New podcast on the draft and Seahawks free agency

February 15th, 2017 | Written by Rob Staton

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  1. ImUrHuckleBerri says:

    After watching a lot of the DBs I think I honestly like Budda Baker the best. I see so much of Earl in the way he just missiles into people to make a tackle. If he can truly play the nickel that well and serve as a backup to Earl if need be I think he needs to be the pick.

    For me this is my dream draft as of now. Still have to see who Seattle meets with in the combine.

    Rnd 1 – Budda Baker FS/NCB Washington
    Rnd 2 – Carroll Phillips OLB/LEO? Illinois
    Rnd 3 – Akhello Witherspoon CB Colorado
    Rnd 3 – Chad Wheeler OT USC

    • ImUrHuckleBerri says:

      Probably a bit high for Wheeler to be in the 3rd but couldn’t really think of any other need to plug in.

    • swisshawk says:

      I really like your draft but would slot witherspoon as our 5th round selection and would take rasul douglas instead in the 3rd.

      • swisshawk says:

        I think you could be spot on about baker be our first pick, why? Seattle only once drafted a db before day 3, that should change this year because of the massive talent anyway. But baker is so much like earl, and we saw this year how important he is to our D.
        The only problem I see with baker is that he could be mismatched pretty easily as our ncb. But I think that problem could be solved if the coaching staff would finally gameplan accordingly. Because if evertime a big target is inside and matched with sherm and baker is outside against a smaller one, everything should be ok. I’m a bit pessimistic about that, because we saw it clearly against Atlanta the first time around this year how easily sherm can be taken out of a play with some little movement.

        • Rob Staton says:

          This is the issue though — we’re talking about the Seahawks changing their approach to defense (unlikely) to accommodate a player who otherwise wouldn’t get on the field. And while he may have some similarities to Earl — the Seahawks already have Earl.

          I think they will love Budda. Whether they take him or not is another question.

          • ImUrHuckleBerri says:

            Do you think he could play the slot and play it well though? You would be dealing with the same thing if Jeremy Lane was your nickel corner and Julio Jones is in the slot. I assume Sherman would travel with a premier threat like that if Seattle didn’t feel comfortable putting someone else on another team’s star.

            I will agree with you on one thing for certain though Rob and that’s that Obi Melifonwu definitely does have Seahawk written all over him. It’s just when I have watched him…idk if it’s because he’s so tall or what he just doesn’t have that explosion that everyone keeps talking about. But he could just be making it look easy as well. I have no doubt he will blow the combine out of the water but of the little bit I have seen I just never felt really excited about him.

            • Rob Staton says:

              I don’t know. That’s the problem. Projecting Baker to the slot, almost exclusively, is not ideal. I think the Seahawks will like him a lot but liking his game doesn’t mean they’ll feel obliged to take him in round one.

      • Rob Staton says:

        I don’t think Witherspoon is going to last that long. Might be round 3 range.

        • swisshawk says:

          Thanks rob. What round do you see tedric thompson as of now? I agree with you that baker could be a “problem” regarding changing the D, but wondering about a mix of obi, douglas and thompson as reinforcement for the lob. A little to much safety for me but obi can be seen as a chesspiece as you mentioned, therefor I think it could be an option.

          • Rob Staton says:

            Thompson could be anything from round 2 to round 5. Combine will be big. His brother went round five I think but Thompson has just got such good range, production and a nose for the ball. I think round 3 is a modest projection for Tedric.

    • CLB says:

      I like Baker a lot, and Witherspoon played very well for Colorado this year. One way or another, a LB and DBs early are probable or at least needs in the draft, according to Pete. Would like to see us pick CB or S in the first, although Reddick at LB, Bolles at OT, and most of the highest rated CBs and safeties are going to be gone. I’d like to see either Obi-S at 1, Bowser-LB at 2, best CB who drops to us at 3a (Witherspoon, Douglas, Moreau, or Wilson) and at 3b OT Magnuson of Michigan (1st team Big Ten) or OT Will Holden (2nd team SEC).

      Would like to see us pick up at least one more DB on the third day, possibly either one of these CBs if they fall – Stribling of Michigan or DeCoud of Oregon State, or Luani of Wash. State, Thompson of Colorado or Johnson of BC at S if still available. If the situation is reversed and we go CB, say Kevin King first, still pick LB Bowser in the 2nd and one of the safeties just above or Marcus Maye of Florida in the 3rd, he may drop because of his broken arm the 2nd half of the year.

      Whichever way it goes, or for something completely different, which not only Monty Python but the Seahawks often do, thanks NFL for just the warning so we can keep our 2nd round pick!

