New podcast: Who will the Seahawks face in the playoffs?

Robbie and I look ahead to the 49ers game in week 17 and predict who the Seahawks will face in the playoffs.

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  1. BobbyK

    Are these Seahawks similar to the ’06 Colts and the ’07 Giants? Or are they Fool’s Gold? We’ll find out in the next month.

    The ’06 Colts had a TERRIBLE run defense. But when Bob Sanders returned, the defense actually was the driving force to them winning their only Super Bowl with Peyton Manning. Can getting Adams (after missing the month), Dunlap mid-year, and the emergence of Reed be key for a Hawks Super Bowl win? The three of them helped change a bum defense coming into training camp.

    The ’07 Giants weren’t all that good, but they got hot at the right time. This reminded me of the Seahawks/Rams game last week. The defense playing its best ball and the offense with the game changing drive late (aka the ’05 Seahawks) to essentially close out the game.

    I don’t know what will happen but I am encouraged that the top teams seems to be ones I don’t have a lot of respect for in terms of top NFC seeds in the last decade either.

    • Rob Staton

      I need to see more to believe. This is still a team that nearly blew a 17 point lead in the fourth quarter to Washington the week before the Rams game and recently lost to the Giants — when neither opponent had their starting QB.

      • BobbyK

        I totally agree. I’m trying to wear the rose-colored glasses.

  2. charlietheunicorn

    Draft 2021 will be wild, already a ton of talk about what the Jets will do with the #2 pick. Could really change who rises or falls in the 1st round.. creating opportunities for teams picking around pick 10-20 to find a very good player, which normally wouldn’t be expected to fall.

    Avoid the Bucs at all costs 1st round… Bears are also sneaky good right now…. I’m of the opinion try to face the Rams with a depleted team (possibly banged up QB) over Cardinals with a slightly banged up QB but truly explosive weapons on offense.

    • Elmer

      If I were the Jets I think my top draft choice would be OL or WR. Get Darnold some help.

    • Big Mike

      Bears are a fraud imo. They’ve been playing teams that make Trubisky look good. “Nuff said.

  3. Ashish

    Rob, what positive changes you see in hawks defense? Dunlap, Reed are obvious answers. But anything else you would like to comment? Our offense slowed down but opposition defense has enough on tape to plan. Its kinda good it happened now so Schotty will get to improvise.

    • Mark Dickinson

      I like the development of the depth on this defense. There have been a few guys that have stepped up when their number has been called.

  4. Mark Dickinson

    I’m absolutely excited by this Seahawk team. This team is so much better then last years team. It took the year but they seemed to have put it together and got healthy at the right time for a playoff run. Now I’m not just looking at this team this year but I see them making another run for the next 2 years. They are young, energetic, and discipled. When I say disciplined I mean not one guy has caught covid-19 and that means a lot this year.
    I think JS should get GM of the year. He has been a real wheeler Dealer for the needs of this team to be where they are at right now. D.J. Reed was a steal, Carlos Dunlap 2 was just what the doctor order for a playoff run and most of all this years draft is actually out on the field playing. The really quiet part that not many are talking about is the special teams. The Kicker, Punter, and long snappers are all pro bowlers in my opinion and field position still means a lot.
    Seattle put on there big boy pants and won the Rams game and made their first goal by winning the division. They looked like a physical winter playoff team going into the playoffs The NFC Championship could very well be Green Bay and Seattle at Lambo field. Wouldn’t that be an exciting game to watch.
    To my surprise this team has depth which has gotten game experience and ready to be the next man up mentality, I like to see a 28-6 game with San Fran and get a chance to rest a few guys later in the game. n order for me to make my 12-4 prediction from the start of the year. I think they are in better position this year than they were last year. GO HAWKS!

    • Ashish

      Next year we need a vet DE similar to Dunlap

      • charlietheunicorn

        Bring back Mayowa and Irvin…. and start out hot (sacks/ QB pressures).
        Draft a DT

        Sit back and smoke cigars

        • BobbyK

          Mayowa is a journeyman. Nothing more. He’s not terrible. He’s not good.

