Paul Richardson has a torn ACL

This is a huge blow for Richardson. Not only has he been robbed of the chance to finish the season in style, it’s his second ACL injury to the same knee. Technology has advanced enough to expect he will make a full recovery — but there has to be at least some concern about the long term health of the knee after two serious injuries.

Chris Clemons injured his ACL in the wildcard round of the playoffs two seasons ago. He returned at the start of the 2013 season and took a few weeks to get back to 100%. We’ll probably see Richardson in 2015 — it’s just a question of when?

Seattle already lost Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin this year (plus Golden Tate in free agency). Ricardo Lockette is a free agent to be. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but we have to consider receiver a relatively high priority need during the off-season. The situation will be impacted by the future of Marshawn Lynch, the health and status of Zach Miller and the extra pressure on Russell Wilson when he becomes the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. But you have to assume they’d like to add at least another good player to a group that might consist of Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse and Kevin Norwood as the primary targets.

Green Bay defeated Dallas today to advance to the NFC Championship. The Seahawks will need Norwood to play a role next week (he was inactive vs Carolina). They also need good Luke Willson to show up.


  1. Ukhawk

    Same on as before??

    • Ukhawk

      Same one as before?

      • CA


  2. Ross

    That’s really unfortunate, but I think there are enough weapons on offense who are eager for more opportunities to make up for it.

  3. Cysco

    Sucks for the kid.

    I think the team is going to need to look for two receivers in the offseason. I doubt they’ll want to go into the season banking on PRich returning to full health and staying healthy.

    So, if we throw out the requirement for a big receiver, and just look at best available, who are we looking at? Perhaps Devin Smith becomes a legit option now?

    • Rob Staton

      Devin Smith would be a fantastic addition for this team.

      • Cysco

        Totally agree. I dismissed him before because he didn’t fit the stereotype of what I thought the seahawks needed. (i.e. big bodied WR) But now? I’d take him.

        I like PRich, but you just can’t trust the knee now. Not after a second ACL on the same knee. Even if he recovers fully, you can’t trust that it won’t happen a third time.

        Devin Smith would be the second coming of Golden Tate IMO.

        • Volume 12

          What was not to like about Ohio St WR Devin Smith before? You can never have to much speed.

          Seattle should take him or Georgia Tech WR Darren Waller.

          As for that speed guy, keep an eye on West Virginia WR Mario Alford. This kid is an athletic freak, had a great year statistically, has a ton of swag as well. I’m saying right now that WR Mario Alford will be a steal in this year’s draft. Plus OLB/SAM Bruce Irvin will have the inside track on him. Alford would also be a fantastic returner as well.

          Is Tennessee WR Alton ‘Pig’ Howard coming out this year? What a gamer and athlete he is.

          • Cysco

            read my post. I never said there was anything wrong with him before. I said that he didn’t fit the profile for what I thought seattle would be looking for.

            • Volume 12

              Easy now. I read your post. Without biting my head off, Seattle has always looked for speed, grit, and an ability to make splash plays at the WR position.

          • Volume 12

            Here’s West Virginia’s WR/R Mario Alford’s 2014 CFB stats: 62 rec., 888 yards, 11 TD! Plus he returned 22 kicks for 609 yards for an average of 27.7 yards. WOW!

            Maryland WR Stefan Diggs is also intriguing. Although he’s quite injury prone as well, and may be redundant with P-Rich and his 2 ACL injuries.

          • rowdy

            Devin smith would be a great fit in Richardson spot. Not a huge fan of waller at this point. Vance mayle is a mid round option I would like to see over him with the limited tape I seen.

            • Volume 12

              Vince Male? Honestly? IMO he’s a product of the Air Raid offense.

              Just to ask, why do you not like WR Darren Waller?

