NFL Draft 2022 — Live Blog — Round 1

Welcome to the live blog for this year. I’ll be posting my reaction to every pick on here, including longer-form analysis of the Seahawks pick (or picks?).

Don’t forget — I’ll be doing an instant reaction live stream immediately after the first round concludes.

NO tipping picks in the comments section

#1 Jacksonville — Travon Walker (DE, Georgia)
It’s indicative of this draft class that a player who many thought ‘might’ be a first rounder four months ago has been selected first overall. He’s long, powerful, physical and explosive. He’s a great athlete but is he twitchy enough to bend and straighten to really threaten in the speed rush? That would be my question.

#2 Detroit — Aidan Hutchinson (DE, Michigan)
A superb fit. Hutchinson not only fills a huge need for the Lions but his character and attitude perfectly fits the culture they’re trying to create in Detroit. He’s never going to be Myles Garrett. He is going to be really good though — extremely solid and productive. Great pick.

#3 Houston — Derek Stingley Jr (CB, LSU)
This shouldn’t be a surprise. He is a remarkable player and probably the most talented in the entire draft. He would’ve been #1 on my board. When I spoke to my league source (who had scouted Stingley Jr extensively) on the day of the LSU pro-day, he was gushing about him as a player and a person. He felt he was better than Patrick Surtain, taken ninth overall a year ago. The only concern was the Lis Franc injury. Forget the last two years though, that was never a big concern given Covid and what happened at LSU. In this draft, he is worth taking a chance on this early.

#4 New York Jets — Sauce Gardner (CB, Cincinnati)
The Jets go cornerback — which was always a possibility but they can’t rush the passer. I thought Stingley Jr was the better corner but Gardner is a good player with the kind of confidence you want in a top corner. He will help set a culture for the defense. But again, they need a pass rusher. That’ll be a big target for the Jets (along with receiver) with their remaining three high picks (#10, #35, #38).

#5 New York Giants — Kayvon Thibodeaux (DE, Oregon)
They clearly feel comfortable with three tackles on the board — this ensures they get one at #7 and nobody can trade up to #6 to prevent them taking Thibodeaux. I noted in the podcast earlier it was 50/50 he went in the top-five and 100% he went in the top-10. The talk of him falling was massively overrated. He’s extremely talented and just very business orientated. He needs to succeed in football to make the business stuff work so what’s the problem? Good pick for the Giants — he has great potential.

#6 Carolina — Ikem Ekwonu (G, NC State)
I think Ekwonu is a guard, not a tackle. They’ll try him at tackle of course. Eventually though I think he’ll kick inside. That would be his better fit for me. I suspect they really wanted to trade down, couldn’t and went with what they considered the best value. It’ll be interesting to see if the Giants go for Evan Neal or Charles Cross next.

#7 New York Giants — Evan Neal (T, Alabama)
The top offensive lineman for me, the Giants played an absolute blinder here. Getting Thibodeaux and Neal is a home-run for them, setting the foundation for success in the trenches. The man who drafted Brandon Scherff, Scot McCloughan, told me Neal reminded him of his former #5 overall pick in Washington. He could play left guard and be dominant. He can play either tackle spot. Great pick.

#8 Atlanta — Drake London (WR, USC)
There was always a chance Atlanta took a receiver here. I found it really hard to judge London given his lack of testing numbers. He’s big and made plays on tape but again, how big is the upside without the testing? The Falcons clearly believe he can be something special but I’m curious to see if he’s more Mike Williams than Mike Evans.

#9 Seattle — Charles Cross (T, Mississippi State)
I’m really surprised and will admit, I got this totally wrong. I never expected the Seahawks would take a left tackle who played in the air-raid offense, who isn’t explosive and doesn’t have the kind of size the LA Rams’ tackles had. A lot of people like him but I was never a big fan. But, as we’ve also been saying, they were going to take a tackle with one of their early picks because they had two glaring holes. I wish Evan Neal had lasted here, instead of Cross.

#10 New York Jets — Garrett Wilson (WR, Ohio State)
The Jets were always expected to take a receiver with one of their high picks but I’m a little surprised they did it here instead of taking Jermaine Johnson. Wilson is talented, quick but I found it strange how he often contorted his body to make catches harder than they perhaps needed to be.

#11 New Orleans (v/WAS) — Chris Olave (WR, Ohio State)
The Saints gave up third and fourth round picks to move up. I bet Seattle would’ve liked an offer like that. They move up to get a needed quick receiver. The rush on receivers is happening.

#12 Detroit (v/MIN) — Jameson Williams (WR, Alabama)
I can’t believe the Lions traded up twenty spots and only had to give up a third (there was also a swap of seconds). That’s incredible. They needed a receiver badly and arguably get the best one here. Given how they little they gave up, kudos to them.

#13 Philadelphia (v/HOU) — Jordan Davis (DT, Georgia)
Whichever team drafted Jordan Davis was always going to be excited. This is a great selection for the Eagles and the teams they will face in their division. He has a shot to be great at what he does for a long time. He’s just never likely to be a pass rusher.

#14 Baltimore — Kyle Hamilton (S, Notre Dame)
The Ravens always have a knack of finding value. I’m not the biggest fan of Hamilton and they’ll probably be disappointed to miss out on Jordan Davis. But a lot of people had Hamilton down as the best player in the draft. Given it’s a need, it’s not a bad fit at all. Bizarrely, the Ravens have also traded up to #23 with Arizona.

The Cardinals trade for Marquise Brown
Wow — Arizona dealt #23 to the Ravens for the rights to Brown (who played with Kyler Murray at Oklahoma). The Cardinals also get a third round pick in return. Big move by the Ravens. I think they win this trade personally.

#15 Houston — Kenyon Green (G, Texas A&M)
I’ve never really ‘got it’ with Green. His testing results were truly awful. He will be an outlier if he succeeds. And outliers happen — but they aren’t that common. He’s just a big lump of a guard really. I can’t believe he’s gone this early before Zion Johnson.

#16 Washington — Jahan Dotson (WR, Penn State)
Ok, now the draft has gone nuts. The Brown trade, the Green pick and now this. I think Dotson is decent at everything and not brilliant at anything. Taking him at #15 overall is pretty remarkable for me. They passed on Olave and Williams to make this move after trading down.

#17 LA Chargers — Zion Johnson (G, Boston College)
Great pick by the Chargers. This is how you do it. Incredibly explosive, perfectly proportioned. Could be tried at tackle or guard. A very, very good player who will likely play for a long time. Terrific run blocker.

The Eagles trade for AJ Brown
Wow, wow, wow. The Titans have dealt A.J. to the Eagles for a first and third round pick. No wonder the Eagles didn’t want to trade up for a receiver. The deal gives Tennessee #18 and a third rounder. Is now a bad time to remind everyone that Seattle paid twice as much for Jamal Adams? The Eagles are giving him $25m a year. So are you ready to give Metcalf $25m a year?

#18 Tennessee (v/PHI) — Treylon Burks (WR, Arkansas)
The Titans immediately replace Brown with Burks. So they’ve basically opted not to pay Brown $100m over four years. Now they’ll pay a rookie about $14m over four years. The receiver market in free agency is shaking the foundations of the NFL. It really makes you wonder what Seattle is going to do with Metcalf. Burks’ testing results were poor but on tape he did look a lot like Brown.

#19 New Orleans — Trevor Penning (T, Northern Iowa)
He was connected to the Saints a fair old bit. Can he play left tackle long term? The Saints think so, unless they’re going to move Ryan Ramczyk across. He’s big, very athletic and very explosive but has to work through technical flaws and learn to play with greater control.

#20 Pittsburgh — Kenny Pickett (QB, Pittsburgh)
The Steelers make their choice and it’s Pickett. He gets to stay at home, playing in the same stadium he’s played in for the Panthers. He’s a better athlete than people give him credit for, his personality matches the team and he does a lot of things well. He just doesn’t really wow you.

#21 Kansas City (v/NE) — Trent McDuffie (CB, Washington)
The Chiefs move up from #29 in a deal with the Patriots. There was talk of the Chiefs liking Kyler Gordon. I suspect this is a case of them sensing an opportunity to draft a player they perhaps thought wouldn’t be available, so they’ve moved up. McDuffie reminds me of Byron Murphy and he might need to play in the same kind of role. Very likeable player on tape and during interviews.

#22 Green Bay — Quay Walker (LB, Georgia)
I really like Walker. He’s going to play for a long time. He’s a dude — big, quick, physical with range. You can’t go wrong drafting these Georgia defender. This is very early though. Very early. I’m surprised he’s gone here. I suspect the Packers are being caught out big time by all these receiver moves. Who are they going to throw the ball to next season?

#23 Buffalo (v/BAL, ARI) — Kaiir Elam (CB, Florida)
He’s big and athletic. I think he needs to ramp up his effort and you can get him to bite on double moves. When I watched him during the season I always kind of felt like you wanted to see more. He tested well though, suggesting some upside potential.

#24 Dallas — Tyler Smith (T, Tulsa)
He’s aggressive and he’s intelligent but I thought he looked like a tackle destined to shift inside to guard and his testing mark was underwhelming. He’s just not that good defending the edge. This was a trendy mock pick. I had him graded in round three.

#25 Baltimore (v/BUF) — Tyler Linderbaum (C, Iowa)
Some teams just get it when it comes to the draft. Baltimore are one of those teams. For me, this is a great pick. They just drafted someone who will fit here for the next 8-10 years. The Ravens part ways with an underachieving receiver and come away with two holes filled with Kyle Hamilton and Linderbaum. Bravo, Baltimore. You’ve done it again.

#26 New York Jets (v/TEN) — Jermaine Johnson (DE, Florida State)
The Jets come away with Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson and Jermaine Johnson. What a day for them. What a tremendous day. Incredible. This is how you build. Joe Douglas is building something and played a blinder in the Jamal Adams and Sam Darnold trades.