          Irvin got in the way of the Super Bowl winning team. He didn’t even play in half the snaps that season. His replacement was the MVP of the game. The next year, he wasn’t good/great. Just solid. He was so “solid” that the Seahawks eventually didn’t think he was worth his fifth year option. That’s not what you hope for in a top pick in the first half of the first round.

          Bringing back those two really isn’t cigar smoking worthy. It’s kind of embarrassing, really.

          • Elmer

            And Irvin is coming off an injury. I don’t remember, did Irvin sign a 2 year deal?

            • BobbyK


          • charlietheunicorn

            You would now have depth and guys who know the system. No reason to stretch or reach on a FA or draft pick (2nd rounder) to fill a hole, when you can do it with 2-3 guys on the roster right now.

            • dcd2

              I agree with this thought. It will boil down to price. If they are willing to sign for backup type money, than sure. Hopefully you could get them both for around $5M.

        • Mark Dickinson

          I think when Irving went down we over used Mayowa but Aldon Robinson was a nice surprise. He gotten some game snaps, not a lot but he does have 4 sacks for the year. Throw Dunlap 2 in with those 2 and you have a nice rotation.

          • BobbyK

            I don’t even know who “irving” is. Sorry.

            • Big Mike

              And who’s Aldon?

              • Elmer

                Rookie DE. 5th round.

    • BobbyK

      There is something positive to be said about the organization in terms of NOBODY being impacted by Covid. That is unbelievable but there’s a reason for that (a great plan/execution). GREAT JOB, Seahawks!

      Pete’s culture is another positive that is unmatched by any other NFL coach. Those are definite positives!

      I disagree with Schneider being GM of the year (UNLESS they win the Super Bowl). Anytime you deal away a pair of FUTURE number one picks and a 3… you’d better be improved THIS year when you’ve MORTGAGED the future for NOW. The Dunlap trade only helped correct an incompetent off-season plan (and the Darrell Taylor disaster). But if they win the Super Bowl THIS year – you’ll never hear me complain about mortgaging the future like this again – because the purpose of playing is to win the Super Bowl – not finish something like 10-6 with an early play-off exit.

      • Elmer

        Which is the main reason I hope that JS does not go near Dwayne Haskins. There will be much better uses for the money than a marginal backup QB with an attitude.

        • BobbyK

          You can handle punks at most positions… but not at QB.

          • Big Mike

            well said

      • Mark Dickinson

        We wouldn’t be where we are at if not for the Adams trade. His energy excites this defense and his play is here and now when we need it. I not sure that a 1st next year give us another guy of his talents.

        • BobbyK

          I agree “that a 1st next year [won’t] give us another guy of his talents” but it’s not like they only gave up that singular pick you alluded to. They ALSO gave up a 3rd this year AND another 1st the following year. Never mind the contract Adams will be needing for Alan to dress him properly. They sure as hell better be better NOW after mortgaging the future the way they did. No?

          • Rob Staton

            John Schneider is not GM of the year.

          • Big Brew

            The only thing that takes the sting off the two first round picks a bit is they didn’t give it up last year, and we got two cheap years out of Adams. Throw in the covid angle, and it gets better.

            • cha

              Adams is playing for $9.86m next year. The franchise tag will be something like $12m or so in 2021.

              I wouldn’t call 2021 a cheap year.

              • Big Brew

                I would, for the production. 18 million a year for someone is on the way. Doubt the Hawks would franchise him, but that would make a 3 year average (including this year) affordable in my opinion. But of course, to each their own. Happy 2021!

          • Pugs1

            The Seahawks get a 4th back in 2022. I realize it’s one year later but in the grand scheme of things it’s probably a late 3rd for a early 4th. That’s not quite a deal breaker for me. If both 1st end up being late firsts I’m totally cool with this trade. PC/JS are always talking about players that tilt the field and Adams does just that.

      • Duceyq

        “Mortgage the future for now” BK? Adams is only 25 years old has provided All Pro play “now” and will in the “future” for Seattle too.

        The draft comp given up has been extremely overblown. Two late firsts for the 6th pick in draft who has been an All Pro twice is well worth it. What would be the draft capital for Seattle to trade from pick (25-30) to move up 20+ spots to get pick 6? That’s really what we’re looking at here. In those terms, what Seattle gave up in draft capital for Adams was on par if not slightly less to jump that many spots.