              • rowdy

                The spread offense worries me to but he’s a clean route runner that runs all the routes, shows grit and fights for extra yards and shows more explosion in and out of his cuts. Waller is hard to find film on so I’m going off highlights on him. He has great size and catching radius and appears to have great hands. He lumbers in and out of his breaks and doesn’t show much suddenness, that something I heard pete say was a must and a reason they haven’t got that big receiver yet. Versatility is key to make this team and that’s what I think he’s missing. If I’m wrong and they draft waller, you won’t hear any complaints out of me either, that guys a match up nightmare and could easily line up as a joker te.

                • Volume 12

                  Fair points. WR Waller is a bit of a ‘plodder.’

                  If we’re talking about a guy who’s gritty, versatile, explosive, fights for extra yards, has suddenness, plays special teams, has overcome a great deal of adversity, is mature, plays motivated (having a child), former basketball player, so you know he can go up and get it. His vertical is rumored to be around 40 in.

                  Why are we not discussing Baylor WR Antwan Goodley? The kid is a freak athlete, was hurt much of the year, but was still productive, high character as well. I’ve heard he may be this year’s version of HB Christine Michael at the WR position, He also has that WR Golden Tate quality in him, where they both turn into a running back with the ball in their hands. Extremely unique, is built like WR Anquan Bolden with WR Golden Tate’s height. I’m a huge fan of Ohio St’s WR Devin Smith as well, but Goodley is only an inch or two shorter.

                  The Seattle scouts attended multiple Baylor games this year as well. For whatever that’s worth. They were probably checking out DL Shawn Oakman, but they had to have got a good look at Goodley.

                  • rowdy

                    Devin smith is a player I really like and think he fits this team to a tee. Not familiar with goodley at all but will look into him.

          • bigDhawk

            Apologies if this guy has been discussed previously but just found this intriguing receiver:

            Chris Conley 6-3, 205, SR, Georgia


            There is precious little game tape of him on youtube – just random highlight catches – but an interesting in-depth ESPN article on him as well as an interview demonstrating a remarkably well spoken and mature individual:




            He is tall, long, with huge hands according to the article, with character off the charts it seems. No info on his speed or agility but the one catch above looks legit. Would be interested if Rob has any more insight.

            • Volume 12

              Isn’t this the guy who made a homemade/low budget ‘Star Wars’ movie? Seems his true passion is film making. That was the gist I got from looking at him earlier this year. His body type is intriguing.

              Houston WR Deontay Greenberry-6’3,205 lbs., a little Sidney Rice vibe to his game, he’s another guy to monitor.

              • bigDhawk

                It is, and it does make me question a little where football ranks on the list of things he loves, but I’m still intrigued.

                • Volume 12

                  He is definitely intriguing.

              • bigDhawk

                And I totally agree on Greenberry. The more film I watch of him the more I like. There is a guy who definitely loves football and looks like he is trying to maximize every ounce of his ability. Rice is a great comp.

                • Volume 12

                  WR Deontay Greenberry oozes confidence. Had he stayed for his senior year, I think we’re talking about a late 1st round type of guy

  4. James

    I noticed Luke Willson split wide several times yesterday, so I expect that he will be the one to fill Preach’s role, more than Lockette or Norwood. Willson presents major mismatches for the smaller Green Bay corners. Moeaki should return, and team with Helfet at TE. I agree that Richardson cannot be counted on for early next season as would otherwise have been expected, so perhaps a SE is an even higher priority. Even Devonte Adams showed up today… last year’s WR class was brilliant. We sure need that elusive big body. Would be scared to death to draft Green-Beckham, 70% he will go up in smoke, 30% he will be an elite SE. Will John and Pete take the risk… especially after being burned by the Harvin poison.

    • TwistedChopper

      I think it’s extremely unlikely they draft DGB. I base this off every draft pick they’ve made since they took the helm in 2010.

  5. hawkdawg

    Speed. We need speed on the edge more than ever. Rich looked like he was going to be able to provide that, along with good hands and good routes. He might still, but it will be awhile. Now, our only true deep speed is Lockette, and Lockette is not a route guy.

    WR just went up the priority list, if it wasn’t already at the top.

