New podcast: Reacting to the Clowney trade and roster cuts

Brandan and I reflect on a big weekend for the Seahawks…


  1. Kenny Sloth


    • Sea Mode

      My thoughts exactly

  2. ZB

    I know it’s off topic but how sweet would it be it D.K. Metcalf balls out?

    • Rob Staton

      It’d be lovely

  3. Robeetle12

    Calitro cut, Brown is back. Strange days these last couple.

    • Pickering

      I’m confident there’s method to what appears to be if not madness, great complexity

  4. Coleslaw

    Bryan Mone will immediately be a starter for us. Hes going to start in place of Reed. The fact he got so little playing time but was 1 on 3 DTs we kept says a lot to me.

    Honestly there wasnt a single player I was more impressed by than Mone this preseason. He may be 1 dimensional, but hes a stud vs the run. Hes going to wreck 1 on 1 matchups along with Poona also getting 1 on 1s.

    I’m so intrigued by our DL now. Who do you double team? Likely Clowney. That leaves both DTs (Reed, Ford, Mone) and Ziggy with 1v1s. That will help Ziggy’s health big time. Poona is a CHORE for OL. Mone handles double teams vs the run and cant be nudged. Reed deserves double teams. Seriously, those 4 in Clowney, Reed, Ford and Ansah ALL deserve double teams. Even Mone does vs the run. I think its 100% safe to say that our run defense has been fixed.

    We came into this offseason with the goal of solving the contract problems (RW, Clark, Reed, Wagner). And we left it solving that problem, actually upgrading and bolstering 2 drafts full of picks, while also solving our run defense. Those 3 things couldve been our “offseason priorites” any other year. Just like the run game was last year.

    PCJS just keep being the shiznit.3 offseasons of work, all completed beyond belief in 1 offseason. 7 months is all it took for ALL of that to happen.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d be very surprised if Mone started. They love Al Woods. And of all the positions Carroll tends to bring the younger guys along slowly it’s DL. I suspect he might even be inactive week one.

      • Trevor

        If Poona plays like he did in pre season he could be the next Seahawks star DL. I can’t believe I am saying this but with Ford, Woods and Mone I think we are in great shape at DT till Reed gets back.

        I think the 3 players that could put this roster over the top and make the Hawks SB contenders are

        Poona Ford – needs to be a dominant inside presence

        Metcalf -needs to be a true big play deep threat opposite Locket with 8+TD

        Amadi- needs to step up and grab that slot CB spot and become a player maker like he flashed in pre season.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I cant see Mone being inactive week 1 as we only have three DT’s on the roster right now. Ford might be the guy Im most excited for this season.

          • Rob Staton

            Jefferson can also play tackle. We should see Clowney kicker inside, plus Jackson. Cincy not a formidable run team, now transitioning to more of a Rams spread.

            • Coleslaw

              Did Cincy get a new OC? I’ve been under the impression that they were pretty decent last year (a lot of it due to Mixon) and they added to the OL.

              They stated last year their desire to run more and use Mixon. But a new OC would change that.

              On Mone. I only think hes a starter because run defense is prioritized on 1st down. I believe that hes a better option than Woods. Especially since Mone isnt useful in passing situations. He should be a pure run defender.

              • John_s

                They have a new HC

              • Rob Staton

                Cincinnati completed changed their entire staff from Head Coach down.

  5. Trevor

    Enjoyed the podcast thanks Rob.

    Looking forward to your CFB week #1 recap.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s written, will be posted tomorrow

  6. Gaux Hawks

    Will Ziggy be DE now, with Clowney filling the LEO? Ford/Mone at NT, and Reed/Woods at DT?

    It feels like there is less need for shifting in base… but this is way above my pay grade. The safeties are also more interchangeable… from the outside looking in, this seems optimal.

    Really do appreciate this blog/forum, Rob! A truly great space for exchanging thoughts/ideas throughout the year. All the participation and engagement is fantastic, thanks!