        The trade served two purposes both for “now” and the “future”. Seattle acquiring All pro play this year and next year at a minimal cap hit. I think that’s worth a Penny with a Collier along with a Barton.

        With Seattle’s late round draft history deservingly being one to question, I’m not mad at the brass getting the sure thing.

        The big difference between the trade of Clark and the acquisition of Adams is purely cap related. One is under contract on a rookie deal this and next while the other was set to become a FA.

        • Rob Staton

          Trading two firsts, a third and a player for one other player is the definition of mortgaging the future.

          And Adams is on his fifth year option next year which is a lot more than a ‘rookie’ salary and will soon agree a new contract (presumably) worth between $15-20m a year.

          • Duceyq

            That 5th year option is only worth 9 mil! He made 3 mil this year. Meaning Seattle will get 2 years of All Pro play for 12 mil over a 2 year cost! FactsM that’s a bargain in the NFL for “25” year old player.

            Trade value by the trusted draft chart for the cost of what Seattle would’ve traded for Ads,s netted them.

            Do you realize a Jets 4th rd pick is literally a Seahawks late 3rd round? It’s possibly a difference of 5 picks and less depending on how well Seattle performs in the playoffs. It’s basically a swap. Seattle will be picking 2nd in the 4th RD no matter what!

            So two late 1st’s for Adams was the cost. Two (25-30) picks for a #6 pick who is a two time All Pro at 25 that will give cost them avg $6 mil per. Are we seriously debating this??

            In any draft chart Seattle netted almost 100 pts from the trade with the player named Adam’s.

            Basically the Jets spent 1860 to Seattle’s 1760 using approximate draft position math.

            Jets trade #6 and #66
            Seattle trades #25 #25 #58

            And that’s a return just for the #6 pick with no proof of being a 2 time All Pro and soon to be a 3 time All Pro.

            N 2022 if Seattle does pay him $15 mil per then great he’s probably worth it but even if they didn’t resign him they would still have gotten 2 years of All Pro play at $6 mil per along with a 3rd rd comp pick to recoup the 3rd Rd pick they basically swapped plus a 4th.

            This mortgage the future mantra isn’t accurate to say the least when you evaluate the trade mathematically and visually.

            • Rob Staton

              That 5th year option is only worth 9 mil! He made 3 mil this year. Meaning Seattle will get 2 years of All Pro play for 12 mil over a 2 year cost!

              You’ve missed the point I was making on Adams’ fifth year option.

              You referred to the fifth year of this deal as part of his rookie deal. People do this all the time, you’re not alone. But they misjudge what the fifth year option actually is. The option salaries for top 10 picks are equal to the transition tender at the player’s position during his fourth season.

              So you can’t call the fifth year option ‘a rookie’ salary. It isn’t. It’s the same as the transition tender, which in this instance is only slightly less then the franchise tender. Adams’ contract next year will be in the same ball park as Adrian Amos’ free agent contract or Harrison Smith’s deal in Minnesota.

              Compared to what Adams will eventually sign for (between $16-20m) it’s a lot cheaper. But in no way is a $9m salary a ‘bargain’ for the position. It’s about on par with what the top players are already getting.

              Do you realize a Jets 4th rd pick is literally a Seahawks late 3rd round? It’s possibly a difference of 5 picks and less depending on how well Seattle performs in the playoffs. It’s basically a swap. Seattle will be picking 2nd in the 4th RD no matter what!

              This is incorrect. The third rounder Seattle gave to the Jets is for the 2021 draft. The fourth rounder the Jets gave to Seattle is for the 2022 draft. Aside from the fact it’s possible the Jets improve in 2021 and pick a lot later in the 2022 draft, it’s also well established that ‘future’ draft picks diminish in value. So generally, if you give up a pick a year later, you lose a round in value. That’s generally considered the rule when judging value and first round picks are really the only selections that retain full value, because they are the primary resource of the league.

              But for someone so keen on pointing out value, you should at least know that the Jets received Seattle’s 2021 third rounder and the Seahawks got New York’s 2022 fourth rounder.