    • CC


    • Arias

      But Preach’s speed was never even utilized. That go route he ran on the injury was the first time all year we’d seen Russ even try to throw to him over the top and he blows his ACL getting his legs tangled in the defender’s coming down with it.. That is FUCKING BULLSHIT! Man I really liked the kid too, his attitude and enthusiasm, he’ll need every bit of it now to come back from this a second time but I don’t doubt he’ll do it because he’s got youth and exuberance on his side.

      I’m not sure they’d spend their top pick on a Preach clone while neglecting their never ending quest for length. That seems wasteful.

  6. CC

    This is tough news and I hope PRich has a successful recovery. That being said, our guys are going to have to make plays – Norwood is a clutch receiver who has been in championship games – even if it was college – he’ll be ready.

    I do think the TEs this week will have to get it together – nice game by Willson, but Helfet dropped 2 passes!

    Matthews was active yesterday – he is a tall target, so if he can get on the field, who knows.

    I like our chances against GB – our defense is very good and our offense is playing well.

    • Coug1990

      I think Matthews was active because he is a good special teams player. I have heard Pete mention this in an interview before.

  7. David M

    How come it has to be a big guy? Dez is 6-2 but has insane vertical. If we can find someone like that perfect.

    • Rob Staton

      It doesn’t have to be a big guy.

  8. Ho Lee Chit

    Sammie Coates just became out first round pick. 6-2, 200 with 4.3 speed.

    • Volume 12

      Why every time there’s an injury everyone says ‘now we need this or need that.’ That’s why you draft guys that might not be a need. Seattle already needed 2 WRs, with or without the injury to P-Rich.

      I love Auburn WR Sammie Coates as well. But if TE/WR Luke Wilson is inconsistent, imagine what will be said about WR Sammie Coates. With that being said, there’s no denying Coates’s is an athletic freak, so much potential, and may have one of the highest SPAQR scores ever.

      TE Luke Wilson IMO is the next big time hybrid TE/WR in the NFL. But, I think Rob mentioned that in his last post. No need for WR/TE Devin Funchess.

      Seattle brought in 4 WRs to the VMAC last year. P-Rich, Cody Latimer, Branding Cooks, and, ‘oh, look who showed up today and had a huge game’ WR Davante Adams.

      I’d expect P-Rich to be back in October some time. Loved his tweet by the way.

      • Arias

        I thought Preach was not brought in to the VMAC last year because the FO was trying to keep their interest in him off the radar? I remember his intro press conference he was asked how much contact he had had with the Seahawks before the draft and he said outside of meeting once with one of their sports shrinks who administered a psychological evaluation he had no pre draft contact at all with the team.

    • Rob Staton

      An enticing athlete but a thoroughly frustrating football player at times. Seattle’s top picks usually come with a lot of production to match the upside.

      • rowdy

        Every time I watch his tape I don’t see elite speed like they claim and like rob said overall he seems to under preform.

    • John

      I’d like to see them look at Davante Davis from UNLV. He’s an interesting player. Haven’t looked at him super in depth but what I have seen has been exciting. And best part is he could be a later draft pick.

      • Radman

        I like Davante Davis ok.

        I really like Tyler Lockette. He makes a lot of sense for the Hawks if he’s around in the 3rd. Fills lots of roles. Explosive, return guy, pedigree, production, work ethic, polished routes.

        All of this is even more true if Richardson is hurt and the knee is a career anchor.

        • Phil

          I agree on T. Lockette, but I think I’d draft 2 WRs.

  9. John

    This, to me, changes our entire offseason strategy. I was really excited by what I saw from Richardson this year and had hopes he’d really show up as a threat next year. This being a late season ACL to the same knee, I don’t expect him back until week 6 at best and Seattle cannot go into next season with Kearse, Baldwin and Norwood as our WR line up. All great, underrated guys, but none of them scare a defense. And if we release Beast, we will be in even more trouble. Who on that offense would a defense be scared of if we cut Lynch? Seattle needs to bust out the tape on this year’s WR class or find some value in FA or I see major struggles offensively next year.