  2. Sea Mode says:

    News. Avril underwent surgery.

    According to, Avril saw a “core injuries specialist,” but did not specify the type of surgery he underwent.

  3. Sea Mode says:

    Good news from Lockett too from a couple days ago:

    After the season, coach Pete Carroll said he expected Lockett to be ready for Week 1 of the 2017 season, a sentiment the receiver reiterated to Scott.

    “Oh yeah, for sure I will. I can’t wait, either,” he said when asked if he will be ready for the season. “That’s why I’m doing everything they tell me to do.”

    Full conversation here:

  4. Sea Mode says:

    Hmmm, interesting stuff from Mayock’s updated positional rankings:

    – He thinks Cam Robinson will play inside in NFL.
    – Reddick now #2 LB behind Foster.
    – Obi Melifonwu at #5 Safety, Baker #4.
    – Bolles as #2 OT after Ramczyk.
    – Sidney Jones #1 CB.

  5. swisshawk says:

    I haven’t listend to the podcast yet but I wanted to share some thoughts concerning the hawks OL. I’ve read some articels recently and now it seems pretty obvious to me what the hawks will/should do (if they stay true to petes comment to not buy yourself out of it). Not that I think its the right way, but the way the hawks could handle this business.

    LT competition between fant and odi (my hope is that obi wins it and fant can compete at RT)
    LG competition between glow and 3 round G (my guy would be asiata)
    C set with britt
    RG set with germain ifedi, because they don’t give up on last years first selection
    RT competition between gilliam and nsehke (and perhaps fant)

    First, props to the guy who mentioned nsehke as an affordable and in my eyes viable option to trade for.
    My opinion is, that the hawks could go for a middle tier RT in freeagency (trade for nsehke) and draft a guard able to man LG or RG and probably be a backup center to. Sadly I don’t think they will move ifedi outside and withworth won’t come to the hawks as a mentor for fant. Your takes?

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think we might be overstating Neskhe purely based off some remarks by Scot McCloughan. Neskhe is 32 in October and a RFA so would require a trade. I’m not convinced he is the answer.

      I do think, however, that they will likely look at second wave FA’s and see what value is there to add competition at LT or RT. And I wouldn’t rule out completely a veteran trade.

      • Matt B. says:

        Rob, I think Nsekhe is an option (not necessarily a likely option) just because of their relationship with WA and track record last year of looking for some veteran competition without going after any of the big names. I don’t really remember Webb or Sowell being on anyone’s radar. Also, I’m a bit ignorant to the whole RFA thing, I thought WA has first right of refusal but we could still make an offer. He was a undrafted free agent originally, so what picks would we have to give up to sign him?

        As much as a lot of us would like a big splashy FA move on the O-Line, last year’s strategy makes me think we might see more “bottom fishing” looking for value at the bottom of other team’s rosters. The O-Line is definitely an interesting position group to watch this year as it seems like the draft is so weak apart from a small amount of good talent at the top. FA will be very educating as to what their plan is and how they plan to move forward.

        BTW, thank you so much for the site and the podcast, both are excellent and by far the best resource I’ve found for not only ‘Hawks draft information but also league wide analysis. As a parent of two as well, I don’t know how you find the time to keep it up, but we all sure appreciate it!!!

        • Rob Staton says:

          Washington would need to tender Nsekhe and they would have the opportunity to match any offer made to him by Seattle. I just fear we’re overreacting to some comments by Scot McCloughan about a soon-to-be 32-year-old backup offensive tackle. I’ve never seen him play and I suspect neither has anyone else on here.

      • Ishmael says:

        The tape is rock solid though. I saw one of his games at LT, and then some clips from analyst nerds and Washington bloggers. He’s obviously not a star or anything, but he’s comfortably better than a lot of tackles in the league, and certainly anyone on the Seahawks roster.

        But as I said below, it sounds like McCloughan is being forced out of Washington, so that connect is probably gone.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I’ll have to take your word for the tape. ‘Comfortably better’ than a lot of tackles in the league sounds like a stretch to me for a pending 32-year-old backup nobody had heard of until a Washington blogger highlighted some quotes by Scot McCloughan.

          • Ishmael says:

            That’s fair. Could just be he got lucky and hit a hot streak of form at the right time. It’s a tiny sample size, so you would be swinging and hoping. But it’s potentially a low risk, high reward trade that lets Fant or Gilliam develop for another couple of years, or at least buys some time to find someone else in the draft.

  6. Sea Mode says:

    Wow, I totally missed that the Chiefs released R3 pick CB KeiVarae Russell back in September. He appeared in a couple games with the Bengals at the end of the season.