              So two late 1st’s for Adams was the cost. Two (25-30) picks for a #6 pick who is a two time All Pro at 25 that will give cost them avg $6 mil per. Are we seriously debating this??

              Yes we are. Firstly, because he’s NOT on an average of $6m per year. That’s a nonsense. He’s on whatever salary he’s on this year and in the off-season the Seahawks will need to extend his contract. As I’ve discussed many times already, the Seahawks have ceded all leverage in contract negotiations (just as the Texans and Rams did with Tunsil and Ramsey). Adams will need to be paid more than Budda Baker’s record breaking safety contract and it’s not unrealistic that his deal will match Bobby Wagner’s $18m a year. You need to be honest about this in a serious discussion, not claim the Seahawks have got him for $6m a year just because they got the final year of his rookie contract in 2020.

              I’m also afraid your reference to Adams the player lacks any kind of nuance or detail. It’s basically ‘Adams is all-pro’ and that’s that. Well actually, the Seahawks have had to blitz him more than any other player in the league (by some considerable distance) in order to manufacture production. That’s fine but we shouldn’t ignore the consequences of this too. Adams has a PFF grade of 65.0 which is good enough to be the 44th best safety in the league. His coverage grade is a putrid 51.9. Those are not all-pro numbers. So while nobody can dispute Adams is a good player — whether he is a ‘great’ player in Seattle or a great fit in their scheme, that is debatable.

              N 2022 if Seattle does pay him $15 mil per then great he’s probably worth it but even if they didn’t resign him they would still have gotten 2 years of All Pro play at $6 mil per along with a 3rd rd comp pick to recoup the 3rd Rd pick they basically swapped plus a 4th.

              The Seahawks traded two firsts, a 2021 third and Bradley McDougald for Adams a 2022 fourth. If they let him walk after two seasons and only get a possible third round comp pick in return, that would be an unmitigated disaster. For you to argue otherwise is ridiculous.

              This mortgage the future mantra isn’t accurate to say the least when you evaluate the trade mathematically and visually.

              When you trade two firsts, a third and a player for one individual — you are literally mortgaging your future for that player. I don’t know why you are struggling to grasp that.

  5. Hoggs41

    Easy choice for me as I agree with Rob.

    2. Bears
    3. Rams or Bucs

  6. icb12

    I’m not convinced that Rhamondre Stevenson is going to post test results that put him in the Seahawks preferred running back territory.. but damn I like this kid.

    Big bruiser with quick ass feet. Reminds me of eddie lacy before the cheeseburger problem.

    • BobbyK

      Eddie Lacy and “cheeseburger” in singular terms is wrong. You need plural with Lacy/cheeseburgerSSS…

      • charlietheunicorn

        I liked the Lacy singing tbh, I understand the why, they were looking for a guy who could be a tone setter and really punish defenses. Sadly, he only truly punished the Seahawks snack-bar.

      • DC

        Pump the brakes on that plural stuff Bobby.
        If you are familiar with Ghostbusters then you remember the ‘Big Twinkie’ explanation.
        “According to this morning’s sample it would be a cheeseburger 35 feet long weighing approximately 600 pounds.”
        That’s a big cheeseburger.

        • BobbyK


  7. Bankhawk

    Rob, anyone else taken by a whim for counterfactuals:
    You are PC/JS; going into this coming off season, how do you:
    -add a couple of draft picks to fill things out a bit
    -free up a bit of cap for free agency deals
    -prioritize players to be retained
    -identify someone with even a bit of trade potential, primarily in service of bullet point #1?
    I keep scratching my head, and every idea that seems viable has downside that comes as extra baggage-especially that last point.
    And this is a ‘won’t-hold-you-to-it’ kind of brainstorming session. Of course.😏
    And on that note, Happy (and safe) New Year’s to one and all!

