NFL Playoffs open thread: Seahawks in wildcard

Here’s an open thread for your predictions and thoughts on the two games today: Oakland @ Houston and Detroit @ Seattle.


  1. JT

    Game day baby Go Hawks!!

    If we’re ever gonna hit our stride, now’s the time. #nomorebrace

  2. 75franks

    today we witness what the hawks can do. 30-14 hawks go hawks

    • 75franks

      this is exactly what ive been talking about all year! set the tone and good things happen. go hawks

  3. Greg Haugsven

    We need a good win. A nice 27+ day out of the offense and a 13 and under day for the D. 125+ yards rushing and a lot of those coming from.Collins. Let’s roll baby!

  4. Smitty1547

    20-14 in a squeaker

  5. Volume12

    Shut down the run game, force a couple early 3 & outs, and make Detroit play from behind forcing them to become one dimensional.

    Communication on defense is key for us. This year we haven’t had all 3 levels doing it and its led to missed assignments and blown coverages.

    Offensively? If we establish a run game, Jimmy Graham can be split out wide. If that’s the case, watch for Detroit’s safety to cheat over the top, leaving the deep post on the other side of the formation for TD. I’m expecting, more so hoping, they hit that play for 6.

    • Volume12

      *on pllay action.

  6. Volume12

    Interested to see how Oakland QB Connor Cook plays in some situational football.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Carr’s injury is truly a tragedy for Raider Nation. And for the AFC in general.

      • Volume12

        It really was. I was excited for Oakland and then Carr goes down? Gut punch.

        • Smitty1547

          He should not have been in the game in the last qtr up 25, STUPID. I wonder sometimes why we leave Wilson in as much as we do in blow outs

          • Kenny Sloth

            But then some fans also wonder why we pull him up by 9 against the 9ers in week17

          • Kenny Sloth

            Prediction 31-16 to the Seahawks.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Comment Fail

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    I think SEA go to Collins much earlier than last week. Also look for PRich to have a number of targets. With DET focusing on JG and DB, PRich is the forgotten man. Him and Collins out of the backfield, the way they used to use Lynch.

    On D, I think we’ll see more blitzes, unless the front 4 can get to Stafford, which may be the case considering Swanson is out and Reiff may not play either.

    • Volume12

      I think P-Rich has responded well when they’ve called on him. So I could definetly see him having a big game.

      Hope they do get Collins going. Feed a RB. Losing Prosise hurt so much man. Its not coincidental for me at all that when he went down our offense sputtered.

  8. C-Dog

    34 to 24, Seattle over Detroit. Both offenses find some success but Seattle finds more. Offensively, Seattle gets the run game going, and RW is efficient with the football. It feels more like the offense Seattle wants to play. The final score makes it look more competitive than the game was, as Stafford gets them a late score, but by large, he’s faced with ramped up crowd and pass rush which leads to sacks and turnovers.

  9. HawkTalker

    The game that we have been waiting for. Nothing to do with it being Detroit, but everything to do with it being the first playoff game. Time for the Seahawks to step up. The rest of the season is now behind them and nothing matters except for this game. Not the perfect game everybody would prefer, but a game where some of the questionable parts of the team start to look more functional. The running game shows signs of life, the o-line shows some improved integrity, we get some unexpected life out of our new kick returner and we get some of the big plays we’re used to seeing. 34-17 Seahawks. Bring on Atlanta as they were less than thrilled to see this type of performance from the Seahawks.


  10. nichansen01

    All I will say…

    I really hope McEvoy, Collins and Richardson feature on offense.

    • HawkTalker


  11. nichansen01

    PAC 12 recruiting talk- UCLA and Stanford both got some solid five stars. Good for them and I think both programs will rebound next season (though is 10-3 a down year? it felt like one). USC and UW both have great classes. ASU got a good running back and could rebound as well. Oregon State might have found the next Brandin Cooks?

    Too bad DAWGS lost out on Sarrell but he was playing soft in the game. He looked outclassed amongst the rest of the talent.

  12. Mishima

    Big day for Wilson and Baldwin and D takeaways: 33 – 17.

    Go Hawks!

  13. Coleslaw

    Baldwin on Slay will determine this game and we all know Baldwin will get his more than he gets got, as the great Marshawn Lynch once said. GO HAWKS!

  14. Kenny Sloth

    Prediction 31-16 Seattle.

  15. AlaskaHawk

    Oakland playing way too conservatively trying to establish the run and throwing passes behind the line. Getting their butts wiped by Houston defense. They gave to turn Cook loose with some passes.

