Nick Perry (DE, USC) vs Stanford game tape


  1. mattlock3

    Pretty impressive showing. That USC D-line gave a pretty freaking good Stanford offensive line absolute fits all night. I’ve heard more than one person say (however ignorantly) that that was their first impression of Martin, and that he’ll be a disappointment because he “looks like trash.” That’s pretty high praise for Perry.

    I like how active his hands are. From the snap he’s constantly swatting and batting and never really let Martin establish position against his chest. He seems a bit small (6’3″/250) for a DL position in the NFL, though I suppose he’s almost the exact same size as Clemons (6’3″/254).

    On the very last play of the video (7:08), he even demonstrates a decent bull-rush.

  2. David

    wow he didnt look bad at all, but i have to say im still stuck on Frank Alexander (DE, OU) I really like him as a mid rounder, but i think his stock will rise.

  3. Aaron

    We should draft him, as USC tends to produce freakishly awesome defensive talent (Polamalu, Matthews).

  4. cliff

    How bad would it be if we drafted Barkley in the first and Perry in the 2nd? I like him but i’m not sure how his draft stock is. It’s rising now that he’s producing but he’s been bit by the injury bug before. I’m sure he’ll put up good numbers at the combine tho. At least a 2nd rounder to me.

  5. Jim Q

    I like Alexander as well and think he could be available in mid to later rounds. Another DE (underclassman) I like is probably destined to be a mid second rounder but I need to look at more tape on him. A QB in round one and a DE or RB in round two sounds good to me. His stats seem to justify his current overall positioning.

    Whitney Mercilus*, currently #42 overall Per
    Experience: Junior | School: Illinois
    Height: 6-4 | Weight: 265 lbs., 4.68/40

    Last Game at Penn State (10/29):
    6 Tackles, 1.5 TFL, 1.5 Sacks, Fumble Forced

    2011 Season Stats:
    44 Tackles, 16.5 TFL, 11.5 Sacks, 1 PBU, 5 QBH, 6 Fumbles Forced, Fumble Recovered.
    2010 Season Stats:
    49 Tackles, 13.5 TFL, 7 Sacks, 1 PBU, 1 QBH, 1 Fumble Forced, Blocked Kick

    • David

      Yah Alexander has played well, I am really on his Bandwagon, but i do like the illinois product you mentioned it would be nice to get them in the 3rd and 4th and maybe a RB in the 2nd.

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