New Podcast: Senior Bowl thoughts

This week we talk about players at the Senior Bowl and options for the Seahawks in round one…


  1. Trevor

    Nfl Networks draft show is having a fun little scouting contest see link above. Thought with all the draft fanatics here on SDB some of you guys might be interested.

    If you decide to try doing a scouting report and entering please share here on SDB I would love to see what everyone comes up with as there are so many fans with great insight here on SDB.

  2. Trevor

    Sorry guys I thought it was for draft prospects but it is for current NFL players. My bad.

  3. Ty the Guy

    Looked like fun Trevor. We’d probably get some hometown insights on players from a source like that.


    Rob, do you have a 1st round grade list? With all the guys you think are indisputable as 1st rounders.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t. I could put one out but it would be premature. Something for after the combine.

      • Ty the Guy

        Good call. Should be a fascinating combine.

  4. Ty the Guy

    To answer my own question (and to see what you guys think) here are my 1st round graders….

    QB: Watson (CLEM), Trubisky (UNC)
    RB: Fournette (LSU), Cook (FSU)
    WR: Williams (CLEM), Davis (WMU), Ross (UW)
    TE: Howard (BAMA)
    OT: Bolles (UTAH), Ramczyk (WISC)

    EDGE: Garrett (TX A&M), Charlton (MICH), Harris (MIZZ)
    DE: Allen (BAMA), Thomas (STAN), McKinley (UCLA), Barnett (TENN), Walker (FSU)
    DT: Brantley (UF), McDowell (MSU)
    LB: Foster (BAMA), Cunningham (VAND), Reddick (TEMP)
    CB: Humphrey (BAMA), Lattimore (OSU), Jones (UW), Tabor (UF)
    S: Hooker (OSU), Baker (UW), Adams (LSU), Peppers (MICH)

    That is 31 players. Subtract the 2 QBs and there still will be 4 of these players left. My bet would be Walker DE, McDowell DT, Tabor CB, and either Reddick or Cunningham will be on the board still.

    • Matt

      I like that list. For me, I would add EDGE Smoot. He’s really grown on me.

    • Rik

      I think we will see a QB-needy team reach on QB Kizer in the first round as well (and maybe someone trades up into the late 1st for Mahomes), which will make it even more likely that an athletic LB falls to us. Wouldn’t surprise me to see 1 or 2 teams reach for OT, too.

      • Misfit74

        Yeah, I think Kizer has to be on that list. Tim Williams (Edge, Alabama) is a first round lead pipe lock for me.

        It’s possible another OL or two climb the boards, and maybe a DL or Edge player, too, but I think that’s a fine list. Will Evan Engram make it into round 1? I think R.McMillan would climb if he test well enough at LB. Maybe Buddah Baker.

    • AndrewP

      I guarantee 6-8 of those guys will be available at 26. Other teams will have guys rated higher than the fans do, and there are always players who ‘fall’ (even though they might not be falling, we just think they are).

  5. cyrus

    Matt Miller just posted a 2 round mock draft. Has the seahawks taking teez tabor in the first round, and jordan willis in the second.

    Available to Seahawks at 26: Garrett Bolles, Budda Baker, A’doree Jackson, Zach Cunningham, Hasan Redick. (Dalvin Cook last till 24 do seahawks trade up if he is there?)

    Available at 58: Kevin King, Obi Melifonwu, Rasul Douglas

    What are you thoughts? If Garrett Bolles is available are we running our pick in?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s…. not very good from a Seahawks perspective.

      • Volume12

        No. But, Teez Tabor is way better than Quincy Wilson.

    • Rik

      If those players were truly available I think PCJS would be ecstatic. How do you even choose between Bolles, Baker, and Reddick? Maybe Reddick in the first and then King or Melifonwu in the 2nd? I think Douglas lasts into round 3.

  6. Trevor

    Rob a guy who seems to have fallen off the board and getting almost zero 1st round buzz is Demarcus Walker.

    I thought he had some of the most consistent and quality tape of any player I watched this year. What am I missing with him? Is he going to test that poorly at the combine or is it because he is a bit of a tweener?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Tweener for sure~

      Perfect for our scheme, really

      • Trevors

        I agree Kenny. Maybe he will be this years Reed and fall to the point were they move up to take him in the middle of the 2nd. I know we have bigger needs but would he ever be a nice piece to add to this defense. He and Clark could be our young Avril and Bennett.

        • Volume12

          IMO, yes he’s gonna test poorly and measure in at like 6’0-6’1, 265-270 lbs. His frame looks maxed out. No explosion from the edge.

          • Volume12

            If the SR bowl taught me anything this year, its these schools lie about the listed measurements more than they ever have.

            Why they do that is what I can’t figure out.

    • Rob Staton

      I really like him. Love his ability to get off blocks. But this is a truly loaded draft for defense at the top end and better athletes might usurp him.

  7. Schuemansky

    Rob, let’s hypothetically say we have 4 or 5 players that have a top-20 grade on the Hawks draft board available at 26. So we pick one of them.
    And at the end of R1 there is still 1 player of those 5 there.
    What would you think of trying to trade our 2018 R1 pick and what other pick is needed (maybe our R3 comp pick) with The Browns to get this player?

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t be keen. The 2015 Dallas Cowboys are a good reason why. Romo got injured, they ended up picking at #4 the following year. Imagine wasting a season if Wilson got hurt and then not having the consolation prize of a high pick. It’s a risk-averse stance but one I’m comfortable with 🙂

      Would rather be bold and trade one or both third rounders to move up in R2 (providing they keep it).

  8. Volume12

    Seahawks met with Clemson DT Carlos Watkins, been banging his drum all year, and Troy OT Antonio Garcia.

    Watkins is solid man. Long, powerful, trim, athletic.

    What a backstory too. Was in a car wreck that killed the driver, his cousin/best friend, he was stuck in the overturned car hanging upside down for 2-3 hours and all he could think about was getting back into the football field and playing (didn’t know anyone in the car had died). That’s love for the game. His injury was originally thought to be career ending, but he worked back from it.

    • Ground_Hawk

      He’s one of those players that probably won’t drop past the early-middle second, so long as his medical checks out. The type it’s hard to envision Seattle being able to draft, because of where they get to pick. Then again JS/PC managed to acquire J. Reed, so it could happen.

      • Volume12

        That’s a bit rich. More of a 3rd rounder.

  9. Ground_Hawk

    He’s one of those players that probably won’t drop past the early-middle second, so long as his medical checks out. The type it’s hard to envision Seattle being able to draft, because of where they get to pick. Then again JS/PC managed to acquire J. Reed, so it could happen.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Reply fail. Sorry about that.

  10. Misfit74

    Give me the pass-rushing of Tim Williams in Irvin’s old role if he’s there at 26 and no OT or CB with the requisite attributes aren’t. Imagine having Clark, Avril, Bennett, and a potentially better version of Bruce Irvin tearing up QBs!

    Sample report (though I don’t base my love off of this, I’ve seen him and read about him plenty):

    • Rob Staton

      The concern is character and drug related.

      • Misfit74

        True. Background and interviews will be important for him and teams. Without those things no way he’d be there at 26, so at least there’s a chance.

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