    • JT

      Both Swanson and Reiff out for the Lions – Big opportunity for 4-man rush to show it’s in playoff form.

      With Stafford struggling through a finger injury for several weeks now, I’m predicting 27-14 for the good guys.

      • JT

        yikes, comment fail

        • Volume12

          Clowney is a stud!

      • Volume12

        And Reddick. Slay is banged up too.

  16. Ukhawk

    Im concerned about these late scheduled games. This week then possibly vs Atlanta & NFC championship. Hopefully Hawks don’t start slow. Al least they’ll be used to playing late games if they get to 3 in a row!

  17. Greg Haugsven

    Pay attention to the coin toss if you can. The Hawks always want to be on Defense first, especially at home#

  18. Volume12

    Who’s raising the 12th man flag?

    Lockett, ET, Beastmode, or…?

    • Volume12

      Hutch baybee! ?

      • AlaskaHawk

        Go Seahawks!

      • Hawk Eye

        can he still play?

  19. JT

    Lane vs Tate/Boldin in the slot is a key match-up this game. Detroit’s going to be in 11 personnel a lot.

  20. Derron James

    Take Fant out man he is terrible! Ziggy is destroying him.

    • Rad man

      Fant isn’t ready for prime time

    • JT

      He crushed Fant to end 2 drives.

      On the upside, Glow had 3 great run blocks on that drive. They need to be able to run on this defense.

    • RealRhino2

      Take out Russ. He has been worse.

      • JT

        Lol, what’s he supposed to do? The pressure comes fast from all angles, and it has all season. It’s a miracle he isn’t shell-shocked.

  21. JT

    Thank God Graham’s okay, probably just got the wind knocked out of him.

  22. GerryG

    Just like AZ game, their backup OL looks better than some of our starters


    Nice-that was needed

  24. JT

    Don’t look now but the Hawks have only called runs this drive – 9 straight

    • Rad man

      to my untrained eye it looks like they are doing a more simplified blocking scheme

      • JT

        They called inside zone over and over by the looks of it.

        It’s cool that Reece allows us to run some I-form now as well

        • Volume12

          Rawls is better with a FB in front of him and RW under center.

          Prosise is our shotgun back.

          Your right JT. Inside zone. The new rule changes make it hard to run outside zone.

  25. Derron James

    Nice little run game they have going.

  26. JT

    PRich = amazeballs

    • Volume12

      What a catch! Unreal!

  27. Volume12

    This looks like Seahawk and PC football. Run it down their throats!

    Feed a back and good things happen. Stay committed to it Seattle.

    • JT

      Glow & Britt blowing open holes helps 🙂 Rawls is gonna get fed.

      • Volume12

        Definetly. But Rawls is running with more authority and getting back to his slashing style.

        • JT

          That boy runs hard. I wonder who he learned that from

          • Volume12

            Hmmm… could it have been ‘run through a mother***ers face plate?’

            • JT

              “over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over and over…

              …and over again.”

              • PPast

                Cause you got…personality. And a great run game!

  28. Volume12

    CHAWK, how about our boy P-Rich? ?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Looking like the prospect we always hoped he was.

      Between him and Rawls they’re looking really good.

  29. JT

    Rawls is ballin, century mark already

  30. Derron James

    Bad throw by Wilson

    • JT

      His accuracy is iffy so far, but he’s been hit with instance pressure on almost every drop-back.

      Tanner still shoulda caught that one.

      • Volume12

        Yup. That was catchable.

    • RealRhino2

      He has been pretty bad.

      • JT

        I give the benefit of the doubt when the protection is awful tho. Makes it so tough on the QB. Same goes for the RB’s on days when the defense lives in the backfield.

  31. Greg Haugsven

    Some good things some bad things. The drops are killing Detroit. Wilson should have run for that first down before the field goal. 10-0 good start.

  32. CHawk Talker Eric

    Lane just hasn’t lived up to his extension. Looks like he gave up on the coverage vs Jones on that play.

    • GerryG

      I think teams have learned how to attack him, he seems to struggle on the longer outside plays. His best plays on the ball have been on the underneath middle slants

    • Volume12

      Yeah, looked like he could’ve broken that up or used the sideline a little better. Hopefully he’s just having a down year.