    • Rob Staton

      Fair points.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      With respect to the WR position, it’s too early to say for sure. It depends on how they handle the rest of this season (hopefully 2 more games).

      There are other WRs on the roster who have flashed besides the duo of DB & Kearse – Lockette has a golden opportunity to set himself up for a decent contract, be it in SEA or elsewhere. Doesn’t really matter either way as long as he steps up now. It’s similar for Norwood and Matthews. If these guys want to remain a Seahawk, now is the time to claim the spot. If Moeaki and Helfet are healthy, that allows Willson to see some plays split wide or in the slot.

      With respect to Lynch, couldn’t agree more. What’s worse is that even if SEA were able to replace him with a truly worthy prospect, there’s just no replacing what he means to the offense and the team.

      BTW, my 2 favorite prospects for SEA in this draft are both offensive players – Todd Gurley and Maxx Williams. That’s not to say I think those are the 2 best prospects in the draft. I just think they’d have the greatest impact out of all prospects likely to be available when SEA selects.

      • John

        This reminds me of last offseason when we were excited to see Greg Scruggs, Marsh, and Jordan Hill to step up for the losses of Red Bryant, McDonald and Chris Clemons. And while Jordan Hill has definitely stepped up late in the year, we absolutely had issues early in the year with the DL.

        I do not understand the Lockette love that I see around Hawk boards. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a fantastic role player and he tries really hard on ST and when he’s blocking. That said, I think Russell hit him in the endzone in yesterday’s game that he dropped. It was a hard catch, but Kearse would have made it IMO. It’s easy to be enamored with his size and speed, but I just don’t see the development as a WR or the chemistry with Russell.

        Norwood, who I like as well, does not bring the fear factor that this team needs. He’s a zone beating possession receiver. The kind of guy that, I hope in time, is clutch on a key 3rd down. I think he’ll get a few big plays, like Kearse and Baldwin do, but I don’t ever see him drawing double coverage the way Rice, Harvin and, potentially, Richardson could.

        Chris Matthews has done absolutely nothing to give me hope for the future. The only reason he comes up is the measurables. But at this point he is only a special teams contributor and I’ll be stunned if he turns into anything else.

        As to the TE’s. Too inconsistent to rely on, both in ability and in game planning. For whatever reason, Bevell/Cable/Pete can spend entire games without utilizing their athletic TEs. This was absolutely true early in the year and it wasn’t until the final stretch of the season that we saw them really start to show up. Helfet and Willson are inconsistent with drops and at this point of their career they can either get better or they can get worse. For me, I don’t want to go into next season relying on our TEs stepping up.

        I’m not trying to be negative, and I agree there are things to be excited about, but nothing on the offense is scary outside of Lynch and Russell. Does Seattle NEED to fix it to be competitive? No. Do I think that it will lead to struggles if they don’t fix it? Absolutely. And the worst part about it is that, in my eyes, you are limiting Russell’s and this offense’s development when you don’t have a weapon that forces defenses to adapt. When we don’t have reliable weapons our offense is completely reliant on Russell’s improvisation. I like that element to his game, but I also like what I saw against Car with consistent and dominant dropback passing attack. I want to continue to see development in that area. Even worse, if Lynch is gone we will absolutely see a drop off in the offense unless, by some miracle, we get Gurley and he lives up to all his hype or if we get a receiving weapon that can draw coverage.

        Either way, I don’t want to see us stand pat and trust in development. I would like to see us attack this in the offseason some way.

        • John

          And for the record, I’m not saying we need to draft WR in the 1st round. I’d just like us to address the position somewhere in the draft that brings the potential for a threat. Someone with unique size/speed that can have a threatening role would be enough.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            My point about Lockette et al was simply “next man up”. I’ve no Lockette love, nor am I a Norwood-nick or a Matthews mavin. But there’s no escaping that, for the next 2 games (hopefully), those guys are all we have. Time to show up.

            Our TEs are indeed too inconsistent, hence my desire for Williams.

            Anyway, who knows how the board will fall on draft day. But at this point I think our early picks should focus on offense. So I think we’re saying the same thing.