    • Greg Haugsven

      You would think the first snap on defense would look like this along the DLine.

      Clowney- Ford- Woods- Ansah

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for reading.

      I think we’ll see more orthodox 4-3 looks. They are VERY big up front and I think that is deliberate. They don’t have a LEO. And they’re almost certain to want to find ways to have Kendricks on the field with BW & KJ as often as possible. Think Ansah and Clowney aren’t perfect to play any down/distance and have the talent to create pressure even in more conservative calls. That should free up the LB’s to roam. That to me looks like their plan. Size up front yet with unique talent and provide a platform for the LB’s to be playmakers.

      • DougM

        I think we had a taste for what they are going to do from the first half of preseason game 3. Kalan Reed was playing with the first unit and barely had any snaps.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Mentioned by talking heads on 950 KJR…. they might have more big nickle looks… due to having so many decent to good safeties on the roster. Could then play match-up, when they are out of the base 4-3….

      but as has been mentioned, they might believe they can cover some of the big slot WR and TEs with Kendricks at LB, which would be incredible for the defensive flow. Even if an opposing team’s offense goes hurry up, they could handle it.

      As for the big boys up front, they will not get pushed around and force more outside rushes, which the LBs will have to put the clamps on or the CBs will have to come downhill and take RBs down with sure tackling.

    • Henry Taylor

      I think they might go with some 3-3 looks as the nickel. We’ve got the size to play a 3 man front and all three lbs have the versatility to blitz or drop.

  7. Coleslaw

    I think 2 guys fit your bill perfectly. Kendricks can cover some TEs. Barton can cover better IMO. 2 LBs is likely the plan at least half of the regular season.

    When they dont feel like they can matchup kendricks on a LB, I think McDougald slips into that role while T2 and either Delano or Blair fill the safety spot.

    This defense can afford to matchup with almost anyone. Its 100% true that our only real weakness in D is our outside corners. Depth on DL os probably an issue also, but as long as our top 4 stay healthy, we should be a top 10 defense.

    • TomLPDX

      I think both of our CBs take a step forward this year. What I’ve seen from Shaquill is really promising and I hope he can take the next step.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      The starting corners may be the weakest group on D, but I don’t think they’re a weakness. I’d say they are at least League average right now. They’re certainly good enough to take advantage of the pass rush this front 7 ought to be able to apply consistently. I’m hoping there’s a return to ball hawking, and a renewed surge of turnovers via INT.

  8. Coleslaw

    Ugh. Should’ve been a reply to gaux hawks

  9. Denver Hawker

    Great stuff as usual Rob. You have an even keel perspective that is valuable this day in media.

    Lots of moving parts still, the Calitro cut is stunning given how well he seemingly played preseason. I was looking forward to his depth if/when Kendricks gets sentenced and/or if KJ continues his injuries. Barton played well also, but Calitro seemed more confident with the plays. I don’t feel good about the thought of BBK or Griffin starting. Making room for Bellore is also interesting. Perhaps their hoping rosters are set and they can pick Calitro back up next week. Lots of rolling dice this year swapping roster positions.

    • Michael Matherne

      I’m excited about the LB corps, but not for the same reason as most people I’ve heard talk about it. Everyone seems to be salivating over Bobby, K.J. and Kendricks being on the field together, and that’s fantastic (I’ve missed K.J. dearly, especially on screen passes) but what I’m most excited about is the young guys behind them who look capable enough to give those starters some much deserved snaps off.

  10. charlietheunicorn

    Clowney discussing the trade, why he chose Seattle and other goodies

    • ZB

      Seems like a solid guy and ready to go on Sundays. I do think he will beast it out with a 4-3 defense as well.

      • Michael Matherne

        Isn’t it crazy to think that we might end up with the best version of Clowney to date?