    • Mick

      I guess it’s not easy but here’s my two cents:
      1. go down in the draft for two lower picks.
      2. restructure deals with Wilson, Wagner, maybe also Lockett.
      – don’t extend Griffin, Dunbar, Irvin, Olsen, Mayowa, Hyde, Iupati (btw we’re getting Warmack in offseason right?);
      – extend in order KJ, Poona Ford, Carson on decent terms, Pocic (after you let him test free agency), Hollister if he’s willing to stay, Lano Hill, Ogbuehi on a lower salary, David Moore, Ryan Neal, Mone;
      – the rest of the cheap contracts aren’t that important.
      4. trade Jarran Reed for one or two picks, the dream scenario would be someone picks R. Penny.

      • Mike

        lano hill extension is the priority of the offseason IMO. 😂😂

    • Rob Staton

      It is going to be a major struggle for the Seahawks this off-season.

      Limited cap space, starters out of contract, a safety you’re going to have to pay a massive salary to, minimal draft picks to fill holes on the cheap, no obvious trade chips unless you want to go one and done with Jamal Adams.

      It’s a problem.

      • Trevor

        Its the polar opposite to last off season when we had lots of cap space, draft capital etc and we had a dreadful off season IMO.

        Maybe this year the results will be the polar opposite as well. They certainly can’t be any worse. One thing is for certain if they have a quick playoff exit this year difficult questions need to be asked and hard decisions made.

    • AlphaDK

      Can I take a shot?

      1) – add a couple of draft picks to fill things out a bit

      This is my hypothesis about the 2020 draft:
      COVID has radically changed the landscape of college football development. Compared to prior years, scouts/teams will have to take into account
      a) less player physical development due to safety protocols limiting access to gyms and training staff,
      b) less player skill development due to restricted access to coaching,
      c) less scrimmage and in-game experience to show game by game improvement,
      3) smaller sample size of tape for teams to scout how players deal with opponents of different physical and skill sets,
      4) restricted in-person scouting (as last season.

      All of these factors will increase uncertainty in the building of draft board. Or put another way, there will higher variance in expectation vs result in the draft. Compared to preceding drafts, I personally expect to see more 1st and 2nd round busts, but I also expect a higher than normal number of mid and late round picks and UDFAs to outperform during their rookie contracts.

      Looking at the Schneider/Carroll draft (and development) process, there is lots of data that their strength lies in the mid-late rounds and UDFA and they are relatively weaker (league average or below) at early round draft picks. Our strengths dovetail well with the 2020 draft milieu.

      So to finally answer your question, it’s not like we can get much draft capital trading down from 2.28. It would be surprising if the Seahawks could add much more than a 4th round pick. That said, given the oddities of this draft and the strengths of the Seahawks, they might prefer to add 3-4 7th rounders to a single 4th rounder.

      More important than eeking out a couple extra late round picks will be Schneider’s history of making hay in UDFA. He is better than many of his peers, and the Seahawks have spent a decade building a reputation of being THE BEST place for a UDFA to sign, and the empty back end of the roster and the limited draft picks might actually accentuate the attractiveness of the Seahawks to UDFAs.

      2) free up a bit of cap for free agency deals

      Renegotiation of contracts
      a) Extend (or cut) Carlos Dunlap. Dunlap is due $14m for 1 more year, but with $0 dead money (per, but I thought the $3m roster bonus was guaranteed). By extending Dunlap’s contract by 2 years (age 34 season) and restructuring his 2021 salary due to signing bonus, the Seahawks could responsibly free up $6-8m for 2021 and leave an out for the last year of the contract that only carries $3m dead money. Or just cut Dunlap and save the $14m.
      b) Extend Jamal Adams. Adams is due $10m in 2021. Extend for additional 4 years and $72m, $35m guaranteed and restructure existing 2021 salary into signing bonus. A $22m signing bonus and base salaries of $1/12/14/16/19 would result in a 2021 cap savings of ~$5m and would result in an AAV of $14m/y for the 6 years the Seahawks have control of the player (2020 included).
      c) cut or extend Jarran Reed, freeing up $4-8m of cap space in 2021.

      Hard to find much added 2021 cap value in extensions for any other players due to current contract structure, age, or talent.

      3) prioritize players to be retained
      if the price is right:
      #1 Pocic
      #2 tie Carson and Wright

      apply 2nd rd tenders on most of the RFAs that are added value, original round tenders on the other players. tender all ERFAs. None of this money is guaranteed so it doesn’t really affect activity in the FA market.