            • Coug1990

              Yes, they are all we have. For a game or two, limited players can step up and be productive. The more teams see them on tape, the easier it is to defend them. But, they can do enough to help them win the next two games. They better be.

          • Volume 12

            That’s what I’ve been trying to say. We definitely need a big WR, but if there isn’t one there in the 1st, we can still address the position a little later in the draft.

            That’s why I keep banging the table for Georgia Tech WR Darren Waller. 6’5 or 6’6, 240 lb., runs a 4.5 40, and is said to be a better athlete than WR Kelvin Benjamin. He’s a great run blocker, unselfish, could be brought along slowly, and has a feisty/gritty personality. He’s also got some very exciting STs tape too. His ceiling could be limitless and his floor is a red-zone weapon and a 3rd down target.

    • bigDhawk

      No one is scared of our receivers now, with or without PReach, and we are one game from the Owl again. Scaring teams should not be the offseason goal, just finding players that can execute in our system and win games. We don’t have huge holes in our receiving core but that said we will probably take at least one in the draft.

  10. AlaskaHawk

    We have never had a receiver that scared anyone – except Harvin who was never used as a deep threat. Our receivers are just working class guys. Wilson tends to spread the ball around which also makes it hard to say any one receiver is better.

    I am sad that Richardson is hurt, along with Miller and others, but Richardson wasn’t a superstar and I didn’t see him get more selecta toon then anyone else.

    At this point our strengths in receivers are Baldwin, Kearse and Willson. Any other production we get from Lockett or ??? is a bonus. Maybe the Seahawks will have to crank up the running game even more then usual. At least it wears down the defense quicker.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Should be “any more seperation then others”

  11. rowdy

    I see them putting him on IR to start the season regardless of how healthy he looks. Just to be cautious, it’s seems that’s what they prefer to do. Definitely opens up the draft possibilities and a player like Devin smith. It even could make a trade up more of a possibility if the right player falls like kevin white. This hurts though, he’s was becoming wilsons favorite option the last couple games and now he will miss the whole offseason and preseason most likely.

    • Arias

      If they IR him to start the season he wouldn’t be able to play for the rest of the season. That doesn’t make any sense at all.

      • David

        He would be able to play if they put him on the final 53 man preseason roster. he wouldn’t be able to practice till week 6 and play till week 8. like Harvin I believe last year.

        • Volume 12

          He’ll start out on the PUP, just like DE-LEO Chris Clemons was intending to do.

      • rowdy

        I meant pup like volume 12 said. It’s his second one and I don’t see the hawks trying to push anything with him. If he’s cleared to practice in preseason maybe they just keep him inactive for a couple weeks but I doubt that happens. Let the guy build up the strengths in his leg as long as you can.

  12. smitty1547

    GB for sure gonna get a heavy dose of Beast Mode and were sure gonna have a couple of new WR next year. Time to see what Norwood can do, i expect a couple of big plays from the kid.

  13. smitty 1547

    I keep hearing about his rweet but have yet to see it, anyone help with that?

    • rowdy

      He said, I’ll be back, again! #dontblink

  14. Cysco

    Solid post by John above about the offensive roster next year. Kinda frightening to think of the offense with Lynch and a starting WR lineup of Kearse, Baldwin and Norwood. I’ll go one further and throw out that there will probably be no Zach Miller as well.

    Wilson is going to be the single biggest investment this team has ever made. They’re going to have to find some weapons for the kid or the offense is really going to struggle next year.

    Really starting to believe that the #1 pick will be a offensive skill position player and that there will be a free agent skill position free agent signing or trade of some note.

    The team is going to need to find some players on offense that can step in and contribute pretty quickly.

    • Cysco

      that should read rightening to think of the offense WITHOUT Lynch

  15. Ho Lee Chit

    Doom and Gloom. We do not have anyone that can catch the ball. Oh Wait! Maybe we do. Russell Wilson is completing 63% of his passes, which is pretty good for the NFL. Somebody must be catching those balls. Who is our best WR based on catch percentage?

