New podcast: What happens next and a tag & trade proposal


  1. Rob Staton

    Just concluded my latest draft series interview by the way… Joe Tryon, Washington pass rusher.

    Scheduled to interview Benjamin St. Juste on Friday too…

    • Gohawks5151

      Thanks for all the work you put in man. It really is great to hear these kids and you seem to be having a blast too. Tryon is an interesting prospect that could end up in our range.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you 👍🏻

  2. BobbyK

    Even if the Seahawks could only get a mid-3rd for Griffin, that’d be fine by me. That’s actually a good idea if the interest is there. They’re going to (probably) lose him anyways.

  3. CC

    I agree with all of this Rob!

    We’re not good enough and while I like Pete, he hasn’t done a good job coaching or in his final say personnel wise. I was disappointed that Pete received a new long contract.

  4. pob12

    Rob, what % chance do you really put on Russell not being the starting qb in 2021?

    I’m down for the excitement of trade + draft rumors but still think there are too many obstacles for it to actually happen. I just don’t see how Russ can demand a trade from a 12-4 team even if he’s not thrilled with Pete. I don’t see how/why the Hawks would take a risk at their most important position when 1) Carroll is too old to stick around for a rebuild and 2) if they suck without Russ, they dont even own their own pick in 2022. I think the money stuff is a big hurdle as well even if Russ can technically re-pay some of his bonus.

    What I see as a more likely scenario is the malaise that seems to have set in around the franchise continues into 2021, they fail to pull out a few of the close games they’ve made a habit of winning, between internal improvement or outside acquisitions, every other team NFCW improves at QB and Seattle ends up 8-8. In that case and with less dead money on the contract plus more cap room, I can see Russ moving on next offseason.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not going to put a percentage on it. But as I said in the podcast, I think the situation is what Mark Rodgers and Russell Wilson are telling people. It’s fluid.

      If the Seahawks don’t get down to business in the way Wilson is saying they need to, all bets are off.

  5. Paul Cook

    Hey, I just read your last article. I have a hunch that you’re doing a great job of reading the tea leaves. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”, to pull a quote from Sir Willy.

    Good think piece.

  6. Denver Hawker

    In the past we’ve often cited the axiom that deadlines force action. What’s the deadline for the RW3 saga?

    March 17th is a long ways away. Presumably he’ll want to see the Hawks be aggressive on the O-line front. Of course, we should expect a deal for Adams/Wagner to be completed prior to that point I presume for max value. Also should see any restructures occurring before then.

    Draft starts April 29 (for now) which would be the drop dead date to trade Adams/Russ this year. No good reason to do so after the draft.

    It’s a fascinating year for leverage. Reduced cap means vets on high cap hits will be offered cheap restructures, may say piss off and get cut. Trade values could be suppressed as well for vets. If anything, I could see Schneider licking his chops this year as the bargain bin might be fully stocked and ripe for the picking.

  7. dcd2

    My plan:

    1. Trade Jamal to Miami for #18 and a 2022 2nd (or 3rd if we can’t get it).
    2. Trade Bobby to Cleveland for #89 and a 2022 5th.
    3. Trade down from #18… Hypothetical – Jags #33, #65 & #120 (900points vs 899 points)

    Miami keeps #3 and pairs Minkah Fitzpatrick with Jamal for the best young safety duo the NFL has seen.
    Cleveland gets their defensive QB and cuts Njoku to make it an easier cap hit.
    Hawks save ~$20M with $7.5M dead from Bobby
    Hawks have picks: #33, 56, 65, 89, 120, 129, 168, 209 for this draft plus $20M additional cap
    Hawks have 2022 picks: 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 7 and any comp picks.

    Use the $20M to sign:
    1. Linsley, Thuney, or Scherff for OL.
    2. Mike Davis and/or Gus Edwards, unless CC can be brought back on the cheap.
    3. Gerald Everett, Jonnu Smith or Mo Allie Cox

    Invite RW to weigh in on RB, WR & TE’s in the upcoming draft and tell him you’ll do your best to get those guys if the opportunity makes sense.