  11. neil

    Not happy about Calitro being cut. He played as hard as he possible could to make the team. Shaqueem hardly played at all, other than special teams. I guess it would have been too politically incorrect for PC to let the handicapped kid go after just one year. Hope Calitro finds another team.

    • Frank

      Pc loves a feel good story, it sells tickets and creates new fans. I don’t think that’s the case though, Shaq just has higher special teams value and with Calitro would have been the sixth best LB on the team. That said, do you have any idea how much revenue Yow Ming brought the Rockets, and how much he increased the popularity of the NBA in China? I feel what you are saying Neil, but Shaq has the ability to be a core special teamer, and trading Mingo away I think Griffins value became greater. Absolutely no disrespect bro, but I disagree that this move was counter to what it takes to field the best team possible:).

      • neil

        Frank I know this is way to late and I should have replayed to you directly but you can read my reply at the bottom of the page.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’m disappointed they cut Calitro too but they didn’t keep Quem because it’s politically correct. They obviously felt they had sufficient depth at LB and Griffin offers superior ST value. They’re never going to have more than 5 LB on any given 46-man game roster so it’s best to double up on one with a ST star.

      • Logan Lynch

        To add to your point, Mingo and Martin were standouts on ST last season along with Shaquem. Both of them are now gone, so it makes sense to keep Shaquem around. Plus, the club control with him was better than Calitro. Add that to the fact that Barton and BBK are probably the next 2 in line as backups and Calitro became expendable.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Great points both Chawk and Logan. Griffin has some pass rush pedigree as well. It would be cool to see him fly off the edge next to Clowney- dreads flying while QB’s fall!

          • Logan Lynch

            Add in Ziggy and we’ve got triple dreads!

  12. Frank

    This has been my favorite off season in years. There have been a few head scratchers (drafting DK and a handful of WR, not allowing the best slot Wr in college Jennings to play slot, cutting Geno, and Brown, not resigning Clark, forcing Naz and Mingo to play out of a their established positions.) but more and more it’s evident even the places that made little to no sense where part of a bigger plan. Martin and Calitro are both good players and I’m sure will find their place in this league, it’s just the way the draft and trade opportunities fell. As a hardcore fan, it can be quite frustrating when you see step 1 of the plan and not knowing step 2-5 but at this point it’s really hard to argue with the results. I’m probably going to stay slightly salty over picking up DK instead of adding talent to the DB, Dline, Oline, or a TE, and think Jennings, Naz, and Mingo where set up to fail being played out of their position of talent, but the way the board fell this year, the masterful trading it’s easy to admit that PC and JS are masters at their craft and to save negative judgement until the chips have all fallen.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Hindsight, picking DK had the most upside of any player at that position in the draft.
      If you hit on the guy, you have a truly dynamic and game changing WR at a position (and size) that Seattle has not truly had during the PC regime. In a funny way, he could take on more of the role they thought they had in Jimmy Graham, but at a greatly reduced cost in both dollars and position liability (example: think pass blocking for JG).

      When JS is done being a GM, I really hope he writes a version of a tell-all book about his time with the Seahawks. About all the behinds the scenes chaos (E Thomas, Harvin, Sherman, Bennett…) how they approached each draft… who they thought were can’t miss guys in each draft… how Paul Allen influenced day to day operations… what his relationship is/was with PC… what was the most important things he learned in Green Bay and what was the most important thing he has learned being the Seahawks GM. Highly entertaining read to be sure. 😀

      • Frank

        I definitely agree about the book, less concerned about the chaos and more interested in how they identity team players and people willing to go all in. As a business owner a large part of my job is team building and I think I could learn a lot from them in how they find people that pressure galvanizes instead of breaks.

        • charlietheunicorn

          Contemporary of Paul Allen was Bill Gates. His success was largely due to his ability to see potential in people and assemble them in a way that they would maximize their potential and allow them to take risks. I see many of these traits within the Seahawks FO/GM side and also in the PC/Coaching side. The Seahawks (top down) are always willing to take chances on younger players (or coaches) and develop them. It doesn’t always work out, but they have some continued and sustain success utilizing this approach to football (and life).