#27 Jacksonville (v/TB) — Devin Lloyd (LB, Utah)
He was a really difficult evaluation. When I was writing my mock I couldn’t place him. I couldn’t decide whether he was late teens or late 20’s. He’s not an amazing athlete, he has unorthodox technique but he’s amazingly productive.

#28 Green Bay — Devonte Wyatt (DT, Georgia)
This is an amazing pick by the Packers. He is outstanding. They’ve drafted two Georgia players. I mocked Wyatt to Green Bay because he’s an ideal fit for what they look for and I was told by my source a really good team late in the first ‘loved him’. I didn’t get a name but I figured it was Green Bay. I’ll say it again. Draft Georgia defenders. They are really good.

#29 New England — Cole Strange (C, Chattanooga)
Explosive offensive lineman. They tend to get bumped up. Strange did exactly that. I thought they’d take Zion Johnson for the same reason but LA took him at #17. They move down and take a player who tested in a very similar way. I really liked this guy — quality player with a lot of upside.

#30 Kansas City — George Karlaftis (DE, Purdue)
My source said some people view Karlaftis as basically a poor man’s Aidan Hutchinson. I think his run defending is far, far worse than Hutchinson’s and he’s not as twitchy off the edge. He’s really quick though. Tremendously and surprisingly quick. And he causes opponents problems with his deceptive burst.

#31 Cincinnati — Daxton Hill (S, Michigan)
This is a bit of a surprise. He was expected to go in round one and he’s extremely competitive with great agility testing. I’m not sure a versatile defensive back was necessarily the expectation here — not with good interior D-liners still available.

#32 Minnesota — Lewis Cine (S, Georgia)
I can still barely believe the Vikings traded down 20 spots — with a division rival — only to get back a third rounder and a swap of second rounders. That’s incredible. I really like Cine. He’s a heady, intelligent player who hits like a hammer. And one more time — you can’t go wrong when you draft these Georgia defenders.


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    All I will say is if we come away with a DE or Stingley at 9, Lindebaum and Kenneth Walker in R2 I will be happy. I would also like Michael Clemons.

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          Please God let this be true…

          Kenny Pickett to the Texans has MAJOR juice on DK right now

          +2000 at 3:48
          +800 at 6:30

        • Seahawkwalt

          Kenny Pickett to the Texans has MAJOR juice on DK right now

          +2000 at 3:48
          +800 at 6:30

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    Before we all inevitably drown our selves in sorrow and anger, just remember that the last Seawhaks first rounder to make a big, significant difference in this team’s success was probably Earl Thomas. Tonight is not the be all, end all….. but I’m nervous anyways :/

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    No surprises so far. Let’s see what the Texans have in their minds. Pls don’t take Stingley

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    Two EDGE off the board so there’s that. Let’s go, Seahawks!

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    Fair play to Aidan Hutchinson. Not many people can pull off a dark shirt with a suit like that.

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      There should be a poll award for Best Drip after the draft.

  40. Rob4q

    Final Seahawks draft! Made multiple trades but ended up with some nice options…

    9. Jermaine Johnson, EDGE Florida State

    29. Devonte Wyatt, DT Georgia

    56. Abraham Lucas, OT Washington State

    72. Zach Tom, OT Wake Forest

    88. Dameon Pierce, RB Florida

    118. Aaron Hansford, LB Texas A&M

    141. Jack Coan, QB Notre Dame

    145. Jaylen Watson, CB Washington State

    153. Spencer Burford, OT UTSA

    202. Devin Harper, LB Oklahoma State

    229. Andre Miller, WR Maine

    243. Brevin Allen, EDGE Campbell

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    Looking like we’re gonna be one pick short of a stud.

    Neal, Ekwonu, Sauce, Thibodeaux, Johnson are all going to go before 9.

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  55. Tecmo Bowl

    Sauce at 4! Yes!!! Neal or a pass rusher!

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  56. Allen M.

    This is shaping up great if you want an OT…so far.

  57. Max Morrison

    Looking promising an edge rusher or top 2 tackle falls

  58. KD

    At this point it’s KT, JJ or bust for getting an impact defensive player at #9

  59. HawkFan907

    Neal, Ekwonu, Cross, Thibodeaux, Johnson all on the board. At least one will be available when we picks (fingers crossed it ISN’T Cross)

    • Rob Staton

      I really don’t want Cross

      Come on Giants and Panthers… take him

      • Big Mike

        Have faith, one will

        • Peter

          Even better if both do😀

      • Max Morrison

        Ditto. Anyone but Cross right now.

  60. Rob Staton

    Gardner coming off the board doesn’t help re: Pass rush

    Makes it more like the Giants take one of the top four pass rushers at #7

    And I’m worrying a little bit now about Charles Cross. Do not want.

    • Scot04

      So hoping Carolina takes Cross

  61. Hawkdawg

    Gotta figure the Giants are good for one of those OTs…and probably KT or JJ if they keep both picks……

  62. Trevor

    Gotta think Johnson or Thibodeaux are there at

    • Scot04

      Atlanta needs an edge

      • Peter

        Hopefully wr is *their* need.

    • Rob Staton

      NYG and Atlanta could take them

      Could also be a trade up

  63. Steve R

    I like the way it’s shaping up for us! Let’s hope thib and Johnson keep dropping!

  64. Gary

    “With the 9th pick in the 2022 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select … from Florida State, defensive end Jermaine Johnson!”

    • God of Thunder

      That would be nice.

  65. Blitzy the Clown

    Love this kid Sam!

  66. Big Mike

    Damn it

    • RugbyLock


  67. Blitzy the Clown


  68. Big Mike

    Don’t think JJ lasts. Maybe Neal?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Neal & Ekwonu will be the next two picks

  69. KD

    JJ or bust now 🙁

  70. Seahawkwalt


  71. Sten

    Is there a way Neal makes it to 9? I’m not sure Johnson gets there…

  72. Sea Mode

    Now let’s start some of those overrated OL coming off the board pls and thank you…

  73. Blitzy the Clown

    JJ or trade down for me I don’t care who else on the board.

  74. Henry Taylor

    This is not going our way atm

  75. HawkFan907

    Come on Falcons…. take a WR and leave JJ for us!

  76. Max Morrison

    That NYG pick means Johnson is likely not available. We are looking at the worst case scenario for Hawks at 9.

    • Max Morrison

      Let’s hope for a WR / QB / Cross pick

  77. Blitzy the Clown

    I’m not at all interested in Neal or Icky. Sincerely hope neither is the pick at 9

    • Peter

      Iff JJ goes while I’m typing it’s trade down for me time

    • Rob Staton

      I’m interested in Neal — not really fussed with Ekwonu (a guard). Really don’t want Cross.

      • Joe

        9 is a little early on a guard, but otherwise agreed.

      • Scot04

        I’d be happy with Neal.

    • Joe

      Disagree on Neal. Wouldn’t want a Icky at 9.

    • Big Mike

      I’ll take Neal too

  78. Ashish

    Two more teams need to pass on JJ

  79. Leo

    I love this kid haha

  80. Scot04

    Please, please no Cross

  81. Steve R

    Carolina is looking to move down. They are working the phones hard.

  82. pdway

    all defense through 5… feels like a while since that’s happened

    we need an OT, but it’s never the fun/exciting pick

  83. KD

    Looks like i picked the wrong week to quit smoking
    Looks like i picked the wrong week to quit drinking <— you are here
    Looks like i picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines
    Looks like i picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue

    • Big Mike

      My all-time favorite movie. Made me smile

    • TomLPDX

      Hang in there, buddy!

    • 206


    • RugbyLock

      Surely you can’t be serious?
      I am serious and stop calling me Shirley!

  84. Roy Batty

    Looks like Carolinas war room is waiting for phones calls.

  85. Sea Mode

    Cardboard cutout, acceptable version:

  86. Rob Staton

    Just a reminder…

    But as I said on my podcast earlier, my source said Ekwonu in the 7-9 range, Cross in 8-12.

    • Rob Staton

      And he said Neal was clear OL1

  87. Hawks4life

    I smell a trade down or Penning… hope I’m wrong

    • Joe

      Hope it’s both if we end up with Penning. If they take Penning, I hope it’s one of multiple OL picks.

  88. KennyBadger

    Gotta hope JJ is there or we get a hell of a deal and reap the rewards of a deep draft later.

  89. Blitzy the Clown

    I think CAR and NYG will take back to back OLs (Neal then Eckwonu) and ATL will take Jermaine Johnson at 8.

    • bmseattle

      And what else…Santa isn’t real?

      • RugbyLock

        He’s not real?!?! DAMNIT!!!

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      If your prediction for the first two goes down, gotta hope that ATL fell in love with London, Williams or Burks.

  90. Matt

    Hopefully they made good headway on a trade down, the only players left possibly worth sticking at 9 for are Johnson and I guess possibly Neal? Not sure how he fits in Seattle.

  91. JD

    Would Falcons go OL? Probably not right? Lots of investment in recent drafts.

    • Rob Staton

      They might go BPA

      But I would guess Johnson or WR

    • Big Mike

      EDGE or WR

  92. Big Mike

    OK G-men, take Cross leaving us Neal or JJ

    • KD

      So much this please

    • Rob Staton

      Please Giants

    • KennyBadger

      I wonder what Houston’s offer is if jj is there…

      • Seahawkwalt

        This giants pic is huge for us

    • Sea Mode


  93. Max Morrison

    Please have Neal / Johnson there at 9. Praying ATL take a WR

    • Max Morrison

      Williams hopefully too sexy to resist

  94. Tecmo Bowl

    Trade up with NYG

    • Joe

      If they walk away with Thibs and Neal they’re doing it right.

  95. Chris

    We need the giants to take cross

  96. Scot04

    This is looking like Jermaine to NYG & Neal to Atlanta

  97. JD

    So Evan Neal will be available hopefully if NYG goes Cross. Will we take him if JJ goes to ATL or trade down. Going to be interesting.

  98. ShowMeYourHawk

    Rob, if Johnson and Neal come off on the next two picks, you have to trade down to pick up Penning rather than just draft Cross, right?

