Newton not an All-American? What a joke

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton will win the Heisman trophy later today, ahead of Stanford’s Andrew Luck.

Newton is the heart and soul of an unbeaten Auburn team that otherwise would be 6-6. Whilst Luck has had a tremendous year, Newton is everything to Auburn. He’ll win the Heisman and deservedly so.

That’s why I was absolutely stunned to discover he hasn’t been named an All-American by the Football Writers Association.

Kellen Moore (QB, Boise State) took the quarterback position. I have nothing against Moore – he’s had a good year. He’s also playing in a pass-happy offense with a weak schedule and hasn’t led his team to an unbeaten year. Quite frankly it’s ridiculous that Moore has been named ahead of both Newton or Luck.

Just to recap – Newton led the SEC in passer rating and registered 2589 yards with 28 passing TD’s. He also led the SEC in rushing (1409 yards) and added a further 21 TD’s on the ground.

The same huge error won’t be made when the Heisman winner is announced.


  1. Patrick

    Have to agree it seems puzzling. I’m also surprised Mallett has been under the radar lately. The year he and Arkansas had seems to me like he should be getting a bit more attention.

    Is there any draft related news on Kellen Moore? Is he supposed to declare?

    Keep up the great work Rob! This is my favorite time of year when it comes to the draft, when the NCAA season is finishing up and when the NFL Draft order is becoming a bit clearer.

    Also, one last question. Did you see any of the game yesterday featuring Pat Devlin? I’ve seen some mock drafts with him ranked highly.

    • Rob

      Hi Patrick,

      Kellen Moore will return to Boise State in 2011. I don’t think he’ll be drafted when he eventually leaves as a senior. He’s playing in a very pass-friendly system with a lot of high percentage throws. He plays in a weak conference which helps the stats. Physically he’s not up to scratch and he’s short. He’s also a left hander which some scouts will be put off by. I cannot see a pro-future.

      I didn’t have access to the Delaware game unfortunately and haven’t actually seen anything of Pat Devlin other than highlights. He might be over rated a bit because of the fact Joe Flacco went there and became a high pick. I can’t really judge right now because I haven’t see anywhere near enough. We’ll see how his stock develops if at all.

  2. Patrick

    Thanks for the head’s up Rob. That sounds about right with Kellen Moore. I’m pretty surprised to see him as a Heisman finalist, but I guess he did have a good statistical year.

    I’ll be curious to see how Devlin’s stock changes as the draft approaches. It seems like Luck, Newton, and Mallett are at an all-time high in terms of draft stock. I could even see the possibility of all 3 going top 5 (You know Bengals, Cardinals, and Panthers could all be eyeing QBs). Meaning we could be looking at all the alternatives for a QB.

  3. akki

    My guess is they picked Moore over Luck on raw numbers since Stanford doesn’t throw as much. And they eliminated Newton because many writers have a holier-than-thou attitude about athletes off the field, his exoneration notwithstanding.

    I was going to say that Moore will still be drafted because he’s not that different from Colt McCoy who went in the 3rd, but dang, 6’0″ 190 is even a level smaller than Drew Brees.

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