    Pete butts out of the offense and takes to the airwaves saying how valuable RW’s input is (even if it’s lip service).

    #33 – Dealer’s Choice (Trade down, Friermuth, WR, DT)
    #56 – Javonte Williams – RB UNC
    #65 – Quinn Meinerz – C UWW
    #89 – Corner or DL
    #120, #129, #168, #209 – BPA

    • cha

      Minkah Fitzpatrick is a Steeler.

      • dcd2


        Better yet, trade him to OAK (17) to pair with Jonathan Abram for one of the best young safety duo’s the NFL has seen. Or SD to pair with Derwin James. Or anyone in the middle of the 1st who could use a Jamal Adams.

        Getting the decent 1st rounder is the main goal.

        • Scot04

          I can’t see Javonte being available at 56. If u want him in your scenario u better take him at 33

          • Rob Staton

            Javonte definitely won’t last to 56

    • Simo

      Looks like a good plan to me, similar to Rob’s offseason plan! I would love to see them pick up one of the top interior OL free agents and then spend one of the first two picks on another! This would surely help Russ see that they are serious about addressing his concerns! Can we please be done with Mike Iupati!

      Not sure about spending much on Gerald Everett or any of those TEs, think I would rather have Josh Reynolds, Curtis Samuel, or Rashard Higgins as a nice 3rd WR, especially if David Moore moves on! This also shows Russ they are trying to give him more/better weapons to work with. Also think Russ prefers to throw to WRs over TEs, so let’s put more resources there!

      • dcd2

        Honestly, I posted that before I watched the podcast. I watched it last night and cringed as I realized Rob had already put most of of this out there. Wish I could edit that post to say “A version of the modified Staton” instead of “my plan”. There really are only a couple of tradeable assets on the team though, we have no cap and almost no picks. I guess I’m drawing a lot of the same conclusions.

        As to the TE, I think you could grab one of those guys on the cheap and go with Swain or draft a WR. You might get an Amari Rogers at 56 if you need to take the RB at #33. I wouldn’t pay Hollister again and rookie TE are slow to click, if you can find one to get excited about. Dissly is oft-injured and Parkinson’s is a big question. Everett knows the offense and all 3 of those guys can catch and block. We can’t go in with just the two we have though.

  8. Gary

    I truly don’t understand everyone qualifying their remarks by saying they like Pete. I like that he won us a Super Bowl 8 years ago. I like that he used to be able to create a positive and player friendly culture that players wanted to come to. I don’t like that we are light years away from contending for another Super Bowl and without a coherent plan to get back, squandering the prime years of the best QB career this franchise has ever known in the process. I don’t like that his arrogance and hubris and sunshine and lollipops world view is alienating the fan base and now even the locker room, and turning a franchise that was the class of the league into a dumpster fire. I said when he signed his extension that we wouldn’t see another playoff win until Positive Pete was gone and I stand by that. I don’t know if he seriously intends to ride out the entire length of the contract (heaven help us all) or if events will somehow conspire for Pete to be honourably discharged. But I know that all the rest is window dressing until we have a new head coach. It could be sooner or it could be later but there is no path back to being a legitimate playoff contender until Pete is retired. I know that for some reason he seems to command a lot of respect from a sizeable segment of the fan base but I’m telling you … the emperor has no clothes!

    • Big Mike

      With you on all of this Gary………and we need more than a new HC, we need a better GM (and no I’m not talking about John, Pete’s the real GM).

  9. ElroyNumbers

    Rob – your the best !

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍🏻

  10. millhouse-serbia

    I agree with young and hungry on D. I agree with more experiance and more expensive O. Especially on OL.

    But I dont understand why Adams isnt young and hungry? He is 25 and to me he looks like a person and player who is more than hungry for success and greatness. Player dont need to be on rookie contract and to play for second contract to be hungry imo. And there are always examples like Isaiah Wilson who is obviously done with NFL…

    You need to have blue chip players on D too. Bwagz and Adams are currently only two blue chip players on D. And also you cant put all your money on O and gamble that you will find blue chip talent on D that will play on rookie contract. Sherm, Earl and Kam deosnt happen to often.