    • Scot04

      I think we’ll be stuck at 9 and only Cross left

  99. Henry Taylor

    Never thought it would be possible, but I wouldn’t mind Neal at 9…

  100. Trevor

    Giants take Cross and the Hawks are in a great spot.

    • Seahawkwalt

      Pls!!!! Cross

  101. Zane

    I have a sinking feeling Atlanta takes JJ. Makes too much sense.

  102. Ryan

    Rob, prefer Cross or Penning if Johnson and Neal are gone?

  103. Max Morrison

    Rob…. Is a WR going before our pick at 9?

  104. Big Mike

    Now our only hope is WR to Atl

  105. Blitzy the Clown

    Rich Eisen sounds pretty dumb saying “a QB has been passed over for 7 picks so far…” in this draft

    • Big Mike

      “With the 9th pick the Seattle Seahawks pick Malik Willis, QB, Liberty”.

      • Seahawkwalt


      • Joe

        Hell yes

    • GaiusMarius

      Most commentators do well with general comments that rely on history.
      When things do not follow typical patterns, they tend to look like fools.

  106. SoCal12

    Time to be nervous.

  107. Sea Mode

    Come on, ATL, take a WR!!!!!

    • Seahawkwalt

      I think they will

    • KennyBadger

      Just take cross out of play please.

  108. KD

    OK, Neal gone. ATL better take a WR here or else we are going to have a problem

  109. Henry Taylor

    Man this hurts us, the league seeing what we see on Cross. Take a WR Falcons!

  110. Hawkdawg

    Gotta think Neal to NYG now….

    • Hawkdawg

      Short and curlies now…. WR for Atlanta or a trade down. Although it may be that the trade down market isn’t very good, given the absence of them so far…

  111. Kenny Sloth

    Is Charles Cross an option still? Wouldn’t mind

    • Rob Staton

      I hope not

  112. Scot04

    Hope Seattle goes defense regardless of what happens

  113. Rob Staton

    I’ve never wanted Charles Cross and never expected them to take him either

    I really hope it isn’t him at #9

    • God of Thunder

      Better Cross than Penning.

  114. Robbie

    Oh my gosh, I’m soooo flipping nervous. All my distain for Penning and it could end up being Cross. Please let JJ fall and we jump all over it!

    • Max Morrison

      Ditto man. Please ATL have mercy

  115. Blitzy the Clown

    Watch ATL take a WR then Seattle passes on JJ and trades down 🥴

    • Big Mike

      Wouldn’t surprise me, sadly

  116. Leo

    Giants didn’t mess around, Thibodeaux and Neal is one heck of a haul to fix their trenches

    • RugbyLock

      No doubt… some good stuff…

  117. Roy Batty

    Well, since no trades so far, does that mean an eager team will make a bold trade with Seattle?

  118. MountainHawker

    About to find out what direction this franchise wants to go

  119. Sea Mode

    Falcons pick is in… 😬

  120. Peter

    ATL….please Wr or get weird and get Willis

  121. Seahawkwalt

    Here we go.. pls WR to falcons

  122. ShowMeYourHawk


    • ShowMeYourHawk

      YEAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Don’t f*ck this up, PCJS.

  123. GoHawks5151

    Anyone watching the Seahawks war room? Please no disgusting look again

  124. WallaSean

    Could they still blow it and trade back?

    • Hawks4life

      Most likely

      • Big Mike

        Sadly quite likely

  125. Jabroni-DC

    Davis, Johnson or trade down por favor.

  126. Big Mike

    Don’t overthink this Pete!!

    • Blitzy the Clown


    • RugbyLock

      You know he will Mike… You know JS loves to accumulate draft stock…

  127. Blitzy the Clown


  128. SoCal12

    I’m prepared to be disappointed with the pick anyways.

  129. Ross

    JJ still there. Let’s go!!!!

  130. Sea Mode

    Lets gooo!!!!!!!!! Run to that podium!!!!

    • Sea Mode

      It was a stretch, but I managed to tie all the clues to JJ. Make it happen!!!!

  131. Seahawkwalt

    Don’t screw this up hawks… take Johnson

  132. Peter

    Let’s go!!!!

  133. Sten

    I swear don’t get cute!!! Don’t do it!!!!

  134. Tecmo Bowl

    Take Jermaine right now!

  135. Buf

    Let’s gooooo!!!

    C’mon jermaine johnson

  136. Roy Batty

    Holy crap, this could happen.


  137. KD


    • Big Mike

      You stated pass rush was a priority Pete

  138. KennyBadger


  139. Leo

    Please don’t overthink this John, please

  140. Robbie

    I legit just peed my pants. GET TO THE PODIUM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Ukhawk


  142. Blitzy the Clown

    I like Drake London but I think this is a big reach

  143. Sneekes

    Damn, I’m nervous now. Just take JJ.

  144. Henry Taylor

    JJ still available, your move Seattle!

  145. MoBo

    Don’t mess this up. Just pick JJ! Come on

  146. Roy Batty

    I wanna see “Pick is in” RIGHT NOW!!!!!

    • Scot04

      We’ll blow it & trade

  147. Scot04

    Take Jermaine take Jermaine please

  148. Trevor

    Jermaine Johnson was #1 on my Hawks big board. For gods sakes PC/ JS run to the podium and take that man!

  149. bmseattle

    Are they smarter than the room?

  150. D

    run to that podium and take jj

  151. joe

    TRADE is my guess

    • Big Mike

      Then pick Penning later
      woo hoo………..not

  152. Cheese22

    The pick should already be in.

  153. 206

    They are gonna take this down til the final minute taking calls.

  154. Rob Staton

    Draft Jermaine Johnson

    • Osprey

      From your mouth to Pete’s ear!

  155. Charles Hirsch

    Run Forrest run!!!!!!!

  156. seaspunj

    c’mon PC/JS Jermaine Johnson please D End this dont mess it up

  157. Noah

    Put Johnson’s name on the card right now

  158. Chris

    Not good

  159. Romeo A57

    J.J. Please

  160. Seahawkwalt

    I think we are trying to trade down crap

    • RugbyLock

      very likely…

  161. RugbyLock

    Still on the clock…

  162. TrenchWarfare

    Gonna be a lot of whining around here. Pick is in…

  163. Max Morrison

    Seems there is no trade options. Let’s take JJ

  164. bmseattle

    I don’t like this

    • JC3

      They can’t trade down. Just take the best player available.

  165. Scot04

    Worried we’ll see a trade or Cross over Johnson.

    • Rob Staton

      Please no

    • RugbyLock

      Rather see a trade than Cross…

  166. Joe

    Did they just say our mast famous fan is Michael effing Buble???

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Wow. The shine has really come off Chris Pratt’s star.

    • Big Mike

      Another reason to not watch ESPN?

  167. Peter

    Get off the f—— clock!!

  168. Seahawkwalt

    Please, Jermaine Johnson. It is not worth it to trade down

  169. Roy Batty

    Pete looks relaxed.

  170. Big Mike

    Why do we get stuck with a commercial b4 every Seahawk pick?

    • Crosljam

      Because they’ve got to fill whilst we try screw it up!

  171. Space Chief

    Why do I get the feeling Jermaine isn’t the pick?

  172. Ryan

    Not Cross. Not Cross. Not Cross.

  173. Hoggs41

    That clock is like molasses.

  174. Mike McD

    All of the draft blog is rooting for JJ right now.

    HUGE moment!!!

  175. Tyler

    Commercial break. Of course.

    I really hope they don’t overthink this.

  176. 206

    A trade down does not necessarily mean a loss, BUT, the wrong pick here is a horrible sign for the direction of the team

  177. Big Mike

    Remember Pete, you said pass rush was top priority

  178. joe

    Jodi Allen sitting next to PC on the Seahawks live stream. VERY interesting

    • Joe

      So who is actually BPA? Is it JJ or a freaking SAFETY?

  179. Sea Mode

    Crap, commercial

  180. samprassultanofswat

    The Hawks are trading down. Carroll says pass rush is a priority. He is full of crap.

    • Big Mike

      When isn’t he?

  181. joe

    a lot of movement just happened on the phones

  182. Poli

    Johnson or bust

  183. Richard aka DesertSeahawk

    Jermairne Johnson II

  184. Sea Mode

    Pick is in!!! JJ JJ JJ JJ pls pls pls

  185. RugbyLock

    The pick is in…

  186. 206

    pick is in!

  187. Blitzy the Clown

    They’re applauding something in the war room

  188. Seahawkwalt

    The pic is it in!

  189. joe

    round of applause. something happened

  190. samprassultanofswat

    Pick is in. No trade.

  191. Ukhawk

    For the love of god…longest break ever!!

  192. Trevor

    Anyone but Cross or Penning !

  193. InTheKnow

    Cross… just awful

    • TomLPDX


    • Henry Taylor

      Can we not tip picks

  194. Henry Taylor

    God I’m nervous

  195. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Let drew cook!

  196. ShowMeYourHawk

    PICK IS IN! NO Trade! Please get this right!!!!!

  197. Seahawkwalt

    Is there a link to the Seahawks war room

  198. Aaron



    • RugbyLock


  199. STTBM

    They’re gonna screw this up, aren’t they?!

  200. Big Mike

    Yep, pass rush is a priority

  201. Blitzy the Clown

    OMG NO! NO! NO!

  202. Ross


  203. Sea Mode


  204. Roy Batty

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM!!!!!

    • vbullen65

      You are 100% right. I am so sick of these bozos.

  205. Scot04

    F***! I’m so tired of Pete & John

  206. dand393


  207. Buf

    God dammit

  208. seaspunj


  209. chet380

    who knows — maybe another Okung.

    • Peter

      A one contract player

    • STTBM

      Dude made one lousy Pro Bowl. Not what you want from a top 10 pick. This guy isn’t even that good.