    Was a guy we talked quite a bit about, being local and all.

  7. IncredibleHawk says:

    Great stuff as alway Rob! I would love to hear you views on this stacked CB class, do you have them ranked? Interested to see where you think the drop offs in quality is. If that makes sense.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’ve not done a ranking but I think we could see 19 drafted in the first three rounds. There’s a chance that number could grow based on who emerges from the combine. After that there might be a bit of a drop. I think teams will fill their boots at the position early. It’s more likely than ever that SEA takes a corner early. The safety depth too is fantastic. Some names I like at both positions that could be available from #26 into round two and beyond:

      CB– Douglas, King, Wilson, Witherspoon, Moreau, Decoud, White.
      S — Melifonwu, Baker, Evans, Thompson, Luani, Johnson, Maye

  8. Totem_Hawk says:

    Linebacker and CB’s are available every year; a talent like Earl Thomas or Budda Baker comes along only a couple times every decade. You can’t snap your fingers and just get that kind of player compared to other positions. Yes, the Seahawks have Earl but he is going into year 8, his contract is up after 2018 and his retirement talk I take that his passion for playing may be going. What happens when he’s gone? You cant just draft a replacement. Ideally, Budda would be coming out in 2 years but he’s not..i think he’s that special you have to take him and figure it out. I’ve been trying to like Obi but he just isn’t a great football player IMO..

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      But Melifonwu’s potential is sky high though.

      And could be more useful in the short term as a defensive chess piece

      • Totem_Hawk says:

        Potential could pan out big or he could just be a good football player. Does anyone doubt Budda (barring injury) is going to be an excellent pro? Obi may be very good but I could see him just as easily being a JAG (just another guy)…Obi’s football instincts and IQ seem average when i watch his film.

        • Totem_Hawk says:

          Budda seems to naturally diagnose the play before it happens and is almost always in the right position doing the exact right thing and bringing all his athletic skills to the play. That is a talent very few defensive players have. Very rare

          • Kenny Sloth says:

            He’s smarter than he is actually fast and that’s why he won’t reach Earl Thomas’ level.

            His skills translate well and be should be an excellent starter with pro bowl potential, but ‘once in a decade’ though is hyperbolic to say the least and smells of homerism.

            He’s a solid player.

            But his range should be 25-40
            Not 10-20.

            Obi has a much higher ceiling and would be more useful.

            I expect Melifonwu will at least match Baker.

            • Kenny Sloth says:

              Also they’re not a Like for like comparison.

              They will have very different roles at the next level.

              I don’t think anyone wants Budda at the L.O.S. or Obi on an island in centerfield. I’d be hesitant to put Baker on Special Teams too

              Obi would be a better fit that can get on the field.

              • Totem_Hawk says:

                Kenny you are 100% correct and so is Rob about them being different players. You may be right about Obi being a better fit as a chess piece for the defense being our division stinks and really doesnt have any good WR’s (except maybe Fitzgerald). Obi could kinda freelance in zone, pick up TE’s and some slot guys and play run support in kind of that Hybrid DB role..

                • Kenny Sloth says:

                  It all stems from their discussions with Earl.

                  If he isn’t sure you gotta start thinking about the future at FS.

                  Earl’s longevity is probably much greater than Kam’s imo.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          I could very easily see Budda Baker as JAG.

          His greatest asset is his cerebral playing style.

          Im not convinced his speed is legit

          • Totem_Hawk says:

            It’ll be an interesting first 2 rounds. If the Seahawks go LB or CB in round one most likely both Obi and Budda will both be gone. Although Obi is more likely to drop to round 2 or 3 from all the info ive seen so far.

            • Kenny Sloth says:

              Yeah thats a total possibility.

              I could see Obi as a pure bust whereas Baker will have a plaace in this league

          • Ishmael says:

            There is a pretty broad spectrum between generational superstar and a JAG though. What if he turns out to be Tashaun Gipson, a totally competent and occasionally very good FS? Not a bad guy to have by any means, but is that really what you want in the first?

            • Kenny Sloth says:

              Neither of them is genertional.

              Obi could be Kam, Baker could be Jairus Byrd

              • Ishmael says:

                Totally agree man. I think we all just get a bit caught up in the idea of a player being a star or a bust, with no middle ground.

                • Kenny Sloth says:

                  “Genertional” hahah

                  Thats why i always try to give players tier rankings

                  Blue chips are top top picks only about 20 per year (except this year hubba hubba)

                  Red chips are potential pro bowlers and solid contributors and thesw can be found throughout the top 100.