      • McZ

        The intended usecase will prevent us from hitting on that guy. He really is not a hot’n’high target in the Arcega-Whiteside mold, which they tried in preseason. He will need to show up, do more than that and learn new tricks.

        His health is a major questionmark. Lots of risk for the org, which is why they hedged in R4. I’m okay whit that.

        From time to time, our FO tends to draft players nobody wants and gives them chance to compete at a high level. Shaqeem, McDowell to a degree, Metcalf… they got their chance in Seattle. We ehould be proud of that culture.

    • Coleslaw

      It’s hard to say jennings failed when he made the 53.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Hard to fail when you don’t get any reps. IMO based on his college tape and even his Senior Bowl performance, Jennings has a TON of great history performance behind him. That and only that got him to the 53. It sure wasn’t his pre-season performance. They believe in his NFL potential, but the reality is that no one has any idea what that is going to look like yet. Can’t wait to find out though!!!

      • jujus

        I believe all the rookies making the team is more of a team philosophy shift rather then Jennings showing anything special at this point.

  13. Barry tetz

    Off Topic a bit and sorry for that haven’t had the chance to check Rob and Brandon, but I will.

    A few YouTube channels are uploading condensed games from this weekend. It’s nice if you don’t get a chance to catch them all(0.0). Just watching the ND and Louisville game half way through one player who stands out is one to watch is #91 Adetokunbo Ogundeji. His hustle and flying all over the field can’t be missed. His game is still developing for sure but man the kids flys around for a DE. He looks long and fast.

  14. EranUngar

    By now, the whole Brown/Smith cuts are very clear. The Seahawks had every intention of keeping both guys on the roster and had no issues whatsoever with either player.

    However, the Seahawks found themselves in a tricky situation. They wanted Dickson on the 53 men roster so they can move him to IR and get him back later in the year. They also had to keep Mingo and Martin on the roster till the Clowney two for one trade was finished. That meant 2 spots on the roster that will be vacated within 48 hours.

    They did not want to risk putting young players they want to keep on the waiver wires. So, they approached two veterans Brown&Smith, explained the situation and agreed with them that they will be “cut” and resigned within 48 hours once the two above roster spots are open. They must have agreed and the rest is history.

    After all is said and done and both players are back on the roster – You can add that to JS masterful management of this offseason.

  15. Rokas

    Correct me if I am wrong, but they brought Brown back for a veteran minimum, just under 1 mil, which allowed them to save additional million in cap space. Also his contract is not guaranteed for full season. Someone will have to be cut after week 6 when Reed returns.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      I’d guess Mone goes to the PS when Reed comes back.

      • Greg Haugsven

        They also have 7 receivers on the roster as well. Could be Malik Turner as well.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Where do you see that Brown was brought back for the veterans minimum?

          • Greg Haugsven

            If you are seeing $975,000 out there that is his dead cap number for being released.

    • cha

      6 weeks of NFL football will provide injuries, suspensions and other changes. There’s no need to debate now, who will get cut when Reed comes back.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Debate is what makes the SDB world go round . . .

  16. Logan Lynch

    Eventful couple days in SEA. Nice to see Collier, Metcalf, Fant, Shaquem, and Blair all practiced yesterday.

  17. Denver Hawker

    Vegas odds for SB barely moved after adding Clowney. Looking at the schedule, I think 10 wins is a realistic expectation. If corners and WRs improve through the season, maybe 11. Hawks are a contender now with Clowney- I’m excited for this season.

