Nick Bellore on the Pedestrian Podcast

Friend of the blog and one of the members of our live-stream trio Adam Nathan broke the news of Nick Bellore’s re-signing in Seattle this week. Now Bellore has joined Adam & Stuart Court on the Pedestrian Podcast. You can check out the episode below:


  1. Adam Nathan

    Thanks Rob, much appreciated

  2. Robbie


  3. Cysco

    Seems all but certain that Bezos will buy the Seahawks now. He’s been told by Snyder that he won’t sell to him.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I think that is good for Seattle

    • 509 Chris

      Does Bezos know or love football? I think having endless resources doesn’t necessarily equate great ownership. The current situation in Denver seems like someone who came in with a lot of hubris and has got middling results. Allen was special because he loved the game and the city. He wanted to keep the seahawks in Seattle and it was a source of pride that we have some high quality football in the pnw. I’m not saying fir sure bezos will be a disaster just that money isn’t always the most important thing.

      • Cambs

        *cough* Howard Schultz

        Oh well. Que sera sera.

      • Roy Batty

        Wasn’t it Paul’s sister Jody the one who convinced him to buy the team?

        I knew he was a huge basketball fan, so he bought the Blazers, but he needed a nudge to buy the Hawks.

    • Ben

      Gross. I hope Allen had a note in the will not to sell to Bezos…

  4. Mark

    Rob, a bit off topic but any thoughts or recollections on John Motson? I gather he was a bit of an icon as a broadcaster on the UK.

    • UkAlex6674

      An absolute national treasure over here. Very sad.

      • Mark

        My condolences. I watched highlights of the Hereford- Newcastle match on YouTube. What a moment.

  5. DC1234

    I know everyone here is tired of talking about Russ and needs to move on.

    BUT, the way Wyman is talking about him is saying something. Because Wyman, IMO, is a mouthpiece for the seahawks. Where was this Russ hate when he was with the seahawks?

    I dont care if Russ wanted Pete/John gone. This happens in sports. Brady wanted Bruce Arians gone. Brady also demanded to Kraft to trade Jimmy. Rodgers prob wanted McCarthey gone. In the NBA, its commonplace.

    Wyman I remember last year still liked the Jamal Adams trade. Prob didnt want to have negative view on the seahawks.

    Rob is right, most likely Wyman got the info about Geno asking for $40mill/year from the seahawks.

    This is why we need the local sports media to hold teams more accountable. Be more critical, ask more tough questions. The last John Scheidner interview with them was a puff piece.

    • Bballin

      In fairness to Wyman, john Schneider doesn’t have to do that show. So if he starts grilling him with hard questions he’ll probably just stop doing those interviews. It’s a bit of a game with interviews like that and a lot different from press conferences that are league mandated and tough questions should be asked

      • DC1234

        Of course i get that. But Wyman can ask questions like:

        “Why havent the seahawks build a quality Dline since 2019? Other teams like the Bengals fixed their defense in one offseason. What mistakes did you feel were made and how will you go about changing it?”

        Thats not such a tough question. The Fans and media have talked about fixing the Dline the whole offseason.

    • Big Mike

      “Wyman I remember last year still liked the Jamal Adams trade”

      Wagering he’d still defend the indefensible, and that trade is utterly indefensible. To me, the guy is no more than a shill for Pete Carroll and John Schneider. It makes me wonder where his self-respect is. I know Rob feels somewhat differently and that’s fine, to each their own. But I have zero respect for that bobo.

    • cha

      Maybe it’s just me, but I think the Seahawks look just as bad in this whole thing.

      They obviously were the leakers of the information, and anyone privy to that level of info has got to be known by the FO. When you consider how often the Seahawks use the press for tactical leaks, it is not a huge leap to think this biggie was done on purpose.

      But why? Why not just let it go?

      So petty.

      • Big Mike


      • jed

        Yeah, this is a moment where the Seahawks FO can just point at the scoreboard and move on.

        • Roy Batty

          Everyone involved in that whole process was culpable. Russ, his agent, the Hawks, the media…everyone.

    • 509 Chris

      Ya this is total trash. Shut up and be a football player? Players are never allowed to have an opinion or question what leadership is doing? How as fans do we have the right to critique aspects of the organization that aren’t working but we say the guys that go play and get hurt on the field don’t get an opinion? Wyman is full of shit and clearly a mouthpiece for the club. This is a propaganda piece.

      • Big Mike


      • Peter

        All this is the biggest wall of bullshit.

        So Brady is a prick forever so when he does pricking things…pass.

        But when Russel does something like this, no sources of course, he’s a regular Judas and everyone gets to go “ha! I knew it.”

