for most of the year, it is out of our hands.

    The one point I would make is that football, while we are passionate about it, IS JUST A GAME. No need for people to be attacking others and questioning the family life of others when A GAME is being discussed. If I could get as worked up about something someone writes on the internet about a football team as other people do, my life would have to be pretty free of other problems. There is so much crazy shit going on in the world now, people dying of a mysterious virus, political division, that these petty fights about the Seahawks defensive line just seem trivial. If someone else is frustrated by the content on a blog….

    A. don’t read that blog
    B. start your own blog
    C. do something besides reading a football blog
    D. join the Seahawks organization and make a positive change.

    As for the SDB vs Field Gulls drama, no place for that. Come on guys.

    Take care, thanks for all the great content.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yeah field gulls sucks so I stopped reading it. Its easy

      • Mmjohns195

        The good days of Danny Kelly are long gone…..

  28. Volume12

    WTF did I miss? Good lord

    • Kenny Sloth

      Not how I wanted to spend this lovely morning.

      How you livin’, V. Been a second.

      • Volume12

        Doin alright my guy. Tough time of year for me tbh. How u been tho? Don’t see ya too much anymore.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Mostly I been working my keister off cuz I knew we were gonna get locked down again. Now im furloughed so I have the time to argue with teenagers on the internet.

          Hopefully it’s a little better soon so we can be around our loved ones come christmas

          • Volume12

            lol. I respect dunking on some lil bad ass kids aka zoomers.

            Lookin for work myself. Not easy man.

            Hope so too, although in my case my fam is gone 🥺 & the ones that aren’t (Aunts, Uncles, Grandma) live in Seattle & Hawaii.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Yeah I know how rough the last few years have been on your family. Hope you can find you some good cheer in these times man. I’ll be sending good wishes your way, my friend.

    • Gohawks5151

      Seriously! Just got in for lunch and all hell broke loose. FWIW I haven’t sensed a down tone to the blog. I think the criticisms many people have had are born out of the ticking clock. How long will Pete actually coach? How long will Russ be able to play like this? This is the second chapter of THE BEST streak in franchise history. We already pissed away one championship and should sell out to maximize the next few years for a chance at another. Any steps that take us away from that are up for debate. And that last word was debate, as in respectful fact based communication despite if people cannot agree.

      • Volume12


    • Lewis

      Nothing worth reading, Trust me

  29. Jhams

    Really sucks you’re getting so much grief for spending your free time making content that’s so loved by so many. I don’t agree with you all the time and I think there’s certainly legitimate criticism that could be made, but to see people making it personal like this is a real bummer.

    Do you think a different format would be helpful? I know everyone is suggesting a paywall (and I’m not opposed to that per se) but I also know that’s a lot of work to manage and account for and risks turning a hobby into a really low paid job. Ideally you could get work with the team or NFL UK or Yahoo sports or something, but assuming that doesn’t happen…

    What about turning the comments section into a forum instead? It’d be a lot easier to read and search/cross reference stuff, and you could get some of the trusted commenters to be moderators and just nuke the Sunil’s of the world so you don’t have to deal with it.

  30. Jeffrey

    Hi Rob and sdb community,
    The behavior being displayed by Sunil is so in sync with the “cancel culture” playing out in America. Why can’t you realize Sunil, that if you don’t like/approve of something, simply quit associating with “it”. No one will miss you, go show how wise you are to another online community.

  31. Gaux Hawks

    RIP, sunil… he went down kicking and screaming, gotta respect that ; )

  32. Gaux Hawks

    RIP, sunniill… he went down kicking and screaming, gotta respect that ; )

    • Gaux Hawks

      ^ that was weird, my bad for the duplicate.

  33. Chase

    Rob, I agree there is a very ugly portion of the fanbase that is showing itself, and let me explain why I think they’ve turned on you. During the contending years, you broke down how the team was created, some of the draft picks you pointed out that we targeted, and explained why PCJS were next level in a way that no one else could. It was logical and made sense, seeing their plans unfold in ways you predicted, was just awesome as a fan to read. It was exactly what everyone wanted to hear about their own team. Unfortunately PCJS haven’t been at their peaks recently, and who would they rather take their anger out on? The coach that won them the SB? Or a blog writer doing this in his spare time? I also can’t help but think the tension COVID created has played a role in the fan bases action. However, I for one am excited to read and hear what you have to say, whether its good or bad news. Like Sea Mode said above I have this website open 24/7. It’s the only place where each article has a purpose, and the discussion with others is fantastic. Keep your head up Rob, and thanks for the years of free content.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man, I appreciate it

  34. Hoggs41

    Josh Gordon reinstated. Probably better news for 2021 if he can stay clean.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s better news for now. Forget 2021 — that’s a mile off. Gordon can help immediately for the two most important games of the season and the playoffs. That’s huge.

  35. Darnell

    Sorry to see that you’re dealing with this, it isn’t right.

    There shouldn’t be this much vitriol and negativity amongst fans of an 8-3 football team. Heck, that shouldn’t happen amongst fans of 0-16 teams, either.

    It’s sports, at it’s core it is inherently inconsequential entertainment, and people shouldn’t be assholes to each other about it. these jerks need to dial it back, be happy, and let’s all enjoy cheering for one of the annually strongest programs in the league.

    This is just as annoying to me as when fans refer to anyone who steps on an NFL field as ‘soft’; failing to understand what exactly it takes to even sniff this level.

  36. Darnell

    There we go!

    • Aaron

      Flash Gordon coming back…let’s ******* go!!! #FreeJoshGordon #Freed

  37. Rob Staton

    New post on the blog about Josh Gordon.

  38. Raygun

    Rob i just wanted to thank you for all of the work that you do, especially the podcasts. My dad and i listen to every single one together, we both appreciate your “telling it like it is” analysis. You are truly a bright spot in the Seahawks community.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man, appreciate it

  39. jed

    Rob, just wanted to add one more comment of appreciation for what you do here. I really enjoy your writing & podcasts, even if I don’t always agree with everything you say. I look back on my own opinions over the years and I was an idiot a lot of the time. All I need to do is look at my CD collection.

    I don’t see where you delete comments where people disagree and aren’t jerks. Seems like there is space to disagree with what our favorite football team should do or did and still be friendly to each other. I know some people get off on arguing and pain, but that’s what Twitter and Facebook is for.

    Also, I think you should do whatever you want with the comment section – banning IP addresses, removing all comments for a while, or whatever you choose. This isn’t your job and should be fun for you, even if you’re not writing a sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows article.

    Keep up the good work & thanks again!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Jed

  40. Paul Cook

    It’s your blog Rob, you created it, do as you wish, and if people don’t like it they should go elsewhere. Pretty simple, really.

    I’m a homey Seahawk fan and enjoy the content on the site, from your well reasoned and informative articles to many of the colorful and insightful posters that inhabit and post in this space. I find it to be well suited for the football fan in me that enjoys diving a little deeper into all things Seahawks and draft than the average fan.

    You have your certain dogged intensities that might strike people the wrong way. Hell, I’ve butted with you a few times, though I never took it personally. I enjoy good discussion and debate, especially about topics that excite and interest me, and I enjoy people of different opinions, perspectives, and personalities than my own. It keeps my mind fresh and alive.

    Anyway…I like the site, and appreciate what you do to keep it alive.

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