    • neil

      You are not concerned about the inexperienced receiving corp or defensive backfield? This is once again a brutal schedule. Steelers, Eagles, Saints, Rams all listed among the top 10 in the league. Also the Hawks have not been able to carry their legendary home field advantage over for the last couple of years. I think their is a real possibility they could be 4 and 4 after 8 games. The games against the Ravens and Falcons may determine if we finish over 500 or not. Couple of things to think about, The Hawks have won their last 4 at Philly, and the Saints have not won in Seattle since 2004. All streaks. good and bad, come to an end sometime. Most teams now will scheme to take Lockett out of the game plan with no Baldwin to worry about.

      • Denver Hawker

        I am concerned, but think a healthy O-Line and Front 7 can mitigate those risks and allow for more player development. No doubt the schedule is brutal which is why the odds didn’t change much. Talent-wise the Seahawks are just as good on paper as any other contender in the NFC now outside maybe the Saints.


        The streaks against the Saints and Eagles will have zero bearing on whether we win those games. Each game is played in the present, stats and streaks are for talking about afterward.

        My take is: We we’re a very good team last year; won 10 games when everybody was forecasting us as a bottom-10 team. We lost Clark, Coleman, and especially Baldwin, but we replaced them with Ansah, Clowney, Collier, and Metcalf et al., plus all the other draftees. This is a much, much deeper team than last year. With the exception of WR (and we really don’t know yet) we are better or even at every position. Bear in mind we were without Doug much of the time last year, and he was never 100%.

        Is Shaquille ever going to get over the hump? Maybe not, but you’d certainly expect another step forward from Flowers, who availed himself well as a rookie learning a new position. Coleman will be a loss, but Amadi and Blair bring immediate excitement to an already deep safety room. I’m confident at least two — if not three — players out of Thompson, Hill, McDougald, Blair, and Amadi are going to step up to make that a good position group.

        Then factor in the fact that we’re adding hopefully full seasons of K.J. Wright and Michael Kendricks, and Will Dissly, and I cant see how we aren’t a more talented team than last year, when nobody wanted to play us by the end of the year.

        • Von

          Not to mention that a more reliable kicker is also a huge upgrade.

  18. Greg Haugsven

    Here is a question for 2020. If you could only keep two of the four which two free agents would you want to keep. Same question if you can only keep one.


    I think I go Reed and Clowney for two and Clowney if it is only one.

    • Bigten

      Clowney and Ifedi for me. But a lot depends on how the year plays out.

    • cha

      Will definitely need more time to see how all these guys perform.

      And the market – if Ifedi and Reed can fetch top $ to play elsewhere, good for them and we’ll take those sweet sweet comp picks.

      But I would definitely expand that list to include Fant and Kendricks. They’re key pieces too and will need to be addressed in 2020.

    • Denver Hawker

      Ifedi’s price just went up with Dallas’ Collins deal. I think Ifedi is better and Collins got 5/50 w/35 guaranteed. Might be looking at 3/33. Ansah is least likely to be retained. Will see how season plays out for Reed if he can mirror his production last year. If so, keeping both him and Clowney will be very challenging.

    • Simo

      It’s a good question Greg, but a difficult one to decide on this early. Thankfully, the Hawks have some time to see how things play out this year and gain valuable information to help make more great decisions.

      I’m leaning more towards Clowney and Ifedi right now. Need an impact d-lineman and strong o-line play!

    • Trevor

      If Ansah shows he can stay healthy it is definite Clowney and Ansah for me.

      We have Fant and Jones to replace Ifedi.

      I think Poona and Mone are a nice young DT rotation then add another one in this years draft and they are set. I don’t see Reed being worth $15 mil / yr plus.

  19. Kenny Sloth

    On Seattle Draft Needs 2020:

    Probably DE, depending on what happens with Ansah, Clowney, and Collier, this might be top priority by season’s end. You can never have enough pass rush. No LEO on the roster, so they prioritize those traits still?

    Probably DT. Poona is exciting, but beyond he and Reed, who isn’t locked up long term there isn’t much to rely on at base DT. Naz Jones has flashed and Christmas is an unknown. Maybe they rely on FA vets, but even if they resign Reed they should really look to add to the competition.