        Meanwhile John’s just a regular old flannel shirted duder neither over reaching to be a good person or a bad person….just a guy. So when he wants to get rid of Russ to cleveland….pass. and when reports that he’s the GM that wants to hire his own coach….also pass. I mean wtf.

        Please can we end the era where we are actively trying to find faults in one guy while being fine with people being at best neutral, worse kind of jackasses (geno)….it’s honestly a bad look.

    • Ok

      I’ve never been a big Russ fan, he’s weird.
      Re-watching the glory days highlights, the play seemed improbable and difficult to sustain, and it was.
      Pete and John have assembled a bottom 5 roster? Bottom 10? The team has been stuck, since 2014, but surely since 2017. People that read this blog understand that is a long time. People that do not read this blog, often seem like they do not understand how long of a time that is, to be stuck/bad.
      All to say: as much as Russ gives/has always given me, the creeps, he isn’t wrong to want more from above. GM’s don’t seem to get a second job, and 74 is pretty old to get hired to a different gig in the pros. I can see how they both took it personally, but they should have gotten back into the gym themselves.
      I don’t think it was wrong to move on from Wilson, should have happened sooner (East to say with the hindsight).
      I don’t think it’s wrong to move on from pcjs either

      • DC1234

        I just think, the team needs to move on from the LOB days. All the players from the superbowl era is gone. You brought a championship to this city.

        Dont be like the Mariners and relive the glory days by signing Griffey/Ichiro. Say no to bringing Bobby back. The current players need a fresh start.

        I read somewhere in the past that the LOB 2.0 (shaq, tedric, tyson) were intimidated by the legends on the roster. It prob hindered their potential a little. Who knows. They prob still stunk either way.

        Let the current young players thrive into a new era.

  6. 805Hawk

    Great interview, Adam! I find it interesting that he said it would have taken a lot from another team to get him to move due to the roots his family has in Seattle. So, not only does it appear that they over payed, but he admits he would have been looking for more from another team than Seattle offered to move. So, Seattle had even more leverage. SMH.

    • Adam Nathan

      Thanks a lot man!

  7. Bradford S.

    Great interview – Nick is hilarious! Keep up the top notch commentary over there gents. Between Pedestrian Podcast and Seahawks draft blog, the UK continues to steal the show on some of the most enjoyable Seahawks commentary available (even relative to the local coverage we get in Seattle). Look forward to more of it as the latest build continues to unfold!

    • Adam Nathan

      Thanks very much mate

  8. Rob Staton

    I’ve written 6500 words for the combine preview and I’m only about 65% done 🤯

    • Erik_Oregon

      Looking forward to reading it. Thank you Rob.

    • Madmark

      I’m not surprised from what here there are 319 invitees. At least your pass the halfway mark.

    • Peter

      Can not wait. These articles are like Xmas as winter in the pnw drags on.

      • Big Mike

        …and on, and on, and…

        Looking forward to this Rob

    • Sea Mode

      At least you haven’t opted out at the Combine…!

      Anyways, would that make it your longest ever?

      • Rob Staton


        It’s complete now — one final proof-read tomorrow for final checks and it’ll be up early in the morning Seattle time

        Viewing lots of positions differently these days

    • samprassultanofswat

      Rob: Looking forward to it.

  9. Sea Mode

    #1, while technically true, is not a real motive at all. If a team doesn’t do it it’s because they no longer believe it gives them any edge, not to save a couple thousand bucks.

    #2 And ruining a lot of the on-field part of the Combine.

    #3, if true, is an absolute d*** move by the team IMO considering how coaching career paths go in the NFL.

    Albert Breer

    Three things here …

    1) Teams save money not traveling coaches.

    2) This is a consequence of the NFL loading up the calendar, where there’s a lot for staffs to get to in a shorter amount of time.

    3) Some teams don’t want their coaches networking in Indy.

  10. Sea Mode

    Well, now we know. From the man himself. Thoughts?

    “Nick’s a core guy for us,” Schneider said. “You know, we had run out of cash during the season – cash and cap (salary cap room) – to be extending guys towards the end of the season. Nick’s a special teams captain; I mean, everybody in this building loves the guy. He’s an organizational dream, stud person, leader of this team. You guys know he’s real funny, got a great sense of humor… great guy, so obviously he was a guy that we really wanted to get done early to let other people know in our team-building process, whether it’s our own guys or guys around the league, because he’s so well respected that, ‘Hey, yeah, you know, this is our core guy, we got him back.’”

    On Haynes:
    “The way the landscape looked when we got done with our free agency meetings is like, ‘You know what, he’s doing a great job, and how he compares to other free agents around the league right now is quality.’ So we’re like, ‘Let’s get him in here, get it knocked out, have a strong foundation on the offensive line and check that off the box.’”