      Good news is about the time Cross is getting benched for his last year under contract, Pete and JS will be fired and we’ll have a new, actual, Owner. I hope…

  210. joe


  211. Tony

    Fire pete carroll…

    • Big Mike

      Should’ve happened after game 17

  212. Gross MaToast


  213. Seahawkwalt

    This blows

  214. Ukhawk

    Gosh darn it (edited) ?!#%!

  215. Blitzy the Clown

    I’m at a loss. What a freaking joke. I’d prefer Penning at 9

    • Joe

      That’s just crazy talk

  216. Glor

    Son of a

  217. Chris

    Welcome to the Pete and John show

  218. Steve R


  219. ShowMeYourHawk


  220. Big Mike

    Another joke move of the offseason

  221. Scot04

    F***! I’m so tired of Pete & John

  222. Wink

    lol Russ is fuming right now

  223. MoBo

    All the excitment is gone. Bullshit Franchise

  224. JLemere


  225. bv eburg

    Everything out of Pete’s mouth is garbage.

  226. Hawkdawg

    Do not understand this pick. Nothing exceptional about this guy.

  227. Trevor

    PC/JS make it very hard to be a Seahawks fan. The one player I did not want the Hawks to take today was Cross and sure enough he is a Seahawk.

  228. HOUSE

    Surprised by this… I think that means Brown isn’t back

    • KSB

      I recall reading here I think it was that the Hawks were in contract negotiations with brown. When asked by the media how that was going? Pete and John didn’t seem to like that question.

      I now wonder if Pete & John’s ideal draft would have been them trading down a few spots and still made this pick?

  229. Big Mike

    You gotta be ecstatic if you’re in the Jest war room. You know they taking Johnson

  230. STTBM

    Okung made one damned Pro Bowl. Not a great pick. This dude isn’t even that good…what a waste.

    I hate Pete Carroll and John Schneider.

    • Billy

      Yeah Super Bowls and winning seasons suck. John and Pete are horrible… bring back Ken Behring and Tom Flores!!!

  231. seaspunj

    I feel extremely disappointed and this is not gonna be the future identity

    Jermaine Johnson will have more impact vs Cross

  232. bv eburg

    Same old shit, different year.

  233. Cheese22

    Please be a trade!!

  234. joe

    NOOOOOOOOOO. i feel horrible. disgusted. going to have to tread water as a fan…..

  235. BA

    Brutal. But I guess this is exactly what people wanted. Pretty sure Pete just makes picks out of spite

  236. PennHawk

    I’m thrilled. Cross has been my guy throughout the process. Seems like the anti-Tom Cable.choice.

  237. Leo

    Drafting in the top 10 is basically the only chance you get to get a true blue-chip pass rusher, so of course we pick a project tackle when Duane is sitting at home….

  238. SoCal12

    It is really interesting the dichotomy of the reaction here to the Cross pick vs. everywhere else.

    • BA

      Because the prevailing narrative is that we don’t invest in o-line, and this pick is designed to pander to the casual fans who buy into this narrative. Pete is more interested in pandering and playing the media than picking an actual impact player.

      • SoCal12

        I’ll be honest I think that is an emotional overreaction take. I think Pete likes him as a football player and thinks he will work with whatever they’re trying to do. I would’ve preferred a different pick too, but I don’t think these guys are picking guys based on fan reaction and to personally spite us or anything like that.

        • Zane


  239. Rob4q

    First time picking in the top 10 in forever and you take Cross??? We can only hope that he becomes a top LT in the league…otherwise this was a mistake that they won’t recover from…

    • TrenchWarfare

      Wouldn’t you hope that any player they draft becomes one of the best at their position? Not getting why instant reactions matter. We hated them when the media crapped all over the Hawks in 2012 but we love them when we as fans or bloggers post them? Give these young men a chance to play.

  240. Allen M.

    16 pressures, 2 sacks allowed in over 700 pass blocking snaps. NICE. I like the Charles Cross pick.

  241. Big Mike

    “Pass rush is the top priority”
    Pete Carroll after the season

    • Jabroni-DC

      We still had a HOF QB on the roster when he said that.

  242. joe

    i feel horrible. disgusted. going to have to tread water as a fan…..

  243. Henry Taylor

    This is the anti=seahawks pick. The guy everyone likes, that still isn’t good.

  244. Jabroni-DC

    At least we got the throw away pick over with. Now our real draft starts.

    • Big Mike

      Wait til we trade back into round 1 for Ridder

      • RugbyLock

        You’re a cruel man Mike…

    • Sea Mode


  245. Richard aka DesertSeahawk

    Now it’s Pete and John’s Cross to bear…

    • Big Mike


  246. Chase Cash

    Not who I wanted but at least they are attacking the trenches!

  247. Justaguy

    Rob, thank you for all the amazing content and hope you brought. I really, honestly appreciate it. Problem is I can longer cling to a sliver of hope with this ownership. I just cannot do it until change is made at the top. Farewell and God bless until the real rebuild begins

  248. Magmatizer

    Wow, did not see Cross as our first pick. Any chance they trade back into the 1st?

  249. D

    its better than penning at least

  250. Steve R

    Boooooo! I’m glad it’s not Kyle Hamilton and some weird scheme to switch him to corner I guess. I want JJ though. He reminds me to much of Kwame Harris.

  251. Qoolio

    When I hit refresh to check the pick, I got an error that said “Bad Gateway”. Somehow I knew it was an omen for the pick, and it turns out I was right. Bad start to the draft…

  252. CaptainJack

    I felt ecstatic joy when atlanta picked drake london and Jermaine Johnson was on the board. Now I feel crushing pain. Feels like watching a seahawks game. Pain…

  253. Charles Hirsch

    Trade back in round 1 for jj?

    • Seahawkwalt

      I was thinking the same thing. I really hope so

  254. Big Mike

    We’re overloading the server

  255. Sea Mode

    Saints just traded up to 11 with WAS

  256. Gomhawk

    Well much better than Penning. They must have rly changed their OL philosophy. This is the guy RW would have wanted. Maybe best blindside protector in the class but with a big ? In terms of run blocking and not exactly a tone setter.

    • BA

      A skillset that will particularly come in handy when we throw the ball 20 times a game max.

      • Gomhawk

        Exactly, I’m not angry. Just confused. Also a bit relieved cuz it could have been worse. Was stoked JJ was still there. Now just no QB

  257. Pran

    Cross for Russ. Pete continues to surprise year after year.
    Is this Pete’s pick or JS?

  258. Bobby54

    Tackle makes sense here. More Day 2 options at Edge

  259. Blitzy the Clown

    The only thing that could make tonight worse is if Seattle trade back into the end of the first to select Ridder (or even Corral), so I’m expecting it.

    • God of Thunder

      No, they didn’t take Penning.

  260. Roy Batty

    I kept mumbling, “Not Malik Willis, not Malik Willis.”

    My wife was like, “Who’s Malik Willis?”

    At least now I don’t have to tell her

  261. Matt

    Well what a disappointment. Worst value of Rd 1 so far. Wait until Jody Allen sells and Pete Carroll retires to get too worked up about it. They’re in a holding pattern as long as Vulcan owns it. Go watch something else.

    • Big Mike

      Gonzaga men’s hoops

    • Don

      Oregon Duck Football

  262. God of Thunder

    “Cross is good pick. Well done Seahawks! Many had him going to Carolina. Gives up very few sacks. Build up the trenches!”

    — Mr. Cross’s mom

  263. Hawkster

    re-establish the run, re-establish a pass-rush … draft an air raid pass blocker.

  264. Leo

    Here’s Rob’s two sentence summary on Cross from a few days ago; “One of the most overrated players in the draft for me. His narrow base is crying out to be relentlessly bull-rushed at the next level, he didn’t run-block in the air-raid and his testing profile is ‘meh’.”

    No idea what Pete and John are looking for anymore, maybe they really are pivoting to some entirely new philosophy…

    • Wink

      “Charles Cross is the No. 3 overall prospect in this class, per PFF’s Big Board. He didn’t allow a pressure on 66 pass-blocking snaps vs. Alabama last season.”

      Rob’s not the only analyst around.

      • bv eburg

        If Russ were here and we wanted to pass it 30-40 times a game the pick makes sense. If you want to be a power running team it makes no sense. Drew Lock throwing 30-40 times, yikes.

        • pdway

          Drew Lock won’t be the QB in ’23 though…

  265. TheoP

    UK based. Stayed up to watch this first round for the first time because of our top ten pick.

    Can’t believe I thought the people who traded for Jamal Adams and traded away the greatest ever Seahawks quarter back would do anything different

  266. AlaskaHawk

    It’s just Pete’s Alzheimer’s telling him this is a good pick. A safety is next!

    • bmseattle

      he just hasn’t been the same since his plant-based turn.

  267. Luca Brasi

    OK, so looking forward… Please no trade-up back into R1 for a QB.

    Here’s hoping some of the long list of Rob’s favs at EDGE are around at 40/41.

  268. Sean

    Well we need O-line. Let’s just hope their player evaluation was good. Time will tell.

  269. 12th chuck

    I am so f-ing disgusted right now wtf

    • Wink

      Because they addressed their biggest need with the best pass blocker in the draft?

      • Peter

        Lt is the biggest need?

        Last years defense says hi

        • Wink

          Well they did add two pass rushers and don’t have an LT so I’d say yes

      • Big Mike

        “Pass rush is our top priority”
        Pete Carroll after the last game of the 2021 season

        • Wink

          They added Shelby Harris and Nwosu and traded Russ since he said that.

      • Rokas

        Becaause they had top 10 pick for the first time in a decade, and decided to spend it on a player who has no chance fo be a star and is a mediocre athlete. I really want to puke.

        • Wink

          “no chance fo be a star”

          Alright this is just silly reactionary nonsense. Of course he’s got a chance. He’s a pure pass blocker.

      • 12th chuck

        I would say center is the biggest need, and they could have resigned D Brown. and I wouldnt say that the pass rush is fixed, not by a long shot

  270. unHappy Hawk

    Like I predicted the leadership has revealed its plan = tank! At least we know now. Expect a trade back up for a shitty quarterback and a safety in round 2.

