New podcast: Training camp preview

Kenny and I go through some pre-camp topics and answer some Twitter questions. We didn’t get through all the questions so I’ll do a ‘mailbag’ type piece tomorrow.


  1. David Ashton

    Alright lads I know this is stupid but a bit of discussion would be good…. madden related…. i don’t know how many of you play this game (I do, probably not very well mind)

    Wanted to know any anomalies…. any hopes and dreams dashed whereby if EA were omniscient gods you’d be upset by (Garrett starts a 83, McCaffrey an 81 for context) – I didn’t review the rosters of all teams to say they were the elite rookies….

    Would love to hear the underrated / over rated!!

    Go hawks!

    • Volume12

      Haven’t played that game in years. I wish 2K would make the Madden gamers. Their engine is lit!

      Anyways, is Garrett the highest rated rookie?

      • Dave Ashton

        I haven’t analysed it as such but would expect he would be and the highest have seen through perusing the ratings… a quick Google search drew same conclusion.

        Yes you’re right madden needs a bit of competition. Working for National Grid in the UK I can see that the metaphorical monopoly has some advantages (job creation!!!!) but in madden terms just means it can get a bit stale. I get that.

        More my point of this was just to incite a bit of conversation on the rooks v the vets we’ve had the privilege of seeing last few seasons and also to just sum up EA’s accuracy of interpretation (with all that big budget)

  2. Volume12

    Rob and SDB communituy had a good summer? The FAM’s good? Just wanted to say hi and see how everyone is doing.

    Only 4 weeks left until CFB starts. Can’t wait.

    • Rob Staton

      Hi V12, hope you’re good man?

      Got a nice CFB post coming soon.

      • Volume12

        Been better, but can’t complain. Summers suck for me, but it is what it is.

        Can’t wait for that piece. Anxiously waiting.

  3. Coleslaw

    Good to have you back Rob. Can’t wait to get into this class.

  4. Coleslaw

    It’s never too early to throw names out there right? Lol I have a crush on Quenton Nelson and Billy Price already, some maulers

    • Volume12

      I’m really liking the off-ball LBs this year and the RBs. Thing is, Seattle has a ton of options at SAM right now that are on the roster.

      He’s a guy we talked about quite frequently last year and that’s Ole Miss’ Marquis Haynes. He’s unique and IMO is in the drivers seat to be this years Hassan Reddick.

      Another one and this guys technique and form is immaculate, Wisconsin’s LB Jack Cichy. I wonder about his athleticism though.

      My favorite though? USC’s Porter Gustin. This is the next Clay Matthews. His work ethic is through the roof.

    • Volume12

      Look at this freak!

      But as to ur point. That left side of ND’s O-line will more than likely have 2 1st rounders. Excited to see them. Nelson is probably the best guard in the country.

      Another guy I left off is Oklahoma LB Ogbonnia Okoronkwo. Dominated last year. Literally jumps off the tape.

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