Nick Foles (QB, Arizona) game tape vs Arizona State

Nick Foles is destined to hear the words ‘West Coast Offense’ about a million times in the lead up to the 2012 draft. When quarterbacks have limited physical qualities but managed some degree of production in college, the term is lazily thrown around in the same way that ‘moxy’ is also used as a way to avoid addressing a weak arm or a lack of a complex system. I grade Foles as a mid/late round pick next year, but make your own judgement via this tape against ASU.

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  1. Kip Earlywine

    He’s a taller, less mobile Andy Dalton in my view.

    Both play in spread offenses and are “winners.”

    Both habitually lock onto a single WR- which is significantly worse than simply being a 1-read guy, which isn’t ideal either.

    His arm seems “ok” to me, though Dalton’s might be a touch better. Definitely a better arm than Ponder though for sure.

    Foles does have good accuracy but its hard to separate his stats from the system he plays in. And all the accuracy in the world will do him no good (just ask Charlie Whitehurst) if he’s telegraphing every single pass play with his eyeballs.

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