  271. clbradley17

    Now watch these idiots Still use one of our 2nds and more to move up & draft Ridder.

  272. Wink

    For anyone that’s real upset, from Adam Jude:

    “Charles Cross is the No. 3 overall prospect in this class, per PFF’s Big Board. He didn’t allow a pressure on 66 pass-blocking snaps vs. Alabama last season.”

    Reactionary takes about him not being an “impact player” are probably going to look really silly next year.

  273. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Saints traded the No. 16 pick plus Nos. 98 and 120 to the #Commanders for No. 11.

  274. Don

    Didn’t even Cross my mind they would do that

  275. Poli

    The Hawks basically traded LT Christian Darrisaw and Jermaine Johnson for Jamal Adams (17.5M APY)

  276. JD

    At least it wasn’t a QB ….

    Rob what pick would you have been comfortable taking Cross ideally?

    • God of Thunder

      Post Draft Free Agent signing? lol

  277. Peter

    You know the watt vs. Mcdowell conversations?

    If Cross doesn’t work it’s everyone until 40 in the draft that we could have had.

    Please get the second round right.

  278. Nolyon

    Earlier today I posted that I prayed Rob’s mock was wrong. How foolish of me.

    Trading back and taking Penning would have been preferable to this.

  279. Glor

    At least people didn’t have to look up who the guy is… so that is a positive

    • Glor

      I mean Rob has cross going #5

  280. UkAlex6674

    I’m not mad about Cross. Just more salty about not taking JJ. I think remove the saltiness and Cross could be a good pick.

  281. Peter

    What’s better:

    Cross, trade up for Ridder, Cine


    Cross, Cine, Christian Watson

    • TrenchWarfare

      Cross, Cine, Christian Watson

  282. Deezy

    He better not turn be the LJ collier off linemen…

  283. Hand of God

    Hate the pick…they took a long time to make the pick, they were clearly trying to make a trade and failed, and yet again were left with a suboptimal option…really bad start. giants on the other side are killing it

  284. Chris

    Not my favorite pick but at least it’s not penning

  285. Sea Mode

    Enough with the stupid Amazon ad already, announce the pick.

  286. Scot04

    So he is as of now our starting LT; because It would be awfully embarrassing if Forsythe beats him out.
    I sure hope this pick turns out to be a win.

  287. Sea Mode

    Wow, big trade.

    Tom Pelissero

    Detroit sent No. 32, 34 and 66 to the #Vikings for No. 12 and 46.

    • Wink

      Am I crazy or is that incredible value for Detroit?

      • KennyBadger

        No shit, wtf?

      • Sea Mode

        425 pts from Detroit for 475 from the Saints

  288. VanHawk

    If Rob doesn’t include Jamal Adams as part of Seahawks draft picks this year, Im gonna b pissssssssseeed!!!!!!!

  289. Max Morrison

    Ok not what we wanted. But Cross was high on most boards. So we got the consensus 3rd best Tackle in the draft right? Let’s not panic Hawk fans. We can still win this draft.

  290. Ashish

    The scenario we feared for.

  291. KennyBadger

    Houston doesn’t even need to trade up for JJ.

    I do trust robs opinion on cross but I like trying to address the position and his last name isn’t penning.

  292. ShowMeYourHawk

    I really dislike the Cross pick. With Johnson still on the board, it seems downright batty to pass on finally upgrading the Edge with a young stud.

    That said, at least it’s a position of need, as opposed to grabbing Hamilton and forcing him into a role. Perhaps this means that our time with D. Brown is done and we can turn that money into a FA Edge that’s left. Clowney or Dunlap redux? Not the sexiest but something?

    I’m really reaching for a silver lining here…..

  293. Seattle Person

    I’m a little disappointed like many of you about not taking JJ. However he is dropping for some reason. Maybe we overrated him. He still felt like a home run to me.

    Cross feels like a safe pick. I think he’s going to be solid and let’s be objective. He’s a good fit for our style of offense. We’ll run the ball but not in the same way during the Super Bowl years. He’s a wide-zone LT.

    Overall, it could have been worse.

    • SoCal12

      There was a rumor on WalterFootball that Jermaine had some major character concerns pop up, and there was a rumor posted here that a top pick had gang ties or something along those lines. I’m really curious what is going on there.

      • Seattle Person

        That’s a bummer. JJ dropping is a huge surprise to me.

      • 12th chuck

        off to new england for him I guess huh?

  294. SoCal12

    Anybody here like Cross? Looking for some differing opinions. I feel like he’s highly rated at most places, but everyone here is acting like we picked Germaine Ifedi 2.0. Just find it interesting.

    • Seattle Person

      I don’t know how to feel about him honestly. If we go by old Seahawks’ metrics then no…he’s not a Seahawk.

      The new way of thinking seems to me suggest Cross is a great fit in our style of offense. That wide-zone type of running with movement and athleticism.

    • Wink

      I’m a big fan and think it’s a great pick

      • RugbyLock

        I hope you’re right. I’ll be happy if you are.

        • Wink

          PFF loves him so I’m gonna just be optimistic

          • RugbyLock

            I’ll try to keep an open mind… I think that they could’ve traded back and still got him. Oh well, looks like my Sundays are pretty open this year 🙂

    • UkAlex6674

      I’m good with it. Would have preferred JJ but that doesn’t make Cross an awful pick. I think the hype of taking an impact player at 9 on D is making the pick seem worse than it is.

    • Big Mike

      He’s not Ifedi 2.0, that would’ve been Penning. I definitely like Cross better than Penning.

    • Hawkster

      It is just a classic SEA draft for need reaction pick.

      • SoCal12

        I would qualify ‘draft for need reaction pick’ as overdrafting a player like no one really had round 1 grades on like Penny and LJ Collier. Cross was projected by a lot of people in this range, so I feel like this wasn’t really reactionary. Just a basic pick.

        • Hawkster

          Fair enough, agreed it doesn’t compare to LJ, and Penny as just a flat miss, but not a reaction in my opinion. I know Sam’s Film was high on Cross, and specifically to SEA and the wide zone. Let’s see what they do at IOL and RB.

      • pob12

        Love it. He’s the anti-Tom Cable pick. Better in pass pro than run blocking. Looks good on vids I watched. Complete opposite of Ifedi.

        • GaiusMarius

          That’s one of the reasons I’m nonplussed.

          I want us to build a strong running game behind a punishing defense. This is a step away from that.

          Oh well, at least our franchise QB will have better protection…oh wait…

    • STTBM

      When was the last time Carrol and Schneider drafted a good tackle? Okung was it, they spent the 6th pick on him, and he made 1 Pro Bowl and left after 4 years. Not good value. And he was it. They’ve never drafted a good tackle, and they aren’t changing that today.

      Odds are very good this guy won’t be a perennial Pro Bowler, so he was a wasted pick, a desperate reach for need, like most of Carrols first picks.

      This is just sad.

      • SoCal12

        Counterpoint, most of the tackles drafted weren’t top-10 picks except Okung. Cross is highly rated by a lot of analysts. Making definitive statements about this pick seems very premature.

        I just feel like people here can be a little reactionary and definitive just echoing Rob’s opinion. Which I highly value Rob’s opinion too, but it’s not the only one out there.

  295. TrenchWarfare

    If they can get Cine and either Mafe/Sam Williams, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  296. DK

    I love defense and so wanted Jermaine Johnson at 9, but Cross is the best pure left tackle in the draft. Yes, his TEF score isn’t what they usually look for, but he plays a premium position and doesn’t have the holes in his game Penning does.

  297. FrenchHawks

    First of all, thank you Rob for your coverage of the draft every year. I discover your blog 5 years ago and since then, I learn so much about the game. So thank you for providing one of the best draft coverage on internet !

    Even if I wanted Jermaine Johnson, I wish good luck to Charles Cross. I hope he become a good player for Seattle and prove us (the ones who wanted someone else !) wrong in the long term.

    Go Hawks !

  298. Sea Mode

    Wow, Philly trades up too with the Texans. WRs flying off the board like hotcakes.

    • Sea Mode

      Whoa, Texans got quantity for moving down just 2 spots:

      Mike Garafolo

      #Eagles-#Texans trade: 13 for 15,124,162,166

  299. Scot04

    Tons of trades happening now. Hope Seattle wasn’t turning these down for the opportunity to take Cross.

  300. BoiseSeahawk

    Cross? What a snooze fest

    • Jordan

      Offensive line picks are rarely exciting.

      But locking up the LT spot(premium position) with a highly rated 21 year old is smart team building.

  301. Denver Hawker

    Why is JJ falling this far?

    • Charles Hirsch

      Thinking the same thing🤔

    • HawkFan907

      Maybe more teams are looking at pass rush win percentage. JJ was one of the lowest in the draft.

  302. KennyBadger

    Is there any way hawks trade back in?

  303. Dusty

    Glad you stayed up for this Rob?

  304. Sea Mode

    Steep price for Detroit, but Jameson Williams is the best WR in this draft IMO.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Was gonna say the same. I think the cost of moving up is a better investment than London at 8.

    • Henry Taylor

      Is it a steep price? They move down 10 picks in the 2nd and give up a 3rd to jump 20 picks in the 1st

  305. Group captain mandrake

    I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of Cross, but at least it wasn’t Penning. I still would have taken JJ though.

  306. Bobby54

    Eagles jump the Ravens for JJ?

  307. Peter

    Positive mental attitude:

    If they don’t come back into the first there are a good deal of players from the second through fourth.

    • Gross MaToast

      Oh, you sweet, sweet summer child.

  308. Cortez Kennedy

    I tried to tell myself not to get too hyped, to temper my expectations this year. Then Atlanta drafted a receiver and I lost it.

    But as Goodall stood at the podium I reminded myself “Pete Carroll still runs the war room”. I’m glad I had that moment of clarity.

    Didn’t JJ work Cross over at the Senior Bowl?

  309. Burner

    Geoff Schwartz on Cross, hopefully the big man works out for us. Although I’m stunned we didn’t trade down with the deals that came after our selection, Cross would still be on the board now.