    Currently we are 85mil on O and 81mil on D. I would even go 95mil on O and 71mil on D. I would shift 10mil from D to O.

    Chriss Cluff suggested how we can save money and i mostly agree with him. Here is his prepositions and explanation.

    $12M – Wilson restructure

    $9M – Reed trade

    $8M – Dunlap extension

    $7M – Lockett extension

    $6M – Wagner restructure

    $4M – Adams extension

    $4M – Diggs trade

    $2.5M – Diggs extension

    Some think the team will need to convert Russell Wilson’s salary into a prorated bonus — a move that could add about $12 million in space. The club likely would do that only if its other options were not tenable – because it would mean beefing up Wilson’s future cap hits by $6 million each.

    Among extensions, Carlos Dunlap and Tyler Lockett would offer the biggest savings, but the Hawks would have to be comfortable probably paying them each $14 million to $15 million in 2022 and 2023. (We’re in favor of both being extended.) Cutting Dunlap would save $14 million, but it would be stupid. Trading Lockett would net about $12 million, but that also would be dumb.

    Trading Jarran Reed might not be, however. Seattle could save around $9 million by moving Reed, who should have pretty good value after 6.5 sacks in 2020 (second on the team to Jamal Adams’ 9.5).

    It’s a thin class of D-tackles in free agency – led by Leonard Williams, Dalvin Tomlinson, Ndamukong Suh and Tyrone Crawford. Reed could tempt a team to give up a third-rounder and something else. Anything less and Seattle should just keep him for 2021, knowing he will play hard for the big deal he wants in 2022. That’s why the Hawks won’t extend him: They don’t want to pay him $18 million or something crazy.

    Speaking of crazy $18 million players, Bobby Wagner could restructure to give $6 million in space. A trade would bring back $9.65 million, but there is no way the Hawks are going to move their still-productive All-Pro defensive leader – even if he is overpaid and a bunch of fans want the franchise to move on from him.

    An extension for Adams should be a priority for John Schneider, but it could be problematic if Adams and his agent try to get pass rusher money ($18 million plus) instead of taking top safety money ($16 million). If they get a deal at “their price,” the Hawks should be able to claim $3 million or $4 million in 2021 space. (For those who don’t want to pay Adams and think he should be traded, that very unlikely move would net his full salary, $9.86 million.)

    The last option for space would be Quandre Diggs, who could be traded for $4 million in space or extended for around $2.5 million in space (on a deal averaging perhaps $10 million). Like Reed, a trade would make sense only if the Hawks were not planning to pay him in 2022 and were able to get a third and something else from a team.

    I dont think they will restructure Russels contract and move money to future, especially in this situation where is trade next off season more than possible.

    They wont trade Diggs also imo.

    Biggest question mark is who will they trade to free 9m, Bwags or Reed.(same cap savings)

    I would go with Reed because i think BWagz is much more important for this D. And i know they drafted Brooks last year, But he is apparent successor for KJ at the moment. And he would benefit a lot from playing next to Bobby for 1 or 2 more years.

    So by trading Reed, restructuring Wagner and extending Lockett, Dunlap and Adams they could save 34 mil.

    I would put all i have to sign Thuney on multiyear contract. Re sign Pocic on one year prove it deal. Sign Poona on 2nd round tender. Sign Sherm or Dunlap to start opposite DJ Reed.

    Use first two picks (2nd and late 3rd via Reed trade) on D. If you are paying O you need to have as cheapest as possible D.

    Those two picks i would use on DT and FS.(if Diggs want more than for exampe 6mil apy in next 3 years). Because if we pay Adams 18mil apy its madness to pay two safeties around 30mil.

    If they agree with Diggs then use that pick on CB.

    After Brown goes pay big money to LT.

    Adams, Blair, Brooks, DJ Reed, LJ, Taylor, Poona, Mone, Green, 2021 class DT and CB or FS…Thats young and hungry…

    Thuney, Brown or new expensive and experiance LT, Shell…With Lewis and maybe Pocic or new C…Thats quality and experiance at OL…

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody said Jamal Adams isn’t young and hungry.

