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This week I was invited on the brilliant ‘Pedestrian Podcast’ courtesy of the UK Seahawkers. We talked about the experience of London and looked ahead to the Detroit game (and the rest of the season). There’s a bit of draft talk at the end too. My ‘bit’ starts at 37:08 but listen to the whole thing it’s great:


  1. Adam Nathan

    Great to have you on, Rob. Hope people enjoy.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    I know that those first two games seemed disjointed, and as if the Seahawks weren’t trying for the running game identity that they purportedly were working for. But there is a bit of wishful thinking in all that, because the Seahawks were only capable of three and outs. Once they fell behind, yes they could have kept getting stopped with the runs, but they chose to throw and that was also ineffective.

    It was only after the first two games that they made the double switch in guards, and the offensive line started to look like they could block. They still looked pretty bad up through the Arizona Cardinals game, that they barely won against one of the worst teams in football. My recollection is that they didn’t convert 12 third downs? And that was with an emphasis on the run.

    Finally they get to Oakland where the running game looks effective against one of the worst teams in football.

    I just don’t think you could expect them to have an identity until the switch to veteran and more capable guards was made. They couldn’t continue with the three and outs. Plus the Seahawks offense has traditionally looked like crap the first quarter of the season= but I’m giving them a break on that this year because of the new coaches.

  3. Sea Mode

    PC Wednesday presser notes.

    On Detroit:
    – Respect for Matt Patricia.
    – Added a run game threat this year to compliment Stafford’s passing game. YPC doesn’t look great on paper, but it is effective and complimented by defense (like Patricia did with Pats).
    – Kerryon Johnson was extensively evaluated by the Hawks and they really liked his game and aggressive style. (but were busy going for their own guy…)
    – Damon Harrison causes a lot of problems for offenses both vs. run and pass. Hawks had a strong look at him when he was on the Jets, but he broke out too quickly and ended up with the Giants.
    – Love Golden Tate’s game and style, just couldn’t get it done at the time to extend him.
    – Luke Willson involved in their running game.

    On Hawks:
    – Feeling the best we have all year both on the injury front and because of the way we have played.
    – 3 wins in last 4 games? We like the direction we are going as far as how we want to play and what it takes to prepare to play that way. There are championship traits in the way we play that give us a shot and that’s exciting for the guys.

    On Defense:
    – KJ, Ed Dickson, and Rasheem Green are practicing.
    – Dion Jordan is the best he’s ever been in recovery process.
    – No news on Kendricks yet. Update was due yesterday but didn’t come.
    – Frank Clark extension? Good conversations, they are always working on that end of things. Both sides know clearly where they stand, and talks are ongoing. His consistency and effort (i.e. motor) are fantastic, not only in games, but every day in practice. He has grown into that responsibility. [+2 more min. of super high praise from PC.]
    – Fewer growing pains than expected with Trey Flowers? Yes, but there is still a long way to go. Three forced turnovers were huge plays. Upcoming QBs we face will be a big test and tell a lot about where he is.
    – Turnover in secondary and what has stood out? Consistency from so early, getting after the football and staying on top in coverage. Communication, esp. through McDougald, has been excellent.

    On Offense:
    – Happy about OL depth and really excited about Simmons as well.
    – DJ Fluker has surprised how much of a factor he is in the locker room with his love for the game and his play style on the field. Really special guy. Big personality that fits in perfectly with the way Hawks want to play.

    On 2pt. conversions:
    – Thoughts on going for 2 pt conversions? 48% success rate historically. So it depends on the game. It’s a risk, but can also make a big statement. Hawks have studied and talked about it internally.
    – In those situations, does PC consult with stats guys or other coaches? Yes, with Carl Smith, Nate, and a little group. Mainly Carl.
    – If down by 7 and score a TD, take FG for OT or go for the win? It depends… How great do you feel about your chances? With Russ, the temptation is to always go for it.

    – Opinion on CTE studies (book) recently published? Hasn’t seen the book, but major changes have been made to the game over the last 5 years to protect players and perhaps more will come. Gotta take care of the guys.
    – Thoughts on targeting calls and how players have adjusted? Getting better. There will always be mistakes, but players and refs are learning.
    – What was learned with Duane Brown about the difficulty of mid-season acquisitions? Depends on the individual and how stacked the team may be at the position. With Duane, there was a huge need and they have been more than happy with him and glad to reward him with an extension. But they have also learned from past years’ moves that it can disrupt the flow of a team and not fit in.
    – Why is the trade deadline so much more active around the league than in the past? PC doesn’t know, but perhaps because of success some others have had in past years.
    – No way on London game without the bye week after. But is great as it was now. PC spoke with the commissioner about the experience.

    • Volume12

      Love these posts of yours.

      Percy Harvin instead of Golden Tate. Ugh.