      4) identify someone with even a bit of trade potential
      There are some players where the return in draft capital and cap space might make sense. Jarran Reed for a 5th rounder to save $8m. Carlos Dunlap for a 6th rounder and save $14m.

      Of course, trading Jamal Adams for a 1st and a few more picks is an acceptable answer to question 1,2, and 4, but it’s incredibly unlikely. Despite the rocky start to this season (new scheme, no preseason, groin/shoulder/finger injuries, 4 missed games), he’s excellent in coverage (top quartile last prior 2 seasons and looking more than competent as the defense has rounded into form), he’s awesome at run defense, and he’s the best strong safety ever at pass rush and by a very wide margin. Adams missed 4 games and he crushed the sack record for a DB. He’s arguably the best blitzer in the league; when he rushes the passer, he’s got a 26% pressure rate and an 10% sack rate.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t understand any of the first part. And there’s no way any team prefers three seven rounders over any other pick in any other round.

        There is 0% chance Jamal Adams signs a deal worth $14m a year. The baseline in negotiations is Budda Baker’s deal.

        Your review of his coverage skills does not match what we’ve seen on tape. And his pass rushing is down to the fact he blitzes considerably more than any other player in the league.

        It’s ok to talk glowingly about what Adams does well but we don’t have to bend the truth.

        • AlphaDK

          “And there’s no way any team prefers three seven rounders over any other pick in any other round.”

          the Fitgerald-Spielberger draft trade value chart is probably the best analytically based trade value chart, looking at the historical contribution of players vs draft position, and correcting that value for the rookie contract salary. In that chart, the last 3 picks in the 7th round are worth 7% more than the first pick of the 4th round.

          “There is 0% chance Jamal Adams signs a deal worth $14m a year.”

          We agree 100%. That’s why I proposed signing him to a 4 year $72m contract worth $18m/yr. With the restructured 2021 season factored in, the AAV would be $16.4m. The $14m AAV is for the 6 seasons from 2020 through 2025.

          • Rob Staton

            You don’t include the previous contract in the average per year.

            And what the trade chart says is irrelevant really. All that does is match up what the cumulative value of three seven rounders is. It doesn’t mean any team would trade the top pick in R4 for three seven rounders. No team would make that deal. None.

        • AlphaDK

          oops, in my response i said the last 3 picks of 7th round are worth more than the first pick of the fourth round, but I misread the columns.

          A better comparison, the last 3 picks of the 7th round are worth about the same as the 120th pick, which was 4.15 in the 2020 draft.

    • Qoolio

      Not Rob, but I’ll throw in my two cents…

      Step 1) Figure out what style you want to play on both offense and defense. Only once you decide and commit to that can you figure out what you have, what you no longer need, and what you should target (be it in free agency or the draft).

      Step 2) **assumption made** If they stick with a defense that isn’t the proper fit for Adams, trade him while you can get anything decent in return. Yes, it may be a step back, but a huge contract may hurt longer term development and progress more, via a loss of resources.

      For the sake of this counterfactual, I traded him to Miami for their late 1st round pick this year.

      Step 3) Trade out of the first round. I hate getting cute and trading down too much, but it feels that trading back multiple times will give more picks around Round 3 to try and find solid targets. Plus, multiple picks in the draft may help with the issues of many roster spots to fill and not much cap space to work with.

      I used the PFN Mock draft and went crazy on trading back from the newly-acquired #23. After five trades, I ended up with #68, 71, 75, 86, 91, 97, 110, 154, 162, and 202. No, I don’t have a pick in the first two rounds, but I feel there is still a good risk-reward profile with seven picks in the third and fourth rounds.

      Step 4) Then, figure out long term plans and cap availability moves before free agency (who to restructure, who to extend). Try not to end up with 5 TEs or 15 OL…

      I would prioritize Ford and Neal. Depending on terms, KJ, Carson, Pocic and Mone would be nice to bring back too…

      Ok, maybe that was three cents…

    • dcd2

      According to my test run on Pauline’s Mock simulator; it’s super easy, barely an inconvenience.