  33. Dmaul

    hawks have no chance. FORT WORTH

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for visiting

      • Dmaul

        No Problem

      • CHawk Talker Eric


  34. Hawktalker

    For what has been a slow starting Seahawks team, being up at seven points at half is incredible. I would have been thrilled with a tie. If they can hang onto their momentum in the second half, good things should be coming.

  35. GerryG

    Best first half since…Carolina?

    Wasn’t great, but not in a hole.

  36. drewjov11

    Wow our line stinks… revelation, I know. Fant is killing us.

    • GerryG

      Saw Russ get hit on instant throws

      • Volume12

        Keep going to P-Rich for as long as they can.

        • GerryG

          Love to see him get behind the D on a play action

    • JT

      can’t protect Russ, but they’re doing work in the run game. 1 out of 2 phases is an improvement 🙂

    • Hawktalker

      The monster Ifedi whiff is still in my mind as well. Yeah, rookie, yeah, learning, but that was embarrassing. They sure seem play much better in run blocking, encouraging.

      • AlaskaHawk

        How can a big guy whiff so badly against a target as big as he is?

        • Rad man

          no balance. little awareness. great explosiveness, though!

  37. AlaskaHawk

    Nice to see Rawls and Richardson stepping up their games. Rawls looks like the old Rawls that was outgaining Lynch – welcome back! Blocking is looking good on running plays.

  38. Trevor

    Glow and Ifedi had their best half of football this year. The interior of our OL had been real solid so far. Fant really needs to work this entire offseason. So much physical talent but technique is expectedly rough.

    • JT

      Britt & Glow have been the heroes up front so far from what I’ve seen. Haven’t noticed many impact plays for Ifedi besides the whiff. What have you seen from him?

  39. Ishmael

    Richardson showing up! Trying to make us forget about what Allan Robinson could have been.

    Wilson under centre seems to make a huge difference for Rawls. How good does it feel having a functional running game? Erotic.

  40. JT

    Man… Glow and Britt just keep blasting

    • JT

      …and Fant has no hope against any competent edge rusher. It’s instant pressure every time he’s 1-on-1 vs. Ziggy or Hyder without help.

  41. Rad man

    Russ can’t take a sack there. Terrible decision.

  42. GerryG

    Can’t take a sack smh

  43. Dmaul

    Who is #94 for the Lions? Seeing him alot. FORT WORTH

    • Ishmael

      What is Forth Worth?

      • Dmaul

        I’m a Dallas fan. Dip Shit

        • JT

          sorry for your troubles…

        • Rob Staton

          And if you want to stay here, you’ll mind your language.

        • Ishmael

          And? I’ve literally never heard of Forth Worth. Is that where Dallas plays?

          • Dmaul

            A. spell it right DIP SHIT!!!! It is Fort…… Not Forth retard

            • Ishmael

              Fort Wort?

              • Dmaul

                Is this Steven A. Smith?

                • JT

                  Is this Tony Romo? trying to find something to do?

                  • Dmaul

                    Yes. Thank I might want to play for the Seahawks next year

                  • JT


  44. Ishmael

    Ansah is a grown ass man. He’s going to get paid in a big way.

  45. Dmaul

    No body is yaping? Why not? You got the 12th man right?

  46. Dmaul

    yap on that run. It was good!!!! 🙂

  47. JT

    Whoaaaa the QB straight firing 30 yards downfield for a block.

    Gotta love Russ man.

  48. Hawktalker

    Common Rawls, shake it off. Hope he’s not hurt.

    • Hawktalker

      Whew . . .

  49. Dmaul


  50. Ishmael

    Head shots should be a penalty against the initiator, regardless of context. Too many young men being turned into potatoes because the head is seen as a legitimate target.

  51. Dmaul

    He shoots!!!!!!! And does not score. 🙁

  52. Ishmael

    Hey look, another incomplete Kearse target in the RZ.

    The red zone offence really has been dreadful all year.

    • dylanlep

      Kearse sucks

      • Ishmael

        He’s not great. Not really his fault that he’s getting targeted. If Graham has three dudes on him, Wilson should be looking to the 1-on-1. Would be nice if he could hang onto the ball every now and then though.

  53. Dmaul

    3 points is good

  54. Dmaul

    That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  55. Dmaul

    Their you go!!!!

    • GerryG


      • PPast

        His elem school just encourages its students to participate.


    Go Hawks!!!!

  57. Hawktalker

    What a great call for Jimmy. And a great finish for Rawls

  58. rowdy

    Did anyone else britt blocking two people on his knees?

    • Hawktalker

      Definitely one of our bright spots.

