ESPN are reporting allegations that a representative of Cam Newton sought money for the player’s signature during recruitment. The story claims a six figure sum of $180,000 was requested for Newton to sign up with Mississippi State. The Heisman front-runner’s father has distanced his family from the allegations, stating the representative¬†was solely responsible for the approach¬†and was not acting on behalf of Newton. An investigation is under way.

Right now it’s easy to blow this story up and make it into a big deal. Until we learn more or get some clear information via the investigation – there’s no telling how this could affect Newton’s draft stock. I will say this though – teams are going to have to do their homework. He was arrested during his time in Florida for possessing a stolen laptop.

Now this story is out there too.

Newton comes across personable and approachable. He appears to be switched on and comfortable in the spotlight. Nevertheless, there is work to be done by teams who potentially see him as a first round quarterback. I had him going to Cincinnati in my mock draft – a team that has always been willing to give guys the opportunity to ‘move on’. This won’t necessarily harm his draft stock as much as some think.

And one thing is even more certain today – Newton will not be hanging around after this year. He will declare for the 2011 draft.