    Rec Tgts %
    Norwood 9 10 90 %
    Lockett 11 15 73
    Richardson 29 44 67
    Baldwin 66 96 68
    Kearse 38 69 55
    Willson 22 40 55
    Lynch 37 48 77
    Moeaki 8 13 61

    • Radman

      We’re going to draw conclusions on 10 targets for Norwood? 15 for Lockett? Ho Lee Chit!

  16. Turnagaintide

    Its terrible news. When PRich walked off the field on his own power thought he just banged his knee and would be back in the game before too much longer…

    With the lack of depth at the position maybe Duron Carter becomes more of an option in FA? He would get to play on a very good team with very few bodies in front of him for playing time.

    • JeffC

      Unlikely he comes to us. We don’t offer the volume type catching that he’s likely to want.

  17. kigenzun

    If Duron Carter were a Seahawk, would the receiving corps no longer be ‘pedestrian’?

    And, if so, could sign him up right away, because we definitely need ‘some-bodies’ to fill those roles before the Super Bowl. Cris Carter sez so.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      Duron Carter is likely to go to Minnesota where his father is a legend. He is comparable to Chris Matthews.

    • Rob Staton

      He can’t sign for a team until after the season I believe.

    • Arias

      Dutton Carter isn’t coming. He wants badly to go to Minnesota. The Vikings want him too.

  18. Barry

    Whats really too bad about the injury was Richardson had beat his man, Wilson under threw him.

    • williambryan

      This is true, but I hope you’re not implying that the injury is Wilsons fault?

      • Barry

        Wow, calm down Joe Buck. I was just stating an observation. Its football those things happen.

        • David

          whoa no need for hurling insults..haha

  19. David

    I find it so odd that he got up and walked off the field on his own power. I cant imagine it being too bad but then again I’ve never torn my ACL. I hear its painful and players are usually carted off aren’t they? maybe its that usually players have done other damage to the knee and surrounding is why they are carted. he looked like he just banged it on the turf and I was thinking “yeah he will be back” he had a light grimace of pain while walking off but since he walked off under his own power I assumed it wasn’t anything bad. I’ve heard and I could be wrong that if its the same one its not as bad but I could be wrong. Seahawks have better doctors and maybe it wont be as bad of a tear or whatever he did to it.

    I have always liked the thought of Norwood. anytime he has been called upon it seems as if he’s produced so I’m not as worried in that sense.

    • David

      *better doctors then that given to college players

  20. tony

    The worst part of this is how thin we look at wr now. Norwood and Lockett as our 3 and 4 wr’s can work. But after that it gets real sad. Start getting into Walters, Matthews, practice squad, and off the street guys. Very little wiggle room now incase someone goes down.

    No doubt we take a wr in first 3 rounds next draft. And this injury might have guaranteed Kearse getting extended. With p rich being possibly out during part of next season.

    • David

      Don’t know if you have twitter but if you do you should follow Davis Hsu. He is a cap genius and believes Kearse will be tendered at a 2nd round I believe. I usually believe what he says because alot of the time its pretty accurate.

      • Jake

        No doubt he gets tendered at a 2nd round level. His “original round” was UDFA, so Hawks get nothing in return if a team signs him and they don’t match it. No one is going to give up a 2nd round pick for him, but on our team he is WORTH a 2nd round pick. He is physical, fast enough, blocks well, wins contested balls, and plays special teams. He is the prototype Seahawks WR honestly. Harvin didn’t work because most WRs want the ball a lot, they are selfish players. Kearse seems happy to get his when he gets them. Wilson needs unselfish WRs because he misses open receivers often and it could cause dissention. Maybe its height, maybe its his running ability, maybe its his aversion to risky throws. That said, who cares why he misses some opportunities. He more than makes up for his one area of weakness by making explosive plays more often than any other QB, and he does it behind the worst pass blocking line in the NFL.

      • Coug1990

        Davis also writes for Fieldgulls and just last week did a breakdown of the cap for the offense and defense over there.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Shocked to read he thinks Carp is worth $4mm/year.