    Maybe they go TE, they spent a first round pick on Jimmy Graham. Any excuse to get Russell another weapon is fine by me. Dissly is promising but that can’t be all you have.

    Maybe they look to the OL again. Haynes and Jones have potential, but Ifedi and Fant need contracts, Iupati is a stopgap, Pocic and Hunt have shown their limitations.

    Maybe cornerback. Griffin and Flowers have had bright moments, but the depth could improve. Maybe Amadi starts to get some looks covering the slot, but on the outside, we’re stuck with the current tandem.

    Maybe we can grab a QB with all the draft capital we’ve got.

    • Denver Hawker

      Certainly a lot to play out this year, but the Hawks look to be in great shape draft capital wise to pull in a starter or two at the weakest position (pick CB, DL or OL). Would like to see draft a top interior O-Line and CB.

    • john_s

      I agree with DL, not sure what they will do with Jarran Reed if he wants 18-20 mil, i think they’re going to let him go. Raekwon Davis and Derrick Brown could be options.

      A couple of DE’s that fit their current mold are Yetur Gross-Matos and Julian Okwara both bigger DE’s with long wingspans

    • Sea Mode

      Agree with all the positions, just about in reverse order…

      Say we trade down (surprise) and add another R2+R3 pick. That gives us 3 in R2 and 2 in R3.

      1. CB: Doesn’t mean they will draft in this order, but strictly by need I would say outside CB is the biggest. PC’s factory has kind of dried up as of late. Who is the next big project developing behind our starters? I say give him some quality prime material (R2-R3) and see what he can do, then the new player can take over after a year if we don’t want to pay Shaquill.

      2. OL: Don’t see them spending a R1 on a tackle (if there even is one available to us), but some youth at Guard would be nice maybe. Or do we just keep rolling with veterans since the young guys take so long to develop…? R3

      3. DE: cause you always need more pass rushers. R2

      4. TE: it seems shiny toys though are not the priority at this position. Just give us someone who can block and get by in the passing game to replace Vannett. R4-R5

      5. QB: if a guy they like is there, sure. Now might be a good time so his rookie contract ends just as RW is up again for negotiation. Avoid this past off-season’s drama and set yourself up with a good trade chip either way… R2-R3

      6. DT: I’m happy with Reed and Poona and cheap vets behind them, but maybe there’s a project they can add on day 3. R5-R7.

      7. Though it’s a total “wait and see” situation, and it seems strange after drafting so many WRs this year, I wouldn’t rule that out just yet. Depending on who declares, this might be one of the better WR drafts in a long time, and I wouldn’t put it past them to make that their luxury pick in R2.

      Of course, putting together this kind of list before the season even starts is kind of crazy, but hey, I’ll enjoy looking back afterwards for a good laugh at myself… 🙂

      • McZ

        You can never have too many pass rushers. The depth situation seems not far away from 2019, but I think the real first round talent still needs to come out for 2020.

        They will draft a LT, regardless, if Jamarco Jones pans out. Early R2 seems about right for this. They will try to hold Ifedi, but it will cost a lot of money; they will take a late round flyer as a hedge.

        They will absolutely need to address CB depth.

        I also think, they will need to swallow their pride and draft an Arcega-Whiteside clone at WR. We may make better use of Metcalf by using him in sort of a hybrid TE-role.

        We will also look for the inevitable RB, just to keep the room in motion.

        Whatever… season 2019 start, I cannot wait any longer… Go Hawks!

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s too early to judge things like whether they will take an offensive tackle in round two. If they retain Ifedi and/or Fant and with Jones already on the roster, it’d be a waste of resources. And I know Duane Brown is older but that doesn’t mean they need to draft a left tackle early 2-3 years in advance. With all they’ve learnt about OL’s over the years they might prefer to replace Brown with a veteran.

          To me the question marks for 2020 are defensive line (depending on who stays or goes) and cornerback.