      The whole point on Adams is he isn’t worth $18-20m a year and it’s time to shift resource from LB/S to other areas.

      • millhouse-serbia

        Here are % of SC that Seahawks used on S+LB since 2014…


        Bwagz, Adams, Diggs, Blair, Brooks and Barton are currently due 38,4mil which is 21, 2% of 181mil projected SC.

        If they dont re sign KJ, i dont see any problem with playing these guys that much money.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not just about the money. How many articles and podcasts have I done explaining that?

          They spent a first round pick on a middle linebacker, while paying another $17m this year and $20m next, having traded up for Cody Barton in 2019. As a cumulative resource, the money and picks investment at linebacker isn’t worth it when you have so many other important holes.

          Likewise, they’ve spent two firsts and a third on Adams, plus could be about to pay him $18-20m a year. That’s aside from spending a round two pick on Blair and trading a fifth round Diggs and inheriting his contract.

          It’s not about percentage of salary. It’s about everything they’ve invested in LB and S and now it’s time to take that resource and shift it to other areas of the team.

          I’ve gone over this already, so many times.

          • Roy Batty

            That is one of many constants in your articles and podcasts: money management.

            I cannot fathom why so many Seahawk fan sites keep stating that if they simply restructure multiple deals, all will be fine. The fact is, restructuring puts a team in Win Now mode. Win Now mode is pure desperation, unless you have all the necessary players to win now. The Hawks do not, and unfortunately, have blown through too much cap and draft picks acquiring the wrong players. These are things you have consistently pointed out, and many, many of us in here appreciate you being one of the few who has done so, time and again. It’s refreshing, honestly.

            • Rob Staton

              Thanks Roy

    • cha

      Buzzy The Buzzkill checking in…

      There’s no way they are restructuring Russ with the current goings on.

      There’s no way they’re getting a “3rd round pick and something else” for one year of Reed at $9m.

      There’s no way they’re getting a “3rd and something else” for one year of Diggs at $5m.

      There’s no way an Adams extension cuts the 2021 cap hit in half.

      • Rob Staton

        I can’t believe we’re still talking about a third round pick for Jarran Reed.

        (Bangs head against a wall)

        • cha

          Or pushing more money on to Bobby Wagner’s $20m cap hit in 2021.

          This proposal would give Wagner a $26m cap hit!

        • Simo

          Agreed! And I think he’s much more valuable on the team at $9m than the late round pick they could get. Who takes his place on the DL? We have guys who can step in for Bobby (Brooks) or Adams (Blair) if they get traded, and they save more cap space as well as get better trade value back!

  11. Bankhawk

    “Bring Sherm home!”: I can’t recall exactly when I started hearing this refrain, but it’s taken root rather deeply in my consciousness. And Rob, you expressed it as fully and as well in the podcast as I’ve yet heard it expressed! I think the idea of Sherm coming back as coach of our DB room is a supremely intriguing idea; heck, it could even open a door to an eventual head coaching job for him one day down the line-who knows?
    I want to say that waiting for the off-season gears to shift and start meshing in earnest is making it a bit a bit hard to maintain patience. I’m feeling the need in a major way to see evidence that the Wilson-Staton plan for talent-asset reallocation has really begun in earnest.
    Call me a nail-biter, but it would be a bit disingenuous of me to claim not to be worried that they’ll cock it all up. After last year’s example, can I really be blamed?
    On that note, I want to say that you both really brought the positive energy in this one. The upbeat outlook makes the suspense so much easier to bear. Hats off to the both of you!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Bankhawk! Really appreciate that

  12. millhouse-serbia

    NFL informed teams today the salary cap this season will be a minimum of $180 million.

  13. cha

    Jax will play primarily in their teal uniforms next year.

    Either that, or they’ve decided to make a film with Chris Nolan’s non-union Mexican equivalent.

    I’m almost certain it’s the first thing.

  14. Rob Staton

    New mock draft posted later

    Includes trades and some interesting picks (I think so anyway)

  15. cha

    Um. Danny?