      Giants really traded one of the best run stuffers in the league for a ST’s LB, 3rd string DE, etc.?

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Or DeAndre Hopkins in the draft. He went a couple picks after our “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” original pick that we traded away for Percy.

        Still, I can’t lie. I was very excited when we got Percy and thought he would elevate our offense and special teams. Hindsight is 20/20.

        • Volume12

          I was excited too, but never thought he was better than Golden Tate.

  4. Nick

    Ugh. Just saw that PFF has Nick Chubb rated at 91.1 for the season. Not here to stir controversy over the Penny pick…but I loved Chubb throughout the draft last year. As many of us did. Glad to see he’s kicking butt.

    • Mac

      I loved Nick Chubb too, I thought that when I heard we had just sent a pick in, that we were drafting him. I liked Penny and I believe the front office wanted a David Johnson-ish runner. Someone who can glide through holes and rely on his vision. Frank Gore has made a career last by using his vision. I think we often mark down RBs for having huge holes and not giving them credit for using their vision and awareness.

  5. Volume12

    I saw this on the last thread. Why would anyone think the Raiders will get impact players come draft time?

    Jon Gruden is gonna spend his 3 firsts on-

    DB who’s nickname reminds him of a dog he once had and he’ll need dogs in that secondary man.

    A DE who has a great motor. Will be just like the muscle car he had in the 70’s. He loved that car man.

    *Raiders on the clock*
    Gruden- Think we should go with that LT man. His hands are like vice grips. You guys remember that tv show Miami Vice? Great show man and Crockett & Tubbs…

    Coaching staff- We need to make our pick!

    Gruden- Ole Miss LT Greg Little. I get a kick outta that kid. Has great size but his last name is Little. Can’t make this stuff up man.

  6. Dave

    Obi Melifonwu was released by the Raiders. He’s visiting Dallas. Any way he comes up to seattle?

    • Hawktalker#1

      Not sure we want him. What good is a combine freak if he can’t play productive football??

      • Dave

        His athleticism and character are amazing. Give that piece of clay for Carrol to mold. He’s off to the Pats now. Philly fans are clamoring for him too.

  7. AlaskaHawk

    I sure hope Detroit’s defense is as bad as Miami’s.

    Enjoyable game as far as watching Watkins throw the ball, and I had forgot that Ossweiller ended up in Miami and is there starter.

    • Volume12

      Has anyone ever sounded as unhappy to be calling TNF like Joe Buck does?

      My man is gonna be thrilled next week when we get some sweet Raiders/9ers action.

      • Hawk Eye

        is this the worst year yet for Sunday Night, Monday, Thursday football?
        seems like there have been a couple good games and a lot of really bad ones

        • Volume12

          Hard to say.

      • cha

        He’s doing triple duty right now between the WS, Sunday games and TNF.

        I think they should cut back on him a little.

        But then we’re treated to Booger McFarland on MNF zipping around in his little senior citizen stair-chair and telling the audience things so obvious even a non-football fan can figure out.

        • Volume12

          I’ll take Booger McFarland telling us that he pissed his pants on the sidelines and things like ‘expect the QB to pass it’ over Jason Witten. Dude is flat-out boring and his CTE doesn’t even allow him to finish sentences. Terrible.

          The Booger mobile needs to go though. You can’t have that thing obstructing the fans view.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Apparently the refs in the first half were bad too. News is making some observations about blown calls – especially on opening kick off, which wasn’t blown but took 10 minutes to figure out after replay. Probably a good thing I got home late.

  8. Volume12

    BC DE Zach Allen is out here having another standout performance. He’s working Miami’s LT.

    If you liked Taven Bryan, don’t know why you wouldn’t like Allen. I actually think he’s better.

  9. Volume12

    Brian Burns is better than Clellin Ferrell. For those in the back…Brian Burns is better than Clellin Ferrell.

    How do some of these national guys have 3 D-lineman from Clemson in their top 12? Why? Who other than Ferrell? Please don’t say Wilkins or Lawrence because that ain’t it chief.

    • Rob Staton

      Disagree completely with your assessment of the Clemson guys

      • Volume12

        Other than Ferrell, I don’t see top 15 talent. They don’t excite me.

        Austin Bryant is a day 3 guy for me, Lawrence and Wilkins aren’t bad players by any means just overrated.

        • Rob Staton

          This feels like Deshaun Watson all over again. A top player who starts to be overly critiqued almost because people are so familiar with them.

          People expect the world from big name prospects. All I’ve seen from the Clemson DL this year is terrific play. Dominating play. They absolutely look the part.

          Take Christian Wilkins for example. He has a sack more than Quinnen Williams and three fewer TFL’s. It’s not a mountain of difference. One player is often talked about as having a dominant year. Wilkins is criticised too much.

  10. Volume12

    Florida DE Jabari Zuniga is a bad dude. Someone is gonna get an absolute gem with him.

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