          • McZ

            What they’ve learned is – finally, hopefully – that OL players need to specialize on their position and that it makes no sense to move players around.

            This is a unit of four players, and it is impossible to tell, what happens next offseason.

            There is a scenario, where Ifedi and Fant hit FA, and Brown retires. He is a retirement possibility every season, due to his age. The Seahawks need to come up with some sort of hedge, and unfortunatelly, we are missing a whole season of Jones action.

            I think, Jones should get more snaps this season, to lessen the burden on Browns body. If he shows up, then scratch that need for a season.

            But we have to address one or both tackle positions next offseason

            • Rob Staton

              Why are Seahawks fans so desperate to retire Duane Brown?

              Ever since they traded for him. People have been talking this way.

              The Seahawks don’t need a hedge. They can either start Fant or Jones or sign another veteran.

              You’re not spending a high pick on a player you don’t want to play for years.

              If they re-sign Ifedi they don’t need to address tackle.

  20. Sea Mode

    Some insight from our first matchup from a Bengals author. The outlook is good for us. They are coming in with brand new coaching staff and a couple key injuries. This should be an “easy” (it never is) W for Seattle, but I think we should temper our optimism if we look good until we face a couple of the tougher opponents on the schedule.

    Week 1: Bengals (0-0) at Seattle

    Prediction: Loss, 27-10

    Key stat: The seven new head coaches last year went 0-7 in the first week of the season.

    Variable: How will the new staff embrace this stage? Seattle has won 10 consecutive home openers by a total of 238-74. No team has scored more than 16 points in that span. No venue exists quite like it, and the Seahawks bring back the core of an emerging 2018 playoff team with Pete Carroll entering his 10th season.

    One sentence: This is a total buzz saw

  21. Kenny Sloth

    Backup OL coulda been starters on this team a few years ago. looks like a Tom Cable special.

    • Madmark


  22. Sea Mode

    Seahawks B team…

    Tom Pelissero

    Source: The #Jaguars claimed LB Austin Calitro off waivers from the #Seahawks.

    10:15 PM · Sep 3, 2019

  23. Sea Mode

    Not going to post full presser notes for Mon, but here’s are some interesting tidbits since many of us were wanting to know more about Nickerson and Polite:

    Q: How do you see Parry Nickerson fitting into your group?

    PC: We’re going to see if he can play the nickel spot. We’re anxious to see it. He played a lot of snaps last year. I could see him on film and see him do the things we’re looking for. You look at it, you can’t help but see the similarities to when we got JC a while back. They looked very similar at about this time in their careers too. So we’ll see what we can do with him. I’m excited about it. He’s really fast, he’s aggressive, and I’ve seen him do all of the things our guys have to do on film, so there’s no guesswork there. It’s just helping him understand and letting him compete and see what happens.

    Q: Was Jachai Polite a guy you guys looked at a lot in the draft process and were you surprised to find him… here?

    PC: We did. Yeah, we did. We studied him very carefully and were surprised that he was available, so we jumped at the opportunity

  24. clbradley17

    Excellent breakdown video of Clowney’s evolution as a DE/LB/DT from college to the NFL.

    • clbradley17

      New video from Samuel Gold on how Clowney fits in Seahawks’ 4-3 Under Defense

      Forgot to mention in the first post – great podcast Rob. You and Brandon are fantastic together.
      Hope you can guest on Field Gulls with him at least once a week to review the Seahawks games and assess the college players.

  25. neil

    I realize this thread is over but I feel compelled to post anyway. I was the one that felt their was a political aspect to keeping Shakquem over Calitro. Their were some that did not agree. So I would refer them to Gregg Bell’s article in the 9/4 News Tribune. He clearly makes the point that the good public relations for the team to have the only one handed player in the NFL, and keeping the brothers playing together and Shakquill happy were mitigating factors in Calitro.s release. Which is ok but seems to make a mockery of the ” always compete ” mantra we hear so often.

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