    Danny O’Neil
    FLASH POLL: Do you think Russell Wilson disagreed with the #Seahawks’ decision to part ways with Brian Schottenheimer?
    735 votes
    23 hours left
    7:45 AM · Feb 18, 2021?

    Cue Danny picking a fight with the fan downthread that points out RW already said he doesn’t agree in 3…2…1…

  16. Hoggs41

    There goes Wentz to the Colts. Good fit.

  17. Denver Hawker

    Not a bad trade:

    • Denver Hawker

      Wentz may be able to have success with the Colts line and run game. Decent return for the Eagles given his contract unload.

      • Big Mike

        I predicted this here on this board several months ago because of the success Wentz and Reich enjoyed together in Philly when Reich was the OC.
        Yes, I am patting myself on the back.

        • Denver Hawker

          Nice call. QB carousel continues momentum.

    • Happy Hawk

      A possible landing spot for RW gone.

      • Big Mike

        Indy would’ve never happened. He and his wife will want a flashier city if you will. Think Vegas, Miami, NY (unlikely cuz the teams suck), LA (Rams would never happen and Chargers don’t need him so a no go as well) or Dallas. It’ll very likely be Vegas or Miami. Just logical.

    • cha

      Philly is swallowing a $33m dead cap hit and are $47m over the cap. They only save $900k on the cap trading Wentz.

      Tell us again how RW cannot possibly be traded, Seattle media.

      • Rob Staton


  18. James Cr.

    Seems like a decent trade for both sides. I kind of like the Colts so I hope he does well in Indy.

  19. Silly Billy

    How do we feel about Quandre Diggs making $6.1 Mil next year?
    Cutting him will save us all $6.1 mil (no dead money), and extending him should save us up to 4.4 mil (this season)

    I say because because Earl Thomas is back on the market, and Ravens are already paying him $10 mil in dead money.

    • Rohan Raman

      I am not interested in seeing ETIII in a Hawks uniform again and I don’t think he would even want to be here. I also don’t think the locker room culture would benefit from his presence.

    • Rob Staton

      There is zero chance of Earl Thomas re-signing.

      In fact I’d say he’s probably done in the NFL.

    • Scot04

      Diggs current contract is more than reasonable…

    • Ashish

      I want to see Adams traded, Blair taking back SS and Diggs as FS. Adams is the reason why Diggs is bad position to defend. Please get rid of Adams gain on draft pick and cap.

      • James Cr.

        I don’t think Pete’s ego will let him trade Adams. Even if he knows it is the right thing to do.

        • Rob Staton

          Pete’s let go many times after making big deals.

      • Ashish

        Dream will be get trade for Adams – 1st Round Miami 2021 / 3rd round 2022
        Bobby – 2nd Round Brown 2021

        Is that too much to ask?

  20. Big Mike

    Huge props for saying “every Seahawks fan should stand up and applaud Russell Wilson for saying Pete Carroll is the problem” in this most recent podcast Rob. You’re right, they should be because he is.

    • Sean-O

      Does anyone think that the silence of the past week or so (from both sides) is a good sign that the two sides are communicating?

      • Rob Staton

        Well, on Monday and Tuesday Colin Cowherd was broadcasting Wilson’s dissatisfaction in all its glory.

        • Sean-O

          True but that was Colin’s first day back to work after the initial comments last week. I think the Dan Patrick interview was a week a go now.

          Point being, no new comments from either side since the original ones. Maybe the two sides talking behind the scenes? Maybe progress?

          • Rob Staton

            If there was progress behind the scenes Colin wouldn’t have said what he said two days in a row this week.

  21. Roland T Jose

    The sad part is this off season the salary cap goes down and seattle is in a shitty position to try to get pieces to improve this team!, last off season was their chance and they blew it!, again the plan to improve seems unorganized, like its done on the fly! I too like Pete for the winning atmosphere that he has brought to our city but he and John need to get it together! They both just got resigned for the next 5-7 years respectively! How do they want the fairy tale to continue and ultimately end!? Russ has every right to have a voice about issues with the team its part of his job; it is just like when workers see things at their job that are not right, they have to tell management about it so the issue can be corrected.

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