                  White chips are special teamers.

                  Of course everyone has a different system

        • Ishmael says:

          I find it really hard to talk about player IQ and instincts when we have no idea about the coaching they’re receiving, and what they’re actually being asked to do on any given play.

          • Kenny Sloth says:

            Absolutely. It’s about instinct and reaction.

            Not sure if the FO worried about poor/good coaching at the college level.

            • Ishmael says:

              I bet they do. There’s a reason why they like Alabama kids for example, they know they’ve already received years of proper coaching. Reckon they start going after Michigan players now Harbough is in charge.

              A lot of that instinct and reaction you talk about is learned behaviour from film study though. Sherman talks about it all the time. Watch the tape, learn the tendencies. Recognise the play, narrows down your options, allows you to make quicker/better decisions. Good coaching helps with that an enormous amount.

              • Kenny Sloth says:

                Is that from the coaches pushing the player or the payers own drive and grit?

                I’ve not got the indepth knowledge of position coaches in cfb I’m sure the Hawks have t their disposal

                • Ishmael says:

                  Both. It’s the player wanting to do the work, and the coach teaching him what to look for. And then past teaching them to recognise the stuff on tape, it’s about teaching them how to see it on the field, how to properly respond, how to trust your technique etc etc

    • Rob Staton says:

      I like Budda but it’s a stretch to suggest he’s a ‘couple of times a decade’ player.

  9. williambryan says:

    Been out of the loop.. one thing I’m curious about is devin Hester. Has Carroll said anything about him? Is he expected back? Or already moved on?

  10. Ishmael says:

    Unrelated, but it sounds like Washington are starting to force Scott McCloughan out. Seattle should do whatever they can to get him back in the fold if he does end up splitting.

  11. Totem_Hawk says:

    Anyone else like Josh Harvey-Clemons? S or Hybrid LB. Big, athletic, physical. Was played out of position alot at Louisville as a single high saftey which isn’t his game. Alpha dog type of guy. Downside tested positive for weed a couple times…

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Rob had some very negative review of his play iirc.

      I really would be worried about taking a potential weed addict and bringing him to the Emerald City

      • Ishmael says:

        You can’t get addicted to weed, and frankly I’d prefer it players stuck to comes instead of popping countless painkillers to manage their chronic pain issues. If he can play it should be a non-issue.

        • Ishmael says:


        • Kenny Sloth says:

          You absolutely can be addicted to weed.

          Same as cigarettes and beer and coffee lmao

          • Kenny Sloth says:

            I smoke a lot of weed. I’ve done my research.

          • Ishmael says:

            Really? My understanding was that unlike cigarettes, alcohol, or even caffeine, quitting won’t cause physical withdrawal symptoms. There’s no physical dependency on the drug. Happy to be wrong though.

            • Kenny Sloth says:

              Thats funny haha.

              It’s very similar to most other legal drugs.

              Withdrawal can cause anxiety, aggression, depression, lack of appetite, among other annoying symptoms.

              Nothing as serious as legitimate pains or vomiting.

              I agree it should be integrated by the league, but i don’t want a Ricky Williams here.

              Not because he’s a bad dude at all. He just has other priorities.

              I’d smoke with them, but you Gotta put the team

              • Kenny Sloth says:

                First, hahah

              • Ishmael says:

                Ha alright, well there you go. Learn something every day. Still doesn’t sound as bad as getting off opioids mind you.

                I think the key would be finding out why he smokes. Is it for pain, is it just a habit he’s picked up, is he using it to help manage a mental illness, does he just really love getting blazed? Combine interviews are so important.

                • Kenny Sloth says:

                  Great points. And yeah there’s an opioid epidemic in the NFL it’s sad what these guys will put themelves through for entertainment, money, and pride.

                  I’m not sure there is an easy answer 🙁

                  Many people don’t experience withdrawals from cannabis

      • Totem_Hawk says:

        Ya, his coverage skills are really bad but if he was put in as a box safety with limited coverage responsibilities i thought it could be intriguing. The weed issue is a concern. I was thinking if he slipped to the 5th round as a possibility.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Not a fan of Harvey-Clemons personally. Some of his tape is horrendous.

      • Totem_Hawk says:

        The Clemson game was terrible probably as bad as it gets. I watched other games where he really flashed like against Auburn..but ok…appreciated the feedback.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          A lot of analysts like him aand have a day 2 grade.

          If his interviews go well he could be gone before the fourth. It only takes one team, but in a loaded class any demarcations could be fatal

  12. Peanut says:

    Kelvin Beachum hitting FA, any thoughts?