  59. Dmaul

    He SHOOTS!!!!!! And on good. 🙁

  60. Hawk Eye

    Graham is blocking well. Stayed in and blocked with the o line on Baldwin’s long catch

  61. Ishmael

    Reckon Haushcka might be done after this season

    • Hawktalker

      If you don’t come up with the goods during the playoffs, it’s no one else’s fault but your own. A shame, I think he’s really better than that.

  62. JT

    He still hit 90% of his FG’s this year. He’s had what, 5 kicks blocked (some partially his fault).

    They’ll probably re-sign him, and maybe at a discount after the “shaky” season.

    • Hawk Eye

      lots of kickers missing PATs this year.
      I think they resign him, maybe 2 years, same money.
      Hopefully if they resign him, he goes back to being Haush Money

    • Ishmael

      He’s missed 7 PATs this season, most in the NFL. That’s not fantastic. Definitely discount time if he wants to stay around.

      • LordSnow

        Bring in competition anyway. He’s no spring chicken.

  63. Dmaul

    Check that ball. IE Tom Brady

  64. JT

    These Lions are more Scar than Simba. Starting to play dirty as their season slips away.

  65. Hawktalker

    P-Rich, what is this guy on tonight? Amazing. OBJ2 hahaha
    Whatever it is, let’s make sure he saves some for Atlanta.

  66. Dmaul

    It is easy to beat a #6th seed

    • Hawktalker

      Not true. Seahawks of had a hard time beating anybody. Give them a little credit. Detroit may not be the best playoff team, but they are a team in the playoffs.

      • Dmaul

        Any kind of excuse… I understand.

        • rowdy

          This isn’t your normal blog comments section. We discuss football we don’t trash talk. If you want to troll I’m sure you’ll find it funnier on a different blog.

  67. Schuemansky

    Some insane catches tonight!

  68. JT

    LMAO Kearse can’t buy a touchdown

  69. Forrest

    Baldwin knew Kearse would drop it…hahaha!!

  70. Ukhawk

    Boy does a productive run game make such a difference! If you didn’t believ it, it was underlined today. Controls possession, creates play action, demoralises and frustrates defences. How comfortable did you feel being up by less than a TD into the 3rd qtr? Run game so important to keep investing in because if you can do it consistently over the best defences, you’re pretty tough to beat again

  71. Forrest

    This crowd is ruthless!!!!

  72. Dmaul

    Good deal, see you in Dallas.

    • Volume12

      See ya there.

      • Dmaul


        • Volume12

          Hope Dak can convert some 3rd downs. ?

      • Hawktalker

        Makes more sense now. Felt like a Troller. 🙂

        • Dmaul

          We are good… No worries

    • Ukhawk

      Didn’t Darth Maul get killed off early on, your team to follow…

      • Dmaul

        Watch Stars Wars Rebels. He is not dead.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          He is half what he used to be. ^.^

          • Dmaul

            But not dead.

    • LordSnow

      You have to get past Aaron Rogers first…

      • Dmaul

        Already beat him. What is the Problem?

        • Volume12

          If the Giants beat GB, Dallas will get bounced.

          • Dmaul

            Spoken like a true Steven A. Smith

  73. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Was it my imagination or where the Seahawks running more man blocking schemes for the OL ?

  74. LordSnow

    Best all around win of the year imo, and now Dan Quinn has something else to think about next week with Rawls going off.

    • Volume12

      And Prosise is probably coming back too.

      P-Rich looks like he’s gonna be huge for us heading into next year too.

  75. John_s

    Great job by the oline of opening up some holes and Rawls hard running DB with 11 catches was clutch

  76. Greg Haugsven

    That’s a normal workman like win like it used to be. Solid D, great running, and Wilson 23/30 for 210. Sounds like the good Ole days.

  77. Dmaul

    Would love to tall to you all next weekend as game is going on. But unlike you slackers I got a ticket to the game.

  78. Greg Haugsven

    I guess the games is a 130 local time. Originaly they said it would be at 5

  79. Hawktalker

    Rob, how many guys have you ever banned from the site?

    • Dmaul

      Hope I’m #1 seed

      • Hawktalker

        You’re definitely #1 in my book . . .

        • Dmaul

          Thanks Hawktalker.

    • Hawktalker

      Not really a Steven A. Smith type question, but thought I’d ask it anyway . . .

      • Dmaul

        Thanks Hawktalker.

    • Rob Staton


  80. Dmaul

    Dmaul signing out yall have a good night and drive safe.

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