    • STTBM

      Teams knew we weren’t going WR, so no need to trade with us.

  310. Thomas

    I’m more comfortable with the Cross pick after reading what PFF wrote. I don’t feel bad at this point. I was a little worried they were going to go full Al Davis and just draft on testing.

    Rob had mentioned that if they had not tried to outsmart someone like Kiper then they would have done better. Maybe this is a nod in that direction. Let’s see what happens though… the round isn’t over.

  311. Robert9

    Now all they need to do to have a complete mess is trade back into the 1st and take a quarterback

  312. Matt

    Serious question, who is the best O-Lineman Mike Leach has produced in his 22 years of coaching? Luis Vasquez and Manny Ramirez were guards who started for a long time in the league but that was in 2007 and 2009. Not much success since then.

  313. L80`

    I suppose now they use 40 to move up and take Ridder

  314. Steve

    I just watched a few scout films and he might be a good LT.

  315. Scot

    Randy Mueller sure liked the pick of Cross in the top 10. Surprised Seattle stuck to it vrs trading around. I’ve always liked him. He says Cross has a little bit of nastiness to him. So I’ll try to stay positive, it definitely shows Seattle is willing to go in a different way. I’ll be watching alot more on Cross tonight. Hoping it turns out to be a win

  316. paul di furia

    Cross is only 21. PFF had him had him as the top OT, 3rd overall. A top left tackle is so hard to sign in free agency. So they filled an obvious hole at a premium position.

  317. Hawks4life

    Something must be going on the JJ falling, maybe the Hawks still have a shot to trade up and grab him or he falls to 40? Very interesting

    • SoCal12

      WalterFootball’s profile for JJ has this:

      “Johnson does get hurt with teams giving him bad marks for football character and have concerns about dealing with him. Some sources say that Johnson’s football character is worse than Kayvon Thibodeaux, and that played a role in Johnson leaving Georgia.”

      Something is up here with him.

      • Hawks4life

        If that’s the case snag him in round 2

      • Jordan

        Apparently an awful interview too. Has turned teams off.

        There’s whispers out there that one of the top edges has credible gang connections, but there’s nothing concrete saying who it is.

        Plus he’s overaged.

  318. GoHawks5151

    I wanted JJ. Time to dig into Cross I guess.

    Initial Positives:
    – Is an actual tackle. No shift to move to guard.
    – Has a marketable skill in pass blocking. Smooth.
    – Digging into it a little he’s the same build and some testing similar to Duane Brown.
    – Good production vs SEC competition.

    Big question is the run blocking. Not out of the question he improves. The Rams scheme has made good tackles for worse stock.

    • Wink

      Samuel Gold thinks he’ll be just fine and I tend to trust him

      Charles Cross is a very good pass blocker and his “inability” to run block is extremely overblown. His scheme didn’t have a ton of it, but he showed the footwork and angles to be a great reach blocker in the NFL. Plus his drive blocks for midzone weak will be fine. #Seahawks”

  319. Sneekes

    Man, that pink suit was something.

  320. Big Mike

    Really thought the Charger would move up for Davis. Eagles jump Baltimore for him.
    Ravens go Penning now?

  321. Hawks4life

    Kyle Hamilton to the Ravens seems right

    • Big Mike

      Great call

  322. CaptainJack

    It’s… interesting to me that after weeks of being mocked in the top 10 Jermaine Johnson is still on the board. not sure what to make of it. Do teams know something we don’t? All these so-so wide receivers being taken. I like jameson williams but the others are just ok.

    • Hawkster

      The mock-bots had JJ sliding a lot the last few days.

  323. TrenchWarfare

    If the plan is to start Cross at LT this year, Hawks are adding a starting LT and saving the $8M or so in cap space they would have had to pay Duane Brown to re-sign. Seems like a winning draft so far.

  324. KD

    I have to admit, the only reason I’m disappointed by this pick is because he’s not JJ. Other than this, I didn’t watch much of any Cross because I

    • KD

      ….. never thought he was going to be the pick. Yes, I think all of us wanted an impact defensive player, (especially pass rusher) with this pick, but it is a long draft, and there is still a lot of picks to go. I’m not disappointed that they selected an OT (a premium position) and there is still a lot of room to pick some impact pass rushers tomorrow.

  325. Max Morrison

    Thinking trade downs were available is a general massive oversight of most mocks/predictions

    • Max Morrison

      You can move back into the first with a 3rd or 4th.

  326. Charles Hirsch

    Cross being interviewed now and is on 710 espn

    • CaptainJack

      Honestly, I haven’t watched tape on him. Samuel R Gold likes him. Rob doesn’t. And he’s not an “elite” athlete though he does seem to have the right amount of size to play left tackle. Let’s hope for the best.

  327. Coach

    I’m hoping to add Williams (Edge) and Tindall (LB) in second to add to Cross and then you have 3 contributors.

    Even though Cross wasn’t our favorite pick, do you think that’d be better than what we would have gotten at LT if we would have waited – for example, Johnson, Reimann, and then Tindall?

    Just trying to see the possible positive to come from this – that maybe Cross at Tackle in the first and then Edge in the 2nd is better as a duo than we would have been able to get if we took Edge in first and Tackle in the second?

    Go Hawks!

    • bmseattle

      yeah, it’s possible they have their eye on an edge that they know will be there in round 2. maybe they even like him better than Johnson, and they get their LT (hopefully) of the future.

  328. chet380

    Jordan Davis ahead of JJ

  329. Troy

    Anyone got Cross full testing numbers?

  330. Bruce Smith

    I would’ve taken the Saint trade if it offered. I feel sick now.

  331. Seahawkwalt

    Havent had a chance to verify, but very good if true
    Charles Cross- One sack allowed on 700+ pass attempts. Played against the highest level of competition as well

  332. seaspunj

    I seriously hope that the rest of the picks left that there are some dee studs that shape the dee identity

    I am frustrated with some of the PCJS thinking history will only tell

  333. CaptainJack

    Kyle Hamilton at 14 is a pretty good value. BUT i am pretty surprised the ravens passed on Johnson. I think they really wanted Jordan Davis. Great move by Philly to go up and secure him.

  334. CHaquesFan

    Think the Ravens are trying to pull off what we’ve suggested here and trade up for Linderbaum, as they have a hole at C rn

  335. TrenchWarfare

    Damn. Cardinals making moves.

  336. Andrew

    Wondering if we should trade one of our 2nds to move up and nab Jermaine Johnson, who is bizarrely still available.

    • CHaquesFan

      My thoughts as well, do something like 40+41+4th for first and a 3rd

    • Jordan

      Old. Rumours of bad interviews and character .

    • Big Mike

      Not me. I’d rather try and get Williams in round 2 or the A&M kid in the 4th

      • bmseattle

        yeah, keep your draft capital. Williams and tindell or one of the centers.

  337. Brik

    Looks like Cross did well at RT when asked by the pros. This doesn’t rule out resigning Brown or any move. We got a pure tackle prospect, not a tweener. I like how quick he seemed to get ahead of DEs making moves.

    • KD

      Admittedly, I didn’t do much homework on Cross or Penning because of work and such, but I was a bit more worried about penning because he seemed to be more highly ranked because of testing. Sometimes testing isn’t everything, and Cross performed well in the SEC.

  338. briangri

    I’m curious about some of the negative thoughts here — a lot of the experts that I trust (Sam Gold, Geoff Schwartz) are quite high on him. Huge position of need, as we have zero starter caliber OTs under contract. Very valuable position, maybe behind only QB and pass rusher. Nate Tice called Cross his favorite tackle, and best chance to stick at LT ( Seems like a home run to me!

  339. Sea Mode

    Wow, Ravens just sent Hollywood Brown to the Cardinals. Reunited with Kyler.

    • Hawks4life

      Didn’t see that coming, and Baltimore has who at WR now lol

      • DarrellDownUnder


      • Big Mike


        Andrews at TE?

    • Jordan

      Seems like a big overpay for Hokywood Brown, who has been kind of disappointing relative to his peers in his draft class (DK, AJ, Deebo, McLaurin)

  340. JLemere

    Looks like Jermaine Johnson is viewed in the second level of edge rushers with Karlafis, Mafe, etc according to the first 15 picks.

  341. Brik

    Imagine if we trade up and get Zion along with getting a center in the 2nd. Offensive line complete. Then get Pierre King jr or that RB y’all are talking about.

    • Seahawkwalt

      Pierre Strong JR…Yes sign me up

    • 12th chuck

      and trade peacock for Michael Thomas straight across

  342. Coach

    Here’s what Chris Simms said:

    I think
    were probably shocked Charles Cross was here at #9.
    Unbelievable potential, arguably the best athlete among the OTs. Plus the Seahawks NEED O-linemen. What a value.

    • bmseattle

      So weird that everyone in the media loves the pick.
      Makes me cautiously optimistic.

      • Big Mike

        Muh better than Penning. The fact that Simms likes him makes me feel better

  343. Gross MaToast

    If Philly walks out with Thanos and Jermaine…I can’t even finish that thought…they’re going to be like pretty good, or something.

  344. CaptainJack

    Kenyon Green at 15 feels like the first major “reach” of the draft

  345. Madmark

    The only way to turn this around is if Tyler Linderbaum can be had at pick 40.

    • Jordan

      Turn it around?

      They drafted a highly rated 21 year old at a premium position.

      • UkAlex6674

        Agreed. We have actually made a decent pick at the 2nd or 3rd most valuable position in the draft.

        Sexy pick? No.

        Meat and potato pick? Yes – and I am hungry for more!

        • Rob Staton

          Is it decent?

          • UkAlex6674

            I think so. They wanted a tackle, clearly didn’t like Penning enough to trade down. The only thing I was concerned about was the knock on his run blocking but maybe because he wasn’t asked to do much of it, the front office think that can be improved. But again though you can counter that a top-10 pick shouldn’t need to have such an issue on a team that is supposed to be run heavy.