  21. Forrest

    A player that looks interesting as a 5-7 rounder is Dezmin Lewis. He comes from a small school, but he’s 6’4″, probably a 4.5ish 40 time, and good character. They could pick him up as a later round development red zone receiver. Senior stats: 900+ yards, and 9 touchdowns. If he goes undrafted they could bring him in with a chip on his shoulder. Also Vince Mayle looks interesting…

    A later round DT to consider is Xavier Williams, he looks quick, has long arms (he blocked a bunch of field goals), and one of the defensive leaders…Also from a small school.

    As for 1st/2nd round posibilities, I’m personally interested in Maxx Williams, Devin Smith, Eli Harold, Nate Orchard, Todd Gurly, Tevin Coleman, and Markus Golden…if they get at least one of those players then I’m happy.

    • Volume 12

      Big fan of WR Dezmin Lewis myself. Greta build, athletic, and a true hands catcher.

  22. Ho Lee Chit

    Most teams look for players who can come in and start right away in the early rounds of the draft. Who could the Seahawks draft that could win a starting job on this team? After the top 15 players in round one, no one will beat out one of our starters. Last year only Justin Britt became a starter and that was due to the release of Breno. If Breno had stayed, Britt would be a backup guy. This is a marvelous position to be in. It allows the drafted players time to develop on the practice field. KPL is a good example. If he gets into the lineup next year he will be so much better and we will not need to pay his tuition to the NFL by watching the rookie mistakes. Our backups are better than other teams starters.

    • Volume 12

      Totally agree with ya my man.

      Just because your not a first or second round pick, doesn’t mean you won’t start on this team or fill a need. It seems like there’s this misconception that your first round pick is the only pick in the whole draft that fills a need. Tell that to over half of this current team. Fill the holes you have, and if that means they’re depth players, then so be it. With 11 picks right now, this is a great draft to address a few needs and round it out with depth.

  23. JeffC

    Some things from PC’s appearance on Brock and Salk this morning:

    – Cam Newton played well and made it difficult to defend against Carolina
    – Maxwell has had chest issues before and had improved up to game time but they kept him out.
    – No truth to the story that when Lynch didn’t start some games this season that he was getting “punished.” He was actually sick in the second half of Sunday’s game which led them to go to Turbin for a few series
    – Unger will be okay

    • Cysco

      great news about Unger. Was worried about him. I thought the O-line had a fantastic game.

      Did he happen to say anything about who is going to get PRich’s snaps? I’d assume Norwood. Though, someone above mentioned the scenario where we split Wilson out wide which is interesting.

      • JeffC

        He didn’t elaborate on who takes PRich’s spot/snaps, just spent the time talking about how it was unfortunate for such a player who had come into his own. But on Unger, he also said that the pain was not in the high ankle sprain he had. Just on the same leg. He came off the field thinking it was reinjured, but during post game he was walking normally and will be fine.

  24. bigDhawk

    Totally, totally bummed about PReach. Fortunately for us this doesn’t break our offense but man I feel terrible for him. This makes three quality rookie contributors we’ve lost to the IR – PReach, KPL, Marsh.
    No more, please. Norwood, I’m now looking forward to seeing what you can do.

    • Volume 12

      And, although they may not have been contributors, OL Garrett Scott and SS Eric Pinkins. But Pinkins might have been red-shirted.

      • JeffC

        They brought up BJ Daniels. Don’t know what that is about…

        • Belgaron

          He’s been playing RB/WR during practice, but it remains to be seen if he will be active.

          • Jeff C

            Just saw that PC says they will “use BJ Daniels in multiple roles” which maybe answers Cysco’s question above about who takes some of PRich’s reps.

            • arias

              My understanding is that he might be used in PRich’s kick returner role.

  25. Volume 12

    This is off topic, but one of my favorite players in this year’s draft class, and a guy I keep mentioning (annoying right?) is Arizona St DL Marcus Hardison.