    • Bmseattle

      Damn…he must be reeeaaaallly funny.

  11. Lord Snow

    And hidden reason number 3… drain enough money to tell Geno we can’t meet his demands…heh heh

    • samprassultanofswat

      Lord Snow: “And hidden reason number 3… drain enough money to tell Geno we can’t meet his demands…heh heh” You NAILED it.

  12. HOUSE

    Interesting names for potential free agent Center additions.

    • Rob4q

      Bradbury @ $11.9 mil per year?!?
      Pocic @ $7.2 million?
      McGovern @ $12.5 million?
      Bozeman @ $12 million?

      What is up with these projected numbers? If that’s what these guys get, I doubt the Seahawks will be interested…well, maybe in Pocic, lol! May inflation is kicking into high gear in the NFL this offseason!

  13. Forrest

    This might be the worst LB draft class I’ve ever seen.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s certainly up there

  14. Ashish

    Oh we better sign some in free agency. We have not sign Cody so he is not first choice for JS.

  15. swedenhawk

    Really looking forward to your monumental combine preview, Rob. In the meantime, I thought I’d try my hand at a four round pre-combine mock draft. It’s perhaps a tad optimistic…

    Anthony Richardson
    QB Florida

    The Seattle FO decides not to look a gift horse in the mouth and drafts the QB of the future. Schneider loves traits, and Richardson has them in spades. Geno is the bridge.

    DT DaRon Payne

    Will McDonald IV ultimately tests out of range, and no one left on the board is better than Payne. Seattle signs him to a long-term deal with a manageable year-one cap hit (in place before the trade).

    Dawand Jones
    OT Ohio State

    Seattle goes with the BPA here. Jones is a mountain of a man with an incredible 89-inch wingspan; pushes Lucas to RG, bolstering the interior OL.

    Drew Sanders
    LB Arkansas

    Given this year’s weak LB class, Sanders likely doesn’t last this long. If he does, the Seahawks sprint to the podium.

    Cameron Young
    DT Mississippi State

    There’s not much buzz around Young despite a solid showing in Mobile. The Seahawks add length and size to the DL.

    Chris Rodriguez Jr.
    RB Kentucky

    Violent runner with ideal size who gained 1379 yards and 9 TD as a junior in the SEC. Character concerns might not appeal to Seattle and/or push him down boards.

    • Zeke

      The Athletic’s Ben Standig beleives a 2nd rounder would get it done for Payne:

      “However, those people with knowledge of the Payne market believe a 2023 second-round pick is possible trade compensation,” Standig wrote. “Whether a second or third, that pick would arrive a full year before the 2024 compensatory pick if Payne leaves in free agency . . .”

      “The Commanders would prefer keeping Payne, but recent extensions for Allen and wide receiver Terry McLaurin and high-priced contracts for Wentz or another veteran quarterback limit salary cap room and flexibility. Defensive ends Montez Sweat and Chase Young, out since suffering a significant injury last November, are poised for extensions over the next two years.”

      • Zeke

        #53 straight up for Payne

        Reminds me of when they traded a 2nd for Sheldon Richardson (turned out #49 overall)

        • swedenhawk

          even better! makes the whole scenario a bit more realistic too…

          Anthony Richardson
          QB Florida

          Dawand Jones
          OT Ohio State

          Drew Sanders
          LB Arkansas

          DT DaRon Payne

          Cameron Young
          DT Mississippi State

          Chris Rodriguez Jr.
          RB Kentucky

    • Madmark

      I like to bring in Javon Hardgrave DT in Free agency.
      5 Will Levis
      20 Keion White DE/DT 4
      37 Drew Sanders LB 1
      52 J.L. Skinner S 5
      83 Byron Young I think he slips this far 3.5 sacks not impressive. DE/DT 9
      123 Chris Rodriguez RB 18
      153 Juice Scruggs OC 11
      156 Nick Broeker OG 9
      198 I’m still looking.

      • Trevor

        That would be a solid draft and I like Hargrave as well. Just don’t think the Hawks will be in on any high priced free agents.

      • Zeke

        Keion White and Will Levis are both 24 years old in their rookie season

        • Peter

          So was Darrell taylor in his first year (rookie actually accruing) year.

  16. samprassultanofswat

    For what it is worth. Daniel Jeremiah came up with his mock 2.0 draft for 2023.

  17. UkAlex6674

    Not a subscriber to taking Dawand Jones at 20.

    For years we’ve been saying don’t get cute with the o-line. I don’t want to see Lucas kicked inside after the rookie season he just had.