            Do you think they will re-sign Brown and break Cross in at RT?

            • Rob Staton

              I think it’s more like they felt handcuffed to take a tackle and an offer to move down wasn’t forthcoming — as Tony P reported.

      • Madmark

        Wasn’t my pick I was all in for the best OC in the draft that graded out 6.7 that’s first round talent.

  346. CaptainJack

    16 picks in and already FIVE receivers drafted. With possibly more to come. wow

  347. TrenchWarfare

    The two WRs most rumored to be traded, DK and Deebo, stay with their teams. Meanwhile everyone else is trading their WRs heading for huge paydays.

    • Sea Mode

      Holy cow.

      Adam Schefter

      Blockbuster trade: Titans are planning to trade WR A.J. Brown to the Eagles, sources tell ESPN.

      • TrenchWarfare

        Crazy. And with the run on WRs, no QBs taken. If Seattle is going to add a QB, it’s more and more likely they won’t need to trade up.

  348. Sea Mode

    Great pick by WAS. Dotson best hands in the draft. Should do great as a #2 next to McLaurin.

  349. Big Mike

    Damn nice one Chargers!

  350. Brik

    Thinking our pick caused the run on WRs and subsequent trades. Few teams that could have been interested in Cross, including the Jets and Texans since they picked CBs. Where’s Penning going?

  351. joe

    fantastic pick for chargers. QB will be happy

  352. pdway

    Shefter saying Titans trading AJ Brown to Eagles…

  353. GoHawks5151

    Aj Brown what!!!!!!?????

  354. Big Mike

    Holy shit AJ Brown to the Eagles!!

    • STTBM

      Guess they don’t really trust Tannehill, and plan on running the ball 40 times a game….

    • RugbyLock

      The Iggles gave him a 4yr/$100m contract with $57m guaranteed according to Sirius NFL Radio…

  355. bmseattle

    Was never realistic that we’d get Zion, but he was one of my favorites.
    solid pick for the Chargers.

    • Big Mike

      Agree. I do predict we’ll have a shot at either Linderbaum or Jergens

      • bmseattle

        yeah, centers just never go high.
        one of the top guys will be there if we want him.
        But I also want an edge and a LB!

  356. Blitzy the Clown

    Feeling better about Cross. Didn’t pay him any mind during the Combine etc. because he’s such an average athlete and not what Seattle usually want in an OT.

    But his tape is solid. Not a lot of run plays, but he’s a sticky blocker in pass pro. Recovers well.

    If we can leave the draft with one of Linderbaum or Jurgens in the 2nd, or even Raimann (yeah random but I think he’s gonna be an all pro OG), the OL will be well reset.

  357. Sten

    Holy moly every wideout is getting traded

  358. JimN

    Interesting that Johnson is falling so far. Seems like something is telling teams that he isn’t part of that first tier. While i appreciate and value testing metrics, i also value the fact that he has allowed like 3 sacks in 700 reps against top notch SEC competition. I think a LT is a good pick and a realistic start to a rebuild. Run blocking? Well, they also said DK could only run a couple of routes. I think the choice is fine. I don’t think you will find a better tackle later, and i like Cross more than Penning. I think there are MANY EDGE players in the next tier. I suspect there were literally no real trade down opportunities. Lets see what happens tomorrow. There won’t be any trading back up.

  359. Mr drucker in hooterville

    That perp walk is insane

  360. Big Mike

    So if you’re Tannehill, you’re not pleased

  361. SoCal12

    Funny to think that Christian Kirk’s contract would have reverberations throughout the league like this.

  362. KD

    Remember guys, still a ton of quality guys left and the 1st round isn’t necessarily over for SEA

    • TrenchWarfare

      Malik Willis likely going to Pittsburgh. Linderbaum, Lloyd, JJ II, McDuffie, Wyatt, Cine, Penning all still on the board. Hawks looking good for rd 2.

  363. Jabroni-DC

    With all of these WR going early, there’s still time for GB or KC to blow our socks off with an offer for DK Metcalf.

    Honestly, if I’m GB I don’t know how they don’t go all in to get him. It’s now or never for them. Rodgers to Metcalf would be an incredible connection.

    • CaptainJack

      Please, no. DK is our one true x factor player.

  364. Big Mike

    AJ already signed by Philly 4 years, 100 million, 57 guaranteed
    DK gonna be in the same neighborhood

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Solid moves by both the Titans (trade their star WR before he gets paid and draft his replacement with the pick from the trade, and by the Eagles who already had their newly acquired star WR’s contract extension already signed.

      That’s how you do it on both sides.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s a lot of money

      Thankfully the Seahawks are now a finesse team so it won’t matter

  365. Robbie

    These trades are just crazy! This whole offseason has been the craziest offseason ever. Draft included!

    • Big Mike


      • Roy Batty

        Entertaining. Every week some new bombshell was dropped.

        And next comes day 2 and the real meat of this draft.

  366. Chris

    Johnson must have a medical flag

    • Big Mike

      And/or age 24?

    • SoCal12

      Character concerns are the rumor. Also pass rush win rate isn’t great. Also 24 years old. I think he’ll still be drafted late first-ish though.

  367. Sea Mode

    Man, teams saw the WR market and said “nope”.

  368. JC3

    Good CB will drop to 2nd round now.

  369. bmseattle

    Penning just Judo chopped his Mom after she hugged him!

  370. Big Mike

    Rob said above:
    “The Titans have dealt A.J. to the Eagles for a first and third round pick. No wonder the Eagles didn’t want to trade up for a receiver. The deal gives Tennessee #18 and a third rounder. Is now a bad time to remind everyone that Seattle paid twice as much for Jamal Adams?”

    I wept yet again

    • TrenchWarfare

      It’s been two years. Time to get over it. Look to the future, can’t change the past.

      • BRNDNvsWRLD


        Please dude. Please. Lets just let this rest after this year once our lost draft capital is spent. But to hear it OVER and OVER and OVEr again, really detracts from some of your other better points.

        • BRNDNvsWRLD

          Not to mention the CONSTANT name calling. Speak about football, in football terms. Peacock, Soggy bun? Come’on we can do better. I believe you are a smart fan, and this doesn’t reinforce that, its just childish.

  371. Jabroni-DC

    There’s gonna be 2 really good players available at #40 & #41.

    The Pete Carrol era started with a top ten OT pick. It was a glaring need. Deja vu with the rebuild. I’m much happier with Cross (who I know nothing about) over Penning.

    If we do go QB early the only one I won’t puke about is Corral.

    • JC3

      Penning @16 for a RT is a good value.

  372. Roy Batty

    Pickett. Wow. Good for him. Stays in Pittsburgh.

    • Big Mike

      Not on TV yet.

  373. DC

    If GB offers their 2 firsts for DK do you take it?

    • Brik


      • Brik

        We could trade up right now if there’s someone we really want

    • JD

      I might honestly. IF JJ is there at 22 and then get Devonta Wyatt/Devin Lloyd at 28.

    • Jabroni-DC

      #22, #53 & a 2023 1st.

    • D

      they will be desperate now i’d pull their pants down and want a second or third as well

    • HOUSE

      Just thought the same thing. If they ain’t re-signing DK at $23-25M/yr, a trade makes sense

    • GaiusMarius


      We do not need to sink that much $$$ at receiver, especially when we lack a QB to throw to him.

  374. Matt

    What if they traded up for Penning and ended up with bookend tackles? Lucas could also fit at RT in rd 2.

    I really hate the Air Raid offense, but I guess the pick has a couple things going for it.

    1. Not only a true tackle prospect, but a likely LT.
    2. 21 Years old in a draft with a lot of older prospects.
    3. If you could pick one thing you would want a tackle prospect to be good at, it’s pass blocking.

    If he works out, he could start at LT for 15 years. So there is upside, potentially more than Penning. It just freaks me out drafting an Air Raid OL.

    • Sea Mode

      Penning already went to the Saints at 19.

      • Big Mike

        But Lucas will be available………………..

        • Sea Mode

          I’m down.

      • Matt

        Yes no Penning. Would you rather have RT Lucas or C Linderbaum?

        • JC3

          Take Lucas or trade down. There are good C available in 3rd.

    • Bankhawk

      Yeah, I was relieved it wasn’t Penning, then thought about the potential of the 5th year option, and then learned about his age-it’s sorta growing on me.

  375. KSB

    I’d like to see Williams and Tindall in the 2nd round as well.

    Find all was one of my favorite college players to watch and everytime I did. I was hoping he will be a future Seahawk.

    I wonder when Pete was talking with. Lane Kiffin and gushing. It was about williams and not Corrall. I guess Kiffin said in an interview that Williams is going to be a great pro player.

  376. Sea Mode

    I say we start looking into trading up for JJ or Devin Lloyd.

    • Chris

      I’m thinking the same

    • Big Mike

      I’ll pass. Too much talent in rounds 2 and 3 “meat and potatoes”

      • JC3

        Trade up for Wyatt.

  377. Ishmael

    Goodness me. Lot to take in here. Johnson falling like this screams major red flags that haven’t come out publicly. Far too good a player to drop otherwise.

    Cross is whatever. Funnily enough almost the exact sort of player Wilson was after for a decade. Not really my sort of player, but could have been plenty worse – genuine tackle as well, not a project who’s going to have to kick in to guard. Lot of fun talent left on the table for tomorrow, just have to not do anything silly with a QB and we’ll be in decent shape.

  378. Sea Mode

    Chiefs trade up with Pats

    • Sea Mode

      Field Yates
      · 52s

      The Patriots trade: Pick 21

      The Chiefs trade: Pick 29, 94, 121

      • Jabroni-DC

        NE are still the masters of trade return.

      • JC3

        What did they give up?

  379. Big Mike

    Chiefs jump up to get ahead of Packers

    • Sea Mode

      Have a feeling Chiefs might be interested in JJ

  380. SoCal12

    Pickett over Willis is a shock to me. Tomlin seemed like he was in love with Willis.