      1. Trade #63 for #67 & #112 (HOU)
      2. Trade #67 for #69 & #132 (CIN)
      3. Trade #69 for #74 & #175 (NYG)
      4. Trade #74 for #86 & #117 (CLE)
      5. Trade #86 & #154 for #147 & 2022 3rd and 4rth rounders (CHI)
      6. Trade #122 & our 2022 7th for #138 & #156
      7. Trade one of these 5th rounders for a 2022 4th (GB)

      Then masterfully work the picks into:
      #112. Dayo Odeyingbo (EDGE) Vandy
      #117. Marvin Wilson (DT) FSU
      #132. Walker Little (OT) Stanford
      #138. Ambry Thomas (CB) Michigan
      #147. Ben Cleveland (G) UGA
      #156. Dazz Newsome (Slot WR) UNC
      #175. Brady Christensen (T) BYU
      UDFA: Max Borghi

      Also adding a 3rd (CHI), 4th (CHI) & 4th (GB). Next year we’re back to a 2,3,3,4,4,4,5,6 set of picks.

      See how easy Phase One is?

      • Mike

        I mess around with the mock simulator a lot too, and while it is fun. It isn’t very accurate, most if not all of the top 4 picks in this mock will be gone by pick 112.

        • Rob Staton

          Sadly the rankings on the simulator are all over the place. Hopefully they’ll be updated soon.

        • dcd2

          No doubt. Everyone’s rankings are all over the place right now TBF.

  8. HOUSE

    Snacks was just claimed by the Packers… Interesting to see what happens there…

    • Rob Staton

      Presumably he will go and be an average defensive tackle for the Packers, just as he was in Seattle.

    • kevin mullen

      That’s fine, thought he was average at best, plus he took plays off so hopefully he takes those breathers if we get to play GB deeper in the playoffs.

  9. Paul Cook

    Now that we have a “dominant” defense, the sky’s the limit for us in the playoffs. I just read a local Seattle sports writer who used that word to describe our defense now.

    I don’t care about Snacks. I liked the depth, but meh.

  10. TheOtherJordan

    I think the Seahawks will at a minimum restructure Jarran Reed’s and Bobby Wagner’s contracts. And if Reed is unwilling, he’ll be cut. If Wagner is unwilling then he should be traded and if not then cut. Seattle can’t pay him 17 million next year. They’d be paying him for the player he was and for me Wagner hasn’t even been Seattle’s best LB this year let alone one that should be the highest paid ILB in the league.

    And they’ve completely painted themselves into a corner on Dunlap and have to sign him to an extension and Dunlap’s agent knows it. Without him, you’re desperately looking for pass rushers……again……and will inevitably turn to retreads, rookies, Taylor getting healthy, Collier and Green improving. That’s worked out so well for us the last two years.

    • dcd2

      Cutting Reed and Wags gets you about $12.5M in dead cap and two glaring holes. Dunlap is under contract for 2021.

      The only way cutting Wags makes sense is if you can replace him with a better MLB at less than $10M. Same with Reed, and a better DT at less than $8.5M.

      • TheOtherJordan

        So again, the ideal situation is to restructure both. Not cut them. But they can’t pay them what they are scheduled to if they won’t restructure their deals.

        And I understand Dunlap is under contract but they shouldn’t and won’t pay him what’s he under contract for. They have to restructure it as well.

        And respectfully, it’s not necessarily two glaring holes. This is 2020 Wagner, not 2018. He’s not worth anywhere close to 17 million per. Is his production worth 10 million more than what Brooks would give you? Difficult decisions are going to have to be made.

        I think Reed is massively overpaid for what he is and I think most of his production can be replaced at a significantly cheaper price. And the cap savings can be spent on pass rush which IS and has been the glaring hole for 3 years.

    • James Kupihea

      I’ve never understood the “we signed a contract, but now we will move to restructure you so we don’t have to pay you as much” vs. “you signed a contract, how dare you hold out even though you feel you deserve more money ” flip-flop mentality.

  11. James Kupihea

    David Bakhtiari’s season is over. Elgton Jenkins likely to cover this weekend as he’s their athletic plug-in anywhere guy. Really interesting to see if the Bears can exploit the left side and give Rodgers a hard time.

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