  18. GlastoHawkUK

    Adam Schefter tweeted:
    Georgia DL Jalen Carter, considered one of the top players in this year’s draft, will not participate in the workout portion of this week’s combine but will do the interviews with teams and the physical. His agents, Drew Rosenhaus and Ryan Matha, told teams that Carter will work out at his Georgia Pro Day March 15.

    • Big Mike

      He’s probably too busy getting in shape since that’s his top priority.

      Man this dude just screams take the money and get fat(ter). Please steer clear Hawks.

    • KnoxHawk

      Super lame. Strange thought process from Carter and his coaches.

    • Rob Staton

      Just another question mark with Carter

      Starting to feel like he won’t even be a consideration at five

      • HOUSE

        Apparently his conditioning is STILL not where it’s suppose to be. He’s banking on a GOOD Pro Day showing. They were blowing him up on ATL Sports radio today saying that he was consistently late to class, was showing up late to practice and that some of his plays off the field were punishment and not just conditioning issues.

        I think he’s going to get torn to shreds in the interviews.

      • Elmer

        Just saw. Austin Blythe retires. It will be interesting to see if their draft strategy is affected and, if so, how. I would be surprised if they want to move forward with their backups at center.

  19. Trevor

    My prediction #1 for combine week. After this week Joel Tipman will be a blog favorite and the biggest riser at the C spot. Rob had talked about this guy quite a bit here on the blog but he does not get much press nationally. Might be a little tall for what the Hawks want but I think he his going to have an amazing atheltic profile.

  20. Robbie

    Hey all, I’m in the process of figuring out what to do with my season tickets. I have 4 and I’m wanting to sale two for the whole season. If anyone has any interest in buying two tickets for a full season let me know. I’m doing face value for the whole year and wanted to give the draft blog folks first crack at them. I’m only doing 2 and not all 4 since I would like to keep two for myself for when I fly back home for a game.

  21. Trevor

    10 Players I am most excited to see at combine.

    #1 Anthony Richardson- I placed a small wager on Richardson to go #1 overall during the college season along with several others here on the blog. For that reason I hope he blows up the combine and the hype train rolls. As a Hawks fan however would love to see him at #5.

    #2 Kelijah Kancey – The Hawks have needed an interior pass rusher for as long as I can remember and Kancey looks legit on tape. Absolutely love his speed, quickness and motor. Praying he has the 33″ arms the Hawks want. If he does then I will be mocking him at #20 going forward.

    #3 Mazi Smith – Supposed to be an absolute freak who will blow up the combine. He would be another great addition to the DL if his arm length is there. How about Kancey at 20 and Smith at 38. Would certainly go a long way towards fixing the DL.

    #4 Michael Mayer – The best all around TE I have seen in a long time. Really anxious to see how his 40 and agility times look.

    #5 Devon Achane – Just for the spectacle of watching this kid run and jump. Will he break the 40 record?

    #6 Will McDonald – He looked like he was playing at a completely different speed than the other DL at the Senior Bowl. Cant wait to see how he tests and think he is a lock for the magic 1.50s 10yd split time the Hawks look for in their edge rushers.

    #7 Payne Durham- He looked like a great blocking TE who catches the ball well at the Senior Bowl. If he has the agility / short area quickness the Hawks look for in the 3 cone / short shuttle then he could be high on their list with all TE on the roster in the final year of deals.

    #8 Terrell Smith – The Gophers CB is my choice this year as the Hawks 5th round CB steal. I hope he has 32″ arms because I think he is going to be a great tester and run in the 4.4 range. Mark this guy down as a Hawk on day #3 if he does.

    #9 Joel Tipman – He is going to star and the combine and could be an ideal C for the Hawks going forward if they don’t want to go for a Center early. He reminds me of a more athletic Max Unger. Almost hope he does not test so well that he shoots up teams draft boards.

    #10 All the Canadian Kids (Sydney Brown, Chase. Brown, Matthew Bergeron, Tavius Robinson, Sidy Sow) – Every year I am looking and hoping there is a Canadian Kid who might be of interest to the Hawks. This year there are at least 3. The Brown brothers should light up the combine and would be ideal picks for the Hawks from Rd #3 on. Matthew Bergeron is not my favourite OL prospect but he could be a nice OT to Guard convert.

    Going to be a fun week.

  22. Trevor

    Mel has a new mock out. Has the Hawks taking Anthony Richardson after a trade back with the Panthers and Myles Murphy at 20.

    Not sure the Hawks would risk trading back an missing out on him if they like Richardson enough to take him with their first pick. Personally would prefer they stay at 5 and take him but if it worked out like this and they could add a bunch of more draft capital I would not complain.

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