    • Big Mike


  381. KD

    I don’t know how many of you all are watching the ESPN broadcast, but the guy with the huge, ragged beard looks EXACTLY like my forklifting counterpart at work. I have to show him a screenshot of this guy

    • Roy Batty

      Well, if your workmate isn’t at work tomorrow…

      • KD

        I scheduled PTO for today and tomorrow, so I’ll have to wait till monday

  382. ShowMeYourHawk

    Well, so much for PIT being all over Malik.

  383. Ace

    Chiefs trading up with the Patriots. I’m going to guess they take advantage of JJ skipping.

  384. TrenchWarfare

    Of the teams left to pick in the first round none need a QB this year.

    New England – Mac Jones
    Green Bay x2 – Rodgers
    Dallas – Prescott
    Buffalo – Allen
    Tennessee – Tannehill
    TB – Brady
    KC – Mahomes
    Cincy – Burrows
    Minnesota – Cousins

    Top of rd 2:

    Jacksonville –
    Minny – Cousins
    NYJ x2 – Wilson
    NJG – Possible need but seem to want to give Jones a chance to win the job this year
    Houston – Possible but drafted Mills last year
    Chicago – Fields

    Willis, Ridder, Corral, Howell all should be available at 40/41.

    That said, I don’t want a QB this year but hopeful that they don’t waste any extra picks to draft one this year.

  385. JD

    Wow lot of defensive talent still on the board. After the first 5 picks were defense, the next 13 out of 15 were offense.

  386. Seahawkwalt

    I feel much better w the Cross pick after watching several videos.

  387. Peter12

    “Draft insider” Tony Pauline being wrong on every single “rumor” he heard.


    • Sea Mode

      Well, maybe if Cross hadn’t been available, they indeed would have traded down and targeting Penning. You never know and I don’t see why the aggression towards Tony. He reports what he hears and is right plenty often.

      • DC

        Makes the most sense

      • Peter12

        You are right Sea Mode, that was a cheap shot.

        I don’t agree with his track record being great though. I think he reports so many different things that some become reality but most of his talk is as pointless as any of the other “rumors” out there.

        • BRNDNvsWRLD

          How would you feel if they selected Ridder tomorrow in the 2nd? Basically shifting from Tony’s Penning/Ridder prediction to Cross/Ridder? Would it be that far off? Or he might be wrong, so?

          2nd point: Tony P makes his biscuits in “smokescreen season”. The time when fake reports are thrown out by teams, agents, and everyone else involved in the process, YET he is the #1 insider for a reason. He sifts through the BS, between nose for truth and insider knowledge, and is more right than the average bear, and rest of the draft community.

  388. Seattle Person

    GB not taking a WR is the most GB thing ever….

    • Big Mike


  389. Jabroni-DC

    Okay GB, special price on DK for you. #28, #53 & #59

    • STTBM

      In a Pigs Eye….

    • TrenchWarfare

      No effing way. Keep DK.

      • DC

        28, 59 and next year’s first. They don’t have much for options

  390. KD

    It’s insane that JJ has lasted this long. Something has to be wrong that no one knew about. For the 4th ranked pass rusher to last this long, something is up.

    • Big Mike

      You sure would think so

  391. pdway

    I know the salary is a big part of the equation – but if the trading price for DK is a mid-level 1st and a 3rd – then let’s please just keep him.

    • Big Mike


    • HOUSE

      With the Adams’, Hill and now Brown trade, I’m guessing DK annual avg was gotta be $24-26M/yr

      • pdway

        but starting next year, we got more money than good players…and should have a cheap QB on the roster. I’m ok taking the bet on DK.

        • Max Morrison

          We will keep DK. Management love him

        • HOUSE

          Just for clarity, if SEA wants to keep him, I’m totally for it. With a rookie QB, we can afford paying a WR that for sure

  392. Sea Mode

    Bills jump in front of DAL. Wonder for whom.

    Field Yates

    The Bills trade: Pick 25

    The Ravens trade: Pick 23, 130

  393. Max Morrison

    This draft can still be a huge success. Let’s get these next 2 picks right.

    • Max Morrison

      Imagine having Cross in 1.
      Then let’s say Lloyd and Williams.

      • TrenchWarfare

        That’d be insane.

        • Max Morrison

          But looking possible!

          • TrenchWarfare

            You’ve got my vote!

  394. Jabroni-DC

    Gotta admit for better or worse, this is the most exciting and entertaining off season since 2013.

  395. R drucker in hooterville

    No other edges are drafted either. Will be interesting if Ebikete goes before JJ. That would be a atory.

  396. Gross MaToast

    I think if GB offered 28, 53, 59 for DK, I’d take it.

    • Gary

      Sign me up!

  397. SpennyDunks

    Trade up for JJ or Lloyd!

  398. Big Mike

    Fuck the Cowboys

    • STTBM

      Lol! Tell us how you really feel! 🙂

  399. bfun225

    Crazy J. Johnson is still available!

  400. Hawks4life

    JJ landing in Dallas would just seem right lol

    • JC3

      A good player but still too early for me with a C.

  401. CaptainJack

    I feel great for McDuffie. Going to a solid team.

    • Big Mike

      Told my wife the same thing

  402. JC3

    Not done with 1st round but there are so many value still left for 2nd days.

  403. Big Mike

    Kills me to say this but good pick of need for the Cowpatties

    • CaptainJack

      Smith is a fair value there.

  404. CaptainJack

    Tyler Smith? eh… I liked Zach Tom more.

  405. Sea Mode

    Close in your mock on Tyler Smith, Rob.

  406. Big Mike

    Linderbaum next to Baltimore?

  407. Buf

    How is JJ on the board?! Some medical issue? If not, lets trade up already

  408. Ace

    Quick Breakdown on Cross. Liking the pick more and more. Not a reach but instead getting arguably the best pure LT in the draft.

    • Sea Mode

      His jumps were actually pretty explosive after he re-did his vert. at pro day. His bench is what killed his TEF score.

      • Ace

        Solid athlete. Great in a zone scheme which is what the Rams use. Not a mauler, but not a passive chew toy either.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        His 40 was pretty good too (4.95)

        But agreed I’m liking the pick more. And agreed he’s arguably the only pure LT in this class.

        And there goes Linderbaum

  409. seaspunj

    anyone else shocked Jermaine Johnson still on the board?

    also a bit shocked to see Utah LB Devin Lloyd also available

    • Palatypus

      And Boye Mafe is still on the board.

    • Rob Staton

      Obviously should major flags with JJ

      • KD

        Yep. Something is VERY wrong here. We might have dodged a bullet.

        • seaspunj

          hard to know all the behind information.

          if the Seahawks get a C and a Dee End pass rusher day 2

          I think I can be ok with it

    • Sea Mode

      Charles Robinson

      From an exec: Jermaine Johnson isn’t sliding. The media had him overvalued. Good player. Not elite. Needs the right personality fit, too.

      • Rob Staton

        Meh. I spoke to a pretty good source who said he was 11-20.

  410. Rob Staton

    Video thoughts on Charles Cross to Seattle:

    • Sea Mode

      Rob, I don’t think we should label him as not explosive. He jumped a 9’04” broad and a 30″ vert. That’s pretty good.

      If he had hit the 27 reps on the bench, his TEF would be 3.08.

      The rest of the doubts are fair, though. My guess is they just project him as being capable of doing more than he was asked to do in college and will back themselves to develop him.

  411. Madmark

    We didn’t trade at this point I think I would taken best player available and grabbed Jordan Davis DT Georgia.

  412. CaptainJack

    My biggest remaining wish in round 1 is that someone takes Kyler Gordon.

    • Gross MaToast

      And world peace, of course.

  413. SpennyDunks

    Imagine trading back up into the first? A swap of 3rds would probably still allow us to get Pierce.

    Lloyd / JJ
    Mafe / Tindall

    Would be ridiculously sexy

    • UkAlex6674

      more than enough vaule in the 2nd no need to move back up

    • STTBM

      I’m down with that…maybe we won’t have to trade up as much though…

  414. Jabroni-DC

    Pauline reported hearing ‘character’ concerns for Johnson.

    • Palatypus

      Shouldn’t have robbed that liquor store.

      • Big Mike


    • DC

      How far does he drop? Doyou take him at 40/41 if still there?

  415. Palatypus

    NFL network just gave the whole league a good long shot of Baltimore’s big board.

  416. Big Mike

    I called that one. 🙂

  417. Sea Mode

    Gosh. How do the Ravens simply keep drafting good players?

    • Big Mike

      Understanding how to project players from college to their system.

      • Sea Mode

        And BPA to the death

    • KD

      BAL is the NFL version of a pachinko machine. They know some balls will fall outside 2 standard deviations, and they jump on it.

  418. KD

    Linderbaum off the board, but there are still good pass rushers and interior OL on the board. Good pick by BAL. Not overly disappointed.

    • TrenchWarfare

      Lamar Jackson’s response to the pick:

      • Sea Mode

        I think he was just seeing the Hollywood Brown news, honestly.

      • Big Mike

        So he pissed cuz he lost Hollywood and they didn’t replace him?

  419. Sea Mode

    Jets just moved up for…?

    Cameron Wolfe

    NYJ trade 35, 69, 163 to TEN for 26 and 101

    • Sea Mode

      Pauline did say they like JJ, so maybe?

      • Sea Mode


        • Jabroni-DC

          Hey Sea Mode got a question for you. I’ve been around the blog for over a decade as ‘DC’ until the 3rd new DC finally got me to switch. After last years’ draft I took the season off because I knew it was going to suck.

          Anyway, my question is, do you know what happened to Volume12? He lived & breathed Seahawks’ football here but I know he had lost his mom & brother somewhat recently. Any idea what happened to him?

  420. Mr drucker in hooterville

    JJ at 41?

  421. seaspunj

    Rob I think you seriously should offer your draft scouting services to the Ravens!

    I remember when you profiled CB jimmy Smith and others and Ravens picked a lot of your guys you wanted for the Seahawks hahahah

    Dont change stripes though … love you as our Seahawks draft guru