    Again, has a little bit of DL Darnell Docket to his game and maybe a less talented young Kevin Williams? Runs a 4.7 40 yard dash, so he may be a fast riser, I know it’s not a high priority, but if he’s there in the 3rd round, which he may be, I’d take him all day long, He’s a pretty unique DL.

    Here’s his highlight tape for the year. It’s not the best highlight tape, but shows off some of what interests me in him. Turns speed to power, has a great slap/swat, decent array of rush moves, extremely quick off the line, good run stuffer, has a penchant for creating turnovers, and can win out on the edge. If interested, the link is below. On a side note, his JUCO tape is highly impressive.

    • OZ

      I like him a lot….

      • Volume 12

        You seem to be the only other one Oz. Did you watch the tape? The camera angles and whatnot, weren’t very good huh? This is the type of DL Seattle needs and IMO will target somewhere in the draft this year.

  26. Volume 12

    I saw that Duke WR Isaac Blakeney had a solid all-star game. As did Nevada DE Brock Heckking. Other than the fact he kind of looks like the ‘Boz,’ does anyone know anything about him?

    And what about West Virginia DE-LEO Shaq Riddick? Amazing length, 7 QB sacks in virtually 8 games, 6’5, 240 lb., obviously needs to bulk up a little bit, but other than that I don’t know a whole lot about him either. He could be an intriguing option in, say the 4th round.

  27. Mylegacy

    Can’t see us getting quality, ready for prime time replacements for Prich, the Beast, and the OLine in one draft. I’d be looking to trade for at least one (or more) of those holes, sign a free agent for at least one (or more) of those holes and draft for at least one (or more) of those holes – depending on whom the brain trust sees available in each of those three areas.

    • Volume 12

      Why? You can fill more than one need in the draft. Maybe some of the picks aren’t pro bowl caliber player’s, but getting guys who can contribute and grow with this team for the future is key. This team has stars, their really only lacking one at the WR position and possibly at the HB position if Lynch retires. Drafting 3 guys this year in the 4th round who were ready to play was huge! Granted two of them are on IR (Marsh & KPL).

  28. Steve Nelsen

    I am optimistic about Kevin Norwood growing into a role similar to what Golden Tate provided. I am also intrigued by the idea of moving Luke Willson into a big WR role. I agree with the plan to tender Jermaine Kearse and try to work out a deal. And, I hope that Paul Richardson fully recovers.

    All that being said, I think there is room for the Seahawks to draft a couple more wide receivers this year and a tight end. And, if they have a guy they like early that would fit in with the path for team development. I don’t think that adding a veteran free agent or trading for a big money veteran like Vincent Jackson fits; either with the salary-cap or with their philosophy.

    They can win a championship this year with these receivers. And they will be a championship level team again next year without adding any “stars” if Marshawn is back contributing at the level he did this year.

    But, the offense, even with Marshawn, would benefits from a better blocking TE and a red-zone target (or two) as well as a player who can run some of the plays like the jet sweep to keep defenses from stacking against the run. And, life after Marshawn has to include a full complement of receiving options.

    • Belgaron

      Norwood’s really a different type of athlete than Golden. He has great potential to contribute in this offense. PRich’s injury is a great opportunity for him to get some snaps. If he breaks out like PRich was, the ‘Hawks will really have an abundance of up-an-coming talent there. Willson’s role as a Joker really already includes big WR and given his success, he could see a ton of snaps coming his way.

      They still could draft or sign a WR this off season maybe even with a high pick, just depends on what comes up, I think if it was someone with wicked return skills, it would almost be a no brainer. After Harvin’s departure, they’ve had competent return specialists but historically they prefer someone who could hit a home run at any moment.

  29. Belgaron

    There is definitely a need on the team right now to add return weapons that put fear into coverage units.

    • OZ

      I’ll keep pounding the table for Montgomery. Not in the 1st though.

      • Belgaron

        It could happen. Seahawks’ brass have demonstrated a commitment to high end returners over the years. It will definitely be somewhere on their off season agenda.

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